What If We Find Out That Trump Did Use the N Word

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, August 15th

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Try not hard. Corner. I'm proud. Then that's too. The blind allegiance let me tell you. Jesus Christ gets the he is alive. Good morning. This is the day after so much. Primary races. Nothing really spectacular going on along those lines. And as usual. This discussion about this. He's very blue wave when network reason to question trump bump verses blue wave. The. My goodness. Where wanna start today. It's something that's a really bit on my heart for a while and it's taken a new turn. In the last 44 hours or so. Now on this program we've really not spent a lot of time talking about this entire Amoroso nonsense. Because I do believe a good part of it is nonsense. There's something big concern yesterday. We had. A revelation out of the White House. That I they re postage with some very brief comments and the reaction to that is just for me it's stunning. It really is maybe it shouldn't be by now. Before I go into that I wanted to ask you question and I'll ask the guys here. In the studio. What was the turning point in the OJ Simpson trial. We all know that OJ Simpson. Who walks. I see one of them there are two significant things that happen and Charles's. Is showing a sign of the glove. Member that's different glove don't fit you must acquit. But what really put the nail in the coffin for that particular trial in the prosecution's case. Do you remember what it walks. Somebody was painted as a race or races bingo. Opposes it it was the discovery of the mark fuhrman's tape up. Now I'm just I'm just gonna ask the guys year now Charles has because it immediately I saw the light bulb gore for Charles he remembers this now you can come over here when Judith. I want you to tell me what happens. Once that tape came out what happened to all the evidence in the trial was it was discarded it was armed refuted. Nobody care to write the facts didn't matter. The evidence didn't matter for all that mattered was one word. So I think you know where I'm going with this. Thank you Charles. Mark Furman. It was found to reviews the import. Multiple times. All of a sudden. As if the glove thing wasn't enough. This case was pretty much dead before he went to the jury. Once the N word audio surfaced the facts of the case did not matter. At all. So what does this have to do it today in Amoroso and Donald Trump. We learned just today. In a statement from. The white house. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She said she can't guarantee there are no recordings of the US president using the inward. This comes after Amoroso medical Newman alleged there's a recording a mr. trump using the racial slur. I can't guarantee anything. Is what she said. She added I can tell you the president detest addressed this question directly. I can tell you I've never heard it. I would should understand what I'm not saying here I have never embraced the idea. That the presidents are racist. I don't know whether this tape exists at all I really don't. What immediately concerns me now. It seems that the White House is preparing for the possibility. May be there is something out there like this. I want you to forget it and I know it's very difficult for some of view. I want you to forget about Donald Trump for a moment. I just long term. There's a point where Donald Trump is not going to matter. But the question is. What is the impact on republicanism small bar. On the conservative movement. You see we spent a good part of our time refuting. These baseless allegations. By the Democrats. They're Republicans are racist I mean you've heard it over and over and over again. This is just a party for white people. What really concerns me. If that in many ways Donald Trump. If you're looking if I were a Democrat. Looking for someone from central casting. To confirm every single stereotype about Republicans. Donald Trump would be my choice. He's giving them. All the ammunition. That they need it. And about what the Democrats have said here in the air. Sure they're gonna throughout false accusations. They're going to be hateful I get all of that. But if you all are that person. Before you project yourself to be that person. There's a problem. I think I mentioned the conversation I had last week. With a lady that I ran into. When I mentioned being a conservative she immediately associated me with Donald Trump. I know this can be offensive to some of view but I I find that to be an insult. I really do. And it took some conversation. For me to move away. And helped her to understand that. What he is and what he does and the way he behaves is not conservatism. And we had a great conversation. I'd like your idea us. Can I go back to what I said about the OJ Simpson trial. Once the in word surfaced. The facts don't matter. If we ever hope. Particularly of trying to reach blacks and other minorities. We better pay attention to this now again we don't know that if there's any tape that exist if it does. We have some important choices and decisions to make. Are we going to double down and in defend a person. Or are we going to reject behavior. Periods no matter who would comes from. And I'm gonna bother sharing some of the things that are. I'm my social media page yesterday it's it's it's nauseating. Absolutely nauseating because the visceral reaction. This to attack me. And to turn this into some sort of tribalism. Which it ultimately is. Defending a person. I'm boom. Here's what needs to be understood. And if you don't understand the depths and boom all of them. And I don't know how to describe it to the well of emotions stirred by this word if you do not get it from. And then. There's a big problem and these. Huge huge problem. We'll continue this conversation coming up. And this is still Vince Coakley radio program. I can Vince Coakley radio program. And yet let me emphasize this point we have nothing no audio. Has come. To the surface indicating the president has said any such thing as the inward. What does concern me. And what I've offered here. Let me just give an example. There are a lot of people were commenting on who cares. I'm in this is a lot of the theme of what Emery who cares. Look at all the wonderful things the president's done. Seriously. So the economy's great. If he calls. Somebody and uses the N word it doesn't matter. Oh really going back to that comment that he made during the campaign. But vowed to be able to shoot somebody in New York City and know and nobody really care people would still support him I really believe that's true. That's a problem. There's something about this. Us as a people. That really needs to be recovered. You know a declaration of