What Goes Up, Should Come Down

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, July 14th
Dr. Ernst discusses why your weight keeps going up, and won’t go down.

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Following is a sponsor program on WBT. The asked doctor show his pre senate like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment he could qualified healthcare professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit as doctor Stucco. Up for more information. It's time to transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour and learn from experts on how to revolutionized alpha knows you love most. Ask doctor there. Here's your host. Doctor Aron hurt us. Well happy Saturday you can listen to Gaston earns no hits a sour crowd there said is he's dead. We beat that repeal health problems what an incredible show topic after you guys today you're gonna love this. It's piggybacking off the idea of my last couple weeks or we talked about. What if there is a condition known as a hyper activity disorder. And it follows the idea of what goes up should come down. But yet for most of us our health is getting worse our numbers are climbing or weights climbing everything's going up. And were all looking to bring all those things down Simon give you DC greats today had a naturally bring your health. Down because everybody's usually over active we have high blood pressure high cholesterol high triglycerides. Were anxious were all over the place or hyperactive and we needed disc home. Down I'm a teach you how to calm things down if you needed to help our we caught gas our turn so could you get to ask your health questions and I answer them. So these shows are designed off what I hear from feedback from listeners to Heidi give us feedback willing go to asked doctors dot com. And in the top right hand corner there's ask a health question right now something new and apparently guys are loving it is the 100%. Free. Consultation offer where. We can talk. Over the phone for up to fifteen minutes no cost and again you know we priced it out that's not at 800 dollar offer to see guys now. You want your doctors Tallet few for fifteen minutes unobstructed meant that tend to change so. Agree give a healthy see if you're struggled a sub then go ahead and just hit this up its ask doctor are suck com. Look I also live stream everything so go to the FaceBook channel that we set up. FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Ernst were there I can see you guys directly I got multiple cameras now we love it. And so that's just a little tidbits for you today's topic again is what goes up should come down but it's not so if you're on our FaceBook live stream. Notice the areas right what goes up should come down but it isn't what I wouldn't teach you today is this global concept of the idea that if you have something elevated if you're pressures are high if your cholesterol or high if you're sugars are high. It is peak highs. Something that is deficient or missing in your life in your health and we're gonna piggyback today on the number one health issue most people need help with. Which is losing weight right above our doctor thome by does lose some way to be healthier but I tried it I did the rocks and sticks diet ate mine not concede that blended my food in this new these I went across they'd I joined the gym. That's actually going more but this is ridiculous. So I'm gonna give you secrets today on how to bring your weight down but remember watch watch those you on our life streams OK if your weight is up. It's because something is amiss seems something has gone down in your health. Here's little trick is an easy way to remember it. Your weight is actually a symptom. You know like any get a headache or if he had a back pain or if you're sugars are high your pressures are high. If you have something that's diagnose the ball here here's the problem here is what's wrong. That's not actually the thing that's wrong in another it's tough start my head hurts it's really it's the headache that's causing the problem no. Head against the symptom of York underline problem. But I've blood pressure my cholesterol so high the doctors say that's a cause for heart disease. No those are symptoms of developing heart disease so like what I want you guys to try to hopefully understand is. Everything you'd think you have wrong with you a diagnosis. I'm a disorder even a self proclaimed issue like you know you'd done this right to go to Google and you diagnose yourself. Those are all simply symptoms. It's the outward expression of your health so if your symptoms are incorrect. If you don't feel great look great have tons energy. And be skinny and yet then naturally. Then there's something wrong with your health. And it's only helped UF so the take home point to the message first today's show is this your weight is a symptom of your health. If your health watches those you'll on the life stream. If your health is lol. Your weight will be high UCL works wash this other camera if your health is low. You're weighed as high watch this if your health is low your blood pressure time if your health is low cholesterol high if your health is low sugars are Heidi guys get it. It's