Weekend Review, Harriet Thompson, I Read The News and More

John Hancock
Monday, October 16th

Hancok reviews all the oddness of the weekend, Harriet Thompson, Vitamin C, "I Read The News" and more.


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Yeah. This is shown here. Hancock. There are there other or as much as bigamy. For now the sun comes out. Don't have Kevin Everett story. Kevin Reagan. Clemson didn't. There's all sorts upsets Friday night. Friday the thirteenth. That there wash that comes in here where it really. And then. Went to bed and then and couldn't get sleep so I got back up and watch tonight to let the said the last half of them. From. Cal. Washington game Washington State game yeah washed has taken Mike Leach. And and watched cal beat down I missed that thought wow this Friday the thirteenth there maybe something to this. And I like I guess I like get a guy having it's nice to have a diversion of size to have a panther game on Thursday nights and all I kind of stopped except for the popular when you get to the weekend and you don't have a cancer gamer on Sunday. So yeah I mean you know size as her watch games yesterday or just generally care too much about. And then yesterday there was had a mixed messages coming out about the loop he claimed. About whether or not he had dad passed the the protocol that concussion protocol and whether or not he actually had a concussion at all in this set the other but he's still in concussion protocol most Tutsi were all that goes but don't. So and so there's that and and a washed Aaron Rodgers get hurt. And then Ellis and all the speculation about. Tony Romo from us from must not leave in the CBS Booth. To come back out get injured after two games and then now blow all of his credentials with the CBS in under that. He's probably just fun that's a pretty nice coveted position he's got an enemy out quite frankly seems to have a pretty good knack. Now here I did didn't and he has been injured jedi either. So bottom. So I then there was a speculation that Colin Capra nick might end up with the Packers. But. Todd nobody file that grievance against the NFL owners so that makes that a little sticky. Samoa. Anyway have I have voted no idea. There are eleven players who was still set outer took him kneed her in the National Anthem in the games yesterday. And the fall meetings are coming up. And the ratings are dropping. And so the the leading agenda item for the NFL's fall meetings which start tomorrow. Will be a discussion on how the league can stop the had taken me protest. Because now it's starting to hurt the business side. And there are a lot of people that are accusing players of disrespecting the military and that's the way it is seen thus a way that is seen in the protests are IR. You know. The hurt no NFL's bottom line. Injurious somebody's attention. Hurt their bottom line. And so ratings have tumbled by about 7% through the first five weeks of Torre seventy and they think they are NASCAR. Also in decline are the number of protesters we had 200 after the president's remarks that we had just six before and and 200 applause and another eleven yesterday. Eric Reid did the F forty niners who has led the protests after the departure of Colin camper next signaled of Sunday that he was ready to. To make a deal he said my hope is that the unifil will be a progressive and utilized their platform and bring awareness to these issues. Well for a us so we don't have to protest anymore so. Maybe the players are getting a little love. I get a little tired of it too. They come they wanted to raise awareness. I actually they probably did that. But everybody's always kind of wondered what the end game is going to be in all of this than known. Now I'm in your heard I heard rush talking about this earlier Jimmy kills ratings or get our guard down in these lives and GOP voters. Small wonder if you watched camel in the last few months. But. He called for gun control after the biggest massacre he. Attacked bill Cassidy last week trying to repeal obamacare. And so his GOP fans have declined. And because he's injected politics into the show. So here's another guy that doesn't quite end. Stand exactly what it is that is thirty year lies he's there that people aren't there to get their politics from now although shame on the press. And CBS this morning and all the other TV shows that highlight the comedians. From the night before every single day. Which means that the comedians are getting a huge voice in the image. Our political process. I can't think of a group. Bet I would assume is. As unaware. I'm. As it is like a late night comedians. I'm all for funny. I'm all for taking a shot at any side. But I'm not for having a political agenda and trying to. You utilize your humor along those ways and especially a guy you've got to know what you're who your audiences. So I'd kill all. He says has a talk show host meeting bigger build that the fact that his ratings are down and who's losing GOP are fans as a talk show host. That's not ideal. But I would do it all again in a heartbeat easily said. I don't mind. I don't say I don't mind he said. I want everybody with the television to watch the show but if they're so turned off by my opinion on health care and gun violence than I don't know. I would probably go want to have a converse I probably wouldn't wanna have a conversation with them anyway. Not good riddance. But riddance. And same things happen to Seth Meyers. And he little bit more pointed in his message for his so trump supporters viewers that are bailing on him. So that's fine com. I actually got to kind of understand that the videos the football thing is get hurt because. That's not why we turn on the TV on Sundays. Or Thursday's or Saturdays are Mondays or whatever return on the TV. We we we turn it on is a somewhat of an escape. So that weekend. Root root root for the home team. And we're not really incident politics at that particular moment. I'm not really particularly incident who Mitch McConnell routes for on Sundays either in element of you wanna flip up. If you wanna flip the switch I'm kind of glad that they're congressional members sun Friday afternoon start all Wear the jerseys of their favorite team. So Bob the way way that's where you go on their mom. When you do start to mix sports in with real news. Well then you get the UNC academic. Ruling from last week and that got some interest in no reaction over the weekend so we'll touch on that in just a second. And as I look at what's happened and Campbell and as I look at what's happened and today to the National Football League. I can't help but wonder well what's happening to me. Because. On the one hand those of you who lean. Way over to the right hand side send me some of the most vile email we've ever seen just hate filled I hagel that's fine got a good bag they're going to get. But I mean it's just some of its just personal. Arm and I don't quite get the personal