independence can you name one individual. That these signers of that document pledge their lives their fortunes and their sacred honor to. Can you identify. In the individual. See we've lost track. Of where our devotion belongs. It's each other. It's not to one person. This is. Really disturbing. And there are a lot of people willing to. Hate. There's really no other way to put it hate everybody. On the planet. Scorched earth just to defend one person one personality. That's really profoundly unhealthy. And if you don't get the magnitude. Of damage this causes. And I just once you'd understand in in the possibility that something does surface. You need to understand how deeply harmful this word is I don't wanna hear about war rap artists are doing. I Al por. A good part of so called hip hop torture for this very reason. And I've spoken to this for years. I don't appreciate. Other blacks using this word anymore that I appreciate white choosing this worked so don't use that excuse. It's time to drop all the excuses and say so and so did this or so and so did that and just own up to something if it indeed did happen. And say it's absolutely reprehensible and has nothing to do with who we are. And we better. Have a determination now to make that distinction. Because of something comes out. And we continue to hear the same drumbeat and defensiveness. And what about so and so. That's not an argument that's going to be one long term and the damage. Create about Donald Trump the damage to the cause that I thought we are committed to. It's going to be long term. I wanna quickly before we go to some calls. Talk about the flip side of Dallas. Which is comedy. And Charles very. Not appropriately brought up something that he just haven't run into. A movie that I'd I'd find to be one of the funniest movies especially you think of Mel Brooks. Tell me about this experience. Viewers I wasn't getting sound on my A the television yesterday Soros I took it off the cable box and just went through Amazon prime and the very first movie that came up was. Blazing saddles yet so I course like I turned an honest to make sure the sound was working or not and yes the sound is working. And you don't get more than 3045 seconds into the movie. When you realize the very first and orders said out of many many times over and over. And I highly comedic way. That you can't help but laugh to me. But I ate you know I'm not offended by that word or anywhere for say that I used in a comedic sense if it's pure rights comedy. Not attacking not sarcastic. But truly comedy. But even that what I would personally ever say in even in the comedic way. But to watch it in a Mel Brooks movie and the way he uses it. I think his brilliant best just might take. Yes and one of the things we're talking about during the break has just how that movie. They made fun of everybody yes and and that's another important part of this it in and all fits under the umbrella of comedy yes. Yes and and and so under that guise then you would say it's acceptable. That movie's acceptable it's company. It's kind of to do so did did this separation and in its time yes. And you couldn't do today and it has that you probably could not probably could that do that now. And that's a very important distinction to make let's go up some calls to talk about this are rich in Duncan good morning. It. Will rule scents like we have a very bad connection Rick. Would you please do us a favor and call back or do wanna hear your comments. So give us a try again and hopefully we get a better connection this time around Joseph in Charlotte good morning. Good morning sir. I can totally agree with you about the comedy piece of comedy has been used over the years. As a way of reflection. And healing for a society. Sort that are very important part of kind of where people could get. Believe the big east central focus so that particular word go. Being on the so called. History going back as far as we can remember. And it is it or one thing that particular order. He is the control. Kate way. Those. Who still hate and hatred ports up. Here we know call bigotry. Discrimination. The investment. And that word. For many decades in the concrete. Look the gate when you were or people being honed in key. Guess what that word is so how will form winning head pointing to his city it. Will the wall or what but dark horse using that word when you have hatred prejudice does in big tree in Indy use that word or 8 PM and wait. Course someone. It's a powerful work hall. Comedians used that word. Well cultures that have been in the media network that were used in certain ways I think the word ugly word. But we need to understand and you in the overall package if he would beat gateway grew to hate it. And I ask you Jody do you think people have any comprehension that I'm talking about just some of the things I saw posted on social media in response to this. He's concerned he joked as I don't think a lot of these people have any empathy what so ever in this area where. But but that you have to understand some different. They met all else but call that he you'll or. Native Americans. Are afraid of Q you wall. And my moccasins union have a book buying and that they need. When you are a doctorate may get to do not understand. It all starts at the kitchen table and what are my children about who they saw. And who opened teach your children about who they are. Good a totally different conversation. Yep. You've hit it out earlier their Joseph that's not very insightful tea always appreciate talked what do you think's a lock your call and yeah this is this is really important and that's my appeal to you. You know in the midst of this discussion we put aside tribalism and whatever else. Devotion to whatever we think is going to quote save America. And take a moment about. What is the real impact. What's the real impact here now again I'm not. Saying there's anything out there if it is. We need to be prepared to take this head on and address it for what idiots. There can be no excuse. None. Let's get your thoughts also coming up. More disturbing revelations. About had a few yet. This story seems to be worse the more we learn about this we'll talk about this much more and teacher calls. And great year. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Oh. And we continue to broadcast we're talking about the use of the UN word and so on the line who've got oil Lee and Charlie good morning. I let them but he looked. A lot of zone trouser is in the context of how you say there's word now let me let me break it down this sort of immigrants alike as. When I was in high school knows the only that England was only one black color holes well and ask why so you can only imagine the treatment went through. And then bill tolerance center who fights. They got to lighten that that's no mean. Because most of these people never releasing the Latino or black or black where anyway. Now in the Latin community. There's a word black is negative you know I. So you talked to about what it is safe hey (%expletive) or you could say but it's it's like saying my friend it's an eight. And still they say it's like saying my friend you know I think what Franken you know whatever. But you can policy is certainly is that or two attacked somebody so it would be a mix made that that song might. I yes I do idea you were talking about. Does become a friend you know again has his policy is the boy in the group whatever. Now they're probably added one struggle and these people in leaders. Be leaders you know upfront. Maybe haven has been this way so. You know back that blows everything out the window then you know why would you even consider Ottawa so volatile little muscle that because. If that indeed act gross. Crater earlier we oral. Yeah I hear just stand there with Leah context is so we important and again when he emphasized destroy we have no indication of Vinny. In the evidence of this being communicated by the president's. It seems like this is just my observation looks like the White House. He is. Preparing people for the possibility. There may be something out there. Let's try to rake in Duncan good morning. A event. Thanks beg my call I don't think it's gonna matter one bit about dot com base. And one bit in the overall polling up trumps. A performance. If AJ comes out but he says BN work some of the I'll laughed are gonna go crazy I'll Limbaugh it's gonna talk about the left heads exploding. Some of the read a prepared to say hey Tate but I'm most of the air I mean the guy. Has called African countries that's all come from country to grab men are women by its genital bide their genitals. You know hot and out and not gonna have any of our. Put people baker committee met many goods based property and score an irregular. Our basis anyway and I'm despite you're passionate plea on how bad a word that it has. Does it trick out he says I don't give a darn what you think I don't think they're gonna care because. And grain and Vietnam. 33%. Of the op population it just it. Matter. I hear what you're saying I and my impression is that concerns you. Yes it does but I think. I think every so often UN doubt. You know learning that we are as far along as we are. Where positive race relations the relations. Without Kirk. Our religion and how we approach those. They agree before you say that. I've got I've got to ask you this question don't you think we made a great deal of progress. And we started going downhill several years ago that this started taking a turn. Well yeah I mean. I think they use started to see a lot of armed visceral hate toward. First black president. Not just because you're a Democrat. But because you're black and he really was factor. All have our car in the first certain. I'm going to be playing golf Thursday night with a group Bob Wright plus guys I'm pretty dirty edit word. Thrown out after the round of golf talk about politics once once or twice happens all the time. Bill just yeah I mean you just. How you respond when you hear that Rick. Well I. It is trying to fatten cattle look. You shake your head and I think the guys that they have this they've noted it's gonna out. Provoke a dot feeling feeling toward. Toward electronic comment but you know you'd you'd just you'd just shake your head and you move on did it just is awarded it. Out there. Ryan Hewitt you're saying their Rick I do appreciate your call. You know and this is what an and I don't subscribe to this conspiracy. Type drinking and and frankly I. I try not to obsess about this because this. I am not one of those people was looking for racist behind every chair. But I know I and I know people like this they're convinced that behind closed doors. They think many are not most white people this is how they talk. I don't happen to believe that but I think this is the narrative out there. And the last thing that needs to be done is to feed this in any way Corey. Good morning welcome to the broadcast. And it has to be patient take tomorrow yes there are agreement that we are rude don't cheer. I don't know what the white people use it or not and privacy that toll on my issue was what it's black girls. In order if only word I don't know. They can mean low one minute and hate didn't it. That is totally my arm bar and to me when are they're eight and not go to. You know born in Arabic. Do candidate he. Did affect the Marvin Friday in Seoul. EU until we decided to detonate it in Beijing their evil spirit of rock archived and our souls. How will you won't use it to work our beaches where anyone out this year around media uses the word. Then I don't see myself as back. I refused to call marshals there in any one hr battery knowledge we air that would not be a bit with any kind of calmed me. They won't even give a response to critics young merely cheats is Eric strategy in response to it I was sitting in the garment if he'd built restore. And aspects mr. Carmen nature. Of people who don't wanna know Lauren. Which he probably had all the right straight eight general kicked out east on a different word college the broker. Trying you know. I don't know one shot open about it. Am I here yeah. Nigeria so much what Torre I so appreciate your call thank you very much we have time for maybe one more before the break Mary good morning. Until wanted to mention I have a friend who went from Nigeria. And he had never heard the word before Rio. And he proceeded when he heard it one day. We was passing by people at a market and they they see her over corridor Gerald what her turn out my back is unknown that is not the word you're looking for a bit neighborhood say I'm from Nigeria and they root. Oh hole and then we. They didn't explain anything in Hebrew word and where it came around yeah. They looked quite boggled well. Good team owner. I don't fully explain where that we were offended by that because why should it be offended if there if there at their ignorance. I was going to help. It didn't think people that's really good merry and and that's you know and that's that's the thing that concerns me thinks left your call. And and I would say this in conversations are there other bright people I've talked with he communicates ignorance that's really wet. That's how comes across the again what you do and how you gauge. The word's use at your own business but. Somebody else uses it you can't be offended. