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Wednesday, April 18th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty Nancy is no big Stokley radio program. He was creating his favor. We looked over at them. George and some big guys. President of the United States. Now just think about that first set you heard bill 41. President of the United States. That recount has seen that in a sense was unconstitutional. What do I mean by that well I mean it it did not insured. Domestic tranquility. It to I could create a little problem by in the bush family household. And you have only the second two woman. In the history of our country. To be the wife of one president and the mother. Of another. Admonish. The 43 president of the United States reporting his lead on the table. I eighty just a personal glimpse. Of people who why I was privileged to know personally. An and by the way he could probably detect it it's not convinced this morning no Vince my good friend does away from the microphone so it is eyes. The recovering congressman JD Hayworth. So pleased to be back on W BT and in the upstate of South Carolina WORD. And in my mind's eye I made I see people go on. Well man exec guy used me on channel four in Greenville. Actually old sportscaster. Yeah. It is. And for my friends say in Charlotte and environs. Just great to be back on. Two great radio stations and always happy to hear from you. Told free from any place it's 1809. To 81110. Florian Charlotte and vicinity. Which I still Harken back to the days of polyester and leisure suits. I refer to as metro locked into a 7045701110. Speaking. Barbara Bush. Who passed away yesterday. At the age of 92. Who better to speak about. Mrs. bush. Then the object of her discipline so often. Including. Courtney was the president. Here is George W. Bush. Mother was on the front line and express yourself. Frequently mother. Was there to have to maintain order and discipline. They can't boy did she. In fact her nickname now now what I was serving in congress. The one of our leaders Tom DeLay of Texas was cold back camera. I thought he should have been called the exterminator because that's the job he did before coming to congress any way. Barbara Bush. Her nickname woe is the in force her. All the bush kids said you know dead would be all foreign oil projects and men M serving and house and doing all this stuff. And mom. Would enforce this discipline. Something else about Barbara Bush and and this is a phenomenon well I'd I'd maybe wouldn't call of the phenomenon it is an occurrence. All too common because I've I've found the same thing here happened and they Hayworth hacienda. He wasn't the man running for office. What the lady bear beside him. That did to earn dinner so much popularity. The subject of popularity came up I believe this was 1994. On CNN Larry King. Talking to former First Lady Barbara Bush a bowel. Popularity. Why don't like we're popular. Well fit it consistent because I don't think it's true and I don't know how to cope with the and I just don't like it did. I've been buying I don't want you to stand up and say here comes the least popular dry out on me Methodist I just makes me now and comfortable. Well what happened her popularity. May have made her uncomfortable. But she was incredibly popular. President Bush 41 infected that tough campaign in 1992. Bush 41 was heard to remark why wish bar was at the top of the ticket we'd be ahead by twenty points. People lulled Barbara Bush because in addition to that. That silver here. And gives out. His nickname for her in later years. She called him poppy he called her bar but he also called her the silver fox. And so she was striking. But she was not one to stand on on protocol that doesn't mean bad bad somehow. If she she was a very very nice woman but with Barbara Bush. What you saw is what you gonna act. And to read notion of popularity. Despite her popularity it did night Cary bush 41 to a second term. Are certain fellow from down in Arkansas did some quick don't hidden. He and his wife had a whole thing about confer weren't in whatever. And and if he but President Bush 41 we would back a bad campaign and coaching why wasn't. Why wasn't bush 41 more forceful. And so people look to Barbara. And whether you agreed with President Bush 41 or not use it well his wife. She knows the school work. And she she doesn't. Suffer any none suits. A personal observation because Barbara Bush. Help the he works. And not only because we're distant cousins out did I'll get to that later on the picnic but of course in this society there are six degrees of separation. But in 1996. My first reelection campaign I was the number one target. Of the big labor boss. Boss John Sweeney the former IBM executive whose vision was that. That the United States should be like France should be like this socialist blaze were the workers ruled. And so the union folks head to head spins so much money in 1996. Money. I mean now it's only like about three point eight million but it equated. With over 200 television spots today. Until likely voters are these seniors of Omar about. To become what are they. They they were DVG eighty worst gonna destroy Medicare JD were so bad guy and my outspoken news. Where it kind of made it tough make here. But mrs. bush was in the Phoenix area. I am an invitation. She came to a luncheon. And I wish I could claim credit for this as a big romantic thing but don't north Carolina's current senior senator Richard Burr. Was it was my house colleague at the time when he talked about how they had done something for his wife Brooke Khaled was an appreciation thing I said. That's what I gotta do an appreciation thing for Mary. And so Barbara Bush came to this luncheon. And what she said to Mary and me was about her relationship. With poppy she called him she said was it tough. You bet. But we do it all over again. Your chance to reflect on the life and times of Barbara Pierce Bush. Our first topic understandably this morning. Told freed from anywhere 1890. Weighed 111007045. So don't eleven did. Record your calls after this. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. She called his mother you have to play more pile up. Remember we have they knew they'd be on the house. He looked into his sister Suzy is round. His mother was fussing around the cradle. That tonight Craig really thought face painted it pink. Barbara Bush. From an appearance on Sesame Street. And she was reading the book Peters chain her by answering jet heats. Mrs. bush shouted. Champion childhood illiteracy. So greatly in so often that if memory serves I believe it was ABC radio. Actually each week head mrs. Bush's story time where she would don't. She would read to the children of America. Courtesy of the radio. And done this particular passage about a little guy a first born son. Finding out about her daughter. Arriving. That has a special poignancy. In the household of George Herbert walker and Barbara Bush that will talk about shortly. It's JD Hayworth in four events on this Wednesday morning welcoming your calls for many where tool free 18092. Weighed 1110. And from Charlotte and vicinity 7045701110. Blitz again. This translates. From Greek. As the city of bloom was Annapolis North Carolina. Is word David. His calling from this morning David welcome to the program. Pale oriented to New York. Thanks David. Erica Gatt W not W. That's right W you know that's how I got into radio but that's another story for another time almost sure to bid leader you were calling about mrs. bush. You've minimum middle I think what my middle school. Back in the not an early eighties and those kind of interest thing I was looking in my. Older yearbook I guess who's only about fifteen pages long but. We've entertained at sea of black life pictures but in other. Secret Service has put the mustaches and just how everything went back in the eighties photos have a big deal or you know they came in a bittersweet for the school on. Make sure everybody was safe from. So on and so forth but those has pretty neat I forget. What election was around that time but. I'm Mike Dukakis but like his nephew or somebody else who came out of visit this stuff so. Well you you guys are getting all the visitors should now did you go to middle school and could apple sir where were you living at the time. Another avenue and not new hamster and. All that won't read that makes sense yet New Hampshire first primary you guys who who live birth. In new hair or live in New Hampshire in the granite state you're used to seeing all the candidates. But was near and dear wives was there anything about Barbara Bush it it's cool when the security guys coming and I know that but. What did you take away from that visit the Barbara Bush any one thing that step would you as a middle schooler. Community you know he's she's always conducted herself very well you know he could tell she was very well respected at that time I mean obviously it was a big deal you know. But kind of pretty much all I remember but. Now is she was huge great she did yes she did some reading in. Come down to talk we had a assembly. On the column gathering in the gymnasium itself felt it was just it was it was pretty neat. I got to ask you this though it went with all the Secret Service there at the law enforcement you would kids given assemblies especially in middle school it's time to cut up. Did anybody try that with mrs. bush there. No that's because that was back in the time where kids actually had respect for. Adults in authority and that. I appreciate that David Bartlett did that look you're younger guy that I am. So I don't would you give to their eight kids get off my lawn too prematurely I mean. Even an and I'm an older guy the new war but in the seventies in what we called junior high I mean we have guested and somebody would always try to cut up but I just have a feeling that Barbara Bush if anybody tried to cut a matter simply forget the Secret Service at the school administration. She would've handled it David I thank you for calling in from Annapolis this morning. To Charlotte now Joseph is on the line joke. Tire barriers start to hear. You. Basically on call that I remember if I'm correct. I'm voting she bullying you know portions. And she was and of opposition viewers aren't. Already this year and can you elaborate further. Yes I can't the bush family. George Herbert Walker Bush ran in 1980 initially as a pro choice candidate. After eight years of service as vice president due to Ronald Reagan when he ran in his own right 198080. Announced that he had changed. Mrs. bush. Tried to finessed the issue said you know we were behind Planned Parenthood until they got into the abortion business. And injuring during noted George Herbert walker his time as president and later her son George W. Bush. Both Barbara Bush. And her daughter in law Laura Bush stayed quiet on the issue of abortion. Only after both near spouses were out of office. Wasn't revealed. That they were both as they would say pro choice. Arm you know that that was our Brooke. Pardon me. Yes and other quick question sure yeah. We're very any limitations. That they believe are killed or should our beautiful. Now I I don't I don't think they were abortion on demand people in fact. During my early days in the house we we a pass to build back in 1995. They even Patrick Kennedy the son of but it Teddy Kennedy with whom I served in congress even he voted for it so even across the continuum. Of something as pseudo controversy you'll as abortion. There are people who describe themselves as pro choice who came in voted for a foursome pro life bill also know. I don't believe either muses Barbara Bush or her daughter in law were abortion on demand people infect. I know emphatically they would they were not. Yet they they characterize themselves as pro choice after. Their spouses left public life. Which shows I guess a certain amount of a draw whiteness politically. Course some might say guy and guys it just shows but the ladies are like the dudes. A politically you'd you know the old saying in the south and Joseph thanks for the call legal bill sing in the self. Whenever there was a controversial subject. And I this may have originated on Fred Allen's radio program. Allen's Alley. Could assure bush fault Gordon Claiborne right. I'd be confused with fall Gordon Blair going to looney tunes fame but it was something like this. It's. Now on this issue some amount friends are following it. And show all my friends are geared it. And Ron Goldman a solid we have not free it's. That kind of vote. Ambiguity. That seems to be near Boyd as Joseph points now this this was not something bad Barbara Bush. Once or spell she and son were helped a public life. That is not something she shied away from afterward. But during known during the time in office and bush. 41 and 43 in the Oval Office made they did not touch the subject. On the subject of life and death. Because I know the abortion issue can be sold and understandably. Highly charged. But but there are other things that they had played in to leave. The story of George Herbert Walker Bush and his wife Barbara. Did we need to discuss. As we remember. A lady in a special place in American history only Abigail and outs. Before her. Was the wife of one president and the mother of another. Barbara Pierce Bush. Your thoughts about modern. And horror story coming up it's JD forbids on the Vince Coakley radio program. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Jordan since. Came flooding different teams you know she says don't do anything she's going to die. And and at least you know I don't think so and she said my advice is take her home. Lover. And about two weeks can be drawn. Barbara Bush should speaking to KPRC. Television in Houston. Remembering. And especially biblical time. In what turned out to be the 73. Year Mary Joseph George Herbert walker and Barbara Pierce Bush. Via the longest. Presidential marriage in history. First up was George Walker Bush who became the 43 president of the United States. And Debbie had a little sister. Pauline Robinson. Bush they called a Robin N. Mrs. bush was recounting. Deadwood Robin was about to an average three she was diagnosed with leukemia now badge badge in the early 1950s. In the bushes are living in Midland Texas. In the heart of oil country. And so the doctor's advice was keep her comfortable and in a couple of weeks. Should be going to issue her mrs. bush mention. So horrible on the line you may read the book I believe John Gunther. Was we all through death being you know a ground. And John Gunter who remain do one of the foremost I would writers and journalists. The mid twentieth century. I think right on through the Ford administration he was writing things I read. But dead mr. Gunter in his book chronicled the journey of his son Johnny. In the late forties. With brain cancer and how he held me fought it with whatever technology was clear and the prayers in the concern and Johnny lived to gradually from high school. In much the same way you did John Gunter and his wife took Johnny from specialist to specialist. So did Joseph Joseph and so did George and Barbara Bush take Robin. Do doctors around the country. Trying to. To find that you were trying to find the treatment. That would save the life of your daughter. Ultimately lead they'd they were not successful. In bed. And mrs. bush repel say an end with words she pain so rather poignant. Picture. When Robin news. Last minutes. As a three year old. In the early 1950s. Let's listen to Barbara Bush rekindled. The passing of her daughter Robin. I was. Combing your hair. Tony. Yeah I saw that little body. Source spirit come. And with bad memory. Perhaps. Moving that. This particular moment. More than anything. Do you Barbara Bush. Perspective med even as the years passed. And of course she passed away yesterday at age 92. Even with all the time that passed. Senior she said. Robbins spirit leave that little body. There was an interview I I guess it must've been about two years ago oh when our friends at seaspan. Barbara Bush was asked about her faith. And she would she was also asked. About the whole prospect. Of passing moment. Here's the way mrs. bush put it about ten years ago. In that interview once seaspan. It's very private and and I'm a huge. Reliever and loving god. I pray Georgia not pray every night. How loud. And sometimes we fight over whose turn it is probably do. And I have no fear of death. Which is a huge comfort because we're getting darn close. And I don't have a fear of death for my precious George or for myself. As I know. If there is a great Khan. And I'm not worried about. So. Barbara Bush. Confronting the event that awaits a soul. And Dell offering her perspectives. About a decade ago. Not worried it's something that's gonna happen. He in my own private musings about Ole miss out I'm interested if you had the same reaction I mean just as them. Just is almost reflexive observation. Bush 41 George Herbert Walker Bush was such a picture of vigor right. Through his eighties. A couple of years ago we went through a rough patch and now of course he's said he's in a walker and then we often see him on one of those motorized vehicles. And the change in his appearance was so shocking bit I think most of us. Assume bad then he would take his leave prior to that of his special First Lady. The good lord had other plans. And so Barbara precedes him. And in so doing what was it about 48 hours a gold grade the bush family. Made any public announcement since they are a public family bed. Mrs. bush had made the decision not to seek any further medical treatment. And so what was instituted was something called quote comfort care. Now is so often is the case with the with the first family's. Any can be something as innocuous as fashion. For example win when Jack Kennedy became president. He never wore a hat. And you know. Hence. We're gonna bring a bag used to be an absolute. Accessory. For the well dressed man Beckham back in the day. But Jack Kennedy and gets rid I had and beer is eight. There's a dearth of sales of parents conversely the app for mentioned Barbara Bush wearing the polling also bed she wore. Pearl's never really went away but they really came back into vogue. With with Barbara Bush. But the public decision for comfort came here. In health periods it's cold quote palliative care. And I'm not here to indict any organization but often we hear it under under the name hospice. This is Bush's situation obviously the end of her life but even the invocation of comfort care. Has evoked some discussion and controversy we could talk about that we can talk about your memories of Barbara Barbara Bush. As we react to her passing at the age of 92. Told free from any place 1890. Weighed 1110. In the Charlotte area 7045701110. It's treaty prevents police state with your calls next. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. I love you precious were it all my heart and to know that you love me means my life how often I have thought about the immeasurable joy it'll be our Sunday how lucky I children. For me to have a mother like you. And then later in the letter goodnight my beautiful everytime I should get a funny about Kilmeny that you have to accept that. And we have to accept the fact that dug the 41. President of the United States was accomplished in many ways but. He never took a course in dramatic reading. Former president that point in time George Herbert Walker Bush. Reading from one of his love letters. To the woman who became his wife a woman he met. At age sixteen did and I believe they were both sixteen maybe George had turned seventeen and a Christmas dance. Barbara Bush was sixteen at the time and then when war called and George Herbert Walker Bush was the youngest violate. In the navy that's part of the letter he wrote her. The relationship a marriage that spanned 73. Years we remember today. After news came yesterday that Barbara Bush had passed away. Age 92 let's get back to the phones 1809281110. Told free any place. In from Charlotte and vicinity 704571110. To York South Carolina. Let's welcome Kim do program like him. Hi I'm Barbara would your lovely tune up their breath of fresh share. I remember seeing her on the Oprah wintry shadow arm I can't believe there. Late ninety's. She was talking about. Are changing your life primary same in your life they you do it right or you needed to change. She could that you are a smoker. In his right back and it was so empowering. As simple interest statement wired. Do you have the power. To changer like but that's not the words she used they were just simpler than that if you don't like your life change. And I did Cadillac I particularly remember this in big pink cat. And I even hate to bring that out you know in the same breath as talking about her regret I didn't love her she's a big to inspire you. She was Justine here with what would say terror. Amen Kim and and would you say would beg to Steve did shock of silver here. We we she did need to Wear pink had no by you know none of none of the signs of protest. I did nothing. But nothing was no further doormen was needed for Barbara Bush. What you got a dealer and I know nothing about her ability to QAQ are true and pure. And being silly women that. I guess it does it for crunching the bears had repeated kinder representational. And a warm blooded America. They're it's hard for me I'm glad I have no memory at her and and the troops he threw for a country. Jim we appreciate the call this morning from York South Carolina Barbara Bush as a role model and someone who influenced Kim's life. Finishing post remember from Charlotte Joseph when he is on the phone hi Joanna. Oh Joseph when oil leftists and she wanted to talk about palliative care comfort cater. Bill the last mile. That so many people experience. And this is not an indictment of association is just handle why no hospice. And look you know life decisions. For mrs. bush 92 she did I think had the repeated hospitalizations. I think some of which. We may not have known about here in the last year of her life but she decided made the announcement let's sit no more just kinda keep me comfortable. That was her choice. I must tell you in all sincerity in this as far removed. From Charlotte to metro wind a far removed from the upstate of South Carolina wailed in the desert the Sonoran Desert. In Arizona. One might well two of my longtime supporters. But my husband suffered a stroke. IA he he was it seemed to be shutting down. But he was put into this quote relative care. And his wife was sold destroyed she said wait wait a minute. I'm I'm killing. My husband. Now there's a lot to unpack emotionally. But. And if you're wondering about this but this is somehow. Tying together the passing of Barbara Bush with Obama cared no listen this is. Barbara Bush is passing and her decision about relative cure has raised the issue. We've seen the advent did medicine now of any of you know doctor by hospital list. I just have to wonder and it's not pointed specifically relative care but I remember President Obama pushing his obamacare sake. But Sam and Matt and she's a bradys and none. You know we can we can get her medication to ease the pain. Any red Roma manuals brother very publicly saying as a so called ethicist. I don't legally live past my mid seventies because so senility sets him. Notice the caiso Barbara Bush but her passing and her choosing to go into comfort here palliative care. Raises the question. We made a decision or has the decision in essence been made for us by government or the regulators or those who are quote changing medicine. To hurry along the hour tomorrow night's. It's a point worth pondering. Why promise to tie this up to like colder cousin Barbara. And I made mention of George we immigrant Georgie worked he'd in seventeen and part B 1699. Julian dude two to four presidents. Franklin Pierce and mrs. bush was Barbara Pierce Bush. Herbert Hoover and of course George Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush. Paris all of us would delusions of grandeur thought there might be a fifth. A fifth in relation to George the immigrant. But does the voters of Arizona to hear that for me. The recovering congressman JD Hayworth in poor Vince Coakley when we come back a dramatic landing in the southwest plane yesterday. Stay tuned. Oh. Yeah. And the. The Obama. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real. Nice exaggeration. There are too many go to some street. We lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for the last like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. They're GA you're on a perfect if you want great points or you're you should be maintained or thousand. And god views vs me what type of phone you want those short. For a long. The out of Iraq I don't. There's topless thirteen immediately lending to seven left to the left today. And value just let me know when you can't say that I have right now I don't have one person party which in this southwestern I'm sure he'll pull off that you need to go right. Doubtless thirteen 38 at 1450 you don't frequently I just cleared in particular about what thirteen eighty I understand your lunch and let me know when you wanna go and Kelly had I that they aircraft at infiltrating into that at all. That is a portion of the recording the exchange obviously. Between air traffic control and southwest flight thirteen eighty yesterday originally bound for New York City. To Dallas Fort Worth. But. Despite the dispassionate voices. But certainly on the part of the pilot they're staying cool Indian commando and in control. Explain ahead 20 had to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia one of the passengers. Full ultimately died from from what happened near. I never cease to be amazed and in we hear about. They're the home cool nature. Of air line pilots. The woman we heard on the flight deck. She's a former navy fighter pilot she was one of the first naval aviators who happen to be women had to fly an F eighteen. Thin. After retirement from the military well now obviously she works for Southwest Airlines. Her name is Tammy Jo Schultz. And people are reacting to the we emergency procedures and the impressive nature of all goes. Who dealt with this inflight emergency yesterday. Bed culminated with bed emergency landing AC Flynn being. In Philadelphia. And you take a look at air travel. And those of us who grew up in the south. Whether I'm in North Carolina or in South Carolina it used to be if you gonna make connections where you you went through Atlanta remember there. But. Suddenly now with that the changes in the air lines and with that in the economics of air travel. Charlotte has become one of the major hubs. Why it's so easy for me to get them back and forth between Phoenix and Charlotte. American has won at least ten flights a day because Phoenix's one of the western hubs and I'm Charlotte is one of the East Coast hubs beat East Coast hub I would say. So so much air traffic in and around Charlotte. But the other thing about it. I'm during my days in congress are used to spend a lot of time on airplanes ours is a commuter congress back in fourth. Corner of the days for the most part where members of congress move their families. To Northern Virginia or southern Maryland doors somewhere near if they have the dough in. The northwest portion of the District of Columbia. The airplane has basically made hours of commuter congress. Columnist George will about twenty years ago. I don't mean to all the members of congress or describe this mostly as modern day Willie Goldman's. Living out of our suitcases well one thing's for sure. Most of us and less would we live right here in Maryland new word or Virginia most everybody was on an airplane every week. And I mentioned this may be your business calls or new mood to be on airplanes. And let's just stayed for the record the the flow items southwest thirteen eighty yesterday could have had. If there are some tragic dimensions of the flight but it could have been much worse. Grid died were. The southwest by late Tammy Joseph Schultz and in the traditional solely. Captain Sullenberger for what was then still we US airwaves. Full. Flight ironically remember that gosh what was at 2009. The flight was going to come from LaGuardia. To Charlotte. And we remember that miraculous water landing and every one getting on getting all of that US Airways flight safely. Sadly there was a metallic yesterday on southwest thirteen eighty let's let's pick up the the narrative. From from one of the passengers. The man's name was Marty Martinez. I believe verdict in this day and AG actually powered up FaceBook. So there was a FaceBook live transmission. From the plane win all the masks are coming down. Because what happened was one of the engines exploded so shrapnel hit one of Leon. One of the windows I tell you let's have a recounted. By passenger Marty Martinez. This is what he told CBS and then. The the new service now the cable news service so on CBS news let's listen. All of a sudden they're gonna go and pick and then all my conduct and now has even even stronger arm up article Arlington and and then it and then. It but that explosion coddled them or end it all exports. Yeah seventeen appointee justice both choose Sheila Bloomberg government. So so I'll seventeenth. If so you are on southwest condemn you know usually I'm on American but occasion I'm on southwest. And I do their business select usually rose seventeen in the configuration of their 737 Netscape and I call it southwest first class. There's usually some more room. Depends on the configuration but nine times out of ten meg seems to be where the rule millions. But. One of the of passengers. Jennifer Reardon a mother of two from Albuquerque. She's Wells Fargo executive she was on a business trip and something horrible. Happened to her again. Passenger Marty Martinez. They're like arm and our Bobby let's start did not like I cannot correct remark since it went that you keep people from the backers see all the arms or. You know trying to keeper I keeper contains. Well let's let's think about that for a second as Marty mentioned Ben has been recounted from other passengers. Given the fact they were white about 30000 feet. When this when the explosion occurred at the shrapnel. From the engine goes back and hits that window and Jennifer Reardon. Is sitting there the window was taken out and you you you. Know about this surge certainly heard with the change in air pressure right then. Then the pressure is such that it it basically is about to soccer completely out of the window. Now passengers came to raid but given that massive change in pressure it was it was not enough whether she'd died on the aircraft. Her dive leader on the ground sheet is the first US airborne fatality. From an American for a US based airline I believe since 2000 none. Speaks to the safety of air travel. And yet what is it about air travel I mean obviously yesterday we have this problem statistically it's supposed to be the safest way to go. Your thoughts on air travel in the wake of the southwest flight 1809 to eleven didn't settle for five Soto eleven tip. Will be right back. No not admire how they've had. Maybe that their goal at hand out. Don't watch what happens I'm I'm serious security hole and somebody went out to out of certainly doesn't matter