part of it and then on the other hand. I know of two friends of mine on Colorado who are. Liberal. Liberal. And apparently I lost those friends who have managed it's hard and I can tell tune into this radio program for probably about ten minutes. And assess our friendship based on ten minutes of what they heard here. So let's say trump supporters say me and my left friends tape me. I must be doing one hell of a great job. So I just got email a text message trumps border I don't feel. And Eric George says. That he had a progressively recall on the phone under the notion is maybe either. I have ideas but thank all the little people. Why are not it's it's it's pretty bizarre. Arm I don't know were we we used to love. I don't know solar wanted to go back to the day you're a speech written and we used to have some. In the ninety's. We used to have some knock. Down. Drag out screaming matches. And more times than not when it was over where it went when I had to go. The color under the referrals say thank you Jennifer and I enjoyed that I like that who wasn't personal. They got it it wasn't personal. From a lot of what I hear now is personal. Two friends that won't even know really correspond with me anymore and Colorado. Well I'm sure listen to the radio program for at least ten minutes. What it was probably a day when I was backing up from. Was probably a day when I was saying no the press is not listening to what he said. It could have been a day after Charlottesville. When when they were reporting. You know it could have been a number of times when I sit up for trump there's been a number of times when I've not stood up for trump. So you don't yet you tune in and listen to the show for ten minutes. One of the guys. Is it radio. And. And play and then. It works for our country radio station. And so my answer to him was it always somebody tuned you on for ten minutes. They would think oh. He's he's all about he's all country music. But he's not alt country music is one of the most knowledgeable. In new attacks he's rallied almost about every kind of music except country music his career just took him to country. So you'll go I that's what I said to him was people tune in to your radio program they think you're some country guy. Are you. I listened to you for ten minutes out of me like you you know who Tim McGraw was and Jason all day in and are me electoral like that music I assume that's all you listen doing nearly seat belt that's not me I know. So don't judge me off a ten minute radio program. There Rick. I'm analyzes on my mind today decades disturbed. Or maybe it was saint of the last week good. TJ asked oh what are your thoughts on sexual addiction do you think it's real where we were talking about that on it was a Friday. And so many Rick cancers not so surprised when WBT to reflect the real problem which is opiate addiction. Brick. We talked about opiate addiction. I've waited talked about opiate addiction you've written and said I'll walk why are you talking about sexual addiction which actually is they I think it's at the forefront of the news right now. Bite me. They use so anyway at again I can't win kept Connecticut wind ever served. I signed up for two warriors so you guys are really didn't Jimmy. The NCAA. Criticism of the UNC's sanctions. Decision. Lot of interest you stuff coming down the wire over the weekend about them. Com I was in a month ago three weeks ago when we found out about Rick Pitino and all the schools on the college recruiting and this in the of that in the other enough basically the bottom line on that story was. While everything that we always thought that was true about college basketball turns out probably as general. And there was an opinion piece in the Charlotte Observer on SaaS Sunday yesterday. Student athlete. Died October 13 2017. Rest in peace. And the emphasis of this the farce of these so called student athlete is officially dead writes the observer editorial board. With its feeble response Friday to years of bogus classes at the University of North Carolina the NCAA forever put to rest the notion that it has long tried to push for the straight faced. That athletes in big time sports are students first. Working towards college degrees now this isn't to disparage every single. Student athlete. Not even in the big sports that did make some schools lots of money football basketball. There are a good many. I kids that understand take advantage of the situation. Understand that maybe they. Don't have a future in pro football maybe they don't have a future in pro basketball take advantage of our scholarship offer and not attend a well known university with a good academic program and and capitalize on that and and go on and take all the lessons they've learned not only academically but today in a sports as well and and have put that together. For a successful life. But the idea that. That that colleges. Especially with the big programs that make all the money. Observer into their piece I won't soon. Showpiece for the but thousands of athletes in non revenue sports indeed compete on the field as just one part of their university education. But in major revenue sports that notion is a charade. When these stars bringing in billions of dollars for their schools the idea of a student athlete has long been fiction in the NCAA has now confirmed that. People there's not much that can be done about it just know that as a fan these kids you root for running up and down on the grid are of the hardwood or not students first they are laborers for a cup ball that just revealed how utterly corrupt it is. Monday they yes sun is out temperatures below. Do points alone. And I've chilly mornings. The fault that we thought we had ten days ago that then all of a sudden vacated and brought back summer is looks like the fall is. Here to stay. Welcome back until winner comes up. Our secretary of state Rex Tillerson non non. Sunday morning TV yesterday. CNN's state of the union was one of the shows it was on. Duncan and Danson and sidestep and did you. Yes and you know what I'm I'm I'm not getting and all that declined. To attest to the accuracy of that report to that he used the word moron to describe their commander in chief. How many followers he would get a feed admitted it. All mean c'mon. The people that support trump wouldn't like it I'm but big all the fringe people out there that aren't quite sure what to. Terra I'm not sure I'm crazy about president but I like the secretary of state. He's and I'm not gonna I'm not making a game out of that. They said I'm just not play and so he's not gonna answer the question and I'm. And Jimmy crack corn and she were Olin goes probably nowhere. I he also said Sunday his diplomatic efforts will continue as long as they possibly can with North Korea. Although wrenching story on the front of the Charlotte Observer today about a north Koreans cyber power. Hackers tried to steal billion dollars from the New York Federal