Wheels with Tom Blocker


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We got a full packet gas there's. We're one lead in this. A lot of course is gone now is wrong. It's hey Bob. Yes these are serious. And here we are where we post Super Bowl addition conversation with our auto expert. Tom blocker and you know and no shortage as if this would be a surprise that no shortage of auto and car has the other night. Prettiest thing you know there's. The ram commercial using Martin Luther King's Speech yeah look markedly to king's speeches and find his words inspiring. It just seems you know you wondered if that was completely appropriate and apparently is not a lot of blowback that from what actually. Yet that's the the ram had which used to speech says that they said that had that it has actually fifty years ago. To the day yet of the Super Bowl what you reminded me of and I wasn't really thinking about this but. This is not the first time ram has used day of voice over add like debt. I can't believe it's been five years but I remember that that Paul Harvey commercial. And only eight. Today. Bob McDonnell has planned paradise. And so I need a caretaker. So god made a farmer. Five years ago and that to me is like most inspiring and I've ever it Leo's got my form yeah and it was just. I just thought that was it fantastic and and it was appropriate and it. It's spoke you know the farm ethnic and you know the Dutch tree and the ram truck could. I just really really. That when sort of brings tears to your attitude you know you watch it it's just developed all army and he has his delivery is true also. Just thought it was great but the other one missed Lisa when they're different than a lot of negatives. You know comment about it about you know using mark resorting to self truck you know. And there were other car companies that that I had commercials the other night too there were a couple of Mumbai Jeep that you elect to take a protester at. I just didn't. I actually thought that Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum Jeep commercial may have been. My favorite you like the Kia ad with Steven Tyler. So whatever guy at the scene because that was the other fellow at the other cars beginning at Emerson and he's Indy 500 champion in formula over the war and world champion I wonder how many people noticed that there lectured the snow. But that also it was kind of funny in Stephen Haller. We saw him several years ago we were having trouble Lucas. And he was later the same or lower Simon the bar. And he definitely looks like he's got some serious road miles won't do you medical he had he definitely looked like milk. You know. Does the young look at one that got out of the cart in and that that that was kind of interesting but. Out of those chemical any political stance and they're about he you know. Yeah I wanna and I think a lot of people probably missed that a because they're not the auto aficionados that you are good but either you know you're so focused on Steven Tyler in the Aerosmith connection that. I'm little tiny yes. Tidbit like that it isn't just got to go back and look at debt. Now the Super Bowl was a couple of nights ago. Now hole I haven't had a chance to talk to a whole lot to you about this but I wanna go back a few weeks the Toyota Mazda plans. That we thought might be coming in North Carolina in the end they decide to go to Alabama. You're you're not at all surprised by that though. Not it's going to harmful Alabama. Toyota already and then injured plan in in Huntsville Alabama so. They got that plan they've got to thank god or he basically got our network you know already shall. That was probably kind of a natural fit form to go there actually I wasn't real surprised at its accuracy. The other you know the Volvo plant is under construction down near Charl. And it'll be open later on this year they'll be building cars then in late when he eighteen and that will be the first. Chinese owned company built in car unit you know GT motors Chinese company in terms of shall. They'll be built involve others and I will play I really kept the Swedish. Blair about all of you make kept all the entry to its Swedish route some through its brand. Well I guess this is the find out via segment or I should say. Paul Harvey. Good day camp added there you go well Harvey yes.