Water in the Walls, Hardwood Flooring, and More

Tim ansers listener questions about issues in their homes, and remodeling projects.


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Good afternoon and welcome to ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosques. For the next hour or so similar answer all your questions about those remodeling projects around the house from left. Foundation to the roof everywhere in between. Tim has the answer is you can submit your questions for Tim V email. They email address is info and it's Tim mosques and suns dot com. The phone number is 8774994361. And on the web two mosques and sons that come tell you all you need to know but Tim and his company. Thanks to their social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter that's Tim mosques and songs.com so let's roll right into the questions today TM. Says the first question says whenever there's rain. It sounds like there's running water behind my walls I don't see any visible signs of water ago do you have any idea on where the water could be. So many places water could be Annika being among them with the right. So people get an idea that might be water commitment yeah I know is I get older. I can't tell so well I can still hear. But I can't tell so well which direction that the south icy you know electric refrigerator be running. Am and hopefully washing machines on the it was around as I'm in the wrong direction I'm still here and now. So there's all kinds of places water could be running. Naturally outside the way it worst post yes you like in your gutters on your downspout. On the exterior house on on the painfully window. So it could just be that your here and normal water now and there's no water. Kind of strange that that they don't see war dangerous spot things like rides but it is delicacies all battle when it rains. Because what happens is you're building materials and so couple war. So before you start seen in any water on the inside. All those building materials in between you reached a saturation point. So like if it starts getting wet on the sheeting. Officiating would have to get to a saturation point and pass a non to a friend in the friend and after its saturation point. Spreading onto the drywall that has hit the saturation point and minstrel in the house. And the have insulation between so you have all that stuff so you could be your water in the walls. You know and and those can become an appointment pipes. Sometimes your gutters don't clog handle the run backwards. You know Michael afloat in in the eaves in the nick comes on the wall. Best thing that I know to do when this is what I would do if Sony had become an ounce I think I have a quarterly. How would bring much moisture meter with me and asked are measuring different off moisture levels for a house. And when you don't know your story and warm as the numbers are despite. You know 6% it's very common Chirac usually if it this year raucous fine. And how does have vault is still injury thing and LC 6%. If players. Like cathedral ceilings where there's not much airspace between the the rafters. Then I might see up to ten or 11% and still be just Morton is not as much air circulation. You know well circulated house it's Allman of the way it's boast the UST 6%. It's not ventilated so well he might the you know 10% and be up 11%. But over that they knew you'll you'll start seeing werder rhythm was for. So if I'm gonna and in what I do is I'll take Rina at so if I knew random samplings and it's 6%. And it dropping nine you know to dry area then I'll start going at a parts house sports clients in a I know that non dominant when you finally get into it you'll you'll have twenty some percent 40%. Anywhere from forty to forty moisture and you know okay this is the area. And I don't know of any nondestructive test the look behind she'd run what I do was when I get to areas that in north when he. Percent or more maybe 18% or more and I'll take that she brought down and it was behind law. But I save a lot of time from parent and money. From tearing everything apart just trying to Trace them these oyster metres in my it was kind of expense paid you know 200 dollars mind. Which you can get them at Lowe's and home before an item on forward most people here and liked when he some books. Literally it was expensive but most importantly when you just need help them form. You know if you ever on one or use my. Her but that that will help you Trace it and that it could be just your gesture here. Is frankly my wife I don't talking points much on the radio because she was emotionally troubled asset. Pushy as it's it's kind of funny because you know I'll I'll ask yourself and you know centenary stopper and she wanted to hear upside. But you'd hear water running. I won't even hear she's on this frequency were she can hear water running. And she really can't you know so if there's ever a leak in the house. Aside I hear funny his exam. And if I don't crawl space over my sons because of the crawl space churn up the find him to be a pinhole leak. But she can you know because at a frequency of all the water leaked to the high pitched she hears insurance some people just hear different sounds better and it. I guess may be with with hearing loss you might hear higher pitched panel which I don't know would have beaten audio on that one next week I don't working for one now up as collateral my wife hears these high water partly it definitely but you know I've come come to warrant just. From go to different houses some people are more sensitive. The higher pitched out and it's you