WCCB's Will Kennedy Hosts Today - People Still Upset About the Punch at Panthers Game, Sports Becoming More Political Than Competition

Scott Fitzgerald
Monday, October 16th

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Well good morning vote Johnson here on news 1110993. WBJ. As Dan Patrick would say. We're in Bloomberg tag him. We'll Kennedy will eventually be in for Scott FitzGerald this morning he's on his way and now. Charles is again yes. Phone call after phone call. About what's happening apparently on 85 row now we've been mentioning some of this but you're getting phone calls that would indicate it's even more. Of a deal than we thought it would. If this is really about I just spoke with Freddie. Our camera back in the traffic center and she informed me that indeed 85 southbound is closed at lane street. Here's a tractor trailer. Accident. And it's simply closed sold as Joan I just spoke to who's been even sooner and snapple's for forty minutes. Things are right behind him is a state trooper so they're I mean I there's just not moving at all he said they haven't moved for forty minutes. And he was certainly concern because he has two cups of coffee yeah and we certainly appreciate. I'm staying on longer for this guy I guess he's out there ain't gonna sit up there Elsevier to Grassley I I asked Chris it will do they do it highly you know how often there I mean this could last for hours yeah they turn him around. And I I personally know. Well if you're out there sitting in traffic on 85 we thank you for listening to news 1110993. WBT we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes and sooner. If necessary you know how that works Freddie hammer back in the traffic center but you buy those angles famous chicken and biscuits and she told the fort down as soon as we know more. We are racing as we know more fuel more. He's made good opportunity to give a shout out of Freddie I don't do it enough but I can't tell you how happy I am the Freddie hammer. Is with us and end and who will you tell me the other day you were getting calls from the Freddie Hemmer fan club while he I want you tell me that. Test so I'm Scott show yeah I'd 114 was at 1145 on Friday. I say 34 people in a row via two of them really wanted to talk to her so she stood on end and talk with them in the studio we just like having you here and well Freddie Freddie don't people may not know Freddy's been around. And I wonder for ears are burning car has no idea I'm talking about her right now but that's a fishy she's got has served three different stations here so she's got some I don't mean to take away from what she's doing that Freddie. For those of you don't know has been in this building before telling me I mean she was here that she went away came back. I went away came back in Freddy's been all over the place most recently before she was with us she was doing not Iraq kill WR HI with. Somebody chucked Boozer. And afraid he's been. Cash that Jesus you've been in production hair she used to be one of our commercial production directors she used to work on 1079 a link. I think that's when I first matter but when I knew that she was coming back they told me Freddy's coming back as I. This is great. Person on 85 let's talk and good morning you're on WB take. There Ed Norton good morning how are yeah I'm doing our Ida how are you doing. A much better now relieved because we are moving we just started moving about a minute ago how long were you not moving. At least forty minutes. Wow I just thirty years since March. Completely parked in so I Charles was talking a bit about what caused this would what did you observe has to be the catalyst. I couldn't see any good when we're back with the barriers send. It was a bit claustrophobic. Because I had an eighteen Wheeler on one side of make you aboard the barrier on the other and we're completely stopped and we did move how far back home for back from mainstream where you at. I don't know where lane street dog that was Indianapolis and for the length of time that we've set there. Traffic had to be backed up close to Salisbury. And public much in front of you as well. Oh yeah I couldn't see any other okay so are you close to your ultimate destination now. I still got about thirty minutes ago but we are starting to move albeit. By average ten miles an hour but we're at least moved. So you had had what forty minutes to your normal commute time today that she said at least analyst. All right Ed thanks the traffic's moving now so that's good news I appreciate it and there we appreciate you are listening as you. Our son you stuck in traffic open I hope everybody listening you're seeing rolling wheels wheels now but today this what it's all about. We keep you informed and now when we can't we have our eyes everywhere you know we invite you call and as well and now we will take some phone calls I may. Depends on Wednesday when now will gets here but I'll be here to will Kennedy from a W ccb arrives to hold down the floor today for Scott FitzGerald. Traffic and weather together every ten minutes mornings and afternoons and it is 910 non that is used to this clogged on Mars and I mean take a break commercial break you down I don't know I know five to nine leg my backyard and has clock after the actual governs they wanna mess posted do now. I think they'll take a break and we will be back with you on the other side. 916 on WBJ votes on some here and across from me we guys that take you through. The rest of the show till noon from WC CBP is will Kennedy. You know is dangerously close to taking a phone call right. If you're ready for. I have ovals and on the way out. Trying to navigate what's out is ugly out there Seattle I was 85 images that the wetness the rain a mistreated non habit by bus from my daughter didn't make it. She waited 3040 minutes out the rain got a backpack all that stuff softball here just because I was like I'm taking your school and then on into the station. You what they say that the default phrase zone of tea in China I'm not so there's enough coffee at Starbucks to did he give me through lowered its rocket. Well I. As of now you can. You give us video from the field via pictures all I kind of stuff so it's really changed the dynamic in the media world well that's not fake news by the way. Yeah total real you and I you're at W ccb now I came here from easy he be spent about three years there. And drove you crazy right yeah I think I'm Marty there at the sea wells will halfway here. No but one of the things that struck me as back in the day when you saw a camera crew go out you had a big cameras and all the stuff had to lug with you. But these days you know it it the technology and the picture is better but the size of the machine error whatever mechanism we have to use is smaller so you're you're out there today M I remember remember any Marvin beach you know still works over there. He was what we call did that the one man band and a you know which means you go out and you shoot your story you do it and you do at all and do at all and Irish remember Marvin would go out and I would say do you have everything. Because because he's the dude that there's camera that he used to get one of the new at the time when I was there he had one of the newer ones. I'm not the high high end technology and and it just it was smaller number thinking wow I can't believe that he can go out and do all that needs to do with that tiny thing but that's where we are now. You know it's crazy and and then the Panthers is where this. She shows up going to the locker room. And he used to be you know all the newspaper guys and the radio guys they would have something they were just kind of hold off the side it gimmick up the audio no big deal. Now. I was actually working the camera down a training camp I'm trying to get a shot Ron Rivera it is post practice press coverage. Also know these cell phones coming from enemy and they're all tarnished they're all shooting at girls stick it right coach for various risk as you know I work your microphone yeah it's it's pretty good but he can't pick up from super distance at. I was it was aggravating the my elbows were getting sharp rose and left to work this right the nets you know and also now and you've got more people that are media outlets quote unquote you know bloggers and tweets and all this other stuff so they're all showed up they don't wanna get their little bit of video it's it's change the dynamic a little bit. Well you know an audio is the same way when I went to the the Republican Convention. Last year in Cleveland. I would take I would I would go and do the show every morning live and I'd stay there because the security perimeter was so massive that it was kind of pointless to leave. You know so I stayed there all day walking around interviewing people for the next day show and I would normally take this little digital. Recorder that it with a microphone and Mike flag analyst of today gave me from here and that was nice convenient one day after got it. And I thought to myself man I know I'm good how am I gonna do this and you know what I use my phone that whole day and you can never tell the difference. I've shot interviews you know. Before the PGA championship when the bat last is JB a walker there are shot with my phone. And put it on there on TV look just to see you never would have been able to tell one from the other so it's it's interesting and if thank you by the late this is like a baseball analogy. But was pitching he was the starting pitcher they had to leave a little longer I warmed up in the bullpen but then the inning got crazy and a night of stock car that said it's the old Dan Patrick we're going to Hoover to. Hype up. Nine look to you got your Iger Astros hat on I have to rapid there was it was a crazy day for me Saturday had the Texas Oklahoma game on the University of Texas guy. And on Alice. Bitter we were weighed down came back almost one it ended up Loos and but literally moments after that game I walk into the next room. The place to watch and there's the Astros with that what an unbelievable finish to game two against the Yankees so well I'll play baseball oh yeah I didn't really do and I. I have a hard it's hard for me to get interested in the regular season much anymore but once that. That's like a flip a switch who wants to rid the post season starts I'm in I gotta tell yet. As I'm thinking about what looks like it's going to be an Astros Dodgers World Series. I still can't get it out of my head it's I still can't get used to the Astra is being in the American League. We used to play the dot yeah in the playoffs when we were in the National League Ira it's funny that every time this time a year we get the playoff baseball I think back to being in elementary school. And even middle school high school and having a little radio. With a little earpiece and Gloria one of those little tiny earpieces and literally sitting in class gas slipped my hand over right here yet Norah loves long sleeved shirt don't listen to baseball because they played day games is that it did a little bit of that the ashes were seen and catch every day game here. But early Albany used to be weekday day games they don't do that anymore it was so great and couldn't skip school but you can sure listen to it and and I think about you know that garage you know I just all the guys that used to do the games in Vin Scully who. Okay talk about earlier mean. OK so I'm sorry for hanging around I didn't mean to Don Imus argued that brick you mentioned your health because I have zero plant a giggle and John Moore these are very rich won it has it should be LAD. I believe. One yeah I right now no it's LED two. That's right LAD time I'm trying to