What al The Misconduct Claims

John Hancock
Wednesday, November 29th

Hancock ta;ls about Matt Lauer, and Garrison Keiller, asks what are we seeing here, reviews worst toy list and more.


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This is John Hancock. Garrison Koehler. Charlie Rose 75 to. I wrote in my little tease today latest inappropriate sexual be a better nominee garrison Keeler what you thought I was gonna say Matt Lauer Soledad so this morning. Turned on does CBS this morning lawyer coming off the treadmill walk can do on my office turned on the TV which automatically you know starts on Billy BTV because my wife works worms sort of starts and everything Nelson. Friction and family. And just in time to hear Gayle king and Norah O'Donnell talk about Matt Lauer. It was just a week ago at a pay. We're bluff to me uncomfortable position of sitting side by side to announce third demise of their very own Charlie Rose. So I switch over to love and be safe. But apparently by that time they had already gotten past their open and they were doing other things that I know of psoriasis have. Embassy no CNET. It sounds. Tied it's got to be unbelievably. Difficult. Two way it's hard enough to do a radio show. Where people aren't staring match. Although I do think they're installing cameras here in the studio I'm not sure exactly but I have a feeling soon we're going to have thought is of the world's in the studio while we do decide. But it's it's hearted have to do a radio show in here one knows somebody that you like or admire her and her friends with has been fired. And your job is to. Do your job. But it's the same time you you wanna be. Loyalty here your friend but. Your your job as your job. So first and foremost. So I I empathize with. But with these people who have two we will work with Matt Lauer and rumor not. Well years ago about Matt Lauer possibly have having some sort of a short logged affair with Natalie Morales at the Olympics. You may remember that. And but I it and we were were still pretty short on facts are on Matt Lauer he's not talking them would pretty much what they've talked about but. If all the sudden they got wind of something unknown Monday and then they are make the decision today. And they announce it to the staff. Thumb. Within blow but 1530 minutes before they go on the air. I'll be anxious to it dear what's going on and that that I I come into the studio today and how much do on some stuff. Is about 1230. And I CEO and AP wire. She wouldn't real sexual misconduct. And so I knew that was the story about lauer and so I click on this story just to see if there's been any updates on Matt Lauer in the story was garrison Keeler says he's been fired. Improper behavior. And the they explanation registered with the Mike Doyle was. As much as I've heard dog on that. Garrison Keeler told the AP about his own firing in an email. And says say he was fired over a story that I think is more interesting and more complicated than the version. That. In PR heard. But nonetheless Minnesota public radio. But are nonetheless. They just keep on coming. To the point that now you can't even remember all the names. It was a dev I was looking at some sort of bug. News source and they had done budget the other stories and and run with and lasted a couple of months. Softer the side links to them off to the side and one of them was Louie CK. I'd forgotten all about Lucy Yang. I probably forgotten about most of them. I Jerry Trevor and show. Not being renewed. So I guess my question to you know would be 704571110. Define this. What are we witnessing. No name more names I just told TJ. When a local people start fallen. Surely we have. And improper behavior or someplace here in town of some. Well known. We're doing does that names start to pop. When does it get down to the local level right now it's pretty much stayed. At the national level. But Mayer did to define this what are we witnessing. Is this finally. And and then the other we've talked about this but I I'd like your explanation and why now. It's I would do it the Harvey Weinstein thing knows that did we take the is that what started the downward spiral all the water down the drain. Arm and everything that was in the saying guys being caught up in the whirlwind visit to the bottom sucks itself on down. Because that's kind of what's essentially happened with a lot of these people Kevin Spacey and others. I and is this our priorities has our righting of the ship is this is this finally be women's movement. Standing up and saying. We've been asking for respect for a long long time now we're demanding it. Started as somebody in the halls about it one of our sales guys and no we're just gonna shoot the breeze brought it to our garrison curable people 75 years old. And down. There and we were talking about did the same thing is really you know what what is this. And on the one standpoint. This'll give some people the courage to come forward to maybe have not come forward before. Arm and now that there seems to be eighty. More understanding of wrong it's wrong workplace sort and so forth. But on the other hand this also opens up and I don't get me wrong I'm not questioning the integrity of any of the women that have come forward but it does open the doors or anybody that wants to do that to somebody. You can you you right now. On could level charges somebody who's totally innocent. And if the names big enough. You'll at least. Bruise them heavily. And once the headline here it's. More than you're doomed. Even if they prove without a shadow of doubt that you were guilty of what you were accused of that you were not guilty of what you're accused of it doesn't make any difference you've already been tattooed with a charge. So so you you know run into well a little bit of that now I have no reason to believe that anybody so far has been accused of anything that they're not. I'm guilty of because. It in an awful lot of the cases big guys have come forward and said. Up. Kevin Spacey Al Franken. Based whoever put up a fight at all. But. Fascinating. When CNN new name in the last few days. Which took some time off for Thanksgiving. We are not what I hear. Met hours name. I immediately think of his wife and his kids. And he had been visited them the rumor about him and not Natalie Morales. I remember thinking about his wife back in those days. I mean I would always be my bad my first thought is their family. On and maybe that's wrong on my part maybe maybe my first shot should be my first thought should be on on the accuser what they've had to go through. But my my first thought generally goes to our the person's family and Noah and the wise that's involved in the kids that are involved. Strange days indeed. Most peculiar momma who was that John Lennon I believe. And improper behavior hall of fame. Our garrison Keeler post today we're asking news question define it. What are we witnessing. A mirror is up on WB TAM air. Areas of our you don't remove great home yeah I that's great question I think the bigger by the glove I think you know what were written into the Clinton. While while love with a solo. Not these dirty stuff behavior is about war built into our society. Aren't forced to accept that because those people were. In their minds and the way this system was set up untouchable. While I'm away and who they were in such a shock when Carl Warren that they tried everything to pick him down. Including being. They thought were taken down long before they're. Or an out of Atlanta and it's basically. Became a movement that reached them as well at that point that they felt safer. What does