What the ORAC is going on?!

Dr. Ernst explains and discusses the O.R.A.C. value of foods and your health.


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The asked doctor and show his pre senate like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment she could qualified health care professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information. It's time to transform your hell yeah which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour learn from experts on how to revolutionize the health of those you love most. Ask doctor. Future hosts. Doctor Eric Hertz. Good afternoon. Happy Saturday to you you're listening to be asked doctor earned so hates this hour pounder said is the easiest to add Hillary to be set free market health problems. I mean host today doctor Aaron aired thank you opportunity and on this incredible Saturday. While we have a lot of great information for you today I love the fact that were here together sharing real true health information. And down today we're going to be discussing something I think all of us would love to have rights that youthful zest. The idea that we can you know go throughout our life and maybe look a little younger as we get older. Feel great ever joints be you know the fabricated. And lose weight just have a time and energy. As I'm talking today about this little known concept of a score. That has been published in relation to each food item you eats and how it helps your health boys is a deep one. So I wouldn't think of it this way we now know for example of that various food items have a specific school or in their relation to do they harm you. Or did they help you to be healthy. In fact some of the research he gets in here today shows that the food items. I'm mentioning the solid when you can eat the spices you can cope with exaggerated these guys these super foods if you will. Could potentially helping to reverse disease. Create an anti aging effect is that your body clear your mind doubt make you feel great help you these weights. Sort disgusting something called the OR a CE OR a steer the or it. Value of the various foods and how that has to do with your health. Because of your somebody who deals with the health issue you know could be anything technically. You know it classically when we get sick we start to see these little tiny said that they're showing up right so first it's the fatigue and cut tired. That is the brain fog or maybe the forgetfulness. Then our joints start to eight arm muscles start to eight we have pain then it's you know like damn. Aging right oh my gosh my hair's turning gray. Or I'm getting wrinkles on my face from ice again and have a hard time seeing a little difficult right we get headaches were sensitive to stuff. You know we started inspections. This is kind of a bit classic pat that begins then we get diagnosis is right it's heart disease it's cholesterol diabetes it's. You know alzheimer's whatever. Bayreuth I mean there's thousands of diagnosis is but what I wanna teach you two days this concept of how. What you eat does truly determine your overall health. And if you wanna fix a health issue go for the high or excludes the OR AC foods and what Orix stance or is basically. It's an acronym 04 oxy dated. I'm eighth for the activation. And Steve for I think I just lost it. Steve for their potential that your body has to correct itself so OR AC. And it it basically a measurement of your potential to. And there's this concept known as ox the date of stress. And does listen follow me with this OK that. If you're listening on line in your actor house I highly suggest you hop over to FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Ernst. A broadcast in this visually lied through FaceBook. If you're in the road are on your car on the road you know I hate to Rooney and pay attention yet you don't have anywhere to be part particularly right now maybe pull over and rat out your phone or tablet or something to write with TJ you're gonna need this information this is groundbreaking. Oxen dated stress. Is something that we talk a lot about in the realms of science and nutrition. And a lot of times it's really not talked about with your health because it's kind of heady rates than most people like the average person not understand it's I think he'd Davis. Research has indicated oxidant stress is the underlying cause of almost all illness today. Including cancer and heart disease diabetes editor and what I'm gonna do if you today's explains Hugh how do you know. If you have box if stress and some easy ways to turn it around seek and repair yourself and he'll. Ox that is stressed is something that we have connected to. All whole host of things in regards to stuff like against the heat and rain fog joint pains wrinkles. Deke precise sites. Pain and also what I would call sort of I'm aging. And the ability press to have the oxygen. Radical absorbing capacity the ability for your body to have the potential to get rid of these oxy David Strasser. Relates to your health it relates to how youth W arm how vibrant you are Howell lied you feel. And if you're taking medications for a disease we know you have a really really high amount of oxidant stress. Listen to this I pulled this and the graphic and I'll post it on my web sites. But when you have lots of Oxley of stress your brain reacts by getting things like