What Makes Real Estate The Ideal Investment

Kandas and Larry discuss why real estate is the ideal investment and answers to listener questions.


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Welcome to brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous for the next hour best selling real estate investing up there Larry Jones and co host Kansas. We'll show you the many ways realistic briefly ideal investment. Where they want to flip houses or become a passive investor making double digit returns while others do all the work. You'll learn how here on bright radio leading the world to be rich and generous you write your host Larry and canvass. Hey Dylan. The Laredo and then. Excellent excellent you happy Saturday afternoon. Tonight at. You can't unplanned. Do you think that's so weird sometimes with things appreciated and I haven't been. So thanks for tuning in to brag radio what was brag about what you know we get people dialed up brag about how quickly show brag radio. Decent guy I can just turn it in you know. Really don't even know what it is that you turn into I admire your imminent has thrown out. Four times to element. Drag is an acronym for our company it is you'd be rich in and we we won iron into Israel's they you can become rich I every once in. We get teach you with real estate. And show you been successful for us and even at that ultimately pollen infused ours stay and can't afford it now and then. He makes the taste of success elements we. We do that with real estate and then you know I spend some money and new lives we asked that Abidjan or incurred and with your blessing of time in mind there offers. Absolutely and. And yes and I think that was great that lot on their agreement we wanna encourage people to go out and make some money and then go out and and donate time you know I money. Give it away if away in the. Make giving it away. If a way different way giveaway understanding that that you know we give people that look people comment means they allowed just. I haven't been able to start bragging Indiana have been able to give it Weller will have even that don't buy an excellent you haven't been able to do and even neighbors and my comment you're handling. And we've been able to. And goes to your daughter's recital and you're able to before had he been able to come home have dinner with your am and where you're able to before in your tag team. A job that had you worked at sixteen. Hours a day sometimes. Regardless time and money both are very valuable and especially to the people that love you. That's absolutely true and listen I don't care. Where you are in your financial. Career Horry in your financial situation. Everybody. Can help somebody. Nobody can help everybody Horry but some but I learned a long time ago nobody can help everybody. But everybody. Can help some. And what you think right now I don't care if you're driving. Or your whole world whatever orchard at The Who is they somebody. That you can help that you could be rich and generously. I don't care if it's taken them a meal I don't care if it's. Called home and give them some words of encouragement or whatever it is to be generous with other people and that's novel about you you know the money's great. We we'd do a lot of real estate deals and have a lot of money come in the in the end and have been doing this for a long time but remember. Money is just pool. It's a tool that gives you the freedom to spin your. The way you'll suspend right. And I mean money can buy you house. But he can you do hole right. If that's true. In Ebert didn't even hear. And remember this but my. Money. Can buy you a Rolex. But it can't give you one more second your owner's okay. And money can pay your medical bills but he can't give you good help. Me so take care of yourself. And I remember Jim Rome used to say if you haven't heard of general he passed away in 2000 but he was known as the father of philosophy motivational guy alone. I love this guy you know. He used as you know he used to say people would say I'll take your view if you take care of me he's just know they can at all Rome. I'll take care of me for you. If you'll take your view. For me. Look at just look at just Britain and now. It's been a lot of good stuff right there you sound stuff skimming off bop back and boxes though and agents found one more thing almost say this woman or they don't say about that. I talked about the how's the Holm. The health in the medical bills. And the Rolex and the time that the last thing money can buy you cross but he can't even sell. So pregnant very particular we have gathered here. Could. Today we would talk about him what makes those ADI. Deal and that we did iron three day event last week in. And you used acronym I deal knowing talked about it on the show before you have a few my listeners now and we had. In the past. Couple more up at a mark and in and out violence so you know I'm I'm on them. And an idea that I am. But are those family members old enough to even understand yet ain't it's not like easy to select cousins make their kids sit around listen to radio is. No but it is cousins that. Are actually in real estate he had a set of cousins on in his life mid back up here for senate cousins we'll does that. Apple and life. They move back up here from Florida and down they were investing down there. So. They're now coming back appearing gonna start against just talking to them about. The show and well we do and stuff like that so hopefully they pop down. Yeah we are. And so what do we got world today ideal ideal. Really ideal and ethnic like you got