like. The opposite. What they called an inverse relationship. Now the healthier you are the lower your weight the healthy you are the lower your pressure. The healthier you are the better you feel so the key here is you've just got to understand one thing. Your health. Is the ultimate cause. Our New York conditions. If your goal and will weight loss I need to lose weight is that a condition. Yes it is the condition is your health is off and you need to fix it. So today I'm gonna go through a couple things that it just to give you guys an idea. Number one were gonna do is we're gonna fix your health in regards to number one. Your weight okay I'm gonna show you why you can't lose weight we're gonna go over all the mist behind weight loss to. And they show you the key reasons. Bigger struggling to lose weight and here's the kicker with it. It's not because you are lazy. You having gone to the gym and you're not eating the right foods that's what. The world wants you to think that's a medicine what you think that's what the industry of health wants you to think it's your fault. You're just too lazy you're too gluttony as you can't hold back on all the sugary snacks Nana Nana. It's a key underlying deficiency with your health we're gonna go from your hormones your gut your diet K if there's inefficiency. You can't lose weight because of that again. Your weight is up because you're missing something so all I want to understand is that global concept of this. You can take responsibility for your health. You can take responsibility for your weight if you want to lower blood pressure cholesterol sugars triglycerides. Your weight. Been to date is the show for you I suggest you take notes do whatever you need. Message us on FaceBook knows you are watching on the live stream messes me directly getting engaged take responsibility enlist in next week. Or just that literally seven days away I have about twenty spots there's not that many guys twenty spots left. I'm doing what's known as they hyper activity disorder seminar I mean to bring you into a hotel. I got the whole thing reserved it's a free for use seminar. And here's the kicker with that normally eight point five dollars but if your WBT listener of your FaceBook like watcher. Call this number seven afford 9062094. 7049062094. Arrived I've got twenty tickets left and it sells out. They can be yours for free and again why would you want to take it. You won a calm your health done naturally you wanna lose weight naturally when a fixture sugars fixer triglycerides get your blood pressure to control. Take responsibility for helping you can do it right now. 704906209. Ports yes doc turned show we'll be right back. Happy Saturday to you your message got stuck Turkcell. I mean does not turn our say hey thank you opportunity on this beautiful Saturday my goodness what a great data is out today. And and I realize you might be in the car you might be in your house may be streaming us live on our mobile device or you're watching on FaceBook. I was talking to a couple of our FaceBook viewers over the last break they were message be directly. Look if you have not yet done this week live stream this show. Every week it's on FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Ernst and I'd love this because it lets you share this topic if you like this is great to share. You can like this I can comment directly to you and down so that I don't get distracted Luntz speaking I comet with everybody during the commercial breaks. The just head on over to FaceBook dot com's let's ask doctor Ernst. You can ask questions you do everything you want. Web sites also out stocks are stock com. And look to dictate you guys love when I talk about losing weight apparently for some strange reason everybody's like. What last week you said how to fix sugars and but he at least wait I'll pay attention and now we have the most number of calls ever on that last commercial break so I. While I just tuned in what are the tickets for doctor Ernst well. I'm hosting an event next Saturday on the 21. And I'm conquering hyperactivity disorders. And before you think that's just ADD and ADHD which it is it's also the hyperactivity disorders like high cholesterol high blood sugar high triglycerides. And have elevated weights like if you're like I got just been trying to lose. Forty pounds thirty pounds when he constant pounds I don't know how many pounds you wanna lose if your saying I'm struggling. All you have to do is listen today show me to give you the myths in the secrets on knocking down easily ten pounds in a couple weeks. But come to my event Izod got fourteen left to pay fourteen. Is it. 704906209. Ports next Saturday it's when he first Holiday Inn express and sweet here in Charlotte beautiful hotel. And out your tickets are covered a 100% as long as you call right now at a challenges there are some people who are actually buying those tickets. And there you hit up our website and things like that but. The BBT you know we've been here a long time and only get some love back to all of our listeners and are these the light viewers. Just call phone number and how did you guys tickets. So our health is a big deal and a lot of us still think that it is. You know