Warren Smith

David Chadwick
Saturday, June 23rd
Warren Smith, Author of The One Minute Apologists joins David to talk about faith and witnessing.

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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is you talk 1110993. WBT welcome to show. In case you don't know this is the faith and values program that tries to intersect. Different issues concerns thoughts in our culture through the lenses of faith and values it's always a pleasure doing the program thank you listeners. For joining me on a weekly basis now eighteen plus years hardly seems imaginable that. I began this probe program back then but. It's been a pleasure doing all these years I have a very special friend in studio with me today a guest I knowledgeable person about. Concerns in our culture his name is. Warren Cole Smith though Warren used to be the editor of world magazine he's written a number of books but presently. He's head of the colts and send her named after Charles Colson. A formerly. Nixon's henchmen and turned the Christian apologist. Now passed on with the lord and Warren knows much not only about him but more particularly about apologetic and how to answer. Lead Christian concerns in our culture war it's great having you on the show today David it's great to be with you take you so much you know what I wanna talk to you about the colts and center first what in the world. Do you do. Well the colts center for Christian worldview she said was founded by chuck Colson. You don't Cha was McCain did a national prominence when he was with Richard Nixon he was known is wrong Richard niche Nixon's. Hatchet man. He was a bad dude back in those days he had a reputation in the he would even heard his mother in order to succeed in some way that's exactly right he would do was at an old joke about him honest and that he would run over his grandmother if it furthered the cause of Richard Nixon. And at the Watergate scandal hit he ended up going to jail. And he founded after he got out of per just before actually he went to prison he became a Christian believer a man who was led to Christ by Billy Graham. Oh really lead and hold of that yet let chuck Colson to cry so there's kind of up a legacy there I guess you could say in so he went to prison. And and just before he was gonna get out of prison one of the inmates that are said you know you feed seed lawyer types you forget us when a beer out of jail. In chuckles as a normal forget chill for future. And of some of us who know chuck Colson say that he founded. The largest prison ministry on the planet in fact just prove that got it wrong just that that was chalks temperament ever had to help him do it exactly right that part of this to permit. Was a news say witty and even after he became a Christian. Will he founded prison fellowship that and that ministers said became the largest prison ministry on the planet but about ten or fifteen years in two. Prison fellowship beasts are realizing that a lot of the broke in this that he was seeing in the prisons. Where they were they had calls as they had root causes and that broke in this was a spiritual broke in his. He was a broken this in the culture it was a broken this even in the church. And he started asks himself what is the cost of that broken it's broken it's in Winger is the church and so that's why he found that the colts once and for Christian worldview. It originally started as a radio commentary called break point about four minutes. Radio commentary do I remember that it was a kind of that chuck Colson moment of hope what I do every morning on WBT exactly ride in they grew to 12100 radio stations. Chuck passed away in 2012. John Stone street generic attacks is now the voices of the break point radio program. Were still on about 12100 radio stations but I do in the ministry about three years ago. And and now we've expanded we've got a podcast we have locals and fellows program which has about a 150 people every year. Go through that program it's a deep dive into a Christian worldview we have a robust web cited two other kinds of programs as well. The ministry is trying to take that legacy of chuckles from that that that legacy of of asking the question. Why do we have this broken this in the culture what are the spiritual roots of it and where's the church. And that's a profound question because you know I've talked a lot about the church and where the church is today and you and I both believe that the church needs to be. Not against culture and not over culture but in culture trying to transform a for the glory of. Well that's exactly right the Bible says the gates of hell. Will not prevail against the church there's no other institution that the Bible says that a pal. The church is such a powerful force if it will just be mobilized to where that is a powerful. Quoted Jesus gave that the church went to churches and in a defensive posture whirring something's going to battered and it's gates the church should be an offensive posture. Against the gates of hell battering down yet. For the glory of god and victory that we knew in Jesus himself so. Warren I'm just really curious on do you have hope for America how well you know I do have hope for America one of the things chuck used to say. Is that for the Christian. Despair. Is a sand. That we are people on Hulk. And that there is just no reason for us to be in despair. That as you said I've read the last book of the last page of the Bible god wins. That no question about it you clear