What Will Be the Tab at the CAFE?

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Friday, August 10th
Dr. Warren Farrell author of The Boy Crisis. Steve Moore on Automotive CAFE Standards. Tom Blocker on Deer in the Headlights

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I'm mark Thomas and this is Carolina focus of news talk 1110993. WBT. 1079 win. 1025610. W a frenzy. It's where we look at issues events and happens to affect the Carolinas the Charlotte region did you. Welcome. We're gonna continue our discussion today as we have over the past several weeks because so many things are in the news relating to school shootings. And maladies in society. Gentlemen right now is going to be joining us wrote a book a number of years ago called the myth of male power. It's doctor warned Ferrell in fact I interviewed him publicly was in 1994. And that to talk about that and it did expose and took a little bit different tact on the I guess the the male dominated culture that weird to this day being told we live in. And he's written another book along with doctor John Gray who is the author of men are from Mars and women are from Venus. And collaborative leave they've put together a book called the boy crisis. And we wanna find out what this is all about because these are two people who really had a lot of impact. Back in the ninety's with their writings. And wanna see how things have changed or maybe how they not have not changed and joining us now is doctor warned Ferrell. Good morning doctor Ferrell. Report. What they once been but twenty some years are you bent. Yes it was we were we were barely out of diapers at that point in time of but I found that I found that book interesting nothing to give listeners who may not be familiar with few. A little bit of background. You have your your degrees are in political science. And you were with the national organization for women way back in the in the eighties wasn't. Clinton and Japanese island with Villa on the board director to the national organization for women in your city and speaking pretty much around the world unimportant so that women's movement can go out. And he's been in the seventies mid late seventies I certainly wish you a lot of divorces occur. And it the power went out from the border you know the you know getting a great many. Requests from from women who are now members saying oh we we don't want equality we want to. Movie that we we want champion chargers being we know what's best for children. When we divorce political construct and life I don't like my husband and we don't come along well. I'm by after new boyfriend wannabe the letter states where my. We're not future as well we're going to be a much better life four. My son and daughter and so on. And Nolan inclined to and so now the big debate. And I took the front of the debate that we shouldn't be talking about whether it should be in another writer obviously we should be talking about. Look at your research into what history children have to divorce. And they were saying we can't afford to lose membership they alienate membership. Because we have we have a lot richer. Efforts that we have to tune in to in terms of helping women so we have to support Whitman and more. General picture all the way. And we we cannot be preoccupied with. With that we get distracted and undermine our female audience. I don't believe. It. Having focused. On and having rights to children suitable. So you've really been. At the forefront. Of the the feminist movement. From almost its inception I mean we can go back to. You know Carrie nation and women's suffrage in that sort of thing in where women were you know evolving into the political sphere. But. As far as the twentieth century's concern in the late sixties and then into the seventies was when it's really really got a toehold and really started to make inroads. So you've been you've been there since that beginning. Yes certainly I started my involvement with talent on the board objected to Nellie and. And 991970. And over the over the ensuing years and then it was in the ninety's that she wrote the myth of male myth of male power. Which really kind of took a lot of social attitudes and turn them on their heads. It kit it was basically. And every. What would I had been burning in absorbing and teach in actual. As part of the woman's movement would fit in that we that didn't feature oracle world in which and made it a little bit and that's expensive equipment. I'm that I really started to question and realize that we did not who lived in world that we dominated by a patriarch deeply. The in the world it was dominated by indeed survive. And in an order to survive those who both are letter to their lives in childbirth than fathers from their allies in the war. To support to children that would bore and that is loaded sacrifice their career. And the father's sacrifice may track type in their careers. And what we were catching on to with a little movement is that we were clear intent clear potential. We'll track are actually decreased to reach children. And and a little street it was a situation with an expectation. The tension and expectation. Didn't she go out and raise money and re lucky it did not yeah having going Cha. Shall I like asking people in the audience and it'll created according to your dad. And almost solely through something like writing speaking we're doing poetry are doing our. We're gonna work out fishing or going out playing golf for making something in the garage. And playing with my children and grandchildren. And it was a lot younger. You know being an accountant being engineered. I'm working fire fighter picking up truck driving it actually ended in the city. Well fortune you and your week I'm getting up at 3 in the morning to be it garbage collector who in the parking lot that created the coolant to their obvious. And shall I certain to redefine Howard and Howard really control over your old. It is not a burden to climb up the ladder. To get the top. Were you should he shouldn't Arab League picture. Do you can't enjoy writing poor actually yeah. And and they didn't repeat it never ask yourself internally motivate you trained me on. And shall we realize that women had a lot to learn and calling our actually obligated to earn money that