Toronto part of what does what does trump or or what does politics have to do with this I guess is my question. We can't because until I go there empowerment they're they're I do I'm Arab. Well I've done by a bit basically there were a lot of people a bellow wall cannot. Because though there. I'm tired trump went out there don't laugh lull by artillery. I and and go before people in their lives more but we'll never put that that before a byproduct of a lot. First social justice issues locally. I even national news against the Iraq War were too large and very different things by. I was very you amounting to be a part of our in laws aren't boats small groups and then I serve at trump. Well Warren. That's their anger and their chocolate are all their candidate now winning and I'm not a umpiring but I'm not and Hillary are reader. Our Dutch shock basically woke a lot of people up out of their days and comfort. That everything was just gonna be located Obama got another look they're terrible out in the more far we're not going to be chicken. And there were shaken and woken up. When they woke up toward the start it would all be issued in the things that they disagree with trump about. And that let me troop movement all of this far that meet to movement started with trump on there and I think they've basically Imus. Let let me ask says Serbia what about the opposite of that how about the fact that we now have a president. Who is unconventional. Who we never thought would topple the establishment guy who came out of left field and toppled the establishment. And now people feel it. Really they can be empowered to the date they can speak their mind they can stand up for what they believe in that that I guess you may take a lot of grief for it but. But but but it's a new age right now you don't have to go along with the established and you don't have to lower water. Along part of it the other part of that but not a part of it is the miscalculation by the establishment. They were so confident they have been so confident in what they believe is the way everybody else thinks. That's why they lost that's when there was such a shock and then even out their mission and they were so confident they could take him out that they brought out these big gone back could be turned around right back there. Which our enemy or I appreciate the call which which showed the big guns they are working anymore are there. A day what do also may be happening here. Member of the person in all these guys were supposed to be the way their moms are raised them. Now they're being forced to be the way they're moms raise them. Hand. And it's. Mean. I've got it. We did our job. Women are finally being believed and I think it started with Roger Ailes and bill because they also think that turned Charlie Rose in garrison Keeler approved Viagra is most dangerous drug in the country. All dressed still nowhere to go. Called the truth is are subject. And god you know we beat Tito and got mail. This is all about feminism. And another famine Nazi power grab. Dorell ranger Dave. John you could have told the woman Noah had to work twenty years ago that she looked nice and today issued accuse you of having made an unwelcome in a sexual advance and you get can't. This is yet another example of the militant anti American political movement called feminism systematically working to further emasculated. The American male blurred the gender roles and destroy traditional American values all hidden behind the outrage of the day. Inappropriate sexual activity should absolutely not be tolerated in any way but when an approach him and unproven accusation. Can cost you your career males everywhere are being programmed to be wimps and it's devastating this country need proof. Go look at the percentage of black kids born out of wedlock. Picture of them where the other bridge to that works but. But anyway that's. Don't lose the email 704571110. Garrison Keeler. Met our today's. Name for the improper behavior. Hall of fame. Yeah I BH showing off. And though we're asking you what are we witnessing. Define it. What are we what are we what are we witnessing here. And how much did Roger Ailes and Bill Cosby. My have to do with that. Interest in. Armed 704571110. Elizabeth's been patient she's up on WBT hey Elizabeth. Hi I am I you know I think I think poor witnessing is a plane like at. The group England aren't aren't well capitalized every woman I know has been sexually harassed and I'm not talking about be being called a pretty at work that's. Not sexual harassment. EMC clearly define what is and what it isn't seeing it eat out about it work out our sexual harassment at all. I in my twenties that happen constantly and frankly even tell me well comment art just the athletic. That's just why that that's just tale that's just s.'s Jim being gymnast just boys being boys. Yeah I'd be flattered that he said that obnoxious it's great being EU keeping your pretty. Or what have you looked at is it makes the world feel like a saint. Our order walking on the street and I guy. Yellow batter or with overly well we don't they ain't even a little bit. Allow heaping and pretty weak link okay where there nearby business back in kind of stuck in his first second it's scary. And then Atlanta police officer unique needs. I don't know how demeaning people somehow managed to find out where I work after I was given a ticket. Called me out work out in the Al in my twenty. It was very intimidating and I was afraid that if I said no I suddenly get pulled over every night when I tried to go home from work. I did Helen you know and you know called a couple of guys print that work he told me I record into the police station but in my when he which is. Well a lot of women are actually draft what I'm confident enough to say. Sure I am I'm gonna let them know that his power and authority to unaware of work and I tapped me out. And you said that only a couple of glory and you sit and you said this guy was who again to and I missed that part of the. He was a police officer OK I got older per ticket and he somehow found out where I work after an and called me at work out me out and I would very taken aback buried in the and of course I turned him down not only would that inappropriate. But I happened to. He happened to have let it slip that he was Mary. And and that sounds shocking and awful for every woman crying man who had a story like our. Some something out of Oklahoma. Yeah that's an and that's that's discerning to some extent and that he was able to track you down. All right so then you do you view you say no I'm not interested but he still has access to you but you're not quite sure how that you have access to him. Right and Algeria and in your money now for our Mary Ann and the forty not happen and that's aren't. But in my mourning I wouldn't I wouldn't say now you have been a provisional authority. I'm out on my port number called me at work and yes it was very disconcerting. And that was ballot where with different. Songs from the acting out that's not a big in the politely opened her life. So we're we're past the point of that's just the way they are that's just guys it's just the way they are don't worry about it that's just guys being guys were past that that's one of the things that we're witnessing right now is we've moved on from that. I think our and I think it starting to catch up with some people now. Or an electrical current hey thank you I appreciate call circles while she goes your comes Maggie unduly BT hey Maggie. I'm gay I'm you know I don't actually I let the route I want that they had been going on. My question am I