Wasteful Spending, Wrong Number Mix-Up, and Political Kumbaya

John Hancock
Thursday, September 7th

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Yeah. This is John Hancock. Why you go about your basic cup before the storm. Weather could not be nicer. You know where we are right now. I even heard somebody or make reference on the morning shows that they need to go back in the house and get a heavier jacket. Sweeney's. Beautiful outside but. All eyes are on Irma. And now by the time we get to a Monday. And then asked for a timetable. But in place from my guess mid day Monday up and told. Sometime later on Tuesday. Will be feeling our own effects of Irma. I and watch what's going on in Florida right now I don't watch what's going on in Georgia right now they've. They drugged and a mandatory evacuation order free of folks down in Savannah city among pretty familiar with. And they have been told to us start to evacuate by Saturday morning. Ordered to leave starting a Saturday. Down in Jacksonville which are used to call home a day basically are telling people they are you might wanna get out now and avoid the traffic. Well that lived too late. Tom. Because the traffic is according to boomer and we'll ask you about this just second but the traffic is already. Stacked up in Georgia big time. While we also may talk to a joke Gillespie's brother who is named a chock. Purely an old radio dug himself. And he's from Titusville. And he's down around the Savannah area and they're not moving. Why he thought he'd be at Charlotte by 6 o'clock tonight he's not going to be as Charles lesser spot tonight so the evacuations began another the other part of that is. Can't imagine the sense of frustration must be going on and some are so many people. People are trying to evacuate as ordered. But there are fuel shortages. Everywhere. And they're asking people love it I think the governor of Florida Rick Scott said day use gas buddy which is a map that would tell you were gases. But I would assume as soon as. You find out that some places got gas so everybody else will find out the same time and aren't. So there are out tanker trucks that are headed down. They're destined go relax federal regulations and all that other stuff and there are tanker trucks that are headed down into a Florida. He had gas down there are being escorted by a highway patrolman. And people that are trying to evacuate are currently stuck in lines at gas stations waiting for gas to arrive. So Juan. I feel kind of guilty hang it out here and seventy some odd degree weather with the sunshine and well will get hours but not to the impact I don't believe that. That don't Florida no and no South Carolina and Georgia and I mean if he projected path. And that's still pretty iffy but if the projected path goes to what it says it'll come addition Cummins someplace what between Savannah. It hit Miami. And then it all out come up but through Florida or come up through the coast of Florida senator probably should reemerge they're thinking goes someplace between say Savannah and Charleston. So Myrtle Beach is going to be. Susceptible to all of sunset ocean all that. Arm. So it's Alyssa that no one thing story haven't heard and I assume other than. No the Brazilian air Branson. Who is in the Caribbean got his story around your someplace. And he he announced a what is purely was it was gonna bad down match Richard Branson. Then he he's got a little island. Because when you have so much money you don't know what to do with the Q do you buy yourself an island. So he promised to ride out hurricane arm on his private island in the Caribbean and he did just that. And has said that he and his crew made it through the night safely on neck her NEC KER Ireland 74 acre retreat in the British Virgin Islands. He said we took shelter from the strongest hurricane ever inside a concrete to us seller there's a wine cellar. I didn't get locked up and and I'm sure it's filled with all the finest Boone's farm. Bad dog. Probably a couple of pretty good bottles down there. And he said they were very very fortunate that the Arabic countries seller held everything. But he says category five Irma was unlike any stormy day encounters. And he says the whole area has been just completely and of utterly devastated his side apparently was there with him among others. And he confirmed earlier today everybody's okay but he said glad to say all humans on neck or are okay although a lot of buildings are destroyed. Very concerned for our friends and everybody on the neighboring islands enough people and his staff. So mom. I have an other than that I ever heard a lot of stories of people that are pretty much saying I'm not leave and I think that people understand that this is a storm without peer. And and they're being told to evacuate and they are and that's cause and problems within its own right so long. So that'll be the continuing story will tell you more about what we know. As is it when we come back and a couple of seconds and know what it all means for us I don't think they exactly know. But will be experiencing it on Monday. I'll probably mid day and after I and sometime into Tuesday. And for the most part it looks like that wool we'll have some pretty heavy rainfall. Five inches maybe they neighborhood of I yeah I hesitate to be specific committee ring regard because I don't think you can bees no specific there's also some reports that this thing could get up to do about or we are and then just decide to kind of stall. And so that would be more rain but where I'm just gonna be via a factor with wind gusts going higher fifty miles an hour forty miles an hour. And 225 mile per hour winds which can cause its own damage and so we could experience not only some. Substantial rainfall and no prolonged winds but obviously. Uprooted trees and power outages and so we're we may be headed for our own big news story but right now beautiful another Carolina seventy some odd degree is as we watch Florida and Georgia and no South Carolina. Of Actuate. As our money is on her way. I don't Travis there we go brought you my personal Florida 77 actually torn dream boomer I'm cannon talked to me again where you came in the studio but two minutes ago. And traffic. Like backed up through Georgia you say I mean like Allstate unreal coming up from I'd just north of West Palm Beach. And the Florida turnpike up to high 75 that takes more do you ought to Atlanta or towards Atlanta. And it's packed this afternoon. We've got to just jam packed Joseph Gillespie are news guy his Brothers stuck down there or someplace around Savannah. And he was thinking that they don't get to Charlotte by about 6 o'clock tonight mind he's not gonna make Charlotte the 6 o'clock tonight we're gonna talk to him a couple of seconds and and find out if there's. We were speculating maybe there should be a food tray and entrepreneur food truck down there somewhere is no longer be seen in the fifth ahead of her truck to be part of a close of the interstate for the next couple of days yeah although not too close doesn't it president things that if you break down or something they're probably gonna haul your car pretty quick no. Crouch down and then there's the gas issue to sort of man. Yeah when gas thing is people that are trying to evacuate but can't because they don't have any gas and they're sitting in line at a gas station that they're waiting for gas that's got to be the the peak of frustration I can't imagine how many are afraid to get out aligned and for fear that if you you know they say use gas buddy which is an have to find gas but if you do that and you get over there and find out everybody else got their before you than you lost your place in line I mean it's got to be. Frustration levels going to be through the ceiling there's going to be there's got to be about the you have to state of Florida is on the road right now is unreal down there just unreal job man. Everybody everybody be