Vince Coakley: Panthers End Season with Loss to Saints; Oprah for President?

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Monday, January 8th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing real. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiated better deal for us like OJ Simpson saying don't rather find the real. Good Monday morning good to be back with you on the broadcast. Still. Kind of a limit to what happened yesterday afternoon. That game. Game we'll talk about that a little bit later on hopefully those will not cast too much we shadow on your day in the starts of the week. Coming up we will talk about the other event that happened yesterday evening I didn't watch did you watch Golden Globes. And I have to tell you I believe we've entered a new dimension. Of the 20/20 presidential campaign. I'm serious when I say this. And we'll explain more about why that is the case and who were referring to who may very well into the picture. As he presidential candidates. There's one particular news network I think it's very excited about this. I think you can guess. But I like to start off talking with good news talking about good news. By the way if you like to join us during the course the broadcast today. The Eagles finished talk play number 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning text line is 713 series seven good news. And there's a couple of items on this front. There really speaks to. What I share review the very beginning of this administration witches. First off all you have to do is to stop the war on. Free enterprise in America. In this economy just naturally starts to improve you take other. Proactive steps like reducing taxes. Well you're going to further stimulate economic activity in the kinds of things that we all weren't. Two stories I wanna highlight for you at the outset one of them by CNBC. You've heard for years. About the importance. Of allowing companies to bring back money basically repatriate. Money. And they're only gonna do this if they feel culturally feel they're confident they're not going to get taxed. Any ridiculous rate. So questions been raised for several years why not do something proactive that would encourage these companies. To bring home that money they've got parked overseas. And other indications. That some companies are starting to do that. CNBC reporting apple and tech companies. I'm making plans to bring back 400. Billion. 400 billion dollars in overseas cash to the US. This is very important. GBH insights this technology companies will benefit from the repatriation of overseas cash holdings this year. The firm's analysts predicts the company shall bring in 300 to 400 billion dollars into the US this year. No it's crazy about this 200 billion dollars. 200. 200 billion dollars of that is from apple alone. That's a lot of money. I'm raise the question for those of you who are doubters. We urge you expect this money to go. This is how we can't even economy improves. When you have opportunities like this to repatriate this money. It's going to be spread around it's going to make its way through the economy. Which is good for all of us. So these technology companies are expected to thrive. From this money that's now parked outside of the country. When drug administration and belt way imposing a fifteen point 5% tax on repatriating cash earnings vs the previous. 35%. Tax rate. We expect to surge of overseas cash to come back in the US with large cap tech being lived. Clear beneficiary for 2018 and beyond those the words from Daniel lives who's head of technology restriction DBH insights. No I was estimates large US tech companies. Have 550. To 600 billion dollars parked overseas and again. Why are they parking this money overseas well because they don't wanna get taxed on the money. And there's a huge difference between around 30%. And around 15%. This is a big deal. And it's absolutely vital that we understand. Hence I hope along the way. Not only do we understand this but we take the opportunity the president takes this is an opportunity for this to be a teachable moment. And again this is where I've said you folks this is not about personality cult this is not even about praising Donald Trump. The bigger picture has to be. Reaching a new generation with the importance of understanding supply side economics to understanding free enterprise and how it works. You tax money. You eliminate the incentive to keep the money here. You lowered those taxes. And you encourage. The likelihood that money will stay here in the country it's not rocket science folks. And we have this the Washington examiner. Now reporting over 100 companies. Giving what are being called trump bonuses. After this tax legislation has been passed. The number is now well over hundreds. Of thousands of workers impacted in charities is well. Less than a day after Americans for Tax Reform put out an initial list of forty. It jumped to 52 is more complete plans sport in. By the end of the day. That list is over a hundred small businesses from across the country sending news. To ATRs giant arch. Of secrets. About a third tax out bonuses wage hikes charitable donations many of these Rowling announced internally. And this is being characterized I'd love this language. This is a broad and deep tsunami building. Departures asking the firms who have decided spread the anticipated wealth let him know. Because he'd like to keep track of this. And post this on his blog. Grover Norquist ATR's presidents of the bonuses are nullifying democratic attacks in the GOP tax package. He told secrets every announcement of another company raising wages hiring paying bonuses investing in America. It's another nailed a confident Democrat attacks on the Republican tax cut. So this drip drip drip is added the daily reports on stock market gains bigger checks and pay envelopes. And everybody of course is thrilled to see the jump in the 41 K and IRA accounts. It's a good thing. And we've given you some of these samples the past few weeks AT&T a thousand bonuses. Thousand dollar bonuses to 200000 employees. You know it's inning goes on from there. American Airlines Southwest Airlines. Bank of America. I mean these are real. Real changes. That were put money in your pockets. This is great stuff. And now the question is can we simply build upon coming up. The flip side of this the conversation over much of the weekend. About this silly book that's come out about Donald Trump but it's. Was Donald Trump's response to this wide east. We'll delve into that as we continue to broadcast. Fourteen minutes after the hour 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 19 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. And the trolls are back. Boy it's a daily experience here do you like to join the conversation. 