What Does Your Pain Mean?

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, July 21st
The underlying emotional and organic causes of pain. You can listen to Dr. Ernst live Saturday's from 3 pm - 4 pm here on News Talk 1110 AM, 99.3 FM.

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Following is a sponsor program on WBT. The asked doctor show his pre senate like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coach and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment she could qualified health care professional before changing your health program or embarking on a new one this and ask doctor yeah. Dot com for more information. Each time to. Transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour and learn from experts on how to revolutionized bell who knows you love most. Has doctor there. Doctor Aron shirts. I'm happy afternoon what a great Saturday you're listening to the gas Sox turn show its resort towns are said to Steve is dead weight to be set free market health problems. I mean rose dot Caron our step love the fact that your tune in and paying attention your health. We are gonna have a rocking showed today I'm gonna talk about the underlying causes of the various pains. That he may be dealing with so. If you're somebody who has neck pain back pain shoulder pain headaches you name Mitt sciatica my knees hurt my wrist hurts my elbow hurts my back Kurds. If something hurts. I'm gonna go deep and I'm explains use the underlying potential causes that you have not thought about. What do mean by that is there are. Pain that referred patterns from your organs. There are physical issues that might be going on with the area did you hurt there's even emotional issues that might be going on. And being that I am a holistic functional practitioner a chiropractor. They alternative medicine practitioner. I have seen a lot of people come to me and say look I've had pain here my neck my back might need my head. I've gone to PT I've done over the counters I've even taken the shots and the pain keeps coming back. Please tell me where this coming from. And I'll give us slide sort aside look when I say well you know I don't think you're handling your emotional life very well. Or I think your liver shutting down that well now now man my livers find the tests say they're okay. Remember you're gonna learn today your organs don't feel pain by themselves. They send pain departs in your body and giving example if you're somebody who chronically has headaches at the top of your head it's called a Vertex headache. Right here on the top. That's a sign of your liver being non functional to its full capacity. Did you know that most Americans 1990% of muscles say at some point. My back Kurtz. Stock alerts right you've done everything PT Cairo you know massage yoga acupuncture. Medications injections and the pain is still there. It could be your kid needs. So you gotta understand there are deeper reasons why you have pain we don't just feel pain for no good reason and be extremely. Careful. About just covering it up. All of duck every time I take a Tylenol I don't feel my pain that must not be a big deal that's a huge deal. If you're covering up your pain it's the equivalent of sort of cutting the fire alarm while your house is on fire well I don't hear the alarms so everything's okay. That's called insanity. So we have to deal with the fact that if you're in pain. Wake up. Pay attention inside now note the acronym PAI. And pay attention inside now. Not tomorrow not next year not even you know the next ten years like most of us all of this put off. Pay attention inside now PA I and pay attention now what are we have to pay attention to where it's coming from. And if it's coming from something that you're not thinking about. That could be why it's always coming back again over and over and over so again this show today is gonna knock out of the park. Where pain comes from most of the time. Why you might have what you have your back your neck your elbow you're resting your meat your black whatever hurts we're gonna talk about it. And it and they go even deeper to data show you I could be something emotional. You might not have a kidney issue causing your back payment listen up guys did you know the lower back. Number one emotional issue that causes back pain is the lack of financial support and the fear that your running out of money. My goodness you know on the Americans are afraid. They live paycheck to paycheck they're fearful that they don't have enough money to pay their bills they're worried about being able to pay their. You know grocery store run. Oh I only have 28 dollars it's 32 I'm stressed now what do I get read up. The bills are piling up my job just cut me back financial. Concern and worry emotionally. Masks as low back pain. It gets even crazier than most common issue that most of us deal with. It's paid between our shoulder blades on their burning ache. Well it was just a long day I need a massage know it could be the fact that you have a lack of emotional support in your life. Maybe you feel unloved may be a feel like you're holding back on love your ready yet. Jump to the next level with your relationships would you like Canada now on