know I'll check the whole house literally have water problem it says there are here in the water running better. Then another person. And I'm sensitive to me personally not but that's that's not usually the case usually cases if you hear water Ronan. The problem is. Not long ago and I house. I thought I heard water running behind all. And it turned out one of the windows. OK so if you think you hear water more than likely the water a minute and went. The myopia Cheney's assistant you're you know you're you're hearing your. Private checked out just in case caused water damage and yet it has worked the point books from Africa. Our if you have a question you liked him to answer descended via email to info and it's Tim mosques and sons that count. Our next question here and ask the expert. Tim I'm planning on replacing my hardwood flooring which you recommend pre finished or finished on site would. What the you know the differences. One just finished at one that's not an asset I don't know. Yes that accounts of the yeah it's 11 is is dirty den and at and yet to be yourself image. You know the time group hardware Florian spot to recorder which records in different ways to snap it and well. It's not Aziz is a snap in like oil and foreign snap and ride the wanted it has a tongue and a group on one side. It pushes in and and you take an. While you are demanding now. And I have this big rubber mallet and an all smack it it brings it tight together and and shoots the staple of the nail ice. You know it's it's takes time but our org it's not like relief fest. It's harder than that ago payments that's one advantage when a mountain you know some people they want or woods which Har wood or knife. In and they started make America. Factory finished it or it's and it's a really nice finish I would say it looks nicer than what you would you want finished in place. So when we used to do Hardwoods we were just get raw Hardwoods. And it would lay it all down sanded and everything and and we we do all the fair and if they have the buffet out. Yeah so the big advantage is that a pre finished as you miss miss all those steps just you've skipped. You know when you put it down it's done. When you put down. Finish in place hardwood floor. You put it all down in the new works just just getting started and so the advantage to finish in place is that it it usually cost last. Yes you can dude you know you can do your whole house and in the wood doesn't have to be as good Crimean imperfections in it. And you fill in with a you know some audience and it all off. And and do your own finish and then you can finish and again you know you from Marta you can finish and again and now you get the pre finished. You know if you're installment in messed any ship in ever gonna. Matched a factory. And electron matched you know like go home more the average home are trying to match finished on a core. Data can do that you see some of those around on the reports that goes away as little under better and I think inherent out yes grade in the looks. I mean that's what it looks like. When a homeowner tries tank and submit and finished in place. And again it's some kind of damage to and tried patched up themselves it released in itself. Whereas. Finished in place pre finished you know that's the finish on an. And and it's done in a factory in your neck into them so when it starts to Wear in places if you were just to do one room so some people. Cindy Carr was on for story. First floor and in my what their kids ride a little tricycle and stuff like that one of the rooms when that room's gonna get like wore out and they might re finished that one room. And they can read finish it make it went in the with the arrest if it's finished in place share but if it's all pre finish it at the factory finish and you wanna read you one room. It's going to be a lot different than the rest now. To me it's if it matters you know you have taken the whole thing to count it cost him more for the pre finished. But it got a really nice horrible finish. And then you look at the F kids Yemeni any reason why or pets. That you would have the reef finish and he Thompson yes. You know if if you're gonna have to do some touch ups on it I would want one that was like finished in place not prefer him. So that's that's the big difference I wouldn't. You have to look at whole situation assay which is best actress behalf is via boat via. Cats so it's gonna Maceda beaver and after we finish it yourself. If you deal like it's it's finished in place. If you know your late. Kind of like my mom used to keep her health and you can lead off the for certain things that that are pre finished would be great could save a lot of steps and and that finish which night. All right sounds good rule take a break and come back with many more questions here and ask the expert remodeling and renovation to Tim mosque. The seven you would like to ask him to send an email to info at. Jim moss and suns dot com. Their phone number is 877. 