ye be amazed the number of people like talk to this say stuff like this not doc I'm healthy I'm good I don't have any pain FL greats and and I say is he quick question. Taking medications very thing yeah you know high blood pressure triglyceride. What else my mind that in them and anemic cholesterol down where Leah lets you tell me your healthy I am a numbers are good. Guys like I don't know what you but that's insanity at camp healthy person takes. Zero medications. Ellis that this in the United States the stats are kind of nasty. Every. Single month. Americans consume multiple billions. In the number of counts of medications per month. It decimated right now that you have a 50% chance that you're taking one drug. Everything is day 50%. That that's huge and means over a 150 million people are popping a pill for something acid reflux. Indigestion right headaches pain. You know high blood pressure high cholesterol being number one drug the United States for prescription just switched. Used to be Staten for heart disease now it's day thyroid medications and now number one men across the world in the while across states at least. It's thyroid so you know high likelihood some drugs or thyroid some drunk your liver taken medication saying I feel pretty good some good economic numbers that it. Always show you the idea that your health is a reflection of what's going on your life if your life. As far as your health your numbers are off its that your health is off now dot com my health is good I eat well tetra. Now trust me you don't if you did you wouldn't have the medications. You wouldn't have the fatigue you would have the brain fog not sort of stuff right. Most people that I talk to the city won at least when he pounds they're telling me like crisis I'm tired. You know like the people's they have supposed to get up in the morning go to the gym and work out but not 6 o'clock I I can't even like with my left pinky. That's how tired I am not a political work out. And then so what they say is oh well I should change my diet you know so like I pulled an info graphic for you guys right. I should change my diet to catch it eat less crap. Any more food but I like the crap. Those French Fries the carbonated beverages. The process boxed foods you know like your standup tariffs on busy I work. So the lean cuisine in the microwave is a clean lunch now it's not this highly toxic. The mine acronym for those of you who wanna start losing weight is stop eating crap. It's thirty eating food I got to understand I'll hold it up right. Crap stands for carbonated beverage is refined sugars artificial sweeteners and collars and processed foods to stop beating the crap. And instead eat food fruits and vegetables organic routines. Your Omega oils right the healthy pat and fruits and vegetables organic lean proteins. Omega fatty acids and drink more water so I distorted gave away my secrets on how do you lose ten pounds. In couple weeks just eat real food I guarantee our staff went to dinner last night food. Yet now you didn't pay you eight highly chemically processed. Food and Jackson would be labeled as crap. So you basically need to tell me unique crap for dinner last night pages that own up to it that our our health our responsibility. So we have too many of us taking medications. Did you know the average American gains two pounds every single year. It didn't sound like a lot does that authority Pownce dot yet but it's every year further existence of your life by average. So when I was eighteen. You know by nineteen and two pounds heavier by twenty I'm two pounds 4681012162024. Eager Siegel is a superfast. So watch your average 45 year old male or female. Needs to lose close to 4050 pounds and get gorgeous an average now you might be sand doc pretty good I'm slim. Free that's great but the average person struggles with their weight they struggle with their health. They want a way out they do everything they think they're doing and it's not working so. Here's the myths behind losing weight that I wanna hopefully help you to break number one here's a big myth it's against minors then. Europe wade is actually completely meaningless. You scandalous scale and gives you a number and you get all freak out aid in number is essentially meaningless. And I know you're gonna say doc understand Ike is in my weights that they need to track. Well yeah but here's the problem. That number is a conglomeration of more individual numbers that are more important. So for example. OK we have fat muscle water bone ligament like he got more than just that case if you stand on the scale. And you weigh in with TP media 150. Pounds. And you have fifty pounds of fat. You know that's not really that good at this point 5% your body latest facts now you wouldn't know your percentage of body fat but still a scale let's give a scale that tells you body fat. Now what happens if you weigh a 150 pounds and you got eighty pounds of body fat not are really in big trouble because were pushing north to 30% your body fat. We have 150 pounds you got a hundred pounds of body fat yucky you'd be dead if it means you only a fifty pounds human. And a hundred pounds back. So what's more important are the metrics the percentages. Because