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Second events broke the radio program talking about the use of the inward and getting your thoughts before we move on some BS. One more quick call on the subject Jason welcome sir. They've been paid over two. I'm happy happy with what appears possible I don't really liked it very well our goal that blew out what looked at a chalk. I am still solid wall that Greg I am but I do have a question about the polish you plumbers so all week. Almost their mouth get way better results saying on NBC and quite certain. Although people think voters are you personally that has debunked and and they're going to be seated in all of our principles stories now I'm busy route one jumped including bomb there and if you can't beat Andre getting a target. Others do in about a month ago Obama well he's on the end up. Problematic bolster results there's a lot but why aren't you saw the ball pretty hard for money but that was upper. Oh no it's you know and and I've made that very clear from the beginning I'm certainly not a fan of this woman and speak what's crazy about this. It I was listening to a commentator talk about this. How much. The president profusely praise this woman. Just months ago as being such a wonderful person and all of a sudden now she's a dog. And although. We are hard. Yeah I've gone through an Obama that he's error probably you. It's it's here's what's amazing about this entire circus is really unfortunate and again it dead and here's where I have to raise the question. Again you have to question the president's own judgment did we not hear he was only going to choose the best people. Would you take Amoroso was one of the best people to have been chosen. I mean yes side thanks a lot for your colleague your Jason. That's part of what's frustrating about this entire spectacle. Lift squat to gas to Korea and rob good morning rob. Very good morning bear some doing RM always come. How much of Al born in 1950. Than the so well so I grew up in the race sesame solid every day that didn't realize well silly and then it has to be honest you know we've got Robert director said the wrestler would become United States at this same bit we're letting Woertz. Just make this burn way too many galleries we need to need to get away from thereby giving their feelings hurt. Ignorance is everywhere it's been everywhere is going to be everywhere and that's suppressed exist so we do it agro president said the in the each cell and there. Nick brought nick Rowe was commonly used and was not offensive to anybody else what you wanted to show you ignorance and I know. Redneck is a new era youth and also work well are they negro the our neighbors ER. And the Ellen that's where this all of them will work has come from in my opinion I saw us I grew up with a all around. Now what we sure reaction and even now. When you see this do you have any empathy understanding. Of how this can be extremely offensive to someone. Well I certainly seeing embers again it's it's. People show there ignorance many ways. Every day and then just got to get what got a mobile. Some of it bodes well with Blackburn to be yet more presidential whatever that might mean I don't know what that is clicking but I. I know it when I don't see it with photos that you. And I am I'm millions. Justify the means by a vote my age now so really and then thanked her saying they're doing better in the economy. Well there will be short alive or not. We will we will leave I think we need to do not take advantage of but the direction over the London. Where actually India. Be more cordial and let similar. More civil. I think would be a good words that. Every and not think some of the things that he does are taken wait for harder. And they should they only put pulse beat Donald Trott and then there's so much fuel up their approach it both don't have anything to do that the haters. That that doesn't do anybody. I'm gonna ask you this question rob because in the past two years I've been seeing and hearing a lot of rumblings of concern that we can be heading with the racial tension out there. Toward a place where we might have an outright racial. Unrest that would develop even a race war I mean that phrase has been used how concerned are you that we can end up there. I think it's been very much a possibility if we if we thank anybody thinks it's it's not as it is there's a pool. And that's why we have to work old. Being brotherly to each other brits are closest being bell and I broke the so now I didn't go to school with a black person and so trials. I guess it was a junior and Haas school. Longtime best my best friends my best friend in college so I like football and my best friends. My freshman the oil my whole time and in school or work but our gas from upstate New York. I got along better than with him then and always but actually it come from oh down and cell door so but. In that way you know it knows that might be its. Margaret Jean had his best you know judge the judge began about there. Content of character not color scan your you're actually right robbed a great contribution to the broadcast today thinks a lot fewer call on. Yet about a minute to John now what are your final but here. They've been. I Pataki. Certain as well you know you know. Although like I. Can in my life. And I mean every 20 wonderful beautiful black woman. The reverend Billy. Wilder barely. And just you know they were about Q and shook their would be reluctant. Just knew my brother and Lauren but it was black friends. In the troll around the N word. Like. Well like I can't understand. You know you know I'd I would edit take on the side missions to let you know. It's forward amateur and word there how can you expect anyone to respect you when when you don't respect yourself. Oh my goodness how what was the brief reaction that. We need so like Derek Lowe wouldn't. Again and I'm glad you brought this up that's really interesting though. Well to turn that went around. We are gonna move on some other things this story about pedophile priests this story. He is not quite disturbing we'll delve into it coming our number two. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so the liberty. Advances of fits Coakley radio program. However two of our broadcast still have a. Gonna cover this pedophile priest story which. You know it's it's kind of interest in you Burma with the first wave of the story happened I think what he is back in the eighties. When we started learning a lot about this and it seems like. I don't know what. I'm not sure that anything of substance it's really been addressed. Which is something we will talk about coming up hot for some reason. This subject we've been talking about the N word is really generated a lot of interest. And we got some people still wanting to talk about it so your host who graciously receive your calls beginning in Moore's tour with Sylvia good morning. Oh hi there this I think that this that the first time I have. Ever called her a radio show's wonderful welcome and I was driving at there and I just I don't know where to start. I grew up in the I went to college in Ohio and I lived in north. In Michigan for thirty years has not been Baghdad here what if I. And you made this statement. Then I felt that I act will agree that you felt we were over this years ago. You know. That 810 years ago I I felt we were we were actually. You know it didn't realize that we all want an end and suddenly they. What we're talking about. The enmity that made a bit actually might send it just. It is it's hard to. Understand. Where do you think this started do you think you have. A sense of when this started to shift again. You know I I can simply say I used to be a Democrat I grew up and that ballot they. Pat and I Democrat in fact I was even accused of being you know of pretty hard this girl back in the street yeah. And that of all that the the people that I had been out of black out a bit of backpack there I felt very quietly very question about it. But that he turned me into a gradually and my he. It did just that they disobeyed that. They're conservative and their growth. You know what these what they stand for and I'd play I did not know it a it racists. I'm I do not have anybody that I know I have brand who is. Who would dare say that his mother made and it anyone's said that Curley I would say shame on you. The very idea what you know and I would speak I think I I did not hear that word. I am just that doubted that our country is just add that we're at age so that's wrote that this then and it's. And I'm I'm definitely with you all us Soviets been great talk with a I have to ask one more thing about your transition. Is there any one issue particularly because you'd have reject. Liberalism in the Democrat party. I tell you it was built then cook. I have that the first the first time you would. Elected I was quoted in that interpret prince salad for him and right at that time as early as well yes he had big limb and word. You know avid hockey let's say did does that really impact his. His work as president. And then the second parent came around and I went apparently looked good in the meantime man. And when he hit well as the meaning that it this has to eat and he can. The bad. And there that that is exactly what got me and I thought this man yeah it is I I can't believe him and I read it and because they're good to have a a bad rap. I mean I just say it has been about this and I. Why in the world are we even talking about. That the racial difference the answer is you face an annualized income this year and I could talk forever. And in the web went up my phone call in and I and he said he what you want to talk on that in order at that yes yes. And I can't believe I'm on an ad I get taken them driving along I'm at home now. I thought oh my goodness I don't know what to say this so do you really saying. I don't know no one. No I hit it on my serve closer I don't know who worked through all these people are divided by yourself and I get in the Detroit area. I think as I don't know maybe they either that allowed the loud mouths. He's he's he's the paper that says are kind people and oh I act and on those. I understand what you're saying is that an honor to talk to you a Sylvia I do appreciate your call on your kind words today do Cole again let do. Talk with you in the future well that was are quite uninteresting conversation. Robert out of Lee continued morning. Your mortgage segment Greg Burke called duplicate what they got lucky guys go to that. What life but there is you know actually I grew up in Brooklyn. And I spent a quarter because they're reference to a black neighborhoods. And let me say at every stage it is challenging to break carrier Irish German. Ecuador and I just was linked the group radically. Left so are other learned how to fight ever start fighting back. And before you go everywhere which but we're being in the neighborhood because it figured at that at this. You know PW prepared I was for it. They're that's what great cola whereas people rich than. You know in my whole life. I've never has been registered I grew up with black family members. My old school forget. Heal the nation and all that we all interact. Who Allegra vote black who's where or native of Puerto Rico so. Will we ever corporate debt. The pilot of the deliver value in the South Carolina died because that would afford everything. I hear it's just saying Revver tape and I appreciate your calling your perspective let's quickly. They're allowed to marked years before we go to break good morning mark. There are event are you rights. That our job chuckle just a little bit of that earlier last caller he is dork stick in it is. Again that that adult because white male myself as a derogatory yes CD is powered them never call him back. But yet he used the so comfortably because he he recognizes himself for that. And there. And but they might well. A broad road to clarify that he recognizes that's how. He has been referred to in the past that's important distinction go ahead. Yes yet as so much story guys are back in the senate great here here in Charlotte. Ten years that I remember I had I had yeah black friends on the playground and and they were all due back in the end alerted by an eye shadow that one point. Again being white. And they they were nice let you know you can't do that. And I civil. Why not EU two you know that the Carly chartered. Right but but you can't do that yet and solid right back in union and then perhaps and I heard. Do you just a couple of years ago I was getting my associates degree in hours at bat around the age of thirty. And setting in now I epics collapsed. We have the same conversation with some what you know what some other. I don't know people cultures and and that brought bad happens I go asset well that's just a cultural thing you wouldn't understand. He actually. But dilute your culture not like that. And absurd if it's sort of a wide open abolishing the I don't page 11 of them that hole should take it upon themselves to do away with it. Instead of just pointing the finger and saying why are white people you just yet I know I love that it's a they took that clips of the English should start with during the course. Yes yes man you're you're talking my language. That's a good place to start to get rid of it ourselves not use it among each other. We're both probably gonna take possibly want more on this and move up and who they're really have been some really. It's interesting dimensions of this discussion throughout today and I think that's good this is it's the out one another part that makes such a big difference here. Let's keep this conversation going to stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Hey