headaches insomnia depression. Your hearts reacts by increasing your blood pressure and having pains your chest. You're kidneys react by. Not filtering your toxins to create your urinary output at the proper amount. Your skin reacts by getting wrinkles your organs react by disease fatigue you know except for your joints react by pain. Your immune system reacts by being depressed. Your lungs react by getting inflamed heavy breathing issues that like many affects your entire body. To view the health issue with your body today's show is gonna set you free. It's gonna help you learn how to decrease your oxidant stress and listened because it's just a couple of weeks left to the end this year. It's sort of a holiday time is gift giving time I am blowing out the door today with an incredible offer. I've never done this before in the history of asked doctor are in fact I've never done this ever in my entire careers BF functional medicine practitioner chiropractor. National patent doctored such. I'm giving away absolutely free only for our radio callers. A four week no cost coaching program. 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Listener base absolutely free help coach him for four weeks seven afford 9062094. It death doctor show will be right back. Welcome back Gillis and gas sector itself. So accountant said is he's dead Emery to separate audio problems I mean has doctor Aaron parents. Love the factor here today too lenient or real health answers. Hey real quick on a thorough shout out apparently we almost melted our phones over the break. I am yes giving away incredible gift to our radio listeners at your tuning in just now. This would be beat time in the opportunities do this if you were calling in over the last break and the lines are busy regrets that error message to them because nine. I am radio manager Tex means like what are you doing on the show today so I am we are literally giving back to the community. I am offering 25 and only point five guys that this is like gates a first come first there out ago. Absolutely free health coaching program. 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It shows you what to do indicates what the throughout when not to eat what they have eccentric its entire coaching program is that what I take some of my patients through. Normally if you were to actually purchase this sort furious sign up as a client with me for coats in this four week coaching programs when he 997. Then. And literally to 2009. And 7 not I am in that spirit of giving right now today. Debbie beats the WS I see where you'd go out wherever you guys it was dangerous from. You'll have an opportunity to do this and it's simple seven afford 906209. Court at 7049. Or 62094. And it's just for the first point five IP phones ringing Andrea let that go for a bit the B another opportunity a little later in the show two days that week indeed that. Peso when we're talking about your health something you really need to understand is the Oxnard native stress that you have in your body. And if you've never heard what octave stresses it is something that have to do with the chemical process that is required. Your body must oxidized things in order fee to create energy or to create in third chemical reaction within your body. And oxidation happens when we take oxygen that we read and and we turn it into energy of course this happens all the time. The reaction is you produce from the quota free radical and those free radicals can go around the body. And create irritation and or damaged in so. Free radicals are something that are normal that are necessary we can't do without them but the problem for a lot of us is the amount of free radicals however climbing drastically. And your body loses the ability to reduce them or to get rid of him and so this ox the date of stress is dates dates. It's you might be and if you have a health issue you probably already and that. And it's what prevents you've been able to heal naturally. Unfortunately taking a medication actually increase your oxygenated stress that this is huge because of your trying to fix your health medically. And you're doing your traditional standard conventional care taking this for that. You're actually increase your ox Dave stress switch from a holistic natural sort of you know a realm of functional work. Is making your problem worse which is why. When you take medication for something you always in a but the other side effects and that is up within the disease is adding oxidation. So you've probably heard things like anti oxidant that grades and they're good to use but the problem becomes. Most things weakens him today are very low in there anti oxidant power. And so what went talking about is. Where does this come from K so where does it. What are we doing it's making us more oxidized. How would you know if you're oxidized though could you just simply looking yourself in the mirror and saying and number on the can really oxidize today which you can by the way. Are there some testy can run to look for this yes. And then of course what do we do because all of us wanna fix our health and sell. I implore you to really pay attention to your oxy David Strasser sadly it's not really discussed the lot and traditional medicine. On you know they may say you know odds import feed taker and toxin is just like it is to take a multi vitamin. And