there's been this what's your body fat percent. How much water are you by per cent how much muscle argue and here's why the numbers are frustrating me just the gonna scale. If you lose five pounds of fat put a five pounds of muscle your scaled and move an inch and you're gonna go. Off. Frustrated the diets out work keen exercises working he'll he'll quit because you don't understand. You actually are super healthy year. Because you're becoming a lean individual but but doc I don't I haven't lost any weight. You have you lost five pound the fact you put up five pounds of muscle soak the scale is completely incorrect way of measuring. Your weight. If you wanna do this. For now it's a little bit of an and I asked him at the 150 dollars look of a thing called it a neat time at home to need a body scale. It'll give you some metrics like 2%. Now we can start going after this right so instead of just going I didn't lose ten pounds because any begin to my jeans. No we need to lose twelve point 6% body fat whip to hydrate you by 13%. As understand. Hate bigger action steps for your health you won't lose weight if you don't know what you're going after you won't lose weight if you don't have a big enough lie to do it. And you'll lose weight if you're confused over the myths it's you know understand. Here's another big one that we got to talk about. All of you out there counting calories they're counting the wrong thing. A calorie is immediate list number that has nothing to do with you or weights if anything as I've talked about two guys before. What a calorie is simply the amount of energy it takes to raise water one degree Celsius. That was that to do if you wait. Really has nothing and here's the other problem with calories. OK let's say I'm like well I'm going for a 15100 calorie diet and eat seven Snickers bars your fifteen calories. So now you've starve yourself for the rest of the day and you're like him and I kept my calories down wire to losing weight I mean come on that makes sense does that. Hope it does need 15100 calories in broccoli carrots spinach strawberries blueberries. And now bell look like approximately the size of a Mac truck dumping food in your front alt one. You're not gonna be able to eat that much and so people go well I kind of a kind of make sure I get enough calories. Can't do this calorie restriction diet there I don't work anyway. When you restrict your calories your body goes into a starvation state and guess that it does guys it turns your muscles into. Which is why all these people who caliber strict yeah you might lose ten pounds but then as soon as you say but can't do this anymore and sell Hungary. What happens weight comes back the stopped counting calories. And instead I want to count one thing. The number of carbohydrates. In grams. And the number of fat that you meet in grants what do we wanna do OK here's the secret remember what goes up must come down. If your weight is up annually to come down. You need to deep crease your carbohydrate. Ram intake. And increase your fat grand intake. Why it's. I'm supposed to eat more fat. Ass. And not sand bodes tangles in Illinois kind of stuff Dennis the wrong kinds of bats I'm stand eat good healthy pets look look a little stat tree gets you know in 1950. We took fat out of the American diet is the average American was lean. There was less than 10% obesity in the United States 1950 less content. Now we're at 35 plus percent to what do we do we took that out of food we replaced it with chemicals to make a case it gets back really tasted. And we put sugar in America's again your like cardboard Wyman and eat this case we eat it now. We took the fat out in the fifties and what's happened we were really super thin we have no heart disease everybody's healthy Knoll. We're worse off than ever before so the secret. To losing weight is eat more fat. Cut your carbohydrate. Amounts down. Now you might be going well doc turns women supposed to how much closer know these numbers. He got to start investigating. The good news about Google or even theory why process in Syria how many cards are a bit. It'll tell you it's that simple how much that is in a banana you're looking like it's that simple guys. Here's the tip here's the trick. You're at KFC and you get the five dollar bucket fill up write its money in students. And I guess theory how much fat in Nazis and go turn away leave right now. You're gonna kill herself now she doesn't do that because you'd have to say how much fat is then. This oil and that this and that that so here's all you guys understand it can I come back this commercial break them and make it's super easy how many give you the keys. To the car for the engine of running your health and losing weight. It makes you stick around during the course of crackpot and an open Mike call lines as I know some of you are going all I would love to have you show me how to do it it's. One of the test and you get Heidi you lose weight and he thinks blood pressure cholesterol sugars I don't might sound like a lot that there's no way you can do that but he can't. Pick of the phoned them up or 90629. Where the event is next Saturday at 11 AM 07049062094. Yes I turn shall appear and that. Our guide. Happy