lot there or what are the women that actually have read these young guys. Isn't on television hasn't got their surer it. You know look bad bug in and make this much spent there. I'll borrow large part election round but because. Two women that now lie with pride women always stayed down. All bad. Yeah I I don't know do you think that's they've do you think that's the next chapter eight I got I don't I don't hit the nightclubs I don't have the nightlife anymore so I don't know if that's. Prevalent or not I could see it at a Chippendale also show but I yeah I mean is that it is that common. Our main you know I'm gonna out that this particular H and I don't run around LT and even on television. On und I'm really. Kind of good shallow one just sitting back in and play well I know it made him put we cannot in that way about a one man. I love connection god. That wouldn't be explored all by which may cause it is. Daytime show award and I can't even they've got. Our own summit summit just drop me an email saying Doug you're talking to Sid do you think any men will come forward and out some powerful women. I what I would say that big that I know that's our say I'm. Cougars. Are quite well yeah well. Do you know. But itself and it might take Garnet. Some odd days I have been needing to come down our long time but a lot of them women that while he now becomes what they don't. How did it financially very well I'm doesn't count against them all well then yeah. Pay out Maggie I appreciate call. Are all right a little bit different ankle. I don't know if you do is that next is you do we does do do we go from over in Iraq to right now this whatever is that we're trying to define today what we're witnessing garrison Keeler met. Lauer of the latest two names to all fall into the improper behavior all the same. Is that the next one we now find out that. Odd that there's so. Sexual impropriety going on on on both sides. As women have become empowered they picked up some of the same release sterling qualities that some of the men and their long. Me out. Players do entrance into an. He. Improper behavior hall of fame. Is garrison Keeler and Matt Lauer. Garrison Keeler has been released from Minnesota public radio and a Matt Lauer has been released from NBC news. And we're asking you what's going on. What are we witnessing define this. Tom. The latest on Matt Lauer came early this morning even the anchors who was signed on no The Today Show this morning we're not aware of it until right before airtime. Lawyer for Matt law hours accuser are praised in BC for acting acting quickly and responsibly. Not to fire The Today Show host for alleged sexual abuse. The lawyer said in a statement the representatives from NBC's human resources department met with him and his unnamed client on Monday for her account of the egregious acts of sexual harassment and misconduct by lauer and Wednesday morning NBC had investigated and no remove flour from his position. Willie Geist to lie is a commentator on MBC. Employee of and does The Today Show on know the weekend Sunday. Stepped forward to. Committed here in new NBC employee who stepped forward to allege the inappropriate to have sexual behavior and he calls himself Leo friend about hours. My question gonna disturb the positioning him. That it took some real courage she called to allow our the most powerful person and NBC news. The dismissal of Matt Lauer. Announced in an internal memo that was issued early this morning. And that post just Savannah Guthrie his senate co host and put a cold to go on the air and and make the announcement much like a Norah O'Donnell and up. And to do with. Now about Charlie Rose but I can't think of Gayle King. There had to do last year week good regards Stuart Charlie Rose. Donald Trump in responding to the termination of Matt Lauer said executives at NBC and Comcast should be quote fired. For putting out so much fake news close quote are closed week. And many tweeted while Matt Lauer it was just fired from NBC for inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace ballwind all the top executives and NBC and Comcast be for putting up some much ignorance that was this tweet. And then he cited the NBC news chairman adding. Check out and relax past. But it's not quite clear exactly what that comment referred to. So anyway I'm Matt Lauer was a big name and then all of a sudden 1230 we hear about Greg garrison Keeler and and he didn't give details about his alleged allegation but. He sent an email that ought AP announcing that he had been fired over a story that he said I think is more interesting and more complicated than diversion MB ER heard meeting on Minnesota public radio. Com. So that's where we are I and it's just two more names down the line there will be more apparently I mean I cannot believe that the won't we talk we took some time off for Thanksgiving and our own back on the I'm back on the schedule I guess I'm curious about a couple of things and and one is when does this reach the local level. When does somebody local go down. I can't believe it in a city the size of Charlotte there's not somebody that is a household name are well known name that. Might not be accused of such and and then there's another big name but then the other part of all of this all the way from Cosby and Roger Ailes to. You know I mean just all the names that have been in between their Harvey Weinstein kind of started this so water over this waterfall. And everybody that we've seen. A goal by. Just recently. A master unified at 704571110. What are we witnessing. What's going on here why now Larry's up on WBT hey Larry. They Rhode one sailor show here here. But I only believe about three quarters of what's gone on that like cash told me to I think a lot of edged just the you know I wanna be CNET depict you know feel sorry for me. And that kinda helped their career along a little bit. On top of that I think a lot of this is miscommunication between men and women came and then the guys came walk diplomats say that's that's a nice stress air which as you know it's considered sexual harassment now. So I just I just don't believe that most of this there's. Most of this is real I think it just thought of power grab and a good way to take somebody out. I don't know how this would be a career enhancement if you. If you are if you look like trouble to so tool potential employee. Our employer or they're not an apt to want a law hire you if if they think the two you're you're you're looking to make trouble. I understand that but you know what get there like NBC's Matt Lauer got a course he did you know there's video of them out there you know drop their doors and election now women. Her that night it I have heard that word you hear that. That's actually fell on FaceBook and out clicked on the link and it is the video of him he he says those aren't sure on this fellow's. Dominate you know they'll chuckle and laugh about it. But faded out there you can find them on YouTube right now now. Well I think if that's out there and I'll take you're word for it that it'll probably become apparent front. There was a rumor years and years and years ago about a one of the Olympic Games million net humor Natalie Morales maybe but I I don't know that was never discounted or otherwise but that seemed to be consensual that didn't seem to be an S senator from Matt Lauer register. I gotta be careful and you know some of the things that you all like to claim freer from time to time with. No foundation. Given what this for a while we're out. Or talk about the latest two. Inductees into the improper behavior hall of fame garrison Keeler