other resisted Arab where she did that guess where that pane shows up in between your shoulders. It can also be your lungs your diaphragm so I have a lot. That I had to teach you today a lot because I know people deal with pain. So couple things for you guys one you have got to visit my FaceBook like feed today why I'm selling diagrams. I'm giving information away I'm literally gotta post all this stuff all would've FaceBook you'll get my emotional pain charts you give my organic referral pain charged. Were even giving away at the end of the show that top number one supplements that block pain better than Tylenol aspirin Advil. Only for our FaceBook like viewers so all throughout the show head on over to FaceBook dot com. Flush out stock charts now look. If you're someone who's in pain right now even dealing with day you're going everywhere I've been to the hospital. I've been to the PT a bend OT I've done the injections I mean it's taken some medications I don't go won a list. I'm smoke in this and I'm student that I don't know if you're a bad bad. Maybe not doubt that Nader just like tiger chronic low back pain Allen deal with that. Head on over to my website I have a free consultation offer where I'm giving away fifteen minutes of my time just to say here are some things you can try. Have you done this. Maybe you should get tested for this its worst literally hundreds of dollars and you do it by going to ask stock cars dot com clicking on the request the console button. I will call you directly I'll spend fifteen minutes we'll doctor history. I'll state seal well if you pains there have you had this organ tested. Have you had this emotional aspect of that had even physically if I you wait to see that the disk and nerve muscled its pulled may be already having like a very Don that. Then we need to go deeper we need to do it. You can do that and asked doctors dot com. Request to console it's absolutely free there's no cost to whatsoever heck there's even no obligation it's my way of saying would you let me help you. Now here's the deal. We have a lot to talk about an old a little bit at times the need to be hyper attentive today we have a lot so I need you taking notes I need you pay attention. And easy to whip out your computer look I also gonna ask you do something as a favor. Pick up the phone call this number seven a four. 9062094. Seven afford 9062094. I'm hosting it live destroying campaign event it's a dinner my debtors always sell out. They go fast and I'm buying your food to thin about two and a half weeks August 7 the first Tuesday. 6:30 PM I'm taking you out to eat I've got a whole rest our reserves. They have my credit card I'll follow you all pay a dime and they show you how to get well seven afford 906 Tuesday night forced gas doctorates were destroying pain when we come back. I welcome to ask what things. Credible Saturday. Stimulus apparently guys have really love today show topics I've had more requests for information just tastes but I have this I have that I need health. My neck hurts my backers I had a sciatica person message me over the break asking for results. It's been duck chiropractors have been an orthopedic surgeon they've already had a micro disconnect to me in the paints. Oh going down their leg. There are options for you there's ways to fix this naturally but again remember the number one thing that must be done. It's a figure out where is it coming from so if you're someone who has had a chronic pain you've been to chiropractors have been a physical therapist you've done acupuncture. You beat them like hung yourself upside down on a hanging inversion table. And the pain just won't go away. Now listen it could be an organ in your body it could be an emotional issue you're not dealing with MIL life coach yes MI a health coach yes. And I chiropractor yes in my physical therapist yes semi functional integrated doctor. Yes. What I'm doing is I'm trying to teach you you can be your own doctor once you figure out the cause of a condition and you know how to apply a correction. But what I have to help you with his figure out cause today why MI in so much pain if you are in pain. And if you do just have a little bit here there hopefully you wake up to new idea. Even the tiniest bit of pain for the smallest period of time is an abnormal thing. Unless he just somehow slam your hand in your car door someone dropped a brick on your foot to mean you guys understand that that's gonna hurt. You put your hand in a fire it. It's going to be painful but if you're waking up every day with a low grade headache or your back is stiff and achy in the morning. Or your knees just bother you that is abnormal that should not happen you should be alive healthy functional and feeling like you're. 302015. Whatever. Loving life and that's unfortunate not enough people are doing that. Look what did you notice it's estimated a 116. Million Americans it's nearly 50% of us have chronic pain every single day. That's unacceptable to me. Pain right now cost America roughly 635. Billion dollars in lost productivity and wages because what we're doing. If we take time off to go to doctors. We take time off for surgery recovery some of us don't even go into work because