Vince Coakley & Matt Bevin .


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We're at the champions of liberty events and talking with governor Matt Bevan from Kentucky great to talk the answer great to see you as always in great to be speak during the well first off give us a sense of what you feel like her that I guess top accomplishments of your administration. You're getting a lot of attention for what you're doing here providing conservative leadership for Kentucky what are the highlights for you. I mean in a nutshell it's delivering on what we said we would do it's as simple concept you tell people you're gonna do something you work hard to get it done and then he delivered to the absolute. Best of your ability and this is something that we need from people in politics at every level. There's too much of bluster Blarney and false promise in the world of politics and so I'm grateful for the fact that we have transformed Kentucky and eighteen months. More rapidly than probably any state in the history of this country in such a short period of time. Right to work legislation repealing prevailing wage criminal justice reform. You know outcomes based funding for higher education school choice tort reform and medical review panels I mean it goes on and on and on and we are just. Getting started cutting red tape in just making it easier. To do business by letting government be the ally to business and not the adversary. You touched on an interesting issue record when you discussion we were talking about retirement. Is I know in our audience and there's so many people concerned about what's happening with retirement system. What do you. Proposing to do here than other people might learn from. I mean at the end of the day we have to save the pension system. We've made it promises we the people of Kentucky to our retirees there are legal and moral obligations to fulfill. The promises that have been made. But all of this has to be done within the context of financial reality. Not wishful thinking not hope for things but financial reality. So what we are doing is shoring up the pension system to the extent possible by making whatever changes are needed to save the system. In so the idea that we can continue to move forward with the same type of defined benefit plans for future hires that we've had for those in the past. Is a non starter it is financially impossible if we promised people that that will be the case. Then we're lying to them or lying to the current workers and frankly were lying to the people already retired. Because they won't be enough money. For any of them. So we need to move for future employees to things like defined contribution plans that we need to look at how we can whether it's eligibility for retirement draw down whatever the case might be. The numbers of years worked. The amount of contributions from employees all of these things are on the table as a way to look at how we can save the pension system. We're talking with governor Matt revenue Kentucky and one of the things that I've been fascinated by his. Not just you but some other conservative governors across the country getting things accomplished in yet. When we watch what's taking place in Washington after all the campaigning. There is there reluctance to follow through on what has been promised as a governor as you watch Washington what's going through your mind. It's frustrating on the night it's not just as a governor says that as an American as a taxpayer is just a citizen I and it's frustrating. We have so many people in both parties. At every level. Who upon getting elected seem most concerned with what they can do to make sure they get reelected the irony is. Many people find themselves paralyzed and afraid to make hard decisions for fear that it will come back to haunt them at the ballot box the I. Irony is I think there indecisiveness. Is what will come back to haunt them. There is a desire on the part of Americans on all sides of the political spectrum. For people who will make command level decisions and be decisive put a stake in the ground in. In defended that state that's what people are hungry for siting in some measure you literally will see. Those people that are bold being rewarded in those people that aren't being punished at the ballot box. What do frustrations for a lot of people I knew it here's an event champions of liberty it's focused on a message of liberty. And there are a lot of people have a concern that this message is getting lost. In all of the drama. And out personality focus. How concerned are you about messaging on a national stage. I mean at the end of the day this is what I tell people. Put a stake in the ground as I said a moment ago would be an apologetic about what we believe that's conservative says people who love liberty as people who recognize. That we do have in doubt within a certain inalienable rights that people who understand these same basic foundational principles that are. Nation's founders. Put into place codified in our constitution those who believe these truths and truly believe them to be self evident. We must not be apologetic for these these are the right principles there correct we know that to be true. Be bold have conviction don't be cowed. Don't be distracted. Don't be moved off don't apologize. And don't be sheep. We need to be able to stand up in articulate what we believe. To be apologists for not to apologize for but to be apologists for to make the case for in two. Basically. Infused in the next generations not only an understanding of these principles. But why they matter what price has been paid for them in why it is our responsibility. To ensure their preservation for generations to come. One of the issues I know it's a concern of a lot of I couldn't liberty minded Americans they wanna see smaller government. And so it doesn't look like this is on the radar screen at all for the Republican Party what's going on there well. It may not be at the national level now based on certain things we've been seen of late but at the governor level it is. In this of what I'll say the truth. Definition of federalism was control at the state level is a lot of people misunderstand what federalism as they think it's the federal government taking over quite the opposite. In so federalism just simply means have a local control let the states decide look at the tenth amendment. Those things not clearly defined by the constitution other responsibility of the states and of the people. In so let the states and the people decide how best to use the resource is that we are blessed with in this country itself I think I will just tell you for a fact not only in Kentucky. But there's other some other governors as well who are Republican governors who are very small government minded people. Very efficient minded people. Former business people in many instances who understand how hard it is to earn a dollar in wanna see the federal government and state level governments and local governments. The good Steward of those tax dollars so. I'm encouraged by what we're seeing at the bottom level and I think this future. Is going to be coming from the bottom up the grassroots. Approach the bottom up approach that's how we're gonna save America. If we think the solutions are coming out of Washington market and ourselves. When I ask you one final question along those lines are you willing to test those boundaries and basically say hey I'm governing a state. And I want to see. A further. I guess establishment of state leadership takes some of these issues back from the federal government and let us run them is that what you want to do you. Yeah I mean we're already doing it to some degree of their. Three forms of army of legislative branches you have executive branch is yet judicial branches but then you also have different now levels of the federal in the state. But there is absolute authority. And precedents frankly for states to seize the responsibility in the sovereignty that is there's. In as a state we are doing that in ways that other states may not be willing to but I think some will and so we're trying to set the standard and set the model. And I don't think we're alone and I'm looking to work with other like minded governors. It's a start to do things that may or may not be officially allowed but I'm encouraged by the fact that the federal government. In this administration at least in the White House is much more open to the idea of allowing states autonomy. You have a health and human services secretary price. Who's actually very open the idea of giving controlled out of state level you have an EPA. Commissioner director in Scott Pruitt. Who is much more willing to let states have autonomy and control you have. You know what secretary of education director and a bed to de Voss a secretary who is much more willing to allow states to have that local level of oversight and control so I think you're starting to find at the highest levels in this administration. People who are willing to you know cost on labor and so many fronts people wanting to push back down to the local level. But it is such Washington has become a bureaucratic. The east. And we need to you know however it's brought down whether from the route and toes up or from the head down. I think we should. Not rest until we've accomplished this task and by we I mean people who love America people who love liberty and people who pay taxes. Governor Matt Evan thanks a lot for talking with the sir thank you.