What the Roll Back Part of Dodd-Frank Means to Main Street

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, May 23rd

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And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real. Ice exaggeration. There are too many guns on the street. We lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for the last like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. Welcome to our wins they broadcast it to be back with you. We'll start off here with a bit of good news. But also a warning. The good news is about Dodd-Frank the warning. Is about its immigration. So the house has approved a regulatory rollback. Favre Dodd-Frank. That legislation was passed back in 2010. The senate approved the roll back in March. One result of this new legislation fewer than ten big banks in the US will be subject to stricter federal oversight. Thousands of banks with less than 250 billion dollars and assets will not be considered. Systematically. Important to the financial system. Thus only being 2250 billion dollars or more. Will be subject to more regulations. In one sense that makes a lot of sense. Because these banks also would be more able to afford it which is not saying that I'm an advocate of any of this nonsense. Nonetheless. House speaker Paul Ryan said dispose going to lead to freeing our economy from over regulation. Are smaller banks are engines of growth by lending to small businesses and offering banking services for consumers. These institutions. Are and will remain vital familiar to Americans who participate in our economy. Also offering a perspective on this. A contrary view from none other than it. Rocket scientist Nancy Pelosi. Who I'm not sure whether there any brain cells actually connecting but nonetheless. She said the Dodd-Frank rollback would open the doors to banks once again discriminating in how they lend to home buyers. We should be taking steps to move forward not making the situation worse. Yeah this is part of what's so frustrating about this what are we in this in the first place can somebody explain this to me. The banks that know what they're doing. Should succeed the ones that do not know what they're doing should fail. Perry it. Without government help. Dishes blows my mind what morons we are dealing with here. And what's really sad. Is how they're convinced that most of us are morons. Because we are. That's the honest truth here. We really don't need him to micromanage this area. We don't. For those you've heard this story. Bear with me if you have not heard the story good. But during a time when I was campaigning for our respect and Tony fourteen. Doing one of the least favorite things of a candidate doing fund raising calls. I have to talk for the guy. He and his family. Had a loan. Company they were actually offering mortgages. To. Just regular people like us. They were in business for over 100. Years. Dodd-Frank destroyed their business. By the way did I tell you what there. They're feel your rate for their loans was. Zero. They did not have a single bad loan over their entire history not a single one. Dodd-Frank put them out of business. The sad thing is shooting kids are gonna get that back they ended up having to do something else entirely. Note one of the things that I commented about earlier. Is it's easier for these big banks to handle this whole we have to do is hire additional people to handle all these regulations small businesses can hand moved and left. And they know that that's what little mind the regulations as much. Now we're just hire few people. You don't have that luxury. If your small. Nonetheless this is a great step. Moving away from regulation and control central control out of Washington DC. So. We will see. What the impact of this war actually beat. By the way I wasn't planning to mention this but I may as well through this sin. Did you know that the foundational problems that caused 2008. And the financial problems have not been addressed at all. These banks are justice. Over leveraged now and may be more so than they were back then. Nothing fundamental has changed at all and passing a piece of legislation is not going to fix that it won't. The truth of the matter is. Ends if you wanna get to the bottom line. In fixing so many of these economic problems. Pass legislation to morrow to get rid of the Federal Reserve ditching it. Get rid of the Federal Reserve. In the United States needs to reclaim its own currency. Produce its own currency only its own currency. And get rid of this corrupt. Racquet. That these bankers have been running. For decades. See if you're not even talking about that. Don't waste my time. Talking about some of these other financial things because all you're doing is you're just trimming away the edges you're not dealing you wanna talk about the swamp that's the swap. For those of you who do not know the Federal Reserve is not a federal agency it's about as federal as federal express. And has. Oversized control. Influence. On what we're doing is a country. It undermines our sovereignty. So anything that can be done. To push back on these regulations great. Great. It's a start. And I daresay. We're. Doing some editing and some changes. When what's really needed. Is demolition. Just get rid of the darn thing get rid of it. And again. From bank fails it fails. Then somebody come all come along and buy it. Leave an entirely. In the free market system in the same thing applies. With any other business. There's no reason for taxpayers. To be concerned about any of this stuff. It only becomes an issue. When government feels like they've got to get involved to