who worked it out there out to the airport just after Wright reported quite please. I. They're crazy ever night I put thirteen nadir provision purchase certain rights under the tower on one when it was a Thomas junior revisions are legitimate just out of left the power running if you thought. Help us thinking in the eighties retro able to run out pretty good night. Take your better half right about the attack I'd have to check that out. And it was shell western pilot Jimmy Joseph Schultz. Of former fighter pilot and the US navy. Displaying. They blew coolness. That is fabled. Among pilots. That is necessary. Because yesterday at 30000 feet and southwest flight thirteen eighty supposed to be on route from. New York to Dallas Fort Worth had to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia. Noble last exchange right here. For as we listened to portions of it. When. Based on obviously. Captain Schultz. She is to keep her her focus on getting displayed on the ground safely. Machine details. There was an explosion. And somebody got sucked out of the aircraft she apparently did know. They've pulled out of that particular passenger. 43 year old Jennifer Reardon. An executive of Wells Fargo. A mother of two was presumably trying to get back to Albuquerque. I'd make it all the connections on southwest. One of these horrible fleeing news. Net for some reason at times we get on planes our minds Stewart's Jude to think about. But yesterday a Tammy Jo shorts in the tradition of Sully Sullenberger good then US Airways captain. Came through with flying colors and got that plane landed safely now of course Leo. The US Airways flight. Bad now also many years ago what does that close to ten years ago OK maybe nine years. What was then US Airways flight bound from new lunar New York LaGuardia which was suppose to. Windy here in Charlotte. Problems almost immediately on take off. Sullenberger and his crew tried to find another airport but ultimately. Head DM and every one brace for water landing and every one got all that flights safely. What we knew stop and think about air travel and I know statistically. It is the safest form of travel we ham. And certainly I grew accustomed to being on planes during my twelve years in congress or by the way if you turn this on expecting near Vince Coakley may be I should explain Vince is a wave today so you've got. The recovering congressman Hyde point North Carolina native and former. Channel four Greenwald sportscaster JD Hayworth who view. Always have been here for me to told free from any place 1809. To eleven to end. We're in the Charlotte area 7045701110. With the availability. Of they would with Charlotte's rise as a hub. You find yourself playing more. Then you used to. I mean it was occupational for being so why god I actually. Look forward to the flight home from Washington to Phoenix back in the day I called the school bus in the sky. Because it was a one point in time where I just did kinda take a break. Nowadays of course you've got all the we can all get connected we can have our computers working yesterday there was. FaceBook coverage. Just time and a couple of stories in fact our first story going back from. From Phoenix to Washington DC back in the days what was then America west airlines. They used to be a thing there was what was called a perimeter rule. You could not fly past a certain mileage and I could explain the political reasons or bad later but for our purposes. Back in 1990 four's a newly elected member of congress my wife and I are going back for more indication miss Mary and I are getting on the plane. And it's a chamber of commerce kinda day out in Phoenix. I mean beautiful sunny warm. And this is like right after Thanksgiving so I used to lead the southwest. In those days America west. Because the perimeter rule we could fly it nonstop from Phoenix to what is now Regan national. So we have to make a stop in Columbus, Ohio and get more passengers from the plane and we give east of the Mississippi and it's one of those prototypical. Post Thanksgiving winner days you know just shades of gray and cold. And we. We'd fill up with passengers and worry about. Gosh what 1520 minutes. Out of Columbus when suddenly. Cold Colmes the aircraft the jetliner. Shakes with what seem to be an explosion. Mary asks me. What was there are 20. I don't know I've mom almost and enlightening I hope. I'm just gonna grasping at straws in no way EB. The pilot the captain's soon comes on. He's got one of those Chuck Yeager flight test kind of rolls. Cruisers they folks read what is supposed to happen. We reject in the whether they would oppose a storm still seemed to be about fifty miles away premier born just got struck by lightning. Now we can go back to work Columbus. For the kind of up to their armpits and airplanes we go on did the national. Any pauses if he's made the decision goes until you let let let's go on to national it appears everything is okay. Two observations. Back there were all as passengers. Were sitting at the power of prayer. Rose exponentially. And and the other thing was. If your big concession for anti per sprint Ford Pope Paul owns. I made a lot of money that day a lot of sweaty white knuckle flyers the good news was. We did to Washington national now Reagan national without problems. And the pilot stands layer to grievous. Miss Marion ID plane and pilot title since then. Luke you haven't even been sworn in yet and already started with obeying. Rule rule. On the ground humor from the partly. In later years side gosh at least twelve years later after my six terms in congress when I was ensconced. Behind a microphone on the Phoenix talk radio. Their captain cold did. And he explained what was going on since we were on an Airbus fell. They were on the phone to word tool on the ground full on the ground folks both in the United States and Europe with Airbus. Doing flight simulation is doing all these diagnostic checks they were busy guys between Columbus and Washington. But it paid off. And pilots and also air traffic controllers mandatory retirement age group. Airline pilot 65. Do you realize you can't get hired as an air traffic controller when your what over 53. There's an age limit in the mid fifty's rare traffic controllers. What cheered proved to. And while