West Boulevard Ministries

At Home with Roby
Sunday, September 3rd

Bart Noonan of West Boulevard Ministries joins Patrick and Trent.


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Good morning welcome there. Rookie halfback passing for regulatory arm pit pasting from the companies whoop whoop it Sunday morning in the yeah we're we're cool and hip hop on this little station Catholic and seen some flashes probably. Go catch up like enhancing myself some slack off a beat you even around the world I saw. A song Linkedin eat you ready at some sort of conference in Michael saint there was a previous guests on the show of course who Ruth Britain broke the book rock and sand. If you if you miss sounded check out the podcast and definitely check out the book thirty pages I think it is. Easy read it looked like you had a seminar with him this week yeah we so lute. Give you a rundown. Since the last show. Win two. Rand tool Illinois with some folks from church some are really good friends that I go to church lists as some older gentleman that. Appreciate. Anti former Clement and the way things are done back in the day and farming until lean in harbor scene. And I Gil all of those gas someday own reason and and they're they're friends of mine so this is the second and by Daniel Lian ran tools every two years I guess that's by manually. They have defeat the years of foreign press few months. Hugh money sold air force base up there and one of my dear friends Bruce diamonds. Family is is from right outside auditors say he's the data started up a couple years ago. And we had a blast so our road up there with those guys. About twelve hours he stayed out there for a couple days did that. And Nath luau. Sunday morning and and wind to. Denver Colorado from a global. Family business for monitoring group of Stanley generational family business owners. The leaders and now we did we had Michael saint come we erect arrange that and he came in did. Did his presentation and his his work to do with the boat rock and sand was so they're really easy read. I read that book and another book on the airplane says if I can read two books on an airplane. Better Charlie Brown book up and show threatened a Cessna it is Archie comic. She'll so. But we had a blast it was very educational got this cash till my friends Aussie couple times a year. That they'd deal with the same similar true losses to what we deal with in the. You know some successes. Like he just is squarely with about that lie how we cannot share knowledge and dignity to common underlying theme of these tires shows these relationships and we talked about relationships. All the time whether personal or business and in our guest today is barred meaning he has started a ministry west boulevard ministries in I met him through different mining colony Nolte who I met through Charles succession. Some really cited here compartment he just has has a job as a ball energy. Is do some really great things on on backcourt or which is a quarter it's it's near us and here are harness the west side and what bush Wilkinson boulevard or west boulevard. But to us we have bar on a show you who becoming our next. It in homicides sanity to donate if you had a chance to meet Barbara would topple a bit about him and what he's trying to do. That it is an opportunity for for anybody listening to potentially help bar which is which is really cool. No way am I think it's also. We love are our philosophy of of good charity and and help people willing give and resin tide raises all ships do good in your own arena you're polish your Baumann had to break the smallest I'll polishing your damn and figure out. What where you can help with the best return for whatever it is certain in in a good arena. Some excited to meet Bart I'm never met Marty talk about him a lot you cities fully energy some kind of being a little. A little lower and lower key owner saying them before we give blasted into the second that was an important. And then as you guys know we're lead not to our main chaired which is the agent for wishes tenth annual so so our last segment once again. I think we have. Three weeks will once again be contributed to tell what story. Yes it's and my favorite part of this I agree ethics become that's our favorites and one other patron deleted mission is that. School's. Back this I'm happy. I to me is a scary team you're happy Saturday is it that out of sandbags Tuesday second second mourn in this more normal Tom two for T taken girls' schools were under it'll give us a great. Fourth item is in the foresees Japanese. Roland in the third she is German and piper is France in the first. A lot airline with academy as the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system. Diamond is what it is that's wonderful news is great but I'll tell you. It's a story. I wanna brag a little bit about one of our M employees one of our associates Marquette purge. You probably saw me sent out an email about an hour. I mean this stuff happens all the time and the last Saturday one of our clients. Sit me out a really nice emails just to me and said hey. Yani Yani. Market surged and dotted Dolan gets it done that's all we Lamar he gets it done and I just think this all some and when I was out in. Denver will my family business Gaza were talking about core values of a business and what. What is at the heart your business what Lotta we thrive as a de Robie family a lot of lot Travis trend haste and and what led drought as a so what what do we want to be known for. When when our legacy is left. And really cord values if it comes from the leader and a thank you can say hey. I mean like mile one core value is the golden rule we wanna treat others as we would like to be treated desk as a principle of life. But when she send that timely when I'm out here mean with these guy as talking about core values. I see it pay gas to our whole company this