Vince here to tell you about old. You know we had some great conversation on the issue of race sandy in words and really take one more call this also the text line. But lookup parts the conversation Vince here's my country should not make it very clear to my black friends that word is not to be used in my presence yes I'm white but I tell them. You might be comfortable using it amongst yourselves but I don't even want to be around to it ever. Wow that's interest and Gerri good morning welcome. Very literate America meant they had reported them you know black bear I Purdue we're all hot and in my family. Oh rob all your media you know it's better than ever. Home. I'll work around and meet ya got me break it. But the majority of the twenty something you know their early thirty something black men that you felt were you know every other senator. They use to describe. People don't get her ready it is that it really matters is sort of term of their. On the doesn't really bother me or fail that when he made among. Some of the other than the members of a lot about human resource already eaten something hit an opponent coming really bothered me you know our. I really wanted to crack somebody said earlier I revealed that the money out there and you see it felt really millions. And you know I've never understood about something you shall there is someone that would definitely say it. Unit within I eat out exactly what you thought ma welcome you. No easy if you think. They can look up well off you know and I'll look like that they're creative like you know our anger of the if you've orchestrated plot and I think you'd get by. Again dictating our record all my life and related. I think he's a look at army if your pocket. And no one ever really created the meeting that in many ways but I have heard it. A hooker prop them up or more livable planet you know make a joke or whatnot and you always want what they did it would mean well. We'll be ready this guy you look them up or honorable black or something like that you I've. They would never go miner like that it was always my. The rule shall call me old phrase about be worked out so to speak you know I'm tired yet. I thought government so that he's a great day and alma WVU I mean yeah okay. Hey thanks very much get to hear from you there Gerri it. So we also have this Vince you know and so when he gets trump like LeBron James saying trump was divisive trumpets back twice to starboard trump resorts do. Is personal attacks and mudslinging. I think from validates what LeBron said. He's very divisive and is very thin skin. That's how this comes across. I wanna go through a sharp turn here about something that set me in this. This sends chills down my spine to the Drudge headlines on this Metafile priest story. 300. Predator priest named in grand jury sex abuse report three. Hundreds of what you think about this for a moment. What in the world is going on where do you find 300. Pedophile priests. I mean. They were reaping little boys and girls. More than 1000. Victims. Shelley. The country. Or shy away. Has asked the Vatican for information on cases. This story. Dateline out of Pittsburgh long awaited grand jury state grand jury report and the sexual abuse in six Pennsylvania diocese. Six of them. Including Pittsburgh greens berg. 884. Page document two years in the making. Here's what it says today the most comprehensive report and child sexual abuse within the church ever produced in our country. Pennsylvania's can finally learn the extent of sexual abuse knees. Diocese. The first time we all begin to understand the systematic cover by church leaders that followed the abuse scarred every diocese. To cover up sophisticated the church protected. The institution. At all costs can I remind you something and I know this is offensive to some people. But I think this is another reminder Jesus did not start in institution. Never. I know their and I think it's courteous some of these stories have been circulating in people claiming. They can go all the way back to appear or whomever. It's nonsense. There's no such structure amidst tight has any foundation in scripture earth history. This is not a political organization it's not a corporation sent a 513 C. God's church is organic it's relational. It's not a top down organization. In its wind this got started. That it opened the door for this. As the only way this happens. Only way this happens. Because if you have the one another context that I described you earlier in this broadcast. This kind of thing cannot go on and if it happens it can't continue for long. This idea of assigning people and reassigning people. See if if things are based on relationship this doesn't happen this does not prosper. But unfortunately. This. Is a situation that is. Has been bound to have to. Here's the statement for the grand jury we the members this grand jury need you to hear this we know some view it. Have heard some of their before they have been other reports about child sex abuse in the Catholic Church never on the scale for many of us. Those earlier stories happen someplace else someplace away. Now we know the truth it happens. Everywhere. Everywhere. This report sites you've 301. Priest. Clergy and lay leaders with credible allegations against the 99. In the diocese of Pittsburgh reload 99. Of those 99 a group before groomed and violently sexually assaulted young boys. One boy forced to stand on a bed in the rectory strip naked and pose this Christ on the cross for the priests they took photos of their victims. Adding them to a collection of child porn which they produced in shared on church grounds. This is so screwed up stuff. How does this happen by the way. It happens again. In an atmosphere out hierarchy and secrecy. And lest anybody think that you know my comments are simply anti Catholic. They let me just be very clear their anti institutional. Because institutions breed this kind of control and abuse. And I know not everybody's guilty of abuse. The atmosphere that is created. By these kinds of set ups. Top down management. It always opens up the door for abuse. One of the people involved in this report said that the priest would mark their victims by giving them gifts. To make it easier to target their victims of priest gave their favorite boys gifts. Gold crosses to worst necklaces. Crosses were markings which boys had been groomed for abuse. The report says all victims were brushed aside in every part of the state by church leaders who preferred to protect the abusers. And their institution above all. The main thing was that to help the children but to avoid scandal. Priests were reaping little boys and girls the men of god and I would definitely put that in quotes. Who are responsible for them not only did nothing they hit it at all. It administrators including the bishops. And knowledge of this conduct. And yet priests were regularly placed in ministry after the diocese was on notice a complained of child sexual abuse had been made the conduct. Enabled offenders and endangered the welfare of children. And there's also an aspect of this. That's unfortunately. Manifest in a corruption of law enforcement we're gonna share this is well. I want to hear your thoughts about this especially don't hear from those of you who are Catholic. And you may have thought you know this was dealt with back in the eighties what in the world's going on here we'd love to get your thoughts as well. This is this Coakley radio program. So we started talking about this grand jury report and Pennsylvania. About sexual abuse three. 