Wheels with Tom Blocker: Tesla Model 3


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We got up old record gas there's. We're one lead in this. A lot of cores is done OK well. It's. This is some serious. And we welcome back our auto expert Tom blocker and you know if you're expecting I Tesla model's three to be in not the stock and good to maybe in the driveway on Christmas morning. Let's just say you would have had to wheel ordered that a long time ago. Not model. Production unfortunately is lay back you know stated. Goal for production mean that is the car was introduced in late July. But they only produced about 260. In the whole first quarter. And no soul to employees primarily and they they delivered a few hundred more since then but not any terrible truth retail customers yet. It looks like the amber you know that more will be the first month some retail customers start. Chart taken delivery of them all freaked. That does that is kind of that castle for everyone you know it at 35000 dollar call our. You know 8900000. Dollar reward the model as a model X are you most don't Shelly and accessible 100000 dollars. They've gone from aluminum steel body and a lot of problems and production. With the spot welding process on the medal and other runner and the problem but the battery production there gave a factory in Nevada. All tied to production issues and let them now I'm Kyra well the Tesla has earned him a tonic action. Supposedly there that are burning about a billion dollars more. There's obviously a demand here and investors seem to love this car but what I what bag kind of a sense she say and as at some point there's got to be. There's got to be something produced as something something's gotta be tangible for these people. Yeah you know like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs it started put out some caution lights he filmed at other shut out because. There are cash burn has been B Adam and after a year for the last shirt years and this year have been dollar. Some in and another rate of four billion dollars cash burn this year. That in fact that's big big money and even for the public companies as the darling Wall Street's self. You know they've got a built this model Suri and augment their goal was to build apps now weeks. Here. That into the year you know by about December they're going to be out a way they have produced but you undergo at all. Now the the rumors are that there are sure pondered in holding lie in the Fremont factory and down and LA. To be delivered in December so they are currently notifying. Customers and these customers have been tweeting has not a whole lot about it but. The customers are tweeting and I got notification for deliveries and in December so. There are apparently their production is picking up some speed but they've actually put all their goal flat out week. Until in the upper quarter their talk and market a little. But when he eighteen before they get there that rap album we shall run and as I mean that the model AF model X. Are largely handled car and and they've built and very small body of 5060000. A year. Another trauma the one you know fat cells weakening that too dramatic increase in production. They haven't yet gotten the point that they have been able to do. In fact Elon Musk is even for referred to the situation as a production scale you know start up but the mile Parikh. For those people that don't know or come in to that Tesla game late. What is the allure of the Tesla. Let them all electric vehicle you know one of the first all electric vehicles to reproduce in the very first one model very. Call I mean it that and you know. Roughly 200000 dollar based prices in the seventies but. The vast majority marshals were on about plush. And then a model X is there if you the version that Corbett that's very very top form match. Electric vehicle with you know very high tech batteries that. That has like a 300 mile range from one or are it is caught apple really should yet or any. Sounds to me like if you want one from Santa. You're likely to get get it next Christmas. Or to Christmas and from now. Well that's under 400 alum. Apartments I mean that's way down food you know it present production level may never have to get production out to get to him now. Tom blocker. Tesla whatever it may be we talked about it everything auto each week on WBT's morning news appreciate you as always tripping get out. Even though.