fix every single problem virus. What do you thoughts also coming up a little bit later in the broadcast your good friend congressman Jeff Duncan. Is going to join us to talk about this regulatory reform and some other important things taking place in Washington DC. Just a preview some of the other things we'll jump into I wanna warn you about June 25. June 25. It relates to immigration. We'll tell you more about that coming up also for a prominent Baptist leader has been removed as head of a Texas seminary. Man. You better brace yourself for this one some of you'll probably be profoundly offended by what I have to say. About this leader. This is this Coakley radio program weekly radio program we start off talking about Dodd-Frank we'll have more of a discussion about this well little bit later on. When we're joined by congressman Jeff Duncan. Also the other day we had in this program can't remember which day it was we had a conversation. About new developments in South Africa. We've got people now who were trying to four week. Then there trying to find refuge in Australia. It's gotten that bad. One of the people while we also talked about this subject with just a few days ago is on the line running to follow up. On that particular conversation ends it is understandable. Because this is. Something that he is very important need yet. Not much media attention taking place on this it doesn't fit the narrative. And yes I'm gonna go ahead and say it. Right racism toward blacks is sexy. For news coverage. Nobody cares about what black people due to white people. It's just that simple. Johnny is on the line with a follow up to our discussion the other day good morning Johnny. I've been saying and taking Michael yeah I idiom I meant that you mentioned South Africa yesterday the genocide that's going on in South Africa yesterday. I EM. But the message on my FaceBook mentioning that you done that. And when I look at this morning a must've had about forty people from South Africa wanting to hurt Extenders and get back in two years. And chuck Charlie I'm polls mentioning lists and they really really appreciate just simple. Actually wolf thanks very much Johnny and you know I do appreciate you following up in putting this information out there so that people can be informed. And by the way do you stay in touch Downey arm will certainly wish for the best down there. Our world and by the way wouldn't come some Federal Reserve if you haven't ridden the creature from Jekyll island. Please see it's a magnificent book. Absolutely is must reading thanks very much Johnny I so appreciate the fact this year informed and aware of this. This ought to be mandatory reading for every student. I would threw that in there. It's it's vital. You know in one of the ironies of this. When we talk about these economic issues. Notably the concerns that people have around the world about poverty and you wanna talk about poverty creation. The Federal Reserve is guilty for a lot of that. This may Shaq Q in fact this is one of the things affirm democratically. This is covered in creature from Jack while talks about all of our interference in the affairs of other countries. Drew the Federal Reserve through the World Bank. Through the IMF. And we keep some of these countries eternally pour. Did you know that your government's involved in that. Too that's that's just pure evil it's all this. Good morning Tim welcomed the broadcasts her. There's certain that the second time earned WBQ about the Federal Reserve. Yeah there were federal need to come out of it absolutely. We're supposed all understand that they're really not covered packets on that but we're out and say it with the banks. These guys these politicians and he's very stretchers or other story. Tons of money to a circuit that the bank's sale. But this is that they net if you are very narrow hole being close to home. Tepper tipper wherever it got to David it just bought the answers. He made his money. Alloted is money. Like betting that the federal government would not let the banks fail source and about. They think that the government has not they're not let them fail to take it to a smaller scale. Now he's sitting here you got the answers. And he knows how much you of the actors he's he's the same kind of thing against such here I'm not trying to turn that they were to change topic for. The man has the mindset. He knew that government would not let banks fail he knew the government Ari didn't outlets Bob Morton Anderson itself. So guys he had a small market team that Burnett tier NCAA. Obama stadium if you chart will not let the biggest consumer ups. Yeah it's really great analogy Tim I do appreciate your call you've you've described. A scenarios that unfortunately is quite plausible. It's it's really sad. You know what suckers we are I mean let's just be honest about it. I say this year's ago back when we had this whole controversy going on memory George Shan was Joseph just basically. Manipulating us. Over there the Charlotte hornets. Ends we knew we weren't budging. And I remember at the time. Was not on the radio at the time I think I was in TV so I was not able to save this. But I remember saying to friends of mine. The in B a needs Charlotte's more than Charlotte needs the NBA. It's always been true. These you know. Hollister and I'd just say this these are greedy people. Who were looking for markets they're looking for money. And the truth seat at I would be curious to know I wonder if there's ever been an investigation run its in its not exactly kind thing you would use. Investigation. To describe this. But I'd be curious to find out how long. How far