Vince takes calls on Trump & sports


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During the National Anthem. And those who may be setting the precedent here in saying you know what to get these guys off the field. Let's go out to a call from mark good morning welcome the broadcaster. Guys thank you very it's. River win. That are occurring we may have heard the that's his definition. Football at all levels is. Hand to hand combat. With rules. Always say is that why I do agree that everything what you read from Matt Walsh. Was really it was really great I think there was really maybe four people who recoup we get away with this city is saying thank you featuring reverend. For our flag. EEE and those people's names are Franklin Graham. There are able and Barack Obama. And frankly over. That was the only ones that. Yeah possibly more. That was starts and domino falling to see who else. To see who else would have majority and it took the risk. That's a pretty interesting perspective there part guide thank you for your call and you know it will be interesting. If we had seen that sort of reaction kind of a dismissive four or kind via. Redefinition. Of what they were doing that would have absolutely driven them up the wall probably. Chester good morning welcome sir. Mortgage op play at all you. Some concessions ticket. It's and the spotlight so open that putt by or conservative creation. All being prejudiced all its its board in order in order. I mean. I believe people that were you. A lot about the flag and stared they're bigger issue is it is. Bob Black people being shot by a by white cops in an blue they had no. All over the world that no cop but it wake up from one more issue some. You know and I don't know I don't we're. And who did it. What you said about LB sure television or in the settlement or will. I would edit form body odd yeah it would be objective and do your job be journalists instead of being so bought one sided. Debt enforcers. What's in step because it would for what you don't get that it was job. Are you sure about that Chester are you sure about that obviously. He's here's here's one of the questions I raised in and Chester has. I consider myself a conservative I'm I'm not a honestly not a big trump fan. And one of questions I have to raise year. Has the president really done everything possible. To present himself and a way that would I guess prompt people to respect him. No I'll eat. Not an actor or or apology you go out and Republicans. It. The Republican side so we can do. An independent. What we know this country's. Guys that Republican and a Democrat to hit that pretty much just think I'm in a public about it a little bit arts I would say good things. He just works like. Bank debt and more like that like like like I do against it with Richard Lugar because my education a victory country. I don't know Chester but I can I just appealed view and perhaps we should talk another time. And I guess I understand I understand where you're coming from on this because you you said a mouthful earlier about this whole racial thing. Because I really do believe that the core of a lot of this is a racial animus. And a sense of rage. And revenge and the desire at that I don't think it's for justice but really for revenge. And somehow we've got to address this Chester we're gonna have some serious problems are weak. Yes that's an art coaching. I believe. A lot of the credit art art. Country's sole support it now. This woman black white Hispanic roots for the worst would also be one everywhere we should go to other. You're so were referenced sort of laugh and in the clutch. That's absolutely wrong but I believe it. We are crucially. Important and we didn't foresee that city strategic. You papadore ignored that the Campobello statute that we go to watch out having me. It is spiritual or Washington DC or what we found on a Bible. And an ad that that's what we gotta be that's what we gotta get back due and it's going to be York or would put the way our kids are being taught these days and school. It did beat their roots in the apartment kindergarten. To boot absorb all right two mommies and all its other. Even so. Stop. You know it's it's it's it's crazy. What Chester while we have to get to Tutsis from other callers here but I do appreciate your call and night I share your concern about what's happened in the direction of the country. You know boy you said a mouthful about this the Christian values is I do think we were founded. Very strongly influenced on Christian values I think that's you know to be very blunt about it that's been shot to hell. It really it's. And it's. It's hardly recognizable at this point in our history. Another conversation for another day I'm sure a good morning Phil welcome to the broadcast. The morning. My position is I agree with prop 100%. And what I've done is. I don't watch the NFL anymore those guys have the absolute right to taken me every Obama and McCain had the right to say. We're not gonna trade. We're gonna let him he can do what he won't technically they have the absolute right to do that. I have been righted the customer. Don't buy this season tickets don't go to the gang don't watch the television you must stop these are much better now I I don't. Lindsay you actually to doubts around the television. Watching them on what gang he used to doubts about. And until somebody stand up I'm tempted to watch the cowboys because Jerry Jones comes out there. My dad and I hope they don't do that now I don't know but how would take to the media and I don't know what Jerry Jones does but if one takes a knee and he trades them. That I am going to be at Dallas Cowboys fan and I don't want to go out to help people eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat. He's huge they have every right millions of dollars they live in a country that lets them do this. And and they live in a country in Atlanta they could spin on the fly they can burn the flag they can do whatever you needed the matter respect. Paired disrespect in the flag they're injecting politics. Where it does noble. If they wanna do it on their own time I wanna get out and lead the march. I respect for that. And I still did it again. Hewitt yeah in eject that. Into the game then I'm gonna I'm done with and last time these are a lot better try it. Spent some time with your family play around adopt my golf game got a lot better but. Hey why appreciate your perspective Phil because I think there're others are you were you have a great day as well sir I have a feeling there're. A number of other people who are doing news and what's intriguing. Is to osu consider what's happening with the ratings of ESPN for instance. By the way. This is already moved to other sports. The Oakland a.'s Bruce Maxwell. First Major League Baseball player to Neil for the anthem.