VP Pence Walks Out On Football Game as Players Protest Anthem

Scott Fitzgerald
Monday, October 9th

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Trying to with a vet. Telling them the bill winters that I have a feeling. I had heard yet from man got yet. As to whether or not. He's got a brand that. They can't remember to grandson or granddaughter becoming you remember what they're supposed to be proud of Bush's life is going. My daughter Hannah was due over the weekend. Had no baby yet right. Or they rule no. You sound thrilled at that. Out and I'm I'm a little disappointed you didn't garden being. Maybe it is nice in here yet. I know that's not yet well I can tell you what's going to be you know coming your way as far as the long term goes when it comes to dealing with children you can never really get them what to do what you want him to do. Like I wanna do to have the baby over the weekend look at you real disobedience. Of the I have how are you feeling. I don't know about hundreds more are yes. So so if the baby doesn't come during this week they they if the doctors saying that next weekend's slate you can't hold on any longer have to bring this one out. My dad he does set to come the fifteenth whether you want to or not. Horror OK so there's a novel vaccine out via the bed I was opened it to win. You probably didn't know this I'm John Hancock is our afternoon guy. And he's a little bit older than me he's got a couple grand kids are ready just a little bit older than me Jon and I'm not pushing you on the and so he was supposed to have a baby this weekend and you were supposed to have a baby this week in and I was hoping that it that you would help me beat him to the punch. The purpose of the race and if you let me down so early this soap box derby you know. Figure we should put you side by side which approach you ladies side by side up on a ramp. And pushed both of you down a senior used to the bottom first. I am going to try and say right now Padilla well remember. That you're born. When. When a major mother go out and cut the grass. Plus she wants it maniac who regularly and there are apartment complex there you go or we'd all weed eater. And we go I think that would probably go along Jack camera maybe. It didn't although they are not leaving them painting on the apartment isn't going media brew don't do any roofing now. Armed well here's a question there's a bunch of kids in the apartment complex and ranked. Mora do any of them have a trampoline. Well in the middle of the sample and who are. You might. Ask the doctor first but. I've. We could be on to something here. This didn't we we can open a have a baby you know clinic. And all it really is as one big giant trampoline in the back to June imagined fifteen or Tony pregnant women jumping up and down on the trampling. No we don't wanna start hyping up or wherever they're behind yeah I'm not that this could point. Afraid for every woman that is on the trampling their needs to be designated person. To catch. Exactly yeah you think Goodyear has been Brian will be evident. Well you're probably didn't open would not you can you do stand on the side launch. Yeah and so is she hanging in there I mean I know it's very it's very harrowing at times for the for the man. It's a lot of work for the guy it's a lot of work for us guys believe me. Silence. And equipment and we'll will you hang in there and let's see. What are some may have a suggestion that that would help you get through this Charles without junior advocates walking walking John Moore you're running nice jogging maven jogging. Riding in the back of a pick up tree standing up. I'd bump the car ride the monolithic. But well I was on your brother got here you can recruit out of that. You know that one bottle and it was all downhill from there so excited I think they have been given your running nose so. That's that's supposed to be that way was sobbing did you try I was sobbing. Our that was horrible. Folks I just got word from from Hancock they went in and Goddard. 1105 PM Saturday seven pounds. I'll miss that you will map I just like the ten pounder highway arguably bigger all I need is seven point one and I can win this fishing tournament today. I think Turkey. I love you and and I look forward to hear from him but you're. Let me hear about the. You didn't hear him dead got a Hancock. I can't wait vetted. And he's got a plaque on the wall bubbled and he's got a Bobble head. My grandson applied via Bobble head for awhile you know the guy can't hold it up in his kettle on will and there and the Oregon meatloaf with eyes really to a to begin with. My god. Emilia may. They're gonna color media. He dissing dissent a picture of his granddaughter. She's a judge she is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Parliament was going to be able to have to be debt. But I'm sure to be just as beautiful to me commodity as a Monday and a strapping on a brand new work we got Eminem is Scott FitzGerald graduate issued today. Coming up at at 10:15 this morning we've we've talked to Kelvin the dude with a tiny houses here in Charlotte. Some other developers are not so happy with a we'll find out why and is we make it through the morning coming up next how much does it cost to go put on a colts hat and say enough about what not. The last Mike Pence it's on the way next tier runners 1110 out of that three defeat these two. I know that I feel like fall through the whether whether it is right now it's here and one of the indicators that you know for sure that it is here. Besides a Major League. A spokeswoman for their division series and that sort of thing as the effect of the Charlotte checkers are taken to be ice again over the weekend two games we beat Hartford at Hartford five to four. And and they also beat Wilkes-Barre Scranton 52 to their home opener comes up on the thirteenth against Bridgeport. So good to see Charlotte checkers. Back in action over the weekend Indianapolis Colts was the location. The forty niners play the colts and vice president Mike Pence was the air and then he raised a few eyebrows. Nice resident Mike Pence greeted fans in Indianapolis the colts facing off against the 49ers. Anthem played more than a dozen players took a neat. Okay. Tens stood with his hand over his heart disease and laughed as soon as the star spangled banner and. It makes no sense to me. It is ridiculous what he did it just doesn't make sense he doesn't have any reason to do that. The vice president tweet in moments later I will not dignify any advantage disrespect our soldiers are flat or our National Anthem. The protest. And she's won millions of Americans. Have created political momentum for the trump administration. Which has been using the controversy to woo donors for weeks. A question for some whether today's walkout was plain aren't the president afterward tweeting I asked BP tends to leave stadium if any players kneeled. I think that's very good vice president of the game was a pre planned stuns in what I think Americans don't like stunts. You are dead as a stunt. Pre planned to make a make a political point. Is it fair. It's a feather you and I as taxpayers should pay for Triplett can. According to our to a report the unique aircraft that the vice president tense. Takes can cost 42000 dollars an hour to operate. Meaning road trip could cost upwards 2530400000. Dollars and then you add in the cost this a Secret Service. At the northern sweep the entire place I have no idea how much that costs. But it's in a political stunt. So should that should that get paid for. Does the they the committee to reelect trump torn between running lotion that come out of your wallet and my wallet. I I understand the controversy that keeps going on with all of this and the people taken a knee and outstanding. And it is given little old. It's gonna Wear and out its welcome a little bit. But I'm I'm not a big fan of political stunts like this and I think it needs to stop James what's your take on this was this a waste of money or was it perfect photo opera. While most on this screen where it goes back or Clinton went to chime great spirit like they've poured through million dollars. The good time there were everywhere. Hillary Clinton but I and done so much more important. But look we're we're we're dumb but America. A guy. Okay. Program. I mean vice president they are right or use same fortitude doubt in my lower right. No ice at 42 to its 42000 dollars an hour. Two hopper that that's a minimum that that it would be. Whatever they're regardless but dark when I'm playing is there a me. Go back I don't know computers I don't know anybody but I'm decided on the back board talk about some clear and everybody. All the players and they're very true like trump. Also one million dollar debate is it true you're what a lot of time against foreign policy. But let everybody they are all good. And now you might do a good point. Because we're gonna. Well they knew it James they all take trips I get that meant that that's not the question here. The question is and and I do believe that this was set up they know what was gonna happen. He went there specifically to make this point so specifically he went to his game. I'm happy to pay for tickets are they count the tickets are not mean that really doesn't matter displayed time that he spent four minutes there at the most before he got up and bogeyed on out. Just to make a point. Is that is that a wise way to spend our money. David hi you're on WB 2 good morning. Good morning and you know what shame on you where were you when Michelle Obama would shop player. Kurt gates or Chicago. Where you wish you were shuttling our children's. Field trips on Air Force One and their families. Checked the press over the fact that her mother live what are in the White House probably millions Tibet caught shame on you for job put on trial. Armed you're better than that. Shame on me and where was I always brother David David David shame shame shame ESP where was I. You have no idea whether or not I blasted Obama because I wasn't here then on the mother law you know the problem worked out. I didn't hide it I knew was going on I talked about it. I wasn't here CU you have no idea whether you should shame me for what I didn't do or did do wind that was going on. And and I understand. It is going to be travel. Mean that that happens all the time to take a vacation ago here they bring all these people should I brought Oprah withering hitter and a trumpets of the Mike had to redeem your honor whatever the case just. I get this they're allowed to travel. That's expected and and any time somebody bitches about one of the president's vacations. I just wanna say you know pull your finger out of word ever orifice it happens to be Stuckey and assuming that there was room a network this for your finger along with your head. They all do I understand that that's not the question. Is it appropriate to spend money. For a political stunt because when it comes down to a I'd do you think that Mike Pence for a moment thought that he was going to be going to the game just to enjoy the game. I don't think so Tom hi good morning or WP team. Are you you're great I'm giving it everything I got Tommy I'm just can't figure this world. I thought there either agree or editor editor. You're you're gonna a lot of nuclear and you don't know what is really didn't want to go in and out with a female. You have garnered particular. Government problems we love and all well and and and didn't into tobacco what do parents say. I have worked with Florida not. Protest. I will never never regularly and have game. I don't care where their where locals. But yeah a bit about my industry. I'd better and I can pick here in Korea. Are all of them and not a percent combat related disability. And then all of that I man in Britain didn't it didn't look that bad for Atlanta where were too important element in all other things. Ticket guys doom and you own real. I didn't we know that. Time that that's not the point right now. I get that. Whether they take in the year not only me it's their doing and in the wrong place let's get over that particular portion they need to move on from the protest is getting very very tired. But the question that I have here is. Church is this is just the right way to use our money to make a political statement and I and I think. That it was literally just set up to be a political statement I can be completely wrong on this this is what my gut says and that's where I'm goalie Chris good morning on WBT. I gotta take your task this Florida and bring it down bring it on Chris. I think that your nick you can be your base in this whole segment of your show. On an assumption and something that you don't narrow. 