you but he spent walled lake country under. And that was moderately good definition of power actually look into question the whole that whole concept. And warned certitude look at deliberately at the border crisis booklet. You're actually seeing that will bullies were having entrance a purposeful mentioned. High level for depression and they weren't doing well at school. As girls were and I want to adjust what was causing. And force sort of looking all around the world and feel that in the 63. Largest developed nations looking up to its upward developed. Oh boy it were not doing as well drilled. In cool. Or academic subjects. And then I think intricate details were not doing well girls in turn to their social skills he's emotional intelligence. They weren't data if there are getting weaker they're like she is we're getting lower. I don't think we're doing we're academically and that you hear is that look predicts success which which reading writing. And and don't commit to that little boy still become successful. If they argue that. So you know graduate from high school as a twenty and 20% likely that it will not yet they'll be employed. And girls are very few Whitman served our entry exit marry him into treating the boycott is in the in the an important. I think. Well indeed yes the unemployment line though is is a bit of a hindrance when it comes to marital issues. Yes it's gotten short tight you know pretty much suitable. And show you winnable in school are actually asking the question what what's the common denominator among developed country. And I started to feed established civil the that was commissioned for the court. The commission for divorce law that you usually. 22 things happened to divorce deal which about a third appearance. Default which remained completely ball picture the physical custody about sixty trophy. Boy in balloon should feel like we're doing fairly well particular district and think it's effective natural than to do well that they at least weren't in disaster mode. The political it's a very minimal or little contact with their father captured or table. And I actually that the old sports were doing really terribly. Shouldn't depend on the porch population among the scene and you and found that there were fifty treat Christians. Other American women who were under thirty who had children. Had children without being married. And that usually that he didn't want that we're looking with a partner that the tightening up the children. Forty conscience that you couldn't group. Did not achieve their children they have to be in the children which are here today in the pocket did not. And show them that crippled boy who was also doing terribly well and so I started to she that the boy Croatian side. About ten different areas of cautious. But the most important single one of our continent was a lack of fiber content. And we're speaking with doctor Warren Farrell who's the co author of the boy crisis along with doctor John Gray who wrote men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But you mentioning education component. The the failure of boy is in young men in that system. Is. Correct me if I'm wrong but the school system generally is a female dominated. Area of life is it not. Yes should hear the real problem that I mean obviously triple a controlled model that the problem that pretty much common sense. But what is happening in the city in particular. Its support trickling from female dominated the whole truth female dominated schools. And then we'll ask. The you know 1213 fourteen contract no significant mental models for the constructive. That any gang leader and it's the destructive role models for the offer them some sense of identity. Charm offensive group aware that the group involvement. And don't be shocked in Tibet because he has he warned that boy can try it and. This whole lot lately. And they Christian major problem with with the lack of popular content troubling. Wouldn't it in effect in the old days. Bullish and it's a carpet was very clear. QB that you can basically or between man and retreat to be disposable. Disposable and war. We're responsible in the workplace for working men origins you need to to support your family. An intro you may not be responsible work and the people who are. I'm at the height of their career are the most likely to have health problem that looks like he could. A man companies. And compared as compared to men who would not make less money. There they are less well they're less likely to diet and had an etiquette in the ancient courier productivity. You have yeah and looking disposable work and disposable it will go to war that's in the old days that we shouldn't be given. So board connection to prepare for that was treatment that they absorb from culture in general. But you know which you report having to go to war and we will also cheering for equitable. All of that it's. Is good by the way what they thought about it for you don't have an automatic trip occurred. Sure you come on what lack of centric or what occurred in. Was no real role model or biological father actually. Here is we're here you are we are as a human being. And here and you know where that required. You to be able to support yourself and support definitely. And you have to you have to work Q for the future you have to do some combination. I hope we shall be discovered. And find out what you're unique qualities are and the saint at least ought to take responsibility. No wind giants are not involved. Nor will speak it aren't here in actually being electable model a couple again this. It's also contribute four. There to be a lack of. Gallantry in fortunate. Surely look at divorce divorced. Typical mom look and say that or not the gavel in action the same thing about injuries suffered. You can't sit here and contribute to peace. I'm by the end with the admirable way or the girl we'll try exposed. The mother and other equally trying to achieve peace is possible before they get their country. I'm that the library will actually achieve it wanted didn't you. A big fight with life for her daughter got if you keep people's attention they were overwhelmed. And shows even the the daughter of the island. Unfit to be able straight on the a couple of people I'd been at its treatment novel