and or Matt Lauer. Back garrison Keeler. Let go of fired by the Minnesota public radio. He was no longer doing. Prairie home companion but he was doing almanac show or something for a Minnesota public radio. And Matt Lauer the all longtime anchor of The Today Show. They opposition that Ted they're grown into atlas in the morning shows aid. Make a ton of money. For the networks. And consequently that that that that means you wield a certain amount of power. If you work for communication company and you. And you will make money for them. And you make more money for them and a lot of the other day parts during the day that gives you some leverage. Oh how I know that but. So. Tori way garrison Keeler and Matt Lauer today's names there will apply maybe others. And so where we asked are we just kind of got into a conversation about given all the names and how this is now becoming kind of a consistent deal. I'd define what's going on what are we witnessing here are some people have said feminism. Mom and some people have said the boys or do boys those that do just just boys being boys. Those days are over. We had one lady who called and said. Here's the email Hancock and to Delhi be teed after. The call from the girl about the cop calling her for a date he had her address phone number and she wondered how. Let me tell you how and and then he brings up the name Josh Griffin and I hadn't thought Josh Griffin. But those of us who have been around for awhile he was a police officer in Monroe who regularly got good looking women's information video traffic stopped by accessing their information through driver's license. And tag information on no police computers. I he apparently according to the email earnest I remember this as well a Yeo liked young married women found out thereof. Work schedule coming home from thereof. There are job. In this particular case her job. Was. Netherlands one. I had to 3 AM in the morning waited for her on Monroe Charlotte highway stopped or with the blue lights handcuffed reporter his car when she fought enemy killed. Dumped her body in an industrial drive area outside of Monroe previously he had pointed her out she went to lie and tune out and go with two down with Dutch other cups on duty. He had previously showed up and another woman's house he accessed her address through government computers through her driver's license. He was convicted of second degree murder served 45 serving 45 years for a killing the woman that's how the cup got the Bowman's information. Just to the lady who called a few moments ago diagnosed from last hour easy with basic information from Rhode stops of I read good guy I don't know where so much in question as to how they got the information. Then. A cop that stopped you is gonna have access to certain information programmatic nerve by addressing your stuff pretty easy answers for things pointed out. So anyway this is this deal it's going on right now. Or Roger Ailes and Bill Cosby and action teams start to mention all the names I said earlier that I. I was a give and I've been. News story today and I had some other links to some other previous story is off to decide I'd Ari forgot about Louie CK. There's a lot of them that have gone by the wayside big names and I'll try to be other big names some wondered if this ever hits the local level. Household name here or gets accused. I don't question. Per say the people that have come forward there are the people that have are resigned or been fired so far there's no reason for me not to believe what's been stated in a lot of cases the amend. I'm Al Franken another reserve. Of Ridley apologized. I'm pretty much admitted Kevin Spacey has said same thing guys admitted until improprieties. So while there's no reason but then when do we get to the point where if you wanna bring somebody down you just have to make the accusation. And once the accusation is made. That person is doomed if you're a public figure bureau. OUD in your gut tea and I'm thinking media as much as anybody else if your radio announcer if you're a television anchor or something along those lines and somebody accuses you of something like that. Now you might be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the jury is innocent is I'll get out but big big big business attaches already there. Don't read the first deadline and I'll never see the but one conclusion sold old you don't where there's smoke there's fire I mean you can run somebody. With a lot. And I don't think that's what's going on now but I I'll wonder at some point dipped below will start. 22 run into that. And maybe that's not down bid may or may be that's too early to bring that up maybe that's not pertinent to this point maybe the subject matter is what we started talking about and that is what are we witnessing year. Define this what corner we turning how will this change society in ways that we've never seen before. To our Glenn we go it 7045711. Tonight Glenn. They are you doing good. I'm concerned about this suffered its going on here at the lots of self esteem. The record the thing that say you're tour card then you're walking down the sidewalk for the attend your girlfriend whose attempt. And she gets the whistles. And the attention. And you did not. Then you say to yourself. For that matter to me that is our. Let my lipstick. Offer my hairdo is not right and so women are suffering out there but the thing is that power at the same thing you and I. Had the disdain of being compared with Robert Redford. And we lost all our self esteem because Robert Redford got all the girls. So anyway in order to write this situation. I think we ought to get some volunteers. That are willing to go out there and learn how the sexually harassed. Because we don't know now I don't know how to do that and then we'll find people that haven't been sexually harassed like. Well Maxine Waters. Hillary Clinton they're Glen. Or blend of Albright Glenn. Yes sir her. Thank you for calling don't quit your day job comedy may not be your bag not to say that you're not a good look at guys. But you're not really funny Gary here on WBT. I. Yeah John zarrella flipping the boat. Your comment so little men and women and I mean let's remedies now but back in the eighty tribe time frame I work for a large company very large company and in Charlotte. AA and I had a probably is an episode at the may with a woman manager I had lidge came on to me during in an appraisal. Time in my career where. Ike it's Yugoslavia's what she was trying to do choose very you know ray it's time. End. It felt to me like the power that she handled remaining. To probably get what she wanted to though it may. Hey if that time it wasn't like it is today but being reversed those like. What do I do on this page you know. They produce something that she wants me to do. This probably go to affect my. My pay by a relationship in the company. There and shaken already gone through this happened just. We're not orange and I'm so return I'm assuming that this didn't happen with regularity though in your life. No no no one's email so my question is if you'll let me get this to themselves out. They make it happen on both sides of the field and the power outlet person gets into the job that they gather wherever they're at. That makes a lot of different somehow you have to react. To whatever is happening around you. Gary let me and Carrey Gary. Thank you does this make you more empathetic to the women that are standing forward. Hello I'm not now not all of main site had probably thirty managers and my career. I had my best manager was Loma Linda left the company. I'd feel they really