careful out there and maintains some of patience and composure enough. A hotel rooms rock kill it no Charlottesville and how fast it rock killers Tilden Charlotte is a pretty close wow. Wow man. Here we go here we go right. So just just. Let's wandered down the road towards Savannah Georgia where we have find chuckle as for you is the brother of our I news guy Joseph Gillespie who is a trying to get his way Jewish Charlotte. I thought I understanding is that he would arrive here about 6 o'clock tonight and he's a found out that's probably not gonna happen chuck welcome to WBT how are you. I it's a pleasure and honor I'm an old broadcaster myself but it's it's an honor to be part of these callers herb for a few minutes here. He says journal radio dog were around where where where were warrior call letters. I'll fight all over the country are working California and in Florida and Ohio and West Virginia. I yeah I got out of it went into television I'm also meteorologist and that's what I did first. Tony years in the midwest mainly in Columbus, Ohio and living in Florida since last year and I've decided to drive up. And it was it was coincidental with the hurricane I I'm I'm doing some work. I'm a performer now I'm doing work and Columbus, Ohio. Our next week and saw it was coming up now to the to see people and see them for the weekend and hot and I was gonna wait till 10 o'clock. But I knew last night and I live in Titusville legitimate space coast right there Cape Canaveral. I knew last night at probably should've left but I didn't. When I waited until 7:30 this morning which was still several hours ahead of what I had planned to leave and the traffic has been in chi just. Terrible. Major delays all along I 95. All the way all the way up now I'm north of Savannah but I'm still. A pretty good peach and 26 just got out of there at seventy minute delay. It's the kind of day when you're driving when you're able to get up to seventy miles an hour and so there and then all of a sudden. Everybody's breaking and you don't know why and you may never know why annual growth to a ten or fifteen minutes or twenty minute delay. And then it'll continue and that's been the case and 7:30 this morning it's good. Rather harrowing and I am I wish I'd gotten there earlier but it looks like I'm going to be 7 o'clock now or beyond before I get to your beautiful city. Rabbi had that now somebody who has I had a son lived in a Savannah for a good long while low assumed I had 95 and 26 got to do that on a new on a natural Dave and I assume you're seeing nothing but Florida license plates right now. Well you're exactly right essentially the occasional georgians that. Right now it is our folks like me I stopped and got a little bit of lunch. Oh laid back on hour plus ago two hours ago and when I don't stop I wished peering at speeds and don't conversation of people talking about coming back medication. Or they're leading their Condo in Fort Lauderdale. And not getting up to the Carolinas somewhere to visit relatives or to Georgia. Yeah. That may be the amount of evacuation. I've never been a party to and it may be more about situation in the state of Florida has ever had. For something that could be the most catastrophic hurricane. They've ever. Really it's fear factor that's rippled through the state governor Scott. Going on TV and radio every several hours to basically tell people. To evacuate now if you're in the zones in the Jones owns continue to go further north you would just mentioning that they are something like eleven million people. Between Miami Dade and and West Palm Beach. And it's never we've never had a storm of that size go over that kind of population based. So who knows what really happened and what happened when I get back comb shortly I'm going to be you know I'll. Well over a week so maybe they'll be some essential repair or I haven't gone far enough north that we may miss the rough stuff but nobody really knows. We just mentioned a few moments ago that I don't we're not hearing and maybe we're just aren't hearing and yet but we're not here in the stories of the people are saying no I labor and this this seems like to have people were taken the storm pretty seriously as a meteorologist. You've never seen a hurricane like this before have now. No I'm back I'm hunter I moved to Florida last year when the hurricane came in and damaged up Daytona Beach and they were very careful of a direction that's. Not not to park where I was living. Ed but I I have never been anywhere other circumstances that. I mean I've been in trailers that are years ago or radio got that got a rocket by tornadoes nearby and now thinks like that app and I've seen it's terrible snowballed out west man lived out there and people admit dynamite roads to get clearance to get people through but this kind of natural. Disaster a natural catastrophe. Is similar to the typhoons that we have always heard about in the Philippines. In didn't. The Pacific. Where unfortunately. Hundreds if not thousands of people are displaced in and and lose why the displacement of will be there. Billions and billions of dollars potentially more from the federal government why upbeat confident Florida like they did at Texas and unfortunately there is a cat three hurricane that is just today hitting the island Barbuda which was almost destroyed lawn in the eastern Antilles and that's heading west. And that could be a double shot. You're eight lease in the Caribbean and maybe in the Florida. And he's double. Have you since you left Titusville have you stopped for gas everything. Ot know I filled up last night late and I haven't stopped for gas yeah I just stopped for my burger and quickly got in the car and came it came at a I hit it by simply compounds for Bucky. But I Barack third and the wife I thought I should do that you dive in the big gun country. But it but I you know. Iraq I want to get out I'm ready to get to Ohio where it. Seventy degrees and not ninety. And and unfortunately I watched the rest of the world supper especially in the southern part of country which. This is going to be a major attach it to an aspect that the state as long if not longer than what happened in east Texas. And it could be years before. Reconstruction if it goes that is it could. You'll feel guilty when you get to Charlotte were like 75 degrees so with no humidity right now I mean it's absolutely beautiful and and you do you kind of feel guilty because I know pierce people which we talked about the frustration level down their of people trying to evacuate. But there is some of them are still stuck in lines waiting for gas to arrive I mean not just got to be it just beyond your wits. Well global water cleared out and the breadth and the Pampers. And the toilet paper it seems like whenever a natural disaster people really good about it more so that's all been cleared out of the stores there was several basic and now we now will they be able to get the trucks to reach until we stock those shelves. And the gasoline food lions I saw them last night. Today they are blocks and blocks long. And we are still two days away from landfall in the Florida. I can't imagine how it'll be right before then and what kind of late scramble there will be there are people you mentioned earlier who are hunkering down. And think they're gonna just. Lived through it if they don't go out mandatory early you're in a mandatory that. Some of them are local government the state governments has no responsibility. And after all and it basically told them as such. I check less trees the son of our our the sun the brother of our own Joseph Gillespie safe travels to you and no thanks your time appreciate it. Thank you look at Florida city lighter but very much. Irma. Use the word of the day. The four letter word of event. Up Florida gasoline supplies we were talking about this have slowed to a trickle so you've got people that are trying to evacuate as ordered. Anderson a