triple a table for more peace and get our industry. And for the child with a blonde is more likely due to sensitivity. Should be able to definitely a better deal. It's the child look that you don't Cha they've actually a child from church work. Excuse me you know with the dealers and what other dealings in CP leader should be. And accurate cream or not contribute but not underage people. And for the child contingent on the lot that's the argument without judgment be. And that will be more likely to say troop surge in and you can continue whining. And public and to learn alligator. Eventually the child with a with a belt enforcement and more likely to realize. What you have to learn how to push poll gratification. To finish the peace force as its entry gratification of the extreme. And got pushed cool that situation. Single most important ingredient. Cheap becoming more and successful in school or work postal postpone gratification read into lenient here. Secret that your opinion keeping. And show and what a wonderful. Dutch have to postpone gratification or girls and girls and much more likely to happen. People globally is likely to become. Could feel bad about and so actually it's you know achieved his dream of becoming a basketball football player. He doesn't have the discipline to really make that happen and so he starts killing inferior accountable it around and don't let him. It's more likely people he. He will likely be a little self conscious. Move into depression then we torture video game and wouldn't become 1213 fourteen and girls aren't interest in him in the structural and increasing. He he extra contractual energy and intensity to be important and that that increased received it took me only when it will be taking. And then wouldn't I'm gonna have a real relationship with a girl he become he he can't handle to get this kind of. How to treat a girl that we are human being because he's so used to the court and he gets more into depression and sometimes. Can become suicidal. And the worst case scenario he takes a look at the yeah its cool and his angry at its future and that the girls and predictable and. And you become like it archers are adamant or too little group Ford quote current. Or who had jury. Pool room at their country shall not talking about. And we're talking with doctor Warren Ferrell who's a co author of the newly released book the boy crisis. About that book and the entire I guess the the mail paradigm in society today. Now to back up just the second you talked about the father disciplining and setting on the on the ground rules. And saying if you don't each apiece you recognize scream and if you continue to whine you're not getting any tomorrow either. And that's that's sounds like that could be categorized as toxic masculinity. Well yet the issue there's a lot of talks should be in the community. However their toxicity. Came injury so training art fund to become a little. So heroic masculinity heroic and torture in its training for a short like should be willing to be disposable. I'm chew and so children when they're going to have to talk it's killing you don't turn to tune into your feelings. On the other hand and it took her little intelligent. If you look at the opposite of how intelligence. How will look at conscience socialization force short life. How intelligent socialization for a long life. Shall we call toxic masculinity. Or an outcome. A little intelligence. In which are and in which we will we learned to sort of make or actual seeing stronger. That we actually where are we disconnected from Portland. Because we knew we wouldn't be like Laura to respect it we didn't. The bullet look at it and I didn't know who is getting good who who with the cheerleaders cheering for. Its first control do it again and an interest in children and don't do it again like it contractions or friction and concussion can be careful. I'm the cheerleader in person can do it again and suitable or risking concussions which can gnashing their back. Which can dislocated. And body parts. And so it is and shall we because they we call option because the guys aren't in touch with their feet and because. You got a would look for loans. Believe again from the he became this year. Not the guys who strategy I wanna be I wanna be talking sensitive and warm and open them in girls four girls award or posting triple. But they have to be sure couldn't interest and then they want you permit to cry. They go one part that they're not attraction pulled out with Clark Kent. And we're speaking with doctor warned Ferrell who is the author of the myth of male power back in the ninety's. And he's coauthor of the new book the boy crisis along with doctor John Gray who wrote the book men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Two. Very its outstanding works back in the ninety's. They've collaborated on the boy crisis we're talking to him now on Caroline focus on your host mark Thomas misses. I guess it you say there's a lot of pieces and there's a lot of dots to be connected in all this damn I guess the biggest question is how can we advance what. There's and there's probably no one thing to do to correct this problem. As such now some may say it's not a problem at all because women are now coming into their own. But I would venture to ask are you seeing how women who get a glint in their eyes she said earlier about their careers. Or use. They're really good liquid and I took them from their careers and their it would include their lives from reaching their children. They're actually in children. What will lead when people are married and they have children. And how imperative is about forty potential and actual that the others will be full time involved with the children about 40% chance to draw people are involved. In the workplace Olympics after hours and replaced. And there's about a twenty could change in its upbeat part had been called for the church ideas and children. Are growing up and show women have you wouldn't when the children went woman's pregnant and she married in the middle pressure. She basically had three options option one to work full time option Chile should be retention and children full time. An option trees and some combination of both on the other usually generate three different options option