we feel to data we hurt. Listen to this the number one drug of choice in America. Campaign ads. Now you can think about it okay over the counter pain med aspirin and built tunnels goodies naproxen I mean there's there's so many of a there's a ton of them. You guys buy that stuff like it's flowing free milk and honey if he's gonna solve all your health problems because of over the counter and available. Pop five aspirin may be your headaches goes away but does that show you what caused it. No did you know that aspirin overtime goal a road hole in your stomach causing alters it sets your kidney down. Not a doctor I didn't know that I just like that I did in my headaches gone wake up. Pay attention inside now pain if the acronym something going on because he shouldn't be having them. The United States and quoting this is experiencing an epidemic of pain medications. Use since 2000 the number of deaths and the drug overdose is that have increased because of pain medications. Our 137. To 200%. Increase in the rates of death by people taking oatmeal Lloyds. OxyContin is all these kind of like heavy pain med 'cause they're in pain for a long period of time currently seven million Americans. Are in the aids group of working adults 25 to forty that are saying to that tainted this survey. I half multiple times during the year right don't go to work because it hurts too much to go to work unacceptable to make. Pain is now costing America not only money. But a societal issue as a whole it's robbing our economy or productivity and it's having an epidemic in your life of non productivity. Non life living in. Okay I've seen people who literally say stuff to me like this. Doctor Ernst. I have a point of view on Friday but I have a raging headache I can't make my point of my head hurt so bad I don't think I can talk to you that's a problem we need to wake up to this. OK so we need to talk about pandering or pay attention inside now. What are the potential pains that you need to deal with okay well connect back low back pain are definitely high on the list. Then he goes and things like hip pain need pain elbow pain wrist pain. Headaches except for a case a what I want to do is this if you're someone who's struggling with. Pain if you have chronic headaches neck pain back pain if something hurts. If you wake up in the morning in your stiffed and AT and you're going is there way out of this yes there is. Join me for the event and hosting in August work crushing pain I'm taking you out to eat you have the opportunity you have your meal for free. And for me teach you the top pain techniques. They're all natural. Many of them you can do by yourself some of them require testing but if you got to test done this shows you why something hurts and what to do to fix it. That's not taking more medications or getting surgeries or injecting yourself with steroids or whatever cortisone creams. I bet you you would say oh I'll come to that a case of 7049062094. Is number for that. Again 7049062094. I'm gonna. Put that number out multiple times today but you could do it right now like look someone's duty right now so 7049062094. All right I'm I'm switching cameras to hold this up and I'm gonna look at this camera has now I got multiple cameras at camp. This is a referred to paint charts that comes from a medical textbook that I have. A case I scanned it out of the book I blew it up and I want you guys to learn about this now you want to go live stream feed as soon as. This event ends for some reason FaceBook will not let me post things directly to my life streams. I can't do uploaded images until it ends the case so here it is you guys can see it again if you're like wait I can't see anything FaceBook dot com. Spots asked doc turned the cameras are on. I concede that I can see myself and I can see there's a couple of you on here. But this is going to be worth a billion dollars if you're going camping growing pains coming from now listen this every organ in your body. Does not feel pain directly. As some of you may realize it's like did you know if you're at a neurosurgeon and they're doing some sort of surgery and your brain taken literally have your skull off this gonna do aggress. They can have the membranes that wrap your brain opens that we can look straight down and go hey dude there's your brain. They could take a knife and scramble it. You'll feel any pain here all of a sudden. It nothing's gonna work OK so the tissue itself doesn't feel pain did you know your heart itself doesn't feel pain in the hearts. It'll send it somewhere now the most famous referred pain. That men know about is this thread let me ask your question. If I am sweating profusely had a difficult time breeding I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. And my left hand is going numb and cramping cedar referred. Left hand if my left hand is like none in teen glean a sweating profusely and have our time breeding what do you guys thinking. Heart attack hopefully right. The pain in your hand the numbness and tingling is your heart going white cop. Tiny and now you won't necessarily feel the pain in your chest may be some pressure may be some having this but your hand it's gonna hurt. He's gonna go numb and