lines long lines at gas stations who currently have no fuel. And death death to the Florida governor Rick Scott said at a news conference at the State's gas situation is his top priority right now because people can evacuate if they can't. If they don't have transportation out. So the governor as asked the federal government including the Environmental Protection Agency in the White House to waive restrictions and get as much fuel to Florida as possible. Before Irma nearest. And then once fuel arrives in Florida. I'm Scott said that the other priority is to make sure they get in the gas stations so they got the Florida Highway Patrol out escorting gasoline trucks to drive fuel pumps. Across the state. And then those trucks and in turn turn around. And come back where they can be reloaded and don't back down again. But they're gonna get caught in the traffic coming back up just like everybody else's. I Scott also recommended that people use gas buddy which is a map to find stations are still have gas. And they asked people. To only take the fuel that you need. Now what are we just learned the Q do you Wear on mineral road. In Matthews. Is. Winds. So. I've been native we have any problems with fuel here and it's going to be because everybody is gonna top off their tax. Which you probably don't have to do supply here on my understanding is sly and the prices may be a little steep for what you're used to but. But people won't do that people are gonna I decide that I I don't know if they'll do that in Florida either but the governor down in Florida say and just take only what I don't fuel you knew it I guess it depends on warrior. Richard evacuation plan is a man and we're going. I even as they're current models show the storm are going along Florida's East Coast to Scott said that the you know West Coast will still have hurricane conditions he talks about the size of the storm it's huge. So regardless of what coast you live on you should be prepared to evacuate. Mom this is gonna impact Florida Saturday Sunday. And it'll have impacts beyond South Florida. In fact it may tracked a north along me a Georgia South Carolina coast. And depending on which model you look at in the European model is usually the most. But as you the most accurate of the last one I saw I had it coming in someplace between Savannah and I Charleston. Now what is expected here are well the Charlotte region. Prepare for high winds and and three to five inches of rain. I early next week Monday. And and I asked her as specific as we're gonna meeting about this. 'cause I was led to believe later on Monday. But I would say probably mid day Monday according to what I heard on Scott FitzGerald showed nine to noon on WBT. And any place from. You know noon ish. On. Will be feeling whatever effects from Burma we are in store for. The ultimate track is still far from certain so nobody can tell you with any assurance exactly what's gonna happen they hurricane center extends the cone just. It's a potential path across South Carolina and into western North Carolina. Those impacts will most likely be felt. In it and in South Carolina on Sunday. And and then we'll start to see rain on Monday and Tuesday. I'm governor Cooper has declared a state of emergency for hurricane or month. I declare these stayed in advance of our hurricane Herman as it approaches. Just this general region they're saying prepare for three to five inches of rain. Higher amounts possible depending on the storm's track. It'll I'll probably be downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it gets to us on Monday. But it's the winds are what we're gonna have to deal with potentially damaging winds and then you add the three to five inches of rain and tornadoes could also be possible. And Duke Energy is just issued a statement saying that they are. I'm getting their collective act together to deal with power outages and whatever the storm may bring to us. Charlotte has an 80% chance of rain on Monday and a 60% chance on Tuesday. And I would assume that going now from Monday night into Tuesday morning could be the most crucial time that we have. Oh Al Conklin down mistreated WB TV or down the hall at WB TV wrote earlier today the rain with increasing wind is expected to begin on a Monday. He says in a worst case scenario. With the center of Irma passing by to the west to the region we could see three to five inches of snow of our rain. And no wind gusts 48 of sixty miles per hour and significant power outages and so that's the wind. As much as the rain although the rain is gonna bring flooding three to five inches and a lot of rain. Oz so that would bring flooding but power outages is. Where we're just all cross our fingers that that's not a huge story. That we are that we're dealing with so when we get into a later Monday but it's it's sick it's come and it's it's on its way. Now. All this talk about hurricanes and her mom and lawn is right on its heels out of the Caribbean. So islands that have just gotten over Irma are now gonna have to deal with one. So that is. Now we just dirt for mr. Gillespie. John Gillespie. Who we just talked to who is stuck in traffic down their heading towards 46 coming out of Savannah. The double whammy theory Irma and an oak lawn. Com. In Washington DC. Apparently. Hell has frozen over. Because the president is now referring to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer has chuck and Nancy. His newfound friends. Because last night. Trump's done. Congressional Republicans. When he rejected their proposals on extending government funding and raise the debt ceiling as well as arguments from his own Treasury Secretary. And had to deal with the Democrats for a three month extension to keep the government funded and raised the debt limit. With hurricane Harvey relief included in that agreement. And now there's a story out today. That they that that does this come by ossetian with that chuck and Nancy. May even go farther than that that the across the aisle deal making is poised to continue. And that they may have actually reached a quote unquote gentlemen's agreement. To explore the idea of permanently eliminating the need for congress to have to approve increases. In a debt ceiling which always gets super political. And it was something that I think Nancy Pelosi had speculated on. Years ago. That. Has anybody ever thought about just eliminating this vote. And down. So that's what's going on in Washington right now we'll talk about that a little more just a second prevents those. Who would've thought. And then trump today just said to the dreamers and barely Nancy Pelosi asked trump. If he wouldn't tweak some sort of assurance to the so called dreamers that they didn't face immediate. Deportation. And so trump did just that. And said for all you ought to vote for all of those hood and deck out. We are concerned about your status during the six month period you have nothing to worry about no action. So could buy up. Donald. Jock. And Nancy. Sounds like a bad cartoon hadn't. And maybe it is putters built for bridge traffic I 77 as a tornado breeders' boomer on candidate John think about it we've had this now they're good to group hug. Where the president and the Democrats now and we've had two major hurricanes. Ever since that Dag gum eclipse. If that's what did it right. Do you think that's this eclipse yeah that's what started and we just thought it was scenic beauty we had no idea that it was a basically get a reassured the shape theater either universe we just thought it was nature naw man. Houston clips I'll be darned. How about that bad next thing you know we'll be number one of the market. All of it actually reach out coming slowly made that are okay I'm getting a good you don't order that OK you can actually you can probably get on pretty cheap right now albeit slow up and Florence like could I find somebody without insurance or rather rural property we're going to deal with. If that does