we're listening back communication I'm gonna communicate with you. Some callers are lining up at 1809. To 1110. For 7045701110. I'm ready to talk do you and we will do so. Right after we take the sport. Stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. It's a. And then there's. Why 890. Weighed 1110 told free from any place to get in on the conversation. Four for what they used to call metro line up back in the days Charlotte in vicinity 70457. Know 1110. It's recovering congressman JD Hayworth in for Vince Coakley from Charlotte Robert is on the line hi Robert. Mister Howard good morning sir and I I just right. Just so excited this year you I am. Calling him the show there's been a long time fan of yours and I did who wanted to thank you for your time and servicer. Robert it means so much thank you for the call and just. Every time I get behind this microphone it is a happy homecoming. Not only hidden in north of the border North Carolina but also weigh in green bowl. Really listen on WORD's since I was a sports anchor of channel four green wave back in the day so. So many great memories involve the Carolinas and down. I really appreciate the cold Robert did so greedy here Friday. Your sense in a true channel are our QQ attribution to over the years. Then. Just all of and I can't thank you know certain LP and then you're failing so. They have tenure and let it be and all of us. Rubber bless you and thanks for calling in it's good to get that kind of coal and I certainly appreciate you checking in today. As I want to begin to sit in for my friend Vince Coakley. Now you don't understand that politically speaking. How things can get pretty tough. I mean just stop and think about running for elective office so much GD. Since I've but I am going through an eight dimes white time six and two. Two and second place finishes that I. I went really hip about. But just think about boom there at the numbers involved in politics. It is cold they landslide election if a candidate gets 60% of the vote. But but wait a minute. But. Still means 40% at another choice that is not statistically invalid. My first real leg that I talk about first hour about Barbara Bush coming out to help. I one bad thing. By 2474. Votes. I should I was gonna write a country song I was just 26 vote shy of 2500. But that point 1%. Kept me in the congress and don't give me stuff to talk about when we get together. Back to the phones again from Charlotte this time it's Rory in hi Ryan. Hey Gloria. Thanks. And I just wanted to guard thank you for you know being a public servant who actually Jake called. Phone calls new home called on the public that they allowed occurred now you're. That having well I had so much. No I'm gonna please continue Ryan thank you for those nice words but to me it's like a town hall earlier would you serve in congress you have down holds a year. You visit would people go ahead to the other when you want to make sure. Exactly or likely serve on the government's no. I'd be good I didn't they called in the public not we found out. Are now now my buddy pat I can just I haven't talked bad about coming nobody's just get used to the format. I'm sure if time allows one day's going have everybody Colin he'll do a tale no. But now back anger. I I don't I think it will be nothing but first day the first better be rock but after that it wouldn't let barter system and it. I think I had to be better or. But I'm what I wanted to ask mark my question are there are people who it was it's important time in the United States. Correct and not only with the money out of politics something about it and united and perhaps more parties what do you think about that I. I think. Okay Ryan I appreciate the coal you and I may or may have to agree to disagree. See I think I I agree with that mr. justice Brandeis who said sun shine is the best disinfectant so here's Michael. If anybody is going to give any contribution. I wanted posted on the Internet the name in the amount of the contributor. Within 24 hours the contribution. And I don't like all this stuff where where oh well this is a different kind of account we don't have the same woods Rahm. Both sides engage in some creative interpretation of campaign finance law. But realize Americans spend more on potato chips and they do want politics. So all this talk about there's too much money in politics. I'm cool with people being involved in the process. I just think if you're willing desist support somebody. That school. You want you ought to be able to put out there. Stand deadbeat part of the public record. That's that's the only thing that big gets me other than bad. I actually I think more American should be involved let me say this it's not always money. A lot of the time it's time. The greatest literal contributions to my time in public office game came not financially. But from volunteers. Who would work hard and my first campaign manager actually pulled out of graduate school at Clemson said something to be Sidney you have to understand something people. Are going to come to work for you there is a phenomenon for every candidate in every race in the country regardless. Of their political philosophy whether or not they're good speaker. Whether or not they're easy only guy is late greed Howard Coble. My friend in congress from North Carolina used to say. People come to believe in the cause and believe in the Yemeni donate their time. That's vitally important. Speaking of time a toy related Cole again from Charlotte this started sandy are handy. Current order. Fine thanks. Great. Yes sir you had a question or comment. Well I guess both this earning your trust in it in congress. Passing a law for term limits because. I feel like that's one of the biggest. Biggest needs the we have prepared. We're constrained not the whole mess. Called acrylic. That's one of the reasons that trump got elected. And roll his daughter's involvement politicians don't get it. Mother and personal income. Well until it talks about term limits Indian and and here's here's my take on it and we should note for the record. Then back when I first went to congress in 1994. And we'd broader term limits bill looked horrible we couldn't get the super majority necessary. Deported and as an amendment to the legislative branch article