tingling. And that's called referred pain now that's the most famous referred pain but did you know that other organs refer pain. Your lungs refer paying your spleen her first paying your stomach refers paint. You're small intestines behavioral woman your ovaries referred pain and you'll know this because of your recycling female and it's that time of the month. Where do you guys still at just below the belly button as this deep nagging at all. That's your ovaries going to hate. We're we're like we're overworked right now and then guess what your Colin can create paint. Your kidneys your Blatter your gallbladder to go see this so you might be stain he doctorates. I've gone everywhere no one can figure out why my right hip sings at midnight keeps me up and it sends pain down the back of my leg. I'm gonna look at you and say you know what that is the number one the referred point 48 kidney. And here's where he gets tricky. But doctor our system throughout my kidney how do you know that while my doctor Reza blood test and my PUN cranny ratio is normal but look that's his that's not taught him. That would be disease. If you already are the point your kidneys failing to show opened blood work I'm talking about that ominous point between everything's perfect. And you are diagnosed with some sort of disease day in between space is called dis. Ease. Put a dash between it dis dash ease. Deed space between normal. Eased and disease is dips dash EA's lack of function. I'd inappropriate abnormal. I'll call it filtering process if it's the kidney. Or deliver an abnormal process of how an organ your gallbladder exceptional works you can how functional loss. Where you're losing percentage of power before you become diagnosed hopefully guys get that. Three condition still view of up Kris thyroid a pre finest supreme kidney a pre gallbladder a pre whatever. Then you'll start to have pain because what is your Baidu is going to. Pay attention now but because you don't know this you weren't schooled in the pain referral patterns. You'll just popping Advil and go well my back hurts today and it hurts to Martha heard every day I guess I'm getting older or what ever stopped doing that. OK you can get out of this I promise you if you're someone US chronic neck back mid deck low back ankle knee joint whatever. You can make it go away by yourself. If you figure where it's coming from OK look look I can I get a okay the whole show we're we're gonna keep talking about it. This charge here. Says these that this specific spots OK I can't spend the whole hour talk about all of us are gonna go the most comments back neck hip knee ankle eccentric. But a little teaser is we go into our next segment now the tough when can you go see this thing now the emotional aspects to your pain what if it's not an organ what is fits because you're not handily in processing your life properly in a mental capacity. Warren main. Your neck chronic neck pain is the potential to be in able to see another person's viewpoint on something that your stuck with. Now they are absolutely wrong I know I'm right I know it must be this way in fact help it. That's stubbornness and inflexibility what is their way is the right way. Pay husbands wives. Wake up often bust guys are incorrect I've learned is have been married for gosh fifteen years now I've learned the hard way. That my wife is right 99.9. Percent at times I don't care if I have everything it premiers says something's gonna work it doesn't. She's always right. Okay now here's what happens because of my stubbornness. And inability to be flexible in the idea that someone else's rights. I used to have a lot of neck pain began its agility could be. Across your upper back in between your shoulder blades ready for this. The lack of emotional support in your life if you feel like you have no one on your side. If you feel like you're not in joy in your life if you feel like I have no one who loves me. My family doesn't love me I have no boyfriend girlfriend spouse I am and on lovable person you're gonna carry a deep seeded eighth in the upper part of your back. Your middle pack like see where your elbows would say you know what that is. If the nature of getting stopped in life like being in the past. It's the phrase did it off your back that's where it came from all the pain of the past shows up in our back and guess what guess what. The big one there organs are growing come back that ominous low back eight as there forever fear of money fear of real lack of resources. Fear of financial support. I'm about to retire I haven't plans for a single section of my life I don't think I'm gonna make it your backs gonna hurt you get get that. To look you've got a wake up to this pay attention inside. Now that's the acronym for pain. And I'm hosting a free dinner with its U out of pain with keeps you happy and loving life you can join me for the dinner at 70490620947049062094. Ticket debris right now when we come back the best parts. I'm gonna teach you more about how to fix. These organic. And pain referred issues desperate turned to what we are fast. Tomorrow I ask you may days it's Saturday. It was as guests are burned shells. He survived your week and you're here today