remember what a cut list was from the morning you mentioned Vince Scully and Joseph Garagiola now we saw how the Dodgers game ended last night. On the the walk off home run. 29 years ago both last night. This happened. And it. Okay. This start tonight. Like me. My eye. Okay. The. And you know that of course 198829. Years ago last night. I'm in LA Jersey Lola and and Vin Scully on the call for NBC but. You know I if you it I was talking as hokey about this a few hours ago but if you went up to average sports fan on the street. I bet you most people would say that was big they thought that was. The game with a winner for the World Series now and that was actually game. One game one minute turnaround a lot of people if you remember if you know your baseball in Oakland a's that group that Oakland a's team but like the Braves. Should want more they should know what the word out and bash brother get out they only want the one in there was moments like that that they took away from a good. You know I grew up with who you know those guys the vans go as the Jack buck's. All right well Joe Buck eye on Jack Buck since you go Jack Buck and number three there John Moore pull up number three from LAD. Because this is your your right my wheel house what this morning I love it because here's the thing that was Vince Scully on TV. Now a lot of people watching that on TV but the radio call of that moment is equally iconic. Gibson slayer you're gonna fly ball that you. Yeah okay. The full. I don't. And I argues that would my children many times but I don't believe my. But I just thought I. Jack Buck and be one of the best ever and there are so many greats in that air I grew up with that Harry Carey you know watching the Braves on TV watching the cubs on the superstation to meet our reality is part of the fabric for me and I know for a lot of people out there he then where is Skip Carey Ernie Johnson. So boat go ice your arm yeah it's a. Enjoy the rest of the day we'll get reimbursed Scott FitzGerald on the handoff here I'll take the ball up toed the rubber. I try to get this moment as game we'll take a regular event. Monday morning and and it's rein in its rainy days and Mondays always get down the road candidate for Scott FitzGerald. Glad to be here with you on this Monday morning accused you can catch me on WC CB television Charlotte's the W. Monday through Thursday do the news at 10 o'clock with McCoy could Morgan authorities Sunday nights which I just did last night. And you're sports show god gave some news and sports guy like to talk about anything and everything and we'll do it all this morning Scott FitzGerald out six on happy to be here with few. On some things to talk about it he'll baseball bow and hand off their boat we gotta talk a little politics on this Monday morning in. It never stops used to be the weekends were quiet they're not anymore. All the stuff just continues. All the time and so this again. Lots of talk surrounding. Our international affairs. The relationship between president Donald Trump and his secretary of state Rex Tillerson. Also what's ahead what this Republican controlled congress is they have. Things to work on a things that they haven't been able to do before can they get it together now as they are having a war. Wait on them at least in the words of former. Cabinet never. You know advisor to the president Steve Bennett we have. Karen Travers from ABC news on the line with us here this morning has been Karadzic is so much going on in Washington it never stops by her really never get a chance to breathe anymore. Now uno Hank yeah I get you blinking you miss something at least as big headline every couple hours around here but. Today the president got in meetings at the White House he will sit down with his cabinet. First time he's done that a couple of weeks. Here at the White House and then later he'll have lunch with senator Mitch McConnell which of course will be. Quite interesting and unfortunately we won't get to see it's a must they let a century the beginning but this is a private lunch between the president and the the Republican senate leader. And it comes a time where the president's really put a lot on congress' to do plates and it's things that he wants to see get done by the end of the year. And the clock is ticking I mean there's only thirty some working days laughs in this calendar year which and you seems crazy because it's mid October but. He had taken your account all the breaks the Friday's back in the district's Mondays back in their districts and they're really going to be pressed for time. You get tax reform which is the president's priority to do something about doc out the budgets. Government spending bills thing like that it has a lot to do right now. And we saw over the weekend be dead mentioned Steve van and his comments in here he flat out says you know we're waging war against the establishment both parties but. Even Republicans even the president's own party. But meantime so while Bennett saying that we got the president who's out playing golf with Rand Paul and other people. And you know it's a curious. That strategy just by the president of here who is he looking to work with what is he thinks he can get with some people that will be out of them right now. And Steve van of course is an in the White House anymore but he says he's doing the president's agenda you know he wants to see. Further movement up on Capitol Hill and if Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders aren't gonna get it done. He's gonna come up with candidates in primaries to get into the Senate's in order to take on Mitch McConnell now it's easier to say that than actually do it but. Anybody can potentially pull it off Steve Bannon has got. A lot of the strong reputation he's so popular out there with that conservative crowd. He's got a money behind him tooth so you know it's easy to say a minute challenge incumbent senators what they have. A lot of money in their war chest they have you know the years in Washington but Steve Manning could give a moron. It'll be interesting to see. But also interesting in this story just won't go away is the whole you know controversy surrounding Rex Tillerson. And did he or did he not call the president his boss a more hockey. During a mile and yet anywhere from his own word as a whipping his watch in the Sunday shows over the get her her and you know he doesn't do much media but rain does and he's asked directly. He won't say that he didn't even though he won't confirm that he did. The right and and that's why we're still talking about it because of that non cancer than non confirming none denying she if he just came out at some point early on it was like rock Blake. We all had moments with our colleagues or bosses or whatever but the president iron a good place we've moved on Iraq. It's a one may think it's a it's interesting that when I can keep asking him about it. But the fact that he won't say yes or no wind and keeps just brushing it off as you know political got that means. The next person and add to have does an interview with them is going to ask him about it if he doesn't say it again in the next person and so on and that means it just continues being in the headlines. It's almost Karen like you know the writers for this reality show at the have script and an epic I don't know if they can go to bed and I think sometimes it just writes itself stranger than fiction prepare Karen Travers regular -- with us this morning I keep an eye on things force in Washington DC and then. Never shortage of things to keep an iron. Having today they had a great day. All right so you know that with those are things we'll talk about as we go on their you know this systematic dismantling that continues from president throughout the Affordable Care Act of obamacare. He's devoted with the executive order something he'd he'd cried on the campaign trail so that a lot of people did like about the previous president the way he did business. That so much more to get into this morning we'll Kennedy ever Scott FitzGerald. On your Monday coming up on nine Ford. Get aircraft that trying to. Maybe air base. And as I've ever air base to. It's good stuff little Green Day it's mowing your Monday morning we'll get a gift for Scott FitzGerald. He's out he's out he's a good. Under the influence I mean. I don't illness. This Monday that's how rumors I've had almost almost no sleep. So this this could be the world's most dangerous radio show you never know. On a Monday morning glad to be here with you. 70457. Know 1110. Is the phone number to call in if you'd like to join us this morning we are said traffic had a break and about. There which is a good thing because you're here for people earlier on when boat tops this morning from you guys out there. Just how ugly it was an 85 and and it's just never good in the morning traffic is always. In and around uptown special 7785. Coming in. Always brutal especially on Monday Monday seemed to be a little bit slower little bit heavier and menu throw some rain in the mix. And boom there we are and he said the recipe for for ugliness and as I was saying that it was a little bit late getting in your couldn't quite make it nine. Although I got the call like earlier this morning got the Texans like 645 they can you come in the sport it's asking to be out sake sure no problem we got one kid out the door. I put the daughter on the bus to go to Randolph middle school. And so she goes out there and become again in the Osce Charles and John it'll be early idea be there thirty minutes fifty minutes or little time to. Show Pratt and get ready and instead no bus. I don't understand though they were that umbrella waiting for thirty or forty minutes. Now no taxi oh. That's all the principal and a drop drop he said yeah you can call the office somewhat relate to that point we need to go and eight. And what what what really stinks is you know beginning of the year buses were really slow they were getting their late every day kids get to school late everyday. They they've been more consistent they actually started coming earlier to our stop. Not this morning and and that's is just the law it's Murphy's law right on Monday morning that we gonna go and do the radio and then everything set up and then. Right out for money just yank that rug right out so. Glad to be here with you though. Hopefully you made it where you need to go with little to no problems this morning even though I'm sure somebody you had to sit in that trap we're hearing. Waits as long as 4045 minutes just as a parking lot. Out there and 85 and hopefully you'll stay safe out there will get this rain out of the way and then the beautiful artist finally. Mid October we're gonna do a little fall weather right we had a little sniff of it a couple weeks ago. But having these days in the eighties that he almost ninety degrees the humidity we've been deal with it just has not felt like October yet. And now we finally get that chance to do sell. Coming out of the weekend I mean normally on Monday were we be talking about the Panthers and and what it happened with the Panthers Sunday they played last Thursday night of course. With the Philadelphia Eagles in town. A tough loss a game that they. You know I Ron Rivera is listening to him. After the game as he does in time to digest the film. Talk about a game that he feels they they could've won they should've won Eagles frankly let them stay in that game and despite three turnovers and inability to run the football at all the panties and have a shot at that game. And did you know disappointment that they didn't get it done but then yesterday if your Panthers fan right your field a little bit down after Thursday night to get into Sunday football. And basically everything except for the saints and lions kind of falls you'll pay in Atlanta have a puzzle and a falcons guys. 