code I don't reply called neighborhood lender that sure that the best bet that hello my dad. So all eyes on her mouth. This point we expected to be a rain and wind event which could lead to power outages flooding on no Monday will be on top of the with the news starting early on Monday and everybody on top of this all day long into the night and I will be live on. Monday night is so well enough through the night hours solo. And there are meetings and contingencies and all sorts of things happen behind the scenes truck promise you the station willow performance you're expected to unknown situations. That occur like this. I president trump has stunned congressional Republicans. They did this yesterday when he rejected their proposals on extending their government funding and raising the debt and down. I had any any kind of went against his own Treasury Secretary as well but anyway kind of deal with the Democrats for a three month extension. Two lucky to government funded and raise the debt limit. And with hurricane RBR relief included a net agreement. An hour before they have this meeting in the Oval Office Paul Ryan is out there rejecting the democrats' proposal as quote unquote ridiculous and disgraceful. And not claim that they were playing politics though with Paul Harvey had like not know what they're not all playing politics. And down. And then an hour later they are president comes up with a deal. With. We with Charles Schumer. Who want trumpets mocking lake called Chuck Schumer fake tears Schumer. When he got emotional or early this year when he was talking about Trump's travel ban. And and also in on the deal is the us senate manager minority leader. At our bed that's jock and a nice House Minority Leader. I'm Nancy Pelosi. And he refers to them as chuck and Nancy. Why else officials argued that putting off the issue until December allowed congress to want to focus now on tax reform which which trump wants to get done. I think it's kind of a message should the Republicans about you know what you guys haven't been able to get anything done. So let me get some stuff done. I think it's kind of a shot across the bow from the president the as snubs his own party's leaders comes after he'd attacked fellow Republicans last month including Mitch McConnell. For the failure to get anything done like repeal obamacare. McConnell later tried to put the best line on what trumpet done they've been doing that on TV all day long today it's been pretty amusing to watch Paul Ryan to. But McConnell told reporters the president could speak for himself but his feeling was we need to come together or not create a picture of divisive miss at a time of genuine national crisis. And that was the rationale. Close quote. Schumer also put a spin on it said today was a good day and age generally partisan town. Tom. Not all Republicans are giddy about this are not facing the cameras acting like they're happy about this. Senator Bob SaaS treated the Pelosi Schumer trump deal is bad. And mark meadows representative. Chairman of the conservative very conservative house freedom caucus said hopefully will realize that negotiating with the Democrats doesn't normally produce outstanding results. But I think they've all proven that not negotiating. At all hasn't really from. Audit committee any. Hate mail from my Scott Cooper. How did very Charlotte motor speedway. I mean just god so I ever even read yet I've just seen the headlines speed wade opened campground for evacuees Friday. At just 7 AM. In conjunction with preparations for the September 15 through seventeenth NH RA Carolina national Charlotte motor speedway will open its rock city campground beginning at the 7 AM Friday morning for evacuees headed north. Or and one from hurricane Irma. Severe weather in the forecast other southeastern states combinations will be available as long as possible prior to potential landfall evacuees should go to excess rock city campground off through no Smith boulevard through entrance number two are skew entrance Z. And will have access to a bathhouse facilities and those speedway property and know stuff like that so well that day announcement just came around. We were talking a couple of seconds ago about the new found and a friendship between. Donald chuck and Nancy. Donald Trump. Charles Schumer. And Nancy Pelosi. Well as a dinner party I would more spiritual. I love like it's an extra money. And it armed. So they that they come up with a come by us I sure know yesterday and and and surprised a fellow Republicans with this. With this extend the debt deal. And as a surprise to Democrats to across the aisle deal making it. Then that they say that business could lead to an even more. That they are may have reached a gentleman's agreement to explore the idea of permanently eliminating the need for congress to approve increases in the debt ceiling. Politico reports that trump seems pretty thrilled with the general positive media outrage our coverage for his outreach with Schumer and Pelosi. I think it's a message to Republicans in congress you haven't gotten anything done. I will. The Schumer test data southern like this explains MPR if you are Republican and Chuck Schumer is happy. Then it's likely not a good day. And Schumer is beaming today. And that has Republicans leery this is according to NPR trumps cozy reference to Chaka Nancy. Didn't really help. Tom if Peter color if Peter called and check in Nancy and a week ago it would have been sarcasm. So deep in disdain that you would have known what to do it. Mike Allen and natsios says the irony of this CC's Wednesday's development as a seminal moment for GOP leaders in congress who watched in person is told derailed their own strategy. And says it's now possible that's Trump's biggest legislative wins this year won't be more spending and raising the debt cap the exact opposite of what Tea Party Republicans. Came to DC to do. We grow we dark about the debt Tampa Bay and a national day yesterday. Nobody's got the political guts to do anything about that. It BJ would be did it would be too painful. And it would be political suicide. Because world what about me nation. Com. Speaking of the debt limit idea are congress routinely asked to raise the debt limit which puts a cap on how much the government can borrow. So they can pay the nation. Spills. In the problem is that those votes are always. Political. And and that can cause panic among investors. Mrs. earlier according to the New York Post know the Washington Post. So odd trump himself has suggested has anybody ever thought of eliminating this vote. And and and Pelosi further hill said well wolf wolf. We will we'll take it back to our caucus. So there's a reported Politico the says Schumer was the one to broached the idea to the president said today let's do what. This is this is just. Insane. I and how speaker Paul Ryan threw a cold water on the idea. But. Paul Ryan was out there talking five minutes before eight the president made the compromise with the Democrats yesterday about how insane then and there were politicizing. And does that the other and just had a rug pulled right out from underneath him. But Paul Ryan and said did today I won't get into a private conversation that we had referring to the president. But I think there is a legitimate role for the power of the purse an article one powers and that's something we need to defend here in congress. So. That that that article of the constitution essentially gives congress control over the US purse strings don't by the way and a so we'll see or all of that goes but it seems to me like the president kind of fired a shot over the bow to his fellow Republicans yesterday like McConnell and know Ryan both considered dead. If you guys can't get anything done. I will now all of them are local anybody out. You better watch the debate on channel three last night with Jennifer Roberts. And vial Lyles and jolt forward. And and Kenny Smith is the beaver. This