100%. Gore's I don't know at a 100%. But. If there was in the price of the air force Juan Pablo outlet that is what it is what it is but. Plus. If it wasn't god. I say that's fantastic. Because Bob part of you know try to be PC with everybody. If you're not gonna stand for your country and the man that guy to do to protect our. Then. We don't need. That's not the question here I understand that I'm tired of the protests I get that. Duty have to go to the football game. And you would be one of the questions are not as you've been inning at a football games this year. Or is this the first. Again I can be completely wrong I don't think that I am I think that this was an opportunity seize the opportunity and guess what it worked very very well. Gloria hi good morning on WB two it was happened. Good morning good morning good morning I'm with you there what a waste of money stop the madness people and and combating. Disrespect thing. America and the National Anthem is not what people of New York disrespecting. It. There aren't things turning your back stating acting crazy correct now. Then disrespect in the media is blown out of proportion that a lot out of Monmouth out of proportion they need to be focused and hope something else. But the culture is being around the album's original. Play for their tribute angle for the guy and we have tablet shenanigans. But I am hungry children in a country. I'm I'm not visitor when it comes. This kid is just cannot escape and Tyreke they do this week protests okay we're gonna mail were protesting we're all taught that this that the other you pick you Buchanan go on August. Where were upset that I can't get western Carolina barbecue here I can only get to me what ever your your protest sting. And then the other side protesting against the protesters this is gonna go on forever if somebody doesn't just signal on SP adults. Why don't we get together and have a conversation. I just I just think it was inappropriate. To. I think was a political statement again I can be completely wrong but it was planned ahead of time right president knew about it. The vice president knew about it. They had to have known about it because when pinch tweeted a picture of him at the game was a picture from three years ago. Comic grace. You'll be the first Johnny Tony hang on to get you girls coming up we'll. Continue on the other side of the news plus we're talking Amazon how do we get Amazon to come here and we're brainstorming coming your way under is eleven tent and not in a three WB tape. So the juice wants to go to the bunny ranch. I think it did feel a lot W my bars for a long time Charles look at really what. So OJ say a word to the bunny ranch studio wants it over that way. As of right now much or whether that's via the authorities here let him do that it might break in his the rules of his parole. He's a lonely man. One word for you. Tender this is an element is that there weren't there's occur I think sellers a grumble right Charles Twitter ground alert I don't know what they are it's iRobot that love them love and robot there. There I think your back up targeted to be ordered back ordered so remind me it might take him as long to get that is in use he was in prison I don't really know. Johnny hi there you're on W BT and down the pants the pants situation here I think that it was a political stunt what's your take. Just gotta go I don't like it was a political stuff I think that this web go to watch a football game and when overplayed Brett started Nolan. They had to sort of leave like they did and he'll end up. I just signed the American people are tired of the left wing media and most medias don't understand really what's going home. They vote today by the political stuff but I'd rather not that's just my opinion. Well what do we miss and what's going on that we're missing here you think. I played. I'll find a lady is out of touch what really the American people are really did an agreement that really know what. I find they're just on another side of the players from work most American people are not follow but most of. See I agree that bothered their fingers and on the polls I think that they put they put their thumb. On what they think is the pulse of the American people. And when that happens. You are feeling your own polls not necessarily the pulse of the person that you work and one at. That's my take on things Tony pets political stunt door to hang on just trying to catch colts game. Not. Like he's a bit. Is either public money for a political double booked on all got to make you. Isn't that what they NFL are doing when they're doing they're really how they use in their money back ticket sales and souvenirs they built them. Feel good then essentially what Eddie or any protests that occurred in a meeting where we had ample lead. Go to protect these people or to block out what city street is it that you the public money more political point. Boy you're your your pick a bunch of points here the players are paid by their teams in the NFL but I paid by taxpayers tourism and if it's souvenirs. Then you know you bring your willingly putting that money up so that has nothing to do with taxpayer money and we're not talk about protests that are that are in the streets. That that's not the same sort of thing yes indeed that does use public money to what to quote monitor those things. But as of right now we still the First Amendment. I'm tired of this whole debate you know it is to get these needs to go away. And I understand it that's six or seven emails here that you know we're gonna what do what about the political storms of the past. Well we call those out too so I think this one yet again was it planned. Protest by the vice president Karen Travers would ABC they re ignition. Of audio of the whole football controversy here you what's your take on this one. Well the White House think this is a winning issue for them they felt that during. The president multiple comments on it over about a week and a half late last month. And it didn't surprise that they're trying to inject his back and he'd be national conversation because they think it's a good one for them. The president has said flat out that this strip belong planned by the vice president wasn't surprised yesterday. And they he polled the vice president and did leave the stadium if any players meals that he felt disrespected our country though. Certainly you know orchestrated choreographed and whether it's the political stunt that PR stunt that's with some critics are calling it right now and others are questioning that popped up that Tibet. The vice president flying into Indianapolis going to this scheme and the flight cost the security cost to just to make this point on camera. I what is that means. If you is just go in the game to go out of the game I'm sure that that's happened with vice president who presidents in the past yeah I I get that if it was solely setup than I have more of an issue under the name is gone and Julian colts game and that's. Certainly how the president is framing it in that creek yesterday and again this morning that you know he went just to do that. How do you know they're saying hey if they people can make their political point we can make our political point exactly I think the way to criticism is coming in his yeah I you can make your political point anywhere any time for the vice president you have a pretty big megaphone and a podium like to do it like that and the taxpayer cod. In the time where we're certainly scrutinizing. Tax cabinet members spending taxpayer money on played you know it gives critics an open. For that yeah scorched earth could be the policy that senator Bob cork or god goes out. He didn't have anything to lose sheer adrenaline is the president doesn't. No he's not running for reelection he's the powerful Republican. Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee so. He says hey you know I'm gonna go out there and I mean they give an interview veneer trying to get in as president gonna be reading this he'll pay attention to this. And he says that it's not just hand another Republican senators agree with him and share his concerns about the president to lead. That is reckless then that putting the country at risk and you know it only because of core group around him to be actually staying on the middle of the road because others are propping him up. It just really remarkable that you have a Republican senator. So publicly held personally going after the president than they do say. During the blues. Yeah dump some people take number it's an issue was some of the things he's saying about the president. And we're gonna add insult to injury this week because shall we the Panthers played north Philadelphia Eagles here how do we start the trash talk future. It's always I mean that word defiant irate now Philadelphia's super excited about a big big Eagles win against the Canon and cardinals team yesterday so the real test will be Thursday night I'm assuming you saw that video a little girl Eagles Jersey I did yes bodies back to Cam Newton you have to be back out probably didn't even the hair fell to a yeah. Eighth eleven. If that's the problem is you know a heck of a lot more about football having grown up in a locker room than I do so as this trash talk continues I have a feeling you're gonna hand me my butt in my hands so. But I'm ready for tomorrow when alarms and something and then I'll come back at you harder they would I care drivers of ABC's Jim stand by Donna and gentlemen get your calls coming up here. Hence political stunt. Watch the football game. Same old same old old news. Fake news. And let's move much at 947 is the time. So some people saying you know another is not a political stunt might fans going to the super colts play on the 49ers play the 49ers here. When media folks to beneath that standard the National Anthem he got a voted on the way but it just read. He wanted to watch a football game and then got discussed what is your take on this one Jim. Hi you're on WBT protest a word just. I don't know an accident early in the course of life. What looked like news just called me and you called. She's found that black and she made comments really effect. Biggest problem in America are warm our main problems as hungry children. And that's the mine there had been up our we were back being attacked. Bob good to trump up our is that you're brushing about him. I mean we have black president for eight years. Obama actually make comments about some of the black crude and some of their minds that he never really took any action batter Ortiz came to power moreover as mayor who has. Alcoholic speculated it was horrible comments it was gonna actually be somebody from the Democrat