is one of our core values those who make it will we get. We get it done period the Roby way as we get it done and but I think it sultan. Core value lies and which are based only comes from your people. And why they like the war for a year or or coming yea your company EB. So I think their school and in inning you have bar here whose company and that they're mad that did you for you to talk about his passion and one drafts in my life and then. They he's out here in the community of west boulevard. And knocking on doors and then it is truly good news at the life and safety at risk to do different people not right in doubt about it. I want to compliment the client real quick while we can mean. A lot people are quick to point out things it did go wrong. But it's really nice to see with it is with any company or any rash counseling does some right fortieth and I felt good let him and it. And I get a settlement last year with our without firm and wanted to rely now wanna brag own people like mark Eckerd and all the others that make the rugby family and other families. You're listen now home with the road we will be right back ones. Who. Good morning and welcome back at home with Brody I'm Patrick like as a from regulatory function hastened from the road the family of companies to address new intra if you ally hit meaning. When we first started to show two and a half years ago was light airy church better be every interest own. I hear over and now he's now we're count now 1234. The city up from his regular lulls in the I'm Marty at the 64 now yet and backing up at seven cent in the year better off and I am. A budget that got partying in the steel with a said Bard is is the founder of west boulevard ministries. Got a wonderful story he now met through that through a friend Michael McNulty from the Nolte rules state. He calamity Charlotte succession. In Anbar has been about an hour and a half couple weeks ago it again Saturday. A duck but now it's a pretty well this point and I am really excited to have me years he he has doing some wonderful wonderful wonderful. Grassroots type themes over on the west side particular west boulevard. At a university memorial church part I get that right allegations and all Baptist Church but that was enough. Listen overall west title. I guess it's ever off actually at the corner of west hobbled all still Craig Randall west boulevard sort of the central hub of the west lower court order entry probably a pass sister's a million times united MC live towards towards the river that way. I come when I go to drama girls off a lot of oil nations for not come back down cobble a cut over. Crawl stream now Ruben org are exceeding calls west boulevard yes that's how I get old still creek. To past Carolina golf club take a writer Burger King absolutely no that's must common ground been on the on the score normal life. Somebody sent me a message after I think it was last week showed moved in Albanian rule remember will be it said. And they set a culture show is great thank you for champion the less that continues a man and a little understand where we come from gas ladies engine. Well you know what guys we have an. Opportunity here in this city with all the resources we have to positively affect our own backyard so many different ways. You know and west boulevard ministry. Our our mission is to serve the physical and spiritual needs of families and communities within the west boulevard quarter to an example of the glory of Christ Jesus. Com now that's that's a pretty big big statement but you know god is big in and out west former minister we're not gonna put him in a box. We're looking to. Facilitate. Other nonprofits and what they're doing what positive impacts that are making within that quarter or. It's sort of be a go between innocence or had a I had some said Barton just a social work for Jesus and probably that's a good way to put it. You know we are partnering with several different organizations and their we have a great relationship with Reid park elementary school which is right back off a major aims. Who in their system care initiative. As well as the Charlotte mettler police department west or division. How we have goodwill industries right down the street that big beautiful complex they built all Wilkes and bowl one as wonderful GD programs. Job training. In that they're very. They're all over the bridge traumatic you haven't gone down Wilkinson boulevard toward the airport and seen the new goodwill facility on the left right as you cross under Billy Graham parkway. Did I lose they serve breakfast and lunch room and it's near our office I go and their all time the funding an hour to catch up on some stuff. Set my laptop up and M and patronize the place and and at all to the folks in that thank you little money from a flute and is wonderful man this that. Really. A true Jim that the city is has developing goodwill has developed it is that America a huge impact of that but bottlers and listen there's a portion. A folks that are behind these doors and these homes in these apartments. That don't feel worthy of change that don't. Need to be encouraged. In walked along next to not enabled. But walked along next to him encourage them on this process of change you know and that's one of the things that that that's how they Lamar horror is to go unseat the loss to seek doesn't say listen you're worthy of change because this happened in my life. In the year your assessment of that mean you're you're you are a literally knocking on doors in some cases is that is that is that that is correct statement and on you know also have. You have folks elementary school police department that that. That threaten to house but but I'm I'm a big believer in the Gaza regret my footsteps of the have to wake up each day and be intentional in my day. And he's a leading directly that also have to have the courage to act. When he puts