Reserve last year the only thing that stop the most are spelling. They spelled the foundation foundation. But it's as you know the days when North Korea try to infiltrate fake hundred dollar bills or are long gone. And they are now they have quietly developed a cyber program that stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from providing. Capable. Financial. Former what you don't for what they and what they need to do. Sanctions and all. So what Tillerson says his diplomatic efforts will continue as long as they can possibly there with the North Korea and none he said those diplomatic efforts won't continue into the first bomb drops. Comforting. The president also made clear that he wants B and he wants this solved diplomatically Tillerson said he is not seeking to go to war. So that there are now the president's getting some heat today on picking. The next drug czar. Who was the his pick to be the next drug war czar is the architect behind the bill making it harder for federal agents to go after drug companies flooding the market with a addictive appeal it. TJ call Rick tell him that we're talking about opiates would. And be so happy I critics questioned representative Tom Mary narrow skews mere Marino. Republican Pennsylvania. Who's just a little cozy with pharmaceutical industry and is the president's pick to be the next drug czar. Some claiming that he has no interest in alleviating the nation's worst. Worsening Oprah a dud epidemic. Think how much does or Iran had a problem with campaign financing how much money as the pharmaceutical company's board and the financing. Yes they own congress yes they own these guys own them. You don't pour that much money into campaigns unless you're getting something in return. Marino's bill was initiated by an industry funded group which is called a healthcare distribution management association which claimed that the DEA. Was misusing his powers to go after pharmacists and drug distributors who made minor mistakes in their paperwork. So. That'll be the issue that that revenues for the next to a couple of days because. It just ludicrous is just insane. So why that's kind of what's up but the F top of the news Bober doll pleaded guilty today to desertion and now misbehavior before the enemy. He's guy who walked off the military base in Afghanistan back in 2009. And how long a sentence he'll receive we don't have any idea I think for sentencing serve as a stage of all of this starts on Monday. The Associated Press doesn't think his legal team struck a deal to limit his punishment so it's pretty much going to be up to a military judge as to whether or not he wants to. Be lenient or not he faces five years for the desertion charge but up to life in prison for the misbehavior charge. Berg all told the judge today I understand that leaving was against the law. At the time I had no intention of causing a search and recovery operations. What what do you think was gonna happen. If there's someone missing may go looking for a. Misbehavior charge essentially means that. That burned all acknowledged today that he endangered the lives of US troops who searched for him. And. And then you'll recall are maybe you want but it. He was them was held by the Taliban for five years before the Obama administration engineer debt swap for him. In which we gave up five detainees at Guantanamo. For this guy. Teddy walked off base because he hoped to make it to a larger US bait and report what he viewed as problems with his command leaders. So. Told a sentencing on number goal starting on a Monday. And then the story that I thought was inching over the weekend that we have kind of zoomed in on. You heard about. The bomb that was left at the Asheville airport. You can hear much about it. And I don't know that I have the answer may be some of you do I'd be more and let Peter Hero of his 7045711. Tembo why isn't that story. Why why such a little media coverage on that. Because it's Asheville because it's a smaller port because it's. This guy this man is charged with stashing a jar filled with explosive chemicals and nails. In Asheville western North Carolina free just eight days earlier after a short prison stint for an earlier crime. Is name's Michael asked us he's 46 years old old charged with a homemade bomb at a terminal at Nashville's airport on October the sixth. And and later telling investigators he sought to quote on quote fight a war on US soil. But that's about as much information as I think we have on now we don't understand what I I don't know I think I really have an explanation of what moral or. With whom more for a Y or. So I did today as far as I know it's it's unclear as to why eight. He would have been released so soon after being sentenced to between ten and 21 months to start with and then why all the sudden. Or or what his war was going to be all about. If you start to read the timeline about how they found him this is released this is really fascinating. The FBI identifies the guy by plays that the placed a bomb at the Asheville regional airport. They found a Mason jar filled with explosive chemicals and nails during the terminal entrance on October the sixth. He used cash to buy the items to make the improvised explosive device. So they couldn't contrition that way. They were able to identify him at one of the stores were he bought supplies because airport surveillance video showed a white man wearing black closed with a back black cap walking into the airport after midnight and leaving the bag inside. Well. Investigators found a new. Trevor seventy backpack. That's an REI. Brand. In the woods near the airport and inside the backpack or gloves stir a fuel shotgun shells gorilla tape. And what appeared to be. An alarm clock bill. The bell that seemed to be missing from the clock at the bomb that was placed at the airport. So. They also found a grave lightweight reusable polymer strewn. You get arrested this in the second I think this is fascinating because I always wonder how they. In the investigative process how they go down the road and figure this stuff out that people always think oh I can get away with it but. These people are really really really good. Pillow and get the second bed pillow absolutely free go to my fil a dot com click on the buy one get one free tab and take advantage of this limited time offer use promo codes guy had checked out or call 1806351825. That's my pillow dot com click on the buy one get one free tab use promo codes sky at check out. Discover your next professional opportunity at Charlotte dot virtual career fair dot com. Great companies like falcon Paul's days are looking a higher water pretty technicians sales consultants Mason. Better installation tax framer carpenters compact equipment operators crewmembers and crawl space annual service technicians. Falcon crawl space one of the many companies now hiring Charlotte dot virtual career Baird. Apply today. So this ash fill bomber guy. They