or liberal side. Possibly not even though there ethnicity and actually create change in that neighborhood. That's what the legal argument really about the paper today. Was obviously complaining about BLM bought up mattered most pleasant prairie police brutality. Yet some people got hit radio where he ends I've looked up their ethnicity. Bob. But I suspect they're probably black or Brownstein. And there is 700 Chicago while we're approaching 800 that your. But the black light to call come in and make their opponent what you got going rarely are we shall we got America let's hear it being durable way to look at you know what the well all kids and and here's the Arctic armor are you what are are required to be talking to complain about some of the big in his grandfather bad days at a but you know that a real issue we got so as Liberal Democrats in power it's not what you call may do well. And more work through it. We have a Liberal Democrats in power is a Lisa. That's exactly why that's what tropea look Democrat you can't come. But how moonlighting parties got living in New York City are you are stuck exactly what yes but guess what. He also noticed problems that black Americans who are inner city neighborhoods. OK so Jim says that that president trump is a liberal Democrat. But I would disagree really on that would jump Donna and and there's still doing the investigation into Vegas to try to figure out what the heck the motive is. Motive was we're there shooters and a as of right now has anything come to light. Well no not not specifically on the motive but there's sources are telling us now that a picture of Stephen Vatican is emerging showing a man who blunt force very believes had severe mental illness and it likely went undiagnosed but. After a week I'll be interviewing those who knew him have been tiger his family to his friends. Police and the FBI now believe that day he had real difficulty interacting with people he was described is standoffish is disconnected he told her car salesman. When they are buying a car recently for his girlfriend that he was severely depressed but the actual trigger what caused him to to do it last week they don't know. That's what they're working on right now on one as source saying that you don't panic really exhibited many of the at the same anti social traits his past mash shooters that. Being separated dad is trying not to interact with people and by the way even down to his gambling of playing many many hours of video poker but not sitting at that table and facing I dealer or facing. Hi any other players that he would sit and just stare zone out into that computer screen you have what about the the the discussion that. He went to the Middle East with some cruises in the past India sort of insight as to whether we this so many people taking cruises to the Middle East it'd they would now be if police and the FBI say there is not a shred of evidence anywhere that there is any connection. Citing any sort of international terrorism I you know I I've taken that cruise easy in that area many how many people have. They did it appears that he had the money. Hi he and 2015 neck claims he made five million dollars and is says tax returns mainly from gambling. And he took trips and then he went all over the world so Baltimore where in the Middle East but. I know the FBI and police say they've seen and heard the conspiracy theories say they've heard them on the line they've heard them on talk shows I and they say no they say people who are. Top pushing those forward have no clue what's going on in the investigation that they say that's coming from outside and I've had that they have agents all over the world who have been trying to track down leads and they say no that this was something going on in his own body and his own mind. If this had nothing to do with any any outside terrorist group. All right Alex Stone with ABC moving back to be a tense situation here Daniel writes it. You see Peyton Manning's Jersey was retired yesterday in the Indianapolis. Peyton Manning is rumored to be running for that Tennessee senate seat. To nutrition during that time and time. Manning played college football for Tennessee remember that. And the people Tennessee are all about some some patent that's why trump was blasting that's senator in Tennessee pens was making sure he had their back. So this is all the political maneuver to get Peyton into the the senate seat. Intimacy. Them to inform had not sure Donna pants it was at a political statement. There's first of all that much commented specifically addressing my opinion and whose actions. Motivation not trump her kids or whatever I. I personally think. That end. And he be treacherous Henderson the global my greatest fear is that something will happen he'll end up being the president so because he's the one that this is. My opinion it and then there was. Under present political stunt I think everything he does in the public. And that type of motivation it's my opinion that at times feel. Notches so now do you think it was a yeah the pens maneuver or president trump maneuver. A little bit surprised that the within ten thanks to his own doing you know I don't know that but. I have my opinion that was something more than eight and I think he does a lot of things none of them I think is his own agenda here I think he's had from day one. Gotcha and and that I understand you correctly you're more afraid of him being president in Europe of president trump. Exactly I'm not the biggest fan of trumpet between him and trump that proved that time the election has occurred at my greatest fear is this can help heal and have taken that driver's seat and just how much I disliked this man. Well if I if if president trump tens of leaving the word is on the streets from some folks there will be a mass insurrection. Which is why can't get really really ugly if indeed he is impeached. Maybe not quite as much if he resigns infer if indeed it ever would be the case Jane hi good morning the vice president colts had why was he there. Political stunt. Think it can't do what ever chop ANC and an eight naughty kids end up so she can't be ugly if this all time whatever. Tropicana we do actually with you lucky lucky the issue about about the call is that you know how long it is that you. People what are they about apparently donor group particularly leaving every kind. You'll walk out if it where. And what good honest they can't vote in depth at they have an epic ballad Arafat about a lot they get their money let you go what now go. O Leah you have you know whether they stander whether they that says. And that they did say you don't want to get a who can't remember army now you. Who came here we get a penny. Yeah and it taught not in the lab mice but it can happen tension. Eating that had a good day he thought he did gore thinking to look up to where popular about. Certain never been in so. Yeah well you know it basically have been there's in the world politics. And what an entertaining at the same kind of thing it's. Spell my name right spell my name wrong just just talk about me. The wrongs I can stay in the limelight. Roger writes in Scotty called vice president pence is department departure from the pro football game a stunt. And raise the question whether taxpayers should pay for it. Unless you're also suggesting that Obama bush Clinton bush Carter paid for their security to prevent that might be considered less an official you're singling this one out. No. We weren't on the radio having a conversation together when Jimmy Carter was president. The bush was President Clinton was President Bush was president or Obama was president. This is the event that's going on today. And this didn't feel like just hey you don't go to extra watch a football game it seemed like a campaign invent. And if indeed the campaign reimburses. This particular trip. Then then that makes sense to me. Roger said this wasn't a campaign event. If VP Spence we're going on vacation in Martha's Vineyard or higher overseas you would have raised the issue senior international about the politics. Wool yeah. Here it is strictly about the politics. When you're in a government office mean I can't tell you. I can't imagine how stressful it has to be I would while one of those geeks. And if I did have one then. I damn well would expect. That they would pay for me to have some really nice relaxing vacations. But should they pay me for a political stunt which is what I think this was led the real quick can you give it to me at thirty seconds are you in a way to the other side. Hung up and saying I am Linda can you do real faster shall we wait to be others. I want this guy is also the president five presidents play out my applying this series there's political. Pollard hit. Oh yeah every. Oh yeah you're right they're political politics for sure especially. We'll break him back tiny houses. They're gonna cause your house to lose its value 1015 we talk about that stay with us it's gonna attempt to change. Tiny houses they go back your home value. In May. And Amanda. Got this behind the development will be joining us you're coming up from fifteen to. News eleven tonight that three WV. So Kelly writes in. Definitely depends thing was a boondoggle but it is his home state and hometown team. No argument there he is from Indiana I'm sure he had other meetings while in the stadium. I've been etched in place to have medium. The request used he'd meet privately with any women. I. Bet I do not know. Charlie welcome to the program ma'am your take on on vice president Penn steal whole situation here is it is a much to do about nothing. The net without political make it now. Look ridiculous that app and yet he made before it got there what they were going at it as per truck believed that I sold it Ellie. I mean he flat black children in Horry and they're bloody good going and yeah. I don't hack it get more consistent parent are good arms he's. Did any other colts players. Taken me. Arnold did any of via the Indianapolis players taken me. To act I thought well they count it when they get all the faith. All of our panel I actually cut to commercial so we got even today. But all I saw were were forty niners. Taken Gary. Right I say it that's all they static aren't aren't yet on a cat went directly bookmark so they didn't yell at our. Any of the curve ball game then forehand is that we can safely where have we win every game we've liked it was all commercial air. Luckily I backed it that they they'll start to get out. If you wanted to see game where nobody to agony. Release a better chance or nobody would take inning would be Indianapolis version Dallas or Indianapolis versions of Dalton's Indianapolis vs green bay resort teams that are saying no please don't take any work. Jason Dallas do you not gonna play if you take an eight. So knowing that it was the 49ers. I think the BB team most likely. It's taken me considering has were. Can't can't predict I hailed from and started this whole thing rich on the the vice president good morning. Good morning. I was listening or so on the way to the airport not just said the all of them I'm really amazed at how many people are misinformed a lot since I actually went there. Okay help fail whales well how are we misinformed. Well he's been he was an ex governor of Indiana that's true and Peyton Manning was being honored in the ring of honor yes and so his Jersey was be an honor that that's right and so pinch showed up. Or that of them. I do agree that it was known that there's probably going to be a kneeling go on off. But as the vice president representing the country when that happened he had no choice but look silly. But he did not go there for political stunt he went there to