809 to 1110 takes like 71307. We start here. Come on Vince on the Panthers who didn't see that loss coming. Even your guess Friday told us from the Panthers don't have time behind they always lose TP he's absolutely right effect he's coming back to talk with us in just few minutes. About what happened yesterday he called it. Yep so we called in fact yesterday I was occupied I'll just put it that. Way and I didn't intently watched until about the last three minutes of the game. I did I was walking in a place where I was walking back and forth and I saw monitors. And I remember all through this game and I saw. The Panthers were behind. Those words from Anchorage is ringing in my ears like they're not gonna win this game. They're not going to win this game I hate to think that way. Prince Nancy Pelosi said we should only deport illegal aliens if they do something wrong or illegal. Really. Could you think is the doctor the probably. Mean billions doing lobotomy news on all live starts you know it's a good question. I do not know can answer that question for you. Let's see Vince could you please inform this troll who for anyone you supported for president propose anything like what is happening now and causing these companies come back to America. And bring their cash I must've missed it wind TPP Ted said it. Please enlighten me. You know you always have to make about personalities don't shoot these ideas and this is where we get in trouble folks we've got to figure out a way to make our ideas transcend. Personalities. If we eat sushi this. Exclusively with Donald Trump for anybody else we will we use the long term battle that's the point that made. And I stand with it so this is not to denigrate the present anyway. Cam Newton can't play from behind. Either buckling under the pressure or just giving up I hated first teammates are assisting in the size that I feel also said. For that guy I was just think it can you imagine what it must have been like on the plane coming home. Yesterday evening it it just had to be just devastating. You know indeed doing that in did they mean I was just. Did you just haven't not in your stomach I mean that's just watching can you imagine him being there. On the academy Vince you can't talk about this issue up praising trump without him this conversation is a non issue. Boy this is extreme I'm leaving Carolina because of the Panthers oh come alive and really. But you. Led see what else do we have here as long as Cam Newton is there I hope they never win freely which are prone with cam. What is the problem with that let's go to the KMH here. In any case. And there are other takes which will be ignored because they are trolls and I think we will have fun making hold one of these folks some time. We were talking about that last week and and this can be really interest in. I told you that I believe that she. The presidential. Election for Tony Tony the campaign. Took a new turn yesterday evening but it was an ad in overtly political event. I'm talking about the Golden Globes I'm curious. Did you watch I'd love to hear from you if you were watching yesterday evening and what's your reaction was to the events. On the stage. Now do not here and I'm not saying. But I think all of this. This continuing drumbeat. About meets you. I really think that it's. There's a place where this just becomes a lot of sanctimonious. Political posturing. That's really what this has become. No I guess I don't hear what I'm not saying I'm not saying that there are not legitimate that there are legitimate issues out there regarding. A sexual harassment. And even sexual assault I get its. More than you possibly can realize. What I am saying is. There are a lot of political overtones to this. There really are. And it's very clear. What they're attempting to do with this entire movement. Not the everyday person I'm talking about the political types who have an agenda. And their agenda. Well we love to for this agenda to play out at these events with these big audiences. Like the Golden Globes. I love this post from my friend Laura and Chris said this yeah hey it's my favorite time of year. When Hollywood reminds us of their moral superiority. Thank you Hollywood. You're my shining beacon of hope and a world filled with selfishness. Greed broken relationships. Flaunting wealth and arrogance. I've seen the light through your glowing example. Doesn't he creates and you just. Pick up the sarcasm posted their bomber friend Loren. And I'm serious when I tell you if you have any doubts. The Clinton news network. Just a few minutes ago had a whole segment about. Yesterday evening's Golden Globes. And you're about to find out why. Yesterday evening Oprah Winfrey except to the Cecil B. DeMille award at Golden Globes. And none of things it is sparked. It's been somewhat of the movement. I don't think it's exaggeration to say this I was watching this in fact. We have this is about three minutes long do we have enough time to share this pressure. Let's let's go ahead and maybe we need to save this after the break because I think this comes up. And it's the it's just about three minutes long. But let me just set this up for you. Because in receiving this award and I don't know whether this was intentional. Because you know this is a great opportunity when you've got all these eyeballs. Watching you. You have to wonder. Was this an orchestrated attempt. By ms. Winfrey. Too. I'm officially launch her exploratory effort to run for president the United States in Tony Tony. Just in the short clip that we're gonna share with you after the break. In fact it's going to be a little bit later in segment and kind of teasing this for a little bit later in the program because we're gonna talk about the Panthers coming up as well. Movies I want you to think about. I think back to 2004. Do you marry this guy name Barack Obama. Who spoke at the Democrat national convention. Do you remember the reaction in the audience. When people have tears in their ice. Ends I remember thinking. This guy's running for president. They're grooming this trend. This is part of the preparation and you know what's amazing about this Hollywood is so good at this they love. To basically set the stage. They love to do everything possible to. Be involved in what amounts to propaganda and manipulation. And it's very effective. But as I was watching the short clip of Oprah Winfrey you're gonna hear a few minutes it it's amazing to see the people in the audience with tears in their ice. And I'm telling you folks this is the same look that I saw in reaction to Barack Obama in 2004. I really believe that's what's in the works now. Tense part of the reasoning is. Think about it Donald Trump yes he's a businessman. But he's also an entertainer. And if an entertainer. Mike Donald Trump can be elected president the United States why not Oprah. This is yet another person with deep pockets. Deep Hollywood connections do you think this woman's gonna have any trouble at all getting funding for a campaign. Not a chance. Something few to think about its. How do you think this is going to fly with the American people could it be that Donald vs Oprah. We'll talk about coming up 890 Ritalin tender text line it's. This is this Coakley radio program. 