499436. Want the website Tim mosques and suns dot com. And we'll be right back with more ask the expert. You're a new stock 1110. WBZ. Welcome back to ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosque. Students here to answer questions about remodeling and renovation projects. Can send your questions for Tim to info ask Tim Moss and songs.com. They're phone number is 8774994361. And the web site to a mosque in suns dot com. Back to the questions Tim how often is it necessary to seal a granite countertop. Well you know some people say do it every six months but that the true test is. People Waterman Carrot Top and it's still beads up. You received a chorus is whack yes it beat up or your debt when it just right yeah if it beads up yours that good. When it's gotten worse not going to be go where they needed resale. Now here's. A dumb question how do you re steal. Credit art. Well some some places eldest sprayed some products all bad despray on. In its field. I've heard all kinds of stuff recently about. People like Somalia. Read on as one offers read our program back couple customers worry about. I'm never had a problem that maybe they get agreement on where. But you know. It's always the bad stories that make that whose future there aren't into a new story about every expert. Right but it one bit peaceful meal of these. And then other people's direct here in albeit in the hours and agreement. I've never pro and a little rain in law and idea people that have it means love and you don't you really don't have the I would you know that the criticism granite that would probably some say comes from the man made product manufacturers. You know the sell their products. Elect from my it is an odd. Words. For a so don't all the different products. They probably point out in their products. Over Korea. If grants got a downside. You know maybe it's those things but I don't annals. I put migrant. And years ago new comic terms of settlement in years. 00. Imus now and it is getting about Tom should do it yet test. Too long ago. And I don't know you must beat his wife. Has left. In an accident that is that beaten and via via marketed drugs they vote. So it's some places now after ten years ago you need to seals on some places. Areas that are heavily used. Or urged to protect yours or whatever. But that's just puts a warrant. Could be. That's easy enough to do. All right well if you would like to ask Tim a question here and ask the expert. Remodeling and renovation just a mosque I need to do is send an email to info asked him mosques and silenced not count you know and ruthless but it's sure. Up before you see you can UN wanted to check secular out. Now on inconspicuous spot some Steelers and discolored or call. We aren't seeing some yellow that never happened in my opinion and others. I don't know why it happened. So check it out maybe. With a toaster always says it's a credit today reverend Michael ware is Wednesday and move it and check out that spot first measures nine America. Eyes okay our next question says I'm going to build a deck on the back of my house but I don't know how deep or wide and need to make the holes for these supporting posts. Aha that's but but I I like I can tell you and yet it's being the code book. But I can tell you liked minimum. Always like yeah. Amid them for me is what inspectors look for is that element wanted eighteen by eighteen. In the middle and and men below the frost. Frost wants twelve inch. Usually there is committed to eighteen by eighteen and a lot of different jurisdictions if you result it's equipment. And top things at home it was they think they built a yes which a lot of them and her so when they go winner. To get their permit. In inspections were given all the opium. In a deep and wide to make these post inaudible. So those two big things homeowners supplement decked. And the other thing is Whitner pickets there railings in four or. All honest your not everyone but a lot of them they'll have little packet there for people that wanna build peck. But and you know it's kind of curious look through the packet as he Wednesday and the list while looked at. And a I guess I'm knows I don't know fifth a went. What upset wait my turn to go in front of the of the zoning guys use of the literature of that again is like when our prayers office a look at the Berkshire's look at this damn Oreo animal or Bora I don't have. Padilla you know what he's Smartphone you know what's that your whenever you go into inspection McCain's wife on cancer expert on off. I don't wanna like professional ring and so an election just weeks time sometimes Bir Al are a reader rushers. Video last last couple I've seen it Wallach eighteen by 1816. Inches the tickets below the frost won twelve inches. And then they wanted to cap blocks as kind of curious about this because generally don't want a cap locks or kept blocks. Side by side for the first players and and you put secondly are men so that usually goats and posters action filed. What I like when is like concrete that. So what I'll do as a big model who fought tooth give me room to move up poster will be at. But big tooth went two for it and music began at about eighteen inches deep and eight inches of concrete. So I never had an inspector question. Sometimes it's slow to softness own commitment to do. But they always. I was like that's a memory but it. Okay all right we have time for another question here and ask the expert. Remodeling and renovations with Tim Mossad if you'd like to ask Tim a question to send an email to info at two mosques in the suns dot com. This is a bathroom question for you attempt the toilet and one of my bathrooms won't stop running. I've tried replacing most of the parts in the tank but it didn't seem to help you know why it would be doing this and how I can fix it. It's tough you know because well it's not cheat well and it's cheap ones anthem went forty dollar well it's made in with a pitching. Achieve in Mexico. It's you know and in Mexico credit and aid you know little quivering it will it's been Ehrlich lopsided hearings lasting some cheaper ones but if you get a better toilet. You know you could be spending 20300 dollars yes. Usually