honor Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts and that he was an ex governor of that state. Well I know that I'm from India so I I'm aware of who chances today and what his positions were there. Then if he was aired on her Peyton Manning he didn't get a chance honoring that. Well it is up yes you're right there except for I'm sure there was off camera beatings. In the tunnel and everything else. Those stadiums they have different celebrations going on inside. Well in retrospect I don't think this is part of the the challenges everybody is quick to take a political stance. Vs the mere fact that he went there for the right reasons. And then when this occurrence happened he had no choice but to go. And you knew was gonna happen and it's. Well I'd either to and I think that's why you know the president trial. Told them yet you ego and then have no problem with them go on but there was revealing that. Mr. trump both expected him to honor the flag in the Booth to act accordingly which either. If I if I were part of the trump administration. I would have done the same thing I would have ordered the very same thing to think of all the publicity that it got. All the guys that weren't the the majority of us as Americans are tired of the NFL protests so once again the just reminds us. That. That there are two sides of this coin in one side were not real happy with the other side you know we're just trying to make it through life and they're they're blown it. I've but I think us. I agree with you there I think I think the one point that you do make. Which I don't have an answer for. Is the fact that that trip that he was going there as the next governor to honor plate number ring. Of honor and all that stuff was that a personal triple was that a government troop. He's either way I don't have a problem with the trip. Unless it was set up ahead a time we're gonna do this because we know how the politics are gonna look on this this is talking this is purely political move. But then again it. Is anything that's done in the world anymore whether it's a trip to Puerto Rico by the president. Whether it's a trip to a football game ipads whether it's you know torsion Golan have their inning on. It's all politics you know it all comes down to a no comes down to. How we want this to look to the people that we don't like in how we want to look to the people that we do you know. Well we we need to find a way to lift each other out not very each other parts. But I just wanted to get speak about didn't hear anybody talk about the reason that he went originally I'm sure all the developed after the fact but he went there for the right reasons. I say I think he went there because it was the an opportunity. For the right reasons and I and I do agree with you on that mean if you're gonna go as the other governor former governor of Indiana. Then Peyton Manning they would certainly be the day. To give that a shot rich hey I appreciate your call spoken to any conversation on the other side when you live in a teeny tiny little house. That would be affordable but. Then what if it messes up your neighbor's home price can that be a problem to you to some neighbors it's certainly is don't make much sense 17 eastern time coming up at 11 o'clock. Another shot. Good deal for okay big give show. 7051105205505. For the arrival and John Hancock it's and others. Shot back that. It's a simple little drill I'll give you a word to give you a number you text that word to that number and then you know what could be up to the races. So again a lot of times when that's come anyway so let Calvin young we have talked to in the past he's a developer in his plan tiny house community in north west Charlotte. The whole idea was to create affordable homes for first time homebuyers or for people who were looking to downsize. And and Kelvin you and I talked before just before this whole thing really got under way. Seem to be a lot of of high above the a lot of nice talk and chatter about it it was all seeming to be positive. Has that has that changed much Calvin. Well Perry really has I mean there's so few you know at all so this should apples they wanna say what they want that they don't get pretty much there hasn't resolved. While I mean to people that are an arrest in the lead out there about small wall like they haven't changed them on about being enough to have me you can't you know we can't. Put control people what they wanted to go might want to move from a 3800 square foot house to have a better life and moved to 600 problems could be a method at all yet to be that person that they can pick and they know we're one family you know just say that night to develop the ball well they're rich I mean on a mortgage but coming up that's a large change no I. I get that I can see that they be you know a real value and a lot of people would be intrigued with where that kind of life. You know especially since you know the whole idea tiny house is has been popularized no popularized if you brought it you know on HDTV you know what kind of stuff but there are some folks up in the world politics says some homeowners who are these people that are saying not Obama not we don't really like this ideas like a mobile home park is gonna kill our home values. Yeah it people who don't understand real estate you know they're out is that going to be. What they get misled them both as well. I'll that this is that going to be up call for Europe McDougle. Square foot out you know there's there's not going to be a call for that had to fight for lower it for square footage is actually. A record put a neighborhood. So. You know it people there and they know nothing to build that community for a lot about. I think there's people just assuming what type of people but a move out there that realize that day. There's also people move about their and a dip that they have sort of neighborhood that you know that affordability and cope with these negative commentary says that the poor people local people of this race at that race this is going to be people that can afford it all. Yet now when you talk to folks I don't know like the the planning director of the of the city I had mckinny's funeral planning director. What is his take on this year's cease and a you know what killing has some problems or. Is this decision ration where when you take a look at the wall that that you are in their in the in the right. Abbate is what the latter which is spit at me he did that the paper up or don't want. That's all it worked but do little spoken too apologetic alphabet of the or anyone else but oil was called me when that vote in a month ago as basically what is the government Reza. I'll that the department it added that it appears that the the property rights of what the live call will boost though that it can be done it all before. You know that would disrupt them get buildup put them up property rights to build what built there what would be. No I don't people that some people are saying no way to make these you know these things are wheels so therefore they're really kind of an trailer or a mobile home. But these are built on a solid foundation is that correct me. Yes thirty did rebuild the trailer to the vote to build an apartment and it put a cap its did you know all of this who has been architect whose doubts. You know built from the ground though. Code inspections of the county yeah it is yes does that typically go from wrote this just right it's girl call rectify this state. So since you you started with your open house and I think it was back in I was a bank in August has been Morgan. Yes Serbia August 16 is something like that yeah. Or. So work how many of you sold so far there would outlaw that would erupt when report Rick barber but they. We define what a reservation mean. Stated that approach today has put down the deposit to start the the thought process so that out so we do wanna look differently at most places you go. Where you build development I think until people vote come out there what we do what is the people go to commandeer that does not at all. At their we've got to build and develop the route that the stuff. So all of you know the layout could change all based off the what they want it you know these these fires just a smarter than. Coolest people that you have a wannabe that they don't care about have committed people they run out what community. You know they whoever else all I commend you guarded all communities space that they whereby they can come together and talk every day in an equity so that. You know that the pins are reports and also left while we've been taken out army could be better from those people because they're going to be actually want to live in this and so forth to home. We look at our property right so. We can build these homes out there. Who who is. Who's allowed us who's most vocal in opposition to you that that you know that thinks you know this is just not the right place to go. Oh a couple of neighbors. And what is there argument. Their argument is while they became a throughout the Toby. You know as a piece of crap out there and all of you people about the move immature and they booed at those are the things you people. Yes meaning blood. But that could get wet select the I don't believe us that about vote should call. Or people it was very would say it so you're not have that sort of typically you know I'll leave the property. I'll put I think you know doubted people at the end who's actually coming out there those are the things. I think there's change in some Obama I mean honestly do it you can't discriminate against solve this within is property right so there's nothing. All of that could slow that process supplement of course but still have submitted their just didn't put up what potential we're gonna leave base so far are people who wanna be a part of the all. Development of the meat but outside of that means we can build what would go to a belly. OK so when I when I look at the article in the observer here. There's somebody it was a Robert Wilson who lives a half a mile from this particular community here. He's a half a mile from you won't why does he care. I mean if a lot of people showed up for awhile so you know and the requirements that you. You know nobody is a me you resell mortem meeting that I did you restart nobody's. You know what if there's gonna wanna hear it to somebody calls until they saw it let I don't know by the league will meet socialists all sides and so these people look to get them together it just you know I feel like. We've come to work this to get a mobile home or in his shoulder that they're not educated on what's gone on what the truth processors but what ousted. Quote one of the quotes from mother is this Wilson person is the laws are so loose and ambiguous. It doesn't take into consideration this is a new genre. Just because the land is owned for three ounces per acre. Doesn't make it right. And I'd say that just based upon his quote right there. He should realize he doesn't have a leg to stand on our part to what to dribble into. Breyer and and I agree and that's what we are Bluetooth I don't get caught with a lot of these you know. They're that appears safe because I know a bit of somebody diligence. We know we can still don't know whether there are made it so. You know I've just stay focused on the you know those comments Como. You know it's not refer back to the fact that what you just stated that he took a single family residence no matter what word you put the fun of Val Lucas started small beer micro. Style there's been permitted and what in the property rights does solve artfully put and coalesce as I can build a 490 slipped out. Yeah. Most important thing for me always has been an ad buy