1036. I want you to listen to Oprah you tell me what is going on here is this just an acceptance speech for an award. Or is this the pre glued to something else this is from last night's Golden Globes. In 1964. I was a little girl. Sitting on the linoleum floor. Of my mother's house in Milwaukee. Watching and Bancroft present. The Oscar for best actor. Hi this night and of course his skin was black and I'd never seen a black man being celebrated like fashion and it is not lost on me. That at this moment. There's some little girls watching. As I've become the first black woman to be given the same award. And what I know for sure. Is that speaking your truth is do you most powerful tool. We all have so I want tonight to express gratitude to all the women. Who have in two worried me. Years of abuse and assault because they liked my mother. Had children to feed and bills to pay and dreams to pursue. My name I know and I think you should know to. In 1944 re sees Taylor was a young wife. And the mother. She's just walking home from a church service. She's attended an Avant go Alabama. When she was abducted by six armed white men raped and left blindfolded by the side of the road. Coming home from church she lived. As we all have lived too many years and a culture broke invite brutally powerful men. For too long women have not been heard or believed. If they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. But their time is up. I'm just know. It. Got crazy tailored died knowing that her truth like the truth and so many other women who were tormented in those years. And even now. Tormented goes marching on. It was somewhere in Rosa Parks is hard almost eleven years later when she made the decision to stay seated on that bus in Montgomery. And it's here with every woman who chooses to say me too. And every man. Every man who chooses. To listen. They knew. Age is gone about an hour. Here at home. It's. Okay that's a good time. Nobody ever has to say me. If you are watching this. You would see that's in there were a number of people with tears in their eyes. I'm serious this trick again reminded me of that Barack Obama's speech in 2004. I think this is an orchestrated effort and this morning. CNN has a story about this and gonna shared a few minutes because. Take me seriously on this folks I really believe there's a strong possibility. Oprah is. Laying the ground work for presidential run. I really think that's what's going on here let's get your thoughts on this. But also get your perspective on what we're going to talk about next which was something that was pretty much predicted. By Arab Christian claimed Mac for Mac attack on our sister station WF Lindsey back this of this morning and I gotta say I he was in and out of this game I but I was glued in the last three minutes or so. And I you know as I kept passing through throughout the game seeing monitors and the place where I was dead. All I can remember is what you said if they're behind. They're gonna lose this game you're right. And we'll have much of a dummy did almost looked like though they did you pay could've pulled it off another area and they and that's and that's where things Vince that was that was amazing to me and I do think we you do have to give them credit for fight the consulate they did keep pounding there's no doubt about it right to the end. And not in the game did was not played you know do script like the way they want to play which is get to a lead and not have to throw it forty forty times like that's not. But the Panthers want to do but they did. And cameras extraordinary Sybase still almost pulled it off despite a ton of mistakes on both sides of the ball in the first after the game and the fact that the game really wasn't played. The way they want to play it so they do deserve a Leo so Matta boys but man it doesn't make it any easier to see saints move on. When you're sitting there thinking man what just one plate here they're could've made the difference you're absolutely right gives a sense of some of those missed opportunities. Man they iams first half you know you get down the red zone you know inside it's running. Our view of of the saints. And you end up being in their three times and you've got to make field goals in a miss 25 yard field goal and an exact that was harbor we knew it wasn't for grand you know who only missed one kick all year. Who would go on to make four field goals yesterday including a 58 yarder and it still boggles your mind at that one. We couldn't get an that was got a deficit between that. And the you know our old friend Ted Ginn beat us again deep. That combination it was back to back zero points off that fifteen play drive and then boom they hit for an eighty yarder so that would that was emotional kind of tough to deal with. Arm and a little defense to like. New Orleans was in the red zone three times themselves inside arts warning they score three touchdowns like that's the difference right there you know he really knows. You know an answer at the very ends you know it's easy to do this you know we're being these Monday Morning Quarterback cheer. How would you have believed that last two minutes differently. I don't think how little I mean how would obviously. I would I would as I could you know have the power of the offensive line to block better a little bit you know I'd like to do that. Butts I mean the grounding call was really killer you know because at that point were moving at camp is playing outstanding he is so sharp. Any really felt I I don't know if other benefits. Helped us I thought or win the game at that point you know once we get right outside its wanna read a first that it just felt like he's gonna do this again we've seen him do this before and I think the intentional grounding call which to me was very close. Armed he has to get outside the equal local pockets who's gonna get outside where the tackle lined up at that right side to throw it away with no penalty. They ruled that he didn't. It was really close on washing over and over again and unhealthy and advertisements I watch this could let I don't think she is trying to figured out there we could issue after not. It's really close but that was tough because that and put you back in their depth when it feels like we're just gonna chucking it down field in now pretty much so in the very end. What was going your mind. It's not to seek cam on his but the way to game and his you know that there's like he didn't even get a pass off. I thought the next the last play was kind of enter staying in DeVon font just. Who was playing really bad shoulder injury and I given credit for got a gut daddy made a couple of big plays. But a lot of people are wondering hey that bowl it look like on TV could reach out got that one at deep shot to camp through yes right side afterwards launches explained it by saying. My lost in the lights and then by the time he kind of relocated it only could do was kind of reached so I kind of explains a lot of fans were jumping on him what do you do the balls there. Yeah it's another one of those things that we're summit debates ill ball gets gets stuck in loss of life. So close so close we only have about fifteen seconds left. And next season. The music also is we don't elect owners going to be the next time we play game com. I would expect more to her estate is the GM at least until the new owner gets here got to have a good draft the saints. Need us because they had an amazing friend we will do the same issue. I hear you man. Correcting slug for joining us again no problem bits and time into. I'm Vince Coakley radio program. 