WBTV's Steve Crump: Charlotte Leadership Changing

Bo Thompson
Thursday, November 9th

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You know 5 on Thursday morning about jobs in November. Have you with us as we go on and in the studio now. From WB TV award winning. Document. Document they're oh boy accurate documentary. Producers like one of those were obviously it'll won't run. Out of 805 in the morning draft. Thompson east. Is the author of and both human and here at. The and cool dude he is your ability Moroccan rated right now and look at it Tuesday. All right OK okay so many WBT the end equities. Seven and then. The equally eager. We talked about it and I pay welcome back always good to have you with the bigger. And you're in studio this morning which is always a bonus and add two nights ago we saw an extraordinary election here on many levels but you point out something to me and and this was in one of your stories yesterday for channel three but. When you look at the significance of by Lyles being the first female African American mayor. At the same time you look across city county government here. And Ellis Garber own is on the commission chair county commission chair. African American female and on the Charlotte Mecklenburg school board you have merry McRae. And I think that it speaks to the changing things cultural politics change in demographic. And the fact that you have so many people. In decision making positions in thirty years ago thirty plus years ago. It wasn't quite that way calls you'd electricity all and you know by you know Lyles gave us or those that want one interview. And l.s killing as we were setting up by an advocate even mentioned this on now on paper with the long lines on FaceBook. But you know Harvick gambles in the next room NS advised kind of funny having known you for over thirty years and Harvey you know this is that as well. You know we always kid ourselves about being you know you people will remember once City Council meetings. Were done on the second floor of the old bill but the point to make of that this McCarty was familiar. There were only two there for governor and now it's early dam went on to wrongly performed as for re. And now you know it's almost. If you have so many people of core and our room the day as a City Council or the economic. I don't have doesn't mean we've got this for folks. You know from the standpoint of Dustin Harlow one mayfield large and it even goes beyond African American because. Did a poll. As Mira and yes yeah yeah you know so I mean I think it's summer arts shows that there has been. Someone about someone of a shift your intro. Well and what kind of I was talking to Pat McCrory about this and he said a few weeks ago when we were talking now and our daily segment about the fact that. Outside of the Virginia governor's in the New Jersey governor's race and the most watched. Race on a national perspective. Out of after those two he said arguably was the mayor's race in Charlotte and so and it as an extension of that I'm wondering what you think. How do you think viola isles will be covered by the national media. Do you believe that she will be someone that and last night on MSNBC. Our notebook PV Lyle Erika had her first. National interview as mayor elect. I thought she conducts herself very well and represented the city well but I think there's probably going to be more of that coming. They can think of likeness. Who knew what Anthony Foxx is going to become when he was elected I mean I remember ethnic fox as a teenaged kid as a student at Davidson bringing in speakers like Spike Lee but the fact of the man terrorist. Charlotte has become quite the platform. For a lot of folks even chemical known no bills known nationally in summer arts so. I think you have to weigh in three others complain now. Son you're talking about things you remember back in the day. Leo I remember. I remember walking a theory but I agree with the Grady call center oh sure we sure you have the monitors up and ball well in and then even before that at the old convention center which doesn't spin anymore you have a guy like bill Cole. Yes rebels writing got beat you thought to run a bowling Alley because his efforts ovals on. Ease though overhead projectors projected onto a screen with white and I was thinking the other night as I'm doing our election coverage here I am refreshing. The computer exactly match in the old days down at the Grady call center union that's for everybody went everybody wants that was the only place we go for central returns and have the big. It was like overhead project and. And we would be kind of like him a little tunnels you know as you come downstairs before you go out into the main war waiting there are cameras. It was it was weapons armored cars because. Folks who come and with their campaign signs that candidates and they would be yelling and screaming in the hole but the now you can just ripples number for a non well. Yeah man to man as a kid in my book go round there and it's below. No listening is surprised right now. And and what's the oldest named the most memorable mean you have my book. The old name. Well there is I have a page that signed by both Jim Hunt and Jesse Helms went in there in the middle of that. He 1984 yes there has figured out here and and so that was I think that's the earliest one but there was the time that Dan Quayle came to metric barbecued to remember on Rama manuals. And in and that's you never know who's gonna walk and obviously with the Eagles there too hasty dollars and you're talking to thinks Permian appreciated her.