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Saturday, December 9th

Josh Costner of The Costner Law Firm, and Marty Ivey of Ivey Exterminating join Paul to discuss what your attorney wihed you knew and what you need to control pests this time of year.


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Investment advice provided on the following program. Individual basis listeners should not consider today's discussion has a recommendation for any investment and she carefully evaluate before investing. Should she. Hello and welcome to the show your real estate today it is another three recorded Saturday sorry about that but. I know you're out about today and probably enjoying. The potentials. And that we're supposed to have today about. That's you know that's just the level live and in Charlotte 71 day. Whatever it is the next day but that's quite all right. Because we know we've got so much for you today and we're excited today. I've got two great guests today this is Paul Jamison of course your host Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management. The show your real estate today been around for nine and a half years. Nine and a half years of yak in about realistic so we're glad that your Willis thanks for tuning in. I have my good friend Marty diving went diving exterminating here a Marty welcome back hey Paul great glad to be here. Before I move onto our next guest I wanna tell you the other day I called Shelly in your office to ask her about a report that I was waiting on yet. And if you call Marty's office at 7043341616. You get to hear Marty on the whole button and right when they put me on hold it went. We're gonna get these. Some bugs. It was like perfect timing Mardy didn't have everything else all their but that and then it started to relive that story I loved every thought it was good. Also with me today has been like a great partner to Jamison. Josh Costner with the costs or law firm hey Josh welcome back against been a lot. This little idea but you know monitor this yeah oh great yeah that's it that's it's. We have I mean we've got a busy here yeah. I mean you guys have been Franken. For us and them you know it's been a blessed here and I know. I think you got one or two other clients besides us so if they're gonna gonna it's been and it's been wild and and other media center. Broad general just 'cause it's been a while Josh and did just a quick synopsis on your business you've got multiple locations you've got. Many attorneys. All of which are top notch. You wanna just give a quick. You know by error on your your business. Yet here in Charlotte now based in Charlotte university area. Two offices Charlie university and balance on. Covered North Carolina and South Carolina. And so we have self analysts turn as well I'm not one so. Said nothing to do about South Carolina. But. I also have offices and in Raleigh and Wilmington we reasonable to Myrtle Beach. More and Charleston mountain Nashville Tennessee. Nashville Tennessee he's got he's got it covered and a lot of closings I imagine sometime before the end of the year would love take two. Of course forget pretty darn close. To get your thoughts and maybe if we have a little extra time today can get your thoughts in the next year or some things that measure coming but. We've got five things that your real estate attorney wishes you knew coming up today and then Marty. You're gonna spend some time where this really talking about what score and on. Under the covers at the home absolutely I mean it's. This time a year I remember that it's probably not the best way that's. I can't OT jesuit dugout I'm not especially into Barbara world around eleven under and yeah you don't have to take it out but I mean at least you're at home have a good laugh about that. Marty is not look at Nina went through I thought so. Hello like that did you see that they're being in the article. About the cameras that was on last Ruth did you all see that did not know that's a subject for another day. Google air BNB cameras. He was come up with. So anyway well I digress Marty. We'll follow her when you let's talk a little bit about. Mice mice well you not talk a lot polish showed over the years about. The nit steer in the nit spears says. No suitable and it will go unoccupied through men. To me that's very fascinating theory. It was originally a theory that was designed around in six but I think it pertains to. They're replaying in our life I mean I talk about a lot about how everything follows a predictable path of energy which creeks and what I call these open niches in. Mice for no better example of that. I'm Mike from malign a war not totally blind but they don't see real well. And they basically everything they wrote a crawl lead drip they don't have muscles owner kidneys like a dog or cat. And they drip drip drip your journal everything that's basically how they know who were there where they're going were there come in from. And as they have more activity the more to you have naturally be greater than your instant yet for the young. And it is kind of manifest itself into a larger populations most mice they win the territory of about. Tim but scenarios a hundred square