back. Did this courting. A Bob Johnson takes place. You understand what I'm saying back when Bob Johnson. Ended up getting this franchise. How long. Did debts according take place. And the reason I asked that. I'll bet they had that going on for years. Before George Shea and even started trying to play his games. So they knew full well all this is a win win for us George Shinn takes his team somewhere else that makes money. And Dan we give another franchise. To Bob Johnson. More money more money more money. You can't lose. And I can you lose when you have people who were so gullible and they're afraid of mobile world includes the beauty more. You know that needs to go if world class city means that you subsidize a billionaire. I mean this to me is a new left fourth idiocy in Greeley years. Jim good morning. We Albania but you remember back in no way no we end up some actual collapse certainly in my life I'm going home. That apply to GAAP who Iranians through them very basic commodities. That everybody had their belt poor people or rich. Well primarily the poor site catwalk. And I've gotten quite hear people ruined your job your house and there are rated. I've ever pretty bright light cannot rip Bob hurt grew out there right here I'll read about it. Well they're pretty bright like what was going well no wait never. And and what we'll think they know of anybody on the big time for ads. All the by your name delegates talking about the committee at stake here on distraught about the glory comes we'll have this country. Yet your absolutely right that's what's taking place. And in many ways it's. Not really come back. More of this economic discussion coming up. 1036. Vince Coakley radio program talking about economic policy dot freaks I mentioned we'll have a conversation with. Thanks for Jeff Duncan coming up in a little while here it's got a call from Bob good morning. And good morning there. Must go realize that we didn't have a national bank for nearly a hundred years. How could we possibly function well. Well they like it really can you should greenbacks. We literally looked like dollar but were bombs. But well look on that you really haven't but they were bankers and they are the only reserve and Federal Reserve. Chase Manhattan. You hadn't Rockefeller JPMorgan also to the end and before it. They wanted to start this is national bike again this could be Europeans want us to do it. That's a great way to characterize it it's yet another example of why we should he'd rather than follow. They are guaranteed. 6%. Earn it every year on a profit for the American Federal Reserve. So don't even speak to you. They can then you have the fighting. Senator who had been these these bankers got together at a certain semi secret meeting Georgia. We've agreed that they've even the bank this sentence senator. Into proposed to build the seven were up again. And beat senator married Rockefeller's daughter. He could and governor Nelson Rockefeller. We need evidence senator. Just wonderful is and it's it is said. Quite a mess Bob I do appreciate your call. And yes this innocent thing about this this is not some. Secretive information buried somewhere. My guess is buried somewhere it's at a book and not many people like to read. Which is the problem. Vision actor to have this kind of conversation for most part. In mainstream society we're too busy talking about junk. This is why don't ending in now's a good time for me to talk about this when there are serious updates. On some of these issues. Related to the Russian investigation I'll be glad to update them. I'm not gonna talk incessantly about this nonsense because it's a waste of time. We wanna use our time we attempt to flee let's get rid. Of this big government let's get rid of the surveillance states. If you wanna do that let's have a conversation. If you wanna spend all this time going into the intricacies. Of who said what and who did what win I'm out I really am. Other people can do that I'm not judging anybody just telling you what I'm not interest it and speaking of interest. We were talking about someone earlier who is certainly in a great position. After the year of the caller correctly described the fact that have mister tepper very successfully. Rode the waves. After the financial meltdown he knows how to play it which is why he's a multi billionaire. And also. The incoming owner of the Carolina Panthers back with us to talk about this from Mac attack WA AF since he Chris McLean good morning good seek amendments are bent. I know I'm not talking about there's no way am going to into intricacies of the Russian situation right now because there's a throw me out of his students there's no doubt. How long did Wright amendment that no we're definitely not gone that we. Never do such an act and that act that should. Obviously no secret no surprise I pretty much expected this was going to be unanimous votes won't. Anything newsworthy. Come out of this. I think the presser was an interesting look at him you know eight in a matter of fact he commencement speech a year which is available on YouTube at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. On Sunday it was interesting looked in him just to hear him speak in. He's a heck of the speaker and he I think he's real likable and he said something in the in a profile piece few years ago that I read where recess a regular guy that happens stab billions and I thought how is that possible you know I was skeptical Mike. How can you be regular guy. In this huge yesterday the way he was self deprecating console stupid a couple of times when he talked about you know the lack of knowledge he has of the