sample pack and this iconoclastic. Is that it is when guys that aren't and Chad Chad as the admit what is that word your. I. I guess puzzling agony is Larry that you are right he has the wordsmith he is in radio. After all here when you natured and added that. Yet and he slowly got it and market. That's funny. So Candace tell us how Israel's Libya deal about that's what I mean I knew it out playing. America. The so to teach their. I. I'm gonna learn you know right now we're gonna have to come what I hear from you and that's really as a leader there who had and that is exactly right now in fact that the Stuart it's like earlier that earlier today. How is violence londoners went Anthony. Allen on balance of the year talk in nearly eaten me nor. Did I let them yet is that it out loud to the hard way that tour record that they can eat that that act in the 9. O'clock. Anyway really as the ad deal and that's okay rules that is do the best I learned this. Long long long time ago candidate you can help a lot of people talking about to a I. Wish easy not that old pace in the so. I learned this a long long time ago that rules state is what's called an ideal investment all right. And the reason I'm dealers investment is every letter in odd deal okay he stands for a benefit. And advantage. Of real state because let's face it guys there's real state. And there's everything I did you know elite class of there is there's rules you listen I used invest in the stock market had mutual funds. I had you know 41 K stuff before it can turn into 101 okay. You know really meant that you mention them out every week. I am I used to be not anymore but that's seeing them realized is. I do not want to put my money in the thing I can control. When I know when I'll learn. When I'll learn at least learn okay. When I got me some learn and. Really believe that the get a break. We are about to have to go to a break. See that's what you get for talking about two senate cousins I. Cook. Good for all not all. So you know I learned a long time ago that I did not want to invest in anything that I could not control or right. I'll will be in control how me people to be control rationing. The limitation of it. At a live or raise their hand and adjacent if you will raise your hand about that you're gonna lie about other stuff too okay look at yourself cook so. Listen we're gonna go to a break all right and when we come back I'm gonna go through every single thing a while rules state is the ideal investment and how you can control. And it's there's nothing better than real state all right nothing better than rules that however if you wanna get. Get a three investors can call me she. And it's 77 Larry go give may see a call asking if you set up for an office tour did these digital investor is sent out CEO. Come out fresh off thirty the physical enough. Give registered for our next Charlotte event or any the other ones that are coming up around the country 877 Larry go. Bring him back. Brag radio here. Wondering right. You know lack of where we are one million prize went Gloria Allred the WPP. Radius they. I like it states that are flagged ships they throw from the bride radio network broadcasting live from one duly impressed. But there is a plug for this station okay. And you think Alice sticking emerged over the the two avidly and studio. But sad that can throw it because of premises domain that this is it is a very little room. Very small my cousin and I stand up. Not acted and after. Anyway so we were gonna tell them why real thing is ideal investment and we need to do is we did not do it at all in the first thing. You know. There's a lot of people out there contemplating real state or duke or won't get to one of my franchise store we'll start a business. And you know that they say 90% of all businesses fail within the first one to three years and that's what franchises are so popular. But you know there's so many different things you can do with rule states. And so many ways that rules state has advantages. Okay what's on the. Yes can you can we'll tell you now. That AI LL look. And in and have written to take them to write this. Not all okay I'm means income. Of stand for income rules state. Gives you income and it could be in the form. Whether you're buying and sell and in generating. You know business income ordinary income undermine the cylinder holes cellular dealer or you don't fix it flip your dealer. Here buying and selling you know. No different than an owner and can be in the store grocery store shall elect that you can also do like this it fix it flips you could also. You could only rental property a right. You could you could have properties in your rent them out you can do lease options. Where you buy a property in news in new lease option and then a couple of years down the road the person that's alone pays you off so than you have a big payday right. You seller financing to buy property. And sell with the oil refiners in the first three to six times what you pay for which is one of the things we teach you. And there's a CD and there are dvd in there in the investors can you can come by the office and yet it's gonna explain them model. I called model filthy riches. And you can also. You can also loaned money. You could be a private money lender he could be hard money lender. You can make short term will long term will you can earn anywhere from six to the 60%. Or more. Okay being a private money lenders to stupid and off if you just wanna cut a check in get a return. You know you're probably gonna get about six A may be as much as 10%. But if you want to buy