44 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock excuse conference of your Texan command if you want to talk about the Panthers. What happened yesterday what may be heads about Oprah for president 20/20. Part of an orchestrated effort Libby Edison postscript to what we shared the audio we share with you the last segment. CNN is reporting. A couple of people close to her. Are indicating. That she is actively exploring the possibility of running for president again. This. Is something that she is actively thinking about. So I'd love to hear your thoughts and how this can all sheep up. And folks for those of you who think. You're under the misguided impression that I am entirely trump or hate him more blah blah blah. I'll tell you what if this turns into a popular popularity contest in Tony Tony. Donald Trump could have himself a serious problem. I'm not an Oprah fan by any means. But if you couple the fact that she's gonna have a lot a lot of popularity among women. The fact that she's also just. A genuinely liked person even if you don't agree with her. If this turns into another popularity contest it can be a problem. This is why am constantly on this issue of this man needs to do more. To make himself likable. As a person as a human being and I'm not saying change your agenda. I'm talking about change your attitude. And the way you present yourself before people. Now you may enjoy all of these silly. Juvenile antics and calling him you know Steve Bannon names like sloppy Steve he made you know I'm amused to. There are a lot of people were not amused by this and I have to wonder at what point. This is stuff really get old and sickening. To the point where someone's looking where a lot of people were looking for someone fresh. Think about it a lot of the people this is what you have to understand a lot of this is not driven by ideology folks. Many of the same people who voted for Donald Trump voted for Barack Obama what does that tell you. And you can look at the economy and see all look at all the wonderful things yes look at all the wonderful things. There's also such a thing as fatigue. And there's a point where. This could all get very old. And people could be looking for change they were looking for a change. When they elected Barack Obama they got it. Bid looked like a fresh face it look like a fresh. Way of approaching things it turned out to be more of the same wasn't it. Teams you mentioned a person with the resources of someone like Oprah and all of the allies that she has the entertainment industry. Talk about putting on a campaign and a presentation. Wow. That can be interesting to watch. Any case. A picturesque what do you think about the big push for Oprah a run for president now just communicated that. Hence I did not watch nor will ever watch Golden Globes. But one thing. No Oprah. Hash tag no Oprah can that's pretty clever. Ivan watch the Oscars Emmys or Golden Globes for at least ten years due to the self serving pompous attitudes to respect its. Come on Vince forget about the Iraq I mean he'll put smackdown on Oprah for the democratic nomination really. Are you think so that would be reached in contest win American averages talking about that. Also. Vince I think you should declare yourself to be a genius. You know make you look really Smart besides no one asked you to take an IQ test for Britain's. And Jeff Sessions is also a genius this is a reference to Donald Trump for the weekend response to this. You don't need the comments about this book. That is been ridden we're. Supposedly people are raising questions about Trump's intelligence. So he send out tweets over the weekend talking about what a Smart man he has. Which we can talk more about after the break. Our TV waves debt service. Winfrey was presented yesterday I said the same thing when hurting young governor from Arkansas speak in an education conference in Dallas in the late eighties he was trying out campaign games. Long before. He ever ran that's Jim that I punish bill yet I know you're talking about. Do Clinton. Oprah should start with a dims and the clintons. Yep I think I mean think about just on the basis of popularity alone. This is a no brainer folks. On the Democrats side I mean. Even a comparison with Elizabeth Warren. I mean if somebody as. You know as a candidates. You've got here and I'm not saying here. As a candidate how attractive is Elizabeth Ward and Bernie Sanders compare that Oprah. Oprah's gonna blow these people out of the water if she runs. Over as president you get a subsidy you get a subsidy you get a subsidy. Don't forget the oppression of the last eight years no we can't forget go ahead vote for the Oprah I'm sure there's no difference between her. And trump. I will tell you. And I'll tell you. I think there's a huge difference in character between those two. A similar view me not like to hear this. But I think it's a night and day difference no pun intended. And I think and that's the end Oprah has the edge. Just saying. So let's say here what actors with tears in their eyes units securities and actors can fulfill. We think our Oprah Winfrey. Never had kids seem as Rosie O'Donnell. For said speaking your truth is important pretty short truth is it different from. What kind of orwellian doublespeak is this that's John out of Jonathan's you know. I have the very same thoughts very same putt and I know what she's talking about about your truth. Here's what you have to understand and I am very personal reason for saying this. Your truth must all always. Always. Need a place where it never. Ever. How shines the truth. This is where we're going folks in America. For too many people they've created their own truth their own subject of truth. And it becomes more important and it basically so boards. The truth. Think about that one we'll share more of your text take a look at the fans will also talk about the threat to computers and. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Observing and you wearable. That's what they do like fix things what the straight day. I got a good. Empowerment self governance and strong more. Character people. Break here in America. You radio program. 