me in those positions so are on you know at west Ballmer ministry were actively working with three different families right now some beautiful stores going on a a single mother who is on working towards your GD bless three boys. 23 graders in a safe greater. Also in and working with a grandmother who's raising her grandson and both those here and live in Little Rock apartments. As well as the individual lives in new Renaissance west is a single father. Of four. You know so. You know abyss between that the end establishing a food bank food and clothing ministry at universal mobile Baptist Church that we outfitted. West over on this outfit of the whole upstairs. At their own. At a building on the property that. The church is an out the church is operating on walk will walk along next and yet the process were actually open every other Friday tomorrow be our third Friday. That we vote in this me ten to one. I'm with very simple sheet to fill offering families out there that are native clothing that is good plug and you know we wanna make sure that we're given a hand up. In its base the food ministries basically emergency to administer that would last through and we. Two to three day. You know and I each you were gracious enough to give me a tour that facility and it. It is it's great part of many you have everything down to a science on how any of this season be in this spot how many of that needs to be in that spot. But in this is from Friday from tend to want. Khamis income and earnings if there emergency food relief of course. The show it's no secret we record to show during the week to show they're citizens Sunday from nine tenths of anybody is listening out there on her way to church on the way down from church and you wanna be involved with. With a truly local community. Outreach organization I mean it's west boulevard ministries and that's why we have bar here. Well the F Patrick indeed it in so. Come September 15. September 29 and every other Friday it will be yes so so so Bart relentless back up the second and you're all excited. That's who I am a premise of our show is it to do good. And also to have business lessons I think he fit in this and and and had to do good and have called business lessons and cool stories. Where people don't say hey Alan here's this this morning mechanic catch him off guard Charlie Moore and around church who is this gap so. I think it's also west boulevard ministries I know from Patrick. You talked to us for by two hours before we started out at some unmanned man but dig dig a little party second minute commercial. To the audience of of moon why you're doing what you do and why you run in the sludge started is this. That's to help give up and is when it occurred well. Six years ago arm. I came to after forty years and realized. That all had done my whole life was Tate on from a young child grown out in my father Flynn an NFL took. You're going to private school neutral all it did was take from everyone that came in contact with or try to figure out how to get some problem. I'm. I developed a severe alcohol and drug problem. That lasted up until forty years old and then I woke up 1 morning January of 2012 and realize just how not broken an ugly way but how beautifully broken I was and how I was broken off. Let fly to Christ come and in my life and I'm. If from that day forward. It was like our shot. Kim and I win and volunteered for a year investor kids which is of great organization nonprofit here in Charlotte the provides beds at first which they waste their transition. And ours are about five years and Canada. Working as the director of operations. On the furniture side that's for kids in this past November I resigned. Because I knew god was putting a different call normal heart. That that I wanted to get deep deep of these fairways because everything's relations next and if we develop strong relationships with individuals and can be wherever this. They can really start into the arms underlying issues going along with that in the family that individuals and that's really the best way to eat this border because you know. Everything that's going on in the in. So I do what I do my lords it. Point point com. And he has given me you know that the word passion is give me he's going to be such a passion for the intercity bomb that. In past talks my dad wanted to on the west ball marks and everything in my life has brought me here here and I'm I'm here to stay. And it's not there's not a year end goal or two year and Coleman be here and not leave him. And down in a past mournful means different church leaders and and business leaders and I overly feel my heart. That the west boulevard port or it is just the start making it a tremendous turn for the better. No that's S also home and I mean it's as in with our goals it has in. I mean let's pull business lesson out of that I mean. You eat everything total relationships right you came figure out how to help somebody with you get to know somebody as and you get down. It down or all their level right good you got to you got to be humble and I have a mentor and Ollie says. When you have a conversation known a time preacher had in your hand and had the conversation. And he says it'll make your whole demeanor changed and I agree with debt. That is also I can't wait to hear about wells going home. We're gonna roll out to some Marshal the will be right back we hang with us absolutely I'd thank you Bart thanks we'll be right back on at home with ruby. Welcome back at home with Rosie I'm Patrick my task from ruby electric along with Trent chased him from the ruby family of companies. We are joined by Barton Ian from west boulevard ministries if you miss the last couple of segments and it's just wonderful stuff please get back in in this into our podcast. Bar I think one thing that we might have forgot to mention the last segment is is somebody's listening to this