and resounding victory that's right do we are in a moment sometimes. Where it seems dark but the way I look at it is you've ever if you're a fan of the lord of the ranger and windy enough to grade guys indeed he slammed the book is set. This is terrible big get off the grid the coolest guy in the book and he just die if he didn't know the rest of the stores did he comes back is standoff the Whiting school than he ever was. You might be in despair there but I think that's where we are we're in a moment but we need to keep the entire story of the Bible in mind let's talk about it Christian worldview when we come back what is that let's define it for folks and get into some of your work some of your authoring your bookie just recently written and how we can help be apart opt not living in despair but being a part of a movement that can literally transform America and the world. For our sport worn Cole Smith is my guess today I'm David Chadwick does is there's talk Clinton 993 WBT will be. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is it chocolate and hit on 93 WPP's welcome back to show. A Mike yesterday as worn Cole Smith who is. The head of the Colson center he's an author. On he's been on. A number of television and radio shows all around the world he is a noted speaker a sought after personality to give his view on different things and I'm just honored to have you on the show today warned thanks again was honored David thanks so much for me on what you alluded to the fact that down in the first segment. That a part of what the colts and center does is to help develop with in people especially leaders and those of influence. A Christian worldview. On that term is used a lot. How would you describe it define at forest repeat now yet you're right that term is used a lot in a lot of folks have different definitions Fordham backed. I think one of the problems we have our culture today is as amount we have the same. I'll vocabulary but different dictionaries to define some of this anymore it's. Not my definition of attrition will view is simply this it is having a God's IE view. Of the world you know we we use part of a bird's eye view. Well what what in God's eye view of the world what would it what would it mean if we could truly see the world from God's perspective in all of its beauty. It but also in all of its broken and it's. And I think that that helping on that having a Christian worldview. Means first and foremost understanding what the Bible says about the world. Dead dead scripture is at the very center of what a crucial mobile missiles Christian worldview and biblical world view would be interchangeable I think that to a large extent the and that is that that the Bible is show as well as is is he's been an important piece. Of the weight got reveals and so to us but the person of Jesus Christ in the is another very important way. So the incarnation. Is I believe another important part of that revelation that god. Has given to a so I think that. The a biblical world view and accretion will you vote for the most part I would say are interchangeable expression but I wouldn't wanna leave out the fact that we do have the testimony of Jesus. And I did that and the holy spirit of course that was left. Whenever Jesus. Left for us when G in for the church of Jesus went so I would say that they Christian world views encompasses all of that. And and as Christians what we ought leave mark I mean did did do. Is to. With those resources with that that revelation that god has given us. We are they enhanced the look out at the world and and to be stewards. Of this world to rightly understand the world in God's relationship of the world. And our role in the world sometimes Maceda in and we get that there's a little bit in the book restore all things that. It Christian worldview means understanding not just with what we are slaves to wrong. We're safe from hell we're slate from death we receive from Stan. Ball what do we saved fool for what is the mission that god has four eyes. Now that we have been redeem you know well how can we be a part of God's great into a full work of restoring office. Finding a quick swipe at this in this is what I try to teach on with the biblical world view at least but you're right past include Jesus culturally it is. The most important part of the story in the Bible the Bible not a rule book it's a story deals got redemptive history. Hum what I do is I try to get four words that help people understand biblical Christian worldview first is creation Genesis one and two it was greeting good perfectly every way. Genesis three the fall. The world fell apart in at a mini rebellion that they passed on us today the world became this harmonious in every way. Redemption and god began redemptive movement through Abraham before name nation of Israel the worship of the one true god giving up or lost but then. Israel failed in following god so that next step was the redemption through Jesus coming into the world the second person of the god he had died on the cross to forgive us of our sins. Gives us the gift of eternal life. But then we look for to the restoration and that's going to happen when they when Jesus returns. But that's not going to happen for a while. So our job description Dan asked people who live knowing that creation used to be perfect there's a horrific fall that explains all of the evil in the world today. Got began the redemptive story. Finished three Jesus he lives and our heart and now we have the job description