Katie Smith came out and not answered essentially. At least subject matter the same questions that have been asked to the three candidates. But there was nobody there or. Not even Smart. Traditional. White chick. Change Sheila Jordan out there that saw a case Smith was that I have the Florida himself during his part of the so called debate. On an and he is going to be the Republican. Nominee does so coming out of the primaries which are next Tuesday. But is there a chance in. Bit Jennifer Roberts loses that because she's bred for whatever you think cover our don't think cover leadership will not leadership for. She's pretty well connected she plays a political game pretty well. And the people that are loyalty Jennifer. Are probably gonna get off their tails and go out and vote if they haven't already was early voting. I thought it was pretty interesting jolt forward took a pretty aggressive stance against the mayor on several occasions via Lyles. Some took a couple of shots that are Robertson and rob. Ers. Basically you know they were questioning her leadership. And and she essentially said. Better leadership shouldn't be in question are those are my words not hers. Under her leadership is in question. She did throw the police chief under the bus during the riots. Her leadership is in question for leadership was in question before she ever became mayor of Charlotte when she got jettisoned off the county commission because of her. Lack of leadership. Seoul we were talking about this on our our podcast which will be up it to WBT dot com most soon. And I'm just not so sure that I believe that or Jennifer Roberts arm. Is gonna lose this thing I acting Jules Ford and and what we've learned about Jimenez business sense. Not as a legislator. But as a private businessman. His setbacks there I don't think. Work well for his credibility. And vile Lyles is probably to me the most viable candidate although I'm not a Democrat but I don't you give an herb. Long term government X experience and having have been India area of finance. But I'm not so sure that a lot of the people there walking into the polls really know all that about by Lyles. So I think she's got a little bit of a recognition problem. And Jennifer Roberts she won't pull all the people that she will pull together to support her and they won't go out and supporter and they will show up at the polls and and and she for better or for worse leadership or no leadership she she understands the world politics and she puts together a pretty good dip. A political director of his revised GR keeps on bouncing back. Roberts raised it to recent votes that Lyles had Denham taken as a council member. Related to affordable housing I thought this was an inching part of the debate last night. Because Lyles opposed that plan by the Republican Ed dregs and our Jewish Ed dregs Louis. And I don't mean that in day in any kind of away disparaging to a Kenny Smith of all I can restrict tube but. I mean you have a real choice Republicans if you had Ed dregs who. I think well a lot of respect recently he's the one that said let's use that hotel motel tax to pay for the improvements to bow jingles. And then we can take the eighteen million dollars at that frees up and put that towards affordable housing. Which is what they promised the community when we got out of the riots last year. And done via wiles voted against that and Roberts brought that up. But it was kinda uninteresting to me that bylaws are the dar Roberts as the mayor she doesn't vote on now. So and she didn't she didn't relate. Come out to her fellow council members and I'm in courage them. To our capacity at dregs steel and in fact after it was all over where it. She demoted him to a lesser committee. She said that that was an out retribution but. I think an awful lot of people think it was a US admission to bail last night. And amusing to see early voting continues through the ninth and then numb. The primaries are next Tuesday and if I nobody gets 40% of the vote and we got our run off and October. So who's it going to be running for mayor it'll be somebody against Kenny Smith. Jennifer Roberts. Really. Irma. About the new found their friendship. You dream chuck and Nancy you know. Or North Korea for a couple of seconds the or most recent nuclear test produced an explosion they say ten times larger than the blast from the bomb bomb dropped over Hiroshima and none 1945. I North Korea says that Sunday's explosion came from a hydrogen bomb capable of fitting on an Intercontinental ballistic missile. Which would represent they are pretty significant advance in the nuclear program. The explosion with the North Korea's sixth nuclear tests since 2006. The largest yet. And and China according to the Wall Street Journal today. North Korea has kind of put China in a difficult spot. With its latest nuclear test. And that's spot could get a little bit more difficult if radioactive contamination suddenly starts to turn up in China. Because this this test was only about fifty miles from the China border and about that the other day. I don't know nuclear arsenal I don't know how all that necessarily works but. And an actual wasn't thinking about that angle. I was thinking about if Fortis somebody nukes in North Korea would not fair or it would not that affect China. Wall Street Journal this morning says that China is stepping up its radiation monitoring. I in the wake of the nuclear test from last weekend. And and a more than 100 million people live in the three Chinese provinces is that provinces that are closest to North Korea. And that China is. According to the Wall Street Journal. Worried about nuclear fallout that could lead to massive public outcry and and forces to take a tougher stance against North Korea. Which haven't and so far the Chinese president told president trump over the phone Wednesday yesterday. That the solution to the North Korean nuclear crisis must lie in peaceful talks. But North Korea. It has repeatedly done that this nuclear stuff that the nuclear tests. And and that may be weakening China's position on all of that. So numb and I can't imagine us not seen as somewhat of an insult to China. So that's also a quote from an international politics. Professor in China tells NBC news regarding the latest nuclear tax there are other experts say China's kind of frustrated. And maybe even embarrassed. That North Korea's nuclear test is forcing it into a conflict with the United States. And making people question its ability to our control North Korean car and all of that not official but. But that's what the Wall Street Journal reported today meter reports in a China indicate that its leadership made. And that may be the biggest word in this story may be opening a two way a new solution in regards to our North Korea itself. Anyway that's they know latest there. Up fifteen states including North Carolina are suing over on Danica. Charging. That there's been motivated by a biased president from so bias against the Mexicans. Dom so that seems like a stretch and how FaceBook hundreds of Russian fake accounts and bought ads during the presidential campaign that's the story and a former Manson family killer band who wouldn't Leisle. Recommended for parole that would make what the second one. You never thought anybody those sort of get out did you. September the seventh. 250. Days into the year 115. Days ago what does that mean 119 to Christmas. 