101. Predator priests. Names. In this sex abuse report. They were allegedly reaping little boys and girls. There's also the corruption of law enforcement. In addition the report says administrators and bishops often dissuaded victims from reporting abuse to police pressured law enforcement to terminate. Or afford an investigation. Or conducted their own deficient biased investigations. About reporting crimes against children to the proper authorities. My goodness. Above all else they protected their institution at. Ball crosses. Downright evil. Downright evil. Gonna get your thoughts on this ends you know again I. I think a lot of people thought this was dealt with years ago. And apparently this problem has lingered. Let's get some perspective here from Jeff out of Concord welcome. While a thank you bears enjoy your show. Actually a from a small town in Pennsylvania actually wit you goal with one of these priests to being indicted. Real. Yes they use a couple of years older than I am he's now retired. Its stake in. The incidents started back in the early nineties. To miss. And it is here now you know coming to light years I guess that he's retired EBI. About sixty or sixty. Says it's just now coming to light in your saying about. The police. Corruption law whether it. This particular instance deep freeze owned a cutting cabinet as Torre used taking. The young man. He happened over in the range ever and look based state trooper. I own now. Ended these state trooper it was stated that this didn't hit the ball record they can be found it was you know published in the local newspaper it was. Report so her release from the back at the bet the into the that title on the the property it would there was an amendment in there that if anything ever came out or anything happened queue damn. There wasn't right that the property was supposed is part of the property was supposed to go back to the state trooper. Now if you have something like bad stated in the title what their current hour. You know make all our goal office to contribute somewhat on here. Very strange there's no question about that Jeff. I just see you I would soon know somebody who may have been caught up in this thing. Actually. I don't know any of the young men that might have be okay he is. Do you then need charity is out of the Erie diocese but he was not. Directly in the town where I grew up venue has been some. Other areas caused by actually. Wall was that a college. Use the the great city a college not far from you know. Where we grew up in. It just it is just them what I read it. My sister senator Lisa that you're not globally this thing OG that made a link there that I'll look it up or at all this stuff. And I I call the real good friend of mine and they had been older boys together or any just just couldn't believe it. How my goodness all of from your perspective what's the solution to this. I honestly don't know indicated and I grew up in you know it was probably 5050 year either Catholic or you're products. And when I was young you're always kind of thought the believe that it Greece were. You know that are there the Catholic Church autonomy you'd bank picked the trees are all higher. On the the total all of our religion because of you know everything they gave out and everything they did you know that. There are more. Polling more religious then you know the other religions and yes they all listed going on and it's just it's sick thing. I mean played I mean I don't know what the edge routes would be I mean I think it's horrible that the church. Ginn go all these years and and do nothing about it in just you know I mean they've got all this started document all the they have all these documents that the fact that these have. But they've done nothing about I just. I I don't understand it but you're still don't understand. I think cure not alone in your are concerned you've expressed here. Describe to Bob in Charlotte good morning. I'm good morning to go I'm an old book in my library. What you letters are written over the western belt you're by various things people. One of them though what are the Charlotte and what are we going to work. And he writes I looked at church and it is one paragraph Kurt L bed. Can't come our ears that there be perversion in the preacher. We're going to be my year's not out here not here it is again. Big talker 12100. Years ago. Hanging. Written on it enterprise Syria. And you know does pictures of the questions is immediately racist for me. Does this not really challenge the whole idea at the very core. Of celibacy. I log a lot of it has become legal in your height. Yes I am and that's what I think has seen his sister concern here that. You and you know especially when you've today it's the perfect place to do list. And as as a diabolical as that sounds. This is the perfect place to hide it appreciate your call their Bob. Let's try Paula as well out of Denver good morning pollen. All are using air here can you hear me I judge you now I man com. I don't get that Hillary ran dirt that is they had all should be prosecuted. But. That. I'm wondering. If the cap or what ever uncle Al the creek to get married that may be but there were to happen. Yeah I see in this that's exactly what I was I was raising this question. I do wanna go there there there's actually in scripture where it talks about the last days. It talks about seducing spirits. Teaching. You know compelling people to teach false doctrines and won praise is it says is forbidding to marry. And I it's really interesting. That this. You know this wonderful institution of marriage which is a picture of Christ's relationship with the church. This would be rejected. For the most important each you know. I had a really opens up the door for you know and and and my and my dad used to say it is growing up if you don't have a healthy outlet. First sex. There's going to be an unhealthy outlet somewhere. Now they do it's it's a good point you raise there appreciate your call Paula