'cause 170. Lead choke over the dolphins. And Jay Cutler. I mean basically Jay Cutler stand on the sideline smoke in the pack of cigarettes right. I mean he's he's stolen ten million dollars in the Miami Dolphins he's just hanging out he'd he'd gone to retirement was gonna do we know games on TV. Yeah sure I'll come back fear of you know ten million bucks whatever towed to your quarterback is healthy. And so literally I've got a friend down in Florida is the dolphins fan of Roberts tweet now you know basically like Jay Cutler is the worst thing ever. He took this money you know ease. It's it's it's it's a travesty is a sham. And then what is Jay Cutler dividend of things come back. And the falcons the falcons this lady ever had Charles and John Mica you get yourself a big peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And it and you may be like creamy Allah I am a creamy Peter Berg guy but yes chuck he's our you directive so eat but you put a little too much on and then about halfway through Eaton that you realize. I'm choking on this that insane I'm not give this thing down my throat. And that's basically what happened to the falcons just I. And and it down. Maybe you don't remember maybe you do write of and I think you have a difference of the topics they created a nice glass of milk yesterday so I think they've good 25 point lead there are seventeen point lead yesterday but wow. To that falls our way and then the Bucs go out they lose a game there's on the cardinals yesterday so all the sudden despite losing. Pampers on top of the NFC south so it's a good thing and hopefully the papers or get some things right because they got some injuries that they're fighting through. And some things to fix on offense and thanks to pick them back to the defense when the secondary is well. So we can toggle bit about battle along the way if you'd like to and also you know it's still it's still kind of flowed out there is it is literally. Kind of a black guy but the Panthers. And the city of Charlotte and Panthers fans took that game with Philadelphia that you probably have seen it by now. All the TV stations have covered it it's been the viral video it's been around everywhere we had a fan. A young man with frankly you know kind of a track record person. So violent issues in his past punching a a fellow fan in the stands and on older gentleman I don't dispute about a fan standing in front of another and instead of being resolved. In the way we most of us would resolve it peacefully turned into fists flying and and I assume that alcohol was involved in some other things or maybe some anger management issues there but. I'm Candace came up pretty strongly said this is not the way that we. Expect to notice our fans to conduct business not below the atmosphere wanna have in our stadium we want fans to feel safe we want families to feel say if we want people coming again to feel safe. It was interesting I was I was also on Thursday. And I had to go and uptown. In the afternoon. 4 o'clock and I think it was about 4 o'clock and while there are a lot of people RD down there which is expected for Thursday night game in international TV game. I was surprised probably shouldn't have been surprised by the number of Philadelphia eagle fans were flown around uptown. A lot to jerseys not to have thoughts at T shirts not only were they there though they were tailgating me they were set up and parking lots to set their stuff up and AM and ending that's one of those things and but I know a lot of Panthers fans and in the Sports Radio talk about it down the hall and and everybody talk body to the Panthers fans doing the stadium is trying to create an atmosphere it's a little bit more like some of the other stadiums around the league. Some of the other venues and you know place where other fans from other teens. Don't feel so comfortable coming in and routing their team on in some of that is not you know dumping your tickets. You're not one of the gaming them trying to make sure they get into Panthers fans hands others as. You know just basically getting do you seat early be allowed the whole game and you know. Being vocal Q did they go and so. And that's of the Panthers fans. Still are working on it's a work in progress little bit the fans are great I'm not I'm not back on Panthers fans and on you guys are passionate you're intuit. And that's a beautiful thing is just a matter of they were still Bristol wrote to Aaliyah gets twenty year. Twenty year thing other teams have been around a lot lot longer in the grand scheme of things is it isn't the wrong. LeRoy LeRoy is on the line wanna talk a little Pampers this morning good morning to you sir I don't. They operate a whole NFL joke. I've never watched a game are very next day you want apple to open. And you know. These people look at work good football. Distressed look what are they are herself well blow everybody else I don't care about and they hear about it should have a good day. All right LeRoy you know there are some people that feel that way. There are to be able to feel that way about the owners of the football team is more than more than the players as well that they're just trying to get their checks because they actually get the biggest checks and you know there are people to feel the way LeRoy Adams there's no doubt about it there are people who don't watch football and are in a vociferous about it. But the numbers don't lie. The bulk of people do watch football and watch it religiously. In fact some would argue it has become. Our Sunday national. I also work shifted some cases. They died he do you understand what I was saying I'm it descended it has become something that we all. Focus around come together around in some cases as families as friends. Whole industry cottage industries like fantasy football Turbo and talking about this morning. I'm Ali ten year old Playboy you know whatever we haven't we we have whole industries they're revolving around things like fantasy football. Dan Malin numbers for the NFL even when they're down they're still. Solid an incredibly strong footballs or national gale was baseball still wants. All right it is coming up on 10 AM here on this Monday morning will Kennedy from W ccb showed CW in for Scott FitzGerald. To get your week started off right. We'll take a break we'll be back. He noticed that Dallas up. That means the national debt is down. We'll get it in for Scott FitzGerald here on your Monday morning glad to be here which I am actually kind of halfway awake now. It's a beautiful thing I you get here Monday through Thursday nights on WT CB TV Charlotte CW Sunday night to do our god game show. Our little sports show at 103010 o'clock. A week nights BB Fridays and Saturdays off just chemical into that X from a weakened so glad to be here with you I'm actually off today. So this is good I can come in here than I can unwind after. So much stock on spool right as we come out of our weekend and it seems like increasingly. Didn't used to be that way used to be able to ease India Monday is a little bit doesn't happen like that anymore because. The stuff over the weekend is just is dynamic just as disturbing in some cases. Jess is. Energized as during the week there are no days off he's been Fridays were slow but it happened Fridays are now news dump Friday it's just everything that you and everything they can't is there a market out the door right. Still stuck talk about coming out of the weekend and you heard right there. About the you know the the Panthers and and that gentleman who was in the stands. And he's got a court appearance coming up here so hopefully. That gets resolved the way it should get resolved. Other things that are still kind of lingering after the game against the Eagles on Thursday night course one of the things as the Panthers fan as a football fan as a human being. But she just hate to see is what happened with Luke equally leave in the field again this is the third time in three seasons that he's had to come out of a game. With concussion symptoms. Still some. Ambiguity as to does Luke have a concussion he is in the concussion protocol. As the NFL's program for people who may have suffered a concussion before they give back on the field. They have to go through a number of steps in past certain testing there's a baseline test that you take before the season yet to meet that baseline later. That's a good thing all right I know a lot of people say you know it's it's guys are too soft now all that we all know what is going on. With head injuries at this point there's no excuse anymore for not understanding the issue that is at play when it comes the NFL. And that is this CTE this brain disease repeated concussions. I'm not just the big knock you out. Smelling salt concussions. Carted off the field or you know a blacked out he lost time but just a little bombs every play. Linemen linebackers you know Luke legally he's a piece of tough physical football player put his head in there. It looked initially from the replay like it might be a shoulder injury. But he took a shot to head there yesterday during all the enemy and others like. A thousand channels now they're doing NFL pregame stuff although it from the NFL network to your major network. And as part of that coverage more of the ESPN insiders. Said yesterday on the pregame coverage you know I'm hearing that you know look he pleaded not suffer a concussion Thursday night knees you know basically he's going to be okay. Can't the Panthers Stephen Drummond a direct your communique immediately jump on Twitter and said that's not the case he's in the concussion protocol. That's erroneous reporting. That is. The use of pregnant. So you know there we are so again we wish Lou the best you of their questions and he's gonna have to answer if he isn't if he did have a concussion he's in the concussion. Protocol again which he is you know about his career about his future on those are things that. He and his family and his people are gonna decide. The Panthers have had to play without upper stretches the last couple years they're gonna have to probably do it a little bit again here this year will see what happens so we're not. No won't let that play at look at CLA goes up again. It's this competition. This is for new businesses for sports this is for entertainment. In orchard teams he's of the world and these other outlets everybody is so competitive now everybody wants to break the story everybody wants to have the scoop. I've often said this I would rather be right in the first. And in this case somebody jumped the gun. Is it possible that leaky we didn't suffer concussion maybe it is maybe he's just in the protocol because of his background because of his history. We will have to see how that plays out Ozzie Whitaker a University of Texas guy like myself suffered an ankle injury. Our opening deposit back before too long at papers running game can use anybody and everybody at this point. And we'll have to see if Ozzie can return before the next ballgame the Panthers. This is a stretch to plant five games in the month of October for those games are on the road that Eagles game. I was the only game at home in the month of October they've they've got this is the tufts. Some tough sledding as they say again they are tied for the division lead after some of the things that fell their way yesterday with the falcons losing the Bucs losing. Saints winning so the loss hurts but it doesn't hurt them bad bad in the standings they have some things they need to get right so. Nor talk a little bit about the peppers I am here to do that I