Weather, Spending Bill, and President Trump Ratings

John Hancock
Tuesday, January 16th

Hancock opens with the weather.Congress is still fighting over the spending bill with a shutdown looming on Friday., President Trumps ratings and new guidlines for traffic stops.


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I've on the WBT. Hole studios. This is John and his dance we've. It's spread to get drilled. Dutch. The precarious nature this door and says that the snow. Could. Follows a brain. That's always a beautiful mixture with the freezing temperatures. And due to start about 3 AM in the morning. Which means that they most precarious time to be on the road's gonna rush hour tomorrow morning so. Now prepare issue as you can. We'll keep our eyes are not any late developments going on with so what the weather world. Bring us winner advisory is already in effect. But Mecklenburg County could see a snow overnight into early tomorrow and and by noon tomorrow it's supposed to be pretty much all overweight and and we slowly but surely head towards the weekend were we're gonna see you know low sixty's upper fifties her. So we're headed for some nicer weather but overnight to get past. Early tomorrow morning. And through rush hour tomorrow to work to get to get to appear good stuff. I your prayers today for a detective Mike Dodi. Who is in no beyond critical condition I guess. It's so bizarre story of York county deterrent to place a starting last night a domestic. Violence call around 100 wait. And first law enforcement officers arrived about ten to warning. By that time the suspect a Christian McCall had doe fled the home on foot. Still don't know anything about the alleged assault victim and her condition or. By York county canine unit resort called in to help find McCall's. And shortly after the K nine units begin their track just after 1 o'clock shots were fired enact K nine unit officer was a struck the other dog was uninjured. And so they transported him to. A Piedmont medical center. In a patrol car. And than this dude manages to evade don't police for hours until about 3:30 this morning when shots were fired again and three York county sheriff deputies were struck. So in total you have four law enforcement officers who were shot. Three. You've got a couple of the officers taken to a CMC Maine by helicopter and a third taken by ground. And that would include sergeant Randy Clinton. Sergeant buddy brown knew. Detective Mike Dodi is the one who is in no very critical condition and New York though police officer Kyle Cummings. And so we'll go into surgery some probably urine surgery I don't know there's different. But. Clinton was not life threatening. There had been no had not been taken into surgery has ever earlier this afternoon I don't know what his current status is he's the sergeant I think you spend. Along with video police department to with your Kerry pleased warrant for like thirty. Gotten your someplace. 34 years or. On the long most honest and no have been there for a long long time. And and Mike Dodi. I detective is the one who is quote unquote hanging on to life. So will law. We'll send our prayers out to be or Dodi family and our friends and into our detector Jody is well obviously unknown. McCall also sustained gunshot wounds may need surgery. The the investigation is being handled by the South Carolina law enforcement division called sled their chopper drug took a bullet last night as well still able to fly. And probable cause they say to seek warrants against more call with three counts of attempted murder but. They're apparently waiting on known dodi's condition before proceeding with. With the final charges on not so while. So anyway that's that that's the main story today you know should there be there was a press conference at 1130 and there's another one know about 130 or something along those lines of whether or not there will be anything else this afternoon I don't know. But if there is will make every attempt we can just. Get it on live. And not keep you up to date on what's going on like that along with the weather. Which. I'm sure has the attention of many as we had 4 rush hour tomorrow morning no windows conditions will probably be at their worst and how much there's no way actually get. A depending on which meteorologist hero listening to and believing an inch to two. For us here in the Charlotte area. But like I say that can be proceeded by rain and freezing temperatures and so what all the sudden you put down she device and then you put some snow on top of that. It's. That's just about the worst recipe deter you can have solo we'll try to keep you posted on all that stuff that is of immediacy are going on another shutdown looms for the government the GOP's seeking a spending deal. That that's not up until Friday so the fact that they don't have a deal by Tuesday doesn't surprise me necessarily. Especially with this president who's so whole deal is negotiation. And the whole thing whether negotiation is. Pins and needles. Play hardball right up until the last second and it navies and even then some. So we'll see were all of that goes. Steve Bannon is in front of congress today in a closed door meeting and apparently has been subpoenaed by the Mueller investigation so Paula talk about that for awhile I'd contribute back to an article that. Howard Kurtz the Fox. News analyst. And written last Wednesday about toe whether or not they trump Mueller sit down to there's rumored to be good periods and it's rumored that Tim Mueller has. Has requested one. Now want Stuart and ask the president some questions and whether or not he does that in person or whether or not they do that at the White House or whether or not they do that in writing or apparel that's all being discussed as we speak but. Our current short and article about a truck Mueller show sit down. Could be the they get a good Russian probe soon be over. Well got for Debbie nice. Then we can get Honda some of the real rumors that. You know that that's what dog but that's what this whole presidency is gonna be about. Now there was a couple of articles that are ran across last night. I had read a look at the headlines on twice. One says economist credit trump for booming economy. Are. I'm reading this in the press. Somebody given trump credit for something. And the other said latest poll says GOP has its highest satisfaction rating since 2007. What. So Bob. Does that mean that. The tide is turning bishops are no I don't believe so. If you look hard enough you can find. They angle you're looking for. That I don't have to tell you all that you do that anyway. Now here we are on June. Were they up hotel Agile government shut down on a Friday. And the press Washington Post and others are. Pretty much got the the nation's obituary printed in the newspaper this morning. Boom revenues go. Chances of a government shut down grew Monday as Republicans concluded that they would be unable to pass a long term spending bill by the Friday deadline so that's it everybody go home. It's bread milk underway. And than just go all yourself open house because the whole world's just gonna come to an end on a Friday were just gonna. Sit around and nothing will happen between now and Friday. Over. We tried. Oil. They are are now turning to a short term funding measure. Democratic leaders say that they're unlikely to support any deal that does not include young illegal immigrants and protect them. And if they can't agree. Than the government which shut down at midnight on Friday. Which I think means national parks are closed and I can't remember what else but. We