feet suit your scene and mice droppings in multiple appears to be home. A lot times what that means is you've got multiple infestations. Polite and Mardy hold on I'm sorry. Did that that's new information for me right so. They stay within a 10 X 10 or typically will stay within a 10 X 10 area. OK so 300 Murphy right so if you see droppings in multiple rune multiple rooms you say say that means you've got multiple infestations of mice. Typically. You know my assistance to sustain life fall folk. Awful. Insects. Different things they found around high health and fascinated a week door a lot of houses. And I would say seven the 80% of the homes that we go into there is some mice evidence in those homes. Their famous about getting a fanatics. People find this very hard believe a forty pound reckoned can go full four square hole. A mouse can go through the whole south of assure button. You the resulting in it goes to signature nose sending you to pose an. And the interesting thing about that is is. There's just millions of cracks in your home or that people who stood think about and they said they can scale up next here wall a garter. And commence through your attic with Stillwater infestations and attic Rogers or another area my home a great example. I've got to Tesco wrought from my house. And I asked a lot of comment in my garage in hockey blog glue boards in Margaret Rogers kind of moderate Lou the miles population Omar yard. And in the last month I'll probably call fourteen mice. In those who are coming in coming into this and so what's the most commonplace though Marty did you that big you would saying. Did they coming and grudges garages are famous for a lot of reasons doors don't easily fit extremely tight. The other reason is people store a lot of food in their broadly store. Bird seed they distort leftover grass seed they store. Pet food and especially a lot of pet foods and a lot of people have gotten retain when they feed to pay out. After the Pitt finished feeding that'll pick that suit up and that's an excellent source of for road in general just can't while life in general. We have one customer that had a dollar bridge Kiffin sadly she concedes she was constantly fill in the dog bowl up in the doll which is not put Norman much weight. And I'll win then they called us we went and health they felt had a rove wrote problem. I walked in the house and him immediately smelt. Wreck yearn. And it spurred there was investigations and Indian war for technicians pulled the dishwasher out. And we must to clean a five to ten pounds of dog food. That this rat had been accumulating. In hand the dishwasher. And people just didn't realize they co exist in our homes they're very good at hiding themselves. One the telltale signs for mice is to look further droppings ramps their droppings are very noticeable difficulty dropping so much lower earth. But rats and mice can be very destructive they can actual wires rats are especially can do a lot of damage we are seeing huge road. Miles and rat population just exploding in Charlotte. And that's due to a lot of different things at moral thing. Is do do we have so much debt developments going on this cushion these rodents licenses to two smaller territories. Well when we talk about too predictable path to energy. Well what were real talking about is interview all screeners game which creates open niche that allow season six come into herb rice come into uses them if you need to pay attention to okay and when you say pay attention to it you need to Sylmar. Some some some some are not reasonable be Silva. Which you don't want easily opening holes and your foundation villas. Cracks. Door suites that are damaged. Like cracks that you can see around door openings Luther thinks she won't try to Menem us to prevent these rodents from entering your home now. Well good you know and you can come out and checked for those yeah actually give us call 7043341616. Or bug abbey dot com. I won't get me some books the F don't turn left and I well rewrite. Back after the break we're gonna talk to Josh a little bit about five things your real estate attorney wishes should you knew. So stay whether it's here are this Saturday. Afternoon. On the show you real state today we'll be right back on these 1110993. WBT. Welcome back to the show you real estate today it's called Jamison your host. Which Jameson realty with Keller Williams and Jamison property management so glad you're with us today thank you for joining us I'm here with Marty I would I'd exterminating them Josh Costner. With costs or law firm. Our Josh. As promised one of the things we really wanna talk about today and again I apologize if you're just tuning in we are pre recorded. Today so we can't take any calls but hang weather's we're gonna share a lot of things. Josh I went back and I kind of thought about if someone. Is in the real estate process or had interactions with the real state attorney what were some of the things you wish. They knew you. You've. And let's start with probably one of the hottest subject them to go in reverse order because I'm interested to make sure you have money at time. On that. Cyber ran somewhere. Kind of issue that hit the public