what what I do is if if I've liked taking everything apart well I just cannot get a week stoutly and when most elite it was run it was told parliament. Usually is the same problem usually there on a well in something from below the well will come out like little grip. And Enos and yes and albeit in the the tower. And you know Lou with a water comes in. And it just clogs it from completely stop and on and so usually that's the problem for everyone swallow as that many times. They probably twice in thirty some years to witness I just had replaced. Him. You know for whatever reason I couldn't get that run in just replaced but that's that's very seldom most towns have a toilet will not stop running. It has to do well in others some kind of sentiments burn up in the well. And you know several things in if one is sort of filtering in or you raise the pomp. In the world on yeah sometimes. Can be down to those who was sort of sentiment that incident. There was there was one phillips' house but I knew it well informed and he was constantly call me the make as well it's. And it was an it was nothing do with the toilet all. It was his wealthy and well come out of him. In that they would run and it really frustrated. So will we had to do was we had to raise you know the pump. And that with only twenty years ago. And we did one Longo is about a year ago the home or figure out self you know is he you know I was. Retired engineer he wasn't structure. Mountain but you know most engineers pretty Smart yet figured out that his well. Was caused the same in Tacoma so he would become as well what I need dues which raised. Raised pump. And that's usually the case if you twelve it will must run in your well you probably have some kind of adamant. I should it wants while openly in a city water and it war. Some came through you know peace pipe mountain you know the copper rose and urban girls could build up but usually want you clean it tower out. It won't it won't do it. You know it's like one on currency. But it repeatedly goes in your well water. It's probably costs. L what if you're toilet runs. Like briefly. Just randomly. Accurately here who. Ten seconds and it'll stop. Couple hours later it'll happen again yeah probably what's happening in you know the flapper atlas the water and their attitude. Bowl M. Probably easily connect flapper and you get a replacement. Eyes that's when you hear your water you know turn on in and you know just kick on everyone's wrong. It's because it slapper trickled Waller. So yes you get a replacement slapper and well it's really not that complicated. You know most people can fix their report. The the trouble most people get into full water toilet is when he lift for Portland. And then they're doing the flange of the way axial yes put him back together sort of you know it's not rocket science but it can be a little difficult to give senator right and used the right size wax ring. That's why a plumber supposed to do you do it a homeowner do it but you know it's boasted to a pay. Publisher plumber. Because you know it can leak in on don't know what sleek in room floor but a lot of people don't put new force down in the bathroom. It raised the height of the bathroom floor. Should come up higher than those in the flange and they don't know they need to extend the flange with the abuse just like an oversized lecturing. And that might work for awhile but few particular plunger trigger Portland. The action that plunger going now the clean it will close ala axial. And and it could take years for you to realize that it's been weakened and wood floor and then when you do realize it in like we talked about rain water before. The seesaw action. The times LC. Oh win a lot of free comic. A lot of images and a toilet rates today and it has no time to dry out but they want to people he's and it's well and fortunate you know there were called today. You know a flush of April negate the wouldn't quit thoughtful way. But it has all data drawback via and then you get a holiday week in her Christmas week Megan what Melian. And our worst also Tom wants it to him yet because it is an atomic aptly steel water. Interesting. All right well we have more questions to get him here and ask the expert remodeling and renovations at some mosques. Like to send a question for Tim descended via email to info at Tim mosques and songs.com. And be right back with more of those questions on ask the expert on new stock eleven sand W three C. Welcome back to ask the expert remodeling and renovations with him mosque. In here to answer your questions about the remodeling renovation projects around the house. If you have a question for Tim sent an email to info at us Tim Moss and songs.com. Their phone number is 8774994361. 8774994361. In on the web it's Tim mosques and songs.com. Okay Tim back to the questions. Is there a way to make the inside of my house quieter. I get a lot of highway noise that I would like to reduce. Pre interest to question. You know I get to meet a lot of interest in people yes and while a few years ago before General Motors went under. I the CEO of a large bank that the name into the picture. I like this mysterious phone call warrant immediate eat breakfast with. Rules at the Newton so India is just partly for bonds. Information on the building industry you know we and we you know we talk along on long breakfast. And a couple weeks later I get this checked for thousands of dollars. Protecting the time to eat breakfast. While you're consulting fees yeah but I didn't I didn't charge it was like really operate but I mean I appreciated it