and they wanna connect with west boulevard ministries and you of course. We talked about FaceBook page probably easiest way to connect. Yet it's pastor you're exactly right at this point Tom we're looking to have our website by the in the the year wonderful. So you at a FaceBook west boulevard ministry in short our FaceBook group. All our contact information is on the air you know when it comes to a clothing or. Clothing drop off for food drop off for either one of those ministries and his contact me and we works or not whether I pick it up pretty dry and and what's the address of the chart. That address the church is 4401. West tribal law. In and that's basically says the core west hobbled old steel Crete. Right off west boulevard and it's it's a wonderful short charges and got a Palmer who's the passion they're actually walked. What Dr. Martin Luther King on going back in the sixties and was arrested with him in Tuscaloosa Alabama so I've worn for our mentor their love known now for some years. Who opened up we've when I came to him with with this vision in this mission he said Bart. We got a place for your right here so I really believe is divide and point to the west bull run ministry is working out of that church. Com because it gives me a church home gives me please support into rot when I walk out some office door. So becoming now travel road ignore. It I think it's a fork in a red red that's credit to west boulevard and a curse is send them an on opponent's floor that's right yeah. The white view of these beautiful church yeah and out you know we're doing a lot of premise around the church that the church where we're looking to grow that church as well I had a wonderful meeting yesterday with that pastor -- number that HO Graham Presbyterian Church which is brought up on the Corel also creek and and west boulevard and you just have a lot of conversations about. You know how can west boulevard ministry help the sport or you know that's what I'm here forsake it I'm not coming here with a much and how can help it become a part of this fail and we in this. That this community because community a lot of folks say we got a great community water on the back into the work communities unity. If there's no unity you have no community. You know and right now we're look into it to bring the unity. But the community what we're everyone feels. Feels at home if feels like they have a voice in the community those pastors in and the business leaders in end that the people. They're in the community. You say no way. There ingrained I mean you're not getting anywhere without better now and their support and that but they know people may not absolutely not and in the west boulevard coalition. Actually go to meeting tonight at the YWCAR. Ritchie also president and he came in and met with me for a couple hours cup weeks ago and they have that beautiful garden. Where old Dalton villages of the corner of clay and and west boulevard and there are talks with some different ideas to bring a grocery store this going to be have healthy options. For the Phillies in the communities within that court or because the west all of our court or. Is one of the three most stressed theories for food and all Charlotte. The end I'm you know on the one side of the guy will assume worst bloom and it's pop and often real estate there's things you developed and and then. A parallel on the other side got solve all brought all sexy but right there in the middle stands west boulevard that has been the collected. For for. For different reasons but but we're looking to get that thing go on and we're real excited about it and oddly there's a remodel this coming that way that's great. That's also important how how was how was the recession means when you when you first and the community needs. The previous segment you're you're you're you're follow it was an NFL player not a police who played the undefeated dolphins that's correct. You went to private school now you're Ian he'd be refocused your life and in night out west boulevard. They take a little off people's source art to be in trust you well. Just started on west boulevard brutally back here in and at what you know I I look at this one thing you know. We ought to go around and talk a big game but I I like to leave about what I do. And then folks there start to listen to it in and Lindy your what do you have to say as our member of the first arm on a Sunday when a when a new universe more Baptist Church for church and and pastor Palmer arm as it was like say viewers not dinner Saddam wanna tell you right now no looking back I'm crazy. I say just give me some Tom in local what I do and not so much what I say so I believe that through hard work three beat your community where start in my day there. And they see a lot and they start to trust you then once they trust you that's when those relationships like we're just talked about really start taking hold in change can happen. Just real quick on relationships. Had a lady had to work with came to me she thought I was going to. Props to Barbara Lee gotta tell you some Austin utility asset and were in the trucks or pick her up the ticker the feedback cup which she said. To set all yours over our house prayed and I just really feel on the spirits coming from the Barton and I got to tell you some. Because it just wouldn't be right if I didn't mine not lightning after this and NASA will go ahead. She's on HIV positive. And now look tariffs on. And I want to notice that it. You know Jesus. You know painful loss to cancel lepers and came for the prostitute came for the better about it but as he's walking in the temple. On. And I said there's not much you can say this shock and and us I don't wanna thank you for having the courage to say that in. But I love you and I'm not going we're so she was crowned will be that we had a big hug. And actually got a ticket back completed by