believe hundred do that before it was a fun but it would day you know it it was a life altering either. And at some point or another. But I don't think we're gonna get to that point and I'm not even sure I believe that we're gonna have to get to a temporary. Short term funding measure. I just kind of have a feeling that since it's Tuesday and we still have Wednesday Thursday. Friday to the deadline that. Beat to between dec and everything else that there's going to be. There's going to be your resolution of someway short for another been way too early to look a rule agreement right now both sides are still gonna hold out for whatever they can hold out for. No reason to come to an agreement on a Tuesday when you have blow Wednesday Thursday and Friday and a you know maybe can get a few more inches of ground for your side house Republican leaders are scheduled to discuss those plans sometime tonight. We'll take our rank and file lawmakers and get together tonight democratic leaders are demanding protections for the dreamers. They. They've got the leverage to. To make the demands because. Republican senate Republicans need at least nine democratic votes to support any spending deal also of the Democrats stand together. They can they can certainly. They've that they conveyed gave it up a leverage like a certain. They also want Republicans to match military spending trumpet many GOP lawmakers are seeking no with an equal increase in non defense funding. So while we'll see what happens no guarantees that the house GOP leaders will be able to rally a majority of their members to support our short term spending measure. And that would dead though it multiple congressional aides and a senior trump administration officials said that would likely though a last through mid February if they can come to terms on that but. That's just another band aids so that we can get to this point all over again. And I don't know I just kind of get the feeling that will figure out some between now unknown Friday the other big news today is Steve Bannon. Ku has been subpoenaed according tonight it's started with a New York Times but it's been collaborated there's been several publications and a sense that have thought. That have. Verified this. And as Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed by a Robert Mueller. Issued by that'd be Mueller. Team last week. This following all of his comments. About Michael Wolfe's book fire and fury inside the trump White House last week query. Made comments blasting and trump junior and son in law Jared Kushner. And the ex campaign German Paul man referred. And you described that June 2016 meeting in trump tower with the Russian attorney. During which she they campaign. He called a treasonous and unpatriotic. And so are Mueller decided well maybe I should go talk to this guy's so that's exactly what happened and in the meantime. Bannon is sitting in front of congress today behind closed doors. QB Charlie Rich. By answering questions. From them and the Russian investigation of so willow Woolsey were all that goes. Then there was this article last week. By Howard Kurtz blocks analyst. We said this trump Mueller sit down which apparently is in these talking stages stages. Could end the Russian probe and we'll got to look over that just couple seconds. All right following what happened in Hawaii. Which has written an article that was a forwarded on to me from the national review I knew nobody had gotten fired on their but when you start to read all of video stuff via. Of what happened out enough Hawaii over the weekend. And people get kicked at a wal marts and fitness clubs and I mean everybody was trying to seek shelter someplace for 38 minutes or they thought missiles were covenant. Army anyways is chaos down there and a lot of places are mall Wal-Mart stores or tell people to get out. And it did you know got Norman nobody knew what to do or how to react to it or. It may be a blessing in disguise to some extent because it probably is exemplary of photo of exactly what would happen if you had. I mean if it North Korea does have a missile that's capable of getting the mainland. If all the sudden you got that would you know what to do and they kind of got to let you know it's one thing to warn people it's another thing to educate them on what to do. Not so sure we all that we all remember duck and cover did you ever give duck and cover when you're in school TJJ. They are you know duck and cover we know duck and cover it's worthless but we know it. Anyway they had done they had a problem in non Japan yesterday. The broadcaster NHK. Following the eroding its alert that the incoming ballistic missile threat and Hawaii. They get a similar gaffe and Japan national broadcast to their sons they they're absent without any up. A message that read NHK news alert North Korea likely to have launched a missile all the government. Evacuate inside the building or underground. Now that didn't take 38 minutes for them the that a mistake was demolished within minutes. But minutes. The longest minutes you'll ever spend his grip you'll hear you what you do ordered. You try to figure out what to do and you'll watch in the sky. Several on air apologies made broadcaster blamed day mistake on the use of its alert system for the error soap. In a funny how allow wind to wind something happens. It's gotta like you'll deal about deaths. They come in threes. And all the sudden you have this so false missile arm that goes on Hawaii and ended a few days later the same thing happened did you pay him. But. When you look at all of the chaos that was involved in Hawaii. Mean if we're all standing right here and now Charlotte, North Carolina right now if an alert comes down our honored by his phones what do you do. Where do you go. I do do bird doo we're in a building. That's not impenetrable. But. I had to the basement of this building and go right to the senator wrote it. Half of its underground. So I guess I'd go to the assist Fargo and go to Billy studio hang out on his couch. Pretty bizarre. Tom we talked about band and being in front of congress today and being subpoenaed by the Mueller investigation. And Dell last week Howard Kurtz wrote an article about a trumped Mueller sit down because we had heard about that last week you know that there's probably some pretty sensitive negotiations going on her discussions being had mr. How exactly a trump Mueller. Conversation or question answering no way to be done on. Would it be done with third in written form moral loaded PO one on one nor I mean obviously the White House is gonna wanna know some. The criteria for exactly you know we're we're going why are we talking about what's what's a one wants a lot of questioning. But Kurtz says so actually a truck Mueller sit down could be the the endless Russian pro bowler can mean it's stated soon to be over talk about that just dissect living over ciller Mitch on WBT 7045711. DNA match. All it can say it's like well if you're in chocolate or your Hawaii and you get noticed that. It's going to be a nuclear. A part in the make it any minute. My head wouldn't go. How sudden watched because it doesn't matter if you're in the third base but it doesn't need to do. Or are warm up top floor of the power building. There's no very well in a nuclear bomb as a nuclear tomorrow yeah. None none that does closure of its I believe it's coming right in on Charlotte. Batter out but do you would you be outside looking for something when you but you're also going to panic mode dump people would try to do something or they'd try to cut talk contact family or they'd done. I mean