get surveillance video of a white guy in black clothes and a black cap walking into the airport delays behind the bomb and all of this stuff and then they find a Trevor seventy backpack and REI brand. In the woods. And among the other things in the bag it's got the clock. Are the bell from the clock that attached to the bomb but the bell that's missing from the caucus in this Beck. But he pays cash for everything so. There's no way to find your right. Except that there were surveillance. From a Wal-Mart and a Lowe's store. That showed a white man buying bomb making us supplies. Paid with cash at both places in the FBI had yet to identify the suspect the FBI then checked with the REI story in Nashville and discover demanded recently bought the Trevor seventy back back. And a grave Paula mirror stone doing the things that they had found in the woods. Any paid cash there to know. But he also just happen to use his REI. Membership number which gives him 10% discount on annual purchases with the store credit and other perks and that's how they caught him. It was like being by buying bomb material and terrorists here and using your HT guard. So that's how they got in my it's it's always that is for the process over the weekend that just thugs are fascinated he a admitted believe in the bottom of the airport he said he was ready to fight a war on US soil he its hasn't been anymore. A specific than that. You know waived his Miranda rights answered questions admitted to building in no planting the device and now. I am so maybe he will. Be you know I talked about how he created device and then ring the alarm clock and blah blah blah. But. Hasn't really gone into any details about this war that he wanted to run this fight on this war on US soil. But anyway that's how they find him votes fascinates me to they know the process of investigation pretty amazing stuff you think you could probably get away with something but. If you don't don't don't use your discount card. Lesson number. Number 572. Have you guys just turned what my snooze. Harriet Thompson's past. And it if you're not familiar with her the minute you see your picture I would assume the city of Charlotte you would recognize or immediately. She. And we should all Grohl delay period Thompson grew old. And then when you I was read nerve that Theo and Jane's article about her in the Charlotte Observer and you ought to take the time to go do them. Well oldest woman to ever run a marathon dies at 94 years old she was just piece of work I was at the night's game the chief through the first pitch out. She made Paul Cameron and Tyler Texas sees. Three time cancer survivor ran her first marathon at the age of 76. At eleven years older than me now. Thumb. Then sixteen years later became the oldest woman ever to compete until I complete one. Died Monday I just saw that today and I thought there's no way. The woman who you didn't think I would ever catch up to. She. And when you know when your readers story. She says she's the grandmother of ten she became a media darling in 2015 at the agent 92. When she ran down there. Southern California and and competed in the San Diego rock and roll marathon finished at. And got national recognition out of that crossed the finish line in seven hours 24 minutes 36 seconds the next morning she became mayor. A media darling all the major network morning shows covered her. I Jimmy Fallon gave her shout out. She had this past June at 94 years old. 94 year 69 days. She went back out to San Diego and although she was not able to attempt the full marathon she completed the health marathon. In three hours 42 minutes and 56 seconds once again setting a record by becoming the oldest woman to do so. Her last official race was the loss to Greek festival here in Charlotte the five K. And she ran that on August the 26. She. Talks about how she met her husband. Should nor. And he went off Punto Warren. Came back. Metal and honored bronze star. She played piano. It's really inching venues classical piano and motherhood beard did you become her life there's what Tokyo and James writes and part of his column today. She played three times at Carnegie Hall. She spent 34 consecutive years 1977. To 2010 summer in an Aspen Colorado where she played piano for the Aspen chapel. And enjoy the summer long Aspen music festival and school. So I must've bumped her cross her path up there too because I used to go up to the Aspen no music festival bitten back and early eighties. She her husband of 67 years should guard died in January of 2015 at the age of ninety. And she just. Had she just did just had a great smile and our great attitude and and should just. It just. She she was so young at age 94 you can't believe that she's actually gone. She's done. Just a life well lived I suppose and and very accomplished and none. And Inge just had one of those possess. That I don't have. I don't think I'll be the guy that starts running marathons and my seventies. I think you know under and then they did five miles on the treadmill on Saturday I thought that was a pretty big feet. But. And then did it again on Sunday. They have and then got a blister on the back to my heel about the size of silver dollar and abroad you'll be out there brought along to take a blister real big one or yeah. Hate that. But anyway. Edges is registered. She's great story and my condolences to her family. And our kids wears a five kids in ten grandchildren and but boy talk about on our mom and grandma that you have been. Proud of and I know there are. Giver I thought about. Death cleaning. Swedish death cleaning. There's a new book out that explains for Americans these Swedish solution to people having too much stuff. Death claiming. Now I didn't know I was death cleaning and I'm not really death cleaning but I read this article over the weekend in the Washington Post and I just was fascinated by it because. I'm faced with two different angles on us when we went to move out of our house of 23 years couple years ago. There hadn't been a car in that garage for eight years because there was no room in that garage to put it. You were hard pressed to find room for a bye week. And so the first thing that we did when we put a contract down on this old house opened mint hill that week and ended up walking away from. But I mean I did the first thing we had to do was get our house ready to go on the market. And so we put a 10 X 20 foot dumpster in the driveway and we started on that garage. And in three and a half hours we've we we fill that ten by Tony put dumpster. Which crap. Stuff I couldn't throw away. Six months it's six years earlier had no problem. When face to the prospects of having to move it. But we also found ourselves. As we've not only got through the garage but then started to tackle house. At the same time my mom and is downsizing from my house to an apartment. And all the sudden she say and you want this I want this you want this you want this. And