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I should know the media has been having a field day talking about this entire Russian matter whatever it entails. I think we've made it clear in this broadcast at this point. We don't see any evidence of anything. And frankly. If you have agreed to you'll disappointment about this they should really be directed at Republicans not Democrats but I digress. He's an uninteresting you got folks now we're so concerned about a possible relationship between the trump administration. And from campaign people. And Russia. And as I mentioned earlier in this broadcast. They didn't have so much of the concern about the Democrats in their cozy relationship. With the Soviets. Communists. Affect their a lot of sympathizers even to this day. There's a great piece that's been written on this that is. I wish everybody would read it's called win Ted Kennedy's Russian Powell wanted to kill the Pope. This is a piece that was actually written for American thinker it's written. By the man who is joining us now it is Paul anger where we've not talk and talk with for quite some time he's a professor of a political science Grove City College she's written over a dozen books his latest a Pope and president John Paul the second. Ronald Reagan and the extraordinary untold story of the twentieth century Paul. Welcome back to the broadcast man. Hey yeah thank that's going to be approach again. I want to start off talking about Ted Kennedy and of course we all know he's deceased I mean we're not. In any way in trying to impugn the dead here but it's bears a reality here that has to be discussed. Because that we're really not a lot of outrage about this what did Ted Kennedy do exactly. Well then yeah it's it's extremely relevant right now it's right and I think that that's obviously why we're talking about it night and I think people will pick up on that how quiet the hear me talk about it. If it was a document from may fourteenth 1983. And this document was first reported by the London times since February 1992. So it was found in the central committee archives of the Soviet Union now I I've really broke it by publishing the document in full. In its 2006. Book on Ronald Reagan's call the crusader. And I published it again in 2010. In both Russian and English in a book called do oops effectively unite. Probably talked about that book back. But it certain may fourteenth 1983 document. And it's solicit with the highest level of classification. Says special importance. The top of the that this committee on state security of the USSR which means KGB. The Russian acronym for that word in the Russian alphabet is KGB. And if this doesn't get your attention. I don't know what does but the subject head says. Regarding senator Kennedy's request to the general secretary of the Communist Party urea drop off. It is it is safe memo written by the head of the KGB figured Shepard Kopp. And it's sent directly that the head of the Soviet Union Jiri and drop off. And it's relaying a special confidential. Requests from Senator Ted Kennedy. And so you know you have that right there should should open our eyes ammunition dump like. Donald Trump junior and some schmuck may have collapsed under Goldstone or somebody I've ever heard of exchange he sent me emails saying I love that area that they would be ideal with some Russians. Female lawyer we never heard of and it does today half of the KGB. And he said they're confidential memo that they had of the Soviet Union. And and it's relying offer from a sitting it better and the senator who everyone is probably the most famous senator in America Ted Kennedy. And and at what it precedes this say is that Kennedy is very troubled. By the deterioration. In US Soviet relations. And edits says that Kennedy blames this on Reagan's belligerence. He blames it on Reagan. And India is that the exact words here advances says according to cavity. Deterrent threat is due to the president's refusal to engage any modification. To this politics unquote. And if the problem visit and drop the fact is probably the most amazing statement of all documents. It says that Kennedy is quote very impressed. Unquote. With Yuri had dropped off another Soviet leaders. And and that it says and here's what makes this. A really bad end and also really relevant to what's going on today. All of this is framed in the context that Reagan's reelection campaign the presidential campaign of 1984. When cavities considering running against Reagan. And it says it would make it even worse is that Reagan is riding high he's eminently re electable. And and so that it says is there any kind of Cheney get Reagan's armor. And again says yeah according to Kennedy. If these problems. War in peace. So that document then plays out in these these are the exact words it says from tickets ever cut drop by the says this. Kennedy believes that given the state of current affairs and it the interest of peace. It would be prudent and timely to undertake the following steps. Ticket counter at the militaristic. Politics of great uncle. That they're amazing and made it and it says that even uses the words. It Kennedy helping the Soviets to quote influence Americans. On quote. And so among the steps they Kennedy lays out here ranges he says that he'll arrange for Kremlin officials. So be it political and military leaders to come to America. To meet with friendly media. Organizations. That reporters. It actually in the incidents in name's Walter Cronkite and Barbara Walters by name. And as an entity that says they candidly is willing to fly to Moscow. To meet with them drop off. That the decision had dropped Bob who. And that's what are the reasons that brought this out now is I I just wrote this book. Pope and president are Reagan and John Paul the second where. I lay out that it was can't drop off of that ordered the assassination. Of John Paul the second. It edit any caddie that isn't doing PR for this book which just came out I thought. Yet have let the cement drop Bobby Kennedy was very impressed tattooed him. That is the bad guy a really bad guy. So sought you know I'm I'm kinda doing a PR for that book. And then all of this is going on right now would trumpet Russia. And it struck me at side dog can't do that this is that the pin drop off the Ted Kennedy's now. And and that would make sit all even so much worse. Is that is that our media never. Touched this story. And yet and I'd. Bag people in the media that I wrote op Ed on that they would publish any other thing. And now here with trot out. In other suddenly you know I gap below Bob Perry Mason and Joseph Pulitzer is. You know Colombo. They're running all local place yeah covering every rock. They'll all work against a hard break here we only about a minute left at this particular segment. It's striking that here you're dealing with the Soviets that are clearly looking to at that time. Dominate the world. And here is Kennedy saying that Ronald Reagan is the one who's dangerous. Right exactly exactly and bright in here you have liberals today. Yes it back up but they have by and I think the great benefit of the tri presidency as the liberals finally give a rip about the