I guess that would be your first. Gut reaction would be to blood try to figure out how your family is going to be safe. And I think you're right I think to some extent there's. If the president did there's no there's no safety from Mayo nuclear device if you're within the followed zone. Well you know you're gonna get even if you can get open interstate mature not gonna get. Why didn't get out of them mold into please limit. Even if you were driving a hundred miles per hour dinner I ever did not elaborate. Yeah but it would ray would do it would depend on where it's coming in to why you would you would probably get an alert if that was coming towards California. Yeah. So any lamented that the false alert. But I mean you guys write. If it's got an end up down. Mean that's always been my stupid sarcastic remark and have very competitive it is odd. Put me right there at ground zero I'd just as soon. Yeah I don't I don't wanna live afterwards I don't wanna have to division yeah I did I mean let's go. Go hang out when my dad. For a while. Are we get to the Mueller attributed to its second act and that is the sixteenth. Saturday is the twentieth. Saturday will mark one year of president Donald Trump. Only three seven years ago. You exhausted. Bad news Democrats White House doctor trumping health excellent. No concerns about cognitive ability. Bad news Democrats positive headlines and news. Economists credit trump for booming Erica economy. And then another story that ran across last night. Latest poll says GOP has its highest satisfaction rating. Since 2007. Now the overall rating. Not all that great but within his own party things are pretty pretty good. And obviously be democratic approval rating here's. Dismal. There was an wrenching article written by Howard Kurtz last week about distraught Mueller sit down and lots negotiations apparently going on behind the scenes as to how exactly are the two of them would communicate or whether they were communicating. We talk a little bit last week about he was subpoenaed. He wouldn't really have ability to run not do that. Not to refuse to our talk but. I'm so there's there's there's conversations going on right now as to exactly how that communication would take place or would he answer questions and no writing which has been done before. Mom what they our president and but Kurt says that the media. Reporting that Bob Mueller wants to question Donald Trump. Might not sound like good news but it could be. We said at the very least the story suggest that the special counsel is approaching the final stages of the Russian investigation. Prosecutors virtually never interview their highest ranking go to central target until they've compiled most of the evidence because you wanna have the most ammunition. Up for that high stakes in Calgary is what Kurtz wrote. Washington Post says Mueller has indicated that his office quote is likely to seek an interview with the president triggering a decision among his attorneys. About how to avoid a sit down and count her or set limits on such a session close quote. The outpost Washington Post. Says that the president's attorneys are reluctant to let him sit. For an open ended face to face questioning. Without clear parameters. And Limbaugh part of the fear of that has to be defective. He's just such an off the cuff. Say one thing. Mean another. Anyway they but I discussed whether the president could provide written answers to us over the questions from the a Mueller investigators said Reagan did that to me I ran Contra. Investigation. So. So negotiations are probably under way the at times quoted New York Times sort of an unnamed sources saying that the Mueller that Mueller appeared most interested and asking questions about the former national security advisor Michael T Flynn. And the firing of the FBI director James beat Komi. But the broader question of possible collusion with Russia those topics signaled an interest didn't know whether mr. trump tried to obstruct justice. If that's accurate that means that the Russian collusion question which the president has repeatedly attacked his fake. That that can be fizzling. And if you listen to Rush Limbaugh he's contended that all along there is nothing there is nothing there's nothing there there never has been anything there. In fact if you re if you follow Russian and his line of thinking on things a man a lot of Republicans lines of thinking is they. I dossier that was bought and paid for what started Bible was bought and paid for by but the Clinton administration. For the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Men efforts indictment mainly had to do with Ukraine. Flip pleaded guilty to all lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia but he also lied to the White House. So the only play that seems had to be really. Connected to the collusion narrative is that a George pop double us. But he was a low level advisors so that that's not gonna take your whole Lotta places. And then Kurtz concludes that. If an interview with the president signals the final phase of the investigation the strategy of cooperation could look Smart in the end. That is unless Mueller is sitting on something explosive. That miraculously has failed to leak. So global sea were all that goes the idea that the Russian investigation. Though would somehow or other draw auto closed that we would not have to go through another belt and a lingering years of that. Even months of bad but. Is kind of inviting. Thrust suddenly short attention span theater. But you can take the Russian investigation out and you know something else is gonna come up because that's exactly what's happened for the whole 52 weeks that the president's been president. Death by a thousand paper cuts we've talked about it underdogs. One day it's about Jared Kushner next day it's about Donald junior events about this that is about that minutes about this angle it's about bad angle and not even in the last week. Did he talk about the so it's a whole countries or did use that language unity user differ one or did he use a different expletive that already know. And and no Durban. He can't get off this thing or maybe he just can't get past the questions about it all. But in the meantime the president either the that the countries getting ready to shut down. And Decker is on the table and all that other stuff and they're still talking about you know what word was used back there. And then rush today I was president of Russia and the way yen. And apparently when the president made an I don't know if this is true or not alone apparently when the president made to reference last week to. These so until whole country's what are we have to have more people from those countries. Why not have more people from Norway he apparently said Norway. And Asia. Well look he said and Asia than that kind of takes the whole. White people narrative out of their net net. And that kind of makes him just a little bit less prejudiced than what we've been wanting to or what what the opposing side wants you to believe who do. Sky yes. So listen I'm not a big fan of the style of Donald Trump. But when you start to see some of the things that are going on in the country. And when you start to see your paycheck following February. And you acknowledged that 90% of the people in the country are getting some sort of a tax break. And then you read articles that we're gonna talk on and just a second economists credit trump for a booming economy. And within his own party. The latest poll on G on the GOP has its highest satisfaction ratings since 2007. More than maybe there is something to