learning how to get healthy to get well maybe you're here today learning the fact. That's you know your pain may not be. From something physical might be something organic or something emotional. Our show topic is what if your pain. Is not because of something again physical but because of moments in your life that you haven't paid attention to an organ function. An emotional discord because I'm gonna be honest with you cabin in practice eleven years I've seen north of 30000 people in my practice. And that's a lot of people to see you know so like I've seen a lot of stuff and there's a trend a across pains once I do sort of an analysis of pay what is most people have where did they hurt and why did they hurt. North of 90%. Of pain is because you have a pre. And when I mean by that is. You haven't been diagnosed yet had a thyroid problem more heart problem or diabetes or cholesterol issues. Liver issues kidney issues you name it. Stomach issues etc. you haven't had a diagnosis by your your organs are screaming at you saying hey look what your doing is ranking us. And we're gonna try to wake you up okay were you give you a headache every day in the morning or at night. We're gonna give you that weird 2 PM dull taking your back and because you don't know you don't speak the language of health. Real health you'll just pop a power at all when that happens or you'll schedule besides it'll feel better temporarily ending guess what happens it returns. I had someone over the last breaks say hey can you talk about uncle Arthur the arthritis pains right. Somebody refers to arthritis his uncle Arthur no offense I know your plus fifty years old because nobody talks like that anymore. But uncle Arthur is a nasty guy he shows up every day. Any shows up in a vengeance where all of a sudden something doesn't move I've had people had their next locked up. Their wrist lock up their knees locked up their back lock up. Arthritis is an inflammatory condition it's president's because of an underlying health issue that didn't get fixed. Where the arthritis shows up listen this is because of where the interference C is in your body's ability to heal if you have a pricing your neck. You have an interference in your neck in the ability for your neck to heal by itself. Could it be an organic interference yes could it be an emotional interference yes could it be a physical interference. Disk and nerves and ligaments yes. If you're not it's out you waiting where they're coming from then your pain will never go away and you'll need more and more and more masking. OK I'm working right now with the clients who listened to a show of mine about maybe two months ago. Who really truly on every pain med you can come up with including some of his own and I'm still leave it at that tank. When you we talk about that degree of pain will we have to its discusses menaces someone who has never had someone sit down and say here's where it's coming from. Due to my unique licensing were able to run tasks that a medical doctor cannot. And I discovered that he had an organic referral directly to where his biggest pain was which is in his lowest part is back. His discs are OK the MRI says there's nothing wrong. They claim he's making it up because when every blood tested every lab test every medical test comes back normal and you still hurts your doctors and ago. Some wrong with you. Because here's your body says it shouldn't be in pain that you are so you've got to be making it up. So it could be an emotional post traumatic stress that gets what they did they put it on anti anxiety medications must relax there's pain pills. He got addicted to the pain pills to the point where he went to a pain specialist who said well. These are the cheap pain pills summit which on the real pain pills you know like the oxy code on his. And all the deep prescriptive opiates. The nature of the same thing is you taking heroin cocaine crack morphine but because it's from a MD it's OK I guess. He was taking nose and he said well they work. But the moment I stopped them it's coming back with a vengeance and now there's an addiction to SARS developed you could realize pain addiction is a big deal. So I found doubts watch this. That there wasn't organic referred pattern Mukasey this. And organic referred pattern with his kidney. We ran some functional tests discovered his kidney was south by 60%. His filtration rate for weighed down he was not urinating toxins he was dumping ammonia back into his blood do you think ammonia is gonna make your body borrowed. Yes OK and then as necessary target don't guess what is number one fear in life was I don't have the money to be able to afford this I can't pay you. For what you need to do in your debt medical system is sucked my wallet dry I've already had six injections. I had you know PT OT I've done all of Vinny goes you're asking for media give you. A little bit of money because I don't even have that so what does he have guys he as the fear. A financial freedom see how it causes low back pain and guess where is pain was right there so. I had him meet with the financial advisor that the pace of nine. They worked on his financial. All call it profile his portfolio if you will his daily spending