if you will. To restore. Genesis one and two as best we can until that they Jesus comes back and gives up. Full restoration in his second coming. That means anything this evil we try to make good anything that is hurtful we try to make healed anything that is not the original kingdom we tended to try to make. Well so is is that too simplistic no not at all that we use that very model a great deal with a closer of those that creation fall redemption restoration model. Is one that tumbled I think very succinctly and accurately describe what that. If you say this full story of scripture them to announce it's called the meta narrative of scripture. Is all about and I find our story in that story exactly and you know and I think that that's part of of helping us. Beat people hope look at some of we'd look at what's going on in the world in the moment that we're in right now and it's easy to get discouraged. But it's important when we we often talk at the calls listen about the story and the moment. Understanding the moment you are in culturally in the context of that bigger story. That you just described. When you know the full story when you know the outcome when you know what the last page of the Bible says in that. You know god wins and that there will be this restoration of all things in that we can usually fully. Be a part of that process. It allows us to be hopeful in the sometimes. Dark moments you know warned also from the explains. The most often asked question for me at least is a pastor Weis and why suffering like death. And it's because of the fall is that second point in the biblical narrative so people asking why her earthquakes why. Tornadoes why on volcanoes erupting in Hawaii you know why tsunamis and you can explain it. Altogether infinitely in detail but you can say the fault visit our creations not operating the way it should. Why is their. Are there diseases why it is there. On paralysis why are there Lou Gehrig's disease is all over the world and the answer is our bodies are broken genetics are broken there's something happened that caused a fall amidst the beauty the world there's something that happened. And yet we believe that god is even working through those things. The ultimate evidence is the cross the most wicked and horrific death possible god used that for a restorative process to bring not only the forgiveness of our sins but the promised. On eternal life. Well I think that's right you know in in people that that talk about the problem or pain of the problem of evil as an argument against christianity. I think sometimes forget that the fall was the result of our rebellion that god was in this. That we're we're the ones negate into the temptation that's exactly right. And continue to do and continue to do so by every every day I continue to be so I'm not find every day to you whenever I want approve the doctor originals and they that I sometimes site although I have to do is look in the mirror that what I say to have children. I got up there and I four grandchildren now they're wonderful miles over the recently all for the winner Rogge president. Absolutely wore my complete attention in a phenomenally gifted they pushed them aside to get my complete attention. That disease. Of the world revolving around me is proven in child and think well that's right and. I think the deal understanding. That disease if you will of original sin that lives in all of us in in it you know in some ways you could say. In some people did you Christians all you do is focus on sent. Well I don't think that that we do I think in some ways a clear understanding of the depravity. Of man of the of an understanding of the fall. In some relations makes God's laws in God's grace. All the more precious and beautiful and rich in strong because. It helps us realized just how much god wants us that he would overlook or not overlook what that he would. Be willing to calm into the midst of this. Really horrible mess. He really have made about me yeah did they even would give one thought to a rebellious traitor like me who wants the world revolved around me who's hurt his heart so many time why we even give me a second thought much less com. And die for me to give me the gift of eternal life but he does in that. Allow that in and of itself is the measure of his love amazing grace how sweet the sound a worn Smith as my guest today were talking about his work at the colts and said we'll get to his book in just a moment. Warren as you look at this world com. Are you one that has great despair in your heart or as you will look at this world and you live and hope it gives you a sense of you know god is going to restore. Thanks well I did get a sense that god is restoring things and are that he again that allows us as Christians the jewel in the opportunity of being a part of that process shall god doesn't need us. Right god is sovereign. God is infinite god is all powerful he doesn't need to pass block he loves us so much but he allows us to participate. In the Jules. Of this restorative work so I thought for me it doesn't give me a sense of despair he gives me a sense of hope of joy and purpose. I'm and that for me is one of the reasons that I've. Write the books that deal work at the colts since and I get the biz it was you know folks like you. It's say it's a sense of just trying to share this message and be this message to the world you know I think in some ways that. They're the evangelical churches don't really well that proclaim in the creation fall and redemption