Vince Coakley & Ryan Mauro


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As you know been following breaking news developments in Barcelona. And so really now we've had three terrorist attacks within the last 24 hours. I wanted to get some perspective on what has happened here because. This is something that obviously a lot of people have questions about joining us now. On the line my friend Ryan Mauro from the clarion project good morning Ryan. Good morning thanks for having me on. Our our first one who. Asked the question we seem to. Have these periodic incidents that happened and here we are with yet another vehicle attacked. This looks like this is becoming a pattern is this because this is so easy to do you. That is what I believe because after the 9/11 attack that you tried to do something. So much too flat like at night at act or hit your idea odd but people would do it by eight it mostly. In the goddess side there's an actual right. That your movement hey. Because there is basically conceding that you beat your early capable of doing the opening that up five. It became impressive to you anything I hit a bit. In Najaf Heidi world cool to do. Things that get scared people like picking up a night for using a car at the weapon and made it different type of terror than a 9/11. They hit huge difference psychologically. And so again right to it about it because the eve here. And also we're still dealing with the repercussions of the fact that might disperse thought that the dean and convince the whole lot of people. That they are the that was attributable to all of let things. Yeah it's interesting about this is I'm kind of curious what's the goal here because you know and I'm I'm certainly not interest and and encouraging. Or calling for something on a more spectacular scale mean they pulled off 9/11. And yet it seems like these smaller attacks. Obviously geared their killing and injuring fewer people. What is the goal here. Well they have every reason to believe that this can work for them that it can win concessions from the last he can result in even land grabs. Because when there's an attack like that you do hear those voices coming from the libertarian right and coming from. The borderline anti American elements of the last. That believe that on the United States that they will that mean we need to pull out. Our troops out of everywhere because this is a form of resistance he did agree what they're doing but the form of resistance. And to figure Heidi well here and that locate that this is working. And if you look at the let that Israel where the world including the United States or Israel too into it dangerous concession. They look at what the Palestinians have achieved and that they have every reason to say. That we can win net incrementally based on our experience. She is saying what we're seeing here is kind of a continual drip. And if they can just keep this drip going it's going to long term have an impact that's what they think. Yes they believe that they can win concessions from the last that then it may enable them to become stronger than demand more concessions. Just like the Palestinian Jihad that they use the US and Israel Europe that potentially one entity. And though if they were able to make Israel for example we guilt Gaza bought. Then why wouldn't deign to give up eighty. Muslim area to a mobile population. Of books on an individual based that they it's much more selfless than that it's what political it's just. I I've done bad things in my life I have a lot of then I don't go away knowing all that god will that they. It could provide you one thing I'd die in the odds and so that's why they want to make sure that they carry out the tactic yet. Maximize casualties but the overriding goal is to die in G odd. There and other people but how in order Mac your own back microchip is getting the power. So how do we continued to address this this threat. I think it that wall in the way it's healthy to say that this is a different threat than the one that we stayed I believe we have overplayed it. I believe that we it's guarded lessons from the past. And that in many ways that this is similar to the paths or that we fought the Cold War and even world war two and what I mean by that. It instead of looking at that as the war on terror. Oh or even get so old old war on radical and walk. Look at that that's an insurgency. And ideologically based insurgency meeting they are organized. They rely upon an infrastructure. And someone is. Subsidizing and leading that infrastructure. And do it that someone or cover many of which that we could well we call our allies. All boot government accountable. And recognize that what they're doing when they promote. These forms of Islam that result in violence. It is an attack it is the same thing as the Soviet that the Chinese. Sponsoring the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. And you're saying we need to hold these countries responsible. Yes. And hey more than diplomatic pressure treated for what it is when you promote. We radical Islam around the world. You are essentially engaging in an act of war began it's no different and the Japanese watching comic these though different that. Than not he's trying to promote not the Islam in order to swell their rank and and if we look at it that way say there are centers of gravity. They're all horror there isn't any need behind all of these tentacles. And we need to crush that at a New York make them surrender. Stop what they're doing. That older brother and during the strategy all the sudden there is an enemy you can point you there if someone that you could fracture and someone that you can this be beyond tight. And there's a reason for hope. Brian Morel from the clarion project thanks a lot for coming on the broadcast this morning sir.