1106 as we continue to broadcast and we continue watching CNN. Fans I've got to tell you what they are experiencing is. I don't know. Hi Gerri see it or gas make. In regard to Oprah Winfrey the possibility she may run for president they are still on this. Infected just posted on social media few minutes ago that he political. And entertainment. Progressive. Media complex. They are just. Inhabit. About the possibility of this so just brace yourself strokes but is there will be a lot of hype associated with this. While the same time something very important that may have completely gone by you because. From my experience anyway it doesn't look like there's a lot of media attention focused on this it was it was like a big splash and then we kind of moved on to important stuff. About this stupid book for instance about Donald Trump gentle gentle care about. Reported by CNN major chip flaws affect billions of devices and I did say billions with a B two major flaws in computer chips. They can actually Lee wrote huge number of computers and Smartphones vulnerable to security concerns. The US government backed body warned the chips themselves need to be replaced to completely fixed the problems. This what allowed attackers to read sensitive data stored in the memory like passwords or look at what tabs someone is open on their computer. This is serious stuff and were talking again about. Billions of devices why are we not still talking about this. Well we decide to call on our friends who's recognized around the world is an expert on cyber security strategy cyber terrorism. Identity theft and privacy none other than a new Morgan writes welcome back sir. Welcome back to me as well spent some cred to be back in the land of the living after blowing you off a couple days last week and that this weather is rough. It is it certainly is send. We have escaped the worst of it here in Charlotte's and what you're very appreciative of the fact. That's here in the Carolinas last year at the coast didn't have a much of a problem so. But this problem Morgan reddish huge we're talking about billions of devices. What's the impact here. Ira I think Carl Sagan billions and billions of sex boxes you know arm. And I don't know the Russians are involved in this once solid keep the Russian accent and checked today. Well look at it there's a quadrant out there and commuter put things are what we look at probability and impact. And is that it's so we'd look at keep kind of create four boxes you know is that low probability is low impact you know high probability at all impact. That's why put this one out I put that says hi propped up high probability. Yes something could happen. Are outright low probability. So I think it happened but high impact in the re and I say that this is different but tied for the next what ever argue to have local access to the computer. But you know either through somebody physically getting toward. Or you quit all this is gonna familiar somebody sends you an email with a PDF senate that you shouldn't click on it but you do or you click on the link in an email that you shouldn't. And instead of getting grants somewhere or one of a hundred other ways to compromise your computer download this code. The only problem with this sense that different does that edit it doesn't delete all I can do is to read it. Basically a gap in how memory works and so. While it's gonna affect all the chips they're gonna have to replace some who I would say that you have a better chance of seeing god winning the parable and the lottery on the same. Expect that it. Slightest particular exploit. And by the way whoever names these things ought to get a bonus I mean you don't melt down and Specter this complex next to James Bond film. So it M let me make sure I characterize this as you have that it's not likely this would be exploited but if it is. You've got a huge problem is what you're saying. If if somebody can find a way to exploit this globally at one time. Very similar give an example if somebody could address to do the same thing that these three basically college students who created the more I botnets. Remember when we get that you're denial of service where somebody supposed to cobbled together all at least. On the Internet of things that I think if you can do that this would be high impact. High probability that it's gonna happen right now. There's no evidence does suggest that somebody can cobble it together but here's the point. This is yet another line of things that what happens is over kinda things all the things that we thought we could talk about I don't know you know I talked about crack remember when the wireless. Security protocol was also breached and again it was the sky's falling wouldn't have to change all these things wolf. The role hasn't come to an end and you know at some point I have to tell you this is gonna sound maybe a little cynical. But I think a lot of these research person they're doing this for the notoriety not for the advancement of making things secure. If if I would look at something in the computing field the ball enough with enough money in enough time. Yes I'm gonna find a flaw but the question is is that a flaw that's gonna affect the world as we know is that gonna come to one and I you know. I don't think so but this sensitive you know I'm kind of torn on this one because I think there's impact could I just don't think the reality evident that you and I are gonna lose any sleep over the. Now is there anything that we need to do personally. To protect ourselves. Well absolutely look when these when these updates about and it's not just the Intel chip. AMD chips have also been have a look all of our Smartphones all of our devices. You're iPhone all of these things are running conversion of these Intel chips. When somebody and that an update but whether it's safe hardware update a firmware update or software update I'd suggest you apply. An endurance and goodness they had they are finding some work around turn a lot of times this could exploit. What they called Java. You know Joba stuff that can run on your computer to self contained thing but up. A lot of these other exploits front office that would accept it that way by just changing the timing of how Java works. They can mitigate you know or stop the sects split from happening but look folks that await the suggestion has. Any talk in palm Microsoft apple until all of the book and it and they sent out of an update. They don't do it because they have nothing else it is they're doing it because you're trying to fix something so the suggestion is we applied the update if they did it still get better at doing as well to completely abused. Resolve the issue. Problem now because what happens over time you're gonna replace your phone and when you replace your phone the new chip we'll have the ball. Extend its full won't be available there to buy new computer and entry months. The flaw will be there to help fix the chips so over time attrition and just a natural cycle of things and let your one of those that still running. You know a windows three got 11 windows for work groups you know on a 386 computer. You know you're probably gonna upgrade your computer here the next couple three years. Willie about a minute left and it is it. Is this the kind of thing that's automatic updates will take care of what we need to look for these fixes. This is significant enough I think you're gonna get a special notice of from my apple or it could be just indeed could be they may just be included into your regular update or your Microsoft update. So they will probably push this out as an automatic update but when you look at it and that's assuming you have those turned up when I look at it I would look to make sure. Are you