this was all stuff that I had grown up where it. And in some cases yes I did want it. But in the majority of the cases now. I didn't want it. And that's kind of what death cleansing is death cleansing is a philosophy of that involves thinking about your survivors and you're errors. And what would you leave behind. That would either burden them. Orwell would they want and it fits the former you throw it out and if it's the latter you keep it. And I find myself. As we go through stuff. More and more. Thinking that same thing. We've got a whole bunch of wall hangings pictures and stuff that we collected through the years there around and our garage now. That at some point I'm gonna get the kids over and say. Take what you want. And they'll take. Hardly anything if anything. And then the rest of it's going to goodwill the world signed to a garage sale bit. The Q is Judith. Now there's there's stuff that cement senator mentally means something to you. And then there's stuff that. My grandmother late in life began oil painting. And the first oil trading she ever did it. I own. And my mom hopes you know listen in right now. My mom's got a picture Ed to. In her house. That was done by an artist friend of theirs from Estes Park. I'm Greg Steiner. And it's probably worth some money. And it's got my name on it. And I don't know were aware were put it. And I don't particularly. It means something to me because it means something to her. But see that's where this. Death cleansing. Yeah basically find out what means something to you but doesn't mean something to Belmont. And then you get rid of it. And then they don't have to undergo the mental battle of and down. Really should take it because. It been so much to. John. If your family doesn't want stuff when you're alive they probably don't want when you're dead. And that's that's this the beginning of this Washington Post article. The latest volley in the just published a oh volume called the gentle art of Swedish death cleansing. The book will be published in America in January. And she says that you can keep things that evoke good memories. But the concept of which is part of Swedish culture. Comes from these Swedish words for death and cleaning the death cleansing sounds. Sounds sounds like an order involved at least eight glasses of water short period done I've done it. Or that stuff they give you right before the colonoscopy every you know at that sounds good luck goes something like god love those slides death clintons because you do believe me if you've gone through that. You pretty much feel like your death codes that. And in essence you are. Anyway more on this in just a segregated embody as you go through your stuff do you do you think about her kids and think. I gotta read this stuff out. I'm not plan on going anywhere for a while which never know. And that the agenda that this there's nothing in my eye I don't own any thing that it's somebody found it would be embarrassing to me. I do think I have my old and I told her to a from back in the seventies. Susan would probably go and not would be appreciative of that. And I should heed it because I don't use it. But it's just kind of like a symbol of of an era gone by. Any happy get togethers were surrounded around that thing. You may have found yourself death cleansing and you know what. But if your family doesn't want your stuff when you're alive they probably don't wanna when you're dead and so is your clean and stuff out think about that that's the Swedish method of of throw stuff away. Com and it's on my can relate to and and something that we kind of done on in the weeding out. I mean we threw a ton of stuff away when we left the old house. And and we could still do a ton of throw aways but we have so much less now than we did. And and the one storage area how the house that I have is mostly Christmas decorations. And I don't know if kids are gonna ever want those or not but that's Susan's problem. But anyway as we're talking about all reset the stage for whom we come back on the other side of our of the news an old does that the other but Dylan McGovern said a little window on WB DA Linda. I cannot. Get it. I'm never content you're shy of the four about it I feel really strongly about this thing interesting that they're a book coming out. My mother passed away two years ago and it found my varying can't urge you live the years with that group special treatment but. Altering that come up with try to get her to do and her irk planned thing and then she wouldn't. Com and download edit that she did that he would have to admit that yes paralyzed with stunning end. And and so the final how great it was our. She says you know lot it does that matter because I'm not going to be hearing our. Friend you. I do I'm curious how many of your. Let her. I ain't that same situation that there are some elderly parents say are. Patriots you have that attitude. So a good thing about that was my mother Leonard ever hope all. But it it's believed that children need adult children in a situation where. You're having to spend a lot of trauma a home going through. Trying. Nick snacks and stubby ears or. Things. Which is an end in which is hard because you know you run across. My my my wife has her mother's humble figurines. Com I don't think either one of us really give our do a damn about the humble figurines but you know that's a release and a mental thing to my wife. Had she not been faced with having to decide whether to keep them or not keep them it would have been actually a lot easier so I guess that's what I like pick this closing idea as to some extent. Com. Not put them and that dilemma not not have them keep stuff that they just as soon not keep and having to do so because they feel some sort of loyalty to me. Or us. Yeah I agree with that I wouldn't have much rather not. Then lay out. In the situation and emea and work. But I do understand my mother point of these she wanted to remain ever hopeful and not think about that. And well and and maybe that's why you do this now before. While while you're still healthy many of our may be that you started to develop a mindset as you go through life. That when you when something is become not useful anymore you don't use it anymore then just go ahead and get rid of it. Not because you're afraid you're gonna pass or that you think your life is shorter but because age kids. And when you throw when you get rid of a lot of stuff it's liberating. At least there was dust that also knew just you have I don't know wages for liberating to get rid of all of that stuff. And quite frankly I don't think I can describe to you right now exactly what it was that we got rid of because it just didn't really mean much to a cell ultimately. Claw our really appreciate you opening up this discussion. And I'm curious to Taylor thanks have to. Send your comments so that in them my call. All right excellent I appreciate channel you but I have a. All Friday October the sixteenth that's hard to believe in its own right. 