organization. And his overall point was a lot coming in there making changes right now got stupid when it comes to this. But I've got to wait and see see what's there and make Smart decisions but that's what you wanna hear a bank. And I mean heck keep. Eight Nestle's quick strawberry Mel melt. And imports rise slightly that is not billionaire challenge right there are like this guy Peter. Something you said they're really grabbed my attention about you know of the way he's described himself. And really speaks to some level of humility in recognizing what he doesn't know that's that's a really good quality. No and that's what you want you can no business like football where so many owners like take Jerry Jones for example. Arm this is a dude that when he was letting his football guys do the job everybody solid Jimmie Johnson won. Let's see couple Super Bowls right. All the sudden he makes himself the GM you know they had won a Super Bowl since he did that so. I think you know these guys a lot of these guys staying K I I made money in my business almost thrive in this business still it's good to hear early on he's willing to admit hey I'm just getting a get up to speed we had good football guys I got to find my way it will also was really cool. Here's emphasis on charity. Like when he hit there was a common and every says. He says most important thing is wins second most important thing is women and goes I mean win and as a city I'm just I'm a football he says the community winning. Oscar winning when it comes to charity. Like he wants to make it Elise what he's telling us if it rings true he wants to make Charlotte a better place and not just go make a bunch of money when a lot of football game. Steve that's absolutely awesome and Charlotte the other important thing about this. If this design in the team's not going anywhere by his description belongs here. Oh yeah there's a lot of chicken little's out there you know fans alike know they gonna leave well now we heard all the reports that tempers and keep us or will they wanna hear from the horse's mouth. And the way he said it was pretty he's pretty ecstatic about it you know what's the name and his team Carolina Panthers let's what they're going to be and you know that was good to hear is well I will say this he definitely hit him with day you know got no answer right now when asked about stadium situation. Self who knows maybe he'll be less likable when he's asking for air base tax dollars on shore. If he chooses to do that we don't now. But that was a great like you know we are set to saying in sports to the new coach we in the press conference well I think he definitely won that press conference yesterday. I mean it's a very good thing before gold got to talk also about this issue of nearly. Because. Bizarre proposal has come out here that just blows my mind. And I'm wondering is this actually going to get traction tell us what this is and what this would look. Like in the NFL they can't get out their own way I mean an NYU expect them to do something goofy with a sneak. The deal is a day you know they have lost ratings and they have good yelled they believe pay its its peak in part because people are turned off. By the protests in healing during the National Anthem so. They're reaching a point plus the president is going Adam on it that's not good for them. They they've reached a point where they feel like they need to do something on this can't just leave it up to choice of the player. Police are talking sense about fifteen yard penalties for some are gonna make it up a nonviolent you know statement approach like how I feel like that's not the right way. In two up to 2009 they left the players inning cultural only due to swing till they left the players in the locker room. For the anthem they would come out afterwards. It could be as simple as doing some like that but you're right that proposal where they literally said the home team will choose whether or not you're in or out locker room for the anthem. But if one of your players protest it'll be a fifteen yard penalty like what the heck is that they're taking it way harder than it has been really really ought. Doesn't have to be that complicated at all. Well as usual always insightful talking with Chris McLean Mac attack WF Lindsay our sister station. Good to have you on the broadcasting demand thanks dance Russia details next next car settle markets. A it's been some conspiracy story. That was a the. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. So take your calls about the NFL the latest developments we think abouts mister Jeffords getting a chance to hear from him. Still more sensitive more sense of who this guy is in nobody's going to bring me. To this particular community let's go first out to Gerald and how opens good morning sir. Good morning fare any better. Got that and they show we're we're more. And you don't grade job which you know I'll feel that it will say. Who your comes. So while oracle period animal picture also more affordable bit vessel that market the buttocks. I'll be back where you are a bit back where it Barbara. Hey you're not allowed to go Gerald. Oh we can't hey you know what I've got to give me a heads up though one of your favorite people's coming up in just few minutes congress congressman. Jeff Duncan is gonna join us just a few minutes Iran just bear with us for a few minutes and will have this subjects. Pushed aside for something else and Jerrold I get it so hang in there right. Don't have any manifestations between now and didn't. We absolutely appreciate it Roberts good morning. Hi good morning mister Coakley our youth to