now look this is this a bit above and beyond going to a doctor in just asking for help yes. It's your life it's important OK if I need to connect you to someone I know I'll do it. My financial dissect down with him instead look. We don't have to have you spend any more money than what you're currently spending you're going to be able to afford the care you need. All we did was we cut a couple nonessential expenses out of his life for nine weeks nine weeks. And what he did was he took that money that he was already spending on useless stuff. He put it towards a program and here he is nine weeks later off all of the medications his pain is roughly seventy to 80% of critically two scores and east. I mean now how come no one told me about deaths. So if you can hear the frustration it's because I've been there. Thousands of times. On the phone with you in office with you permit data done it was ulyetza and that's kind of what I'm asking you to do maybe it's a free console call. Go to my website asked doctor are dot com click the free console request. Maybe it's the idea that your going to hold on wait a second. Are you stand back chronic shoulder pain I've been having is because maybe my spleen is off. Or my heart just having a problem you don't want to have to serve written yet I have this micro valve pro if you'd be amazed when I start to hear when I say we'll have you looked into this. And then what we do as we go this rebel what do we do how to give you need the right test and I have to teach you how you functionally test your heart. How to we look to the idea that it might be an emotional issue you need to get someone in your quarter to help you guys that's what they do for living all day long right. Look we're coming up on a commercial I'm gonna do two things one I'm opening my call lines so that you can do. And attendance to my dinner seminar today's Tony first it's on August 7 about two weeks away so I know it's a bit far for the average person is scheduled two weeks in advance. But just do it to cake it's the seventh. It's a Tuesday night the dinner is 100%. Free I'm buying food for you. But you have to pick up the phone call this number seven a 490620947049062094. And look. Don't go anywhere I know what you guys do during commercials because I somehow can see you in your car all flipped channels this is too long. Stage here the best is yet to come I'm gonna give you the number one thing that you can take it in a grocery store. It's got to block pain better than anything over the Conner could got a grocery store I'm also gonna go deep into the idea of the whole emotional pathways. And the organic pathways so you can fix your pains now pay attention insight now jacket for pain I hope you're paying attention. Now pick up the phone seven afford 9062094. Again seven afford 906209. Sports yes I turn show we'll be right back. Well did the Saturday you're listening to death occurred so I mean host doctor Eric Eric Eric if you just fitting end your old love this conversation. Natural pain relief that works. We're also titled what is pain where does that come from I don't have it what does McCain mean it means this pay eight. He attention a inside I. Now and pain pay attention inside now something's going on inside your body is now working properly and that's why you're in pain. It's either something physical a disk a ligament a muscle. Whatever. It's something organic a heart a kidney a lung liver spleen and gall bladder. And I don't mean organic and then Mike disease I mean who read disease that can like some did functionally wrong with the organ in your body. Or the tough one it means or something emotionally wrong with you. You're not processing life in an emotionally zen state to K you're stuck in some world of an emotional discord. And look this doesn't just come from meet directly comes from eleven years of clinical experience working with thousands of patients. It comes from researching I found it okay. The emotional pain chart is something as a readily just free and available on line if you know what to look for. And like I mentioned I mean oppose this as a download that you guys can have you got to hop on over my live stream for that they'll. FaceBook dot com fox asked doctor Ernst our video with op it's lie if I'm here are. And I'm gonna post the links for all the free stuff for you guys. Case dominant regional quotes from this chart that I found that says here's how emotional pain works ready for this number one. Your body movements is reflective of your inner world you'd teach yourself how to live inside your own body. To feel your feet when they strike the ground and to know which way you need to turn. You must have an alignment of a communication between your feet your brain and it should be pain free to do that. So pain allows you to be conscious about body movements. To the degree that if something's wrong he shouldn't use that part of your body until. It heals by itself. So the problem becomes this you might have this back that hurts. But you don't want to be in bed relaxed and resting for the spying be healed itself because it might take some time so instead. Pop a pill off we go and your brain is now disconnected to the idea that it's going