story. But we need to more fully live out this rest racial let people see. By the way we live our lives that god is in the process of restoring offerings because he's in the process of restoring me. So with the church should be at hand. Racial reconciliation because that's a part of restoring the original intent that we would love one another. Not hate one of the church should be at the forefront of stopping human trafficking but calls got never intended any want to be enslaved much less for. The evil sexual purposes that some have the church to be at the head of offering clean water to those who don't have it the calls we know god created. Humans to have clean water in order to live the church should be the head of offering. Hunger programs to those who are hungry because god never intended for hunger to be apart. Of the human condition and as we work hard for those causes and many others we are restoring all things creek worn. Well I think that's exactly right the only should the church with a great news I think for the most part throughout history. The church has been there and that's one of the things that we wanna do is to help tell some of those stories to the to help people see that the church really is. Not doing is the job that he could do we should do and every case but is doing great work and. Probably more than people realize. Well I mean I hear the stories of the bad pastors priests who do awful things I always remind people. There are hundred full Moore who were faithfully. Following Jesus and restoring all things in and warm fall before we need to go to break. You've got calls together as a team he doesn't mean just to fight this battle alone and the church is that instrument. Of these places of faith in one of the in images given about the church historically is the church militant to church as an army fighting against evil let's talk about that when we return once Smith's my guest on David Chadwick this is news talk 1110993. Not. Up WBT will be right back. Yeah. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and chocolate until I'm ninety WBT. Welcome back to show a midi thanks to my sponsors first. Periods like jewelry I mean my wife and I recently celebrated. Our fortieth wedding anniversary and I went to periods in order to buy her a special present and it was really relief fund is something. Especially new for me I actually took her with me she had no clue lasted. Happy anniversary pick what you want and she did that it was just great Hadley Perry was there who gave mr. time thanks so much to for you. And your friendship through the years and your sponsorship of the she'll also moments of hope. Which is a new organization is trying to take the different things that gods allowed me to do with my books and radio and other things. On a more global perspective and I'm just so thankful for Casey Shannon executive director of that and moments of hope for what they're doing to help. Mean try to reach more people for the lord and help them understand who he is and how he can change their lives and help them Boris for all things now that even reminds me that's why have warned Smith and studio with me today. He is the head of the colts and center he's written a book entitled restoring all things fabulous book folks helps you understand really why you're here on earth. You have either of so what are so that life so what like if you does limit for yourself a so that like these you take all that god has given you. And you use it so that he can be glorified and wide can be returned to the way god richly intended warned. Thanks again for being here and your book restoring all things what motivated well a couple things motivated David first the ball in 2009 I wrote a book called a lover's quarrel with the evangelical church that we have some discussions about that we have fascinated yeah well well we have and they've been very helpful and constructive conversations at least from my point you know them from your candidate have -- you questioned the validity of the mega church in some ways and and we are mega church and I understand I get what you're asking it tried to be something different. Yeah Ali and you and you have and you are and are really appreciate your faithfulness over the years in Europe. Continued commitment to the local church in to a local community even. As your own personal lap 38. Hours yeah that's part of well that's a powerful in beautiful testimony that unfortunately is not as common as it probably should be. But it certainly is. Testimony of you're alive and I'm so grateful for it. And you know I was critical of not just the mega church and other things in the book. But I cannot call the book a lot of first quarreled that this was of a book that was hoping to be a palliative a corrective. A diagnosis of what's going on the church. But all the while I was also very aware because of course I was not outside the church I'm within the church. That many great things are happening within the church there are many faithful pastors are set for every. One pass for the go off the rails there are hundreds who were quietly in faithfully serving their congregation. And so out I wanted to tell those stories as well. So I I started speaking at summit ministries which is in manatee springs Colorado it's a world view ministry. For high school and college age kids and came in contact with a mean they're earning John Stone street with a time was on the staff of summit. He started hearing my talks I started hearing his talks and we