need to come out with what they're doing I'm just saying they can work on both sides it's just the power of blood people have been their situation. I look at the word empathetic and we'll talk again Terrell you're on nine WBT hi Terry just left let me go to Janet on WBT hey Janet. Pay down and they'll have to be able to not been. Thank you earn I may just out on terror by the way I'm sorry go ahead. I'm going to. On the highway and I just wanna scream I want to let you know about the lack very color and are had a bit. I made me feel so emotional and I finally decided on what I call him. I think we're in the sixties all over again in the front sits like. You know and pop and the pop on social convention doubt were inaccurate. And the things that have been going around for a long time. No I get in my mind that you asked the question how do you get final minute. I'm really looked bad when I'm on there and I'm. First time company executives really got exposure doing and eclectic I'll say it. Wow now that what we thought it was. And then 9/11. Nothing nothing I'm saying there. And then we go into their racial issue. And. Didn't just happen and then it started with sexual issues. I played a political and social holding your breath we could finally let out how. I can hit the guy who said me too and get a joke. I don't wanna kick him there on the top one. Mile route thirteen years old. I do anything with that. Oh Elin bought sold so many. You. So you say about what do you see this is a societal. Righting of the ship finally. Oh absolutely. And intended bigger Clinton and I don't give strong bet credit. Batting well I'll rate just like to hit into by. You already do that everybody stopped everybody's walking around had been debate. And it's like moral nothing mattered at saint I'm sorry wooden. Barrel. And there can be but I theater as. You are almost. Gone. Do you think it'll last updated LA do you think this will have positive ramifications for society ultimately or do you think that well will get past all these headlines eventually end things were got to go back to the old boys' club again. Well I do not believe political backward that record you know he can't you know. And even though we're I think we are about the weird stuff like. We're gonna learn about women who are doing that the men do because then when they got and the work towards alcohol in the marais level brave heart speculate all the data. Plagued many are plaguing women we are acting just like bat. I think it's gonna come out but it got tired of that conversation yet yeah it like reviewing it for so long to me. At the I eighty. A bigger spiritual suicidal change that line in the sand is getting pushed out. People people. Finally screamed at the top of their alongs I said the buildings on fire I mean that by their finally say may pay attention. Now and early in somebody's taken an action that I mean even if you look at Penn State that so many. On these experiences along the way anywhere. Everything has changed back hierarchy is changing it could become more plaque by warm warmer Donald that article at stake. Now hey I appreciate you all thank you very much. My child off she goes will do the same back to you just feel. It is right around the corner trying to. The latest to entry into the improper behavior hall of fame. Matt Lauer from NBC has been fired garrison Keeler has been fired from the Minnesota public radio. And now we're asking you define what's going on here what are we witnessing riches on WB TJ rich. Hey John I don't thank you. I ordered I technical witnessing is that the final. Oh awareness realization that song. No problem moon river long call him home. Here's the thing that I have a problem with this this seems to be a double standard out there. If you're a good candidate for president or. Republican senator from. Alabama you get a pair split here in the media or Democrat and you get I'm going Lou you're. Well I I had that that the presidential thing I can't guard to define or or make a comment on Kazaa Mon not sure exactly what's going on there either but the indicates a Roy Moore. There's there's an accusation that is been filed and an awfully. Opportune moment to attitude. And so Intel. Intel there's actual proof. It. Then I you know I don't know if there's a double standard going on their or not they did did did that one seems fishy to me only in the writings of timing. Thumb when you're this close to a special election if this was a problem why wasn't a problem when he was a judge a controversy you'll judge from the state of Alabama wire we just stepping forward now. So bad that just gives me a little bit of a shadow of doubt in that particular case. As for the president's. By Entertainment Tonight tape. I don't know. Hi I guess because and to some extent that's kind of what we're asking here is is what are we witnessing here because ever since Harvey Weinstein even the bill Crosby thing didn't open up the floodgates. But the Harvey Weinstein thing and and subsequently the people that have followed their. I have even brought Bill Clinton's behavior and do why did that happen nun twenty years ago with Bill Clinton when I went we were trying to talk about whether character counts are not right. You know I I don't understand why we didn't start this movement then. As opposed to start this now other then the Bill Clinton thing apparently I guess was two consenting adults. Well. I think it would be very dangerous to your Harvey Weinstein saying it opened six months before this Donald Trump. A whole thing came as to what these. I think at the Donald Trump and if the Donald Trump tapered come out a week after Harvey you know why Weinstein and Kevin Spacey were exposed. I think it'd been a whole different story but so yeah I I agree with you there's. That that there's not an. There's there's an impropriety in no way people are thinking in that regard. Wednesday the 29 of November tomorrow the last day of November December 1 is on and Friday. And and we need to donations to kids first of the Carolinas dot org. Your hopes up 333. Days into the year 32 days left to go into the year. Which makes about Tony union is six days till Christmas. 1877. November the tornado I've Thomas Edison demonstrated his photograph for the first time. 1972. Atari announced the game pong and some of you remember the original game com. He had the pedals were about. Six inches long. Tape. You could speed it up I think. Well we're still getting our I hand eye coordination. Adjusted. And 1981. A devastating day for me because as the young boy might tend was Natalie Wood items thought she was obviously up. From the day she drowned in a boating accident off Santa Catalina Island didn't know California. And Vince Scully famed former sportscaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers ninety years old today. I read the news today oh boy after a two month break North Korea launched another missile frivolity is ensued. How YE announced that it will resume testing Cold War era nuclear attack sirens thanks for North Korea. RVs is buying Buffalo Wild Wings for 2.4 billion dollars I guess I'm just as much stunned at Harvey says 2.4 billion dollars of everything else. Yeah I love Arby's. But I don't think. About led to believe that there are necessarily leading the charge. And scientists have built an artificial muscle. That can lift 1000 times its weight. Be nice to have that at the beach when you revealed as when you were growing up about the guy on the beach should know lift the weights and all the girls those environment. Look at like Betty and Veronica. Property prices are lower on streets