definitely that I thought well what's what's gonna go wrong here because usually when you get a windfall Sutton and exit exit at transmission went on a truck there with the money off hours but he was. He was tell me stuff you know he's like. Anderson before it GM and under you know it's only was he said he was exploring different industries that money in America. Was wondered how buildings were. You know building if you were in the area is always kind of questions but when he was asked me questions. He was tell me how he projects 510 years out. And that he didn't even know General Motors are being existence in the next 510. And you know I remember shocking you know General Motors and Ralph ever after so that was that was a few years ago and then am I bitter I've had an opportunity to be around some guys that in order to money. And though they will project five to ten years that was can be the next biggest thing and I was a couple months ago. I was at a guy's house and he started on the about acoustical. Engineering going to be a huge thing and keep in house is quiet. Is going to be a really big thing. I don't know why. But you know they they're figure in eappen house is quiet you know people wanted to partially alcoholic and stuff feature is going to be a big thing and we. You know. I have been around enough Smart guys to know that they're big they gotta be onto something. You know presenting get all the money in this market they are for no reason rate yet so I'm like OK well let's see what happens so in in the time since this Fella has told me about this race. Well. I get questions like this how could keep my house quiet. I was in Los not to Ontario and can you believe they have sheet rock if both keep house. Wow you know regular piece of sheet rocks like 78 books and their stylesheet rock now it's like sixty some books she home pointed and it's post and make it. So I guess this is an up and coming thing. Or they wouldn't you know to get it shelf space and lows wouldn't be these trees you know there's there's all kinds of people will build amateurs there. So that's one thing that I know before this year came out. You would have to you know take off a lot of stuff in the house. And almost it was. You have to build a house for scratched the get the quiet house that you want him. Because there was like these lost fabrics all kinds of stuff on the walls. But now you can come back in if you just wanna do you bedroom. If you take she Rocco group with a sixty some dollars cheat sheet rock group. Or if you had the money you can do your whole house. But there are products now and I think will be seen a whole lot more. They keep your house score and I don't know what's brought on non I don't know you know words to order anything like that. Other than I think it was real products. Katie do something with your windows is guide thicker windows missile that helped with less noise. Well they have triple pane windows ninety triple paint stuff with. Gas and between each ain't. I imagine more and more stuff we come out I don't always drive and it would well demand bribes and again I guess there's a lot of people out there in my house in the points. I live out in the country and when I've moved I used the live near forty. And I guess I just got used to highways and it was cattle like comforting you know white background or asleep when I moved up to the country. For the first night I couldn't sleep but I know is wrong Arafat realized I'm here all the boys it's that quiet out here and street lamps either like. It's star it's pitched or in a quiet and it took awhile used that sleep pattern. And I'll weigh in but I guess there's a lot of people that they just wanna block out the analysts while people wouldn't count. And they don't want that it was. And I avenue neighbors as a motorcycle that went fires that thing up that's not. Matt quiet it all but you know things kind of loose so you don't before they put in a highway and that's it you just have the highway right times are putting trees nicely these big wall. Haven't won for a while drew one in twenty years or so ray so I guess to get it down more on. You know homeowner level how to keep the house quite. And eventual I think cars are getting quieter to you know without with the hybrids and emissions things like that so you don't have. Of the vehicles themselves again and quieter two I think yeah but it's usually a new technologies work in yet starts on like a big national you know like. What GPS. Was from the military. True you know it was it was for the role. Overall protection of the nation and now you can type in theaters you want to go there for eight I guess they're getting that way with two soundproof and houses exactly. Are all escape the questions Rolen here and ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque the scent than you have the you'd like to know that Tim can answer to send an email to info at. Tim mosques and songs.com. The next question says I have a house built on a slab. And I like to relocate my shower from one side of the bathroom to the other. Would it be feasible to do that. Yeah it's feasible just after Erica. OK some people at that oh please don't. And some people you know if you can do about you how's that that defeat and another story for an elevator to all kinds of that's fine. And and some people are gonna fall pour brick and concrete. But it's I would call a feasible project. Sometimes especially older veteran what people think. I mean durables like three chambers and after you received Lebanese you'll you'll walk in and be like. Emeka amber you know I think