realize that there was a lot of common ground between what we are saying. So we just wrote a book proposal for this book restoring all things John eventually became the president of the courses and and hired me. To be the vice president of mission Indians and there's a week. Now get to work together typical sustainable we wrote this book even before that happened. In that basically the ideas that we wanted to break. If you will culture into it's various components years. The arts there's education news we talked about human trafficking earlier we talked about sexuality there are many many components to our allies. If we wanted to tell stories of people that were making a difference. Within those individual areas with that probably 6070. Individuals stories. Within this book. One of the reasons that we use storytelling is a strategy is because that was Jesus strategy worked will it really does you know mark for thirty forces Jesus did not speak to the elm. Except in parables except in stories now his disciples sometimes he would pull aside and explain what those stories meant. But Jesus used storytelling. Through out his ministry. And we thought that that would be really effective strategy for us in this book to help people sort of understand. The more abstract ideas that we wanted to get across in this book. Well it's it's a fabulous idea and I really really appreciated the calls. I do think we need those encouraging stories and Jesus said you're the salt of the earth wide of the world insults and visible when is placed in the particular food that you want to ingest. That's salt is invisible but yet profound and of course. Historically is used as a preservative as well so they're just a lot of people out here. Doing this kind of work restoring broken places to God's original intent and I think it's wonderful that you tried to capture them well as to appreciate that and. You know we wanted to do depth for a couple of not only light as you say to be salt and lied in and of itself that is an end in and of itself that is worthwhile. But the thing that we wanted to get we talked about chuck Colson and chuck Colson was had he wrote in his life we will be a force and Abram piper. And others allow all off break we're talk about Eric little them in you and you mentioned that you recently watched. The movie chair yeah I via and because it was so profound and in his affect upon the nation of China and oftentimes get lost in that story. After he'd left winning the 24. Olympic 400 sprint. He then went back to China as commissioner and ultimately gave his wife this year well that's exactly right and you know David I think one of the things though that happens to us at least a guy like me. Maybe not to guys like you because you large accomplish and I would what you may be in the pantheon of those guys are hitting yourself I look had to cut back well I look at William will report search polls and I know would force I'm no chuckles I'm nowhere clinical. And you know like. These people are just everyday folks. Their folks though that debt allowed themselves to be used by god in their local communities. It's a week felt that it did it telling these kinds of stories. Rather than the story is sort of the greatness history as powerful as they are in as much as I love those stories and study those stories. That there's something about just seeing the quiet faithfulness of our neighbors. Doing work it does two things one it's as you know warm may the package going to lock. On maybe maybe if they can do this in their community. I can do something similar in my community or not something similar something that I had about got a passion for maybe different from what they've done. But something that god has called me to soak. Back to me was spot part of the the Genesis of applicable we hope will be the legacy of that book. Is that it will inspire people going to lock in communities people ask all the time you know what great thing and I do forgot it's the wrong question it's what faithful thank you forgot today and god chooses to make agreed in some ways Soviet but. A lot of people doing small were acts of kindness make a difference in a culture where that's right you know Edmund Burke the great British philosopher in dealing used to talk about later in chuckles and picked up on the situation called. And number called them little pro platoons of people Alexis de Tocqueville. And who wrote democracy in America the French nobleman who came over to the United States in the 1830s and forties to try. Figure out what was great about America won this this experiment in democracy seemed to be working here in America. Why one of the things that he discovered was that religion was important. And also that the Americans have a genius for association. Of of seeing the problem in getting their neighbors together to solve that. And it wasn't against sort of the great. Cultural senator's Washington DC and New York for today Los Angeles. That was solving the problems of the country but it was neighbors helping neighbors look neighbors motivate a mother by loving their neighbors as themselves. That even someone like Alexis de Tocqueville was able to see was part of the genius. Of the American. Experiment in democracy and I think that that's part of what it's made. Christianity in the church great from the very beginning if you know Rodney Stark for example would talk about. In the early days of christianity famous Christian historian I think yeah that's right Christian historian sociologists would