enjoy the sports talk as much as the political talk as much as the entertainment talk. So many things that we can discuss this morning 70457. Know 1110 as the phone number if you want to call and I'm we dedicated to a little bit about we we talk with care endeavors from ABC news about what's going on the White House what's going on it with our government as there's only. Basically thirty days left. A business days before the end of the years of congress is on a tight timeline to try to get some things done. One of the stories may be the story it's been dominating the news the last few weeks is the whole Harvey Weinstein story. You know. Hollywood. Sexual assaults. Army and and it code of silence that has taken place for all these years these things are unraveling. And a before our eyes and it's become a political football as well. And it may be in a way that he shouldn't. We are talking a little bit more about that and some of the things that have surrounded that controversy in that story. And last few days from jokes of things said on NFL broadcast. All these things that are swirling around the Harvey Weinstein story we have that to get to this morning. But it is ten. Ten here on your Monday morning were sneaking up on another break will caddie for Scott FitzGerald. On this Monday. We'll take a break be right back. John you're the purveyor ninety's grunge. Pearl Jam alive on Monday we'll Kennedy. Wc TV show it CW and for Scott FitzGerald who's under the weather this morning we're all. Under the weather in some shape or fashion on this Monday rainy start. Traffic issues as Freddie was saying out there kind of a real slow commute this morning and some some trouble spots for sure out they're slowing things weighed down. Hopefully you have gotten to where you need to be this morning. We thank you for listening if you like to call and join us this morning 7045701110. Is the number. No Monday out of sifting through all the different news out there we've we've talked a little bit of sports this morning but there's so much that we need to get to wanna give you update in any. Really seems like the news cycle moves so fast now that they in Las Vegas shooting the tragedy that happened there the 500 people are so there were injured the fifty plus people that were killed. We talked so much about it for a couple of days within a events. Transpire in and new things sweep into the news cycle and it almost seems like that event has gotten pushed out of the way. Tina frost is a former student at Gardner-Webb university from here. In our general area she's originally from Maryland she was out there in Las Vegas she was one of the injured in that shooting. She spent that time in a coma. And the good news is she woke up out of a coma on Friday they able to breathe on her own a little bit more. The doctors and nurses were able to get her up and get her moving a little bit she still has a a massive recovery effort. In front ever I we get interviewed and talked with her mother with Skype with her mother. After it all happened the surgeries has she had to go through other physical told that took they were looking to raise money for medical bills. I think their original goals 50000 dollars or over 500000 dollars now you people are so generous out there I mean they you know kind of in the grand. Scheme of things that. Do the willingness to help people after an event like this and in what amazes me even though I work in the media and I work in news is just seems like it is so rapid down how quickly. We move on as a society as the media from one story to the next and and I get it right now things just. Jump off the page jump into the news cycle and become the 24 hours during and then they're gone something's hang around a little longer. But what bothers me and I was talking with with your Charles Johnny about this earlier as we came on the air. It just bothers me to see something like Las Vegas moved out of our conscious to the back burner. And to watch something like this Harvey Weinstein story which is an important story sexual. Harassment sexual assault women in the workplace the things that. That women have been dealing with for so long is shining a light on that is obviously incredibly important but. Is seems like it's at the expense that we we we can't focus on more than one thing for very long. And said you know we wanted remember what happened in Las Vegas and wanna have. That discussion the wanna try to make ourselves safer and we wanna think about those victims for sure. And not forget about that but let's talk about the Weinstein situation. What we have seen. Is is it continuing flow in this this were happening cases like this we've seen it before we we frankly let's be honest we saw on the campaign trail. When allegations were made against Donald Trump as he was a candidate for president and you know 11 or two coming in here come a few more. This Weinstein story I got a feeling this is gonna stay out front because again. Will we live we live in the cult of personality. Internationally as a plan it but especially in America we love celebrity. And if you if you don't believe me think about. You know who who who we idolize whether it's Kim Kardashian Brothers Donald Trump now how does a guy it was a reality TV star become president United States. We can make all kinds of arguments a look at different path but. A lot of people knew who he was right from from the television from the apprentice. And so as we start to see these people that are accusing Harvey Weinstein. Making the allegations. These are famous people these are these are actresses that you know these are names that you know in many cases and then of course all the people commenting on it are also. Hollywood celebrities and and people power and influence and so this story's not going away anytime soon. And any time we have a story like this. That gets into the national consciousness that is something that we are discussing. It's gonna make its way and other realms rights are we're gonna see the late night talk show host comment on it. I don't know how I feel I don't know how you feel about jokes about something like this I mean comedy usually takes current events right. And spins it into. What they do you comedians do and and late night talk show hosts are by and large tweets and so we see James cordon who does the lately is at the lately show. And on CBS that they get as he's he's a Brit he's he's from England. And he was it Ito doing an event emcee an event hosting an event over the weekend and made some Weinstein Harvey Weinstein jokes. Found that. Help people. So be able to defense to others did not the crowd laughed at them and so people were angry about that. There are victims right they're victims to what are you lasting does television you've read some of the reports the things it's insidious I mean it was. Taking advantage of people and it was more you know when you look at these things and you talked to it to people who specialize in these areas. So about sex it's about power. And are you icing obviously was a man who was obsessed with power and it led. Down this path and and you know women who were trying to prove their careers that morning rolls over charges try to do what they needed due within the business. You know were were treated in ways that. Have a hard time wrapping our head around and we and you know in this day and age we say this should not be happening anymore. So that the jokes is that you know is it okay for James cordon to make jokes about that you know the whole thing people say too soon. Too soon is it too soon. As it is it fair game for comedians. The other thing that you know happened in the Sunday Night Football game was Al Michaels you know venerable. Sports announcer commentator play by play guy. He said during that the game between the New York Giants the Denver Broncos the giants and had a tough is it a point in the game last night but they've gotten off to a really bad start. And he said the giants are having a worse week than Harvey Weinstein. People took offense to that eight it's one of those things it's like you know and Al Michaels has come out and apologize James Gordon has come out apologize which is what we do now. Everybody apologizes quickly and yells some of that advertisers a you've got to show you go to broadcast. You know a big sporting event you know whatever it is you've got to make sure that you don't offend. The wrong people ask Camden about that I mean again I. Go back to that that was a little while ago but I think you know with Cam Newton if you become out. Quickly and said who I didn't mean that you know maybe the overpaying he still got that govern endorsement is just relive a day and age where. Companies react quickly and they have to because they they're so concerned about their market share and keep their customers and all those kind of things so. You know is is it one of those things I don't know how I feel I really don't I tried to think about it a little bit after seeing some of the stories lesson about. You know is it fair game for comedians. Is it fair game to be worked into commentary. To a sports broadcaster whatever it is it's going on. How people feel the fairways immunity knows that that's kind of the battle we've been having in America fur. Several years now as the two PC not PC enough for me to saw you know can mean it may not joke around about anything anymore. I get it and sometimes I wonder. I wonder where we are I mean victims in this case. Of sexual assault and in some cases and I guess work it he gets a little bit different for me is we are talking about some of these victims you know it's such as harassment. It's rape. You know it's it's serious issues and then it allegations that are being brought against our realized it actually see now that his company the Weinstein Co. It may be somebody's looking to buy it interesting enough it's tie America. Who is a confidant of trump is one of the guys has been around trump for a long time his company. Is looking to maybe step in. And by the Harvey Weinstein Co. I mean. Las Vegas you know the whole analyses Hollywood's unique the whole casting couch. Concept you know and we think about it something we've heard about for years and years and years and people joked about it I mean. And then now I think that the tide is turning people. No you're Woody Allen here Oliver Stone and other directors that are kind of come in. Not not RV YC's defense but they're almost seems to be a little bit a victim blaming going off from different. Sides of this and and I just that it's wrong and ever really seeing. A social conscious really step up on Twitter and other places on. I see hash tag today that's just pastel eggs meet two. And it's women on Twitter anybody on Twitter has been a victim of sexual harassment of a sexual assault being able to step in and say hey it happened to me to and I think it's actually eye opening when you see how many people. I've been impacted by something like this. Clear cut about 1026. On your Monday morning it's gonna be a cool day out there finally fall has arrived for us lows in the forties tonight move. Community to fire a cigar may be right John. But I look at him for Scott FitzGerald we're gonna take K. A break here we'll be back we've got tomorrow loyalists talk about no violations for UNC. For those Tar Heels above to get it that I would get anything else you wanna talk about. We'll be back. You're listening. Or John. Deck circle the personality there we go living color. What are you forget this lead singer living color and Corey Glover. The son of Danny Glover in lethal weapon thing. Cannot say what that song in itself was almost like a history lesson if you ever actually listen to the clear to me he. They