her and go in the next chamber in Wednesday's Washington chamber and then the next chambers like bath and icy. So you take all these things out. Now you know to make a modern big bathroom again and it can make huge difference where you put it. You know it's sort of like on the fourth side of the path and you know and when all this stuff. It takes an actor's miner act it doable in your honor. They can do wonders to space after yet so I mean sometimes it makes the project to move the toilet. And and that Iran slabs used up the brakes are to do it. I wouldn't I wouldn't say that's the deal breaker breaker on my cost an extra thousand books to move it maybe 2000. But he can make certain bathroom design and make world a different path from work and and flow in common in. Who did or in the main born in the open of it's right sometimes you just ultimate. Bad worse I would say it's feasible even that was a couple piles of books. But I mean it's our role relative what you're doing you know if you're in. Won't tell me the other day that they can buy it now for what grand. Or she wouldn't be movement toilet for two grand opera house for twelve true but you know you about how's that 150000. Dollars for a and one reconfigure the math and or. Even if it was a 60000 dollar house. But your move it because you needed to make public indicator accessible yet how would definitely say it's worth the couple thousand dollars wrecked our new on. Rain OK well let's. Take a break and come back with our last batch of questions here on this week's ask the expert remodeling and renovation that Tim mosque. Ask do they door hinge. You have something you like to ask him to send your emails to info and that's Jim moss and songs.com. Their phone number is 87749943618774994361. In the web site. Is Tim mosques and songs.com. We'll be right back with more ask the expert on new stock 1110 W VT. Welcome back to ask the expert remodeling and renovation to Tim mosque. Answered your questions about remodeling and renovation projects are on your house. The seven you would like to know Tim sent an answer those questions is send MBE mail to this address. Info asked Tim mosques and suns dot com. Their phone number is 8774994361. And the website is Tim mosques and suns dot com back to the questions Tim I have a dual hinge with several stripped screw heads. You know the best way to remove the scorers without damaging to hinge I'm worried about scratching the brat. Yes. You were stripped out atoms. I have not. At her for that much fun. You're not gonna just back now with you know the regular. Driver at that point. But there is a tool and cameramen and it. But they sell they sell at Lowe's and Home Depot is Morris the doo Hickey yeah it does go do it urges doo Hickey at Lowe's and Home Depot. And what you do is. That this ready Renault. And drill drill into just a little bit. And and you put your usually when you have a drove it right it is at its all work and and clock. So this bit works count o'clock o'clock or take the so what is ridiculous and yet when and it goes and Uga weird real and reverse. And Andy it's threaded so digs into this head when you're drills in reverse so when it really grabs it tight. It backs. Now okay it'll debut law. And tell until those that tool came along what I would do is actually rule out the old. Old group. Can be ruled news but I desire and get a drill bit the sides of that screw head. And then I would real missed it in law. At all three or four in the hinge that opening in job. And then you have like a little note of this urged account rate and I put some Walken pliers on that in and back and but there at the tool talk about which I can't think of the name other than music and it until the guys that those around people. Need to back out. Italy and vote fifteen point out its its root he worked its money but that'll take care. OK perfect. All right let's move to the next question here and ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque Tim are there any it advantages or disadvantages between flat and gable roofs. I'm trying to decide which type to put on in addition and I am having built. The big thing is. In of people. There were you know I guess to think about function Mino gable flat. I gable roof is usually repels water better OK you know what shingles on it and it and the shingles analyst points are yours. Flat roof you know you're gonna have to put rubber roof on it. And no question about fifteen years then it's easier to build a flat roof it is cheaper to build a flat you know the gable cost more money it. But the big thing is. When when you put an addition on. My goal is ops and some people don't care you know us obscene some people especially older people. There are really tight with money. I mean they have money but they have money because they're tight. And now they're still drive around. You know delta 88 yeah old you know that your Annika have bought some new but it there's still drive and bagels and build a big vote yeah. And they don't care what goes on they just wanna functional room and they don't care what the roof. Well then you probably wanted to with the flat of state money. But most people care about when they go to sell the house you know picket money back so you need architectural style fit the rest of the house. So usually what we do as we come out with a liner and he takes pictures hole. And and he can Erica. Architectural aren't what it is yet and and he'll decide in should be able to flat route one as you want it my goal is wonderful addition on. The make it look regional posture if I put an addition on of