looser. And Coakley I armed. I really just wanted to touch on yesterday via gun violence. I know you're talking about their vote then I would love talk about that but I'm not among local itinerant minister in the city of Charlotte. And you were speaking about yesterday in reference to exist the our gun violence in schools. And I. A god breezed idea mister Coakley. So that I know will be it and they. What intervene in the lives of millions of views. RA so I wanted to reach out to you because you have a platform. I did in bot you on FaceBook I didn't know any other way to reach you. Well my heart is broken for the youth in my gun violence are. I'm I have. Three children. From married 23 years ex military also. There are up in the air wars. So I know about what terms. I've been around weapons are my allies guns don't kill people people do. And so who really not a game where you are prepared to share my car and to show the vision. And then hopefully we can come all come together. And do something to intervene in these young people's rights basically scripted dialogue but actually has better. And so you know you do have a platform and I just want to let people know that there's someone out here who's ready to take the next step. And to help actually and so on boots on the ground and they're being. Okay Oral Roberts say what I'm I'm gonna have put your call on hold. And Charles who gets information from you and I will see where dean said duo of from here on this particular subject. Very much. You know in agreement which you said about the other it's got to start with some sort of conversation and move into action. There's no question about that at all describe to rub it in gas stony good morning. Hey good morning ask our experts say in the all our big fan really going to show thank you. Really NFL latest. Think he'd give themselves and it's thanks so there's so I have the U I think it should be something is straightforward. And what are considered simple. Every man woman and child of this great nation as strike to protest whatever is right wrong or differ. That these fellows formal protest. Whatever they can do so in the locker room until their jock strap rock salt but they should not be able it's the you take the field and co op. In another. You know very being human and entertaining. And the dignity that they do something about it is very much I would definitely. Demonstrably. Affect being there they're bottom line. Yet it is interest thing that you mentioned this just yet there are their people turning off I mean you heard just a few minutes ago. You know my conversations by our friend down in confidence. They're people very very offended by this and they're they're losing good thing. They're losing people have got to do something but they've got to come up with a better plan this out fifteen yard penalty I assume you don't like that idea. I let that I think that's not addressing the you need to get things thing you know the protests all the field and then if you know both player says all right I want Spain here. Taken me so I shall do whatever they have until an old. So be it but if he chooses to come out almost feel it is same rates and many. The suspect pocket jackass then you put some Mario and meaningful. Punishment. Only him and that's generally starts with the big. I think they're financial fine. Yet there's got to be a price to pay I think that's what you're saying here rob I absolutely appreciate your call thanks very much context line. Please god let the NFL continuing their decline and not repeat not stop. There are uneducated and appreciative clueless players continue to seek the NFL. And let that ship sinking deeper amen. I thought this one text here. But a warning that I've received year be careful about insisting on having a conversation with the enemies of freedom. They like chase took a used car salesman will talk leather installed. While rehearse the lies. I think we can sort Rudolph congressman Jeff Duncan coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. There's this young kids Coakley radio program. 1106. I was tempted to tell and somebody in the studio but had to say. To be a nice guy did not do so. It affects the. Coming up this hour every second baseman Jeff Duncan he's going to discuss legislation that is been passed and possibly give you warning about something that these legislators are up to. June 25 the day you need to watch out for we'll see why coming up. We'll start after the call from Jason in Concord it's good morning sir. Pavement right nobody writes there I don't oh well there's. You're putting up on the compromise or postpone. I'm you have heard so much in the last few months this school shootings that there will lower our Second Amendment Rights. It won't market may limit the social mineralized standards if I'm paying to watch a game or papers are so long wanna see protests and walked in the door. All the days are not playing football you're in the years or so I'll pay forged barker former dirt mark garner. Yeah and I think the point you're making is you know if you wanna do this code to a nine year old time. I actually agree with the army like I'm Arafat more than healing I really don't buy the odds are a lot of apparently long Portland and those served in the military and RB artist. Somewhat disrespectful. And I don't hear anybody are talking about lol you know Russian pianist and you don't donor ensemble played also lump. Chronological ordering or buying your products do it on top by your military miles. So are all the way what's broken exists but I. Loans and a little remind gun rights and so what you would restore it on the board and limit