Vince Coakley: Dr. Martin Luther King, His Legacy, His Dream

Vince Coakley Podcast
Monday, January 15th

Vince relives Dr. King's I Have A Dream speech. Also, what's up at the CDC?


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The only place in shortly teach your Rush Limbaugh. It's an odd at all it well but caught up weekdays you do 30 it's eleven attack. Increased W. It's easy to talk garage doors talk to the garage door doctor mark from a remark hey hey Dylan has -- we're always busy John drugstores did not discriminate on what time it is or what day of the week garage doors break all the time we're there for you one of the biggest things we pride ourselves on is being fast we like to get out there and immediately you call a severe on the schedule you're guaranteed that fast service great response time so called the doctor in the garage door doctor 7048584040. Or garage door doctor urged dot com. You see 1110 1993. W breed T. Good Morning America. I was elected. Do represent. The citizens of this. Harris exposing real. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't go out and find the real. Monday morning welcome. Broadcast on this. MLK day. Hope your days off to good starts and frankly hope you have the opportunity to. To rest. And relax. I don't give some ideas on how to spend some of the time at the start of the broadcast today one of the things I won't tell you. And it's I tend to do this try to do this on a regular basis. But we're actually going to listen to Dr. Martin Luther King today. Because I think it's it's vitally important you know there are people. Who. They are prophetic in the since that a lot of times they speak. Way ahead of the times since they live in. But the same time once they communicate is timeless. And I believe that's very true of Dr. Martin Luther King which is why. I wanted to listen yet again. And see how relevant. That message is for today. But the way. My friend mark Thomas. Every opportunity to be interviewed on March Imus program. And he showed a clip that's I wish. So struck by we're gonna share that as well have a conversation about this is I really believe are some of our views. On the issue of war and American adventurism have changed over the years. I think many of view. If you will examine where you were several years ago before Iraq before Afghanistan. I would say that many view or change your perspective. On our engagement in foreign wars and our role in the world we're gonna talk about that as well. During the course of the broadcast today teach two very important subjects. Race. Into war. I think those are very very timely subjects for us to address. I wanna start off. Talking abouts. Trimble. Because I an extraordinary time. I think this is on Saturday evening. No it's kind of interesting how things sometimes just happen organically and you have no idea. That it's coming. But I remember. You know having pretty busy day on Saturday in a running errands usual stuff. And the end of the day. I prepare dinner and see you know I expected debts. You know we'd com we'd sit down we each. And sometimes it's quiet sometimes people talk. But it was pretty extraordinary time on Saturday. Because. We said down at the dinner table. And we really didn't leave for about two or three hours. I was really struck by this because it's it's rare we're we're just a busy families you might imagine you've got three teenagers and house. It's just busy. You have people pulled in all kinds of directions so first off the opportunity for everybody to DDB together is extraordinary in and of itself. But it was really cool descending down having good conversation. And what are the things I want to share it you were just some of the takeaways that really grabbed my attention one. I'm just really struck again and encouraged by the patting myself on the back for anything or give credit to my better half to every through. Has spent many years. All the schooling our children. And reminded every day. Just how important an investment years. You know at a time where an in this is not to speak in a derogatory manner toward anyone. But in a time where. It's just so easy. To just throw children into institutions. Sometimes beginning at weeks old. I just so appreciate affected my wife Debbie is committed herself. To. Not just raising her children but also. To teaching our children. And laying a great foundation mend this leads somewhere. But believe me. It. Because one of the things that stands out to meet each is blows my mind some of the stories my children have shared with me about their school experience. Some of this ties in with Martin Luther King Day. Children today is in case you don't know this especially if you've got younger children I wanna give you a heads up and warn you. Children today in younger grades are dealing with things that some of us didn't deal with in high school. The level of sexually station. In the middle school. Is mind boggling. I just wanna give you a heads up about that. Bans it it just amazes me. The. Just the level of activity that's going on along those lines. Disturbed. The other thing in this kind of interesting. I don't remember with the tweet was about but I put out something on Twitter the other day and somebody was complaining because I made some comment about Donald Trump yet what a shock. And so what made the comment you know writing you said giving back what Barack Obama was doing this or that and I was like you know I listened. You obviously we're not listening to this program packed during the time Barack Obama was in office. And I can tell you and I mean this I have the scars to prove it. And one of the impacts. Now to wanna say a lot about this. That's. Not only dry experience but my children experienced this. Because of the way they were raised there very different cultural situation. Fans. They face a challenge as I did I see the similarities. In dealing with. On the one hand you know engaging. A group of white people over here and a group of black people over here. And sometimes honestly. They don't fit neatly in two particular predictable patterns. That was another thing that was very striking to me from the conversation. I don't want to say too much more about that. But other than. And just put this way we have a long way to go with the race relations. Long way to go then and dare I say that much of what needs to take place. I'm saying this is a black man needs to take place among us. And the way we treat each other. And the way we judge each other. And the way we. Basically put litmus test to people as to whether they are black enough for us. It's very strange thing. Especially. Many years. After hearing a message focusing on the content of character vs the color skin. We'll have that conversation during the course of the broadcast today also talk about an extraordinary. Extraordinary game yesterday I NF I'm not a big football fan at all. But I just happened to watch. The last couple of minutes of yesterday's game ends. We're gonna talk about this in a really cool thing that happened afterwards. He Ingles advantage talk whenever you like to contributes 809 to 1110 comments since retirement planning takes line 7130714. Minutes after ten. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. But you mentioned I'm not a big sports fan not a big football fan at all years ago. And someone you'd be shocked by this of all the games to watch and television. I could watch baseball games all day I was a big baseball fan. And of course to help. LeBron when my cousins playing professional ball touch. And never been a big football fan. But yesterday ahead of pretty interesting moment I told you she would be an interest in places when these games are on yesterday. Is it was really interesting because. I was in a place where I was not really paying attention to game this scandal going on right around the corner. From some fierce doing it and there was bunch people you know it was a public place and bunch people were. Brush of the game and I he'd just heard this raucous roar I mean I've never heard it that loud before. There's about 2030 people and they just absolutely went crazy site so what's going on here. So I can put her on the corner to. See what was going on they were under their watch in the game. But I had to see what was happening here. And I saw this just absolutely incredible play. Was finished and add vikings game. That was crazy were you watching this yesterday by the way Jim and. Aria yeah I thought it was great yeah I thought thought there were done after that saints feel well. They're toast. And this was just absolutely crazy to me because I was like okay what will lose so exciting to hear what was so crazy and then they played it. No not oh my goodness why couldn't we have to play like that at the end that Panthers game. You know it isn't it wasn't that a parallel situation John. Felt like it. We just didn't have a kind of look come. Look come on come on tell the truth is now black man. I mean. This this was just absolutely amazing this finish. 61 yard touchdown strike. I mean it's just it just boom like ten seconds ten seconds. Knows exactly what we needed. And it didn't happen for us. This play was absolutely increase credible the other part of it. Because that was really cool. Was at the end. After the game. In case keep him. There's this is something that just really. Impressed me. It was just one line that was on the interview on fox afterwards. But it speaks so much. To the character. Of the man not just clear. But the main. This. Is what was set. After the game. He was interviewed and asked how he felt Kim responded to to probably the third best stay in my life. The day I gave my life to Jesus Christ the day I married my wife. And probably this one. And that this is a guy who definitely have his life as his life in perspective don't you think. Is get this to get you know first off. It's coming to Christ's second off marrying my wife third it's this game. That's pretty awesome. What a testimony you have to preach a sermon but just that one line. That's powerful. Actually part were you watching when when this interview is on by the way John. Yes I was totally floored by that panel I was not expecting that knew it was a pleasant surprise. To Alice let's do what my family. It's always happy in my actually my mom was there my wife and daughter in distant. Here's something different and and something not self serving. Out of out of an athlete's mouth was really. Really didn't there's a you know there's a lot of guys out there that have that same faith. Throughout the NFL and other leagues and you never seamer here from a he's got his opportunity to voice it you know I was glad he did. And MC electrician was in the sermon which just one line that's it and put it was powerful if so here's what I'm all about right here area that was. That is just absolutely awesome sabotage was of such an encouragement. Such an encouragement. Over on the text line already we've got some responses to the things that we address so far. Some someone sitting here agreed idea to play Martin Luther King's speeches you hear the speech coming up next hour. And they don't give us something to talk about to reflect on where we are. We're we are. Also takes your saying lobe of the last part about martial law martial law which we talk about that we did that come. Seems they're more and more sheep every day do you really think we can round up in the simple enough patriots from the time is needed. Well I hope so and I hope the time is that needed to. Public goodness don't wanna think about that. Also. I don't see how anything's going to change as long as blacks keep using the inward amongst themselves the situation here so much your rap music. You know and as one of my pet peeves I cannot stand I was walking around behind a couple of guys here today energy issues the N word left and right. And it just sends chills time spent in spite bothers me really does. Really bothers me I absolutely. Detest that words. See Willie quest for equality becomes a quest for dominance race relations will remain strained it forces people to choose sides in essence. Turning none racist in two races well know you'll turn people into racist people have to make choices. You don't give people. You know you don't give people an out here and say well they're being turned and you're now being turned into something. You can choose to be offended and over reacts. And that's what we all have to resist. That temptation. Someone called Friday implied Haiti and Africa struggles are America's fault Haiti after the hurricanes in bad shape thanks to the clintons and Africa's and she in the shape it's in because of notion centralized government do your homework sir. Why would first say eighties had trouble for years even before. The earthquake and hurricane. Africa is a continent and you've got a number of different countries there's so I think it's very important understand that there are. Lots of different circumstances that are going on. Now we have another well I guess this would go into the troll