that's great but again unless you truly truly know what's going on it's going to be very difficult for the average person despite itself. But you can do this I know you can and it's not that complicated. So here's what happens you breathe in oxygen. And you turn that into energy by a chemical process that takes place incited your mitochondria the little tiny cells inside your cells that make energy delicate batteries. So does that make sense that you're not creating a good amount of energy maybe it's because you're not Tina oxygen. It is has yet to its inflammation oxidation and so we wanna help you to fix this. So when you breathe air and your body creates chemical reactions and a product sort of the waste. Is what's known as free radicals or oxidation. Basically. Anytime you take one product and turning into something adults. There's going to be a byproduct of that reaction may think of it you put gasoline in your car. You drive and a byproduct is that carbon monoxide in the waste that comes out of that in the exhaust. Any time you create anything and it creates energy or heat there's always waste products. And your body is constantly creating energy and he all the time so it's constantly creating free radicals to waste products. Here's the unique thing. These these these items or these molecules in your body they're mussina and electron because they donated the electron for the chemical reaction take place though. We need energy so this guy comes along and says here's my electron what's left over the byproduct of the free radical and I wanted to free radicals the sort of like. Scavengers they'd go around the body and they're like they're going I need more electrons on a missing them where can I pulled him from. And the problem is this they tend to get attracted to certain areas in your body. They can attach themselves to other molecules like your DNA taken attached to issues like you're joint ticket cats tear cells. And win there attached to things because they're somewhat unstable. They go through a state of chemical molecular decay. So if that free radical attaches to your DNA. The new DNA starts ago three decay process that attaches to your high. Your eyeball or portions of your either vessels eccentric. In the cones in the rods all at the anatomy I figure I start to became in Mac you'd heated race if they're attacking your your brain your nerve tissue eccentric. We get neurological. The just now. A free radical attacks tier cellular parts of your body bad idea they create decay date accelerate eighteen named Nate health issues. So yeah a lot of oxidant stress in your heart you actually attack the heart. Which leads to again heart attacks stroke and blood pressure Apple's growth this chest pains. If it's attacked seemed to your eye we talked about and acted generation rectal degenerating cataracts. Directly links that like add the ability fetus day useful stay young stay alive watch this guys especially the eighties soup. If free radicals are piling up in your scan your skin starts to wrinkle. You tend to get a lot of acne. You also have things like term Titus psoriasis the brass seemed. But if you've ever looked at your hands your arms you see all these little tiny sort of brown spots deeds spots. Those are oxy dated damaged yours into Hughes though could we could week. Make your eyes the little clear you know reduce threatening absolutely. And of course prevention is the best form of a cure so we start now. We're gonna prevent anything from piling up in the future. So how would you know right now if you're oxidized that cable from the way you feel. If your under a high amount of Oxley of stress you're gonna be tired all the time makes sense doesn't it because he can't make energy. Then you're going to be sort of fatigued and you know forget bull in the joint pains aching everything out. If your. You know highly oxidized your skin and you can't physically be able to cede this to have a little more wrinkling and you should your current age you'll have joint pain you'll have. More gray hair than someone your current aides. Here's another way of looking at it. The more oxy date at least stressed you are. Physically the older you look for your current aides so I'm sure you guys have seen people. Who are seven Indian look like they're forty. That's a very low oxidant stress individual and any athletes forty that looks like they're seventy. And at the very high opted natively stressed individual. As so what I wanna sort of teach you is. Where does all of this additional oxidation come from why are we sell oxidized now compared to years before. And again you have to remember that oxidation is the result of chemical processes and your body. And one chemical process that is turning itself on more now than ever before. Our our detoxification. Pathways your liver knows how to clean you out so is your coal in your gut your gallbladder. And would you agree with me that today we have more chemicals we have more toxins we have more stressed with more radiation. Two of Wi-Fi and we're having more thrown at us than ever before the were constantly turning on these pathways that we probably can utilize in the path. So under higher levels box if stress. And what you need to understand is that if you can figure out how oxidized you are. And start attacking it by change your diet change your life out cleaning