with silly names I read the news today oh boy if you're looking to up by an affordable home in our preferred suburbs. It may pay to find the street with a stupidest silliest name because the study shows that house prices on streets were silly names. Are lower than houses in nearby. Other named streets to study was conducted by a scientist at sacred heart college. For a science class the students identified 27 streets with kinda silly names like but street. Fannie street. And analyzed. Home prices on those streets and on streets nearby. And those aren't necessarily silly names those are almost offensive names now. Bradstreet I'll beat you TJ eight. The a student researchers found that the property prices on streets was silly names were about 20% lower than properties on the normally name borrowed so there you go on that one. I read a statistic last night and a birdie at the parents today's parents. Spend twice as much time with their kids as they did fifty years ago. Meg Paris seems like my generation and listen this. I think some of the songs that have been written Harry Chapin. Cats in the cradle and other songs that basically are. Men today talking about their childhoods where they yearned for more time with her dad. It's kind of like de emphasis of our the end of field Branstad. Wanna have a catch. I'm not the only kidnapped in the country did it did the things he want to wanted to have more time. Throw the ball around in the backyard of my dad but dad was busy and dad was always a work in and dad was traveling and dad was doing all these other things. So if you're not sure your being a good parent here's some good news parents these days spent a lot more time with their kids or at least middle class parents do. One analysis of eleven rich county is estimated that the average mother spends 54 minutes a day caring for children in 1965. But a 104 minutes in 2012. And men do less than women but but far more than men in the past. Child hearing time has jumped from about sixteen minutes a day to about 59 minutes a day. So we're spend more time of their kids. And I don't of the death surprised me. I think. It seems to me like a million especially are more in tune with their kids today than mount Soledad they were back in the day. And and maybe that's because we've got our priorities a little bit straighter. Or maybe we have we still like the big house in the NASCAR's doing. He had Dow way up today in window three point 97 closes the 43940. Point 68 but the NASDAQ was down 87 point 97 closed at six A is 6824 point 39. S&P was down now point 97 closes 2626. Point 07. New York Stock Exchange 041 point 07 now opposes it twelve follow 561 point 30 so just for your information. We. And a daughter better part of the day about they're garrison Keeler and Matt Lauer the latest two names in Judea inappropriate behavior com hall of fame. And asking you pretty much the question your definition you define it what are we witnessing here Linda's up on WB TA Linda. How alert now I'm at the pleasure to speak with you I have put you up and on throughout. The eighty. For the time that you encounter and I am delighted you're here permanently and regulations grandpa so you've heard me at my best and my worst. I'm arguing your act and will that we would act if I appreciate you thank you. You're welcome I think it would be if I had barely as a player that they power. Cleric dime. Shipped here now redefining. What her let privilege that come with power. Prior to this week. The general. Old guard regarded. That rule. The quality. And a perk. They're power and I think we are now redefining that. Two. Are we headed to equality. We're heading toward equality mine at the power of sexual. Innuendo and preference now. It will probably go in my estimation. While the other way where you're afraid to say anything. To anybody about. Their appearance or any other. But there are the opposite sex. Not the not the harassment and not the power grab and not or not any kind of a grab but is there are there are advantages to having a stronger sex of the two is there is an important that there. Meant that we maintain some division between male and female. I think it's very important patent and I hope we're going that way of recognizing. Not that one is stronger than another but that each. Sex. Each gender has. I drink that perhaps the other did not panic we could Jack. Get to the point. Utilizing and recognizing the strikes. That are. The better they're just either nature or nurture. Men as well liked women. Women are no more a compromise Menem known let her back then. I'll win at all costs and I think if we got hit more recognizing both strength. That would be that would be the class of what we're going to right now. There are defined differences between males and females the way we think may or react to strength power and I'm talking muscle no sonus afford more than I am you any anything else. But the you know I they're also always says so they reset between no races. He had done today I think I think African Americans are more expressive in a lot of ways than white people are and so on and so far I don't wanna lose any of that. So I think it's important that we maintain our singularity to some extent but on the other hand you can't have one dominate the other. No I believe in collaboration. Cooperation and I thank again recognize in the strain. That each ethnicity each. Gender. All brain to the table and if we could harness the power that each each of those. Religion is there resignation has. We'd be unlikely that this this what we're going through now would be well or. Anything if we can get to that point which I have no idea that might be the millennial generation new contribution. Could be. And a growing pains that we ignored for this would fall under societal growing pains but you also have an awful lot of people that think that we're feminized and masculinity an awful lot of areas to. Well and and it could could agree that supposed that he sent probable and possible. Yeah no longer is. You know no longer get the purview of the mail to do. Hunting and gathering. I had you know it is that the definition change we're at where there's a crack and I hope it sticks in all the good weight and not at all the ban went. In other words it would be like a paradigm thing. Which is right where you started yes I know yet so payless and take yours could talk to you. Thank you haven't gotten to appreciate how she goes here comes Joseph and WBT kgo. I I don't know where I'm good thanks. All right any great let's call also be there why can't we see that she going to our return to Djokovic here. We have capitalized the increased so much for girls gone wild in a bad. And leading. We bailed out we want to look outward privilege. Their ballot they've been doing. Eric goes all the properties with what was great. Yeah well I guess I think we need to and I said this kind earlier guard clumsily but I I mean I had to some extent I wish that we would rival little added that we would try a little bit harder to beat the men. In in in the men's gays demand that our moms hope to raise. Yeah exactly exactly I have two orders. And Albert teacher at that being being in bad at all the court a little a lot of problem mugger. Then it was our efforts have been my effort to prove it. Am gonna bring up an example. Of what they want to buy it. Now. Now that'd jar appreciate the call it's it seeing because I watched my own no kids grow up. And as I said I don't know that my youngest son ever walked up the sidewalk. And had to ring the doorbell. And had do asking of Penelope was ready and then go sit in the living room