text category now Vince is trying to help the lefty NFL ratings go up really. Really. Lefty NFL. We'll share this Vince cyber friend whose father's been a viking fans since 1967. He told me is dead was so upset about the game he shut off the TV is they were lining up for their play. And he missed its city that wanna watch the vikings lose yeah. And ads terrible. Gerald out of dolphins the crusty guy that he is I'd rather eat the rear end out of this dog. With him running backwards then watched the NFL while Gerald. But what won't look a lot of a. My goodness market. And rectal says Kunin and digs words to the respected journalists were simultaneously success singly. Reflecting a treasure of professionalism. In this NFL franchise passer. ID quote here or someone Christopher Martin Luther King got writes the gospel not in the Bible mound also on trees flowers and clouds and stars I would certainly agree with debt. This your little vague but if you look up third culture kids these are kids taken by the parents such as missionaries to another culture. And they end up with one culture vs another culture and ends up with the third but that's kind of an interest in perspective on this. Have a little fun today why don't we take a color I'm going to take the first color. Who would like to play our day in history games. We'll do that's as we continue the broadcast here. It's very simple all you have to do is give us a call and you can try to answer these questions 809 to 1110. Text line 71307. And straight ahead as well not straight ahead coming a little later. We'll hear from Dr. Martin Luther King is timeless message. 29 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Kofi radio program. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. So 36. On this MLK day Vince Coakley radio program 36 minutes after 10 o'clock. Hate we have any takers. Put call it a little fly in the day in history 809 to 1110. 8981110. She stories over the weekend about this false alerts. For all my goodness title that's scary. So we had this poor public employee. Who basically plunged the entire state of Hawaii into chaos. In all it took was one click that's what I was gonna keep making reference to a button that was pushed it wasn't a button he was actually. It was actually a click of the mouse that's what caused the problem. We now know that this employee has been reassignment. This is what you do a government you have a massive screw up. You'll get fired each curious and it's. But it in all honesty. I and I assume. Just says Richard propose. Who's the spokesman for the Hawaii emergency management agency communicated this unnamed emergency department worker. Will not be fine because he made an honest mistake I feel really sorry for this person really do. Part of the problem he says it was too easy for anyone to make such a big mistake we have to make sure we're not looking for retribution. You know what that I. I so appreciate that the spirit this guy. We should be fixing the problem in the system I know this is very difficult situation form. They have put in. New safeguards already to prevent this misfire from happening again including your cancel button. That war immediately send out corrective alerts if an erroneous warning is issued. That's great idea really good idea. So I. I love this we're not looking for retribution if we can just apply this to our lives in so many other areas we would be doing really well. And I told you this is sentenced kind of concerned this is what's happened and our political system. That you know whether it's race relations or whether it's political. There are a lot of people really not looking for justice and not really looking ports right. They're looking for retribution. When there's darn liberals they've done this torch Freddie shares this time we get them back. You don't that your mindset. You don't count me out I'm not interest in and that's. Not a game of getting even. Disagree deal Winston in this leadership. Should the governor. The governor. Has pledged changes as well. Keep in mind this morning this missile threat alert went out to all the cell phones in Hawaii. You imagine the chaos the panic. One point four million residents. In Hawaii. Hundreds of thousands of visitors. Thrown into a state of panic for about thirty minutes it took about thirty minutes for them to. Get out the warning. Basically that this was a false warning. This is really crazy isn't it. But fortunately it was a false alerts. Coming up we're gonna talk about something that she is rather intriguing. In terms of preparedness will delve into that just a bit but first at 39 minutes after 10 o'clock glitz staple of the day in history. And we have a caller who is self playing the game with us today. Mr. right so decided he was gonna have a day off I didn't approve that's. But we will let him slide today. Well deserved time I would do it in all seriousness. And we have Chris where are you joining us from Chris. Well I live in more bowl North Carolina. Okay wonderful. We have four questions for you and we'll see how you do beginning January 15 1870. Ends in Harper's weekly for the very first time. The image of a donkey was used to signify what it's an 1870. I would very. Her Republican. Old why did miss. Did get better. Where. It's actually the Democrats Chris comment Olympic I'll bitch you knew that either you've just got it kind of twisted there it's okay. 1929. This famous civil rights leader was born 1929. Who wasn't. We Martin Luther King Jr. UR through each. Dr. Martin Luther King 1967. And it's suggesting we're talking about this in light of our discussion earlier about its. That big game yesterday. Let's see. These first Super Bowl between the Packers and the chiefs. Who coached Green Bay to a 35 to ten win. Who was greeted her. Who was the coach. That we're bombarded. You've got to. Lombardi you corrects. The last but not least. We have this event that occurred while it's hard to believe can you believe this has been nine years ago. We met this guy named Sully what did he do. Nine years ago knew that our prior to and aren't. I applied for that. Is that followed crashed into the Hudson. Chris that's pretty awesome you get three out of four that's pretty good. They'd face for calling him play along and have to do have a great time today sir we're a target. You get the honor of having gotten three out of four current tell us that. Cook cook book it takes a club for your call their grids. Man it was a blessed I. As a blessed. A foursome we don't have any prizes to give