Vince Coakley & Jim Jordan


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We're talking congressman Jim Jordan and you guys have something fresh did you come out with it but freedom caucus tell us what you're proposing what you're calling for. We're calling do we center and do when it comes obamacare and as repealing. This is the exact same legislation that passed eighteen months ago that all the house members voted for all the senators voted for. At least it eighteen months ago and so we start this process colored discharge petition to fancy way of saying. I've leadership won't put the clean repeal on the floor of the house we're gonna get signatures and try to go around them and bring it to the floor I. Collecting the requisite number of signatures so. We are working on and now we started a process that this morning in DC. And them. We need to do it demonstrate dead heat you know even though there aren't the votes right now in the senate for that if we get the votes for the house and cradle more pressure momentum. Then maybe we can actually accomplish what the American people censored it. Are you getting a sense so far of where the members of congress are on this do you think it will be easy to gain support for this. The head of the Republican Study Committee the largest caucus on Capitol Hill endorsed it right after we introduced it so that is a good sign. And I think. If we can let people know. If my colleagues heard what I've heard the last ten days across the fourth district of Ohio which I get the privilege to represented. I knew people were disappointed and indie work and they are fed up with what happened in the are referring to what what didn't happen in the United States and two weeks ago. This is what we should do and if we can pass the clean repeal. Then we can actually may be worked together to do the right kind of replacement and put in place those patients and are things that Republican once. Republicans want and and then come back to make a deal with with the Democrats to get the sixty votes in the senate you need on the replacement measure. But when you adopt a strategy that our leadership adopted. And that this this process we've seen unfold the last seven months. Where they took elements are repeal and elements of replace it in Nash to together. Democrats will never vote for that they can't it's it is Obama carry sacred to them so they can't vote for that. But if we first repeal it. Something that you know law that everyone knows is is going is is it is is falling apart right now we can first repealed that we have the opportunity to work together and to the right thing for the for the American people. You know you touched on something it's interesting about what you're encountering with your district when you go back halter. When there are a lot of promises I mean we were told hey we take the house we can do this we take the senate we can do this. We have the presidency on top of it while we're gonna do great things on the first day of the presidency. What happens here. Yeah it's it's I think it's so basic. I tell folks who make this job way too difficult. The job of the member of congress is pretty basic do what you told the people you're gonna do. Keep your promise to do what they say in there they'll accomplished. And we indeed add in for some reason you get down there in the in the quote small environment people forget what they had talked about during campaign time Dick Armey has a great line. Former majority leader he says when we act like us we would end when we act like them with the news. And right now Americans are Satan just be a Republican act like you were. Campaigning act like you've been musings you've been talking about the last seven years. Act like a Republican. Act like a Republican encompasses things that you're supposed to you're supposed to do and you actually campaigned on so that's that's the problem people get NSR listened to the Washington Post and New York Times. This had to listen to the people back home and and listen to what they what they told they're gonna do. What are the what is the outlook for tax reform I think it yet and I think it'll happen. And in needs to happen. We need repeal obamacare we need to do tax reform we need to secure the border with the border wall we we need all those things to happen. Had to keep to get our country back to. Pars are as our president likes to say to make her make our country great again. What I ask you about the general atmosphere in terms Republicans because it seems to a lot of us I mean this is event champions of liberty and there's a focus on liberty and it seems like. That issue that focus has been lost and and I think it's also expose of the for a lot of us a lot of people and talk radio are my listeners. And they're wondering what's happened where as this revealed that the Republican Party doesn't really stand for the. Pretty well know that that is a good point. It's it's no this is champions for liberty our group is called the freedom caucus. We just had a hearing in. In the oversight subcommittee which I'd get the privilege of chairing two weeks ago were we talked about attacks in the First Amendment on college campuses gradient had been Shapiro. We had Adam Carolla who was hilarious. So you're right we need to get back to the basics constitutional principles free speech principles first and then the fourth minute. Focus on limiting government who's gonna lead to yet what we think the freedom caucuses doing that in the end in house represented its people like senator Paul. Are doing anti Thomas Massie is it tremendously or where in his district right here and and a good friend inning in a great American. That's fine here I was in I got this morning flew to DC. First session to introduce this and and then turn around the back here just just because it's Thomas Nancy. But people like Thomas Messi ran pollen of course on the state level to collect. Governor Evan are a direct kind of folks. Thanks very much congressman Jim Jordan thanks for talking with us even.