write about how Christians. Would run towards the play would run towards the problem areas whenever the Romans were throwing their children. Over the city walls to let them die of exposure was secretions who go out every morning and I had to remind her and so it it's all that is always what has made christianity. Great and powerful force of culture and I guess what we're trying to say is. It is now the same as it for us give me a story now someone comes to mind particularly. That is in your book that. You really love this story character. Gimme yeah well one once story that I love is a story of an inning Jason Jones who is a filmmaker. And a pro life activist and he wanted to on the use his filmmaking skills and pro life skills. Two or pro life passion. It in conjunction so he made a movie called crescendo. About the life of the short film 5050 only fifteen minutes long but a lot of Little League bond Beethoven. And how would we not Beethoven's mother attempted to abort it. And but was unsuccessful. Attempt Ludwick on the field was ultimately war. He gave us some of the great music in history that little film has been used by pregnancy care centers around the country race. Millions of dollars for the pro line calls. And again there's just one example of one guy who had this this desire to see his vocation of filmmaking. Be used for the pro life call. Warned Smith as my guest today the book restoring all things has story after story like that folks when we come back warned let's talk about your place. In the movement of faith becoming real and America to do it again that is I think one of the great hopes in American life today and maybe chat with will be. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11109 united three WBT welcome back to the show. And he'd like to hear the show in its entirety with Warren Smith the author of restoring all things. One of the heads of the colts and center please go to WBT dot com scroll down of the weekend shows look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear the program from its beginning. Too it's in. Ward again thank you for being with me today and and it really do appreciate just wrote quote quickly for folks who may not know you do a multitude of different things talk about that. Well we have a web site at the colts consider called break point dot org. And we have probably I don't know half a million page views a month there five or six million page views. A year so there's a lot of content there. Are right I of course are wrote the book restore all things would Johnstone street who's the president of the calls a sinner but every Friday or should say most Fridays you know how that goes. Arm we also update. That restoring all things stories a lot of folks ask me worn adage you picked the six cute stories that you put in the book. In the answer is it was really. Because we had to come to me three times as many stories as we could actually fit in the book. So every Friday trying to update that and new story. We did love like Charlotte for example recently I know that you know a little about after Indy we had Casey Crawford on the show who's one of the founders of that movement. You're not only in Charlotte around the nation that's right and so we you know in because I'm here in Charlotte I'll sometimes Stella Charlotte story but. We tell stories about organization is doing great things all over the country so we do that on the web site. A dual pipe can't we do podcast called the break point podcast also there and Johnstone street not do that together sometimes the episodes reminds some positive soldier Johns. I'm as you know I worked for world magazine for a number of years when I left world magazine to come to the Colson center they asked me to continue. A podcast I was due for Vilma called listening in. Which is a long form interview program think. Fresh air with Terry Gross switches on national public radio but from a Christian perspective not always with Christian gas I've had for example Barney airmen on the program and part tempo Lowe who the son of the angels' Tony temple about who has since renounced his night also ahead David Chadwick on the program as well. You've got desperate that we remember it was a great interview and I'll going to come on the show David loved having you on the program so leisure I do that podcasts for world and we will sometimes. Use some of the audio for them on the break point podcasts as well well it's fabulous and you're reaching tens of thousands of people with them I've actually listen several podcasting in a couple institute. Particularly interesting because they were folks who did not shear your particular view on homosexuality. Or something like that. And you were very gracious. And speak there mind and you did not put them down and I think that's why they felt comfortable coming on the show -- -- all those who might be interested to listen to podcasts well I appreciate that so it's you know it's sometimes easier to get people who agree with the you to calm on the program and I'm I'm kinda like in with you I of the folks that disagree or sometimes the ones that. I think a more challenging him more interesting and for me actually more fun today where you treat them respectfully and I think that's why they go on the show with human and that's one of the reasons why enjoyed listening to it. Which leads to my question out one we've never lived in a more divided society I'd never seen the anchor. More like it is today the new wants of the inability avenue once