away you know maybe one of these days rule look into something like that. I don't know beds and it's a job for you John. A look into right away. Yeah absolutely incredible by the way. I don't mention this a lot but I would encourage you if you'd like to follow. Beyond this program you can go to the Vince Coakley page in this is different from the Vince Coakley FaceBook page. This is the Vince Coakley radio show page. And I would encourage you to like that page one of things I posted one of my favorite shows to watch. Is really not widely available well no not. John I'm gonna get you for this. Does every single day. What does he do right before this broadcast starts. He changes we have several TV monitors here and I and one of Johns guilty pleasures. Is turning on the springer show. And what does he do on that show MA re like every single. So I am talking looking in front of me at my computer screen and I just have a look up and they're these two women just throwing down I mean. John and these are not the welterweight season. That. Yes David you what can I. John what are we gonna do it to you I'll change it back no it's five McKinley on it you can leave and I know it means a lied to you. I was just got to tell you if you connect convince complete page on FaceBook today I have posted. The video won my favorite shoes cold air crash investigation. They're now into their. I think eighteenth season this year. V they do an extraordinary job of dramatizing these accidents that have happened in the past it's not sensationalism is designed to show you. How we've learned over the years to make airline travel safer. And it's so well done and I've one of the better episodes they've done. Is the one and a miracle on the Hudson it's a great episode 45 minutes I'd encourage you just sit down and watch it made me watch with your family. It's just good stuff so in case check it out. Coming up we're gonna talk about this issue of nuclear prepared isn't something really weird this happens. With the CDC I don't know what in the world they are doing this kind of blows my mind coming up. This is Vince Coakley radio program. How. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock. I'm the text like Vince consumers says I was turned into a racist. Bigot like in Orange when you squeeze it what comes out sporting issues. What's inside of us that's really good you know I've heard this same analogy used. We're sponge is the same thing with us. You know circumstances do not cause. Us to become something they reveal it they review what's inside you got into the side this would comes out it's. Yep love inside that's what comes out hate. That's what comes out. Vince I wonder how many people and why are back home were injured or in car wrecks or at heart attacks or fell. In Berlin. During this fake alerts. You have don't be kind of interesting to find out what kind of mishaps occurred. In the course of this panic. I mean think about it. You're injured you're under the impression you could be dead in about 1015 minutes. That's. Pretty catastrophic. You know I've back. Yeah those reps told story but I gonna leave that alone at sub ten minutes before the in on the subject of nuclear preparedness. We have the fine folks at the CDC who were at least I thought we're trying to prepare us for the possibility of some sort of nuclear events. But apparently there's been somewhat of a change in our friend mark Thomas is in here to talk about this I was kind of intrigued by the story that you brought to my attention. Tell me about the history of this and in what you learned here. Well it as. Political junkie. Into in the show that I do on the weekends and I'm always trolling and looking for different angles and different things and last weekend. On the seventh Sunday morning. Before which church. I was looking at some stuff and lo and behold I see this blog post about the CDC. Is going to have a nuclear preparedness. Webinar seminar session tomorrow the sixteenth. And I thought well that's interesting. And I went back clicked on the the CDC link that was there and talk about who's gonna speak in when they were gonna start it's open to the public. And so on and so forth if you wanna attend you have to grow it in person you have to. You know apply for credentials senator. And I had a thing on their a graphic link only to a graphic. Talking about what to do if an improvised nuclear device is set off which I gave you a copy generators you can see. With leukemia radio people are. He knew exactly as you know when he's typical graphics in a nuclear fallout that has a towel and that's sort of thing. And this morning because of what happened on Saturday in Hawaii I thought that's interest. That. You know that they had this thing but I saw this and plan tonight email myself the links last weekend less on it we can go yesterday. And so I went there again today and I went to my emails and I clicked on the link. And lo and behold up comes the website for the CDC. Tomorrow we're going to have a webinar about the influenza outbreak. White and blue. You know those of the flu seasons here and we all need to go get a shot etc. etc. and I look at this at all what happened in my nuclear preparedness web and and I went down to the bottom of the page and it says this page was updated on January 12 the day before this incident in Hawaii. Oh my goodness. It. It makes you scratch your head. Because I and that's why print this thing out this this particular graphic. I'm glad I didn't I gave you copy of because this looks malware would have come up with us and I'm not making this up. And why is it no longer there. Do they have any it's I don't know what happened there maybe or maybe it's a legitimate we changed our plans. Brit. Gosh darn it sure does seem like a co Inky dinky and it. There all of a sudden we heard this happens in Hawaii the but the day before they had removed. Mean nuclear preparedness webinar and replaced with us. Flu season. How in the world do we Jim from nuclear preparedness to salute you all I'm not a mess I'm not part of the CDC. Gloomy. That is rather clear you have yet pull back pull back the hats to the bunker and you know what I'm abroad I. Oh thank you for sharing that's completely benign and this to see if they ever bring this nuclear prepared this thing back. You know I've talked about this before about effected you at least it's show interest in the evolution of this entire issue because. And we went from the eighties where we had this. Extreme. Concern about this and we have fallout shelters