with the dad. And it and go through I mean yeah they they tended to date in groups. But I don't know that he ever had to put on the tuxedo and walk up the sidewalk and no sit in the living room and and that would be uncomfortable with dad and I have dads they want to argue Canaveral when your. I don't know why I do know that sounds all awfully old school but I think those. Because things are important decided did it teaches you how to communicated did to Asia out of reacted to pressure it's 505. We. I. Desperately seeking help kids first to the Carolinas kids first to the Carolinas dot org all the information about our special nights Thursday December the fourteenth the on air auction. The amazing bike toys and money derived from south Mac high school 6 to 9 o'clock on Friday December the fifteenth. And our volunteer day Saturday December the sixteenth you can find it all the Hancock bridge. It WBT dot com. Yesterday is about is time we were talking about a Catholic service article about what restaurants do you have missed the most and know TJ put that up for the WBT got come up agent. Some other entries came in to Getty's front porch fat burrito. As one that wasn't mentioned yesterday. My out my one of my favorite restaurants of all time wasn't mentioned yesterday held at that the second backyard burger. Over there on. As its artists. I'll manage from a backyard burger. In fact I think bell increased have a sandwich named after him over there. I have backyard burger rocked. Press box off park road Anderson's got a mention of the budge on the got a mentions on not told spaghetti warehouse we did mention yesterday but several came in with that. Now one that I loved it absolutely loved. I guess guys are reminded me of a place in our Colorado that my dad used to take me back when I was first getting into the don't the world of business. At the time I was ago where a student I try to sell radio Gaza could get anybody to hire me to put me on the radio. And but the restaurant talking about in town was for Iraqis. Which they've now since torn down and no but it was right across street from where the end is located at the times these wander over their full launch all the time. And in fact the interview room that I had with Bill White who was then the program director of this radio station in my mail attempt to maybe come back here after I had left on time out. First time we ever met was over to frank he's a love for some of the best that I ever had was ranked. And a couple of times some of the worst food I've ever had breakfast but I just like the lay out enough. The yellow in the were good enough and the whole nine yards so miss Frankie. Derek thanks survey were participated yesterday either by phone or online no that was so fun stuff was wondering minister. We've covered this before but it's always good to have more proof. Power and profanity. Am a burns' book swearing is good for you the amazing science and bad language which delves into the history psychology and neuroscience of cursing. And she argues more of a show dog the occasional four letter word fly. She's a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence and no holes see our research posted the University of London and she says. She's kind of curious about our cursing. She says swearing is good for you in a way that a Tylenol is good for you. In the appropriate circumstances and in the appropriate doses it's great for lubricate in social situations and building trust. You also have to be fairly aware of the audience that you're preaching to. Story about a guy by the name of Michael Klein a one of the holidays overzealous. Michael Klein has autism. Rarely speaks. When need ten year old New York boys sat down on Santa's lap and a holiday event. His mother was actually fairly stunned to hear him actually speak to Santa. Let alone specifically asked for something. Specific. And as soon as Michael saw Santa he said. Apple pie ginger cat. And yet you're talking about. And started to Google the image on his phone to show Santa. The apple pie ginger cat. Turned out to be a wooden pull toy. And Michael became obsessed with the item and his family was determined to get it for him but. Getting the toy it was and is easiest strolling doing a local Wal-Mart the wooden cat was made by a manufacturer. In London. Called apple pie toys. And to make matters even worse that company started making that product at least ten years ago. Mom wasn't going to give up so easy she turned social media what you do these days. And and it didn't really bring a whole lot of returns for a pretty long while Intel. A toy company employee in California. Read her plea and reached out and against all odds he had one of those very special amble apple pie ginger cats. Overnight to Detroit to Michael's family and and when Christmas morning comes Michael gets is. Ample play ginger cat. That's what the season's all about equal to sixty minutes by the way is celebrating the upcoming fiftieth season they'll do an hour long commemorative broadcast on 9 December the third of it's Charlie Rose and a big part of this. Fifty years of a sixty minutes relive some of the big moments the famous people far away places the F five decades of popular newsmagazine enough featuring inside so local executive producer Jeff fager and a sixty minutes correspondent so. If you're sixty minutes man. Maybe more past and present as my BA a good thing for you to watch December the third. I. I really nail it down a and Black Friday. Record five billion dollars from online shoppers and the talk that those instincts 54 point 4% little over half. Some online shopping took place on mobile devices. Foot traffic brick mortar stores dipped 1% since last year. I you can still find good deals on no lot of website so many stores. Weld through the season I would imagine. Christmas tree is. Come and bail lot of shapes and sizes our Mark Garrison on no Charlotte has six which follows us and denied just about 22 minutes. Talking about Christmas trees Christmas tree Watson a Simpsons we use to bar trees from when Simpson's. They were there a lot out there a territorial. Corner shop here no it was sort. Lama thought for fresh market. Karma commons. Where you move away and a year and a half later you can't remember anything problem. But anyway that was a big tradition and and it's Phyllis for an awful lot of people. Com you can actually give you ever seen have you ever heard of the upside down folk Christmas trees. People looking forum. I even find my guess is stores like target and Wal-Mart Kohl's and Home Depot but they're not cheap. Today I novelty a pay upwards for 500. Bucks upside down Christmas tree currently there is upside down no Christmas tree. Indy five star London hotel. Claire edges. And apparently the trend of turning trees upside down dates back to the twelfth century win no central Europeans did it do represented the whole eternity. But I've never heard of it until the last couple years and an odd kind of forgotten about it but I saw an article about it till yesterday. Christmas Carol quintessential story about Christmas turns out to be actually. And it's had a big impact on the way that we celebrate Christmas or at least it did a Great Britain Charles Dickens wrote that tale. And when he did it really wasn't all that popular in our Great Britain in fact boxing day. Was more popular than that one is at the 26. But the book was published around the time that Queen Victoria married DO German prince Albert. I know I'm thinking about the same thing in a camp. I brought the our Christmas tree over from a Germany and this was just one of several factors