that narrative about. The left just doing everything they can. Do I make this presidency. Look as bad and pathetic as everybody wants to believe it is but the results seem to be different and. The an allergist up to a 126000. Earlier today in. And it went downhill from there and finish at a loss some been as good it was it was pretty amazing to watch him. So I think everybody is kind of watching to see one after the government shutdown and all that stuff couple headlines that are posited the president will get to that just secular legal over until it repeated 70457. All of until they beat. Any job all thank you. He can't do is make good points and and I agree with these affect what's gonna happen this hump doing a tremendous job and I'm measure. We must say that objectively. Now. What may not know open at maturity of the electorate. Or we hope people may we why serve girl more of a beer with our defense. I'm going to I'm a businessman. And I want you result someone in production. Not really matter to me I don't know who Monday's. News the approach where whatever whatever they do behind closed court I don't know. Obviously hope that over the mountains spotlight there's no doubt about it you don't apologize Bernstein. When certain personality Nepal. I would do but there's also results go all the going much. We may emit an instinct comedy is Sid Ahmed Ben and not to tell me again how you are how you phrase it but you said maturity of the electorate. No. No I'm no reports collect emotion plays a sense we'll sort of see people go to court so why are better. Things are all good I think there are weight Smart and most people I know we otherwise hop. Things are Billiton I would hope people don't don't have Brothers then upgrade and locals are you know are we all the world and home and. Whatever I agree with heated degree but I don't you think that the maturity of the electorate would be a lot easier. Or that it would be a lot more possible if we you the president include improved his own maturity just a little bit. Don't tell people who ignore them now not a comedy it that's so no he's not perfect by any means but. If Lipitor is what I want the production over the personalities now off in the production. Yeah I think I I think he shoots himself in the foot too much I guess at what frustrates me about in my. He is paper thin. He he the video that the tweeting is is just bizarre now maybe they're there's so maybe there's a means behind that may be out sued to deflect. I had RLY. I I couldn't do it define the strategy but maybe it's more well thought out than what I don't believe it is but I I I just think he holds back his own progress immensely. Armed with though what with his demeanor in the way that he acts and and I've given him and to some extent. I said today one of the things I think that the the bulk of the people don't really care about him he's I think he's a typical new Yorker now which would which sits real well in New York right it doesn't work real well in Kansas City people don't really like the demeanor of a new Yorker except a new Yorker. You hit the nail on the head John absolutely not those who clerical and I agree with guided its. I want you ever created what you know optimize support about Polk who adopt all what you would do that outrageous statements and I don't know Google map with your madness sort of as. What I did the job he's doing how good my business well my family's financial well being secure like normal worldwide stage I'm going to court but. And now are some big that in order. I'm heading for our retirement and next three to five years I don't know what it is. But after what happened in 20072009. We've made we've made up a lot of ground. I sit down with my financial advisor and we start talking about 20% corrections I don't wanna sit through a 20% correction. So I I get all I start look at about what's going on right now I do watch the Dow on a daily basis not because I'm married to the Dow just because it kind of gives me a litmus test of of of what's happened and then on where we're going because at some point. I'm gonna chickened out and I'm gonna take everything that I've saved and I'm and put it someplace safe. Out and hopefully I'll do that before the 40% correction although my financial advisors tell me to just calm down. But so from that standpoint I love what's going on right now I absolutely love that term. But he also scares the hell out of me. He's just I am playing. The talk went on you you don't quite to their budgets are now portal with our yet I don't want. Not a lot are replaced everything had to do soil one night well. It is that are always you know if they just let me go take six months off I rub probably come back and do another five years but not now. I'm not gonna be in place for a while you kidding. It is definitely for the first time in my career haven't made. We're gonna go. Surrounded Belmont and and under the string being paid lunch every day. But why don't quite so restaurant knew he broke yesterday. To be bigger house. CNBC's. Economic survey released prior to Christmas showed that for the first time in over a decade a majority was optimistic about the economy. Economists crediting trump to the booming economy. Economists. Say that we should expect to see unemployment continue to go down in the economy to grow in 28 team. Economists. Surveyed by the Wall Street Journal. Said that trump has had generally positive effects on the United States the economic growth by hiring the performance of the stock market. During his first year in office. The economic growth for the fourth quarter was near 4%. Over 100 companies gave bonuses of at least a thousand dollars or more tool over a million workers. Even some part timers got a piece of that action I noted Nancy Pelosi those are crumbs. But to those million workers who got the thousand bucks better late than never and a thousand bucks is a thousand bucks TJ could use a thousand bucks you think. The GOP tax bill. Which the left said was going to be A a prelude to Armageddon. This is that it's written in town hall predict the GOP tax bill. Exactly the opposite for the American worker. The Democratic Party decided to bet against and try to undercut trump over 90%. A middle class Americans. Will be receiving a tax cut. The Democratic Party is gonna have to explain that move especially. When this bill becomes more popular and that's that's kind of what the guy would just say and people are gonna start seeing the positive effects. Now if you wanna think this guy from. Personality standpoint is alone. Yeah I'm right there with yeah. But from out economic standpoint. The guy knows how to play with the numbers. The guy knows how to negotiate. I'm not so sure we've ever had a negotiator that office before. That does that with the style take it or leave it Donald Trump. But maybe we should have. Maybe the fact that an awful lot of people going to politics because they haven't necessarily been able to be successful in their chose a line of work. Or that they like it because of the status that it gives you. Or that they like it because of these security that it gives you or we may like it because of the celebrity that it gives you. People could be going into politics for all the wrong reasons but we eat the electric keep on sending people back that have done a lousy job in the first place that's what I never get. Is people who have the audacity. To run for office. Even after they've been convicted or Chelsea Manning is running for the sentence a sin senate really. Now she has every right to do that but if she gets anybody what one person to vote