on so there you are grinding that joint to pieces. Not dealing with the emotional expects of your life maybe the muscles pulled late restraint but you can't feel it to get to your body doesn't doesn't heal it. The the next day what happens comes right back you pop another pill you see the pattern comes right back pop up they'll come back now because you're frustrated. That leads to even more emotional discord in more emotional pain. And that we search and we search and we go to doctors that we go to places. We get massage is I've nothing wrong with getting massages they're great for the nature of stripping a muscle to decrease its toxicity but if you're get a massage for pain. I sums wrong with that if you're going to. Orthopedic doctor to have your wrist device away for carpal tunnel they say the solution is slice that wrist open. Decompress it I'm that's the wrong way now now now if you're going to a chiropractor he's cranking your neck or your low back asking you if you feel better afterwards. Now now now now you need to find the cause. And remove the cause and here's a beauty your body was designed with an ability to heal itself if you don't believe me go break your arm. And just wait for eight weeks to watch what happens to the bone it grows itself back together no medications require. Your skin it only takes a couple days he grows back together stub your toe it'll get red inflame the you don't have to do anything other than stop stopping it. And give it some rest when Abbott that heals you have the ability inside have you. To heal by yourself but watch this if you're in pain and the shoulders not going away the head still hurts the low back still lakes. May be the interference. Is the chronic issue with your organ it's always they're unwilling to heal because it's stuck. That makes sense you guys may be it's an emotional aspect that you've never actually paid attention to so listen. Am I asking you to take responsibility for your health yes it's yours after all. Do you need a wake up to the idea that you may not know enough about your health yes did you guys realize this is pretty famous quote from Mark Twain. The very thing that you think you know. Even if I can correct watch this is more dangerous. Than something that you don't know. Still do you think it's not pain. Are it's not emotional if you think it's not organic the fact if you think it's not is more dangerous. Then the fact that it might be the you don't know about you guys get it could you'll never move towards. Something new you'll be stuck in the nature of its gotta be my way it can't be your way doctor Ernst. The stubborn inflexibility. Will cause neck pain. It's the emotional reaction to pain peso dumb Melissa we go if your neck hurts. All the time emotionally. It means your stuck in the ability to be flexible to it could be something outs. Your boss comes Hewitt says the guy wanted to do it this way you can do it no other way in your like but I have. A way I think it's gonna do better notes stop I pay huge you'd do it. That boss is gonna have whites. Back pain and if you were unwilling to let your idea becomes some integration you're gonna get neck pain do you guys see it. If your shoulders always bothering you know got a lot of people who like doc you know. My shoulder it is kind of hurts I don't know had to sleep on its side ways that I play tennis too hard. Some is wrong with my shoulder is it always the last it is you know comes and goes it's one month on one month off. Ready for this your shoulder represents the ability beauty care re. Your life with joy I think about Kerry things on our shoulders to only some of your life is on joy yes. You're gonna shoulder pain. If you feel like you have a burden. That is too hard to Cary. Emotionally your brain goes we carry things that are shoulders he can't carry his life to make a shoulder hurt maybe a wake up maybe he'll actually sit down to say what's going off my life. But now we pop pills or we go get surgery done godlike because he got understand this that came. If your upper back hurts in between your shoulder blades. You have a lack of emotional supporting your life no I don't I turned my life as a mostly supported. The facts you would respond like that tells me you don't have emotional support your life. A pin number two if you feel unloved or your physically holding back on month. Your girlfriend wants to go the next level and you do not your wife wants to do the next level and you do not. Your kids want to enjoy life more have more of a loving connection with viewing you do not. That's gonna create in between the shoulder blade pain and that theme can be nasty eight you know what I'm talking about. Somebody could just get back Darren rip my shoulders open if I could just get a massage that would go deep enough. What if it's not that's what if it's the emotional aspect the middle of your back. It's usually the guilty you feel because of something you did in the past that you are regretting. I wish I would have done that. If I had all the invested two years ago when the market was good I lost at all because I just did it now I'm I'm living in the past. The middle of your back will be carried the phrase did it off your back let go