sick in this go to your manufacturer's web site if you got windows machine or an apple machine. Just go to their site you know and search for. You know Intel flaw or Specter or melt down. And doubt they're gonna have some guidance on what they're doing to address this because it's it's a huge peak this former PR issue that is definitive that technical Freddie issue right now but guess what. PR issues could turn ugly what you Greg Smith apples finding out on the slowing down of the iPhone you know million us police them but they're paying for big time you know on the PR side. They certainly are Morgan right always great to talk considering. Bringing some clarification this issue force I have great Damon. Threat and thank but I feel quite. I'm Vince Coakley radio program fourteen minutes after the Arlen clocked still ahead we're gonna talk about Indian history ends. Discussion about the president's mental health stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Ninety minutes after the air 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program getting your thoughts on some of the news today we've been talking about a number of things this. Shipped directly to computers. We discussed Oprah for president 20/20. Coming up we're gonna discuss Donald Trump and ongoing discussions about his mental health. This is hilarious it really is. Let's go now took off from mark curious who wrecked Joseph good morning mark. I've been boring band. He did tell everything that dagger GAAP. That and the thought the first time that we've never had a problem with the adults that couldn't mentioned. When bill 31 line in data therefore there was actually a researcher doing something. I really. Accurate. Floating point arithmetic found out that the truth that computer couldn't provide. He ends up the effort that that compare properly so I was calling. I an iPhone you will pull going to be a graphic information. Christian research journal article on Oprah Winfrey. That sounds pretty huge ego. You know what this woman in the world view is can't a lot of the work out their. You can go to who are your listeners can go to you. He quipped that the equipment because that's what the first syllable equip dot org and gold Peru through the covers. Up to approximately 2000. You can get that correct issue in bad in this full contact information. Out of context for commuters into it. Paul Moore the Bible Bible answer man radio broadcast. I'll begin on the order recruit as nominal charge. OK I I think I remember seeing that some years ago march and it's very interest in. I like properly if I remember correctly. A lot of wood over subscribes to a lot of new age beliefs that be correct. That is correct it's like a consent of the talking about the Oprah. Or provocation. Of our society. Yep it's it's kind of hype bridge. A new age shouldn't she borrows from christianity burrows from other religions and just kind of makes this stuff all her old and I mean I mean upon there was an realizing I was doing that all and but that's exactly what's happened here mark I appreciate you calling to make us aware of that particular source. Because. Again this is what I keep telling you folks we've got to figure out a way that we're communicating. On ideas and we're advancing ideas. I don't see that we're doing this very well because our country keeps going back and forth. And many of the same people are voting for people would divergent political beliefs like how can you vote for Barack Obama turnaround ruled for Donald Trump. It's just a Mickey since it doesn't. Clearly these folks there and lost in it kind of reminds me to biblical context. Of Christians. Where there warns about the possibility of being tossed to and fro by various winds of doctrine that's what's happening in our country they're being tossed back and forth. Because too many people in this country have no idea who they are and what they believe. And so this is why. As I've characterized it in these past few years. We've gone from the American Idol presidential election to the Celebrity Apprentice election. Based on rocked personality. This country will not survive on a foundation of personality it's simply will not. If we don't build something deeper. We're in big trouble. That's what I believe anyway. So now we have this issue a lot of this sparked yet again. By a book that is come outs. About Donald Trump you've already heard about the controversy and how Steve Bannon is now. Been thrown under the bus. USA today reporting battles over trumps mental health and fitness for office sidetracked his policy agenda. I want to play for you a clip this is a former broadcaster think that took place may be on Friday. Try to remember correctly. And this is from the author of the book it's getting a whole lot of attention now you know and one of things I told you about this I really believe. That's. It was a mistake to give this guy all of the attention because frankly it's free publicity. And I'm sure he's gonna sell all whole lot of books just because. Of the affected there's been an effort to try to silence him. It makes him even more attractive and makes him an even bigger star. To mainstream news media this is how this thing works and I think you know that's. So here it is this is a guy who wrote the book fire and fury inside the White House Michael Wolf. And his comments about its Howell. People he interviewed have characterized the president. I will tell you the one description content from that everyone gave everyone has some karma free all say she was like a child's. In what they mean by that is he has defend the need for immediate gratification. It's all about. Jim I mean this sort of this letter for. The cease and desist desist letter and I still have sources in the White House and I know everybody was going I. Pregnant we should not be doing this this is not Smart. And he just insists he just has to be satisfied in a moment what I'd absolutely spoke to the president whether he realized it was an interviewer not. I'm I don't know but it certainly was not off the record I did any spoke ten. At the White House after he was sworn and I spoke to him after the inauguration yes and I had spoken to I mean I've spent about. About three hours with the president over the course of the campaign in in the White House so. Mighty wind blew intended Donald Trump is. I'm just pretty significant. So there ego. Childlike ends. June I hear again what I'm not saying. You've heard me praise our good number of things that this president has accomplished. And one of the things that I deemed too many people do. Is a immediately get defensive well look at all the jobs he's created I don't care that's not what we're talking abouts. Because I believe these things. That are being said about Donald Trump and the accomplishments. Can exist together. I think he can be childlike. I think he can't be looking for instant gratification. And it's the same time accomplishing good thanks. One of the things that happened over the weekend. It is we have a lot of push back from the administration. On this narrative of the president not being too Smart. And