forum that's scary. So we we get what we deserve in the people that we send to Washington this name recognition thing at celebrity. Just because you see their name in the paper every day means that they've got recognition that the other person does have the the other person could be a better bet for you. Economists surveyed by the Wall Street Journal say president Donald Trump has generally positive effects on the US economic growth hiring in the performance of the stock market during its first years in office. The professional forecasters also predicting 2018 Woolsey solid growth. And continued decline in the jobless rate. The tax cuts signed into law by trump in December. Which most economists say will boost the economy for several years at least. More broadly more forecasters surveying by the hour by surveyed by their bought there by the Wall Street Journal suggested. Trump selection deserves at least some credit. For the act and have for the economy's recent strength. There is definitely a sense in the business community that the president's actions and regulations have led to more pro growth environment. For them to operate close quote that's two Chad moot right. Who's the chief economist of the National Association of Manufacturers. So there's one headliner read last night economists. Credit trump. For the booming economy. Then I see one last night. And it says latest poll says the GOP has its highest satisfaction rating since 2007. Now that 61%. Of Republicans say that they are very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the direction of the country. Does he get that overall I know does he get that from the democrats' game you want. But his party. 61%. Very satisfied or somewhat. The other story around across last night which was a couple better under the president which is hard to fight actually came from CNN. Hey I don't. Well they don't keep it positive they make sure but it's they do report on they on the GOP's satisfaction index. And what the stock market roaring. And Republican success in passing attacks play and the GOP satisfaction with the direction of the United States is now is it highest that it's been since 2007. To new Gallup poll. So wat 61%. Of Republicans say that they are now very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the direction of the country marking the first time. That the confidence among Republicans has been this high since the second term of a George W. Bush. The crossed party lines. The outlook on the direction of the country isn't a sunny overall only 29% of Americans are satisfied. But that shouldn't surprise anybody. And given the a litany of negativity that they have been faced with for the entire time of the trump presidency. Oh of which I think he aids. Eight in that coverage to some extent but on the other hand. This is not a president that's ever going to get favorable. Data day coverage. In the mainstream press not gonna happen. So. That's why advertising works. Repetition. And the press is the same way. Pound the negative pounded negative pound the negative panel the negative. And bolt of America will get negative on what they're pounding. And they have and they well and they'll stay that way. But the results. As we just talked about. With the view of economists. On the results. Is the one thing that might get some people's attention. More money in your paycheck is what might get some of these people's attention. Financial confidence appears to be making a positive impact on at least Republicans thirty point bounce upward between late 20s17. An early 2018. And that coincides with the Republican tax bill that passed and the polling which was done in the first week of January. Took place when the Dow or just cracked 25000. For the first time now it actually hit 26000. Today for about a minute. And then it receded and finish today at a loss. But. Now the Democrats. Confidence in the direction of the country is at its lowest. Since two. And among independents. 66%. Expressed dissatisfaction. As well. Which is. Doesn't surprise me. But his own party. Is as high as it's ever been. So it's a mixed bag but all the sudden you're starting to see some positive. Comments because. You can't continue to preach a negative. When there's some good things happening. And and one of the things that people are hungry for. On all sides is good news. Not just a litany of bad news. And so no matter how hard you pound the bad news. The good news. The credible news is still gonna seed one through. Sixty days is the new year. I'm beyond those resolutions. Passed 349. Days to go. January the sixteenth 1939. The comic strip Superman made its debut. 2003. Space Shuttle Columbia took off on what would be its final mission sixteen days later on reentry. It disintegrates. You remember that. It was announced that a huge diamond worth tens of millions was founded Africa. You think they found that in all. I would be a diamond hole we'll be out. Kim. Well never mind. All heroic dog for World War II received a posthumous award the other dog jumped into a machine gun nest took down the Gunner. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers dating race car driver Danica Patrick. Billions they say the playing area professional football games a lot like being at MacArthur. I don't know how you drive the two of those together right Doug it's good analogy kind of came heroes. The last week was that the State Department that came out with this new low four point rating system on places you can visit men the risk that you would do. The that you would put up with them. And was it North Korea one of the place that you don't wanna go to. But then today there's a story about visiting North Korea. Americans can travel to North Korea. If you wanna go you can go. But they say could be a death wish the US State Department has issued a stark warning two of people sitting out for North Korea. And they caution anybody headed to the dangers dictatorship should prepare. For the possibility of not returning. Is not the kind of relaxing vacation I'm looking cool I like going to places where the chances of returning her pretty strong. Now I guess you never guaranteed but. Anyway those who wish to travel to North Korea according to the State Department must be approved for radio special validation which are handed out on a very limited circumstance. US travelers given the approval to experience came job Putin's regime should have prepared for the worst. And they say that would include drafting a will and making funeral and property arrangements with family and friends Sele did that anytime you're going on vacation though right. Get ready go to Disney World you prepare your will all you make funeral and property arrangements. I can do that right. State Department says draft a will designate appropriate insurance beneficiaries and or power of attorney discuss a plan with loved ones regarding. Care custody of children pets property belongings. Non liquid assets collections are or stuff like that funeral wishes all that stuff. Help. And enjoy North Korea. I your familiar with the pop bookstores plus plus market. How about pop up shower thoughts. You're alone no distractions in your shower to issuing your thought threaded board calls a thing called shower thoughts on that sure if you were fugitive you're a sub par golfer. You're a good golfer. Never thought that I had shower don't really. If we could see our calculator search calculators search histories they would be more embarrassing than our Internet search history. Yeah for what is two plus two. If you make 36 dollars an hour. Euro literally being paid. A cent