things out I promise you here's what's so amazing about the human body. It just goes like this hate thanks and while likely myself not their earnest that. To get these toxins and lose this weight and clear out the octave damaging your joints because now. You're not sapping my immune system now because watched the more oxidized you are. It's Greg it's crazy to science shows that Oxley date of stress your body is treated as if it's a virus or bacterial infection. Of your highly oxidized your body thinks it's under I stressed the inspection all the time at the what does it do weakens your immune system. So makes it harder for you to heal from classic easy stuff like the flu. Or even easy like diabetes or heart disease you might go and that that's really hard for your body that's not being if it in his native health. So hopefully see the importance of this knowing oxidized you are. Will be the first step and you figure now what do I do to fix this an out to be like a little free test basically if you have a pulse today your oxidized. More so than any before. And if you're somebody who's having a current health issue if you're taking medication for anything. We have chronic pain news over the counters I promise you you're in a state of access oxidation. And if you reduce that your body can heal by itself. So in just a moment we're gonna now breakdown okay what specifically. Am I doing that oxidize in me. How to like reverse that oxidation of what foods can eat that are high in that OR AC the oxygen radical absorption capacity. There are foods that exists that when you eat and actually absorb all of those free radicals imagine you can like eat this food. And boom you reducer Oxley of stress that we're gonna do that come back next break. And in the spirit of giving and opening up the call line. For my free offer for this month listen I've never done this before ever it's free health cuts in four straight weeks. UN may. There's a private FaceBook page you'll join 25 people on third throwing a group together and let's do this normally. For a single person to do a month of coach with me all inclusive reviewing all of your stuff. History exam success and making recommendations for your diet for your lifestyle for cleanup but I was between 900 dollars on the average. Absolutely free. If you want that seven afford 906209. For guys this is and never before offer. It's absolutely free to point by people free health coaching with me doctor Aaron Ernst. Everything you need from your year recipe guide to shopping guides even a price it pays the group asked me questions seven afford 906209. Forecast turns show. Will your back. Welcome back. Happy if your joining us great Saturday here this gas our turn so I because doctor Aaron. If you're Justine and we are discussing a concept. Oxygenated stress. And this down I'll call it sort of a potential for your foods to be an anti oxidant or a oxygen. Radical absorbing capacity DO RAC scored with that you've never heard of OR AC or wreck. It's of the U re in the need to start researching paid attention to it that trip. When it comes to the science of nutrition and make of this science of medicine and everything else we know that the higher your ox they've stress. The more your body tends to be under load it'll help it stresses that are organs distress that her joints it's snaps that's for energy. And it wrecks are immune systems so of course we end up with chronic health issues. And if you can discover your sort of oxidant stress and start going after it to reduce its. There you can do is you can begin to heal your body by yourself again gas doctors still exists that we ask have these. Really deep health questions. Break him down make a really easy for you and they just say here go do they can sell. You need to understand that the more stressed out you are with oxy stress. The more your body is suffering with itself. And if you have a current health issue again we are taking medication for anything I promise you. You're under a high level box if stressed why well first of all the medications are oxy dated they can cause further damaged your body. Because they activate biological pathways to try to get rid of them. Your body sees them as sort of a foreign substance maybe. It makes a symptom looked better. Right so flat and make swallow an aspirin bill Connell goodies potter whenever. My headache Mike clear away but I just increased by proxy data stress. Because your body goes then this chemical this doesn't exist in natural environment in my body. Get rid of it breaks it down into individual components and each conversion. To the next product for it to be able to get rid of it is an ox a gain of process. The the more oxidation you have the worst week yet with their health. We also mentioned that out free radical octave stress been linked to everything from rain health issues to heart health issues. Kidney health issues. Org and health issues that would be things like diabetes and amount eccentric. Joint issues so all forms of arthritis you can think of commune system disorders crowds hepatitis colds and lose cancer chronic inflammation. Blood vessel issues because of your blood vessels become oxidized here's the crazy thing we tend to seed them. Get cholesterol packed into Adams said that more oxidized your blood vessel the more cholesterol weaves itself into that vessel. And