all rights report ritualistic or the Second Amendment the door busters is don't mall. This this whole thing just collapses does that Jason I do appreciate your point this one of the recent wiped the point has been made. That you get rid of the of the Second Amendment none of the others really matter at all because there's no means of enforcing any of it. It's all becomes impossible. That's the danger that we face here. I wanna give you a warning about what is ahead June 25 mark this state and your calendar. Because the house GOP leadership is likely to schedule an amnesty votes on that day. If the discharge petition gets at least Tony five GOP signatures. The person sounding this alarm. Is congressman Jim Jordan Bryant the opportunity to meet. In fact I think committed several months ago in Cincinnati. Whose events with. Rand Paul and congressman Thomas Massie. Jim Jordan is the former leader former chairman of the freedom caucus. Jim Jordan is expressed this morning. As house speaker Paul Ryan is called for a compromise on immigration. Can someone explain to me why in the world now. You would try to put forth a compromise. Fund. Immigration why. Right it's not offered a disagreement with the calls for an amnesty Norris she'd threaten to cut funding or committee seats for the nineteen Republicans. We're using the discharge petition process to help pass a democratic backed amnesty. For at least two million doctor illegals. Here's what happened Ryan pleaded with this conference according to Politico. To come together after tumultuous few days have been fighting the only way Republicans will keep their majority this falls to work as a team you argued. Urging both wings of the party to compromise on a path forward. Three major sticking points for conservatives. Such as Jordan and congressman mark meadows thank goodness. The Kermit shared the current chair of freedom carcass first conservatives say Ryan leadership or not applying any visible pressure. Against the nineteen GOP candidates who signed the amnesty discharge petition. Why would date they believe it amnesty. Ryan's deputies are also not wimpy wimpy the roughly forty wavering GOP legislators to support their preferred bill. Which has been drafted by representative Bob good lads. And representative Michael McCall. The chairman of the house judiciary and homeland defense committees. We're trying to deal on immigration with a focus and intensity there's consistent with a mandate in this when he sixty election that. Has to happen and yes. Leadership. Should work put us to get this done according to Jim Jordan. Also under existing rules Ryan can shut down house on Mondays allow for the discharge amnesty vote. The house is calendar allows the amnesty would take place on June 25. And July 23 so far. Ryan's not declared you keep the house out of session. On those two days. Ryan is slated to retire in January it can't happen soon enough. Secondly Ryan and other top leaders say they're trying to develop in third alternative bill that could passed out so far. New details about the bill have been announced the conservatives fear will be very unpopular gift. To the parties cheap labor donors and will do little or nothing. To raise wages or close up immigration law loopholes why wouldn't. You know who these people are and how they've operated. And the third alternative bill. May freeze out conservatives altogether. Representative. Dennis Ross told Bloomberg some of us are holding off because they're trying to come up with a negotiated deal. That's palatable to everybody but the freedom caucus. Tonight. Give you a little hint folks. When it comes to the house. If you don't have supported the freedom caucus. I really and uninterested in whatever danger you have to offer. These are the only reliable conservatives. In the house. It's that simple. And they tried this before they go around. To even put together. Alliances between Democrats and Republicans. They figure they can come up with a deal. And just figure out a way to shut out conservatives in the freedom carcass you know those troublemakers. That's. The love the way they'd love to operate. And I'm serious when I tell you this is how they view people like that they're troublemakers. So Dennis Russ. Some of us are holding out there trying to come within negotiated deal that's palatable to everybody but the freedom carcass. They've passed system hold off for another 2448. Hours while I wonder with the gonna do in the meantime. Any vote for amnesty will damage the GOP caucus and high stakes mid term election where the Democrats. There already enthusiastic. I think the discharge petition is a mistake. You cause red states and district to struggle. The outcome of that will be a miserable outcome. You're going to have enormous problems. Conservatives predicted pre election split. If retiring Ryan helps to pass a cheap later nose is cheap labor no strings amnesty. And that's what they're heading towards. If we run an amnesty bill. Out of Republican House I think all options are on the table. And so Scott Perry remember the freedom carcass said. When asked whether Brian could remain speaker of the so called discharge petition succeeds. You remember how they got rid of John Boehner you know the old drunk. It was the petition was basically. Be out filed. To abandon the speaker and you know what's if he pulls this stunt I hope they do it to Paul Ryan. Sindh amount in his rear ends. This is just Coakley radio program. 