drop some knowledge some references. Hard to talk about all kinds of stuff here this morning will Kennedy from Charlotte CWW ccb in for Scott FitzGerald didn't catch me. Monday through Thursday on the 10 o'clock news although I'm on vacation for the next couple days which is one of the reasons I can be here with you this morning and has Sunday night at 1030. On he got game which is our sports shows I love to do buckle up your politics. All of the news. Get into the entertainment stuff whatever we want to talk about this morning 704571110. As the number CW has been kind enough to hang on the line this for a few minutes and interesting story I'm glad you called in on this one a North Carolina NCAA. And a lack of violations carry this one CW. I'm done by I just can't understand a lot of band and they double life said well we can't guy bank say it then. Not aptly got the same privileges of Sega made. Right course than does it happily did but they say they compress it done nothing until. It's one of those situations I think we're. On. Yet word the NCAA has certain rules in place and you can just mentioned is CW reference to that that they're saying we can't do anything because our rules say this. And yet in the wrist for for athletes a non athletes at the same benefit. But I think we've all understood throughout this whole process the North Carolina especially the basketball. Is is a cash cow. The NCAA they wanna have them there come tournament time. I'll play happy anniversary of North Carolina had any integrity. And it's well. Then that would give up any victory that they log on any athletic event put any athlete who shook bit. Great course to start way up. But another whopper on villainy banked on the page they say the measure got here the graduate UNC so he's not god do it. Imagine that I mean take you taken the lead step in forward and saying no we're gonna vacate. All those wins you know something happened we're not happy with what happened we wanna make a point wanna prove that we're about academics. Here's here's a news flash are ready these are big businesses now. Universities colleges across this country especially the division one especially the power schools they are making money hand over foot. And it. That's something they're not they're gonna cling to. ACW thanks for caught in this morning and it's such an interesting issue for me because. You start spinning out into the other things that go along with that and these are just this is not just a sport stopping this is. You know about. The equity about money about education. Should these players be paid you know that's part of this whole thing is our other employees. Are they students what are they because it is a business is religious. And there's so much money to be made no way it's it's a touchy subject because north show the fans get you know they get a little. Chapped about it and fans of other schools there are you know point nine. Screaming and saying hey wait a second. I had we had hornets general manager rich Cho on our show last round got game and new as we are waiting to do the show before we went out we were talking about college basketball and things and just kind of sand noted it's changed. And so you you got the FBI. Investigating. Coaches and players and money. And shoe companies. And I think that's your window that shows you how much is at stake when he comes to these schools and it comes to this money. And the NCAA and television deals the shoe contracts all this stuff and you know the pressure is so admits to win. When you're at North Carolina and your basketball program has the tradition that it has it it's just so much in so short cuts and of people. They were looking for ways to get the best players and sometimes it turns in the stuff like this and I know it's not they. Are proud moment. Anyway shape or form they love to win the titles and a tar heel fans are passionate about their basketball. As a black this is something that that even at the NCAA is not. Come down hard on them even if the conference doesn't. You know other us. Other fans are pointing and they're gonna keep point they're gonna keep saying they're gonna keep bringing this up for a long time to come. On sports are also in sports political right I mean we're seeing it with Colin the collar cap predict stuff which is. But discussed in and there's gonna be. A summit between NFL owners to talk about you know what they can do with the whole anthem. Flag protest controversy to what they can do as far as driving social change. How they handle players the wanna do that you know as as that becomes increasingly something the players want to do more. And you talk with some of these guys. Especially the younger players they really feel like they have a responsibility to speak up for where they come from you know for the people in their neighborhoods for the people in on their streets. To take up the mantle for them because you know we have a caller earlier that you know set I don't care about Faye you know they they think they're bigger than the fans bigger in the game. In some cases they're trying to use that pedestal that podium they have the satellite out some things and I think you it's not gonna go away no matter what. How we feel about it what we want is something that's around the stay. Something to keep denial. I like this music to. That's pumping me up to get me excited. It's coming up on 1040 wrote Kennedy in for Scott FitzGerald on this Monday morning he's under the weather I'm here when you're 704571110. As the number. It's it's more wide open on Monday whatever you wanna talk about Colin that we can have a chat with class and coffee we'll talk. You heard Freddie there I mean he. Really truly is. All downhill from here. As far as the temperature is concerned today the good news is probably get this brain kind of pushed out of the way and dry out a little bit but. I mean win 6 AM was as warm as it's gonna be you know there's a cold front in your future so. Lows in the forties tonight's finally gonna feel like fall finally gonna feel tucked over will Kennedy. I don't BC CB shows CW in with you on this Monday morning for Scott FitzGerald who is under this weather. On a Monday glad to be here with you and there's some things. Happening. All around our world and I and I know. Again we were talking earlier about the news cycle how quickly things move around. I'm from Houston original and amended if you Stoney and in in effect be a blow it called me up on his show and all that was going home and car hurricane RB hit. And the flooding and we were talking about the flooding issues and and they just record amount of water. The city of Houston was facing and then not too soon after that. You had a hurricane hit in Florida. You know do damage in the recovery all things are gonna happen there and then hurricane Maria. Right behind it it's Puerto Rico now we've got wildfires in California. We actually have a hurricane. Ophelia right that is tracking. Towards the UK towards Ireland. This is not only something that doesn't happen it's been fifty years since they've given had a storm. Relative. The like this not this late in the year not with this kind of intensity in this kind of you know impact that he can have missed it's just truly. Incredible the weather in the in the natural disasters that we're seeing and I think a lot about Puerto Rico especially because you know it didn't get. Some of the same coverage initially that it that in Houston or Florida did that you know the Gulf Coast and and then down through. Parts of Florida and the people Puerto Rico you know I've been doing television. For a long time I've been doing it for twenty years but I took a break and I taught school for three years and I taught jogger free. I taught civics and talk history and geography and civics go together here because the people Puerto Rico are American citizens. These are people that are part of our system. That are part of our responsibility our civic and social responsibility. You know it started getting some attention wind there were some questions about. How FEMA was handling and how we were dealing with this catastrophe. In Puerto Rico this is an island nation. You know an island. Not a nation that part of our nation so we correct that but. You know it's it's a tourist place it does not it's not like some other areas down there it doesn't have the infrastructure doesn't have the money. I yet they've had some financial issues and it's a tough it's a tough place to tough place to live it's rural and many places you know small towns and villages that are not. Necessary at some Third World but it's not you know what we're used to here in the states. They're power grid was old they have some issues with roads they have some issues with you with water now and those are all exacerbated by what happened with hurricane Maria. And ice and saw a story that just is kind of hit me you know when you realize what's going on there it people are so desperate to get water. Is that they can't find clean drinking water which we totally. Totally take for granted here in the US. And and here in North Carolina and here in certain parts of of of this country. We don't understand it got the Phoenix. Got to California bought the parts of of the west of this country. And talk to people about water about water writes about giving. You know enough water whether it's you know some cases to want your mom but in other cases to have enough water. To cook at home. Pocket before Flint, Michigan. About water. About contaminated water park to deploy and other parts of the country where the you know other things are happening. If you've seen the videos of people lining their tap water on fire I am and we've all seen as viral video water is kind of the next. Forefront. If you if you listen to certain people that are experts in this area say. We're going to be dealing with at some point they believe water wars literally. You know I don't know where ever gonna get to the way Kevin Costner movie. Waterworld. Now you know radio it's you know it's a bit if Dennis Hopper right to come. But you know that the whole concept of you know as things become more. Become more rare. Tougher defined. One or something we have to have here's his breaking news where we don't have to have oil. We we there are ways around that is an energy resource I know we sometimes don't think that because of how were conditions and certain things that are thrown S water we have that he can't survive without it to these people of Puerto Rico the don't have access to clean water. They are the story I saw was they are. Going through a fence they're you know not breaking in their but they're going into a place where he used to be industrial complex where there is apps and there's water the water's contaminated. And the people know this there are signs that tell them that. But they're so desperate at this point the guys that I have to drink water I'm gonna die if I don't drink water I'll take my chances. I mean this is a father this is a father with children that haven't are going to do that. I look around you know and I'm guilty to I'm just as guilty. I know. We have a plastic water bottle or you're doing these certain things but this is an about recycling this isn't about all of this that this is about a resource. I'm just saying that we take for granted because we can go. Donald Wal-Mart Sam's Club forever it is and by eight case of water bottles for five bucks or less right. Most of the time and then knew it when we had when it looked like the hurricane might come our way. I went to the story people were clean out shelves in town right and it was unbelievable like all. All the water was gone literally I was in a food line in apart without a part