that coincided with the release of the book that helped Christmas get popular in the area so the Canadian writers Susan coin. Who adopted are adapted the book. The man who invented Christmas into a scream play for a movie about just how much a Christmas Carol impacted Christmas says quote. Before Christmas Carol. You'd never ask questions about the meaning of Christmas and we now ask get all the time. I think that's because of what Dickens book suggests it has a magical idea that in spite of our differences we can all make something good happens something which. In this day and age is important to remind ourselves so we should not forget the spirit of Charles Dickens and and and Christmas Carol. When I read a side story yesterday about a lady who got mad at Santa Claus and and screamed at him you're not even real. In the middle of a shopping center. And I thought to myself how stupid is that lady to think to Santa Claus isn't real. So are you kids right around her mom and dad right now you just remember center closet just his realists. TJ news. Is Liam. There's the Easter Bunny. Resolve to put them. Ten worst toys including swords drones in stages bidders will tell you about the the toys to watch route four on the annual list have you ever heard them all of Bo so far. If you ever heard the itty bitty baby push stacking toy by a hallmark no it's number one on the list. And. George Harrison died of cancer on this day back in 200158. Years old that's pretty young. For The Beatles I did me John Lennon never did. Tomorrow just in case you're wondering 65 degrees not quite as warm as it was today today it was just almost illegal and. And no go down to about 41 degrees tonight. And a low ahead into the weekend mid sixties Friday. Mid fifties Saturday will be cloudy. Is that that's Christmas set up day for us. Three Christmas trees are coming down with a bonus room and and going out there will be out there and I gotta put they've played doubles up. Otherwise bill what we're just never. Not quite be discerned. Tonight we'll talk about the ten worst territories including sorts drones and Phidget spinners according to the you Wonder Woman battle actions sword is right on the list it's the ten or stories about 4017 annual list error. Yeah. Sound like a toy and should be on the top of the watch list and watch stands for world against toys causing harm it's a nonprofit when they come out on an annual list every year enlist the worst toys the ten worst stories. Minor they are when he seventeen. Indeed I did these. Baby plush stacking toy by a hallmark. Does that sound like a load it should be number one on the list. All made it did test small fabric hats and pose that we're detachable and that poses a choking has hazard. So very go. Mom. Number two the pole along pony. By total load toy is limited. Violates a federal law the requires that strings on playpen and crib toys feel less than twelve inches long. Number three Wonder Woman battle action soared. Now you start to get into law firm. By Mattel. And it's a stiff plastic sword that can cause facial damage in other injuries to our children. And also dad's. And mom's dogs cats and Brothers and sisters and neighborhood kids and so maybe that should be number one on the list be handed Phidget spinners. By Kipp Brothers is one's a third specifically. Talking about. Because. Many come with small parts that can easily become loose or pulled off. So I don't know that all. Referred to nightmare stories about Phidget spinners overthrew the here. Fire and hit it. All sorts of stuff. But anyway that's when spike killed KI PP Brothers so that's that one. Number five on the list is these Spider-Man. Spider drone official movie addition by marvel and skyrocket toys. And apparently the drone comes with rapidly moving blades to help repair it and they propel it into the air. And the toy comes with a warning to keep moving parts away from fingers and hair and eyes and other body parts. But watch said that this is a dangerous story for our children which the drone is marketed towards yeah I would think that just spinning blades enough to list something off the ground they don't have anything or record cover around them are probably bad news for children. Tories have come so far they used to when I was a kid user you probably had mr. At a remote control helicopter. That you could it would raise up off the ground and then fly around in circles. Because it was tethered to what tower. And it's all it would do is go around I think it may have gone backwards. But that was it. And I'm sure that wouldn't be usable today because it had did it had a blade dude in a erector sets. Do you ever take a small piece of you know though of the gold medal peace and and no screw it all under the to the transformer and that thing would have. You didn't stop that put your finger. I did we ever survive. Now here's one that I can't quite understand why it's on the lift diseases turf zombies strike dead bolt crossed blow. That at that by Hasbro and nerve dot com the nerve kind of late to think all that's going to be good. But I don't know if and when you get their cross blow your thinking OK so maybe that's not so good throughout the crossbow to liken caused a I enough facial. Damages. They said to cross rose inappropriate for small children. And immature adults. Bomb slackers. Slack line classic kit by brand of 44. I know I would never had a clue. It's for all ages but it comes with a warning of severe injury including a chance for a strangulation. Hazard especially with children. But I'm sure not exactly sure what it is slackers slack line classic kit by brand to 44. I number eight the oval exile flown by plane told laser ink and playing creations. And the problem with that is it's marketed to children as young as twelve months old. And the toy does. Not come up with a warning regarding the nine and a half inch thick long stick. Which could be placed in a child's mouth and obstructed child's airway. Plus it's it's ahead bunker and it. Or and I thumper. Or a dog calendar or there could be a million things saw it on my understanding Malin. Number nine is the jets he old wheels by rays are USA. These are many roller skate like devices that are meant to be attached to the back of a child she knew. To create the effect of a reader we all roller skate. The product comes with sparklers on the back that park while your moving the manufacturer warns users to keep the sparks away from eyes hair exposed skin. And clothing because. Breaking news sparks can burn. And finally. The brie and a baby doll by Melissa and Doug. And these dolls are marketed to children as young as eighteen months but have removable close easy everybody. And pony tail holders. Which watch said could be a choking hazard. So there you go it all sounds innocent enough and tell you get down into the details and that is from the group called watch. Which is a nonprofit world against toys causing. Harm. The list of the ten worst toys for Tony 73 all. All be careful. We'll make way for a Mark Garrison and Charlotte have six and I'll see you back here tomorrow we're gonna get to share and Sanders two call in on the Friday and now. No we'll find out we'll go more about the origins of love kids first and how she got it started in where I came along 24 years ago and now we've impacted 34000 kids since then but. I'm telling you we are at the point right now where were scared to death that we're not gonna get for resources that we. We need and if you can make a donation go to the Hancock bridge WBT dot com. Sports kids first of the Carolinas dot org I promise you. Good karma will be yours.