1979. The entertainment and sports programming network but he hasn't seen him. Made its debut don't envoy was it rough I mean it was it was. Who would've ever thought that that would turn out to veto. Brother brotherhood or you're risen to the top I guess there's still technically at the top well preserved by what they used to big. Guarantee of their radio station at. Mark Packers do and ESP NU along with. Ex im serious now so maybe they're get smarter. Are the hired good people would get 2005 Apple Computer and reduce the iPod nano. They revolutionary. Full feature iPod that can hold a thousand songs yet it was thinner than the standard number two pencil is a big deal. It was the nano the little time anyone irritable little tiny one that they did there was some resentment. Was at the shuffle and bought Susan one of those as about the size of a large postage stamp. Chrissie I'm gonna pretenders is a 66. Today. Jolt Cola is coming back this month. It slogan all the sugar twice the caffeine. New York city police found the body of a man whose father had ties to the mafia. You think the body was weighted down with a cinder block and tossed into a river that's old school. Don't do that anymore images Killian. We Jim cement. Giants Stadium. Wherever I didn't have the strong. And new study finds that mice. That are denied car herbs live longer. I guess my question would be wire side to spending so much time to help mice live longer. I NFL football starts tonight. A game that counts in New England against can't weigh that with the Kansas City traveling in a New England. 830. NBC. The season is here banter start on Sunday. Pregame starts at. 130 on a news 1110993. Jim's Oki. Until 130 into the game about 430. In the same place for over all Super Bowl 50000 that'll be a big fan. Although Christine McCaffrey going back to worry played college ball at Stanford so. The the stands we'll probably view filled with the goods and everything else even the ones we're inventor jerseys. Good thing we're darn docket today what do you think he'll be the biggest seller by the end of the season Cam Newton. Plug Christian McCaffery. Zeller it has been like jerseys but you're not even put it Heatley in the area digger that was my first job but I mean between those still. I have I have McCaffrey has there's a rookie all of a season like burqa nobody does I would think that no Tony do might be a pretty popular Jersey yeah. So it's because he's he's Smart and nice traditional and 80 nevermind that's so Republican candidate for mayor the com. Off we go to the traffic's that are brought you by hunters shall forward my 77 exit 23 years Vermont candidate training camps Indian vacation wanna see a ton of 22 jerseys this year. A lot of folks behind his jerseys me I'd for I don't know that we were more about this earlier today to I don't know that I've heard anybody get this kind of hype this fast and not just from. Exuberant fans but from the players' lists from the old veteran players who aren't going to be swayed easily fit exactly Communists has been dominant all over the place now phrases coming out and you don't see that very often those that are. I can't wait job bring an old man bring it on Thursday what better president bill. Except that it's not that no sir I did I'd sure like the falcons. But that's the baby that was that's it yeah that that's what it's. On 10993 LE VT traffic and weather together thanks Don herself toward I 77 X 23 were wander into a boomer Montana got a brain teaser for everybody in the studio and YouTube boomer I'll give you the answer after you give us the traffic. Okay here it is. What is black when you buy it. Read when you use that gray when you throw away. Flack when you via bread when you use it. Gray when you throw it away well. Give the answer right after traffickers boomer what is black when you buy and read when you use it in gray when you throw it away. We're also dumped in his room I assume then that traffic sooner all well I'm just a minute ahead of Fargo are nowhere land. Except if it's something you don't want your stocking. Colds. Black when you buy a home man read when you use it. Home made at grey were destroyed a perfect thank you very much. So off I tell you that there were probably. Plastics fibers in your water you beat. Giddy would yeah. Researchers who tested tap water from around the world found that more than 80% of the samples contain microscopic. Sized. Plastic fibers. The contamination is particularly high. You're expecting me to say some Third World country archer. In the United States. We're 94%. A faucet water is affected. Including in samples from the US capitol and the headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency. According to these studies university of Minnesota. The highest rates of contamination were found in Lebanon and India while the lowest occurred in Europe or 72% of the samples contained fibers. Scientists believe that most of the tiny fibers originate from close. Upholstery. Carpets. Including particles released by the actions of washing machines and dryers. According to the UK steady each cycle of all washing machine could release more than 700000. Microscopic. Plastic particles into the water. Slowly but surely. You're just going to eliminate ourselves human human. To human beings. I'm for those of you who are. Yogurt. It diabetes type two you'll be ignored. The fact that. The Greek yogurt. I'm flavored. Which got a taste like sour cream. And to. Tom. Biological gen whether it. It is you know I feel like a little gin with well everything. I get to the UK they now have Jim flavored yogurt. I now on sale the alcohol content is low and that's probably a good thing since yogurt tends to be consumed breakfast and and starting the day or. A little tipsy as a wise although some of you do don't you. If you start the dale for the forty you may have a problem. You can also. A buyer Jin infused salmon. Jen flavored popcorn. And gin and tonic ice cream. I'm not that big a fan jam and quite frankly. Sedentary males crave more effect could be some science behind your lazy day potato chip cravings results from another study University of Missouri Columbia suggests that men. Who lead a sedentary lifestyle prefer a higher fat diet than men who were active. It's all psychological don't think. No I'm not wondered is somebody who's just left the sedentary lifestyle now is back on a treadmill every morning. If I don't get on the treadmill now. In bums out the rest of my day and I hated worse that I can even begin to tell you. The alarm clock our house goes off at 530. My wife. And so I get out and I get on that treadmill just before 6 o'clock so I can be done by seven. And I hated hated hated hated. Hated so much I dream about it sometimes. Do you know did have ended get up in the morning get on that damn treadmill. But it it's gotten to the point now that I feel even vote worse about it I fellows blew it off this morning. 'cause I don't like seven days in a row or something like that sir I mean every now and then you got to take a break. So it's almost blew off this morning but then I forced myself to get on it. And then I was at 7 o'clock when I walk in the house some I'm pretty glad I did a good. So I think it's I think it's to some extent it's mind over matter. Top three workplace time oysters. Number one time waste or according to business week magazine. Personal emails. You dig employees are wasting time on the clock with FaceBook and a personal emails they are that's the number one time waste her. According to business week magazine the third biggest waste her. Time is and eruptions. And number two might surprise you. Clutter. Workers spend six weeks a year searching for stuff. But I contend that the people that are searching for stuff probably are the ones with the cleanest desks. Because if you if you have a messy desk you kind of systematically ignore everything is don't share. When you lose stuff when you go searching for stuff after you clean off your desk. When you clean out your office or you are some that at home. Minority away when viewed it that's when you can't find stuff is would you put everything away. I don't know I maybe wrong that's not oh officially a part of this deal. And we talked about just a little bit earlier for all the people that are fleeing Florida and and Georgia and South Carolina unknown. The entire states leaving because of a category five hurricane coming general. Don't expect chief delivery of stuff