right now. So we're gonna kind of go in a little better reverse shorter but I think I wanna make sure we have playing time for that. Luka. So yes the scoop attic. Also nick sound like come on here with martyrdom leading elf is the following. That is so lame could this. It could what is a good Marty nine years and years yeah good party came within about six month ever started this is. Hopefully nobody's. Falls the ball drop and after listen to look at the most I called my dog out of our race you know so some of the things that. You know that I know we've discussed it. With love for for people to think about. You know one. One is is you know culinary wheels are turning kind of early on. And and you act even mean you and probably should mean. Before gonna contract or so most people get referred to their attorney about waited there. Rules and Asian or their loan officer correct or their home builder. And that's fine you know he can. You can obviously do your own homework to find an attorney. But they're reality is. The people that. That you work with food when it comes to finding your home and finding your loan or go to her house. They've been through this process a lot more than than you have so. So trusting them is not a terrible thing if you trust them in in in finding your house to buy. Binge he should probably trust who is going to. Refer you to use. Or even if it's a couple terms they're afraid to so. On so asking that question even before you get to the contract is not a terrible things that way you can give your attorney call. And and maybe get an idea of of what the process is going to be like. Because I think the hardest thing to deal with is expectations. And so if you talk to your attorney early on and they can explain. Kate this is how it's gonna go. You're probably not gonna get your figures figures until the very last minute. And this because we don't get it from the winter until the last minute and that's not the winner of the under the bus that's just the way this businesses as truth. Yeah there really isn't a defense does not it's not that that you'll do would you picked is going to be bad that's just. That's just the way this industry works. But knowing that I had a Tommy get even even before even going to contract as opposed to you know getting to. Three days before closing and injure stressed out what group where your numbers are. And and then they're not there yet so. Yeah and the other side of it too is there's some things that a buyer and seller can do. Ahead of time venture to make. This process easier so so typically let's say the house goes under contract even the very first thing we do. Is get you a copy of that country correct and from you do Cheryl. Who hi Cheryl Cheryl who isn't who I work where Terrell and Allison. Immediately. I get stuff back that can get in the hands of my barn so cigarette they can get a headstart. That's right and we're also had the same time immediately. Starting title search. The title search can take. Thirty minutes a title search can take two weeks. And until you kind of dig in and get after it. You really don't know what you would dreadful war. What do you what do you mean by that you know if in in North Carolina and it's it's common practice. That an attorney. We call attack to a prior title policy. Without visas when your. By and piece of property if you're seller. When they bought the property got a Tyler Sharon's policy. We are searched ends up being limited to that part title policy. When you're either title insurance covers you for for Fareed meeting that it could be out there. We've doesn't mean that we always tact it's not always in the best interest of the client attack sometimes it is sometimes it's not. Or sometimes as a tough policy that there were some times your cellar. As on the property for fifty years. We're sometimes your cellar. Got the property from their mother who past what twenty years ago who. Had a property six years before that and so. None of that we ever know until we actually start doing the work on the property. Right but you know what's interest thing has. I'm sure that you see more commonality things in those title searches than I do but that the hanging. Chad's that I always find. At the closing table which you circumvent way up front. Is the old. He locks or lines of credit. They have never been taken off title that have been paid off or that error owners back we had that one recently that had. Not this the best sellers but the seller before that you had that old he locked that. It was on and that's right. Page the fighting old deeds of trust of rector are other things that did delays. Most close and loses and as the most common delay of a close and actually. And sometimes there is there he lives there or for worse because of anti lock then which is make a lot of credit than that means. That thing is potentially still opens somebody could potentially still troll money on that line of credit which would still actively it's your property. It could be three donors stepped. So. So the earlier you get a tiles or show we've always we aloof we we. It's not common here. At all but it is a good practice would be for sellers to get a title search done on