of shutter all the water is completely gone. Not a single person buying any of the Gatorade. Guess what that'll that's got water and it actually has some other stuff and at that would be beneficial for you about those are on Craigslist now I know that's neither here or there but you know. We some people. Have not gonna buy that bottled water I'm gonna find this case above water it's twelve doll I mean. We were water stops let's get real America I mean it's it is it's weird the way it works but just deceit. What is happening at a place like Puerto Rico. To think about. The recovery effort that nobody talk Friday morning Houston no we've moved on from Florida. These are places could take years in Houston Texas. To get back if they can ever get back mean New Orleans is never completely come back from Katrina hurricane that I covered in years ago I mean it's just. We're seeing this stuff happened you know start to question should you live here that I don't wanna live near the coast you know he's a question in my wanna ask yourself you know. But just just did in California mean we were not you know we kinda covered up again with the Harvey Weinstein stuff at some of the other stories that we talk about. I mean these fires are killing people. Edit and clipping California that's for quite frankly it's astonishing. And you know the amount of Landon. Structures that are being. Eaten literally it is when you talk about are you can talk about it in that sense eating up and eating up these structures. You know and ended. They don't really have a handle on it at when's it gonna stop can they stop it just you start to wonder at some point. I saw a story of the day by yellow stuff I. About this volcano. It's you know under old faithful you know that is under the ground and now sizes are saying that news that may be pushed forward that may erupt sooner than they thought. And if you were to happen. And nobody nobody quite yet exactly and nobody quite knows what. The impact of that could be and so I know we would look we live our lives what we watch our sports we watch her movies you know we argue each at the about anything and everything when it comes to politics or. Or anything else. You know. I think a bigger picture sometimes step back and and look at the world around and say. You know what's coming what's what's coming down the pipe down the pike for us and can we. Can we exist with each other it is they're gonna begin a four under but isn't this the thoughts I have a Mondale shorts lucky that the because I did is they look at what what's ahead for the rest of the week for me book Gilead for Scott FitzGerald on this Monday morning. 70457. So 1110. We're coming up on the 11 o'clock hour one more hour ago. Here I'm Scott FitzGerald so we'd love to hear from you on your Monday things have slowed down where you would love to chat when he would give us a call. Will be that. That was a little Chris Berman calls. Back at my preference for. We'll get it in for Scott FitzGerald here on your Monday morning happy to be here with you catch me normally. Monday through Thursday on WC CB TV show with CW at 10 o'clock whether 10 o'clock news. I hang out with Morgan authority my co anchor we do news for you she is a show called the edge at 1030 right after that. I'm off this week until Thursday weird week a market Thursday and Friday this week also do got game or sports shows Sunday nights at 1030. Best place to get all your Panthers television stuff after ball games we also do the hornets had rich Cho in last night. It's like to weld it onto your Renaissance man do little sports too little news too little bit of everything. And on this Monday we have got plenty to talk about if you would like China and 7045701110. Is the number. Happy to be it for Scott FitzGerald is a little under the weather warning speaking of the weather hopefully move it out of your way here going to be cooler through the day something we've all I think been. Been waiting for nobody gets cold will all be longing for the days it was warm again but it's been too warm stayed warm and humid into. October which no enormous time a year we liked that feeling a fall weather so yeah we got on it house's yes scare wins out there. It's that time a year right we want the hot chocolate we want we want to sit out by the campfire and make the shores. Pick up those marsh well. Right a barn burner just get a nice and toasted just about right. I so you know stories that are coming out there this morning we view listening to the news breaks they're both bird doll. The guy who. Left his post is now. Pleading guilty to deserting that's the case that's been you know it the trial it's been anticipated. And some that's been talked about often on. For quite awhile now but so that's happening this morning you heard about Colin Capp predict. Other quarterback the guy who kind of started this whole. Protest movement in the NFL. Protesting and again we just go back and understand what the protest is about the protest originally Colin Capp predict who's been a quarterback. Sampras still 49ers. During the pre season ticket leader in the National Anthem and he thought about this he talked with people. About how to make his protest without offending people. Mean he didn't just do what he'd he'd he'd know consulted with different former players and other people and there's a guy Nate Boyer. Who was in the military and came back and played for the University of Texas some kind of real familiar with nick so what Texas too and you know he he with a long snapper. And try to make the team in the NFL. A Seattle Seahawks and didn't make the team but he you know he's talked account capita per on the way. Cabernet odd trying to disrespect. The flag disrespect the anthem disrespect the military first responders effect he has great respect for them. According to his own words and other people who have talked him including lawyer who's a better. And what it was about was racial injustice of policing practices and things of that nature. It is taken on a different life it's been turned and other things it's become a protest of the protests has become about unity amongst players after. They felt like they were attacked by the president some words that he said some profane words he used about people who were taken in the and he's become one of those issues and and look there there right every time we get to easily if election cycle now is just all the time. There are these wedge issues. That become things that we focus upon. And you know there there are issues that need to be talked about but this one's been turned in a different direction the cabernet is bringing. And action against the league's saying that he's been black ball. The reason he is not being given a chance to make it team is because of the stance he took and and that the fallout from that. We can argue that and he's gonna have to his lawyer's gonna have to argue that. The other arguments will become hey Jay Cutler got a job Brandon we'd you're saying through their brain and we didn't get signed by a team you know and college jeopardy is not. Capita led the team to the Super Bowl not that long ago you know he took the 49ers to to a Super Bowl parents. Is your best quarterback in the league now he certainly is not but he is he good enough to start for some teams probably. Easy enough to be a back up on a team that needs somebody to step in when a quarterback gets hurt as they always do. Aaron Rodgers broke a collarbone yesterday other guys have been knocked out along the way. So that it's going to be interesting to see how that plays out how the NFL is he ever gonna play the NFL again probably not what he is actually. Going forward now is damages saying he's been black ball by the league in not given a chance to play. We've got Ross on the line who wants to talk a little bit about the cap predict situation good morning to you sir what's on the amount. They had you don't do it. It's been trying to get through well time can all happen next. Half. The whole issue of this it's a smokescreen in my opinion and the gap and make. Guitarist. He makes. Accorsi this. Land grab from the police and the Sox Solomon so and so forth. But I can't help Obama that through this year Asia Barack shirt do you know Lucia major barriers. Yes yes I do any X do you work Fidel Castro sirte so yes. There were some questionable choices that he Mecca. Or outside that system questionable. As you know shake should Wear a watch a lot of people don't Obama Vietnam they're not hot to comment that's got shall there are human soul and so forth. And what you'll actually chip fracture that tell you know you've come and prompt. Or be it shakes the very you know was revolutionary that Castro sent to South America trying to. Don't go out countries and to move Communist countries. And then we go with the black eyed manner and you put those two together. Don't believe this below me that you know had to thank Malibu is still and I don't mean to let's say and then about a bridge the case open. That American flag in that national and implement push you've heard this before. It stands for thousands of people that I have a friend and a lot more. That got killed over there around on the ship probably sound. That disrespect these people. If you didn't have a veteran sailor not nobody it would get to demonstrate period because you wouldn't I have that right to demonstrate. I'd let you know that it's. That little look what these people follow foreign that for himself or hurt for the Afghan they had students call and so forth. That gives them the right to demonstrate but all around. Not against the American flag Internet and the anthem to expect a lot that stands for I don't all that garbage. In the promotional people opt out to our air to filmmaker and I must sell an opt out people have a Bennett. And at camp setup that's just pure garbage fears economist at. It looked up leanings to know they don't know some asylum to a lot of people that smokescreen because a lot of people. Are a lot of Smart enough to sleep through it. Appreciate your comments Ross say you know I've heard people that that share that sentiment I've also heard people who are veterans including friends of mine who urban and continue to serve. Who said you know. Exactly what you said it once cent off offer people's right to protest. I don't know they're disrespecting the flag or the anthem. You're kneeling you put your hand over your heart mean. But that's open to interpretation but I. It's it's one of those things to wedge issues are ross' talk about the wedge right there. And different people see it different ways that is certainly the case the sake of air sure it was a bad. Look off camera it. I will not argue that good candidate for Scott FitzGerald the take a break we'll be back. Monday morning coming down a little Radiohead done very nice. Vote Kennedy ever Scott FitzGerald on this Monday morning. Scott is a little bit under the weather today so I was able to make it in here a little bit late after all the traffic and and rain we had this thorn in we are on into the last hour of the Scott Fitzgerald's show. He gets me Monday through Thursday night on WC CB news at 10 o'clock am actually. Take a little time off this week. With the fall weather roll in and taking care of the kids actually my wife is down in Florida in. Can open. Famine situation there we give my father in law who's 31 year navy veteran. Is dealing with some some memory issues. And nine are trying to look at what one of the things he saw many of us now. There are dealing with the our parents our grandparents. And trying to navigate the waters of a not only being a veteran a man who served his country who joined the American navy. From the Philippines. And