from Amazon now who would think of this at this particular time. But there's a woman on Twitter who seems surprised that Expedia aided shipping for a case of water would be over a hundred dollars. And instead they couldn't get it tour. 24 pack of water is under nineteen dollars she wants it flown ASAP into a hurricane zone they children cost per hundred bucks. Quite frankly if you can get. 44 tackle water for a hundred bucks flowed into you in a hurricane zone. That's probably a pretty good deal. But who orders water from Amazon in the middle of an evacuation offer up category five hurricane come and. It's 505. And yes. Here. Have they ever partner here into. I'm Charlotte. Named Henderson properties. And they were as soon in correspondence back and forth and it came up that they have a renovations and maintenance division but this guy named Ryan has also kind of an expert in. I get your house ready for. Impending. Weather hurricane whatever the case. And Monday it will be mammal morning shall go on earlier thing below but there are great rule will be your Monday we'll. Be here. Because whatever our Herman decides to do will be on top of it. One of that tips that they point about getting your home ready for hurricane or getting yourself ready for hurricane thoughts on this news and she had never heard of before stores much ice as you can in the freezer. Possibly fill Tupperware with water and place it in the freezer you can thought is needed. I'm store pitchers of water in the fridge I was just thinking about that I have a garage refrigerator. I don't know about many of you but that's greatest invention ever invented it is you know dentists say get rid of that drawer that to a refrigerator when you remodel your kitchen herself like that put up the garage. Got an all we do about it. But you can fill that thing up with. They don't water and stuff like that. I'm caddie dead limbs you see and and trees are your property because those can become projectiles. Wind is supposed to be a big factor for us on Monday we're expecting three to five inches or rain but we're expecting winds. On end and that then they end that could lead to power outages and fallen trees and she also for so long. Have a manual can opener little thing you don't really think about but if you're out of power. You may get that bad that cannot tune open now let's that you and your acts. That's not efficient. They say get food now you don't wanna wait for the drama next week. Secure lawn furniture and potted plants and stuff like that I don't know the wall have built well lawn furniture yes potted plants. I don't know nude. But they're saying just give up fifty miles. An hour so I mean yeah that's probably pretty good advice. I'll make sure you got batteries. Leonard's flashlight so on and so forth and if your property is lying low lying you might wanna put your car up and higher elevations. Illinois mom thing. I'm not happy. In fact she's kind of in a rage when she realized that. The mobile phone number assigned to her teenage daughter. When they go how long they hold that's like two years or. Two months. I think it's a say as little as sixty days before they. I should call my old home phone number that I had for 23 years and lost when we moved here and a half ago. But I I think they did they freeze a phone number for like sixty days now and you can go to somebody else. So when Illinois mom. Realizes that the mobile phone number assigned to her teenage daughter. Used to be assigned to a professional escort. Well it's not the best part of it the child is getting inundated with phone calls from men who want to get together with. Pebbles. I don't think they're referred to the Flintstones. Pebbles. Monica Takahashi. Did a bit of a Google resurgent found pages of ads for an escort. Who went by the name of pebbles. With her daughter's phone numbers still listed as the eye contact. Agassi would not be really too happy about that we're just not T-Mobile has since assigned to the girl a new number. So they recycle numbers I mean are you never know. Well in the news for a chemical oil on opponents here. That's that's strange because I all call now on our credit cards are. 401K had to do some stuff with the company that holds my 41 gadget do some stuff for big companies that. Elmo for a one can hear recently and they askew you know I do unified stuff and part of that is so what's your phone. Why never known these days and we don't run into that I don't know which number you got DJ is that this one. Is that this one. So I've got an old phone and and I got a new home phone and I got a cell phone but there may be Susan's on the originally did and so she's got her cell phones on like rattle and off for phone numbers. And you just know the person on the other end of the line is thinking of listeners are you don't you fraud. So I never know law which number to use and then edited when you give him the old number the old house number. And you say why has it been pertinent for fifteen monsters and it's just gets confused. I and then the other part about that is as I hear myself telling us I am the last guy over the age of sixty and they are history of the United States is still has a land line and I think. Anyway pebbles doesn't live here anymore short is good enough for all the people that used to work at this radio station. Well we had like a series of program directors are all about three feet tall. It a little napoleon's running around. Com and then we broke that mold when. Our behavior and it was a stolen geeky. Bowden. Being short can be a good dailies it can be a health wise. New research shows that short people are less at risk for dangerous blood clots. Known as the deep vein thrombosis. It sometimes called economy class syndrome does have taken occur after a long flight researchers don't know why short people don't get caught is often but. It may be a simple matter of a gravity. And that is blood flow may. Be more likely to slow or stop. When it's traveling up longer leg. So are good news you short people you'll you'll be around longer. And you can take longer flights. Though great don't do. Cole Hamels on number also of the it belongs to us like target are available. They out we'll tell you why you shouldn't trust your friend's health advise all got second not even tell you how many people have been counseling me on. I diabetes type two of screw my doctor's advice do this John. So a lot of talk about that and what Americans waste money on that they are willing to give up and what they are in other words your top wasteful spending. That you're willing to reduce. And your top wasteful spending bigger unwilling to reduce. Published here are not Kathleen harvester does video of troops go for the Charlotte Observer. She just got finished doing our best burger thing. Which job. Burke sandwich shop. Finished number one and no surprise there. But infected just got a national wondered what Brooks at my window is sixth. Sixth best burger in the nation. But. But anyways she she writes a column that I just ran across. This morning called three wood three dives with good birders. If you dare. No I've talked about a couple of days. I'm Garrett gone down. Independence boulevard just after you cross. The 485. And over the side is a strip club and a place called Henson's. And you hear you see the strip club and you see Henson's and you think. Don't know but we've had people call him here and say no. Figure out a way to get over there and try it and she says the same thing. GO she writes when it comes to Charlotte's Burger King. One of the things I learned what I did a recent round up of six places to get a good burger announced the one that. The Brooks there were job finished number one on. Is that people thought I had missed. The small little may be a little rundown definitely bill off the wall places. So one that she talks about is called the Dixie grill and grocery. Which she says is technically near the airport but