their property when they go to list it that's true it's it's not coming Dolly in Tennessee for example where we are Nashville. The seller gets their own title search done and the buyer performs house are from the same property. Episode that's common practice there is is not here but you know they're tells wish it was because sellers at the same time. If you could find out leafs we need first Lister property. Can search done in the and you can see what's out there and give you more time to fix it because those delays affect the so we're well as yet not give your check is quickly. Yeah no kidding it sure does and and all those things need to Boehner beat be done early and of course they the caveat to that is. You need to hire a real estate attorney your regular attorney. Although there's no special is nation and they say right I mean you know hey what's the old expression. If you think a professional as expensive aren't amateur. If somebody doesn't do this every day don't understand those things. That's what you do every single made it eighteen day it is. And you know there are there are some parts of of the country of his statement. That you're only choice of general practitioner. Attorney. And and that's and that's that's what that's. When USBs just like if you receive a doctorate in those parts of the state. The only options a general practice doctor. But here in the Indian and in most. Even medium sized else. Must listen cities like Charlotte. Everything is specialized. Just like you. Wouldn't go see a general practice doctor about. You know for your open heart surgery. You don't Agassi general practice attorney about two Eagles transaction. Because they are. So detailed these days so different. And I mean please don't come see me about about a traffic ticket. Not go to. Be able to help you with that hat and I thought it out and I've only played the son of a wanna help you but I'm not the best person for that job. So those same thing is Cynthia plaster real state don't go seek. Your buddy who is guzzle all agree. But is never touched a real estate transaction. Yeah he's not going to be the best LT here in getting a transaction done. Absolutely. Well you know I think Josh and then Nam. You know we're gonna. Probably spend. There remainder of the time with you after the after the next segment talking about this cyber stuff and ransom where this is even this is the hottest thing going right now. It's all over the place you gotta. You gotta be very wary of of through emails these days you know and and your money. As resolutely. All right what will be right back to show your real estate today Paul Jamison your host here on. 1110993. WBT stay right with us. Hello and welcome back to the show your real estate today it's Paul Jamison heroes Jamison realty group Keller Williams and Jamison property management. And we are taken the rare opportunity to three record today. I will be at an open house. In Dane and be. On Eden court today from one to three. And I will be out there if you wanna come home Bob please do and say hello. We got a house to sell out there today and on thank and it's going to sale. So I'll be out there and now smile and and bacon cookies. Look and I don't let it does is it Rebecca yeah I have difficulty. As government but. Excited about where we're going in and now what we're doing and certainly thankful for this time a year. We are recording actually today is the seventh on Pearl Harbor day and thinking about those. That were lost and that time and then the always wanna make sure in the forefront of our mind we honor those that serve our country in any form. In the armed forces were proud and thankful for the for years. So. Christmas trees what in the world we don't talk my Christmas trees I bring a sucker in in my house it's up in my attic. My neighbor gets his fresh tree and he brings it in there I mean what's the deal man well fresh Christmas trees. Are really interesting subject but Coles. Average fresh Christmas tree has approximately 25000. Bugs in my whole yeah it. Oh yeah well and bugs in my view my crazy man and he a lot of heat now I gotta Qaeda threat and that's a curve ball there and my you know a lot of mice are pretty small area. But. Appealed and think about that a lot of lot of Christmas trees her. Are cut for five months ago and they've been in cold storage and on the stuff that there. They they won't keep them Cole you lace from property well I mean. Christmas tree has been pretty cut you'll notice that pretty quick bush put in house will succumb to Tia. It'll start turn it sort turn lethal drop pretty quick. You know a lot of people were going out and get in fresh cut Christmas trees there's lot of people lot of our customers go up to. Boone in the mountaineers and and this that they experienced formally take the whole family and they go out and compete Christmas trees. I'd recommend before you put Christmas tree in house first fallen to bring Christmas tree home. Don't stored in a sunny side area of your home put into a darker of the outside if you're ghost or else for a couple days for you put it up. Put into a darker if you put it in sunny side area you're gonna attract insects to a special player that