and ends in a once once we had this scenario where. You know everything changed. With the break of the Soviet Union everybody just seems to have do we know we don't worry about nuclear stuff anymore. Now it's back porch North Korea touch. It's not like it was before so we'll follow this and see if there's a reappearance. On this subject. One of the things. I told you will be talking about coming up in the next hour we will just be talking about it we are going to hear from Dr. Martin Luther King himself. In the speech that he's known. Most for. Little things that I want to do you. Is to have the opportunity to have a conversation about where we stand today these things that are communicated. In doctor king's address. I have the opinion you know in advance of sharing the actual message with you I'm convinced. That doctor king's stream has been turned on its head. It's no longer about content of character. Now spot color. And I really believe that these so called civil rights movement of today has hijacked the civil rights movement. It bears little to no resemblance of doubt what Dr. Martin Luther King was talking about. It ends you remember me referencing in the story a few minutes ago. Covered the leader of the emergency management agency was talking about this is no time for retribution. Toward this employee. For his mistake. Was the same thing here. You know are are we at a place where we can forgive and move on. And I daresay many of us in subsequent generations I know what my parents experienced a nor my grandparents. And each. Those before them experienced. But by comparison. We. In this generation we're talking about racism. I'm convinced most of us have no idea we're talking about. That's just my opinion. Any case. Coming up we will hear from Doctor King who get your thoughts and also have a conversation about war. And our views changed on that as well straight ahead. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. And observing the new wearable. That's right do like fix things what demonstrate that. I got a good. Empowerment self governance and straw. Character are you going. You radio broke. At 6 minutes after 11 o'clock on this MLK day ends appropriately on this day we share with you. The speech delivered August 28 1963. This was actually. Part of an event it's a march on Washington for jobs and freedom. Where the main speaker called for an end to racism. And for civil and economic rights. The person delivering this message. Introduced here. In Washington DC. Not this time I'll be honored to present field. He borrowed it and our nation and I have the pleasure to present bureau. But they're not look like David good. Okay. I'm happy they're blue. Aunt who reviewed the eighth. The and what rove. Our own end his third and as the greatest demonstration done for our freedom and their legendary outlaw nation. I would go. Aren't you as a golden. A red America and in whose symbolic. Shadow we stand the pain. I am into the emancipation. Proclamation. There's a momentous decree came. How could burn because a lot of coal permit millions of Negro League. Who have been cleared in the flames of withering injustice. It came out there are good they're great. Doing and the long night. How bad captivity. But 100. Years later. None minerals. There. Is not free and 100. Yeah they have. Another boat ride from the negro it's still sad lives crippled by the mamet goes through segregation. And the chains of discrimination. 100 years later. The negro lives on a lonely island apartment okay. In the midst of a basketball shown not material prosperity and 100 years have made it. And it glorious dale language and the car knows of American society. And finds himself in exile and his own man. And so we didn't come here today. Brahma I was pretty stable condition. Democratic dream come to love me some problems so you can. If there. When the architect who are overpopulated. Throw a magnificent work well for apartment. We remember it got rid of independent. Bailout grinding gave Imus the result. Lived there ever an American wild football half. Didn't know what the problem at all. Dad. Back man I'd rather play him. My big guarantees beyond an out of all the right like that ever lived. And the Brooklyn looked happened. There's probably a good day. That America has defaulted on their prom with the remote and both are have probable that it gun club. How hard from. And then of honoring physically then obligate them. America has given the negro people talk bad sick. Beckman did come back my input and. Okay. But we're at union who believe that the back looked up but the fact rough. We're human who believe that pat Ryan but that's been brought in than Madrid fault McLaughlin manipulative and they. So we've come but that's exactly. Thought that that would give up the problem that man ripped him for freedom. And that is imperative. The we don't always vote counting this kind of brought. We'll remind America talk a little bit earlier than it is now. This is an all time. Grand days and no not every morning all participated in the run but I think Robert graduate. Not a good time. Can make real the promises of democracy. Now in that time. Your eyes from the dark and that's a good front end of segregation to the sunlit. But Rachel just goes no as the time. We left on their son from the quicksand the red zone and tells us. Do most solid rock of brotherhood not a good time. Yeah. Maybe just doesn't Rihanna didn't all of a bathroom. It would be fatal for the nation. To overlook the urgency of the moment. This sweltering is somewhat of an egg rolls and legitimate discontent. Will not pass. Until that is an invigorating Altamont free nomadic product. 1963. Is not an end but a beginning. Gold pujols and Matt the negro needed to balls staying. And low amount become Kent well apple and awakening if the nation returns to business as usual. Okay. Now Olympian and around it's not trying to acquitted in America. Until the negro is granted his citizenship right. The low winds are revoked will continue to shake the phone based on the nomination. Until the right days. Our justice emerges. The that is something that I'm afraid for my people. Who's down and on the long threshold gradually descend to the palace of justice. And the process of gaining our rightful place. We love nothing. Until they are wrong for billions. You're listening to you the I have a dream speech Dr. Martin Luther King. As we mentioned this was a speech delivered August 28 1963. And we will hear the rest of this on the other sides bring your Vince Coakley radio program along the way from coming up after the speech. We certainly would like to hear from you get your perspective on where we are where we need to go speak Ingles advantage startling numbers. 