people walk round so that's an addition. Then I felt like I didn't do it right. So I don't always go gave. Voters were the one in addition now. And this is kind of unique addition because we put a pool. So they got a pool on the backer house. That's attached house you've come out. Eagle in the pool but there's a big room built around pool such indoors yet so it's as indoor pool hall. The polls not huge it's twenty feet long and he wide. But it's one of these lap pools there was got this big current becomes. And you swim in place so you don't have dual apps I got you okay that's cool yet so. India but they have the money in every route one. And they went with the flat roof because it fit that style madam. Now they have gable roof elsewhere but the way. It's their house is like a horseshoe. Except the horseshoe. The legs or shoot shoot out the back. And man in the ones that go and you abuse. Indoor pool that are that are either house in the way it worked out architectural also doesn't leak stuff. Ian and almost flat tonight get the big. But that's because it fit the power house it was it wasn't money question. So if if money's not an object and use it don't cost that much more to go cabled flat. Just enough that some adult act allows him. It's it's the whole thing is matched or prepared well if you wanna get your mind. Wanna sell your house of pirate and years which a lot of people audit and years authors the Spanish and in there. Mortgage money bags got a matched architecture. Makes people start walk right now and that is an yet. And what people look at your house they look at the things vacancy yeah. There's there's a lot of these internal things. And they're just going by what they can see in the outside thank as the guy taking care of plumbing and kept doubled in the system is the wiring good. They can't CNET stuff none too well. Doug work and gonna crawl across. A look at everything else she did in front or windows. Reflected. Does everything fit you know duffel looks like an on and then they'll assume all the other stuff as yet so all the stuff could be good deputies sloppy. On your roof there's listen everything's bad in the past. House. Our it let's go to the next question on ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tomas there's a question you would like to ask him. Cinder email to info at Tim mosques and suns dot com. Tim I want to replace my old asphalt driveway with concrete to any day Tara the old driveway or can and you'll just beat port over the asphalt. We save a lot of money if you don't hear. It is paid music paid by the time the pulpit. Although would've been doing lately is big on Craig's. If you know are. Tried not to try not to let that and I always heard bad stuff about yeah. You know. Craig was killers all this rhetoric. But you don't Craigslist and you put in net clean feel wanted. Anders a lot of places that now I mean it's like a huge newspaper. If if they want clean feel. They'd go advertised it we want clean feel. So I have several jobs that are doing now. Instead of paying him thirty dollars on her 45 dollars on to get rid of old asphalt and others that often. People are taken it for free. You know the build up the ordered whatever. And it works out for both parties it down and went well it's not working out for the guys that have a big Ares lankans. What used to happen is guys that would be aerial and you pay them the pump your queen field and land. And then they would charge when compared to make way I NC ghost guys volatile like it but it's pretty good homeowners. So in in other the other cost besides pain 3045 dollars tonne. Cost a lot of money. The goal long distance to and feels almost and it's a way. So even if you can't find a place there are some like paving companies will take the castle for Fareed. But it could be a long drive them into one drive an hour to get rid of asphalt because you were brought. Labor laws in fuel costs and a so what I do anymore club wherever work and uploading Craig's list you know search and see if there's someplace close. In another neighbor somebody wants this clean. Up surprised how many people do what we've. But atomic get rid of so if you're if you're big thing is I don't pale as extra money for for dumping. You might contain Kara. Him and take it for free. As it might help them out to. If so that might change your mind about toys or taken on. I've seen people put it over in in last line. The big problem is when you come up to the Raj you know your old asphalt road yes people it forces the concrete we have a big. So. And a and where it meets the road and it would be yes the ethics them out and so as long as you'll will it takes some video. You can never not take in the you're gonna have to do with your garage yeah do what were beat street he has UB thanks Emma was can be with a good news on all. But if you if you will take somehow it will work if you leave the rest. All right well that's all the time we have for this week's ask the expert. Remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque that something you'd like to ask him on a future show are you need to do this but that question in an email and send it to info. Asked Tim mosques and suns dot com. They're number is 8774994361. Again 877. 4994361. And make sure to check out their website Tim mosques and songs.com site all of but Tim and his company's. Pictures of some of the projects they've done links to their social media sites begin nets him mosques and sense dot com that's gonna do it for this week's ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosques on new stock 1110 WBT.