gets late afternoon sun. Like the site in six follow predictable path of energy they don't chase etc. and you house. Typically hold this time a year have a morbid insect problem where they get late this afternoon sun in the reason for that is is that insect or chase that. If you're got to brick veneer sighting or whatever the near you got that area absorb that energy gets an energy. And as it off gases are releases energy throughout mighty gives an insect a better chance to. Survive that the Coke cold Liebman that's basically way it works. And what happens you don't war put Christmas tree in that area. When your store and it outside. The calls you go Liu a lot in six I recommend people. Washing their tree taken. Host might put a lot of water on it in shaken it may take a blower if you've got a blower and blow it. And I actually shake shake shake turned upside down shake it. This shake it shake it shake it. You I'm telling you shaken by calls we had air thing over the years we've had everything from customers bring in their apostle men in their Christmas tree. And there's nothing worse and have a lump sum type one whole life loosen your child. Specially fat possum gets in your in your liquor chemicals unit also possibly guess in brown liquor is trouble. Mean it's possible just turned mean what it gets in Bramlet. And you need to you need to pay attention this some serious about this. We have people bring their Craig turner I doubt the senator for America itself locked the liquor bottle or Graham enters a lottery history but it is it is a serious problem in and that we get a lot of calls the calls we've had these explosions Vince say it. You know people hang popcorn hanging. A lot of stuff a lot of bearing stuff for their Christmas trees and to some species these things may be edible in making calls huge. Insect populations inside the house especially since how inside my house is controlled environment in its stock on have a a stress of a fluctuating temperature put on it. The other thing that we need to talk to price briefly about is. People blowing leaves her house of familiar you know what's wrong on that and how come up yeah column but it you know. Deep decaying leaves create heat and always in war then you get a lot of insects while life and hide in these areas. The war the major problems that we don't think about is is we you know we live in a world of of an environment of modes mother nature which I find totally fascinating my prayers for all about mother nature and she's a fascinating. She is so fascinating to me how she's always massaged every thing in life to just to balance and to take it back in. And keep the cycle going in I mean there's no better place to live here than here in the Carolinas especially the show earlier because we truly give four seasons a year. In mother nature's that are best here and we don't think about that. When you've got leaves and that decaying organic matter war calls is that the king or manner organic matter to occur is moles and fungi and people don't realize that moles and fungi. Our the to get there. They lack core fields and so they can make your food from sunlight water and carbon dioxide to get their energy they have to feel play great. And what happens is that is though fetal leaves and of the material they flew fetal basically organic which hero when your blown leads to venture tiles. If your house or crawl space in you've got foundation Vince in close proximity. That mold microbial is going to get neck crawl space and culture in Europe microbial issues fungi issues and crawl spaces. To really elevate. And people don't take it yeah I mean if you walk bring your house and you smell. A funny Smale that means that that Molder microbial is is in the emitting an enzyme does breaking these materials dialed. And that's where that odors coming from in it and if this these materials are from microbial or migrate in the crawl space. Come summer time and even right now because you're such a fluctuations in a stream coming off yeah I'm only sync if heat coming off level. And what happens is is is this is this with tear oh or mold from a crude you'll get your crawl space. Is still store for sure you timbers at some stage of his skin enough more sure to get feted in it for and that's probably go occurred during the summer months. Which is gonna calls huge issues when you get rated this you Hal for calls this microbial stuff is racist ugly hit a lot of transactions right now. Sure enough is you know it's kind of like the old image with the farmer right in right you cut hay day. If it's wet. You don't bring an end because it'll catch a barn on fire right. You know it's that they're big because it creates that much energy. Very exciting now and I have seen where our you know where people have mulch their leaves or whatever and make. Put him in the beds and the next thing you know you've gone by and it's all you see the steam rise and out of the bed from the energy that those things Lee Roth. Yeah I'll lie last year were what our technicians who battle inspection and it was a hot day during the during the winter months. And they it piled about two leaves a parameter landscape lights. And it was analyst sunny