up property that's a little over five minutes and about property at wholesale. And then find it's that transaction which is one of those things we show you how to do. And you know economic ally baker greater return we've got anywhere from. Thirteen 75 to 31%. Return lending money. That greater war. That's right and I think and we can show you how to do that income could be quick cash or cash or common ancient. Yeah it could be properties or notes orders are so many ways to get an income. I'm a real state you could do options a little state. You go get a property under option to buy for say 40000 dollars in the and you go find a buyer that'll pay you 50000 exercise your option and you sell it. And there's no risk involved he might have paid a hundred dollars for that option. Such great report campus yeah I. Custody. Yes can have this we'll explain it now. Well I'm only two more secondly we've got to think. They're. He stands for depreciation. Okay. Depreciation. When you owned real state all right as an investment. Like you're buying a property you lease that out or use your landlord. You have a tent area at least optioned buyer or whatever with a residential commercial whatever. There is a tax advantaged called depreciation. The IRS says you can do appreciate that asset over the life of the yes and it's different whether it's residential or commercial or. So every year. You get a deduction. On your tax return so literally I know people that own enough real state that's their only income. And they make a lot of money I mentioned one album last week on the show. That they said to have more money than deliver spin it all they do is have investment properties. And they pay zero taxes legally okay that's because real state offers. One of the work of the deal one of the things that makes him ideal investment is depreciation. So you can appreciate that and that comes as a deduction only your tax return now we can go a little bit deeper. You know and say there's different forms of depreciation. There's straight line and there's accelerated depreciation. And there's also what's called cost segregation. All right. Call segregation. And where you can actually another word for that is component to this which is a word candles. Component has island in question. The ash did you know that tabbed influential and so now and I watch for his use you can put eyes on anything I. Or did some good bleary eyes. And mark if at all. I'd like that ruled out the good rule right there and you can also put its own anything you write the. On eat. It up okay so. But limit let me finish up one little quick thing about depreciation and got the great thing about it is you can take accelerated depreciation and component ties an entire house. And you can write off the house at different. At different terms. And get accelerated depreciation when you get a lot more deductions in years that you have a lot more income. All right so I mean like you can you can separate out the carpet. Do you know. The windows the doors the landscape being the wiring the plumbing and these different things the roof they're depreciated at different rates so you can component ties. House. And at that shall than I mean it's not for the brand new investor unity need. You need to talk to somebody that knows what they're doing like I sell for somebody else and. And get really gets EPA exactly unions and we elect them recommendation to do we check in you know reason what is that you can the real estate. CPA. Money and not they both looked at it in the back I don't know what. It is. The ease stands for equity built. Okay. Even if you buy a property. A right and you get a little moment you know use the leverage even if you buy property and it'll. Right. Guess who's making your mortgage payment for you who do you think is doing that Candace. Who's making your mortgage payment when you buy up property patriotism put a phone that. Check on. Me recordings. Of your mind. That at the slow. Rate anyway so why do you think. You have equity build who's making their mortgage payment for. You mean. And that's the tends. So when you've got property into that whole scenario and Acura. Hero eats at making mortgage payment I had no idea we bought a house in Brandon and I could say. So the third when that deal is equity built up. And when you buy a property even if you leverage that property and you get a little moment yeah your Tenet is make in the payment. Every single mom okay. You're ten and his make of that payment they're paying you likes say they pay you 800 dollars a month maybe your mortgage payment is 500 a month. We got another hundred a month for taxes and in church you have 200 dollars a month cash flow. Plus she get the depreciation. So which is gonna show earlier that 200 dollars a month for 2400. Dollars. For me I am and for the year so you know you end up paying no taxes owner it is well right right. Exactly so that's three in deal income. Depreciation. And equity buildup out of Italy down did have to do it build. Well it gives you equity build up you know is just a good way to put it August's. Like that but guys. We've got two more to go home come back we'll tell you about those but I want you to culmination. Get a copy of the investor's kit there's stuff in there about using your. About doing a filthy rich is mum about the rules state they try to come to our office take a tour it's a big old bag full of stuff. He comment yet you give them back Willis that the silverback right now we're gonna change that anyway. Cut give Macy 877 Larry go an unscheduled off this sort of committing the physical