you know medically they'll say all of via. The cholesterol is causing a plaque which is causing you to have your heart disease which is gonna give you heart attacks that take its Lipitor which ox IC more by the way. And instead of looking at it as why is the cholesterol there are there's talk to David stress the vessels are becoming. Oxidized. There irritated and so the cholesterol comes to them as a result. That we see things like hypertension high triglycerides elevated cholesterol as at all oxidant stress. Your lungs can become oxidized you have chronic bronchitis and allergies reading issues your eye is your scan everything become oxidized. So today's show is eight. Now you're aware of its beat how we determine if we have it well you have it because your life and you live today your breathing oxidation occurs all the time aside human body. A get too much of dates you would have won those problems you'd have a health issue going on. And Eddie don't have any current health issues fantastic but just know. Perhaps your building your ox it's dressers maybe there's this threshold again this is all sort of for me right now just conceptual but. If here's the limit of oxidation that your body can handle. And your climb and and done now symptom free and then all of a sudden boom you bump all of rates. Then you start noticing that that he in the muscle aches and joint pains and most of us will write that off with like well I did that weekend warrior project. That's why am tired at my joints hurt and maybe not. You know my my skin does look a little more Brinkley than normal hour and getting headaches more. Eccentrics that treat SC could be very careful for writing off common symptoms. Just because they're comic doesn't mean their normal. So what is it that we're doing that oxidize in us well listen. On their list view a list of the highest ox that I eighteen products and they ask you where would you come into contact with these okay. Consuming Indies or putting these in your body rapidly increases the amount of free radicals not oxidation ready sodium nitrates. That's something that we put inside all processed meats to stop bacteria from growing. Of your eating like you know cold cuts sliced hams like Turkey eccentric and their pretty basic you know like I've got even though once you find in your deli counters. They may be loaded with sodium nitrates and so that sandwich might be pouring gasoline on to your inflammation. So all fights they're typically used to and keep certain foods. Fresh. Because what they do is they have the potential to sort of that prevents decay of food products. And so those are oxidized. Potassium draw mate is used in almost every form of bread you can find because it helps to increase the volume of the parades that makes it bigger right potassium army. DHA. And PHT it's a preservative found in a lot of foods today. And I used to extend the shelf life you know so like I've never seen something and it's been. On nick Connor has expiration date of like ten years from now you note gas is preserved some degree. Pro pulling glycol also known as antifreeze. Used in a lot of dairy products that they condemn and salad dressings and things this effect. So I'm I'm realistic view of the highest oxidized gene products and I'm going cock. Notice that there what we add chemically to almost all processed or manmade foods that can our diet to be an oxidize and I yes. A case so we wanna be careful about what we put her body. Another very high oxidized and product or medications because again activate aid detox process. And each step of the detoxification process has oxidation involved and it's the simply put. My belief is we are toxic fine our bodies more than ever before. We are consuming more disease than ever before physically by eating all these toxic ingredients. And where not understanding the nature of the connection to the oxidant stress that we have so your goal should be of course to come back this. By consuming foods that are high in antioxidants. Or have this high Orix gore. And do everything you cancer reducer oxy stress which would be stopped eating at apps right. The carbonated beverage is the refined sugars the artificial sweeteners. And processed foods associates Thierry peace stop eating those things focus on the east high or Rick foods which we'll talk about a moment. And just physically go after it hit it with the health plan. And down I thirty seconds before we have to quick break so lamb. I'm looking at this message from my office manager and he says we have six and it's gone fast guys. I have six openings for this free health coaching is something I've never done before ever I'm giving away 100%. Free. Four weeks UN meets through FaceBook we at a private group he asked me any question. I've got everything for Edgar shopping guide that your meal plans I have everything you need to turn your life your health around. Normally it's about 2997. Dollars to do this for four weeks yours right now 7049062094. 