side of area of the house and believe it or not those low voltage landscape lights cult whose lethal far. One and a half our technician not been there they've probably had some problems with the health. Yeah yeah one that that would that would significantly. Programming please do not do I know this is an easy place to put him in how to but do not boy blew leads against your house. Do not store bags of leaves error grass against her house is just it just creates a lot of on Warner problems so it is not an insulator it is not in this. So all right well that's. I mean I see their work mark yeah I mean it's just listened. Marc Grossman is Gaza that come by my house they blew believes that the gets a month ago guess my house and I'm after a weekend bag and I'm. And this is I seem like he's just a vicious cycle Miki these gutters cleaned that you just decaying organic matter in the gutters. Eventually it'll ecology gutters to deteriorate I grow Christmas trees and I think that a suit asks for our guards go get my Christmas tree this year you know threatened commodity you're fresh cut one but those are things that you need to pay attention get these gutters cleaned. You don't want to decaying organic matter just cult is issues. I agree 100%. While Marty. People can again get in touch review at 3341616. Or bug got a dot com that's right. Absolutely right Josh after the break we're gonna talk some about. This. Cyber security issues and ransom ware and this Charlotte Mecklenburg. Issue that's going on right now and we're also gonna talk about what you can do for sellers. And actually spoiler alert that you actually do more. Than people realize behind the curtain. So goes up dark about take the show you're real estate today we're here I'm here where Marty army Joschka Russian rumpled Jamison will be right back here on 1110. 993 WBZ. Hello and welcome back to final segment of the show you real estate today thank you for being. Witness if you just hear me. Today we are pre recorded I'm sorry about that were normally live but stay where this it'll all be good. 7045701110. Amir when Marty I'd be without exterminate Josh Costner with. The cost of the law firm and of course I'm poll Jamison your host Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management. All right as promised before the break Josh. There's a lot going on what cyber security and ransom ware and things that are affecting. Our. Of people everywhere. Yeah yeah so. So you this week and Charlotte Mecklenburg. Was. Was hacked and believe it started at all. Swear I heard that measures we have confirmation where sort of but employee base and just opened up the Phishing scam email and and they get into this system and and what ransom ware is is when basically hacker. Takes control all of you near your data and says pay me this amount of money or else you'll get it back. And and it's ranch where I don't think is that uncommon this is I was one of the more. Highlighted death situations give that is the county in government getting involved. And I believe the ransoms for two big coins which is in today's money equals 23000. Dollars or beliefs. It's. Is it you don't bring it up for two reasons. If you are currently in the process of building a house. This is this is affecting the Kerry's ability ability to provide a certificate of occupancy. So we're seeing and December is our. That it be the busiest or second busiest month of the year when it comes to new home construction. We do a lot of it our office. And but there are different other law firms that deal with the homebuilders that this will affect. You can't finish the house that the Carrie can't provide that Neitzel piece paper. The says if you we have inspected and certified as could demented. And they are inspected it with a can't let that piece paper. They've gone back to the old school way of pretty mountain giving them out but the lines are so long and and the people aren't used to doing that anymore it's so it's taking a long time to get those done it is gonna calls and delays and closings for share oh gosh. Also flexibility to to take stacks records. And so the count is going to has to go back through in basically rebuild their system from their their latest baca the which I imagine is a few days old this stage. And that size that is not an easy task to do so now what about the recording feeds and so. That has not been effective yet somehow. And we've still been able to. Both recording you record with Mecklenburg counting since since this is happen. So it hasn't affected that. The if given the we can't do a proper title search for cancers the taxes. So that's part of it. And then like a sin that is the CO pieces to strip occupancy is really gonna effect in the construction stuff and again this will be fixed I'm sure by the end of this week. But the to delay it to be it coins right has the delay is gonna put it on on stuff could could trickle down through the remainder of the years. So just be be careful. If if you are building a house right now. In Hillary's every out is is just a reminder of Howell. How common. Packing. Has become in today's world and while while this was not mr. Torre did torch real state it you know has some