one has to work full time. Should choose to work full time entries to work we'll track or more technically if you executive so sensitive work. In a broader responsibilities. And more overtime. And that he's a working class and it can take to Asia trip and one in order to support. This children and eventual economic security and mouton into the battered neighborhoods and so that's president. The pattern that's consistent today but it isn't in your question I think is also a work week so what can we do so much that we can do. A little itchy to encourage fathers took it to. Boy. QB actually themselves as one their option if you spirituality is appropriate. Can be what I would call father warrior. Actually sort of drawing on the workplace. He is he's. Good he's chew gum and social life and school. Chief operating as one possible option for a full time jobs. And and allowing many women can be have a ball with many women who 21 career. Are they are very recently traded I if you can be capital and which can get capital and what could Washington and. Well actually is still willing. Shouldn't has long believed in you know a couple of desired. Are being full time and tackled. The blockage near me not learn from home particularly on the interest rates in children and you can get artists. Part of what we need to intuit to create new ties since although warrior or you type certainly our hero. Shortly potential well then we create win win situation for women men and children. Wouldn't troops who are local art career oriented because here and being you know that they will have his father uncle read children's well. And the crucial issue as to whether or not this works. In on what that there will be in command who told not earning any money or only earning some. Actually re election that's it partner which works well. She doesn't expectant that type of her chances early to deport. And can be quite miserable forever about it. And show part children range frequently altered to. Q not in a marriage situation. The mother almost always remain involved and connected with the children and so they detestable world say they care. Re probably more successfully than any other demographic of children. And women who focused on the workplace where their children born. They do better than their male counterpart earned war moved more quickly to a executive that level yet but they're male counterparts here. And that's one aspect where men have to take the responsibility to say I'm gonna give up my career. To be a full time father to be a father hero in this particular case. What are there are there any other things wrote a social standpoint that we should be stepping back and looking at. Is to maybe how. Public education is structured for example. Yes and just before that Cindy. Listening in relation to perform. Our guys go in you wanna do activity. Well you'll never finished it before until the Pew Research Center and local police in polite. What are you name it has the option you would prefer to be full time involved with their children not part time more fully employed. 49% of demand for the they would prefer. To be full time and control both your children. Rather than be working. That would act that was considered by 49% of young men and and should be I think that would be a greater interest threatened. When I look at me and some years ago I talked about it in the book and he told me about enjoying London and it's kind sorted after I had left that's been group. He told me that can't get him in in the heat 100 questioned by instrument groups yeah. He wasn't the biggest hole in your heart. And had when he opened up and said that the big hole artwork. Intranet it was not taking care of my younger son and then losing contact within intentionally. Hitting and hitting. Divorce from my life. And that is that the worst thing that ever I'm sure and it's it's so much effort into my business. And I didn't and. Focus on my son growing up. And Connecticut and extra decrying what has he told me that he started crying. And and it and they should what does that account and I could write a new life here in the states. I'm sure it would she was pregnant and we found out. Actually having a boy and I'm worried that it would be doing the same thing all over it shall club in the business. Patient and that group that you know. Fortunately two. Quote fortunately. To ask my life if I would be open that you if he AST what was the injury and I can dream can't he would be that would take off from here. And re controlled content and my new and cool content and. Who took the group confronted me at its cultural and conducted and actually know launchers you've been there. And that there in days encouraged me to talk about the light from the John Q did you go into that. And and but then English cheerful. Having true break hold and contracts should renegotiate everything and get it and groups that supported him to go through that. Any technical. Whether he can try your history in and. And I met him when he was about a year cheer in the process. An exit which honestly it was a good and he says or are that the situation of my life. I finally learned what love really. And I'd love every minute of it and at that point in time has come back from the first book tour. And somebody and then on TV until they can sit Kapler and trying to drill program. And try to reach for the guys. To get an autograph and is that kind of really awkward to me. Actually I was wondering is why the question about it. And I was really didn't get it. And so as the guy actually trying to Whitaker very rapidly and said. Local argue and I can and should I'm John mentioned in the future on the job. Into Dublin and and because I didn't have a TV to watch TV and like it will look for an hour. And couldn't and yet so the point here it says here to me and who had won the most successful career troubled time. With praise and everything else and creativity into it. And he would realize that what she ballooned. Went a little bit. And that whole picture action. Would preventing him from Troy I'm discovering love. And that when he spent that right here to have to temple in reaching shore and. That he had war I bet that that was what he called the best situation that life. Until I think that that's encouragement as number