289 days ago in the years 76. Days left. 289 end of the year. 1962. On this date and if you were alive for at your old. Cuban missile crisis began Minnesota JFK was informed that reconnaissance photographs and revealed they are presence of missile bases in Cuba. My mom built the bomb shelter of our tax. We sugar cubes. Which I think. 1987 rescuers freed Jessica McClure. Eighteen month old girl who had been trapped in an abandoned well 58 hours Midland Texas. If you remember that. That was thirty years ago. That's unbelievable. And Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead seventy years old today. Other two or three cults meet the two and three titans tonight AFC south showdown 815. ESPN for your Monday Night Football game people on Social Security will receive they are raised next year averages about 25 dollars more a month. Latest survey I read the news today oh boy finds that magic mushrooms are capable of re setting the brains of three of depressed people. He get those on pizza. Donald Trump said Lydia met with the president of the AUS Virgin Islands. He is the president of the US Virgin Islands. He probably meant that he met with the governor. Buddies he sketch and help or. And a fight broke out at Doc Holliday saloon in tombstone Arizona shot was fired in one of the men had to be taken to the hospital. Why we why did that happen more often you would think. The atmosphere would be conducive to. Our Larry David will host the November 4 edition of Saturday Night Live Miley Cyrus will provide the a musical entertainment. Yes it was Larry David who played Bernie Sanders. And now. Can be seen in season nine of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm by its. It's bosses day today is that national bosses day. You get to Boston I think. All started in 1958 by Patricia Bay's Borowski. Who felt the company for which she worked didn't do enough to recognize good bosses. Robert far frost once said. By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be a boy and work twelve hours a day. Gusts up based study I read the news today a voice suggests people are influenced by gossip about others. Even when it contradicts what they see with their own lives. Best researchers found that gossip serves many purposes including strengthening social ties spreading social norms. And helping others avoid double cross surge and other risky partners but the study also reveals that individuals sometime place so much stock in Gaza. That they accepted as true. Even if their own observations and experiences suggest. Otherwise. What is now vying for the Amazon headquarters. Number 20. And then you always hear good things about Google and its place to work. And Microsoft has kind of fallen off to the wayside but they're kind of progressive they like to do weird stuff to know and so they're new meeting spaces are tree houses. We. You know Dale Junior Gibson episode on TV general or wants. He built a tree house. I don't know is. On his spread open morsel. And there a TV show like up pix it T. Home and garden TV about tree houses are used to being. Yeah that's that's where I saw. Anyway tech companies house was to have the best offices Microsoft recently raised the bar unveiled a new outdoor meeting space that is actually. Also tree houses. According to a post on the tech giants blog these specially designed tree houses are meant to quote unquote. Helping employees connect to their environment and one another. Created by these celebrity builder Pete Nelson. Of the Tunisia here it is of the TV show treehouse masters that must have been Russ all the Dale Junior thing. There are three of these branch based meeting spaces altogether and naturally there Wi-Fi enabled all of that kind of stuff. Junior built his own by Gandhi by hand as it did they miss school it's very cool. Tonight. Popping vitamin C at the start of a cold doesn't help do you do that. I do and it does help I don't care maybe as a placebo we'll talk about it a few. We'll get back at depth of one thing probably in the 5 o'clock hour. Sure that was are just recently escaped people who no doubt we'll stay a little late for the national bosses did on her there. I'm the boss. So when you start feel cold. Yeah pop vitamin C. Do you throw down those zinc. Lozenge is. The popping the vitamin C is something I do. And I don't know because it says here it doesn't help. But I would dispute that now zen mind over matter is that a placebos that. People swear I'm one of them that pop in a few vitamin C tablets when their throat starts to feel sore sure fire method to prevent a cold. But they say. Evidence doesn't support that. But daily vitamin. C. Not not just that the day before you feel sick may reduce the duration of a cold. Study found that adults experience 8% and children 14% fewer sick days when they took vitamin C every day. In other words if the average adult is sick ten days a year or so implementing with vitamin C would reduce that to nine days. I don't care what they say and the people under a couple weeks ago. I thought I felt something like in the back of my age you know. Throughout the top of my chest. I take vitamin C every day. I probably. Mailed myself with a but 2000 milligrams of vitamin C. And feel like again. Now the other part of that is the zinc lozenge is which asked in the studio earlier if anybody George said yeah he takes them. But aren't those weird don't those like numb your tongue her. From something about the my eyes for so long since I've done one does think laws in general. But they say that may triple. Your recovery rate from colds. Team of researchers performed analysis on a three small randomized trials. The data suggest that zinc may be even more beneficial than previously estimated. I gave 570%. Of people taking zinc closet Jews. And recovered from a common cold compared to only 27%. Of of people taking a placebo the best part of that daily supplementation. Isn't necessary. When you feel a cold coming on start Poppins think hostages they say. But it seems to me that I did that once enough for it and it made me it was. Think it would hostages are weird I think. They like knowing your tongue or something George or. And he. But it works. They get a cold I can't feel my tongue. And others of the about it and I'm I'm telling you right now I'm popping museum bomb pop in the state. Maybe now start doing zinc lozenge is as well. And answered all of you people who asked after our they last week noted gets Lucia. They never asked. Actually the doctor never asked and his nurse never asked. If front. Office where I check him. She asked. And I said. At an all gonna make the decision were to get back there and she's an all or not I'm not trying to pry and then she dropped it. So should they be they must have been told don't push it a good. But I I thought for sure when I got back with all this other stuff that diabetes type 290 day deal on the