Saturday to you about it Scott Garrett Aaron you're listening to gas stuck turned show pages are content said diseases dead or be set free from all of your health problems. And we had an incredible incredible topic they were talking about the idea why some in a struggle to lose weight. And what I want talked about is if your weight is up. It's because your health is down. And that this is the global trend and trying to teach you guys through the series we've been doing on hyper activities. So if you're hyper active. As a hardly eighty DA DHD it's because you have a debt. This NC go back to my show on that from two weeks ago and iTunes by the way if you're new to this iTunes dot com. I've been asked that turns. Podcast is there even go to WBT dot com they've been archiving all my shows you had to let over to my FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Ernst every video of all my shows have ever done their topic specific with the search button. That you wanna have help with blood pressure detected blood pressure and boom there they are. So if your weight is up it's because you have something that you're missing. And this segment's going to be that one that you guys gonna go home is worth a million dollars doctor and thank you for giving it away for free. Imus show you right now a couple steps you can do that you can mean deeds he literal fat burning process like you've never seen before. And a little precursor K you're gonna say her. It's it's. Didn't think cents. Where's that like supplement that I take a burns all of that off my body that doesn't exist there's no such thing. Well what about doctor autism like god this and that and that that doctor Josh Jack sells this protein and I can drink. Net and an out your body supposed to lose weight for you by itself. You should be a fat burner all the time if you are unhealthy. You can't burn the fat so I'm not guests give you some super secret fat burning supplements. As they take six cities and bite off my website not and and many you'd like these super easy tools and hit. I already know what's gonna happen you're gonna go no that's too simple and not do it but it works it works to please trust me on this. Look at number one shock you that. You know how fat and water don't like each other. The kind of repel each other. So what if we drink more water. It's super easy yet it's something most of us don't do. I'm gonna pull the big guns out here ready you greatness the journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism. Guys are Smart said. If you drink seventeen ounces of water rights after you finish eating this and this. 30%. More fat burning power for forty minutes. Seventeen ounces of water guys it's literally like just up big glass of water. Now why does this work what the heck is going on okay water is required for you to burn fat. The actual fat burning processing your body is a biochemical process that occurs inside your Mike so Condrey and those that backwards it. If these little cells in your body called mitochondria they must have water in order to take back to the precursor and make energy out of it. 75%. Of Americans are chronically dehydrated meaning you have less than 50% body water. Nat slow down your metabolism which makes you store your fat for energy because he can't turn it in fuel. So what do we do we just simply need to drink more water hate doc how much water should I drink OK I don't know if you guys. Remember this but like basic biology taught us you're supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh a hundred pounds he needs if the ounces of water guess what the national stats I went to this website you're gonna love this night it's it's. You're going to love this site it's called statistic ha. It's like all these schools stat of all this kind of stuff the average American drinks only. 45 ounces of water a day off. That means unless you weigh eighty was at ninety pounds. Yea endless Ewing ninety pound your doing everything great now I don't know much you click on the I'm way south Wayne north sorry if not you'd have. So unless you like a kid. So most of us just you know we do the stats need to drink a gallon or more of water per day off. Can't do that doctor Ernst this you can it's super easy just drink water instead of all the other stuff remember this right. Now listen here's again some stats and number one hi instantly consumed liquid highest Lee is Edwards at a the number one highest consume liquid in the United States is. Carbonated beverage. We literally drink this stuff by the truckload. And carbonated beverages are the first the senior crap diet. So what are we need to do we need replace it with the deet for drink water drink water guys. How much water should consume half your body renounces the minimum here's what's really cool if you like and they're very key rate. And this is a little growth but it works gets some sort of container like a milk jug or some like that and I want you to collect your urine throughout the day. Iraq and drinking a can do and he with the other and try to catch the volume. The case don't want you to wrap all the your and you urinate out throughout the day mourning afternoon eating red for go to bed put into like a jug and just