80931110. Common sense retirement planning text line. 71307. 14 minutes after 11 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Nineteen minutes. After 11 o'clock Vince Coakley ready for whom we've been listening to address from Dr. Martin Luther King the I have a dream speech delivered Washington DC. Getting your thoughts as well. Let's go out to a call from Tony here in Charlotte welcomes her. Larry your rights. Yeah you know I request that you played as we speak as somebody who can like like we passed away because there's metric as Jerry but my thing here this. Also all the white folks let's listen to your radio program called white folks who are you where people there. And had to go all the good goal to get there only rarely. Kinda call the race is over greatness and all of reform the right of the big bad and of bandwidth and we you're out. Black folks to do the same thing we hear how. How do you weed that out Tony what do you do with it. What are what are you're talking about reading it out how do you do that. And then you are Arab commentator the other hand you guys know why your wipers are now. Why do you hate black gold in the just as you go all of our capital all you sure know how those things and you fight against it. It's going to be a nation of we're going to be one nation and hashed it and we don't go to war over that could say that. The civil war would not look slavery they wanted to stay but that's exactly what it was about so we had a devastating war about about this issue. Are you Google I have a low it was but the thing about it is. We got to go into while all the bandwidth we gotta be gored and stand up to all spam looting to walk across is college you everybody that you Democrat solid democratic and Republican but when you go would you all let me ask about it. While. That's pretty stronger Tony Kaye appreciate your call and that's and that's an idea that the approach right. I like to take these things and I think Tony can hit on this asks him questions. You know you have that relative to your says some highly. Inflammatory things. Drawn asked the question why why do you have this perspective. It's a good starting place pats out of union South Carolina and good morning. Morning. I'm dark. But maybe it's one match over. The bridge. But my vote again we had a history teacher. A retired marine. Any told to go home sit down the front of the TV with a patent paper. Shut the volume down and write down what you say. Well OK it fails there's always felt with people coming across the bridge with our black and other people trying to stop. Felt they knew we had a chart that you went and got flight of the march there was later in the year. And big focused and Allen are go to K state he can tell me what you see. Well because black patent. If this bill can I help steer look at his jaw he herb you know where he's going you don't Wear plastic golf. Recent Arab League unity force support. But each other every one attention that there are I felt fear of their job for a lack is determination. They were going somewhere and they want it to people know that they were coming. It's wet and and I and I missed the whole class. For a whole week without just step in March over that bridge. And it sent out press is I'm not all last. That's really goods and that that's agreed observation and in which he said here's wasn't just what was said. It's what you're able to see in in the really in the countenance. Of these folks and their sense of determination that's really good greed observation their ped appreciate your call. We've been listening. To the I have a dream speech Dr. Martin Luther King this again. Was delivered August 28 1963. Let's resume that message. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest. To degenerate into physical problems and -- not a game. We amount to rise to the majestic heights. Meaning physical force with soul bowl the mob I don't know militants fifth. Bridge hasn't got a negro community. Must not lead us to wait distrust of all right people. When many of outright brother that's evidenced by that president did today. Have grown to realize that that definitely I don't. They have come to realize that freedom is inextricably bound to robbery them. We cannot. Walk alone. And badly wrong. We must make a plan that we shall always. March ahead. We cannot turn back. Now gold grasping the devil teams of civil rights. When wit you're movies that is fine. We can never be satisfied as long been ignored the fifth victim of an unspeakable harm growth opportunities brutality and we can never be satisfied. As long live our body is heavy with the fatigue of travel. Cannot gain lodging in the motels of the highways and behold now with a certain. We cannot be satisfied. As long of the negro old basic mobility is from a small let's get told to Olajuwon. We can now on be satisfied. As long about children us diplomats South Florida and rob a bad admitted by signs stating for whites only thing. Yeah. We cannot be satisfied as long have been involved in Mississippi cannot goal and a negro I know I know believes he would have nothing ball which Google. I'm an old. No we're not satisfied and we will not be satisfied until it just goes wrong down my Guadalupe and righteousness like a mighty stream. Okay. I'm not my own mind golden. That's some of you have come here out. How to Greg Robinson tribulation. Some of you have come fresh from narrow jail failed. Okay. Some of you have number Marriott right no president. Quest for freedom. That view about a bubbles bombed the persecution yeah. And staggered by the winds of police brutality. You have been the veterans of creative suffering. Continue to work with the pain. Bad on aren't suffering. Is redemptive. Go back to Mississippi. Brought back to Alabama go back to south crowd kind of gone back to dodge it got back to Louisiana guard back at. Who knows moms and after all I'm rob Infiniti. Knowing that somehow. This situation. Can and will be changed and let us not while I'm in the run everything down. I say to you look good day my brand. Story among goal we've faced a different problem is. Up today and tomorrow. I still have a dream it's. Dream season and every bit and the American dream. I have a dream. But one thing. There's a measure unwell in Iraq and not. Live out Manning haven't