spent 31 years and and is now I know. Dealing with some dementia and one of those things you know I look around and the more people as we go through this is a family more people I talked to. Finding out that they're also dealing with this with their parents than something to keep an eye on another story that has jumped out on me. The sixty year old son is a junior high school I don't know if you guys saw the story last week. A local young man sixteen year old. Football player which high schools from on high school to another and did suffer some concussion issues and go from home once previously. I left home can be found an eight they found his body. You know in the first that they are national forest and you think about that thinking about. Our families and in our elderly. And our our young people as well and just yeah it's a tough world out there and and and really it's omitted some only TV stories and I have to read these kind of stories. And I think about that family think about the families. Of our. Our service members and you know just just again did the things that as we sit here and do a show like this we talk about different topics and it just. One things leads to another and we we get into different things we were talking about Colin cap predict and talk about you know the impact that this protesters had. And being a wedge issue an issue that people fall pretty clearly on different sides of understandably so in some cases and ended you know for different reasons. The Iran on the line loss let's talk about this morning Ron thanks for hanging out with us for a few minutes are used once or. I'm I'm well are you are doing well do what trying to trying to stay dry looks like it's dried out a little bit forced now. Well that'll be good a lot of people think pit trap and act has filed a lawsuit he had me out a grievance through exactly marketing. They're bargaining here whatever they call their. The CBS they had a collective bargaining gray between the league and the players. Yep but do the people don't seem to understand that paper nick could be working right now. We opted out of the glare here this contract with the giants. It's it with a forty guys yet it was an. Credit that yeah it was an incompetent play risky move but backfire on Franklin yeah you're you're absolutely right he had what more you'd on his deal. If he wanted to become a free agent and didn't work out. Well pit people and himself that he really aired in terms of what they thought they could get him but I would want to port got out that he could be working that day. Or your show. Absolutely thank you thank you run that that's a great point to two point out and I think it speaks to. He and you know it will be honest let's you know let's look at this with with the China hi don't. You know college Africa I think he was trying to do what he felt was right in his heart in a statement that he wanted to make. And there were some decisions not just back contract decision but maybe some things that if he was being honesty look back and said. I could've done that differently I could've. Expressed myself. Charles Hussein in here you know at a press conference. I could've gotten my point out first before. I did the protest. You know those kind of things I mean it maybe it happened organically maybe it wasn't you know the people around him didn't kind of steer him in the right direction. I'm sure it's up to the college capita would say I've learned. I've learned some things he certainly learned to bury a you run the risk with these contracts with football right in and let me say this I understand. I understand my players opt out of contracts understand my players hold out. Understand what players want more money and before anybody says it's ridiculous they're making millions of dollars. Yet they are I get that. But he seemed what's going on with a lot of our former football players. How much money. Is enough. For you or your family. When there's the possibility that you may put a shock and in your chest. And before you say that doesn't happen yes it does Junior Seau hall of Famer. All pro for years and years played twenty years the league is a linebacker. Did that Dave doers and play with the bears I can go on and on Mike Webster. The Pittsburgh Steelers those teams in the seventies won four Super Bowls if you wanna see a powerful. Piece of documentary television filmmaking and there is documented and you know about concussions and all that stuff with with Mike Webster being the focal peace summit. Mean he's casserly isn't you know they're losing their lives are losing their minds are losing their families it's it's really. It's a tragedy I mean football. Is a blood sport in some ways you know it is a tough sport is a man's sport all those things we say you know there's a reason we use the analogy is with. War you know and and military action when it comes to football for a variety of reasons but it it it's a tough game obviously. I just you know I don't know guys have walked away from it say wanderlust and get her into my knees were going to be bad and you my shoulder was gonna be bad you know I knew. These things are gonna happen I don't think any of them to. Along the way what it was doing to their brains and now we're starting to see. Those kind of questions BS soap and just back to the point but I understand wanna get these contracts while they want to make as much as they can't because it's not guaranteed. The average NFL careers about three seasons. We remember all the guys the Brett favre's of the world. Who played for years and years you know they did junior say how to play for twenty years we've we've none of us remember the guys who are flashes in the pan. Most guys all they've done is play football. And then when they're done playing football or they do you have to have a set themselves up at the careers over 34 or five years. Yes on the other got to figure out what to do address their lives so it can't cap critics a young guy relatively so I don't eight we said earlier I don't know it'll ever play again. In the NFL could go to Canada played probably saw it by being great the Canadian Football League but he still try to make a point and Enron who called in a minute ago was up. Slowly right it's not a lawsuit it's a grievance collective bargaining agreement. That and and when he went president trump kind of came down. And made this and this is let's just let's let's look at it let's be honest about it it's a red meat issue for his base right there really isn't it it did gins up the patriotism and nationalism and all these kind of things and there's some other elements to it that I I don't wanna get into. I think we know what they are. And he becomes an issue. You know about in a row where we go from here so it it became. Something that it wasn't when it was her initially started. What what the president and he knows this because he wanted to have an NFL branch at that one point. I put this up the story of the night. And and a lot of you may not remember this in the 1980s Donald Trump owned a USFL United States football league team he sued the NFL for a million dollars. What he wanted was a free franchise that Jeep franchise in new York and New Jersey that would have been worth billions. Today. It didn't happen he's got a grudge against league summit for many years. He doesn't get a collective bargaining agreement he knows the players. Can do certain things and owners can't really stop them but you know it doesn't stop us and talk about it so we'll look at it and we're gonna take a break here. About thirty minutes left to go right. Raw on the home straight and down the stretch they come we'll be back. Reverend Coldplay used to kind of Iraq never mind. A candidate converse to cut its cheerful. Not here Monday morning that the beer wit yeah. Things are lighten up outside the rain looks like it's movement on bias and some cooler weather coming in behind it is you heard there. I am in for Scott FitzGerald is a little bit under the weather today. Normally catch me Monday through Thursday on W ccb news attend charge CW with more authority. The edge comes on right after that and then Sunday nights I do got game or sports shows that did that last night so too late doing laundry. A uniform laundry for my daughter's softball game today which looked like it might not happen but maybe it will. So confusing it's one of those Monday is right you never know you never know what's gonna go on. The interesting thing or the last half hour here we go to a nine to noon on the Scott FitzGerald show. On news of the weird I've seen some interesting stuff out there today one company is pulling. Halloween custom at that time a year right weary people out there trying to find you know whether it's a cost him for their kids because that that's a competition. In your neighborhood yet have a good constant in the other kids so when you go out and trick or treated like a fashion show. The adult costumes killed right I mean. You know sexy everything right sexy nurse sexy cop sexy construction worker and that's just the do is just. Sixty Elvis or what what addict who does with a laser didn't I know that's become a huge Ameen. Million dollar multi billion dollar industry party city all these places do or the constant one company has pulled a controversial. Costume. Believe it or not John they've they've pulled the there was for a kid. Kids gusting up and and frank Costa on no medals and you're familiar with the diary of Anne Frank too soon anything that he. It's one of those they had to say maybe just they have horrible idea ever never. I don't know about that one of the they want must. I saw the article pop up a couple times today and you know I mean there ridiculous level of silliness that gets involved. We were covering. You know the first family or famous people in this case it is the first Bellic. And it was I guess both the First Lady Milan is tropic and the first daughter Yvonne could trump had. Warren in a similar Bo. Clocked but as a fashion statement and it was you know who wore who wore it better now. The name of the ball and this was on the headline of the article that was on more than one site. Is a name it's a word that we're not gonna say here on the radio here in the BBT because replied it's a family program. But it was interesting it was yo mark you'll remember back to the women's march there was a hat. That women were wearing a yes or that hurt had Obispo carries the same name has said pat and so. I will use you let's use your imagination it was at its it's a it's a female thing and it just struck obviously this is real Blake. And I really sing this headlines and sure enough idea of they believe may be just as one site was a fake news you know wasn't brightness you know and honestly. I didn't read deep enough to to see who they felt toward Patrick more research is necessary. I don't know. I unit that's if you if you ever go to a doctor's office right and they got People Magazine. And it's going to pick up sometimes there's a whole you know. Area that magazine dedicated to who wore it better and it's always like to starlets and you know they were similar dress and and who pulled it off better than the other ones that I guess that's a thing. We do here unit in America. Hash tag America. So just just weird stuff that's fun around there and hopefully you know he's tracked your custom and it won't be recalled. It won't be the end Frank Costello has that doesn't make the cut. This year. You know we are getting into this Monday in and we talked earlier you know two hours ago now he cared Travers little bit about what's going on and ABC news in Washington DC and in other things that were constantly every week he going to say we need to keep an