our house later on this afternoon. Because she sits indeed once but done you know whats that in that shows me that. It's working. That the folks are opening up you know one at a time and I had one lady asking us some more around because our attitude fund raising by myself. I gotta take out the trash in affinity has to be done is pretty much a one man show with god. Although we do have volunteers come and help out with different things that are great have a very active border all the albeit small but active. So you know our Obama all over the place but it's as this one lady was asking me you know. How he knows is it's the ministries of success after years. And and I thought about since I said listen conduct and go look back to myself if it possibly affects one failed. That they do 180. Is in those children's lives have been changed in touch by west over a ministry. It's a success. You know 'cause this one at a time when intentional relationship that time you know. One connection that time and then if I stay focused on now with what's right for army under the Gaza and take everything else because I had that topic fate. Big bold audacious faith and my wife thought chuckles that some time because. You know I'm more more of those that that I love the lord and and and I'm very vocal about that. Has come from what I've come from in the dark that the dark in the death of pain. And that's not a thing Wacom relate to lot of famous unknown some. In Austin awesome about redemption tree situation so so that's really the message or were trying to carry out and and down you know one Stanley a time when dated. So Ruth we were talking about it just set out on in the first segment for you guys here. I was at a conference with some other family business owners over ore at a meeting and we were tell about the B tag debate area out based Cisco and Jim Collins tells Bob and you get though in. I think it's Clinton is is that is kind of let. In the outside world with bank and is impossible sure got to believe in yourself your company just try your charity whatever you're doing whatever your dominant life is that you work on it at the time. Most people have multiple diamonds or working and so we gotta feed your family and then they get it. Have faith whatever they. Cup two years so we know that's sometimes it's not our darkness that scares us but it's sort of like this in the twenty us. That comes from a Marianne Williamson warmth. On her little excerpt she wrote but it's our doors are light sometimes the good that we can do. You know I believe that if everyone got involved with something there's a lot of wonderful organizations and Charl get involved and sought to find something that's your passion about getting involved. It an annual change for the better. It and you'll get blessed by but someone else will also and that's what it's all we says some when you came in before we got on the air he said you don't have to do some crazy crazy thing tomorrow he said it's a much a little things one after another and after another drug assistance to alma though inconsistent strike. That add up in the end and and you look back numbing we're Aaron corn hole tournament is a great example public to look back years later in your life. Wow I did this happen. And laugh at the start on us sing. Gotti star yet got your start. Istar says myself you know I markets ever play on Tuesday or Wednesday or next year. There are no such day is SO ME DJ watt someday today's the day today is a start of the day to start practicing those those different. Paul you know there's. Paxson something different something positive in the small victories does not have to be a big and a small difference at pride and hallowed suggests I mean just to go on match. Two did change one little thing that struck it and build some momentum and get some confidence and get excited by name in in May be the next that you contain some miles that's right and it's about valuing change what you value changed many are often run. And that's what's a lot of folks I work with new and start doing some positive things are large store of value a mile really value added means something to hold on to a that that you are often so Bart. Thank you for joining in this let the audience not do which FaceBook page is Wal-Mart times out west boulevard ministry in you can also contact me at Bart PA RT at west boulevard ministry dot pork that's my email instant wins a large spell out announced a key patriots' BL BD Weston be LBD. Ministry dot org bark at west boulevard minister dot org one thank you so much for being here thank you for what you don't want pleasure to meet you on the floor around shrug it deny you ever Tom keep doing them pick hidden in singles but I appreciate that you guys goblet some great debt. The moment proving. Patrick passing ready let him. And hastened the ruby family that companies. Mark I'm taking a nap they don't. He. And this is about two and a half hours later I think and Nina Erica you. As a desktop and a bar. In between segments is is a very personable human and no he's great he Tina. And he. I happen to be a Christian. But I think whatever faith you Lar. Eight you can relate he's trying to do good for the world war in one single at a town 100% in you know you and our aren't in the same regarded as Christians it. If it doesn't matter what walk like you come from a religion. To his point I loved his fact is they start small I mean just do something it changes your life for the better that helps others and it becomes contagious. That the he says a couple times sixteen at five years later he laid back and say well when I'm done yet and I think that happen at this for kids when he was immediately go into that is. Is an organization has absolutely exploded in Hampshire it would head humble beginnings like a lot of it lot of small businesses that was well. And he watched that it nasty when he's duo west