houses are placed in the back where I can just walk out the backdoor and and stand naked. Nobody else it's seeming. I think I'm out of luck that a repair that we asked. Talk about neighbors get an upset. Hey everybody's different you know we each have different requirements and lives of people wants to you know stainless steel appliances that is told you what my my real situation is. Tidy homes it's a TO KEY. Look at the bottom line and you could like Kelvin yup thanks for your time we'll keep you up to date on that as we move through the world released figure out of the other people are now hey Scott FitzGerald Korea North Korea. They don't like is much. Like it's even less after what the president said over the weekend we'll get to that time rivers from ABC momentarily. We were talking tiny houses in the last half hour here. They community of tiny houses being built in that northwest Charlotte. Some of the folks are not real happy. Some of the neighbors you know have my mum on the road percent in the above and this is no good it's gonna ruin our property values. Which kind of surprises me because what the average price in the neck of the woods there according to zero's were on 125000. In vain half mil houses Nadia and nothing it can get two cars in the yard might be 125000. Dollar house. I mean how much gas is in the tank that card Jeff tiger at WB teeny tiny house is good idea bad idea already stand. I'm more comfortable confused about tiny Tim himself on me most of the time the developer encourages. Our intellectual twin neighborhood. Certainly has got something to hide I'm not sure why he said he quote system basically. I support sites like Ibanez. Are preloaded with your viewpoint to put great facilities all property but you've got probably restrictions Antarctica so facts about the effect certain things. Even though. You know like a bad shape or shell that you wondered in the backyard you know that's always but appropriately termed as well. So are typical episode there's like a portrait will approach the girl herself so like I have yet to pitch well. As far as the disc goes. What you're referring to is somebody came into his house. And you know looking at the house and so will we we don't want this because more people like you're gonna move it. And that's when he said that he dissed them because he was believing that the woman was referring to him because it was black. Well we're able to opt out don't. You and I were there. And my new coach Prada. So that again organic motors products. And regardless all of us so overcome certain village there so promote products to Cuba will be a developer you gonna promote your product. Well sure it that's what he's doing and and that's what I'm saying and and as far as getting along with the neighbors. I would agree with the prime makes a lot of sense how far do you have to go before you consider the not to be neighbors anymore. Well it sounds like he's a bit that the fundamental problem that he's got tremendous issue presented it to that it took to the neighborhood. He's is not any neighborhood there these are people talking about a mile and a half miles color number three dollars a mile away. You were neither you nor I know what the land looks like there we don't know how speculative exactly incident as you know we don't know any of that but. Regardless if you don't shop the most prominent. The city typically requires an injection never saw our our approach you know to circle drawing. A strike planned in a certain things like that that's all it does. I and I think that that's already been done at the of the city planners have already said yes you've got the approval to do this and yet the zoning to do this. And my guess is there's certain hurdles that have already been and leave leftovers that's so well English North Korea the calm before the storm perhaps that was the a quote from the president last week. And then over the weekend only one thing will work since talking hasn't worked for 25 years Tom what that does is mean. Yet we we are that the phrase that in the third in a coma for the storm some people in your ever actually figured that. Reference to maybe Iran that we don't know that has not been clarified but certainly one will only want people work that's certainly is. But pleaded reference to North Korea hum. That's how we are right now and where you were watching and seeing exactly what may make. Play out what kind of reaction we'll get from the White House interesting to note. That that tomorrow is via the founding days of North Korea and ruling party any you know they've been. Sometimes seven as symbolic reason went to like something out. So at this stage look to see if say the fire missiles South Korea's defense said that this stage they're seeing nothing that looks on toward so. You know look this check back tomorrow on Alex. Yet now he just appointed his sister to be head of the party that was that was created on this date tomorrow coming up. That might be a double a double dip of let's lights up and up. Exactly Kim do you know John we got used to her name centimeter late twenties. A confidant of Kim Jong-Il on the and she's I guess she'd like to have been an informal advisor and here. Four for the leader of North Korea push these kind of going to be stuck right there. And some people speculate that we saw the of the killing of his half brother earlier this year. Meaning there's there's there's not going to be any fork in the road. In essence if he goes. This sister may be there in place to take over sole delineation of the did ST may continue like yeah yeah. It's been on hockey mom felt. Mean he could figure out exactly exactly. It's the sibling rivalries are the other sibling relations I can end up not so not so happy if you look at toddlers would this guy so it took. Are they were the other rhetoric continues and they still don't like this much with there was also lose another story that came out over the weekend it said the Kim Jung un. At one point in time had said that to that we had tried to kill him. And and I had yet to see that one the other things she was afraid of his that he would end up like Qaddafi we're like a Saddam Hussein. I ate I don't know that there's many folks here in the United States who would be upset if she ended up like Vidal. Our front line. Got my vote. So tonight during a Monday Night Football you're listened to a vote Thompson earlier today here and talk about whose votes. The other new trailers for be a new Star Wars movie the last Jenna is going to be during halftime of the government and football game. You can also get advanced tickets for the movie they're gonna go on sale tonight so if you're big Star Wars fan big day for you. Big day for you tiny house's in the news here have always on the idea of these to be fascinating. Two to live in a home that was basically just big enough for you. And the way that they build them with a high ceilings and doing a lot of windows and that's written if you larger than they actually are. I don't know that I would want to own one in a community. But then again I don't like. Being on top of you know my neighbors and other live outside kind of in the middle of nowhere but that's just me. Com Lisa hi good morning you're on WBT tiny houses which you live in one. I had to. And if I need to shop probably would OK they awarded. I don't I'm just saying realistically in the market and Charlotte and an album called. There are there any of them people that are coming here and any new housing units and naproxen donuts but it tremendously. That firm I think parents their majesty a realistic part of our. Our lives you know and I don't think. I mean if I'm a nice assaulting an aren't personally how we started for the control on the not about condominium and some of the most since the mountains and but you know them racially torn down I'm I'm addicted to people would point out smaller units and put people out on the street so I mean realistically that got dinged up by the way and understand it's running out there might be an out argued that. That is Iraq and the consummate actor. Yeah but any time. Some people are using via the name or or applying the term affordable housing to them and Obama as a general rule. You lose a lot of folks you just don't like the quote idea of affordable housing but it's fine as long as affordable housing is someplace else and nowhere near me you know. Rise. That's not fair at all because. Italian because they're they have the most and he over the years now and built a neat very thin it out let me know about the don't say while we have no matter. 800000 dollars and how the I live in my father about reporting on thousand dollars. I'm not yet been neat to get on China's output has been a tremendous known sol area so well and. Well look let's let's assume. Let's assume for a moment though the house that your father bought the torch 9000 is worth your 150 today. And somebody came in and set I'll give you 200000 dollars Ford and they build an 800000 dollar home on it. Why would anybody be unhappy with that other than folks who were around when she just is more more smaller house that I wouldn't have access to. You'd be thrilled that Macon a good can get taken a good deal on it and the person who brought it would be happy to. Well personally I'm not know that out or can sharpen you know but you understand what I'm saying Leeson. Yes I understand it somebody like ammonia and I'm personally not like they're. We sentencing control on the number of houses built so we would have a smaller population would have fewer traffic problem and not have an agent I'm getting decent job but what. But you know hey it is what it is and yet people I don't tortures and. Bullish if you put it this thing about what you're saying here and I understand the idea behind it but if you put. A cap or put a control on the number of homes or could be built here that's not changing the number of people who are moving here and want to be here. That would put even more pressure. On the inventory that's already here and I would drive of the prices even more. Well perhaps the united that's straight but on defense and now that's been. Afford to live here than I would go somewhere else just like I don't make New York but I'm not can't afford to live there. Yeah not deny area Mena. It's a double edged sword there's an upside it and and there's an upside for some people. And then unfortunate for other people there is a downside and generally the downside is for folks who have less money. I agent got and I are good and I want to thank sure actually I ran for offices and keep up the oil and let's first oppression I'd gotten anybody but email meant real but yet met vercammen with the very stiff term I won't know. Well out here on all the issues regarding development. I was more study in the area and the laid out the red flag because it is just Clinton daylight that work. I'm guilty politically tricky and her arm. Tried to make their mark in the face. Does that surprise you. Real tore urge you developers. And though the health care association in the liquor people doing does that surprise you. Or would it surprise you that anybody would reach out to somebody as a potential politician to find out where they stand on things and whether or not hate can we be friends. Narrowed down there it's a trap me but on the other hand amino it's they're only in order to fit you very since it's so I am now. How open and warm and I just like they have a whole lot of problems you know met an awful lot of money. There's a lot of people make him an awful lot of money in the ones and make an awful lot of money. They hang out with people generally you make an awful lot of money and they figure our ways together to make an