WBT on 9-11-01

Bo Thompson
Monday, September 11th

Audio Montage: How WBT sounded on September 11, 2001. Produced by Bo Thompson


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News talk to look the Genevieve BT 852 the time we planes crash in the World Trade Center you know starting right now Tom you're seeing. And I was. Another apparently that was another plane we have witness it just it's idea we just witnessed on CBS and ABC on television another plane has now crashed into the World Trade Center I would appear purposeful the magic witnessed some kind of second area all of the explosion on the eve of World Trade Center number two of the water that is Associated Press is reporting that a plane. It was a plane that crashed at the Pentagon and the Pentagon is being evacuated. Today America has experienced one of the greatest tragedies. Ever witnessed on our soil. We will not tolerate such acts. American Airlines flight eleven. Departed Boston for Los Angeles hijacked by suspects armed with knives. This plane crashed into the World Trade Center. United Airlines flight 175 departed Boston for Los Angeles. Was hijacked and crashed into the world trade center for American Airlines flight 77 departed Washington Dulles for Los Angeles. Let's hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon. The United Airlines flight 93. Departed Newark for San Francisco was hijacked and crashed in Shanksville. Pennsylvania again what's just. Happened is that one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center folks this is this is quite an amazing development. One of the towers has fallen and has collapsed. I'm looking at this I don't want you to be the World Trade Center towers. Gone were being. Experience. I think that they've been president was in the video schooling Sarasota Florida a top aid to the White House chief of staff Andy card whispered in the presidents here informing him of the incident. And I ordered that the full resources of the federal government. Go to help the victims and their families. And the and to conduct a full scale investigation. The hunt down and to find those folks who committed this act of terrorism against our nation will not say it. Pearl Harbor we've been attacked by. Body of what we presumed to be of foreign. Terrorist huge amount of smoke up flat can play still pouring out of the Pentagon. Do some time now up to this plane crashed into it. A witness said that the plane crashed in a ball of the ground level he thought about the second or third war went well into the fills us. Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless cap. Her freedom of the defendant. United States. Hunt down. And punish those responsible. For these cowardly acts. Go now live to the governor of North Carolina Mike Easley who is speaking in rally in the garage Christians they are no known credible threats to North Carolina. At this time. We have to agents necessary. And appropriate security measures in response. To events occurring in Washington DC and New York City. The Karen Hughes senior advisor to President Bush now speaking with reporters while some federal buildings have been evacuated for security reasons and to protect. Our work person. You are federal government continues to function effectively. We have big federal emergency response plans. And a President Bush's direction. We are implementing it. So as to that he did you actually be changing. Buildings he's appearing before night for a second time today first one in the world trade towers. Now seven a World Trade Center gone miss skyline of New York. Anybody we have watched the tragedy of an outrageous act of barbaric terrorism. Carol both fanatics think congress stands behind our president. Him and the president. Speaks with one voice for this entire nation this is. Indeed the most tragic power. In America's history now's the time for us to come together as a nation to offer our support. For every wanna bust that has been changed forever by this horrible tragedy we are told between 15200. Passengers were stranded at Charlotte's airport a little bit earlier. Obviously mayor Pat McCrory has taken to WBT instead fly the flag if you possibly can on the monitoring the situation in doing every week everything we can and working with the local state and federal forty's. We've been excellent team that continues to work very well together here at the emergency operations center. The Red Cross is actively soliciting blood donations in the wake of today's tragedy Palestinians lined up in large numbers to your blood in response to terrorist attacks in new York and Washington. And more blood donations are likely to be needed for the rest of this week thousands are dead the worst told a New York but some survived police sources authorities have gone phone calls from people trapped in the Twin Towers. The man who was the construction manager for the trade center where 50000 people work it's in the towers could have with stood a plane crashing into it. But 24000 gallons of aviation fuel. Melts steel. And two terms of the people we're looking forward a couple of hundred. Firefighters. Just staggering. Number of people in the building. We'll leave thousands meanwhile residents are putting American flags on front porches and lawns James Brown of Medford acres and he Charlotte says he's put up money flags one for each home in that neighborhood to our condolences to the families who have lost loved ones stand up. How soon plus the country about what my main terrible. We'll tragedy has the ball on my nation but has the ball all the nations of this region all the nations of the world for all those who believe in democracy. Once again we see. Terrorism we've seen terrorist people. We don't believe in democracy people who believe that with the destruction of buildings where the murder of people Lincoln somehow achieve a political purpose. They can destroy buildings they can kill people and we will. He's saddened by this tragedy but they will never be allowed to kill the spirit of democracy. They cannot destroy our society they cannot destroy our belief in the democratic way. You can be sure that America will. What this tragedy and the way that brings those trees. Possible to justice none of us will ever forget this day yet we go forward to defend freedom and all that is good and just. In a world. Thank you and god bless America.