obviously affects portal state. Real estate transactions are one of the number one targets for for hackers out there. And and a reminder if you're out buying a house right now. In your ass to wire funds. Call. To confirm our instructions that you did via email even if they're coming from an attorney with the security email. Which we have with told all attorneys should have in today's world. Still call to make sure the wire solutions you've got the critical ones because what the hackers do on a very regular basis is a war. Create two an email address that looks like the law firm's email address stressed not and does he mean the law from got hacked it just Hester because anybody. We had to be had for somebody to go out and set out today. The email address that says you know Josh yet. Costner. Dot com law as opposed to console all dot com website email address anybody can goodies that doesn't mean we got hacked but there today. What they do is they'll give in to usually be dividers email which is maybe Yahoo! or Gmail address easy day to hack into. And they'll see you back and forth between emails and that's how they know to sin that he knows says hey. This is where you two are your money. And if you're not careful. Did you can lose. 101000. Dollars you know just like that. And it's an Internet access as I keep reading about it in the idea. Real states yeah periodicals that are coming out about all this money yes giving power to all these strange places and at continuing education in Greensboro last week they're talking about going back to as certified. Checks and well is the problem certified checks is is that those didn't. We we we we see almost daily we have. People around the country that people trying to draw our our trust accounts with fake certified checks so certified checks aren't. This is CEOs of Rafa big scores probably way to go but it's nothing we. But right now it's it's it's it's scary instantly had a button you can you can avoid it you have to do this to work so again if you're. They first came after the law firms and you know pretend to be sellers incentive for a want to send my money. We got a bunch law firm with that and but they've all forms of started to wise up and take extra steps but. But the valid Jason byers because they aren't you've seen it. And up into a close one deal you know every few years it's not like. Looking for this so so be careful out there. Absolutely. And that's they committed to one of the services. And Josh that you provide. This. And you do it the buyer typically in a row their relationship chooses the attorney in the cellar kind of comes along side right. I'm you've changed that dynamic and I utilize that dynamic my sellers here regardless of who the buyer is closing with comes to you. Right. Yet it's it's just clear as a service that. That it uses seller can can choose as well. The fiery of the actual settlement ceremony is going to be the buyers. Decision usually. The Euro golf and top were the so are still takes that but. But usually that's the buyers. Choice and we'll get slander him I like Paul said usually the songs kind of goes along for the ride. But. But with today's world busy schedules with. With if you want to make sure you're getting your reputation as well. Will we we have themselves as well means he's done really well for Mario can prepare your docs at any time and and then you can come signed the documents and any time to calm and not have to beat him that if close. So to be available through close date because gusts again ultimately yet it goes the other side's gonna the virus Celek we've mentioned before. They might make it the document should lender until until late in the game series of be available but you'll have to facility. Plan your entire life around the buyers schedule just in shooting at the settlements income and they are. It works great it's been really great to have that service Kos. I have a lot of clients hitters have crazy schedules earlier overseas and Campion from a notary or yet. You know and that I have one guys is closings happen in the next couple weeks. And he's he signed all the documents could go and he's ready to go and and will sending the closing statement and he'll just scan and send it back him. Yeah 'cause it's it's a piece of cake to do it that way and I think. And I when he first said that to me a talent you really do then. Now it's a matter course for us and almost in most of our cases we say this our way. You have to be there. You have to do that he known for its been a rough transaction. Post awfully helpful to throw you don't have to you don't they don't have to sit in the room and not talk to each other in New Delhi or grouchy. Yeah I don't have to have via awkward conversation with the bars courtesy continued split them up separately. Yeah exactly exactly so it's worked out really well war. Marty I just wanna make sure for wrap up. It is or anything else oh yeah and number and we get about twice didn't reach me at 7043341616. Or bug abbey dot com. Her Josh what is the main number they can call in and not 802197637. That's wonderful thank you guys for being with me I'm Paul Jamison 846 done paid for 63663. Give us a call we'd love to help.