per second. Somebody thought of that while they were in the shower. All mirror. Farce sold. Huge week. For perfect. That's pretty sharpen that shower don't hobbies are addictions and people don't consider bad. The first invention after the slicing of bread it was literally their greatest thing since sliced bread. Shower thoughts and finally why is it a building. If it's already bill. Requiring minds want to know. Think one of the area. And Robin that has happened in the last few months that surprises me more than anything is people who left. And called the show in some cases and said I'm not watch in the NFL anymore. And I've really thought yeah yeah yeah. You'll be back. And attend playoffs roll around derby time ago by the time the Panthers get more moral that I feel so they get you'll be back. Are we ahead on. Several. A multitude of occasions. When something has happened here. Somebody gets fired or something like that all several us and your radio station again. And the bad thing where it amazes me the most about the NFL has apparently those who left. Left it at. And and I mean they left. Because the ratings for all four games this past weekend filled the lowest level in nearly a decade now. TV viewing in general is down. And I haven't seen the actual numbers were overall I would assume that those four games of last weekend probably were the most viewed television for the weekend. But there's still not pull on the numbers that they use to pull. And and and ate it and whether or not that erosion could be found in streaming or. For instance if I watch a game I got the spectrum app on my iPad. And from time to time all end up over red my son's house winters are all watch in the Ohio State game for instance. And if Colorado is played at the same time all take that iPad and go out on those screened in porch. And pulled up the spectrum mad and watch the Colorado game on the iPad. So do they get. I mean would that register. So I those are my questions as to but the ratings for all four. Games this past week and filled there was low level in nearly a decade the jaguars Steelers game had the lowest overnight rating in that window in fifteen years. The saints vikings game. In the late afternoon early evening slot was only. A tenth of a point lower than last year's Steelers chief's game. The NFL had high hopes that the that the pre season games. Would reverse. Our post season games would reverse. This ratings. And negative ratings trend. Which has up plagued year that the league all yearlong. And it's been proven that protest I have a lot to do with the hopes were dashed after the wild card round 13% decrease in ratings from the previous year. Sports business daily ratings for all four games fell to the lowest level. In nearly a decade. According to pro football talk the good news is if there's any comes from the fact that the 21 point eight rating. Generated by the saints vikings game ma. The apples to apples comparison. The late afternoon Sunday game between the Packers in the cowboys turned a 28 point two. The Steelers and the jags. Game played O 105. PM eastern time posted a twenty point four lowest overnight rating. In that window in fifteen years now I still think these are among the most watched shows but you can't argue with the facts. Viewership is down an intern cases. It fairly considerable. The shame they say all of this is that with the exception of the patriots titans game all the divisional round playoff games were excellent. Via the falcons Eagles game. May have been low scoring but it was hard fought it was a good game went down to the wire by all rights. Given the equality of games this weekend. The ratings should have been great. But the NFL protest to do they're all loyal audience away. Long time ago. So we'll see where that goes now one of the edgy thing that happened in the post season has said gruden who signed with the Oakland Raiders. And Oakland plays what is it George one more season and Oakland than they're supposed to go to Vegas. Some way to deal last night. There really wasn't that long ago that NFL Banda Las Vegas ads during football telecasts. Wanted nothing to do with Vegas on any platform. As a Super Bowl advertisers began to roll out previews of their upcoming ads. It kind of hard to believe fifteen years ago the NFL rejected a commercial by the city of Las Vegas tourism department the NFL rejected that ad because it didn't want that signature event. To be associated with the with a gaming themed destination. Well. Biggest had very little to do with their turn around there are. The numbers of sports betting have been huge for decades. And now it's taken more of a mainstream and it's kind of interesting because. Even on their own network. A lot of time to their pick in the games they're taken the points are not taken a pointer sort of told worth so. Anyway what was once. Taboo is now. Open arms welcome. The Vegas beat us. Truly a pretty good deal to me all right one more hour. The final five is coming up in just a couple seconds. If you are world with this yesterday and holiday 505 petty was southern accents. And what the final five is today it's 505. Eric Clapton. Bottles five for a Tuesday January the sixteenth Derek Plante. Just oh by the way then no worker who caused the botched missile alert in Hawaii. Not fired. Reassigned. Spokesman for the whole YE emergency management system didn't say on Monday what the worker would be doing but said it is sale role that has no access. Dual warnings system. So there you go there. The Christmas season. Big win for Moscow. Big win for Coles. Disaster for seniors. But that's. That's cat I mean everything it did positive negative everything's been negative about cirrus. But it was us here that we read that they had just sold their craftsman line doe whoever they sold it to. Lowe's or somebody else. So I mean it to some extent oh why would you go there. And the generations understood in the money right now they grow up with Sears Sears and Kmart have been. Inferior. Since they were in school. Most of the night weak sales results have been reported for the 2017 Christmas season some stores did pretty well. Others now so watch out Costco. Ten point 4% comparable store game cold six point 9% comparable store game target. JC Penney 3.4 percent comparable store gains respectively. We get up. I don't know a couple of years ago that we did up. Impromptu poll ball harder target. Target just kicked a wal marts but. But target I mean Wal-Mart is clearly the winner of that battle and I don't quite understand why and I still Mike targets. And some of their I can't either anymore but some of their products. Like their granola mixes and those stuff like that fellow baby. Anyway Sears saw stored declined 16% good to us 70%. Declined. Com so not not a good Christmas season for Sears. You went over chipper. Gave has ever worked in the hospitality industry worker restaurant. Probably overtook her. To some extent where I trained. Because tipping has always been. Oh are part of the deal. The F Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney a week ago. Suggested that he will tip restaurant servers less. If the minimum wage goes up. He's saying us in essence what he's saying is if I walk into a restaurant and I know that the waiter or the waitresses make in fifteen bucks an hour. Way more than they used to make say in the previous year. I'm going to think wait a minute MI going to give you 20% 15% 10% or whatever. He made the comment while he was speaking with the apple metro CEO Zain tank call in a segment. On increases to the national minimum wage. And take all as an