his general state of mind. Aaron's. Mark of the things that I. I came across. Was this. The supposed to Donald Trump Michael Wolff was a total looser and made up stories and artists sell this really boring and untruthful book. He used sloppy Steve Bannon who cried when he got fired and beg for his job. Now sloppy Steve has been dumped like a dog by almost everyone too bad. Doesn't this sound like something written by a child. This is so childish it really years. But we have this. The story in the New York Post don't sweat America our presence of very stable genius who's like really Smart. How do we know this he says so himself. Deploy it over the top of offense against those who doubt his mental acuity. President trump lashed out at critics Saturday in a garage of boastful tweets. Now that Russian collusion after when you're intense study has proven to be a total hoax of the American public. The Democrats in their lap dogs the fake news mainstream media are. Taking out the old Ronald Reagan playbook and screaming mental stability and intelligence. Actually throughout my life. My two greatest assets have been my mental stability and being like really Smart. Cricket Hillary. Also played these cards very hard in this as everyone knows went down in flames. Here's what I posted on social media and this is the Kennedy I tell you about folks if you wanna talk about the merits of this discussion let's talk about it. Don't call me and tell me about always go to oldest trophy must be Smart. What I said is this. Being Smart scum like being a lady if you have to tell people. You are there's a problem. That's what I think anyway eleventh. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock it's time for a look at the day in history ends. Are bizarre story of the day. And I wouldn't just give you a heads up if you were eating right now put your food down or finish it during the day in history segment. Which is right now. Because. It's not for the squeamish I'll tell you that. Mr. I'd still curious where upstate studio good morning and good morning right away how is. It makes TR and Friday. It was one defense shows as far as wrestling goes a preventive. And see who do you have to think who told you that an XT is doing some better shows that the main line WWE shares who told you. Zach and a pay me. His first save me what's wrong with this picture I'm sorry on. Anyway let's look at the questions. And 1815. The last battle in the war of 1812 was slides. And the question is which battle was it what city was it fought and it is certain American city. Well I figured that. The battle oh lose. Anybody here wanna guess. Pelt pins. The good guess there you have to pursue a popped in my mind on here is actually New Orleans but it's okay. In 1950 at the ripe old age of fourteen this person won his first US chess championship. I've been you know this. Chess championship I think John knows this way. You wanna finish and you've got it here I knew you knew this. That's wrong with you and if you can name and I'm trying to mess with my mind here. 1964 that we carry this recently this prison announced his war on poverty. In 1964. Who was it. Which presidents it's the first 64. Yards and yeah this. I'm impressed. 2011. And beauty to stop he really do what's that. Cinema para coach altitude wind over that yeah we did we did. 2011. This congresswoman among the seventy people shot outside a grocery store and Arizona's six people were killed. Who is that congresswoman do you remember her name. Yeah the first one option yes in fact both names start with a G. Gabby Gifford Hugh. Three out of four for mr. right so I think that's pretty impressive speaker Willie. I wanna give you warning mr. right so and everybody else. And again I would give you warning about the nature of this story. Our race. This is a story about someone who wins. Under dream vacation to Tunisia. In picked up a pretty horrible. Horrible version of an African Salmonella. A strain of the infection. Confined to the worst possible area automation. I think you're getting the idea. Why. The headline of this story is it was like a volcano. Grand dad's testicle exploded after contracting African Salmonella and dream holiday to Tunisia. David racially. 59 year old guy left in agony when his private swelled to ten times normal size. Before his left testicle exploded like a volcano as he took a bath. This is bizarre. This actually happened this infection. Normally I would have something to funding disparity in all my god yes. I can think of one right now. The grand there was an agony is his private swelled to ten times their normal size when he got home he left testicle didn't burst during a bath. And now he's taking legal action against the tour operator. We still be a rare form of Salmonella called African Salmonella. He said after the holiday. His testicle swelled to the size of a grapefruit it was so heavy he's it was felt like it was made of glass. Said the pain was so bad I thought I was going to die. And you go to this. He said when I've when it finally exploded I felt fantastic it was such a relief. After weeks. Floated. I guess it's I mean at what point do you go OK it's something they right there are probably should go to the Doctor Murray did go to the doctor in fact. The doctor told him. This was highly contagious and he wasn't allowed to sleep and his wife. And he was walking around holding onto himself because it was so heavy few days later EC welcomed about 5 PM with excruciating pain. Is barely able to move. Ans. Said it literally went bang. The doctor sub later he seems like a volcano exploding. But it was such a relief. You know I've certainly psychologically about it there's appreciate the fact pitchers you're keeping it clean and then there's a lot of things that we could say right here but I'm sure the textures will take care. You know I have a feeling they will have quite a blast with this thing. You know the funny thing is they represented at the tour company you know they said they think he just had sun stroke. I mean originally suns took a modern engines each. No thank goodness record that could have been really ugly. So you know I can think of assault that wouldn't you know it it would definitely. Fit this. Who did that some years ago great balls of fire or something like that. He'll be Jerry Lee Lewis and it was really bad speaker songs I I forgot to mention on this day in history. There was a song. That's. Was very popular. That is also part of the data history. And I can't find this all charities their views. This was a song that was released posthumously. January 8 1968. Sitting on the dock of the bay. January 8 1960 I didn't know the story Otis ready right yes Otis Redding he actually wrote this song he recorded a sack this. A couple of times it was the second released it actually became the hit in was released after he died from her correctly I think he died in a plane crash. But the record company and others got this song. Was not going to go anywhere. Was and a pair apparently Otis Redding didn't like the song either. And this went on to that he may decide that the fact that he died. Make disarming you know are not at this day and age when you have all the media attention social media and stuff. So wonder if that helps sells it did in fact you wanna talk about I mean units are about crass and a crest either team an industry is. If I remember correctly I heard someone talking about this today he died on a Sunday. On Monday morning the record executive called the producer and said let's get this thing out any rush to song within a week. And headed ready to put out. It's pretty amazing isn't it you can't blame him for that that immediately it's. There's no question you hit it on the head the fact that. This was on the major reasons this became the big hit that it was a nineteen to. The guy who actually did the song Otis Redding. He's only in his twenties. Early in his twenties I had no idea. It's kind of I said in the story but. We celebrate the song very cool side. Skin. Resting. In this won't. Just to make them. Okay. Is known for. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock ish I'm Vince Coakley radio program getting your perspectives on. Donald Trump and the ongoing discussion about his mental health the threat Kim and Estonia get morning. Hey bit are you don't today while some. I don't like to point out the papal they talk about. Product intelligent level they talk about is. The main area is maturity. Like remind you that this man is a multi. So why can't so what's. Well it's big students bride is personality it might bet. Now that every. Day every politician. They know all about taking away your money that they get aren't producing nothing giving nothing back. They know about driving up incredible amount of debt that our grandchildren a but I have to pay it probably will never be. This man had experience. He had that great barrier but he also had great but that. I know where it is or try as well adopted city president of the United States. So that automatically makes him Smart and be here's my broader question can rise demand going out. Proclaiming to people how Smart he is why is that necessary. It's only been out way used by people who are really ribbon and beat that bull. And they buried by the end of self confident. No that's not self confidence that's. Again that's not self confidence that's insecurity. And. Okay I'll beg to their garage I know a lot of you beat your people who do that but they're also failures. The. But I IE would continue with you this is. This is insecurity. This is defensiveness. Yes but he can back it up he darted brother himself. Did you see it doesn't matter into it that suggests to me in this is the point I'm making camp on the taking away any of the accomplishments. Those of you were calling and texting and saying well he's done this and that I don't care what he's done that's not the point. The point is the guy is so incredibly insecure the man can find a cure for cancer. And someone will say something mean about him and he's gonna feel the need to go to Twitter. To justify himself and explain how Smart he is or how skillful he is and I'm saying to you that's not a mentally healthy human being that's all I'm saying Ken. Why. Did I do know that burglary. And I think bad. We got a look at the total purse and overall accomplishment. They history that you can't do Beckett quick snapshot. It's not invasion this being assailed from all but it's. Not a quick snapshot. This is a history can and but I do appreciate your call ends again Europe I respect the fact we obviously disagree on this. And let me emphasize something I'm not saying he's a bad person because of this. What I'm saying is there's something unhealthy hear about the man's psychology. That he feels like he's got to take to Twitter to defend himself. On something that ought to be self evident that's all I'm saying. You're healthy. Person with a strong sense of their identity. We'll feel no compulsion whatsoever to go out there and tell people how Smart they are. It's just that simple. Now I'd hate your fury in the mental health fields call me I wanna hear your perspective is on this. Does that make it a heck I may be all washed up on this Donald interestingly enough out of Charlotte good morning. Good morning then. Then I enjoy your show and I employ I enjoy your commentary. That you can't think you're right on him but. Air conditioners so love Donald Trump. And being secure. And they can't always pay your account your opinion. But I don't only that he didn't secure individuals I do think he shot fighter and he does. That's right you have to fight Donald. Why do you have to fight. Why do why do you have to fight. Because he's been up fighter scrap for all their life then and that's been his nature he's not gonna change. So they didn't but it you'd have an answer my question why does he have to fight on this issue right you have to tell people that you were Smart. I don't see why aren't in the issue. He fights because that they won't nature you attack him. You didn't mean him and. I know I don't know it's not a matter see this is not a matter of but with and see what I'm saying is if somebody six year. You don't have to. Defend yourself. That's what I'm saying and I that's the only point that I'm making appreciate your call their Donald. Are on the takes line. You know I'm one of your biggest supporters dollar trumpets Drury and if somebody calls me stupid I'm gonna call them on it too we love him because. Because of this this is why a lot of people like of this texture says Vince say it ain't so please tell me you don't actually believe that. Words speak louder than actions. The I don't know what it is people just this goes completely over people really does. I don't think people are understanding. What I'm saying here at all. This has nothing to do what accomplishments. And Iran like I said this is what's so sad about it you can do some really great things. And you can spin your entire life with a sense of insecurity and not even enjoy it. Hence I don't think he's insecure I don't think he's intelligent. I think he's easily offended quickly becomes defensive. That's a whole different thing. Different kind of character problem seeing that. Is engaging me on this issue. That's what I'm talking about here. That's in informed intelligent response even though this person disagrees. But what I mostly hearing from people ironically is guess what it's defensiveness. Your immediate reaction is I'm going to defend this band of people are saying mean things about him. Don't need to do that what I'm saying you don't care what he's done what you care about what he does every day. This amazing. I love this what another troll take a breath. You're rational trump hate is flowing you really really hate this man. Just blows my mind people. Vince I think it's safe to say trump is smarter than you are well that's what you believe go for I don't care CBS the other funny thing. I don't care. I don't have to. Live my life based on what people's perspectives are meat and I don't have to defend that that's called freedom folks. And healthy. Sense of self worth and identity. Have a great team. This is still since Coakley radio program.