one. Couldn't hold open something honorable opal extra cute to as a weight troubling picture. But also to enter the caring profession. On the you're single mom and you don't have the option of friction regions involving your other. The truck in one of the region that it probably doesn't he bought it all and I urge you equally apparently are not valued. Ultra tight mothers are fearful of housing and fearful of teaching your twelve encouraging bully has and girls to get up and you get it and self. And show. Portable we need to do these little lightning a propensity and other starters. And in order to get some more involved and and had been peeled out. And we mutually courage or it can prepare themselves for the health protection in particular profession. And particularly for being teachers elementary school teacher and. Police will not have to go from a moderate a live look there a link homes I'm chew on female old school it's simply not a good deal role model. We need to be encouraging words from you I'll learn how to cheer and nurtured their sister and brother. And show and and when that company and you know and you you can your daughter being patient. I don't for the mother you know my daughters to could be initiative that would untrue until maybe it. And it can contribute and a couple of bullet in my blog on treatment and to be ducked out in the personally and they'll probably enjoy the process a lot more. And show that the type of. Lee socialization and thinking oh. What the next generation of police will be able to. Cap option could be to not be appropriate for Opel. We shall leader firefighter or police officers that worked construction workers. Practices that we need to open up other options for triple agent fact we. Not other option trigger. Doctor warned Ferrell the book is the boy crisis is available at Amazon.com. We appreciate you being here on Carolina focus. You are listening to Carolina focus on news talk eleventh in 1993 WDT. 1079 moment. 1025610. WFNC. Also available to podcast WBT dot com on your host mark Thomas so glad you could join us here this morning and an email press release came to my attention the other day. From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Department of Transportation and EPA. Talking about the. You proposed fuel economy standards for model years two when he 2126. And there's been a lot of talk recently about. The mandates that went into effect or should say that we were mandated by a President Obama in the last few weeks of his tenure as president. Signing an executive order that would raise fuel economy standards to nearly 55 miles per gallon for the fleet. That is to say all light trucks like Ford F 150s. And and so forth as well as regular passenger cars suvs and crossovers etc. And that the entire fleet would have to average 55 miles a gallon or face monetary penalties which would be included in the cost of vehicles obviously. Should they not meet those standards. And this was quite a big increase from where we are now which is the kind of in the oval mode amid thirty mile per gallon fleet average. The corporate average fuel economy standards were instituted actually back in the early seventies were the first ones. During the initial oil embargo. From the Middle East as as a way to reduce. Fuel consumption and you know you can debate as to whether or not. It's really had the intended effect. Long term because a lot of cars back then didn't get very good mileage but then again. Some of them later on did and at the written point we are right now. Cars don't really get as great a gas mileage as some did was say back in the early eighties. There are a lot of reasons for that but this up particular action by President Obama. Is something that has an impact everybody in the Carolinas everybody in the country who who buys an automobile and new automobile. Joining us now from Heritage Foundation. Is Steve Moore who's an economist. Also for freedom works. Good morning mr. Moore. And our first thing I wanna do you're name's Steve Moore. And I wanna make clear that you are not the Steve Moore that owns the Chevrolet dealership here in our region. I wish or do you wish you the car dealerships fast. Nobody you know being in dealerships are other kind of people who had to be very much in favor what choppers trying to do because as huge aside. These very very draconian fuel efficiency standards that. Obama administration tried to set in motion. Would make bank are much more sponsor and that means fewer people would like SARS. Well and I think that's you know that you know of the initial cost but then there's also the engineering capabilities of actually making this sort of thing happening cars these days I mean there's. Other than in a technically eight Tesla. You know fully electric car would meet these standards but I think the only other automobile and actually. Gets mileage to meet or exceed this new standard is something like a Toyota Prius which is a hybrid. So you only have a current or two cars that have any kind of internal combustion. And of course we can also debate whether or not electric cars really consume more energy based on. The power that's needed to recharge the batteries and you know we can get and we're very scientific discussion about that. But the fact of the matter is not a cars that meet this standard throw all intents and purposes are now. That was intentional also what the Obama EPA we strive to do and these are these are pretty. In Iraq on it agreed environmentalist worked would they would they were basically it means for incidentally let me just apartment there in California. They have very very strict. Emissions standards and that was an issue here too which weathered the state of California has the authority to regulate emissions. About the doubles adverse and so what this new. Proposal that. Trump has put out would do is all right the California standards have one standard for the entire country. A couple picks up as number one. I believe we should not ebony fuel efficiency standards that people should be doubled by what they want to get elected she shaped body as you do if you buy more fuel efficient car. And that's a decision to consumers should make if you wanna be by a few of the year a lot about it minivan or you'll combat by releasing