whole nine yards in my new AC one which by the way was perfect actually. From a 124 a 63. The data have been the flu shot never came up after that. And I thought about bringing that up myself and and I thought. He did you know it's. You never volunteered her shot your entire life. So I know all feel bad they'll get the flu have been. You'll be right emails stay in the I can help you know you can nine forward is the beauty gunman but I that in is still time. Come February 5 all your questions. How we'll get back to the death cleansing enough for those of you don't know what that is when you have to stick around but it's not mention it's not even as the my terrible as you think. And fact you may have already done it for your mindset may already be doing it. And they say for every extra two pounds of weight you shorten your life by two months. So I'd just so the RC around both guys it's 505. Anything. Knows. Known. We. And sooner. CNN owned. Okay. I. You know there. There's a lot of dead night at 93 WBJ. OK okay. Okay. May god knows I've had Dale Earnhardt junior world this afternoon is that he and his wife are expecting their first child. Announced on Israel on Monday afternoon that he and Amy expecting their first there's a pair of really tiny. Pink. Did issues. Chuck taylors I believe. Excited to share this wonderful news. A man. That. Amy and I are expecting our first child hello little girl were both thrilled I can't wait to meter. That's the phrase the pay as we could know with our granddaughter either moves I've been around now for nine days a week. And I don't often in my business spun FitzGerald had a granddaughter over the weekend as well. Leave he was here to to break bad news but. He was a send out pictures and cyber cigars over the weekend. So they must figure around. The baby thing. I'm. British university student. Jerry like an anal college roommate. Suzanne address isn't crazy because I'm an attention Zito got animal Virgo so I just you know. X are mad sometimes. She'll look at me and say I'm not an idiot. Well I know but. I'm British university students that are crazy DTL demand to his roommates and baffled the med to be said the Internet lapping up on this on the Internet somebody suited to me actually earlier a screen shot from the wants app group. But in the chat the student named Finn. Asked you guys I don't mean to sound like I'm nagging but I've noticed that these swivel stools are all at different heights sometimes and I just think nephew used a stool you should return it to its full height. Before leaving the kitchen. I don't wanna come in now from a long day elbow lectures and see that all those jewels are different heights thanks guys. One of the roommates Ethan answered do all plea is yes please tell you you're joking and then just today a question mark because they remain who posted the jetstream love. Jokingly asked. How to wire request new flat maids. So play is when you're all leaving this do pretty open this jewels back after all on. It's been quite I noticed when I go into the newsroom that they. So many of your other on our roads and highways and byways of feuding right now the commuting habits of Americans really hasn't changed a whole lot last ten years. It's a business insider is remiss over the weekend commuting enough. Can be over a stressful part euros or real life love it is it's part of the work council. We all kind of have to endure in some way or another. I'm new data collected by the US Census Bureau reveals commuting habits of Americans hasn't really changed in the last ten years 200686. Point 7% of us reported taking your car trucker band to work. 201685. Point 4%. Said they did the same so that's sub out point. But a percent in one point 3%. Down so that would be what. Mass transit stop like them. While it appears they save video one point 31 point 4% decline the workforce has grown by nine million people the last decade so. From a percentage standpoint that's one thing but actual low people on the road more. So more actually took her car to work and horny sixteen and did in 2006. Mile segment that increased was the number of people opting to work from home. I in 20167. Point six million people reported they didn't commute to and office sets a 1%. About a actual more and that one point 1%. Increase from my 2006. We are ready thing the other day Thursday or Friday and I read the news about people who work at home. Tend to work. It is to put in more hours. And work harder. Because they don't wanna be seen as slumping often. So you know very careful what you wish for you might just get it. Army if you are filed for a tax extension I don't wanna be the bearer of bad news but if you filed for the automatic six month tax extension and April. Today's your deadline for filing met 2016 returned failure to meet that could mean some serious consequences for you if fuel. If you owe the IRS any money he'll face they oh late filing penalty equal to 5%. Of the tax you hope for a month. Up to a maximum penalty of 25%. If you don't owe the IRS money are you really face no penalty for for filing late. But don't expect any refunds to arrive on time either. But today's your deadline your six months or out so you might want to ought to go getter in the Quicken Loans early and Turbotax I guess that's what I meant to say. And get that tax their return no filed by the time midnight rolls around two night. Fighting motivation do you stick on a diet can be challenging how about longer life. Researchers said they have found out they analyzed 45 studies from around the world found that for every two pounds. A person is overweight. It lowers her life expectancy by two months. Another finding smoking a pack of cigarettes per day knocks seven years off your life expectancy now I haven't smoked in fourteen years. And since June. Now since April. Lost 35 pounds. So. Am. Then landed him in and around for a permanent two pounds for whom rumor two months to pound and a I mirror prof. She. There's no retirement this global earlier there's new book. Here are removed you may have already started doing the. There's a new book out. Talked about this it's. Waiting solution to heaven too much stuff it's called death cleaning. And it's a philosophy of of what you believe behind would be a burden to them Morristown do they want and if it's the former than thrown out. If it's the latter keep but I mean ended in a nutshell that's it. There's a new book coming out called the gentle art of Swedish death cleaning. And this the slave or martyr Rana Magnuson. Says that you can keep things that he broke good memories. But the concept of which is part of Swedish culture now I talked about moving out of our house we've been in for 23 years and we kind of started that process. Got an eight by twenty foot dumpster in the driveway and through always stuff that you know you could throw away five years ago. Easy to throw away when you have to start thinking about moving it. But as