greens. We don't hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are created it was. Dr. Martin Luther King. Speaking in Washington DC August 28 1963 we'll hear the rest of that not much left. But man is this powerful head absolutely powerful. Can continue our conversation about it. Right here. 29 minutes after an on the clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock convinced of the really for whom we've been listening to the I have a dream speech delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King. The data on this again August 28 1963 here is the final part of that message. I have a dream. But one day on the revenue of the York. It's sun's up Obama's claim down the suns Obama slave owners. Will baby and love to sit down together at the table of brotherhood I have a dream. Could one day. Need to understand a different set bail out state sweltering. Rip people. Yeah and just us. So well during my opinion of oppression. We'll meet John's bar and then two and always has looked freedom and jobs that I have a green. Yeah I applaud it and children that. Rwanda eleven image on the web Manuel not being judged by the public about skin but by the content of that carried the. I have a dream. I have a dream that one game. And then Alabama all of this vicious racist. Residents got let go of tapping has left threatening the collapse of the deposition and another big occasions. Wonder am I got in Alabama little black bought them back in the Libya and Madonna hand model ride Marvin White girls that's just not been rubber I would dream. Okay. I have a dream that one bad about net Shelby exalted. Never had a mountain should be banned all Latin players and would be made plain and the crooked prison will be made straight hundred. Our puppy and I. Phelps did the government. This and our whole. And there's a brand that I bought back as a result we have let this faith. We will be able to figure out of the mountain up this map most vulnerable yeah. Went straight. We'll we will be able to try and bombed a drive and that's the club's about Nagin again to a beautiful thin veneer probably won't read this play. We won't be able to work together to pray together to struggled to double the body count at double a plus I'm not for freedom of the Deborah. No way that we know it's 31 David. He's definitely different day and. Gentlemen we haven't they would love have gone through it and be able to Australia and new meaning. My country did that the we can't have never do you have beyoncé and on the land grab my clubs and land of the Pilgrim's Pride. From every mountainside. Let freedom ring and America has to be a great nation this must become true. And so let freedom ring we're. On the Pentagon's don't tops and no I'm here to let freedom ring. From the mighty mountains on new you know. Let freedom granted I'm not pregnant out of and is a Pennsylvania. Alpine let freedom ring from the snow capped Rockies of Colorado. And let freedom and from the presidential part of California. We're not only at bat. Let freedom ring from stone mountain of Georgia. Every brand from mountain not mountain of Tennessee. Let freedom ring from every hill and all Vanilla let's just admit. Crowd reminded him. OK let freedom ring and Linda Kaplan. When we found freedom ring. When we let it ring whenever embittered and every Hamlet from every state whenever it suited. We will be able to speed up that advantage and put all that rubble children not CNN white men. Julie and I'm proud problem comes when he probably. And Madonna fans and I'm seeing no rat I can't and won't spiritual free at last free at that. Yeah. And there you have it the I have a dream speech delivered by director Martin Luther King. August 28 1963. And a look T your thoughts on where we are today. What kind of progress have we made has there been regrets for that matter. Tingles and vendors talk like number 809 to 1110 Cummins since retirement planning text line is 71307. My divide and cheer on the text line. And we start here. All the people to be sacrificed on the Alter of liberty I wish Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King. Could have been spared a lot of death and trouble couldn't avoid it. Since I wish everyone understood MOK was fighting force he wanted all people to have equal opportunity to work can prosper in this country. And I think UC has done that he's accomplished these things but as a culture. Black struggles with its identity in American society it's not the color of their skin is the violence low moral values like a drive to succeed that frustrates most people. Inch. Speaking from the inside I can tell you I'm concerned about those self inflicted wound. This. Self inflicted wounds. Very much so. I think he had this text your sister didn't like prince had a chance to progress. But because of so much and free government handouts they don't choose. Two. Take up on these opportunities. Ends a lot of blacks have new hope. Since the slavery today's government programs passed on from generation to generation slavery today is a matter of choice government is also fomenting. The patriots ministry Minty. It's although the speech was more than political it's important point out in OK was Republican. Republicans frauds since. Eighteen await for racial equality. Thank you mr. Vince loved it's. Another text are saying simply amen and amen. And there be others that rule share with you during the course of Brad Kassell through next to William and good morning welcome to the broadcast. I guess great show. You know this. Part of the hardest is people judged by the thought they had their care and not the color of their skin. Let you or your gate without decimated Civil Rights Act is the date because it's out the window. You don't have to prove content of character can give affirmative action you have to prove that congress can't. And I don't think that's the big hit hypocrisy going on now sort will be. Well I agree this has been turned on its head to have likely been mentioning here appreciate your call there William. In this says concern me you know one of the things I love this one of the lines she communicated here a couple things one talking about. Meeting physical force with soul force. That's pretty strong business. Also warning us. Morning yes not to. Take a view of all white people. That is derogatory negative. Not to have a distrust of all white people. Been recognizing that our destiny is tied together he said this. You know a lot of weight tricky guys their freedom. You know is contingent on our freedom. Isn't this true. I think most of you would certainly agree with that we don't want to turn back the hands of time on this. And should buy into resentment and revenge and retribution. 