Mae and we've got them phones lit up with this subject now I mean it's. Is a hot topic for. Understandable reasons and I I know people are very close to me who have. Experience not not so much in the church. But I just in general. Issues of molestation and sexual abuse. And the implications of this are so far reaching and again we just don't have any idea that. Depth of suffering and pain. These children have gone through that they won't carry with them for decades really the rest of their lives. I will take more of your calls as we continue to broadcast and. Were tied to let these latest. Revelations of sexual. Predation on children. Boys and girls on the Tex I'm older friend here this is where we are our civilization when a pedophile can continue to prey on innocent victims. Were someone that leaves a dog locked in a car is prosecuted to the maximum extent. Yes I hear this all the time. There it seems like we're more concerned about animals than we are people. And a lot of times this really is true. Man's heart is corrupted hence the need for helping savior Jesus amen. I truly believe that that's a very sophisticated child sex ring exists powerful people grow and wealth and political power from it. Believing section of the Catholic Church have been involved it's not far fetched. I wouldn't be surprised if they're from every walk of life another and just so you were clear on this and understand. I don't think this is isolated in the Catholic Church I know it's not isolated there. There are other churches were the same kinds of issues and again. What is the visceral reaction we've got to defend the institution and its reputation. At all costs. So can we just can't keep this quiet. It would hurt our reputation. I love this when religion is a manmade. Thing. Therefore subject to corruption true christianity is the way of a father with his children. While that's probably my favorite text of today. I was really strict Catholic had to go to confession every week to tell another man my sins at ten. Fourteen my sins. We're. I use lord's name in vain I lied to my parents in my sister all pale in comparison to what's going on the church and fortunately. The great have to face their demons when they pass. Feel sorry for these priests deceiving their children in the way they do. But I feel even worse for the victims these young men trusted. Would love in the light of the lord I'm no longer a practicing Catholic. Well. Taking your calls getting Europe Dodson perspectives on these new revelations ascribe to and in clover good morning. Good morning time I let it show thank you I was calling did you last caller I said I wonder marriage without I don't think. Marriage changes the brain of an individual. I don't take marriage would say it's this from happening I look at all the I'd gym teacher restored. I mean some of them are married and look at that Olympic. She thinks somebody's had a file their had a file period. Yeah yeah I don't think marriage is definitely a mile and that has nothing to do with what's going on this this just to something that. Is coming out warm warm more. And it came out went back in the eighties terror seems. Before then it's and then it died off but now it's coming back out again I don't think it was done went. There was never addressed idea I think that's when it comes down to the fundamental problems have not been addressed here's are you Catholic by chance yeah. Here's one of my questions. And end and I know this this kind of goes against the grain of the higher coal mentality of a lot of people have. One to people put a stop to this and say we're not gonna funds. What you are continuing to do unless there's massive resignations. And I mean from the top. There are bits since Saturday. I mean I'd be more upset that my son job is to ours are pretty stand we'll let you know working again. I mean I want to be male open and doing what they're pretty. Well I I think you're talking about many cases their children it's not like that very minute it needs to give consent and that it's abuse so. Oh we end and that's my question for you what is your responsibility. As a as a Catholic. Well I just I'd just let my check a child do all this services so I know I think as a Catholic gate to go to the hot. Hierarchy I'm seeing it reach out to. First. I would wonder why preach that god is totally go somewhere with them or whatever I want my my children go anywhere with the priests. Give it I tell you that cabin story really creeped me out earlier I appreciate your call there and yeah that's me and that just really. Was very messed up gene now what are your thoughts you share. Well I'm gonna put together everything I've heard if you don't mind sort of synopsis. And quickly went 6201. Race here Roman Catholic and a quarter recommend to government Catholics that gut. Paula spirit told people wanted to go about Jesus and the and the secretary god I had delivery charge because you're Catholic order is to the poll. And knocked to the Christ so that objects or theological debate. Actually. What would ship you know this is pervasive throughout our culture they're huge you made reference to that every institution. Has this problem. Marriage as the woman should report not gonna solve the problem and start all over there it's actually committed what are you were discussed this as part of filed. Eight journal I do and yet to avoid going to work homosexuality. The actual practice and you and the engagement behavior of homosexual vote. Both men hit long location and sodomized. You know we've we've got a big movement here in America LG BK your world and I don't accept that there were locked me up. This is no problems we've got to look at Laura Lugo on the way using. That's seats were dead silent war and regard your daughter and tomorrow what you're gonna go to America we've we've got to run energy and I do appreciate your call on I think the point you're making is. The issue of homosexuality has not been properly addressed. As it's in this context it seems like they've tried to ignore this for a long long time. I'm Mary looks like QB our last color out of mores Phil got about thirty seconds. Then you're right about Peter and thanks to catch straight beat me at. They don't have an experienced tester at all. Wow. Well I hate the sad thing about this as I think you can do that. You know physically. And still have a problem if they've been vibe I understand correctly I think there's also chemical things he can be done. I'm thinking and you're still talking about dealing with the symptoms rather than the hearts. I'm sure have to address this at some other point in time that. Pray for these victims because they continue to be effective no matter what happens here are so great today. This is still this Coakley radio program.