awful lot of money. So there you have other late night TV host what they always have a field and the president don't think. That he seems to be their favor. Took the favorite target. On the trump the president does so. Over the weekend I think it was yeah October 2 question seventh. So Saturday. Via the president tweeted. Late night hosts are dealing with the Democrats for their very unfunny. And repetitive material always anti trump. Should we give equal time. And thanks so. I don't I don't know what what is your take on this from here. Should politicians get equal time with comedians. There there there is no nobody can question whether or not BO the press for this president is negative. Give me cut number one if you don't mind John Mark cut number one the president had just said to have an opportunity sit down with the it would Mike Huckabee. The very friendly interview but one of the parts of the conversation the came up was unfair unfair. And we weren't treated fairly by the media because we really did a good job you're a rock star saw you as you wanted to do so I think. They're cheering was it was deafening and it turned down the sound so that you just showed the announcers Donald Trump and I mean. They need is fake. In the meantime I'm here in addition to some amazing so I'm here and I sometimes I ask myself. How did that ever get here with the horrible unfair. Publicity and I don't want to look into stare like there's something wrong. Sure we've been like for what we're doing good it should be. Chair okay now he has it he has to remember that all during the run up all during his candidacy. He had all the press in the world and love me hate me he got at all they get billions of dollars with the coverage which is trying to dispense a little unknown campaigning so equal time. When the comedians 704570. Yea 1110 was to try and figure out what exactly happened if there was a terrorist angle. When we look at the biggest shooting. Well sometimes there is sometimes there isn't New York they just avoided. A plot. Eric to rescue it ABC what do what is this terror charge against a couple of guys. We have three of them and actually who conspired in the name devices too to do something Paris style as they put it and create the next 9/11 was another way they were quoted in court records in this involved in nineteen year old Canadian. Who had his sights set on the New York City Subway Times Square. And the concert halls and I've got a lot of people's attention in this case was first disclosed on Friday. Although the that the alleged public supposed to take place last summer. And these guys were arrested last summer and so there was never any. The danger here and FBI undercover was on to this group but it does go to show that you know crisis even as it loses on the battlefield continues to inspire us. Two to your understanding and who wouldn't when Leah that charges the terror chargers have just been unsealed. I don't want to wait so long. No I'm not sure and and I haven't they would get a good answer but they you know obviously they've they've may still have been running down some investigative leads yeah they arrested somebody in the Philippines who was said to be the money behind the operation and they arrested somebody in Pakistan who was in communication with the Canadian and said he could help. So they they may have wanted to have tipped about an all upbeat toward the end and you know the case got out publicly but not because these the FBI. Lol well I had an undercover infiltrate this trio there was never specific danger which also gave them. In a little time if they wanted to to run anything else down. Yep incur a guitarist and ABC. Appreciate that update a guy again terror it's it's everywhere. Good news is that this time around they they kept the bad guys from us from doing what they tried to do so the president. Com mean most media outlets. Am less than a love affair going on the president they have a love affair. With the material. That he provides to be comedians and they run with that for sure. And the president feels like things are unfair. And he would like to get equal time. Particularly when it comes to beat late night TV show on MTV hosts. Hum. When this tweet came out. Jimmy Kimmel. Who's she obviously Nadia a big fan a direct critic of the president saying. Excellent point Mr. President you should quit that's boring job are what you have my show all to yourself. Comedy Central. Posted in the spirit of equal time then they put linked to via the Access Hollywood. Video. Where's the other language about women was. So. Again. What do you consider that to be unfair what's your take on that when you consider to be unfair that he put this tweet out about asking for equal time in fairness. And then they use that against him. I don't I don't think that it should be a surprise. And do you really think the president hates it. And then I kind of wonder. As to whether or not. He actually hates it. Regulators feelings from time to time is it does seem to be important. For for president trump to get high marks to be appreciated into below. And I think that's something that we all need. I think we need to cinema big giant hug and and hope that that's enough for the time being. I gotta do what it is that we put him in office to do. So we didn't put him in office to complain about legal team. Mr. President we're behind you let's get some stuff done to break him back Amazon how to we'd get Amazon to come to Charlotte. Michael Jordan had an idea for local business person has an idea and that idea is that we need to generate. Some idea. So I get an idea how that we generate some ideas and ideals we'll do it coming up at 11 o'clock. Or get some insight here momentarily. About brainstorming. My wife Charlotte isn't a good place it would be such a good place for Amazon the cup so not an original idea is that dude town that says hey. LA to get together and I come out for the best possible reasons that we can convince themselves come here so. We'll talk with a momentarily. But David Israel called at 7045701110. Glad that you did and did you or talk about her tiny house is what's your what's your take on this. Yes I'll probably get out of there Allah yes or go ahead. Alitalia. Lived out there are all the policy level wrote about just like saying 76 then. I have a wild what what are bullet there's I don't like your school work but. But I can that be in for my neighbor can inflatable bunch of money was that is that is sitting in my own property is Alabama cities but going to the middle of. I can we consulted about thirty acre flight Graham. What do you. Come wait what we've all talked about this they have no we well we knew we also we would do it. You also did you would do the tiny house idea diablo we will really look far to a little silly to prompt opry itself quite well. And any idea how much you paid for with a disease. I've not I am not giving it to him with a ton of money and look well there's there's a billionaire in the middle that probably I usually pastoral and it who would Obama are the billionaire well. Yeah I mean they don't ace who has been a ton of money. Thought I'd go right there in the middle so does that mean you think he's gonna have some flood issues. I know he's don't have the executive backfield and there's no way that they can never got it planned out turtle power. Was darkening. Port leaderboard they won't like water. I'll got you this water to stay involved athlete and I get that feel like arm out there though back in it a forties they're the dealt with the ground to ground it is fail. So yet it's because attack you can't affect tanks so. Muslim ever there was a real way the media pretty. It did you know they DC we just slightly at the moment. Would you not class play guilt or Bobby I think now. Based cellular Portland up if it is I ice up and folding it got to have a lot he's got more well. He's so I don't know what you gotta pipe dream but good luck when it. You have when you look at the house what was your gut reaction to was it was late. Holy Moly it's tied Ayers Connick cuter I'd like. Like it like a big if if if so are. Yeah it is my city of life what is something in a Malibu you know yes we will mount Taylor so much did they beat Greg deal. Yes that's kind of the the idea that I am with the news like yeah. You have coming your big Gorilla Glass was you have a flat roof or you don't flared root ball. Well it's just I think they're yelling you know they've been this much but I would love to see how I want to put. Yeah no they then the supposedly they're they're pretty quality materials that are used and in a few. Since you don't have that many many material that you have to use I guess you could put a few more bucks and do it. The individual cases. But yeah I'm like you you probably have the mounds were that thing in the not I'll be be all about it but people may right next door to somebody else and then that and that's much. Yet there won't yet be lost Libya we just played so we deflator budget Linux yeah well Florida are you not like if they have. Did have I would appreciate with a mile wide so you're much more but I don't bother me a bill. Gotcha well and maybe. He's listening. And in ago may and I need to get all that David is he's got thirty acres and I deprive glom onto. Just imagine if because he can do three per acre that you couldn't nine the house is on that 38. Illustrious me I've got about three acres. My neighbor got about. Lose my other two neighbors say that's close to what got us but Atlanta. Book also enjoy new low man on the totem poles this when his dignity it. You know. I'm you're up there and age I would love Libya. Ethnic group until you're under Bobby land out when we're in Libya won a little out. Tim floor will pupil went out the mountains and you're not used in a regular basis I'll I'll read it from the other week it's about debt. Are back David thanks for comment appreciate you know I'd take care now student here. I live in one on. They should meet this is not a full size how's it may or may not have a full size should our. As long as it has a full size toilet that's at that Debbie the only real requirement you would have would be doing Donnie the big news at. With the did toilets come a different sizes you know there are thought about that I guess they do. He's no all Chinese in the same Edgar 500 pound guy you don't want the the time you know the regulation yet. So I remember when I was a kid. Little kid and I was all proud of when finally might but filled the hole hole. That goes like a milestone in my life and a gap. Strikes there's no chance I can follow him now they fill a hole. Now I'd like to get to the point where I don't hang over the edge I think it's. The breaking back. The idea is to get Amazon to come to Charlotte. Holding anybody would argue that that would be a phenomenal thing was too little brainstorm and we come back here on WBZ. Thank you much and it was a good morning it's 1116 neither my name is Scott FitzGerald this is his eleventh yet. That it 93 for the VT Michael Jordan. He wants Amazon come out here plus a street Charlotte through the second home for Amazon headquarters. You were lettered Amazon. Dot com CEO Jefferies it was another. Urging them to consider Charlotte for the facility which would employ up to plow 50000. People. I like that idea. Other ideas we'll get to coming up Amanda tiny harms not tiny dance show though they're close you you have to be a tiny dancer and some of these timing on some good. And I think for eleventh that it probably. How firm is not the Teddy. I won't play as far as my old house is now my my statement actually look at it but you know pick it up off. I've I've been aware of the signing up for a