Russians right. You know where you guys in the 1980s write all this. Crowd that the tightening Easter holiday what they're our policy back. So you know we don't we know. Where where where the event for thirty years now suddenly rush fox. Yeah it's pretty amazing. Do you have time to stay with us Paul we ought to delve into this matter of the assassination. That was attempted anyway as we continue our conversation Paul kangaroo right here on Vince Coakley radio program. And we can see your conversation with talking gore who is. Unfortunately in a place of almost singularly uncovering some things about history. And that's the relationship of one Ted Kennedy. With the Soviets. And it's all of a sudden now we have all of this concern about the Russians. Who theoretically on paper should be less dangerous. And they were 2030 years ago. I wanna go back to this issue that you touchdown will be an earlier Paul. With the assassination attempt and and how that figures into this equation because you've uncovered some new documents. That's an and away yeah you're right in the Russians are less dangerous now. They were thirty years it was in the saying that they're sweethearts. Locate that that on the of the Latin America looks like mr. Rogers compared to your area drop. I mean you're in drop was absolute murderous stopped. And and there's probably some dead bodies around them to. But you and drop Bobbitt added the KGB for decades he was the longest serving member of the KGB. And yet so I I play out and in this book the Pope and president on John Paul the second of Ronald Reagan. It was it was may thirteenth 1981. That job all the second was shot right smack in the middle of Saint Peter's Square it to get mad and just starting. And everybody forget Stewart and you and I lived through it right. But Reagan was shot just six weeks earlier everybody forgets how how closely this year and exit of these to work. But do you remember that the two were shot they forget the year with six weeks part. But I spent a lot of time on net and it probably written it thousand books. In the title had been researching this one. And and you know I learned that it was it was the Soviet GRU. Military intelligence. That order they hit well that organized they have on the Pope. And they get that with the go ahead and knowledge of the blast saying the green light of urea drop off of the KGB. And so I lay all of that out and the other thing that I have learned of this is totally new and I've known this for about five years. But I in China you know meticulously documented as best as I could be for the book came out last month. I learned that Ronald Reagan and Bill Casey at the CIA. Bill Clark at Reagan National Security Council. They don't suspect that the Soviets from the very beginning being involved in the shooting of John Paul the second inserted Apollo. And what I over and that was totally new is that case he ordered a super secret investigation. Of this. Really really tight led by two young women wonder late twenties or early thirties other early forties inside the CIA. And they concluded in a report that to this day is still classified. And instead this state its report has not been released I'm told us was literally truly know hide. These most secret document of the entire Cold War. But I know the people who read it I've been told what it says. That document concluded that the Soviets were behind it shooting at the Pope. And it they concluded that April may of 1985. And I even given the book the exact date and time but I think Casey briefed rate again. Are on the report it would have been may sixteenth 198511021117. AM in the White House. And I was even told how that conversation went. So a lot and so we learned about it Casey and turn briefed the Pope on what we found. And the pope's reaction was you know kind of shrug of the shoulders. Has he said that. I've got surprised I figured this in 1981. Evil is as evil does the right evil doesn't evil list. And he wasn't surprised by it but yes so that's that's that's the latest that that I've reported on on all of that. And in an aside from the obvious. Political problem there and the fact that you have I mean dear we use the word collusion here. Demonstrated solution with Senator Kennedy who is. Was actively pursuing the presidency himself. And it's it's ironic here what is senator Kennedy's religion. Jack what exactly. He he was roaming Catholic and I get to the point where a lot of people know about this right maverick that's at the time is staff. What is that was approaching he even sent a letter to Pope Benedict. And add people have speculated as to what was in that letter made EU is hoping for some sort of celebs solution. From literally the highest levels of the church immediately result by time. Lifetime Roman Catholic. And in fact I actually thought in this book about how Ted Kennedy was baptized in the Vatican by Pope Pius the twelfth. Who is you know the great anti Communist Pope disintegrated the Communist Pope this column labeled in Hitler's Pope Stalin hated them so much. So there's a lot of bombed a lot and yet there's a lot of ironies here at a decent to be sure. You what's really amazing about this because we've we've talked plenty of times about the fact it's two liberals. They're transcended religion is really liberalism it's not even their devotion to god or to church. And I think I think this is another example of this is it not. Well especially today with with liberals being obsolete secular I think you know back in. You know that you have backed other points of the twentieth century get a guy like Woodrow Wilson candidate progressives progresses. Woodrow Wilson was that about five point cal but that's if it is a reformed presbyterian new kit that you know who would really shake this figure you'd tell you you're going now it. And heavy they would they were liberals they were religious liberals said today liberals being as secular as they are. Yeah you know this survey for that happened. Yeah politics is what drives them ideology is what drives then they're really event that may be helped get to what we're talking about here right now. They wake up in the morning. And they are animated by at the latest news is that that's right it's it's almost a religious crusade for them. To go after Donald Trump right now. You know it is some of those may get up in the morning and reads from our Bible or a book of meditation they get up in the morning and open their New York Times yet it EG give us this day our New York Times and they had. They're there and they're off and running. If it's military trying to find out. You know in their own self righteousness is opposing them on same sex marriage transco Libya. Or you know what the evil that Donald Trump is doing on the line now. It is absolutely amazing and we always appreciates the scholars X the scholarly. Pursuits that you've engaged in recent years and brought us so much important information including. These revelations here Paul king Greg thanks very much for coming on the broadcast again. And that would look forward to talk when he again. Yeah any time this snappy comeback just give me call you know we're finding. Absolutely will do.