Applebee's French he is our franchise owner. And she said that. That he hadn't seen any data supporting the idea that a higher minimum wage resulted in smaller chips for servers but said that could be a possibility. And that's when party made his comments he also warned that hikes in the minimum wage would lead. Employers. To cut low paying jobs that's kind of what they found out end Seattle. Who had a forged ahead and did the fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage and it's cost them jobs. But his comments in particular thought or uninteresting he said I think partisan and other climate from a Barney. He said I think this is a tragedy because of all those entry level positions are going because some people now get fifteen dollars an hour. He said he was 100% with Barney on his stance tangled did and added that the minimum wage increases. Are all done under the guise of helping the working man but they don't help those whose jobs. Are out cut as a result. Minimum wage hikes took effect in eighteen states you might recall when we hit January 1 this year. But is it is comments about if I know they're making fifteen dollars an hour that would affect my tip I'm not so sure it would for me. Fifteen bucks an hour is still crap wages. Now I do think there's something to be said for the argument about. If you if you raise the minimum wage than you start to cost jobs. Arm and we've kind of gone through this before but yes I understand taking an entry level job at eight dollars an hour or nine dollars an hour Sox. But did it is what you make it. Only in almost any industry I can think of now obviously there are some jobs that require college educations and degrees and you know you can't just walk in in tree level and get a job as a receptionist and a brain surgery had been no work your way up the latter. But in almost every industry I can think of getting your foot in the door. Allows you to be seen and experienced. So if you take that eight dollar an hour job and you do it better than the last guy who was making eight dollars an hour. Then they'll find something else for you to do and at some point or another. Opportunity will box so I about double I'm a firm believer that it is what you make it. It may be rough to begin with an eight dollars an hour. But how many people started eight bucks an hour. And and our franchise owners or something along those launch it can be done. On the other hand. The millionaire Stuart Varney the Fox Business Network coast. If I walk into a restaurant I have no idea what that waiters or waitresses. Making. I don't know how much they make an hour. I don't know how much they make you in a week. If they work at a Denny's. They're probably not making this much money is the guy whose work ended Fahrenheit downtown. Uptown. But that is I also wrote scenario put yourself in a position to. Start off that Disney's excel work your way up the latter gauge yourself a job it Fahrenheit. And the way that works but as for the tilt. I don't think about how much I think they're taking home that week and figure out 20% because. I don't want bad job. I'm happy that you're willing to do it. When I was a kid. One of the first things that my dad did when I start to drive us to make sure that I knew what to do what I got stopped. The things my dad taught me and the way it is today are completely different. My dad taught me to get out of the car. And you did beckon those days. You get pulled over by a cop. Got out of the car yes sir no sir. You know the car now under Saturday that I learned a lesson the hard way and side of a freeway in Texas one afternoon. I've got out of the car and. And officer was not happy. But that was probably about 1520 years after aren't. Anyway and the Arab. Charlotte Observer about a week ago posted ran an article. About do you know what to do when a police officer pulls you over. Good North Carolina has new guidelines they were instructed the state of North Carolina was instructed. To rewrite their guidelines. The DMV has guidelines for traffic stops in our handbook has had since 19720. And the general assembly directed the DMV to consult the state Highway Patrol and the North Carolina sheriff's association. And the North Carolina association of chiefs of police. And come up with some new guidelines. And they ought to be teach and just everybody. So that people have a strong understanding of what to do it that way there's no confusion. Times are different. Now that nobody ever thought back in the sixties the seventies about where your hands nor. Were you reaching into the glove box to find your registration before they officer got to the plate got to the good car they don't want you to do that anymore. If you keep your registration underneath the seat. Don't reach underneath the seat to get your registration. At this point keep your hands visible passengers in the back seater supposed to put their hands on the back seat in front of them. And passengers in the front seat they say you know if you wanna keep your hands your lap that's fine but have your hands. Available. So it's all changed. I keep my registration in my glove compartment. I keep my wallet with my driver's license and everything in this kind of saddle bag briefcase that I carry around the generally sits in the passenger seat. So if a cop pulls me over now until they need to see your license I basically say to him. My wallet is in debt bags sitting on that seat can I breach in there and grab it. I want him to know exactly what else going on. If you got a concealed weapon in the car you need to tell immediately that you've got a concealed weapon in the current only mother nudge have a permit for not. Anyway those are all part of the new guidelines. They asked some interesting questions at the beginning of the article when you get pulled over by a police officer should you get to your car registration out of the glove box and have her ready when he gets to your window now. You know what you're doing. If you're supposed to keep your hands on the wheel low worship your passengers put there's a just told you. What should you do if there's not a good safe place to pull over. I think that's interest because I see cops with top people pulled over in some of the most inconvenient places I was always told. Two or you know slowdown and find a place that was the you know a side street draw parking water something along those lines but if you do that now you're a beer after raised the anger of the top. Now they say turn on your emergency pleasures. And slow down to ten miles an hour and tell you find a place that. It is is safe to do it that's still might make the top map well along all the guidelines that they have the ACLU has some problems with the. One of them and all explain that to your just a second but first. Ball. You can now find all the so the Charlotte Observer you could probably find the DMC website. But they say when you see emergency lights or hear a siren behind mistake on activate your turn signal pull the vehicle to the right. And off the air travel portion of the highway to nearest point world be safe to do if it's an unmarked car. Is stopping you when you have legitimate questions or concerns about whether or not your being stopped by an actual law enforcement officer. You can call 911 to report your name and location in order to verify that the actual law enforcement officer is conducting Mets stopped. If it's night time the officer may director spotlighted your vehicle once stopped to assist with visibility turn on the interior lights as soon as she was stopped. To help the officers see inside your vehicle. If