long time as they're actually really really not. Oh yeah. I think that some people may be tiny house that is being affordable housing each. I'm not sure exactly what I thought I Hal says there are thinking it's by the affordable housing. But tiny house our luxury house or or some when he doesn't like a lot of faith they don't have to. They are at their court if you pick out any homes and I'm a better homes and garden magazine or even eight GTV magazine looked. That the houses are incredible people have made him out of a 1960. Can't hurt. And it's unbelievable. And I'm not there when someone says you know if he's been an inner part of housing. My mom they are all on their houses are very law and they are probably built for affordable housing back in 1970. But now they're silent for a 180000. More than what my husband and I paid for our eyes that are mobile. Five bedroom home. Yet now I don't as a I don't know what type of affordable housing Arab parties under the like high health says I have to neck no no. No they're not. Okay about what happened then elect like cable TV. Accurate or not he I'm at or near the ballot wise and I'm not familiar with that tiny housing Ike as pretty out there by the end starlet. That I don't think it's going to be like feet. A it's not gonna recruit. The as a demographic that was over at it's like I always tablet on the when I heard a lady began earlier that she had been. I can bring in our office maestro of the Supreme Court but it's when he was speaking she actually reminded me of the death. This housing authority. Drug infested apartment ever possibly get high and I actually made bag getting rid places like that. Is that important I think that you know. We should and Matt yes he's being tried infested because they're affordable. I think Emery mine are now could anyway. Hanging out there I think would be great and especially for like retirement. Home. But it aren't hanging help that's for affordable housing I'm not sure exactly how that that balance. Is. Can pop well I I. The term affordable housing is usually applied to move like you mentioned do or section eight. Where some sort of subsidized housing and that's not what these are going to be in this in these are not for rent these are for purchase. The smallest house that will be built in that particular neighborhood. Will be 500 square feet so for about 89000 dollars. We're going to neighbors that haven't been actually Obama ordered in county and it's Matthews where you know for our our how to market this guy lacking a great. But where exactly is that going to be felt. CE I don't think it has an actual address but it's a TO. KEY you know park west. He'll park west. And that and what west Charlotte north starlet it's a northwesterly and yeah you know Lisa northwest sure it. I think acting less than people would think that that I he would be a part of what coupled with a facilitation. But it made it sound like it and the more I think. The other trying he's changed freedom drop in U. You know. Higher demographic which may mean bill if a pop but both freedom of thought has a lot. My husband worked the government and has. His co worker who's going to be seen anything in the office now he would cut my husband he was born at my house offer freedom travel with the area. And narrow and that we would whenever there is they're studying really nice house that they'll think the location is a thank. I went to I have automatic but says that area. There's you're talking like for early don't you talk like freedom drive close to more read more yeah yeah. Hello there and you're right I mean that is edgy and that's real close to where we are here at the radio station it's going to push out you know eventually the the build out the redevelopment is going to push out there there's just no way that that pressure can be avoided. It's a matter of whether or not you wanna be the ones that urban pioneer and be the the ones that break ground first. And hope that the rest follows you but it's just a matter of time. App and I have been a half and let me Charlie is one that they cleaner cities that united we went every year I think I had never been there. It hit a fat it if it's it's 3040. And yes my second home but I would say if the thirty Fannie and I think that's Charlotte we had a clean that it we have organic but Holbrooke working not you know downtown. I think that I think that we see that and to be honest with you have a flood that happened about my house. Our home now the thing is I think now our people are bringing my home and I get back. I had that even in Panama are within the neighbor cut its credit officer coming up short but I. My cousin random moment that paper cut it will keep going keep bringing Blackberry. Oh I got there where her particularly if you want. Women you know and still resent that Amanda that that you don't like having renters in neighborhoods like having a record is their fault lies. I feel like the present because then and then now and then out Billy thank you get over the not now there are people that. Will argue with you and say that they care about the holiday and then they breath of my parents dead. But you get a lot of people who are there for the day and they don't care if they're violating weight loss they don't care that they are making a story. And you know that neighborhood you know it's not. You can't put a lot of Brenner you get a lot of turning ever and ever people don't wanna buy a house where neighbor. That you know they're voting on Paramount when our neighborhood. And they have pet a bond Hera was backed by a little pimple that has pot has put a but that I don't think that between. Without apparent why won't the other side the upper home side it was home but earning. Can separate. Bare aside from our site even though we are in the same. And so all we get Renner at bill like that that is bringing our house down. The value our house down but then I mean we've got five for a profit on unable and that people around and it's aren't. You're thinking right that I mean wouldn't. I don't that's another if that's what need to talk about how people feel about honor well. Mean it's obvious that how you feel about runners in in them. It's it's hard to separate the the idea that you just don't wanna be discriminating against people as a whole. Who need to rent. Mean if you take a look how many how many people do you know who took it in the shorts. 2002008. I knew what ton of people they ended up losing their homes they couldn't buy one. So they had to rant and they were paying you know they these are people who lost homes and head into 4300. Dollar mortgages on. And other out Randy. Would overlook it at home out where we're looking at a home that has evolved into the fire hall and the 50009 right after the aisles are. I housing market. So I completely under me. I'm talking about when battered with but anyone out there you know program we can tell that someone here you know is not he's that they heard that. You know I I think that the peace force it you know in our neighborhood I think it's age it's even more. I interview people. Rhetoric before they decide and London then. Lucian who should interview that the neighbor's. All. You don't think the owners beat then then nursed an owner if they don't care who's live and in their house then. Then they probably weren't the kind of people you wanted limiting your neighborhood either. They actually I think they aren't they live they are for your our house but the main donor list. They live in that area and they don't read they lit beside the opposite they own. And am. Week to week hopefully we can go both ways on this one here I'm Amanda I appreciate your appreciate your insight. You mean you're not the first person that I've heard say well we don't want it renders in the neighborhood just. But if they want time you were a renter before you owned a home what if everybody felt that way about you. Can't be alone the world wouldn't. So how do you feel but that's 7045711. Test affordable housing. Is liberal speak for yet more taxpayers subsidized housing. This comes from my Mac. I don't know that I necessarily agree with a you may be quote affordable housing Aspen homes you can afford to different animal all together. He was on the scene by definition of the house sells for five million dollars it's affordable since someone could afford to buy it. It is true that is true he. It's just people went right. He's fit to break him back you and call 704570. Elevenths either that was Scott FitzGerald. If you are a builder. Contractor in that world. Help me god help me understand Samantha. Gives us an email. You realize that 89000 dollars for 500 square feet. Makes payday and pawn loans look don't look like a bargain. At a 178 dollars per square foot. So help me understand does that make good about this if you build a 500 square foot home. What's the difference how much additional cost is there to make get a 600. Square foot home. There's at a certain point in time once you build a certain amount of what it is that you're building. Then it would seem like the additional the those are the marginal costs. Would drop at some point in time but then again I don't I don't know I don't know how that works. So 7045701110. If not if you can help me make some sense of that. And then the other conversation goes also to Brent cherished vs owners. I understand if you live in a neighborhood in you on your home you would much prefer to have a a homeowner next you and all around you. As opposed to a rancher. Tonight and I'm guessing that I know that there are some neighborhoods where the the covenants say that you're not allowed to be Renner used if you if you don't wanna live there anymore you got to sell. But what if you move and your houses and selling them and should you be penalized for that word doesn't it doesn't matter because. Do you sign the covenants and you know which you're getting into can't hide you're a WBT was having a. I got. A department is live. Outside about renters and owners I can tell you they're rendered. They're kind of like illegal aliens they don't have anybody invested in the property it's just. A temporary bank of him they don't take care of many saying you know they just did a very basic. Whereas an owner myself I take pride in my home. I think the appearance and the condition of my property. You know they say a rising tide lifts all boats. So if my property looks good you'll property value just went it's good looks like crap guess what your property value just went down. No I I understand what you're saying but. Ten are you creating a situation where. The Euro week and there's always going to be is day and never the Twain shall meet I understand some runners are like how you described. When when I own my home and apex when we moved to Birmingham and we held onto it and we rented him out and we rented it to. Two executives. That. Got in over their heads in there they were foreclosed on so they couldn't afford. Did they couldn't get the credit to buy a home. So you know they're paying us 2400 dollars a month to rent that house and they left it in his good or better she was a little clearer and so I don't know that we were just the exception to the rule. I think you're the exception. I know quite a few people who by Al there's basics the mud and then they ripped from. And they'll be the first set you. You know you do these background checks and credit checks and and everybody know besides dying when you go to rent they do your name that chick here. No it's the criminal record I'll bet. But they'll be the first to say you do leave little disagreement. They can't collect from the people. You know they're 34 months into it you finally go to the court system get them and