eye on what the senator is doing what congress is doing what the president is pushing and you know health care. I think when I was in per week for Scott but oh that was a while back we were talking about health care would their be that. Repeal and replace of of obamacare the Affordable Care Act well that didn't happen they took two runs that it just didn't have the votes. Now what we're seeing is. The dismantling it and this is being done through executive order by president Donald Trump where he is using that stroke of the pen to defund. Markets which makes. In unstable. You know I guess I guess you're gonna say it's imploding it's falling apart. He's not wrong because he's helping that happen and now does Obama care Affordable Care Act have issues yes it does many of them. And things that if in a normal world nor situation may be both sides would get together trying to work on those things and figure out. How do we do something that helps the most people. How we keep people on health insurance had a we give them access to affordable health care I mean honestly is there anything wrong with that concept. Is there anything wrong with saying we want people to have access. To health care to keep them healthy the order to give children. The best opportunity to give families like the pre existing conditions thing is huge think about think about your own life do you know people he had people in your family. They have a condition. You know they have cancer they have been the case in my on dementia they have diabetes they have cystic fibrosis that. Those are you know the way things work. Is it. Things are being done where those people are either not going to be able to get health care or it's gonna be so expensive it just doesn't make any sense that all sounds really nice but it was really off putting. When when you get a law that comes along tells you by a private prom exactly or pay a fine exactly the of law that that's really and that in your absolutely right. That that Eddie and in the though that's where and that they give and that's why I say let's come together let's figure this out. You know let let's let's give both sides instead of doing what we're doing which is. Nobody wants that nobody don't wants to walk into the outlet a little across the aisle because they're gonna get destroyed. By their relatives side right and I and that's left and right but I'm not I'm not you know. But taken aside your descent you know you've got. The Bernie weighing over here and indeed it's certain people not everybody. But and then you've got other people on the right the hand diesel Limbaugh's they're gonna crucify you if you even tried. When we come back we'll talk a little about what is important is it an important vote coming this week. Six could impact your health care through Medicaid to Medicare all of that stuff. Right around the corner we'll get the upper Scott FitzGerald 11:40 guys Monday morning and. Wow. Take Jimmy back and look at the rhythm to. Analyze and drove it. Things that I won't put a love I have. What. Zach gather that helicopter. For a candidate from W ccb Charlotte CW in for Scott FitzGerald. On this Monday morning we are in the last segment of the show time flies by when you have and fun. Is what they say he gets you Monday through Thursday night under BC CB news at ten. And Sunday nights at 1030 on got game or sport show which we did last night. So it too late after doing laundry clean in the house select good stuff on Sunday night because I didn't are becoming an here on the smoke on Monday morning but happy to be here with you. Nothing's a given out today you've you've hearted nurse of the news breaks the president president Donald Trump will be in South Carolina he is kind of throwing his support behind. New master. As the government the governor. That replaced Nikki Haley and his reelection or his election attempt in this will be interesting to see because after Donald Trump put his support behind a senate candidate in Alabama. I candidate did not win the Republican run off. In so this is kind of the next test to see. At what weight the president is carrying some of these states that he carried. During the election meanwhile Steve Bennett his former advisor in the White House's declaring war against the Republican Party I guess everybody basically. If you're not with Steve banners about child and you basically against everything that is is good in the world. And he's he's our he's not let's and his work he started out there it's going to be interesting to see in these elections. Tony eighteen is this rolls around. How ugliness can give within. Within their own party. And at some point you know we ever gonna get to a third party system or who might already kind of be there. And in one shape or of the Soviet president be visiting South Carolina today. I all over Twitter right now on the social media is a hash tag meat to. And you may see that throughout the day if you're you've taken part on on Twitter and and other social media's failure is to grab your FaceBook all those places but the people's got. And that that hash tag is about this Harvey Weinstein is Torre it's about victims of sexual harassment sexual abuse. All of those things saying hey it happened to me too it's basically standing together and saying. You know look look how much of this is out there you know it's interesting to me it ended in disappointing is. We've talked about Colin capita we've talked about the Harvey Weinstein story. And again disagree agree. People who were are protesting something or making a point about something I read somebody tweet this out earlier in oh. When you do that you're off and put your life on the line you know your your financial. Life you're in your career your professional life. Landed out there and ended backfire sometimes we're seeing now with cap or nick in the grievously he's filed against the NFL it's the owners. And we've seen that you had so many of these actresses of women in Hollywood saying. You know I didn't speak up where I went along with this right did this because I felt like my career was going to be destroyed. In the end the money that's at play but it's not just Hollywood it's in the workplace you think about stories that don't get this kind of coverage of women. Who in the corporate world. It whatever you know whatever their chosen career path is that it had to face the sexual harassment. And the sexual abuse and you know it's a good thing it's a good thing that we're bringing it up there were talking about the hate that it did the past that happened in this fashion. And dominate the news because it's a Hollywood story it's something we should have been talking about before and and he really is something that needs to be addressed is 2017. Now we've been dealing with this issue for so so long just like many other issues that we need to make progress on and unfortunately they become. Wedge issues we we live in a male dominated world the times change and and sometimes they don't change as quickly as maybe they need to. So does it all those things happening today. Standing and we we ease into this week that book was looking ahead to attend this won't this weather that's. Come our way a little bit cooler finally. Hopefully you're excited to get in the fall little bit and enjoy some of the the things that. Come our way and fall Halloween is right aren't hard to believe that we're halfway through October already at this point in the Halloween a beer before you know it better do your Christmas up yet gigs lie every store I go into. Literally walked and that was a Michael's or someplace with my daughter I'm here Christmas music. That the outcome all right. October I get it right nearly after extend that sales season out as far as physically possible so we can be you know make as much money as we possibly can. I heat while the F. It yet John now feel pressure now I feel like I haven't shopped early enough. Have I missed and he did you not to buy me anything expensive to exactly the thought that we as Black Friday happening. If I put into it but how many how many. How many will there be. Before it I'd actually saw an article earlier there was a list of stores they're going to be close on Thanksgiving. And it's kind of like. It's hard to believe it I mean here we are in October were already thinking about that. And that's been the story that every year comes up like bill and everybody was open now some are backing away from it. Interesting to see how that that plays out I used to love Halloween. As a kid. Because I'm the oldest of five and the first four of us were boys so you know it was while repairs didn't do candy forest most of the rest of the time. But. How we we got to bring our all that we would we would literally lay it out in the den floor in recent trading going on in men. The chicanery would take place. Candy deaths were rampant and that and our house you mile way I hope somebody stole my stickers you know nobody would nobody would fess up to a week. I always always love delving into the tricks in the treats an elegant stuff and you know now it's it's become light in the neighborhood I live in people have been decorating for a couple weeks now. Some really interesting in spooky looking things kind of hanging around. In my neighborhood so it you know it will be fun to go out and Taguchi with the two little bit it's a Monday this year noses Tuesday. Holloway falls on Tuesday this year five if I look at the calendar right so that's one of those we play it out on the weekend how that rolled around. Let's get to a foes are quick we've got is it aerial. On the line awestruck look on capita carry this morning. They're ready or you don't do a good. Also I really quick. I'm not enough final thought our guys out the other is revealed. I believe in America we wanted Turkey. That everybody got talked Eli coast sucker for a forty something years. You know in order but you know we're not talking it would make me. With a torn and did a story so now on they would go on trial is still would have been won if we don't act sooner or three we will mega man. This didn't meet demand out you know and sorry I know there's. I'm just someone that's you know lobby felt like putting crystallized. You've been I've lost so I would as far as bears. Didn't discriminate against me I don't care how much wanna make you mad I'm more when my life so I mean not even two point well. This is Justin Mason doesn't understand. Arial we appreciate you know what bear interest that aerial mentioned that because the whole trophy thing. It's totally I'm a report out of left field right here because it but it does relate. I would argue that the reason that the US men's soccer team is not gonna be competing in the World Cup some of that has to do with what area just touched on. The fact that we. Have built this thing for years and years and years were. Everybody gets something just for being in it just for being there. And you know and London by coach my kids I've been guilty of it and handed out those trophies and give a little speech about every player. And you know. It's a tough world like it my kids are sixteen to thirteen out now they're finding out the hard way middle school high school. He got to compete. Just being there it village on the team anymore it's a little bit different world. All right so hopefully you're ready to want to take on the world out. Talk radio grab it by the horns. Will Kennedy have to be here with you on this Monday thanks for listen thanks for Paul never really appreciated hopefully Scott is feel a little bit better and we'll be able to give back in here John Charles and make it happen. Appreciate it very much what you guys have a great Monday and I we'll see you on the flip side.