7049062094. It's just our turn shall take her break. Welcome back here this into the gas sector itself. It's over counter said he would do it yet -- be set free market health rob diamond host doctor Aaron Harris thank you so much for tuning and join us today. Where apparently apprehended and in health universe today beak as I am. My station managers text me and said doctor what are you dealing on the air phones are ringing like raise the yes we're doing something outrageous it's holiday time and in a spirit of giving them you know I just I feel like. It's it's just time to do this beak and eyes you know. When you give back the community not only is it of the great to just do that also meant it it it as they pay it forward concepts though. I'm gonna do a little additional health honest all of those who are join us for this free health cuts in parliament the second. But if you do this to know this that and one if you're if you're part of this 25 that I am looking for today. Then I'm gonna ask you to share your health results. With the world rates if you lose ten pounds I want to tell everybody I did you know what actually physically evenly so here's here's here's did. That figure by take these 2.5. Those when he might could in theory take 25 eats dots were looking at several hundred people. And it knows what it IDC the organic growth Apatow like we could later be changed the world right now. I'd be taking a bite people and showing you how do you turn your life around it or we lose that we need to lose and he did the back. How'd you deep creature octaves dressers and I'm making so insanely simple. 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So included in this is every meal you'd need writes the breakfast eaters and currently out your menu and iniki view your recipe guide. They know exactly how to make everything enemies your shopping guides you to want to do any work you literally just open this book and you just go right. And down in addition you're going to be part of three FaceBook group that I created just for this just the 2.5. You can have access to meet basically. On adults treated the entire four weeks any health question let's go after it. No cost whatsoever. And down my office manager text me over the last break you said down. There's one laughed so right now was this big guys last opportunities that afford 906294. At 7049 years 620944. Week. Absolutely no cost health program with myself and there goes. So here okay. For those of you who have been listening to our showed topic today were discussed scene oxygenated stress and how it's connected your health. Why so many of us aren't paying attention to because. We never really heard of this typically does a lot of our. Scientific and medical community can't just assume that the average person's gonna lose there understanding they're gonna go I and I don't understand is that. And and wives give me a pill let me take you make myself feel better but that's static that make you more oxidized isn't this the national institute of anti aging. And National Institutes of Health have placed such high regard. On the ability pressed to the oxidized our body or reduce our body. That they came up with this concept of measuring the amount. Anti oxidation. That certain foods and herbs and things have. And they call your or your OR AC so the ability for UT school or food to determine is this going to. Now you might think of something like I am. You know I had a good Ent docs green tea for example great aunt -- right we hear all these health but it though green teas are good drink this it helps that this. A big green fee according to the national at these Al hasn't Orix score again this is how powerful. It is at reducing the octave stressed bodies or even like it's how healthy greens he is huge interest as massive. Greens he has the health score or ox data anti octave or 1253. And until you get a reference you're gonna go who cares right to thousandth point three ounce high. But watched this a goatee Berry. First of all heard of it technical giver consumed them a goatee Berry has an OR AC scored 25000. So a green tea you know drink 1250. A goatee bury 2000. RE 25008. It is pails in comparison. So in prepping for today's show I thought at what can I do I can find highest. Warrick food product on base of the earth and you can all go out dues you yourself ready. It is this app of the specifics south American treat it like candy pronouncement not be attempted. But if you Google snap dragons blood it's called dragon's blood out because it is a dark red color so you sort. Cap is three outcomes this deep deep rich dark reds snapped. And it's Orix gore is 2897110. That's three million times stronger than a glass. Of that green tea now. I don't know necessarily confined to news stuff right Nike and ache I dragon's blood syrup for your pancakes today may be future black. Just for reference highest known product on the eighth to the year. Is dragon's blood Europe 2807110. Or score. OK let's get into the realms of regal what can we do here I'm gonna go from top to bottom top ten Orix. And again their on my website you guys wanna go over there it asked doctors dot com AS KD RER. And ST dot com. Look for the support of article for two gates probably going to be upwards near the top if not the type and the O our eighth season 30 Laurie theater search menu. In a politically ready for this want to go to Barry's point 5000 wild blueberries big difference between wild blueberries and just you know. Content mobile content round leaders these are ones you would not fine that'd been sort of modified or greater write that out lately in the wild. 141000. Org or lady's let's rejoice for this dark chocolate organic raw dark chocolate 21000. Okay I'm looking at a dessert here what if we were two hands make it dark chocolate bar that we put wild blueberries and go to berries and you. We sort of made it to it's not the bar. Looking like 50000 works score. You can see him at every gate taste great blog and you he'll he he'll. The cons 171000. Artichokes 9400. Elder varies if they have an elder Mary lately. 