there's a firearm another weapon India vehicle do not attempt to reach for the a weapon instead tell the officer. When he or she approaches that there's a weapon in the vehicle describe what it is. Informed the officer were the weapon is located and if you have a concealed handgun permit you must also inform on the officer of that fact do not exit the vehicle or allow passengers to exit the vehicle and less instructed to do so. If your driver's license or vehicle registration not readily accessible do not reach under the seats are in the glove box together. Tell him where they are and and asked permission to go get it. I don't talk on the cell phone while you're interacting with a police officer listened carefully to the officer soul and so far no one of the things I've read about this today. Suzanne bird song with the ACLU North Carolina says that the guidelines suggest that the our drivers are required to answer an officer's questions during a traffic stop. Is she says that's a violation of the constitutional right to remain silent. She cited three sentences in the new guidelines the officer will usually explain why they stopped you and may ask you questions about your trip. Listen carefully to the officer and follow his or her instructions. Your cooperation with law enforcement is the best way to ensure the horse safety and that of others is not compromised during that stop. She says that when read together. Some of those recommendations seem to suggest the drivers do the drivers that it's their duty to respond to the officer's questions. And that will ensure their safety. And she says. That you have the right to remain silent. And thereby they are asking the ACLU is asking the DMV guidelines. The be re written at least in that one area. Because it may vial like Detroit violate the driver's rights. So anyway Tom if you get pulled over. If I wanted to read the new guidelines and just make sure that that you are operating games. In a way that the officers. The best would allow you to operate. And that'll avoid any confusion and then I won't have you as one of my headline stories. Reiterate there's just been released from our Charlotte Mecklenburg schools they are closed tomorrow forecasters expecting a winter storm to impact Charlotte Mecklenburg area starting this evening and continuing into the early morning hours. Bringing snow and freezing temperatures to the region. Charlotte Mecklenburg schools has been monitoring forecast no weather and road conditions determine the best course of action for students and staff. Based on my anticipated weather conditions Charlotte Mecklenburg schools will be closed on Wednesday January the seventeenth that's tomorrow all evening events on Wednesday are being canceled and all athletic activities. And community use of school events are also being canceled. So EMS will continue to. Remain in contact with the north Carolina Department of Transportation and Charlotte Department of Transportation law enforcement and any other city and county agencies throughout the storm. Two assess whether our weather patterns and road conditions across our county we will use the CMS web site. Connect five messages and news and local and social media to keep you informed of any changes to our normal district operations so. Charlotte Mecklenburg schools closed tomorrow Wednesday January the seventeenth this will be a code C day foresee MF staff. Which means only essential employees should report to their supervisors to be on duty based on need. And that is such just been released from Charlotte Mecklenburg schools Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. Closed tomorrow. I'm due to the impending inclement weather's so there you go there overdo our Richard unknown news talk relevant NW bta Richard. Hey Don I you do and you know what you and I'm Richard Durbin machine guy and the say so listen. I do wallet and take your license and take illustration and put it on your visor. Like to have you garage door opener that. OK if you would be there make a copy of the registration it should not be the hard copy that should be in your state. Or new house you get a copy of that while it is added brought. Had a driver's license. Don't necessarily announce that you have your gun if you are a concealed carry group Richard. Richard Richard Richard. We just read the state guidelines. I mean we're already well right now with all due respect. I think that may that may be what the state is dictating to do a may be is better advice than what you are dictating right now. Well you concealed you're responsible gun our number one number two is you he had you Fourth Amendment does which is illegal search and seizure. And they have it on their systems so when you give them the information when they go back to their car. They know you have a concealed weapon they didn't play a low for a weapon they pull you over for a specific traffic infraction. And they might come back do they hate but you can still carry and then you say yes. I think some of the information you're giving out right now is irresponsible I'm sorry I know you and I are friends but I think some of the crap you're spewing right now. Is irresponsible and quite frankly. To use this radio station to spew your opinion on something. Mama that is already just been set out. Brand new new guidelines by the state. Arm I've Republica. Okay and it was my concealed carry. Person. Who talked about it that way they you don't mean to announce unless you need to at this reviewer critic are responsible gun on our. They're pulling you over speed or red light or whatever just do it and he he know. Right well like like like I said Richard I think what you steel and right now is irresponsible if that's the course you wanna take. Then you go take that course and if that's what your instructors telling you. Then you it is soliciting him all day long but I'm not gonna use 50000 watts to give your opinion as better advice than what was just stated by the state this talent officer would like to receive this information. For your best shot at safekeeping I'm sorry I just think that the irresponsible for you to come in here is spew your crap. Just based on. I don't know your understanding of the constitution. And I hate preaching that wave but. I also hate that you would use my airwaves and my Shell Oil. To. Imply that you won't have a better legal opinion. There what was just stated by the Department of Motor Vehicles and all the associations that are put together. So Tom. You know a died I got I hate that that happened quite frankly I hate that you gulf. My job is to try to be as responsible as possible especially. When it comes to putting out information to the public. We just spent a good five to ten minutes. Describing that would the new guidelines from the Department of Motor Vehicles in cooperation with the Department of Transportation and other agencies. And quite frankly that information is more important than your opinion. So you know they've done I I've I'm. I hope that didn't put our friendship in jeopardy. But I'll tell you one thing if you ever call again. And do what you just did. The friendship is in jeopardy. That's irresponsible don't use my show. For that purpose. Opinions are spewed here all the time. But not in regards to regulations that are just been written when I'm basically trying to get out facts. There's the state would like to have them know if you've got a problem with the state. And do what the ACLU just did. And questioned. Which they are doing. That they've guidelines state that you should are at least imply that you should answer the officer's questions.