kind of commensurate. Find out how many ounces it's guess what on average it's two point six leaders. So you know drinking two point six liters of water per day. You are urinating now more water than you put into dust you're dehydrated and what is dehydration do it makes used to or. That you'll lose weight fast. Two things seventeen ounces of water thirty minutes after you eat and drink a gallon of water a day. OK number two and this is the big and hopefully it makes cents stop eating sugar. Sugar is the number one food process that turns to recommend that your body. And it is the R&D. H in your crap diet refined sugars in artificial sugars and what I mean by artificial. OK anything like DS lend. Sweeten lows aspartame equals you know in any of those things that you think are alternative sugars. I had a client in Millie went then like doc Terrence I found this really disagree I love is all. It's organic it's natural it's like the best streak never have a moment with the called it's called sugar in the raw and Mike and then still sugar. Willett says it's healthy for in my connect. Now he he got sucked into a big marketing campaign right there sugar sugar regardless of what it looks like. And listen to this. You eat sugar your body house despite insulin to get the sugar into the cell and guess what insulin does by the way as a side effect it makes use the work back. It makes your weight go up in makes you age faster and it actually turns on your cellular turnover rates. If you turn over your cells faster guess that sounds like it's. So they've actually done studies on this the more sugar you eat. The less your health it is notice notice. The more sugar you eat the last your health. So the less sugar you eat them or your health this so what happens your health improves. And your weight lips are your health improves your week it was down to it yet. That we got its start drinking more water got to cut all the carpet ars that the refined sugars straight sugars processed sugars out of your diet. Look I got a couple more steps but I mean where on earth that kind of commercial leaders right now. Sell two things stick around to giving up more that'll guns and punches for losing weight but I want to do this pick up the phone call this number seven a four. Kaiser 62094. Guys to have seven hits seven tickets left. They are 100% free it's for next Saturday it's when he first. Conquering hyperactivity. High blood pressure high cholesterol high blood sugars highway eight hyper activity that anxious anxiety like that stuff. 121 11 AM at the holiday expressed here in Charlotte. Devin afford nines or six from 09 or once again seven afford 9062 tonight or don't go away the best is yet to come with yes I've earned him. All right happy Saturday it's good enthusiasts ourselves I mean I was stuck Jarrett irons to thank you contained in this beautiful Saturday wow wow wow what a great show topic it's called ask doctorates for reasons you can ask a health question. We formulate our shows around that and the last couple weeks ago a lot of questions and doctorate putting its weight loss. Denham multiple times but I guess if you need to do and here we go. So I I'm talking today about global concept for wait and watch gonna say this he got a CD it's a case to go to FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Ernst. Our cameras are up their lives that are active and I brought something really cool few guys. It's a little tiny into graphic that's gonna show you. Why you can't lose weight and if you're on the light streaming you look at it like just two areas we talk about watch it. If you're weight is up it's because your health is down. In nickel if your blood pressure's up because your health is down if your cholesterol is up is because your health is down. All of us are missing something in our life we don't have enough of a nutrient. An enzyme co factor remiss to neurological supply we don't have the right back here in our gut it did deficiency. That the laws of physics say must have hyperactivity to balance out because understand that hopefully you do is of adult that's the secret rate there. So we spent some time at the top of the hour. Going over the fact that you know where we're just getting bigger as Americans pay. In 1950 the average American. Wade a normal weight was less than 10% of the culture were overweight now today were pushing north at 35%. That's unacceptable to me. A third of us need to lose weight on a song about like like five pounds like a third of us are physically beats. Are organs are shutting down having issues with their health because we can't controller wait. And the majority of those thirds say like I went to the gym I work out more ice started to do more I did more I change my diet more. I'm more doesn't fix more because understand. You have to address that deficiency. Yet to correct the missing nature and then you get the activity. So in order if your way to come down you need to know why is higher in the first place. Then we spent just a little bit of time talking about the biggest myths on the planet number one. Your weight total gross weight is a meaningless number. It doesn't tell you anything significant. Like your body fat percent to water percent