141000. Kidney beans 8400. Cranberries 9005. Blackberries 5003. Salon for a 5001. These are ones that you can actually go on get right now I mean you can do this you could pull this off. So if you start eating beans you reduce your ox Dave stress in your body starts you'll because they're high or foods. They have high oxygen radical absorption capacity might eat its duty goes through device like but it only fear radicals. Amid absorb them take them and now you can heal. But it would about the spices what do Pulitzer cooking with these things a bit of cake clove. Dispute 3141000. That's even higher than go to buried guys you'll notice the trend yet despite this or higher because Ada concentrated and these spices and have a better anti inflammatory response. They just knew cinnamon 267000. Oregano spice 159010. Emmerich a 102000. Draw the cow 80000. Human you know despite all the news a lot of there is this is. That's the Mexican food and things like that. 27000. Dried parsley not not the parts that your chop it up put in as like at topping. Your food but it dried step right 74000. Nasal 67000. Just for reference at it here. 697. Sorry care rates you kind of lose out. Right salaries like about 700 I mean look the classic things we eat a goal for your fruit and vegetables you're gonna heal yourself it's good. But many guys need the super foods dean at a high or excuse right here right in front of you if you know how to look for them. I'm thinking. That I would probably takes the dark chocolate. Some Koji varies some cranberries. And blackberries. The cinnamon. Some clove. Some two Emmerich and I would make a really awesome dessert now listing you can technically eaten as desert whenever you want your body would start to heal by itself. Ginger and other well known anti inflammatory right become a danger 28000. Org score so here's my point in this game. The American Heart Association the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland clinic are all saying anti toxins from foods are the best way to go to start cleaning your diet now. But the challenge is they talk about eating stuff like KL. In salary and broccoli. You know it's art it's fine it's fantastic oxidize RE eight out colonized fantastic but. What a lot of our science is there in appointees may go for the Horry oh our ace the height foods. And avoid the really dangerous oxidized foods which are going to be anything mandate anything process through with sodium nitrates all faith potassium roommates. The crippling glycol in my opinion eighty camper announced the ingredient just think of it as a oxidized foods that you wanna start the deal. There it is that's the secret out right. And as a reminder right for me the bottom line is this right. Don't rely on supplements because a lot of anti oxidant supplements are still fairy war in there or X course though. If you're like no comment on it. I take my daily anti oxidant. I take my daily multivitamin. And I hate not the salad I mean the game and that's just not gonna cut it because so much pox in stress. So for. The average person this is doable would you not agree I mean to me is simple is that science that little deep. Oxidize and electrons free radicals may be but c'mon you can do it is just remember that take home point is. Decrease your oxidant stress. Your body starts to heal. How to we do that we'd limit the process and made chemically based foods. Cut out figures we cut out greens are also oxidized. And we had these guy or wrecks or food that simple if you were to do nothing but eat. Old ladies I Warrick foods I would I would wager justice me. In the course of about three to five days you automatically start the better test because your body's is please feel by itself. So can you do this yes. Is it easy gas is it a little complicated Hitler and everything possibly but that's why. I highly suggest you engage with some sort of health practitioner okay. I've run out of the opportunities to give away free health coaching but that doesn't prevent you from doing some version of health coach gene. Maybe you're going might need some that I need I need to be when in two directions and reached out to a I have a dinner the that are coming up in January yes it's late December worked hard to get there but maybe instead of doing a free health coaching. You call and you say okay he's offering dinners the coach is gone and I'm so sorry can't take anymore 25. It's out the door but he acog NYNEX coaching seminar which is free. That's on Tuesday January 9 it's a dinner that I'm Natalie prince cap today and again at the next opportunity for you have a 4906. User 94. And you can grab us at that behavior odd to him right now want you to FaceBook. Is on it to four minutes of one of the greatest. Anti oxidant supplement on the market today and it's not what you think it is but if you add this year you're daily routines help heal. Yes doctor aren't so pop on FaceBook dot com those asked doctors them live over their export it off the guys next week.