you as as we unloaded a lot of stuff. It became liberating. And then like I don't wanna date I still want I wanted to lighten up even more and more and more. I and we could still stand to lighten up a lot the other side that is. I go home onto my mom's and she walks me around the house and says you know do you want this to you want that you want this you want that and some of the answers then the answer to some of that stuff is no. And this is a lot of stuff that I grew up where. And so it's got some sentimental value but. No. And come in some cases I you don't you don't wanna hurt somebody's feelings. And that's word this. Death cleansing comes and she says say in her book that a woman often ends up doing the death cleansing she said after her husband died she had a deep clutter their house and it took her almost a year before she could downsize to a two room apartment we heard from some callers earlier that. Kind of had to do the same thing for their moms or dads. She also was said that although it was overwhelming at the time she was glad that she did it. Herself as her husband would have wanted to do it keep everything men are kids would have a disagreed on what to keep and want to toss in this way she made the decisions and now. She continues to do on a regular basis. Now I can tell you right now there is very little in our house and our kids want. I just know my kids. I got a bunch of stuff out the garage stuff that they're you know. Wall stone framed stuff that we're not open up in the new house. And I'll get the ball shot at it but if they take one or two of them I'd be stunned I'd be much blood and I don't think they're gonna on any other. So coming soon to a goodwill there you know my art collection. She said if you ever tips don't start with your photos you get bogged down in your members in never accomplish anything. Make sure you people book of passwords for your errors. Giveaway nice things you don't want his gifts like China or table linens or books or something along those lines as opposed to buying new items. Keep a separate box of things that matter only to you and label it to be tossed upon your death. So you know it's okay if you wanna keep that beloved stuffed animal or two. But. Your kids don't want that stuffed animal probably and you know. And if you don't ask. And ask him to be honest with you Swedish death cleaning up. I know it sounds like sending you do the night before colonoscopy but it's not quite that disciplined but it's. But a guy I don't know we've kind of found ourselves doing that too is it's liberating to get rid of some of that does some of that stuff. Now there's a steady middle value. If you've ever felt good flight attendants treat it like a child because you're seated in economy. You're not alone. And while flyers and a first in business class a sections pay extremists were a better food and drinks and roomier seats a survey of well more than 12100 Americans found that most travelers feel that the flight crew. Also showed first class passengers more courtesy and respect act. In other words fliers feel airlines street first class passengers better. It is this Saturday anybody. Survey found 67% of Americans feel first class passengers are treated better than none other flyers at the same on the same plane. So Brigham. Do is get back in the bag shut up. When Joseph 147. People. Your problems. 43 points from going to 43 it was a play 85 point two. Ford today closed at twenty to 95696. NASDAQ up eighteen point two point eight closes at 6624. And S&P up four point 47 closes that 2557. 64. So we're pretty good day for the of stocks are just are Romero or. Anybody that's got a hearing problem gets tired of saying I'm sorry to hear that can repeat them. It's frustrating for those of us have a hearing from it's a tough fund loved ones as well share an armored reporter I've talked about them. Blasting TVs and this that the other and and I'm sure it's frustrating for Susan. It is frustrating for me because officials say some in the car and I don't urine and hours into myself. Why don't you just speak up the first time. But you know I'd say it's not fair either national institute of health research Nottingham biomedical research center. Scientists there are analyzed more than seven the existing studies about hearing loss and determined that it was an issue that of the whole family. Common problems faced by people with hearing loss and those closest to them including issues with phone calls I don't have that so much. Oh volume control on TVs and radios that's why this. Genius 2.0 thing is so nice because you can no you can Bluetooth feel ball you amend your hearing it's an and control the volume from there. Social isolation. And I can relate to that. And had guilt and frustration. You are at some point. You get tired assay and want or I'm tart and here you or. And sometimes when you say I'm sorry I didn't hear you and and they repeated you do and you're the second time. You just blow off. Com and so I'm a guy I'm sure. And then and family kinda understand but you probably missed some key stuff and I don't understand why you don't remember. Of the strangers sometimes just think your being aloof. They just not. Paying attention or your. Ruder. Stock upper. Researchers say that while listening to patients loved ones and friends during office visits doctors can get a more accurate picture of the hearing loss challenges they face and develop better treatment plants. Well and help them manage their difficulties and and I'm not turning into another commercial for a cause this is this drugstore got out of our United Press International. But share and over America learn I've talked about all of us. Oh what are your challenges and nandan when word you know words were were your frustrations unknown and so on and so forth so. Anyway those of you have a hearing a loss suffer whether it's meant years syndrome like moderates. Whatever it is it is it's it's it's frustrating as all get out and it's frustrating for. Not for everybody else as well. Our retirement airlines couple seconds ago a US airlines raked in a no record one point two billion dollars and checked baggage fees during the second quarter of the year. You never before they started doing that. He price of gas a barrel of gas are above fuel was was the big determinant. And I don't think there are too worried about that and more from April to June 1 point two billion dollars and checked baggage fees that's just during the second quarter. Not that information comes after give the Government Accountability Office the report found that unknown bundling airfares. To charge separately for bags priority boarding and other services has reduced fares. But the new fees usually exceed the difference. And that means customers who pay do I checked bags paid more on average when combined with those ticket prices than when the affair and bagged fees were a bundle together so. Anyway the airlines apparently are.