809 to eleven center takes line 7130744. Minutes after eleven. This is still this Coakley radio program. 49 on mistook the radio program for the we have interstate discussions. We come back on air controller will in the world are they talking about. Doctor Martin Luther King's Speech we share that with you the I have a dream speech giving your thoughts. Outlets tried to Ed in Charlotte's good morning. Kids are you there. Evidently more and Gloria are right here. Pray that either wanted to hear I think we're that far from between the dark Smart looking shared. I wonder where were not free I noticed so many. Folks in America who are achieving great things despite what the media would tell us. Including people of color and and I looked at communities that are immigrant community to come this nation. And you know. I know otsuka worked with a suitcase and and now owned you know empires of companies for Isner. I'd have a hard time seeing where these these individuals in in the US to claim that not be free any longer I'd have a hard time seeing those barriers. Hip I understand where you're coming from Mintz I appreciate your call there Ed and this. You know one of the things that I think Q is it and you probably heard this analogy before about how person can be held in a cell. For so long that even though the cell doors open and they don't come out. And I think you're a lot of people. I frankly. Who still have the cell doors closed in their minds because they've been told that they are closed. And a lot of this has been communicated unfortunately by older black people. Telling people what are racist society this is I think you know frankly I think that's child abuse I know I know that's very strong language to use. But at that I've that is really reprehensible the way I see this communicated to younger generations they should not be told that other challenges yes. But the idea this is a racist society. You know it's it's it's really foolish. No text you're saying here forever it im okay sure does have a lot of allegations of sexual misconduct and Daughtry should we judge him by the content. This content of character well if that's true. That would be an issue for him. But it doesn't underwrite his message. It really doesn't. Progress would mean those in charge the organization's championing that that progress would lose the funding in lifestyles. They've become accustomed to. Yeah this is a problem is that you've got these groups that are they've basically taken the Martin Luther King legacy. And they've run with it for profits. Him okay will be appalled by the state of Black America today the Democrats great society the various entitlements heavens re enslaved African Americans that I do believe. They teach year two faced lying politician Jews to King's Speech for their own selfish agendas. You however open every showed King's Speech you are patriots. Thank you Jeff appreciate debt. Bill out of Simpson bill good morning. Good morning how are you today to a lawsuit. Just wanted to make a comment a fight could please on a couple of items. Number one it in my lifetime I believe one of my heroes. It is a doctor Martin Luther king and of course I'm a white male. But you know I also served in the Marine Corps and 90% of my brother and you were black so I mean I don't consider myself a racist in any way whatsoever I was born in the north. And we we did the best what what we had but. When your caller Kelly I believe made a comment about that around the dinner table. And the question would be why do whites. You know hate blacks. You know that goes both ways. Well I in all fairness in all fairness bill I think he did say that he said okay are we all need to do this blacks and whites. We need to root out the racism in our families isn't that what I thought about what I thought I heard earlier out. We need to address this. In our own homes and our own communities. That's so true it really really doesn't mean I have you know family members of mine that fought in the civil war and nobody. Seems to care about any of that. You know it's the fact that we all need to get along together. And I just think in the last ten years we've taken a step that at least forty years back. You know I'm not going forward but back word when it comes time to just trying to you know put things on a level playing field. Why I understand where you're coming from their bill and so I think unfortunately the conversation. Has changed in some respects and moved away from where it started so. Time for one more let's go to Bob in Charlotte's good morning. Well. Yeah. But I could out of Asia or the local wildlife from afford it on the front here. Both guard and they're in the far western you actually retired injured Charlotte and we love your garlic. But yeah I was first single doctor king's. States are so precious space it truly is. But I think there myself I hadn't experienced that. In a pleasure I lived in traveled. And it would it's different in various parts of the nation. At but it did point out mostly in the southeast center of course the inner cities in the big cities. So I defy their regular observation I don't know there's Angela get a particular. You're just saying there's a difference regionally in the atmosphere and and I think there's something to that dead venture called Bob and I made this observation of the just a few days ago. And I remember the time growing up and Indianapolis I need. I don't remember any sense of strife or anything like this this was growing up in the 1970s. And then you know these subsequent moves to other areas especially Delaware at the polarization. There oh my goodness. What in the world happened all of a sudden this polarization was just. Very very evidence. Also on the text line. Some saying you honey in the program with American beautiful by read Charles it's going to be most fitting make stay here in my arms stand up everytime me and that. That is a beautiful rendition of that song and know exactly what you were talking about. It's everyday we need to remind ourselves and others tremendous opportunity available in this great country. Absolutely. Thank you for joining me for this very special program today. And hopefully will take these words we heard in this hour to hearts. And don't forget them themselves great day and got bush and this is still Vince Coakley radio program.