to muscle percent. Which is more important second we said if you count calories or count the wrong thing which is why you're still gaining weight. A calorie is a meaningless number when it comes to weight loss. Well we should count instead is the grams of carbohydrates beacons him in the grams of fat. Then we talked about what are we need to do we need to increase our fat deep crease or carbohydrates and guess what that does. That makes use start burning fat for energy. Instead of storing fat for energy. Then we said that if you want to lose ten pounds fast meaning duties and tidbits on how to do that. We talked about how you're dehydrated you physically can't burn fat for energy so just piles up it stored. Like you are trying to burn a fire. But your friend keeps bring in fire logs your house going him then where's the fire. I don't know I can't get it started well I'm bringing in logs every day regardless of if you got a fire not so what happens the blogs pile up. The logs in your facts the fire is your health you've got to have this metabolism. And this energy to be able to turn things through. And you need to have water to make that happen there was a study done that said if you just drank seventeen ounces of water. Thirty minutes after you reach your food what would happen is you would burn fat for up to forty minutes he got it drink. Seventeen ounces of water within thirty minutes and says it I'm gonna lose my doctor Eric sakic you try yes. That's why you should come to my event held up as of right now the last commercial break redundant to and I know these are gonna call it a moment I give this number seven a four. 906209. For its next Saturday. Here in Charlotte I've reserved the entire conference hall at the holiday an expert Holiday Inn express suites. And starts at 11 AM I'm asking you if you would simply like to comment let me show you how to fix. Hyper activity disorders or weight as high a show you how to fix the deficiencies. And then boom you'll start losing weight if your blood pressure is high if your cholesterol is high. If your sugars are high. If your energy if you are hyperactive eighty HD you're trying to take meant to calm down. You won a better way out of that that's at the events for. So we need to drink more water we need to cutter carbohydrates. We need to increase our facts and hear something that you got to understand. Win you eat your food. And how you eat your food is more important to do you burn the full the fuels for energy you burn fat okay. Welcome to the world to something called intermittent fasting welcome to the world of something that we call. Are calling them. Dietary controls you have to understand this is is vital and crucial for this okay your liver. Stores sixteen hours worth of energy. And what a lot of you are not dealing is burning your reserve tank to zero win your tank is empty in your liver. Your body will say this I gotta fill back up again and this is the natural design of all human beings in fact I'd even say it's natural design of anything that's alive and has a liver. Sell what we need to do is this we've got emptied the liver out of all its fuel sources and that we have to ask your body to hate the fact that it has. And filled the liver with energy from the fact not the fill it with that that's bad it's a fatty liver we don't want that. So how you do it that you have to control win you eat your foods and more importantly how you eat your here's an any net. Science confirms that if you hooked on a meal in likes a couple minutes or less. The actually decrease stress hormones because your body's kind of like heck did you just due to me. So if we want to lose weight you need to start doing this low. Down with how you eat my wife gets on me all the time I come from a rather large family I people at the dinner table from me at all times. So if you didn't eat fast he'd been getting food my mom for whatever reason and only make a certain amount food might have been a budget I don't know there only be like so much food. He got five people sitting down and all of a sudden boost it's gone and you're like I'm still hungry off the weight. So what I learned to deal with eat food past. As a result of that I gained a tremendous amount of weight as you know my personal story I was pushing north 200 pounds. Majorly sick at high blood pressure high cholesterol sugars all of replace it has not always get sick and I finally figured it out. He'd just stop eating food fast you'll burn fat faster the case or other the whole concept of this is. We are sick because we ED convenience foods locations we are sick because we eat in the car on the way to work where sick because we have fast food options book. Fast food by itself is not necessarily dangerous per say like the food is that yes it is these guys understand the concept you can go to like. Healthy fast food stores as a I'll throw these out I have no endorsement from them at all to pull way right what the other ones. Zell leaves like there's places you could just walk and get good food fast and eat at fast to get out that's still fast food the problem with that is when you eat superfast you stressed your body out. Cortisol gates released in filling its release you know it goes