it's not. It's on Dixie river road. It. She says just finding the places of feet. It's actually near I 485 and Wallace Neal road and western boulevard near the airport runways. Another place she talks about I've been to a couple of times and that's the bright star drive and and Mount Holly. Which as she points out. Is not really a dive it's just well used it's been there forever there birders are killer. It's it's pretty unified you just go down to 73 and knives its offer but as you start to approach not Ali it'll be off to your left hand side. Fred does I've been narrowed better highly recommended of their guests and Gary by the way bright star driver. And then the third one is this place called Henson's drive in. 12100420. East independents and Matthews. Says find two buildings fenced off from independents want to topless club the other is a mustard yellow one that's Hanson's. It's okay Kansas is a friendly place and you'll also find a darn good cheeseburger. So there you go. I had to hinge is is the one did you undergo either a bright star I can guarantee is great I ever try the other one but Hanson's I have tried after somebody recommended it. Scared me to death going minute. But I've been back several times later there's nothing to be afraid of it took a really good cheeseburger. I knew is 1110993. Traffic and weather together brought you by hunters shall Fordyce 77 exit 43 and boomer on can't that are you familiar with instantly hasn't yes sir right they're just east to 485 yeah sir did you and you look at it and you know there are no away cannot assure. Get right next to a strip club but hey man don't do not worry about the neighborhood is okay yeah no okay it's it's good good good food yes sir absolutely so there you go now you know the inside straight you know people traveler through town from Florida. We just gave you the names of three great murder places to go too well for actually get yourself for Brooks. I know him well why are. Are you seeing a lot of floral license plates a maverick we chatted with some folks who came up through South Carolina today as it is loaded then and this is IE 77 so this pact were Florida license plates. So here they come they have to go somewhere and here in Charlotte now for. Very good TJ I can have a great you can. New fall candy quite pumpkin pie Eminem's. Who would've ever thought their dividends and Florio still had so much. A variety is of cookies and remember those when enough what's the one of them I used over the Kara melons are. And a good one of those two months and won't for a long time. Brand announced recently that don't quite pumpkin pie Eminem's and peanut chocolate Gould mix Eminem's. Will be added to the a festive mix this year. I target was exclusively selling me cookies in no scream flavors users so this is a mixture of stuff they do around Halloween I guess. Quite pumpkin pie flavored to have features the usual candy shell with white chocolate on the inside pumpkin pie flavoring. The chocolate. Peanut chocolate cool mixed flavor. Your typical of peanut Eminem's but they've got a bad knee design. And I hollowing color scheme. So there you go enjoy the battle over your. I'll Michael Doyle me WBT newsroom of whoever told you Michael before with us today is the best story I actually nobody's called me Michael Doyle I can't believe I didn't know long time I never do what's next mr. Doyle. I never use it because it's an almost sort of rise Michael do it doesn't sound right Michael Doyle. It's never liked it might strike is they year old named Michael that's your given your bachelor and that's that's the name on all my documents you have to bring out ground. It debuted good when you get to be everybody called me around here calls me mr. Hancock now so I. Now I'm get a lot more servers we have a lot of younger people on the piano playing and I opened doors and I thank you sir I just hated our giving has it right just taught me geezer and get on without just colleagues oiled and that's all because my whole life. The I. Yeah. All. And yeah. Merging in rush hour yeah. Jeanne moos Coburn if I had a rocket launcher. Ever thought about heaven like a great big goal would. Ram on the front your car urgent. It was a car guy I see this all the time. We're somebody's coming out of a side road and they stick their nose so there it's like twelve inches out and do your lane and there's no way you you've got a car next to you about it. Either stop or. I'm and I don't know there's just a fantasy in my mind we're just we're just basically hit that front quarter panel and spend tomorrow. And that's that's not the Charlotte most beloved part of the that's the who was that jerk part of me. I'll more than 80% of Americans are knowledge in a recent. Survey. Debt to. That they're guilty of wasteful spending. And they revealed though which spending habits they would be willing to give up or reduce and which spending habits that they wouldn't. I can't tell you since I got that diagnosis of my diabetes type two and I'm actually on a good diet and stuff now. I've been carrying around the same. Twenty and five dollar bill in my pocket now for two months. Hello I'm not stopping off at fast food restaurants are doing that's so I don't smoke anymore when my spending money on. Nothing. I'm glad to change our educated twenty and someplace in this get a exchanges because it's getting worn out from. That could be my Netflix money you know. So on. So here's the top wasteful spending that we're willing to reduce. And eating out would be one of those. I'm. And say yeah I'm probably save an old dog meant by not going to fast food restaurants anymore. I alcohol drinking why wouldn't spend much money on Mecca I don't prefer much anymore. Well what I do know. That and I prefer tall Scotch and water. Easier on the water credit card interest. I'm telling you if you want to liberate your entire life pay off your debt and wanna sound like Dave Ramsey. But well I don't mind senator Dave Ramsey but terrible we paid off all of our credit cards probably 810 years ago every single honorable. I'm going to your mailbox is a nicer experience in. It's just you know I don't Brennan knew we don't know anybody any money or rather than a car payment. And a mortgage. Works for me. So why top wasteful spending that were willing to reduce close. Can't say I'm sort of love on that although the Tommy bomber Gerdes who caused a lot of money that Talabani. Electricity. Now we're not gonna get back electricity cigarettes don't smoke him anymore heating or air conditioning. Yeah how likened I could do you know. Turn those things up and down at the house. But I'm telling you right now. Here somebody's paying for this. So are we keep the studio the road figures in over there with his oh and the gloves on and is so Parker. Of the week you've been to golden era. I. Hundred turned items convenience package products lottery tickets are gambling yeah that's a waste of money. Top wasteful spending that were unwilling to reduce. Unbeaten or expired food. Grocery items hobbies and activities entertainment streaming services. Cable or digital TV. Cell phone bills. This is stuff that we're supposedly. Unwilling to reduce. Our tech gadgets. The car cost or gas. Bottled water what is it about bottled water view member. These young guys over here dorm room that garrison you run for the first time that. Found out of some company was gonna sell bottled water and you thought to yourself that's the stupidest idea I've ever heard in my life. Those people go broke in RT. And now look how much people depend on ball law. What do you think fell five the latest on Irma I'm sure that's in mr. garrison terrific talk coming up right around the corner. And will be in our cross hairs I guarantee you all day Monday and ended Tuesday's selloff. For the latest on her most people right here at news 1110993. WB Dion Hancock I'll see tomorrow at 3 o'clock we kick off the big weekend but we're out of here.