kid that's the only way you're gonna get it Donny and navigators and it's yet. If you wanna sit team that is going to be the digital version to get healthy with either that. And ask you about earn our upcoming three day events around the country gets it up from one of those we'll be right back. Should welcome back to brag radio. We had a couple more things here about ideal. Investment real thing as the ideal investment. Absolutely not try to make fairly covers both problems in this segment of nickel sometimes it takes we will welcome color display. Where you like this plane hit the thing is spinning and it also makes huge faces world somewhere or. You know that's that's audience and we got to be on time for the work that goes on who haven't read a list kind attention deficit. Motion anger and on the we've got to finish on time because it got sobering incidents. Oh my gosh is that Sabrina that just literally just got our course like a month ago and she's already done three deals it. While. She can she's gonna show you how to get your train and for free to write. How to get your free at him acacia. I see earth so it. As yet ill incumbent. Is in the is depreciation. A is appreciate oh. Yeah and a pretty decent. AA and the guy and spinning it and you heard it and I'm refusing to diapers that they eat but that day. Dimple. Dimple. Appreciation appreciation. Appreciate you know Coca-Cola made that that you do. If you can't take the time of the day I appreciate you and all you got is appreciate it and don't think it. Anybody out there just don't know it is not. I even in the day black right. And it's a push that's it thanks for. So anyway okay ace stands for our appreciation. Right. So when you buy a property just like you might buy stocks opened its gonna go up and go down but the way wheat teach you how to do it. You're gonna buy at a discount anyway and I'm holding my hands up in front of me. You know level flat okay. I've got worn out it's a lot of agony and I've got one real it is higher than the other so if if the hand that tire is the retail price were always behind and below right. We're buying it. You know 706050. Sometimes forty or 30% below list price right so. You know we can probably and another one no right to figure out how to work that though that we always by the deep to scale okay. I can't figure out how to do that he could stand for depreciation and the scale. Anyway so were always I didn't use them. But. A beautiful DL. At. The Goodwin and could review. The. And yeah anyway you look. At. So appreciation. When the market goes up your properties to win two rats with that right. Rising tide raises for. All votes. That patsy and that is correct that are approved at a netbook or how does a lot. Before. Like it didn't used to resolve that. The length of the and. For the rising tide raises all boats. There she is it ships or boats I've heard boat's really in good so I was right chitchat no. I'm right boat. And sometimes at. The he's you know it's one reason that and we should meet me at the. Is that what might actually says dole opponent definitely and it does. This revealed is that a real but it's a real button and you what happened and what happens when you push that it it turns you. Turns Leo let me immediately are likely the last couple sockets. Immediately while now and scrutiny at. That time. To be honest plan that you have summer and. But in my nature to them out loud and in front of people. That. Yeah anyway so real state is ideal investment. You have income depreciation. And deep just KO and you have equity built up behind it hasn't bothered Tenet paying your mortgage down. And you have an appreciation goes when the market goes up. Right when the market goes. You know rising tide raises all boats like we says it's your property values go well as well you don't buy. Anticipating appreciation. It's just an added benefit. Of rules that place you don't buy with the appreciation in mind and it just happens it just happens normally. And naturally right. So in the last and final thing that. The last and final thing. It makes rules state one of the greatest investments out there is. Raised. Email. So. Leverage means you don't have to pay cash for that's one way that you increase your yields I mean think about it if you pick up a property for 50000 dollars. Right. What if you can go Barlow the 50000 dollars. You have nothing in it and let's say you have. 200 dollar a month cash flow that 200. Dollars per month. What is the rate of return on that 200 dollars per month 2400 dollars a year if you have nothing in the investment. Welcome back up and tell you. Yeah. I was gonna back up from the Mike could tell you they had. A I'm not in the. Do a great job. Is it Duncan's. So I. All leverage you can borrow the money you can borrow from banks from credit unions. And the best placed ago is probably a small town pride play. Right if you deal with the Bank of America is in the wells Fargo's in the chase Manhattan and all of laugh OK Edmonton beat chase Manhattan anymore. That the church in this but he knows everything just chase. He is why Google you'd like a living you know. The become our new term I hear static Google and it would usually does jet. Does tad. You have an I don't know I answer you in a way that you think and that they import it would not question him that he had any humor that boost. In name and it. They believe as he'd labor. You just haven't known him long enough to me you question everything passing. You look at your right it is being experienced. And you. That's funny little biopsy to send me a message with that