eight car the happier. You know Boettcher decision Jules and I'm not exactly sure why the federal government should mandate phew what kind of power situation. But it's week getting out those standards that. That the Obama administration and shot that are very much like to cal foreigners to understand eventually what would happen is they would drive every one in to buying an electric. Vehicle or hybrid because there's no other way to reach the standards with existing. Our technology it's. Ever went can't drive a Prius I mean you've got to a certain. Realities. That you know someone has you know. Two and two children for example it's hard to take a family trip you know and get all your luggage repair every Gloria Prius I mean I mean let's be you know realistic here. And I think that. It is and edit by the way you know we've got the truck slows on the road now offer for five years. You that you state guest or what percentage of nuke our sales or electric cars wrecked. I'm kind of a car guy can probably tell you it's around one to 2%. So you're exactly right yeah. About one half percent so. You know it be they American consumers basically telling the country's you know we all electric cars we don't and a lot of reasons like people have sort of struggle for cars you know you. You can only drivable 200 miles from an epic supper Gavin he has yet to charge up production and it Shelley made a very good point that a lot of people both Mike Green from such and understand apps that just because of electric vehicle that he does not yet urged each has of course you'd be used to. You know you have to use energy electric power. To charge the batteries and electric parent and actor actually emit more Reno's got some of the government. Not burning. That Jirga or horror or oils so. It you know this is a decision that I acres mostly about the economy to people gap before these are more expensive cars. And you're gonna get oh she so it's an interesting dynamic that aperture. If you. New powers that are made today are much more fuel efficient and much cleaner that traverse that were built on years ago and so. The best way to clean up the environment is to get people to. Turn in their old cars and by car but if you raise the cost of a new car which these two efficiency standards deal would make you raise spirits. But recovered three or 4000 dollars then people. Don't let it buy in new carpet they can't afford it and you're actually keeping that gas guzzler cars on the road. Answer you can actually do would be doing more serious harm to the environment with these higher fuel efficiency showed that felt like appear about but it is sure. And I think in on an example of that the newest vehicle I own is 2007. And it gets abruptly. About 35 miles a gallon which isn't bad. But you know on in the overall scheme of things. But. I've been with the average price of a new car being somewhere around 3435000. Dollars I just don't one I just wanna make that investment I don't want I don't wanna take on that that payment. Because we're looking parlance these days that are you know 67 years in some cases which brought in order to hear an economist you know that that's not a good bet. It up and under these new standards they were estimating Mexico's port side and they've got some new car could be could rise to about fifty doubts about some map that would be really privilege not a full of people. Armed dynamic of this. And number what I'm against some good and I think that drop administration's customs debate date intrude on consumer choice shall people should be able make their own decisions. But what kind of car they make they want. But the other thing is that by forcing people to buy more fuel efficient cars which government does under these. Do efficiency standards. Bob what do you know one of the major ways that the car companies have made cars more fuel efficient at least and so well you're expert. You apiece by that make them wider. Of course what I try to make they try to make them lighter that's that brings up and that brings up another angle which is the safety mandates which increased the way to car. So we do note that fatal errors and smaller content that may occur later in the makes them smaller well guess what if you get the car accident with a truck and and you're gonna light and small car you're much more likely to have made serious injury or fatality and so obeyed the studies show that these charter fuel efficiency standard toward. Would de cost about 12000 dollar. What you want to do thousand additional. Actually a year so do we really want to make cars more unsafe so that they can save a little bit more on fuel. Again that's a decision that the consumer should be a media willing to take a little bit of risk you know in terms of the safety of darting out. You know more money in a tactic that amount to pay as much for gasoline. But that is my point is that life as a government make that decision for. Well if you wanna get into the to be constitutional argument that the federal government should be limited to those things which are laid out within the constitution. And taking a tenth amendment as of the advice and everything else goes to the states and the people. I think that debate actually was decided quite a few years ago that it doesn't apply that the federal government is gonna I mean. It was just look at our toilets. For example I know you three gallon flush used to be the standard and now it's one point six. And him I don't I don't media Fletcher toward it twice CO. It used to point to do and kind of usually common. You keep coming up with a obese and reactions that thing is that. You know you do math and stuff like that that's given you should you not. But because this is not sure a lot of people listen of the show are very concerned about global warming up about. About a global warming fanatic every summer keeps me up the right but many people and that concerned about climate change and if you are. He's the question matters would with the change in these standards that trump has proposed. However divert clear earlier this that beat these filters is standard which still go out each year for each year but over the next five years under the trump. Mandates that just wouldn't go appears as rapidly as they would under so the question is