boulevard ministries and hopefully it is this radiation can BA Plath wanted to encourage people to. To help in any weather west boulevard ministries would make a wish foundation. Whatever it is to get out there and do something for somebody else he's definitely got some charisma there's no place can take his humble charisma to. To any body it needs help and I think he can definitely relate he has a DF. I mean all the basics. A successful business and he's the winner for charity he's polished and add down he's an entrepreneurial. Notice it's really cool. And much fanfare and not mine intimate relationship over my lifetime with that court or with west boulevard renowned Rhode planned road. They I think it's also on the think it's so good to talk about right now and root for so line ate their interest to stop by he gave the church address earlier. On and he also gave his FaceBook if this is well in all that information on the face the page I believe it's west boulevard PL TD ministries as knife on on pace foot. And his contact Barton and his contact information is honored along with with a mission statement and some pictures and updates on. Only got back in vasser when he was talking about because there's a lot of business late summer I was all business. Understand and apply to all facets of your life plot T family. Plot to e-business plot T cheered do what you need do that this accountability. And essayist doing the right thing so thank you bar for what you're doing. Now changing subjects a little bit we're really note to our tenth annual patient for would sizzle Saturday September to sixteenths or tenth anniversary. And if you don't listen to us. The last segment every show for the last for ten weeks leading up right we we tell which story. This is what we really really really number one champion as a as our charity amongst. Other things. So Patrick can you talk about the would story of the day yes so here we have Parker is ours or restore the Dane Parker was teased. 2016 which can master at the pitcher for which is I assume you have won again in 2017. But debt. Several Parker cowardice Stanley had just been through a lot of us it was November 2015 even diagnosed with a rare form of brain and spinal cancer. Soon after he underwent surgery and begin chemotherapy. And make a wish central west and North Carolina involved. Make a wish reach out to us and asked what his wish would be says mother Alison we knew from the start is going to be something with the Panthers may 31 2016. Parker's wish to play football the Panthers became a reality first is introduce the players and coaches at the morning's team meeting. Seeing him walk into the meat team meeting all the players cheering and clapping for him. He was pretty star struck during an amendment but it really great deceit aghast so into this is well that's written motion desperately cool. Other important when after the football to sign a contract. And receives candy compensation to that and it's a pain and in plain English that's the real loot that they give them like you think it was paid days and news that can die a tank engine through the remote camps. Next up was ticking quicker him to get as practiced here. His circle Greg Olsen took over from there the Pro Bowl tight in show parked around the locker in the Parker helped him get ready for the ATA sessions. These special kids are such an unbelievable outlook on life all's said it puts a lot of things in perspective of really fortunate to spend the day Parker pedals and display what a wonderful guy. They lost on the practice field Sabbath silent partners boarding his own number 88 Jersey. During practice Parker shouted the tight ends and even offered Olson's and advice. The millennial see nothing. Every time I turned around there was there was standing right there agreeable says he told one time to get my pads down. While it brief he would. Parker is given the honor breaking the team down at the end a practice he and his Stanley then walked off the field along the path the teacher passable keep pounding signs. It step Kantor's motto it's a calorie state. It's just what we say around our house now also said the sick keep faith keep poke keep together keep pounding this. Great that's wonderful and great story. And I mean a testament to the Panthers I think this is the second or third story I think out of six or seven that we branded him involved Panthers. I mean the timing is always right we're coming upon pain before policies I mean a testament to our organization that we champion as the city. They've been able to keep their nose clean and do the right thing and now were excited thank you mr. Richardson what you do and thank you for people like Greg Olsen. Who. Who have such fanfare in the city new laws and as a gift to help callers so thank you that's that's great. Nobody is treated in in really we only have one more sweet story before the coral turn on the sixteenth we have so obviously the shows and on the third so dominate this is our night. This is our night yes we have one more toward a plea Cornel term is here. That deadline to register plays is actually. This coming Friday September 8 need get a PH in TC HI in new Jeep pitching for which is dot com ports last play. Two registered sixty bucks for keeper sixty bucks two person team. Eight that other than the prize and how does a chaired right so everybody's volunteers the so there. ET each arm right you signed up about a being gained tanks every time I talk to somebody which is really cool which makes my heart warmth they payment and in practicing Cornel and added. That that's another tell me their support and turn right side escrow that's what a solemn now so starts on September 16 a single at a town. Thank you for joining us today thank you for Barton noon and with west boulevard ministries checking now. Get excited about what you're doing in life and have a wonderful Sunday.