said believe it or not. Bob figures certainly a message the biopsy but with a silver bullet and Bob Seger and assume that these companies come and apparently from an angle going. I am not I'm going. She. Anyway. It's out. I am and had a book. Yeah. I guess I am bill that there. They go and Candace she would matter going to. Let me tell them about it. OK so as I mentioned the last when his leverage okay. And so that's how rules state becomes deal in vast media income depreciation. Equity built up. Appreciation. And leveraged. In the way we teach people how to about rules stated cell rules statement when he rules state. It's even better because we by disc now and we show you how to leverage it in the best possible way. And then. In addition to the depreciation which is a tax benefit okay it's like phantom income. Alright. In addition that we should do it in yourself directed retirement accounts and pack when you come with office. One of the books that you can again is gonna talk about. How to do these deals and self directed retirement here which varies from. That's right straight from the costar in it listen if you think all of this is just mind about rules dilemma are Graham never heard of this. Work. Well that's exactly right. It's because you can do rules that just Google it. You know rules state IRA Google that term rules state DeMarre is it legal about rules statement. Okay the reason you can't do what is Schwab fidelity. Or anything it takes a certain amount of administration. To be able to do that and custodians do charge you every time you make an investment or collect rent payment check or something like that are selling investment. In the swabs in the abilities and all that that will deal. And we can show you what to do call Macy. Yeah for a call get a copy of the investors here it's got several books and it's got like 45 books actually asset protection if these structure and. Now there's several dvds and physical kid has different stuff than the digital kids if you support the effort and an office we're gonna support the effort to give you a little bit more. So the physical kit has more. Physical books and similar formations in the digital kids about governor again but I would suggest if you're able to give Macy I'll. And get her is scheduling office tour for UC inclement get the physical it don't discontinue the physical kids not undo it. But found she will see a need to digital can't. While you're on the phone with Tara asked her about her upcoming three day training events from the amanpour is Sabrina. That's right right next come and. So Obama polo field story. Yes listen for the fourth segment but in the meantime you may see a couple cool. And then suddenly again. And and again. Welcome back to brag radio. Leading the world be rich in generous. Support segment so happy so excited element where things. This week are you finished with. Their you know any of this hour though on this thing I love the song I think so we're ready to do that anyway. We've got. Well we've got a student then and I'm really excited about this week. The calls she is like the epitome of a go getter she has. Just taken charge since she met you last month in June at her local real thing meaning she's a doer and she is she is. And aren't so and. He's already requested their testimony Horry a and in antlers in June but she's gotta love it the right to do that Sabrina in there. Yet some here is that why you have already requested a testimonial refund right and we does NG RAC. I. Yeah I'm. You mean you. Actually kept that money in my account a little bit longer earn an interest. That's also congratulations. So basically. You got some training from us you invested in yourself by getting some training education promotes. You went out and did no one deal with three deals. And then we gave your money back for that we can stop that and out festival. No regionals and I don't we just let her voice senior I have Helio like postal files an album now. Not only did she heard testimony or a Mac that's enough and got three or making money. On us. I'm Sabrina I want to be the first one to say congratulations. I'm just so excited for. How about you but does bubble and tell him he's not a part on a national. Oh. How can that that I think there are millions and beaten in their click it in the area of being. A car every week and. That's all and I love that problem that so why don't you tell us a little bit about. Yourself and then that kind of move into the deals that you did. Outcry Obama I have been against studying in dabbling in real C has been constantly about ten years. And what I heard you accompanied. Local real estate meeting and made that way. You know and it's your presentation you kind is tweaked the way it's looking at doing the old man Beijing operated and it's really. He's not out. Fine realistic and I immediately started. Making operated. Divert or there's been accurately that is where and the program in Atlanta. Salaries. Multiple properties. I you know negotiated and barrel. Any political low ball offers. He counter operated. Deal in anything like that few more. Inches there. Wind one of the property is not rented out already have a and then. That positive cash flows. Very. That's also in. That's one of the things in real state being an ideal investment income right. I'm ready so that they want to be rented out com. By September it architects and we lived in the area. And let that let equity and I can't really get deals arm elevated materials. So we find that wasted so actually my point from working and one of the properties now. I'm sitting at public