what is the difference. Or email you know the total emissions. Into the atmosphere and what difference would that make in terms of the global struck the slopes temperature over the next 67580. Or what the depth to cover transportation out. Was that the the difference between the Obama campaign. Which will cost. 500 billion dollars more for the manufacturers and consumers that the trop. Mandate. That got difference in terms of global sculpture by the you're 2100. Is point 02. To reached. Amaechi and again we're gonna spend 500. The only two dollars to reduce the global temperature in 85 years bite point 02 degrees in other words it's been captured partial. And yet it has a high economic or neglect economist is at a good cost benefit. You know idol thanks. And we're talking with Steve Moore who's with The Heritage Foundation and also is an economist that or works with the organization freedom works. Here in Carolina focus on mark Thomas your host and I guess the the thing is if if people are driving older cars such as myself. I mean by my newest cars eleven years old. And I maintain it I take care of it and you know knock on wood you know it's it it keeps on going. And I have no intentions of buying a new car but. Some people aren't met in that position. Around. How how can people forward with the average price and being an economist. In talking about you know average you know household incomes and where they are in relation to the cost of automobiles. And where they are. How are people able to make these make these purchases in the first place I guess that's kind of my questions because. I look at my household income and we used Tesla for is an example. What's that you wanted an electric car well average price of a new car like this is somewhere around 3435000. Dollars but in order to buy a Tesla you're gonna spend at least forty mean they talk about the new model three being 35000 but they haven't delivered any of that place at this point. But there anywhere from 4200000. Dollars how can an average family average household. Who's averaging come over the past twenty years has been relatively. Soft hasn't been going up but with inflation I don't think correct me if I'm wrong. How can they afford these new. These new vehicles it is cost how is that possible. Well trick question and by the way on the truck slows just evil one interest and picture about what the which people can better afford to our sources to government. The taxpayer you guys are actually. People buy trucks DG you know you get that. Depending on the vehicle which you buy you can get a taxpayer rebate the text curb right Chu which. Anywhere from 2530. Order dollars a returned about one which is ridiculous strikes. I'd buy a Porsche should the government give me or does dollar rebate you know. So batches are silly policy as well. But of course the answer questions people finance the cup so it may cost 35000 dollars to maybe it succeed just dollar and come. Gonna have to they're gonna have to finance that over in hopes but we searched seven years and and that data out of the debt burden of the American travel and that's why. You know many American companies currently in doubt it because these things cost too much and you 3000 dollars to cost the car. You know that just adds to the. That adds roughly you know 910% year cost that's not an insignificant percentage. It is and and so you know that that's going to be its interest in debate about the liberals want completely crazy. What trump announced this. There will be some public hearings you don't just go through the whole process Woolsey what I think triple prevail here because there are some sort of got. I told you know the administration agent do you people were doing mentioned while it's certainly about a about it dip but why we need increased he's fuel efficiency standards at all. And make them even in a more to get even under the trot and dates the cost of apparel rise because of he's more fuel efficient. C standards and develop the market work if you buy it although at least now you look at ice selling charge right now what do they. People buy trucks people are buying it committee that people are banged at QB just because they are you know on the eve for the family in the future which transportable Iraq and oust. You're gonna have a lot of cars built and fewer of those are more of that you know to Karachi much in the Prius you know too so that the in other words. They're gonna beat. Making cars not to the consumer demand to meet these standards. And we'll see how those cell I guess and that's and that's gonna be the bottom line I mean if if people are gonna buy them. That's you know that's an economic problem it is something that. You know was an economist if you start making products that people don't wanna buy your product to be in business for. I would I got an economist and right now. I you know what what I would like an amateur vehicle. No idea I get about. 200 miles for sale and you know why why is that I got the scooter you can lose the if it's. There you go. Well we'll call you scooter steam. Students need more with a Heritage Foundation we appreciate you being here on Carolina focus. And I think that's you know that goes to the and to the actual point people who really wanna do this there are options. Are you willing to make them and is the market willing. To tolerate those those. Particular decisions at the more with Herridge we appreciate you being here in Carolina focus. I thought that you perhaps are. I. Okay. It's. You're listening to Carolyn focused on news talk eleventh in 1993 WBT 107 on the link. We'll complies and ten WFMC. Also available as a podcast WGT dot com I'm your host mark Thomas this past week. But he BT's book Thompson spoke with auto expert Tom blocker about another issue that can affect you if you're out on the roadways. And we welcome our auto expert Tom blocker back on the show this week did you know time you're down there. And Lake Wylie that was done in your neck of the woods the other day and travel on the on the back roads and didn't see one beer but it entire family of deer coming across the road and you know dear vs car is nothing new. In this area especially in here yards in the summertime but. Sure does seem like a maybe more of that kind of wild life then