they did they leave an amount of inviting you go hey I got him out. He go inside out this completely trashed. So he's been in about one dollars. They accept help back. In order to rip it to someone else who may or may not do the same thing. Can I understand what you're saying that happens I do I do get debt but if we were asked tennis. People who own a rental property. As to whether or not that that's the normal situation or word semi normal or abnormal. I don't know what the answer to would would that to be not everybody gets their homes trashed otherwise nobody would wanna own rental property. It would be too prohibitive and too much of a pain to have to deal with Tommy hi you're on WB two runners to we just Burnham all the stake. Definitely not an I guy had a match ready to go by a match ready to go after that last call. Well I'm actually a pretty unique situation because I'm rents are currently without family but I'm also a landlord. Because these house that I went and bought ten years ago right before the whole housing. Market fell apart. Yeah we just got to a point where. We knew we wanted to move. But. Were both self employed and we. Right purposeful we couldn't get a crude and get into a house not suited up Shanley. Properly so. We figured out that we can rent that house. You know what worked well for us. So just effort for the time being. We're raptors were. Yeah it's about just what we call because. Now and one renters to get into with such a broad brush like that not all like that and learn one thing I can say is. The landlord I decided. Not on my house. Under management of the company. So that they deal with. You know collecting the rent they deal live vetting our attendance saying I don't worry about all that does not. No I know I understand and you know we've got quite a few of those companies that that advertise. We're with WBT I know that that during the morning to you are blowing real solution real estate. Izzo is one of those sponsors. Maybe for the business reporter asked something along those. And goes a long way to mediate some headaches. But. I think painting renters with a broad brush is. Was inappropriate. Otherwise. Probably ten million people a knee hurts hit if you are bad news tonight. 70457011. Test let's trash some renters shall always famous pretty good one to two of them voted on seven I've him and stuff extra. So thirteen mental time the than malicious it's nineteen minutes. Soviet beginning of a book for Monday and you know it's the friars who we are prepared today. We absolutely would go all the the back and forth between court curbed. And the president. Mike Pence and the football folks domain than the others are what do it to get to hear. We were talking earlier this morning about the other tiny houses and that has led to a discussion about. Ranchers and this scourge of the earth that they are Chris hi you're WB two. Renders you a rental property what's it like. Well but it's earned an hour rants and I think you know we can speak in generalities. Which you can't speak you know you can't release that are just before the party campaign a broad brush. Figure. Somebody who's renting homes you know four to 800 dollars a month or role. You're probably gonna our higher chance of finding somebody who doesn't spektr's stop as much that you're writing. Shrewd at 3000 dollar amount property now you get straight but that doesn't mean they're not gonna get the best person government realize. Writing articles or 100 than it doesn't mean you're gonna get a winner Brad Roberts were torn at 500 there's just no black and white when it comes to these issues are right it. First seven years of my marriage and that was the sport is 600 dollar type apartments are going and I picked it up but new floor then. Think the plays try to make it clean and and fighting for my wife and young child but. There I don't feel like come in a mine. Have you ever anyway and around the Steelers are gone their do you know whether from on Beltre to mark okay the next thing you know Australia had tied up back. Is gone because there's still an open earlier stop them want to Florida. So it depends who just never know what you're gonna get until. So I rolled the dice every time. Yeah did Julius bit. But your right to say that every person who rents a 400 dollar apartment or 600 dollar house is going to be Sami. And that somebody who rents a Tony three dollars Tony 300 dollar house is going to be. You know an Angel and in line for sainthood. Now they did it there are crappy people at every income level and there are wonderful people at every income level fame member lower gas into Rolodex appreciate it. Always appreciate you joining Christmas and have a good day. Reduce their it's good to have done. Don hi here on WBT housing what's so what's your insight. Well first at bat by careful thought about here W I think. How we taught them without him rivers and everything but I didn't give you my story up bowl must tell you when you. I'll do you like how best to fight. At virtual government now turned out they had fault that held the ball largely you don't look at the big problems very. They have the hell yeah. I want the that well up with all the help but the ball he would then we'll. You can't tell the difference and let people play that you know. They turned and those up rather than it suddenly hit its ugly. It's like you Michael got called that you'd never know with you won't give up like. I look I thought well it is absolutely after. CL I agree with you. And I've seen I've seen both sides of it happened I've seen people they have rented a house out. And then they completely and totally regret it ain't gonna try to sell at hand and it. And then. Division. A stigma. Below that house for sale yet it was a rental home move you know almost as if it had leprosy were or herpes or something and I mean it what. It's gotten likely that important first of all of the carpet somebody brings a whole. Personal problem I'm appalled that you don't like what's all what. The good county register it looked up it won't halt and wait counted before. I may ultimately be here is that we all that talk about the river. You don't it all comes down to your right gather yeah they are the property on of their their name is on the do you Syria. I think he entered the once you get caught up with that that the river just go to ball was. There's not enough people but ritual god. And a lot of them the best we've Charlotte have all borders but its mission. You've got a homeowner's association that comedian. It felt bitter big fight about what you well they're not that it did it get back to like make it defaults won't give him. Yeah why no San New York City you know I don't know how many people in the city itself will own. Where they live. It's it's a large rental. Torrential city. So therefore there must be 8910 millions coming people that are ready they're shuttled. All right we're yeah we're really it is I mean. If I if I had my choice I would live in a neighborhood where everybody owns their home if you don't that would be awesome. Well that don't back ball Biden didn't doubt that that's not in the world. No I understand that that's my sex you know I deal hate blood love it but if not then you know what it's not gonna be the end of the world and like you said there there are. Our paths of recourse. Homeowners association is one that way you're meant to personally get into it because you know sometimes you cannot die you know eyeball to eyeball toe to toe with somebody. If they don't like what it is a you're saying the parties in need of a finger in your you know exactly yep. Don good stuff always appreciate you you call bag and it's on our name our right to decide you don't you do the same so. And everybody got their. Their opinions about it people. I think certain folks. And as a point any fingers at anybody that cold here today certain folks just have to have somebody. That they are better than. You know. We we called we don't want to be less than other people. Some of mr. are better at dealing with a then others some people they just cannot handle that. And some people they just can't have anybody. View them as anything other than being better than somebody else and if you're the kind of person who's up and down I just had renters. Then I would. I would encourage you were challenge you. To look back at yourself look yourself in the mirror go where's this coming from. If I had to guess is probably some sort of insecurity here's some sort of fear. Well that would be my take on things. Jerry hi here on WBT it's a great day in America Abu. Salute rather than did the you know I thought they'd be brought wedding there aren't there aren't aren't that the but it poured neighborhood it. I'll send out what to put out wanted to call it fair bet you they've they've never vote locked out. He's got to imply that these billionaires. Who let go home over the flat. Got them involved and what I'm not if you're over IP you know literally dozens about global limited speculate. All right thank Barbara hugged about what wrecked. It didn't get knocked it at all Gomez you bet big big huge ball it doesn't deploy every day you know it'd take care of all they are all. So there are that I didn't give it up that what they've brought our red hot dogs are all our whole I think they're all. And I don't even believe that favored the big doubt about it. By the upper great at problem there are. I did you enjoy your day and you that you didn't go necessarily what I thought you were gonna go to Jerry in Eilat or if they don't brought ought not let your gonna humanitarian too. Via the community that you tried so much to get away from. For community. Art so art to distance yourself from and that is the the black community where you used to live. You. Either rhetoric I have not to get the black myriad of whom he's everywhere they're not not my problem apparently. What. The body what alert level I'm not who got. No. I would I've I thought what you're gonna say is that you were tired of people that live implore all homes than they do trash it and I'm glad that you didn't. I did it for myself but I have to. Other good good good little run there you know. I'm done and I'm glad you didn't go there because. I was ready for. His rickety floor yet so Gerri appreciate jet and given us and he did an awesome day. Samir racing here how about those slum lords. Maybe it's their problem for not thinking beyond getting around checked. My intention to. Here there are administered there was some words that are out there there they don't care what the place looks like the wrongs of money comes it. And the less money they have to put into it. No matter what kind of shape it's in the the better off their quote bottom line is right. And do we all. Do we all really rent our owner homes another great email here I don't know any neighbors were the people all on their homes were all renting from the bank. That's a good point. So should we look at somebody who has a mortgage. As any less than somebody who owns her home free. Well you don't own your home free there you have it paid off mortgage like Dave Ramsey says. Menu bars coming. And I do not they want to share with you. I don't know we saw many of the world's problems today but. I don't think they got any worse. But let's movies as a result. So tomorrow going to be talking to a gentleman. Who is not done 1000 door she. And to my knowledge no he's not selling the electoral lucky vacuum cleaners and uninteresting story about how we got on that particular. And and then rain storms about Amazon how we get them to come to Charlotte how we get them to become the latest business residents. Between Sunni some of them wish you lose guys in green and figure.