and from what you know. It. Well you can't say it's a nonchalantly though is that the word to you need to be in a little bit more and it'll environment and. That's great so why should question you mentioned something a minute ago. A lot of our listeners may or may not be familiar with that maybe this their first show liver but you mentioned you hired a virtual assistant. Tulsa little bit about that and how much you pay them what they do. Oak Iowa. Actually starting out I rates to different companies that beat Conchita against each other. Com slightly at 24 out where. Operate solicit consent and it site is by the call comic he's viable. And then the other local to me do at night at five I found it. Most of these calls happening between night and getting to me. In outnumbered outside so I give them a spreadsheet. They need it really is called them back on what. You know all. Com or if it's you know flowing down on bail on to start making the phone calls port Darby at that age spread sheet that they need. And then if you know I mean anyone is interested then to practice today. They get and they are. That's awesome. That is great I could we have to separate services. And they're competing against each other to determine who you gonna keep long term correct. Well no local wines wine. Like having a local quite pleased that I could go in packet up to the girls and I. That one places so desperately corrected. That they couldn't deviate that did really well acting career for what I needed then tipped it but the other if it assists three girls. And they've they've been really great. That is that is good can you give me give us a little rundown on your deals because. I know you said you told us earlier that you you ball three of them from the same cell work. I even gave you will but the seller financing with that that you negotiated a loss of her true yeah. As you. Actually my boyfriend got that in that cellar and yet our. Silly you work as a team but I win. Looking for properties in the U areas. You know that are vocal easily tablet lower priced houses. And so I think one that I felt that there were picked themselves. Found later that year numbers like 4876. I love yeah. Always good of an odd number but the calculator to. So we ended up settling on ten without them that it. Properties on the blocker on for about forty to sixty dollar and love him. So I got retained and he's that while days I have another property right at it for sale of the planet. You know and at that what we can you know hit it in the same condition to get everything right. On the that would be so of course I went and looked at them. Com. And then he called back and we agreed to evaporate the mini car backing stick it out. Cashing out and OPEC guy you have other property. Baker you could turn it into its new black. It I want it I want it quite if you reclining. That way right now and he got it if it's seen. And he's doing at seventy laps to dollar note for you. Yet though we we can aid. We could have turned it into it do plaques that as they do and since then but that he'd been a single. Thing that. For now that. For timeliness say that expects to be dying. The the target these is that tender bird. See you know rent it out and that once they're probably bringing. Is to bring it thousand dollars modestly but completely Saxony it will probably break at about 12113. Month. C got 40000 Indies what's going to be your total income per month on their 40000 dollar investment who really has not fortieth like 32 file suggestion yeah. Thundered in and financing but what's gonna be your total gross income on these three properties want cheap at the other two and a. It would be a bad two point 8300 dollars a month at the you know. And we had at makeup of Craigslist killer. You know any of that rental place that the order we went specs and it probably closer to talking. Creeped out even. That's about. That's about a 50% return on your money you're gonna get half your money back in the first year EL I want to congratulate you that is awesome I love it you've taken it to the whole next level and even that your money back on the court yet and that is often that is all. It so I know we got about a minute left. I know you're planning on doing some things to be generous so you know let's go out with you tell in this some things that you planned to do to be generous schools I know your big awarding him back. Yeah I would love to really get into that public school is that. Local affiliate out. Armed. And does security get their kids and let them know that day. Today 95 planes that go to college map for every. Basic step and really. Give them. Some of that that gives them incentive to repeat that that book that really helped mean chance for my life. You know at an early age based and you know quick eight libel. Time make it fine get water you know that there. Getting it out that they might use later. But they're getting away in the sort term I'd do it. Tidbit on main priority is in letting us. It's so we'd be except. That is also thank you so much for joining us today. And that is gonna wrap up today's brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous. More information about what Larry Candice talked about on today shelf or to get a free investors get. Call 877 Larry you know that's 8775277946. You can also go to brag radio dot com. Make sure to tune in every Saturday for ranked radio leading the world to be rich and generous. Larry in Kansas we'll show you how to invest in real estate and them anyways realistic creates. The ideal investment here on news elevenths and 993. WP today.