of the past stopped caring it like a horse in the middle. It get this is why we came up with the phrase get it off your back if I could just get this issue off my back I'd be good meat let go to like oh OK there's. Your lower back big one for a lot of us. The inability to house financial support. Or the sensation that you don't have financial support or the fact if you have a fear of your current financial situation. Mr. Big when you guys realize that most Americans are not prepared for retirement properly I know there's a show on WBT I think is on Sunday actually it's. The guy who talks about how. You have got to start preparing for your financial future you know the markets are doing this and the average American today who's working nets in the state twenty to forty range is not prepared for the future they don't have enough savings. Retirement plans are down companies are not helping other people to plant their retirements for the cost a fortune. The averaged listen to this Israel as this is a national statistic. Wal mart's. Subway McDonald's. Taco Bell KFC they're not hiring teenagers anymore where they're hiring. The 607080. Year plus there's because will take anything. Money wise we will accept ten dollars an hour because we don't have enough money so it's actually cheaper to pay eight retired individual because they have a life experience. They're not afflict other jobs they don't require a lot of money and no work. So America is stand all the retired people didn't plan let's. Cashing in on this so of you're afraid to don't have enough money you can have a lot of low back pain. Look at your elbow hurts all the time it represents the inability to change directions in your life then I'll go this way. You know like it's a heads the common thing between husbands and wives right. This is the direct path I know it I know it the wife like all the GPS says we should turn right I don't trust the GPS I'm gonna buy away and you end up in a lake. Okay the inability to represent change in direction causes elbow pain it's not a big pain for most of us but it's there. Wrist pain watched this. Represented the inability of your life to flow with ease. You have a difficult why he struggled doing things so your wrist starts to her continued doctor says I think it carpal tunnel. I think we need to slice it open like efficient filet it and they will need to decompress it and they will stick to back together and you go public got it feels great and it tigers later what happens. What the pay back your life and change the ease and flow got worse. As to the pain returns big one for a lot of us ready for this your hips. In a lot of do you think your hips are. Like you not Wear your hip is actually you'll you'll reach your backing your butt (%expletive) go that's my hip and you have is the inner sockets of where your leg can next here but. Okay the fear of going forward in a major life decision. Should I quit my job and take the new. Will the new when he's more but ate it requires more hours that means. I'm gonna be less of my family and have more money. Should I sacrificed my family for money or should I stay in my current job I can't make this major life decision your hip is gonna lockup it's gonna ache it's gonna hurt. How to I know this I've worked with thousands of people who tell me stuff like this. Got my hips hurting you know I asked them hey give a major life decision you're trying to do decision on you know what they're like. US psychic acquitted that come from I know what I'm doing I've been doing it for years here's another big one. If your needs as is huge if your knees hurt when you climb stairs go downstairs they're stiff and achy you can't bend them. Here we go deep breath meant it to sign you've got a stubborn. Unwillingness. With your ego and pride to just bend a little. Just let a little flexibility coming through life is a funny that are needs and and when we are unwilling to bend in our life our knees Walt then they'll figure right. To your knees the stubborn pride and ego inability did and having fear of being flexible. And the idea that you just won't let go a case to look I get it to pay there's emotional pain you're gonna need somebody to coach you through this. There's organic and pain we talked about that a last segment he could be your heart to could be your spleen it could be your kidney the big organs by the way to cause problems for everybody. Liver headaches. Kidney back pain hip pain. The heart shoulder pain chest pain. Your upper back and or neck lungs and diaphragm. Reading centers a tank if you are in pain in your chronically trying to deal with it. Thank you need to pay attention now. Stick around four minutes of fun a doctorate is coming up where I'm revealing my natural pain busting. Technique it's a supplement you can get a grocery store. And you could swallow it eat it today and boom paints are clear now FaceBook dot com's let's ask doctorates for that behavior to come to my dinner. This is the last chance opportunity today to join us. 7049062094. It's on the seventh of August. 6:30 PM 7049062. And I four make sure you had to go to FaceBook right now. I'm giving a lot away for free. Gas stock charts show will be back next week so that.