to mormons do. Not get this they store fat. That you might like dots are ours and I I'm eating salads. A jury indictment. And go to the gym I'm doing everything right and gaining weight. Kinda assess how fast you eat your food and number two is when you eat it. It looked booklet if you lose a tremendous amount of weight superfast. And you wanna do it in easy way. All you have to do you stop. Eating as often as you are. According to the national statistics again the average American rate this eats six times per day. They go out to eat four times per week. And where they go to use fast food the case not necessarily Wendy's and McDonald's to someplace liking get a meal fast on time. If the number one issue for your health is if you say I don't have time and on money. Because there's never any more time than anything else for you start pain it is that your health. Eighty don't do it now you're gonna pay for it later and it even higher price. Any idea how much weight loss surgery costs yet it's not like 500 dollars right. It's not even like fifty dollars it's both ends of dollars. I know people who are like I've done everything I'm so frustrated I'm legally and stable my stomach shot known and no you should staple your mouth shut not yours on pay package the so here's what talked to guys about. There's a concept in a national health field called intimate and asked what it means is you've shrink down the window of time that you eat. And you increase every day the periods that you're not eating. And what it means is you fast intermittently. Meaning each day you pick a time for at least it can look I'm not eating anything from here to here. And eat something premiered here so it USA how many levels and asked another level one is don't change your diet and a ball. Continued to eat crap. Go ahead do they show you how powerful mrs. Only your crap for lunch and dinner. And stop eating dinner after 8 o'clock the secrets to the human body is launching new. Dinner by eight if you wanna eat crap too it just eat it from much better you're gonna lose weight. You you might lose like two or three pounds during the call now what's step number two. Stop eating crapping eat the food. Fruit and vegetables organic lean proteins mean grass fed while caught free range and a lot of mega fatty acids that come from plants and fish and things like that. And what the drink more water there it is guys fruits vegetables lean proteins can eat food now I'm intimately fasting. And having lunch at noon on having dinner by eight now and eating food for real not crap guess what seven pounds ten pounds eleven pounds file off. Okay now if you really wanna start dedicated to it now we start making sure eating slowly. And that eating the right kinds of acts and now we're gonna pay attention how much of and do we eat eat more fat. Last team to eat more protein that can hold other showed top. But you get the idea behind this OK you have control over your health. Well a low doc turns down I'm gonna challenge you on this mine medical doctor. My nutritionist said correct this is the most important meal dates you don't want to eat breakfast. Just look at the national statistics the United States. Americans eat breakfast snack once snack dinner and dessert and gaining we increase the go watch the people who stopped eating breakfast you know what happens to like four medications ought to its impact on my life changed I even grew my arm back. So what happens is this. You have processing your body for healing we have been immune system. We have the ability for a body secure itself. Did you know this you have a metabolism that can actually use fat for energy but you'll never turn it on. If you're using sugar for energy all the time. And where does the sugar come from it comes from processed grains processed foods you know wheat rice corn solely Oates comes from. Sugar itself becomes from refined sugars to comes from processed foods he comes from artificial ingredients all that stuff to your brain is considered sugar. So if you wake up and you do what most people do which is they throw pop tarts and a in the toaster they'd get some sort of you would use calcium drinking or excuse. Did you all this stuff for breakfast and you guys are wrecking your health by doing. I want you to do a couple things that shows coming to a close number one most important thing ever. Called the number 704906. Tuesday night for we did sell outs but I have a wait list you guys notice people always cancel. I'll put two on the wait list I'm sure you'll probably be to get and 7049062094. Go to FaceBook dot com right now IDs of the gulf orbit the fine which is a exclusive. Talent like topic for FaceBook that's FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Ernst. And I'll share with you some more things you lose weight. Makes you go over to our website I asked doctor dot com look at you the health issue I'm here to help you didn't matter if you're another skater not your local to the Charlotte region. Asked doctor dot com click the request to console avid completely free. I can tell you about your house thanks so much for punitive Aussie guys next week and a FaceBook. Like you and I just delighted to take responsibility you can view this.