one and serving I thought I'd. I thought two terms in the senate which would be a total of twelve years would be cool I thought 62 year terms in the house twelve years and house would be good. USA term limits where I think they got sideways was saying all mental we go I have twelve years in the senate only six years announced I think each. B standard but here's where I would take it further. We have limits on the executive already we amended the constitution. Aren't cool with term limits for the legislative branch. But I think we ought to take a step further I think there should be term limits for the judiciary. Branch and let me talk about civil service reform. Are you think yes there should be term limits for bureaucrats. Know so much working but working in Washington. I think somebody ensconced in Social Security in Washington DC she can't go to field office whether it's Phoenix Arizona. Or Phoenix city Alabama. I think there should be a like a bureaucrat rotation and civil service reform and term limits across the board of course as soon did you say that. In the back in my mind I can hear. Jay Leno saying term limits. Term limits we already got a skull and voting for any other candidate. Giving a majority of the other candidate. Your thoughts on term limits. And a Charlotte City Council woman who might see her term limited at least in terms of controversy. All told about that and more its GD forbid its least they would. Why an 809. To legal and intense. I told free from any place or if you're in Charlotte. And the 7704571110. The recovering congressman JD Hayworth in for my friend Vince Coakley heading down the homestretch now. We heard from a caller and by way of context were for his listening on W or deep. A WBT Charlotte I was preceded by former North Carolina governor Pat McCrory. And don't want the callers saying wireline and the governor take phone calls say listen he got beat used to the format and parents can more than hold his own and have a good give and take with blisters and so I have every confidence that one day soon he'll be doing mad I am happy to take your calls right now. But there's one there's one. Current officeholder. Who may need to get in front of the microphone. In Charlotte. Democrat City Council member will want to mayfield. Took to FaceBook. And put cell blinks an article. Saying quote it's official European scientific journal concludes 9/11 was a controlled demolition. In winking at. Charlotte City Council woman stated quote I am still waiting for someone to produce pieces of the alleged plane. Then opened the doors were US citizens to loose I think she means you lose all privacy. In his brain disease from the conspiracy theorist in me. Councilwoman. I happen to be in Washington on 9/11. Then after noon. We end. Civilian aviation had been suspended and they are worried jet fighters in the sky over Washington. My chief of staff and I drove past. Neo the Pentagon. And I could smell. The jet fuel. And I could see the fuselage about American Airlines plane. And yes dare I say I could smell the death our soul. The plane. I saw the destruction. So if you want proven and I realize I'm a conservative Republican in your leftist Democrat wanna. And forgive me for using your first name feel free to Colby GD. But I saw it was my own on nights. I smelled. The smell of death permeated the Pentagon along with. The burning jet fuel. Maybe councilwoman you'd like you'd liked come with me. To meet the family a bug. Someone who lived down the block from my idea and my office coordinator. We're a father was one of the casualties at the Pentagon from an American Airlines jet going into the side of the Pentagon. I believe bode. The young man living down the block who's in the fourth grade at that time. And now as the years have passed I don't believe he's joined the so called truth be removed but the truth is his father died. Because an airplane was brought down in an act of terrorism war why now. And what what sober me in May it may be you wanna play the partisan game you'll try to find a way to blame me. Found out in retrospect one of the guys on the jets one of the terrorist hide behind your. Had trained on a flight simulator. In the Scottsdale Arizona airport in my district. Barlow play politics. The terrorists didn't bother to check. They know the voter registration of anybody they killed but let me tell you were so sick and sad that whole mess. We tell you something about that American flight that took off from Dulles airport. Outside Washington bad day bound for the West Coast. We heard a lot about Barbara Olson a very prominent Republican attorney. Who was married to the solicitor June I joined the solicitor general. Under president George W. Bush Ted Olson. And she called from the back of the plane what do we do. And the whole thinking back then was old you've got to try to negotiate these people we don't know the terrorists what it did the White House. But that was too small a target. So they opted for the Pentagon. There is a unique story of innocent life. On that plane. And the planes that went into the Twin Towers that I saw on television that was not an optical illusion. In order location. Controlled demolition no. It was an attack. On our nation. We go back to that flight. From Dulles. Bound for the West Coast I believe bound for LAX when it was commandeered and flown into the Pentagon. Included among the passengers. To young people inner city kids who had one minute. The national geography. There are no National Geographic. Geometry B they haven't like a spelling bee. They were on their first airplane flight. Going west for the national geography bee book cause of clear. Ability in the classroom. The first flight was there last flight it was not mechanical failure it was not a controlled demolition. It was terrorist on the flight deck. Sadly one who had trained. At the Scottsdale airport gonna simulator. I wish I could leave you with something funny but let me leave you with a sobering thought. You'll play politics in many ways to do that. Don't do it on the graves of innocent Americans have. Russian little ball follows this program on both of these same stations. For Vince Coakley JD Hayworth saying. Stay brain. Stay free. Stay tuned. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.