in conversations is astounding to me on wears America's head it. Well it's a great question one. Of the things that I can tell you is that again in that in that context of what we were talking met earlier David did that you know this there's the story and the moment. And that we as Christians need to keep the story in mind and we need to understand they guide is up to something here god is sovereign. I'm god calls us to beat people hope. In even in the darkest moment. That does not negate what we know is alternately going to be the outcome of this story. So I would and advised Christians and especially American Christians in this. Political and historical context to not forget who we all are to not forget who are fob at risk to not forget whose family we belong to. And that we should treat people with love and compassion and civility. Even in the midst of this. Dark in divisive moment because this moment will passed an hour testimony will be remembered the way we'd be saved. In this moment will be remembered and I think it's important that we remember that as well. I'm finding it curious in our country today that there is a repeated attempt. Not just to put conservatives. And especially conservative Christians down. But not even allow them to speak there is an attempt to silence their voice which is stupid from my perspective for those who are trying to do it the cost. All you're doing is forcing those angry thoughts that are within people to bubbled down deep within and at some point that's the seed bed of revolution. And so I wanna encourage all Christians to. Continue to speak their minds but to do so with civility like you said with love with respect for the other person and I believe at the end of the day truth. When you I'd absolutely do and you know it is an odd moment though because it did one of the things that we see in restoring all things is that there were a lot of reworked in the Bible. Works like restore like regenerate like redeem world war read to mean he has a great as well but there were also works like resistance reject in the Bible as well and I think it takes disarmament sometimes for Christians to understand in the moment. Whether we are in them in a place where we should be resisting. War redeeming with that we should be. Rejecting. Or attempting to reached the war and I think that that is. In March or why we want to. Develop on the tour and disarming Christian worldview to help us how to be that know how to be aid in the asthma so it's okay for Christians to push back when they feel like they're being wrongly accused absolutely I think it is that they you know one that we asked for questions in restoring all things one of them is. What is good in our culture that we can promote. What is missing in our culture that we can creatively contribute. What is evil in our culture that we can stock in what is broken in our culture that we can restore. That third question what is evil that we can stop I think is what gives us one ices. To push back on the darkness and to do things that. That will. On cause people to say wait a minute. Maybe we need to go a different. Directly innately he's continued down that path it's destructive is just not going to be good at what was it admin for you alluded to him earlier news at all it takes for evil prosperous for good men to do nothing that's exactly rats and other great and number quote so I think that in part one of the things one of the vocations that we as Christians have. In this culture is to stand against evil but I think that we need to do so in a way that is restored to be you know Michelangelo. And we quote him in the books and what our criticize create something beautiful so I think one of the things that we as Christians always have to do. Is to provide a good true and beautiful. Additive to what we see broken in the culture where we're getting near the end of the show Warner wanna make sure you have a chance to plug the book again and give people an idea how they can get it. Well the book it can be found on Amazon it's a published Bob Baker so you can go to the baker web site. I'll also of course at the break point website we have a bookstore on line at the Colson center where are our website is Brightpoint dot or can just click the store. Button at the top of the page would also mentioned it when you go to break point dot org I've been restoring all things and you will see the columns and I've been doing. Most Fridays now for the since the first of the year to an update. Some of the stories that are in the and the stories again rule quickly this story's touched people's lives and well I think stories. Give provide context. And and a flash if you will. Too abstract ideas some delta speaking to kids sites that put the mathematical symbol hi on the wall. And I asked him to memorize tied at 100 guests and what's and they just laugh at me but when asked them what their telephone number is or what their Berkeley was or whatever they remember those numbers because there's a story and coaches context and I think that's what stories do they help us to remember abstract ideals. Thanks for writing the stories restoring all things as the book Warren Smith is one of the authors gated folks and be encouraged that there is hope in our world today. Let me in the show like I do always hey everyone loved god with all your heart soul mind and might and love your neighbor as yourself if you'll just do those two things lifetime's worth of work to do I'm David Chadwick I'll talk with you all next week.