Ned than normal round busy areas. You have would appear very prolific. Particularly down here which McDowell parked in LA can eat but they're all over sharp Maine where there are shall fortunate dear. Pretty adaptable than there ever were and are unfortunately. Actually won but saddle road you know that's been hit and killed. Well several times a week here on our foreign arm it's it's got to be a great common occurrence in. They quoted us state farm study don't own their statistics. State farm got 44 million. Not ensure urged in the US and last year. They played trapped point six billion in losses. For air strikes back point six date coming that's. But a lot of money for state farm has so that just trying to get in Nigeria pushed open you know. The problem. And they they cannot listed the probability Basque state. In terms of where these things happen. No West Virginia was the highest probability still more you know pro population dire than. Anywhere else but. One and 43 it was a probability that showed west Virginia Beach. North Carolina South Carolina and Virginia. Follow around 100. Probability of that getting it to yourself you know that's pretty here could we got a lot of rural area. Like you said you know they're all over the place down near the lake. Here when you talk about damage that a dear does to a card now we know what kind of damage the car does to the deer. But you know Waterston thinks people should know about 110 what you should do when that happens and and what happens from the the driver in the cars and. Whoa whoa what what the authorities and investigate these actions saved the worst results I actually the worst accidents. Are from people losing control trying to avoid the big year. And they sure render an oncoming lane for example and they haven't had on clay yet which is way worse you know and hit a bigger. Or they were all but rather than get a tree you know which. There's a you know hit an immovable object the ones you know Shakespeare show mile an hour of really really bad deal. So they say the best thing typically is just a brake hard. But don't try to swerve to to move to miss Sam. I get out of the car or the truck tiger hit I mean it just definitely but you know. All the modern vehicles airbags and it's still relatively safe charming. The rest of occupancy is is not horrendous. And it can happen but actually it's not real common bus stops. I certainly can terror vehicle up as state farm can tell you pay about five point six billion in losses you know for airstrikes. You talked about West Virginia being number one now know where does North Carolina rank in the mix. Well it's about for Pennsylvania was second North Carolina has South Carolina Virginia are kind of in that next group and they were all around 100. Probability vs one and 43 and much for jinx by the way the lowest probability was in California. One in 11100 I guess. You know there are too many deer hanging around and LA and San protester who were all the population is there. Yeah but I you know I want writer and you wonder are there more to do your. This season in North Carolina then normal like I said. I saw whole family the other day I didn't just see one. And that's a little bit more than that amused to see him. What I guess the wildlife folks could give us a better out they have permits must stance that there just are getting pushed into. More confined areas yes all the development he looked down here like wow. Since I've been here in the twenty years there's areas change dramatically I mean it was a very very rural area when I moved here it is not now etched. There's a tremendous amount of development. So they're getting squeezed and the tiger area which means they're forwarding more in the coming into the neighborhood she eats you know you're saying a morsel that's that's kind of martians at the end. They're extremely adaptable and I guess you know really dear don't have any natural predators anymore. Brown hair shall there really bear population comic is growing and not. It's you know it's creating problems certainly for them as well as for for motor shop good friend a man who's excellent motorcycle at a very very skilled latter merge spirits. He just hit a beer out in Colorado on his bike and now he's all busted up what lots of broken bones gonna have to have surgery and total by. And that their little leaped out of the woods and I mean this guy's got great reflection but he didn't have time to react. And that's a whole other rocky mountain yeah eight and remembering wrong option that's a whole other situation if you if you hit a deer on on now on two wheels as of as opposed to four wheels. And you make a point about. Pain is not necessarily that the and you look at an area like down at Lake Wylie where you have so much construction going on in a confined space they they have less space to. To beat so I did naturally that's gonna happen this gonna push him out and to more of the open them are used to seeing them in. They're they're moving around looking for food or maybe mating or whatever they sort of greatest risk is around November October November December that's when Norma moved the most. And the powerbook or an after sunset. And then fairly early in the morning that's when. These hits occur. I can occur any time but that that's when the most common and that's one that your mood but much flux although I also want it 630. And the afternoon the other day perhaps 77 between title Poland would law. He had lie on the bank that you don't have to go to Lake Wylie to see deer you seem more of them. There but right here in and metro Charlotte it's it's quite a amassing in my backyard here before and I mean console itself. So yeah now they're they're all around south harming her third gear Wear soft. Anyway be careful and particularly. Dusk and an evening just really you know watchers believe. Watch for the year because they are there ever was. A summertime hazard indeed at Tom blocker our auto expert always good to hear your voice thank you sir. I thought you vote for here. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus when he's talking less than 10993. WPT. 1079 in the went. 1025610. W at Kenzie also available so podcast that the DPT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas and until next time you well.