When Will The Market Correct Itself?

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, December 16th

Will the markets keep rising? Probably not, so make sure you’re prepared for the correction.


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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk in you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry candidates personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears out here hosed Adam it's just go sit back and relax and enjoy and a great weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401 k.s ire raise independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director of portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 88875087238. At 8887508723. As always in studio coast of the bulls or bears senior coach of online trading academy a friend of mine and undermine senior coach Steve champ with god Jim. Yeah it's the weekend las talk about it anticipating say nick shown up. Lots going on there and the market's been doughnut does is gonna keep going up for ever N ever N ever we've made that decision. It's become obvious it's never gonna go down so you don't have to Wear about capital preservation you have to Wear drug given to in winners and losers she's gonna to go to the moon Alice. It's all go straight up but we all know realistically it's not always gonna go straight up so we got a lot to talk a boat and talk while capital preservation because. Lot of people need to preserve what they've made in the markets but more importantly protect against a correction because it will be one it's not a matter of if it's a matter win. Loss to talk about good to see Adam GA in studio. Always you guys look and dapper as usual will thank you chip by appreciate that diverted to head over to FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio and of course via a question for senior coach public coach outline. 877904. Trade. That's 87790. Portrayed got a question coming up a little bit later that outlines of up 24 hours a day any question that last four chips don't ask about because in our bitcoin. Maybe even Detroit. So Mabel outside publicly today maybe that'll be section three little spoiler alert them there exactly that is not the agenda David champ tiger rod capital preservation you know joking around thing is bars and keep go and up. No the market's gonna do whatever wants to do we all understand that we understand that the market will go up and will go down. Right now if you are in a position where your portfolios at an all time high the markets at an all time high you gotta be asking yourself. When is this gonna correct and if it corrects tomorrow are you ready and that's the focus on here Bulls and Bears understand that the market will go up will go down. But truly understand preservation a lot of times champ. Some of quick answer while there is gonna cast a lot of times are too late and cash is and how is it Munich yes isn't always the answer depends on the season a time what's happening with that currency of as the dollar for some other currency. But most importantly as you said is it's all about understanding what can happen to you which had a great run the market's been going up since march of 2009. We had a collapse and oh lead obviously and then it correction. Happen and then ultimately in 2009 the government stepped in we started a stimulus program we lowered interest rates to zero. And ultimately that stock market went up dramatically and it went up for years and years and then. And when trump got elected we had another bump higher. And now at the anticipation of tax reform all the stuff the market seems to go higher what's important to understand is this no tree grows to the sky. And so ultimately we're gonna have fun an area where it has to stop going higher. And one of the things that Bulls and Bears that were believers in is preserving against lost not turning a winner to a loser. And so for many view if you made returns good returns of the last handful years and you in these positions where you've got these. Great assets is you weren't there at all time highs are near recognize is that's where the S&P is the Dow the Russell I mean the user. All at or near record highs in the costly creating new record highs daily. Mean it's amazing to watch it called the frothy top. But the reality is is that at some point you gonna have a moved down a correction. And it's happened historically it always happens we have these long secular Iran because of bull market which had its and so 91 of the longest in history. And so we have to anticipate a move down on that move happens. He protected against loss in other words is your 401K gonna give back gains that you made you can't afford that. And so the goal is obviously it's a but the markets given you but more important to protect against what can do two years and for many analysts are Spezza feel a 41 K. You have all this position at risk you're in a good spot. She did everything at risk in the complacency of the markets never gonna go down is gonna teach you out at some point and you're gonna have a 203040%. Move down price it will happen. And when that does happen can you afford to lose it probably not that's like capital preservation or understanding it is key now before the collapse happens and ultimately. Protecting yourself before the disaster while that's the biggest thing you know I mean you can look at in so many different ways you can ask yourself. You know at MI in a situation where I'm ready for this market to correct in the theaters now. Be honest with yourself so what what can I do to get ready for this a lot of times you Barney and paid attention will be a month two months three months because. There's many people that are not tracking the S&P there's many people that are wrapped up in their daily lives with work and family. Where all of a sudden by the time this thing does like go it'll be too late they'll be down 2030% against the complacency the market is an indicator called to fix the VI exits in the options indicator. It talks about the the level of fear in the market there's virtually no fear in the market that's not a good thing when nobody's afraid of a collapse that's not a good thing that's the bell ring and so for a lot of you if you and money in a 41 K this things you can do to protect and preserve that money against loss followers. Not taken moved down not take their ride down it doesn't SA means is gonna catch you can mean. Using inverse