20 minutes after 11 o'clock show on the Vince Coakley radio program. Probably a good time for us to it ventured down I 85. To take a look at the by the way did you meg card that's pretty sharp. It is a filler but now it's also. I thought I I did share that with John. And next thing and we did views and got up posted and social media everything I've got it. I'm just kidding are you moonlighting as a wrestler or something I am not like I'm a lovely wife with a good job it doesn't work in radio could. I. All rights to preserve all of our jobs how to move move by an. They cook up a in this day and history ATM. And rarity. Baltimore. Baltimore and Ohio. Started type of service the first of its kind in America what was it. Baltimore and Ohio. He teamed flirting. Come first of its kind service in America what kind of service was it. I give you hints need to get a Mormon. Well it was a way for us to get on track. Could air transportation needs. Come out of turning the railroad. It's. No the thought though have been before then that's what crude no it's pretty amazing isn't it. We have. This in 1911. President Taft dedicated this it was the largest marble structure of its kind. Right you need never hints here a place. To read for wind. Which wasn't. Library you you are correct it was the new York public library and a T eleven. And this couple notorious couple killed in the shoot out with Texas and Louisiana police. It happened in Louisiana 1934. Who were these people on the incline. Can't miss that one if you miss that I would drive down that I would beat you up myself. Play. We'll stop right there I'm like to see you do that. Bockwoldt old man. This is getting interesting now normally I wouldn't be no punched an elderly in this case. I'll literally. Hundreds yeah and alone. The. Charles is ready to defend its. Corrupt. As good as any more elderly person himself right he took a pop up. Oh why did this well. Up movie or a lug a couple of other just these stories don't we. What age were you do when you left home. I never left almost kicked out so I would say. Eighteen eighteen yes OK I heard John's answer earlier he said 373636. M sorry I got that wrong way to go man milk it for all you can get a Charles. You're seventeen okay. I was actually 28 if you can believe it Tony you know we complete waiting until we got married. Did you see this story. Other parents winning a suit to kick out there thirty year old deadbeat son kick him out of the house. This is so pathetic. The guys unemployed. Any refused to leave the house so they actually took him to court to a victim and they want to. This is crazy isn't it. I know this man and that's. That's pretty messed whose whose little on the neutral in the sun for not leave and of course I mean that that's ridiculous. I mean they want to well you need to go like us. You know here's how here's how far they went. They actually gave their. They're learning about millennial boy Michael gave him cash for moving expenses. Pleading with him to get out of this life finally sending him written legal notices demand he grow up and move out. Michael after discussion with your mother we've decided you must leave this house immediately reached the first letter. February 2 he concludes you have fourteen days to vacate. We will take whatever actions are necessary to enforce this decision really. This is removed from parents. To a child's. They later offered him 11100 dollars to find a place to stay. Gave him parental advice including. Organized the thing she needs for word and to manage an apartment in Selby and the things you have to have any significant. Value. All right I changed my mind I had nothing big guy who did the kid or what areas in a won the suit because of these people facilitated this guy to this point yes they resulted. But will send you. Disparaging note please. Ash this is just absolutely mind boggling. Any case EU says is going to leave now so I mean I guess he got the hint. After having this judgment against him. That is just priest said wonder how old they are. Yeah it's a very good question I don't think it references their age in here at all not being mean but he may have been just trying to wait it out. Yeah and that's a real possibility you're pretty sad. We always enjoy these. These airline horror stories known friends there Frontier Airlines passenger arrested after peeing on a seat in front of him. During the flight. So was led away in handcuffs. After passengers say he grabbed two women during the flight and then he urinated on the seat directly in front of him. This got 45 year old guy. Didn't he of course has been charged with indecent exposure. You know about two hours into the flight he'd been drinking what a surprise grabbed the woman seated next to him. And this person said. I hear woman scream. If if this man blank and touches me one more time I'll wait and kill him. That's pretty strong columnist extremely intoxicated. And out of his mind to also claimed she was groped. So the main entry to double shots of vodka on the flight why do they serve this guy continued it this this is just disturbing. And cute woman says and then ice cream he's Boykin a key is being. I don't like in this you know I have nothing. I've done enough. And just kind of picture of myself there yummy what would you do. Then you fly all the time what would you do if you're sitting next to those guys. I think I would have moved to the to the admit there is this kind of took what they dwell on how would you do do midstream. I mean enough. I'll hop on the I'll bet then there are just. Gosh. That's just gross dead just super missed it groups. He. Really scary nonetheless. Lines are owed you enjoy your ride back home today in Europe fry in the vehicle. How will announce what you'll never catch me honesty complained. Brave men have a give woods. It's 29 minutes after. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock. I'm Vince Coakley reader program what's we're talking with the carriers and Jeff Duncan. And ants we're concerned should I share with your earlier concern about what could happen the legislation that could be offered. That could result in an amnesty votes ends those who are most conservative. Are very concerned about the possibility that first off the concern about the content of this legislation and second off. They're concerned about the political ramifications in this off year mid term election. It would not be too Smart going before the voters after having passed something like this when it Jeff. No it would not and boy did gravitating toward come from very. Purple districts where you know they have. Future. They have the USEC California and I have you to populations. Immigrants illegal and about it and a lot of term. And they think that there passing some sort immigration legislation will benefit them and their particular districts had net. Petro and the rest the Republicans under the bus so to speak so. I mention though the process at their their propagating and that is a discharge petition to basically force. The leadership to. Bring out piece of legislation through the floor that deals with amnesty vs. Bring you what we've been working on for a year now that is debatable call villages. You know conservatives came along way to support that because we felt like it is the best piece of legislation we're going to be able to get out of the house stealing weapons. Things like cut ending chain migration and and and building a wall. Dealing with maybe. That diversity lottery and Alley issue. You know going cards and an immigration. Permits to come into the country so. Is that a good bill's not perfect you know you and I'll write something differently but I'm most conservatives have understood that this kind of not a good policy and then dispersed president. And that should be the goalie go to Obama hostile. Now I'm gonna push guns but here I carry extra Jeff Duncan what happens. If this petition does succeed. And there's a vote here there are some suggesting. There are of possibilities cheered there may be a move. To get rid of Paul Ryan even before his retirement date. Well I. You know Paul is not subject to the mercy of a discharge petition here and and I would encourage him and have to till the end that we don't just turn the floor of the house over to the Democrats that you wanted to charge position would do. I think urged them to to let folks it's on the discharge petition know there will be ramifications for. For doing that and you know if you look at the and the folks it is time to destroy our petition they get on the lion's share it and RCC money they to support their campaigns and they serve on the web team they have. You know subcommittee chairs and think it travel and all this other stuff so. You know hey if you're gonna outside of the Democrats and bring him to see the floor by circumventing the normal process and and going through a discharge petition. There ought to be some ramifications there I don't necessarily agree with. At the polls speakership is on the hook because of the actions of a small group of Republicans on discharging a piece of legislation. All right scars from a net Jeff Duncan we hope this thing I've goes in the right direction always great talking you shared banks for your stand for liberty. Well thank you so much god I'm on a working group we got another couple meetings stay on this but also a move in the right direction number is a piece of legislation sort thanks what you do events side god bless more talks on. A sounds cute and thanks very much for joining us on the broadcast this morning. I was planning to talk about this when in fact I'll I'll sets the table for this. And rational talk about this more tomorrow in fact I'm going to flag this. Because they do wanna spend some time on this. This is from my perspective. One of the most. Insidious problems affecting. The church in America right now. And it's not getting the attention that he deserves. A prominent Southern Baptist Convention leaders been removed as president of Texas seminary. Following allegations he made abusive and demeaning comments to women. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary board of trustees said in the statement 75 year old Paige Paterson was removed. Following a thirteen hour meeting OK I can. I'm let me just say this. I'm gonna really stepping in here. This is part of our problem what the hell are they doing having a thirteen hour meeting. Is that important to talk about for thirteen hours. Seriously. The statement says the board decided to move in the direction of new leadership will imagine that. Patterson's accused of commenting on a teenage girls body saying female seminarian should work to look attractive and that abused women. Should almost always stay with her husband's. I don't wanna sell the story short we need to spend more time on this and we will tomorrow. By the way Paterson rose to prominence in the seventies leading conservative takeover of the Baptist convention. Jump to pass resolutions banning women as pastors and taught that women should be submissive to their husbands. I'm going to really step that it can tell you and you gonna have to. Stick around tomorrow because I wanna talk about this more this submission teaching the way it's being tied. Is straight out of the pits of hell. And. Let me repeat that again. This admission of teaching is a devilish we'll talk about it more tomorrow. Yeah. Then. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.