ETS things that can hedge against lost things can profit from when something happens against the market novel is when something goes down you make money or. Using options to protect positions as a lot of things you can do. In multiple areas to protect and preserving its loss even if you're a 41 K and the problem is that many Adam as you know as many delicious don't realize that. And that's why red Bulls and Bears were trying to be as simple as possible keep this is basic as possible. You can protect winning 41 K this things you can do. In his ways you can profit against a collapse in the market and more importantly make money but does collapse so this so much that the market doesn't offer people. Because they don't look for that's really available to a lot of people they just understand. What's out there and what I love about. Bulls and Bears were trying to get people realized they can take control that mining can preserve capital they can proper grounds that direction more portly. They can protect against loss which is key long term well exactly a lot of people have concerns about financial markets and concerns I mean it's obvious that the along time ago champ. The way to protect an asset classes with a and other asset class and one individuals. Don't understand adversity TSA don't understand how to hedge. And to protect themselves and more importantly a lot of people when they buy into something when it by mutual funded by target funds them in their company suggested to him. They buy it and they help. And it it's gonna fall in just it was just a matter math eventually everything goes down. Things get overvalued impress collapses and so it's just a matter of understanding when that happens are you ready and you protected most people will say now. And so we're trying to ring the bell and get them understand there's a thing they can do advanced to predict it's that big move down. Absolutely and online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand capital preservation is Paramount it's key for anybody who's in the marketplace. Anybody has any temper retirement account protecting what they have. That's why they have a class specifically on capital preservation to 500 dollar value and it allows the person who's in the market does understand exactly how to protect that money. To be able to get an idea and didn't understand what they can do before the market corrects there's a 500 dollar value of a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers ten to twenty feet of voter and I'll call 84451. Trade that the 844. 51 trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class on capital preservation from our sponsor online trading academy. 84451878233. That's 8445187233. For callers ten to twenty it is 500. You're a 41 K and higher a year in the market here concerned about the correction you don't know what to do this is class for you pick up the phone right now 844. 51 trade that's 844. 51. Of trade this is adamant champ I'm Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the tools and there's a little sick kids. Nothing screams wealth intelligence like a little Sanford suns absolutely. And at that I love it manned help people always ask about difference of what this inference that reference it's all about disputes Smart with the money. Fred Sanford was one of the smartest money guys every once the show me any always found a way to come on ahead neo is the job done beam me that it can't you guessed it he was a catch the guy we go about that doe has to catch guys. Jim talk about variety of different digs hear what the day things will we talk about the market is you know people are hands up. A lot of times when you meet somebody if they have a 41 K here Nyerere any type of money earmarked for retirement. They're allowing either somebody else to do it or there in some sort of program that work offers a 41 K or four through B. And they signed the paperwork and they've never looked at an ever since I mean a lot of people I ask another 41 K and people don't even have their username and passwords. And I think it just floors me and that brings me to a point of how important is that for someone to manage their own money to self directed manage their own bonds ball first and foremost financial success requires you pay attention so if you don't know what's going on to 401K and I'm going to be once that's really sad scenario. Shouldn't he snow's going all those investments that is your mind that is your wealth. You know the Bible talks about alleviate heresy children's children and more and most importantly is that. You know what there is that means take care of the money leave a legacy and be Smart with the money and ultimately for a lot of people. They put the 41 K they figure I got somebody from Wall Street whose mayors in my money because that's ultimately the way it's set up is that. The trustee of your 401K your fourth three BA you a feel for 57. Whatever company sponsored employee program you have benefit program they sell. It's a retirement program to tax deferred retirement plan. It's all. Basically set up where a Wall Street institution is the trustee did though they wrote the charter. So your money's being man while Wall Street firm in Wall Street as the masses. Would listen to a straight now convinced that you're not Smart enough. To him your own money and that's the lie a Wall Street we talk about that coliseum Bulls and Bears. We know you're Smart enough it's six a little time and energy. And see for a lot of little wanna put the time in and so they just let that money sit in some 41 K and hope to god. But the market doesn't class for they die well it will collapse. And so can you afford that moved Jacki for that loss. So the focus is what can I do will you can learn the skills of self directing an orgy can make those decisions yourself. And figure out what's the best place for me to put my money to get the returns are looking for and ultimately not to pay those exorbitant fees because. When you really do the math on what the fees are costing you in your 401K. It's devastating it's crushing it for many people and the problem is they don't even understand any of this. It just hoping the market doesn't go down they're hoping that somebody figures out a way to get that a big power money before they die so they can retire with his big life. And you and I know the reality is it's not happening. While a lot of individuals that understand how the fees or they don't understand it disclosed fevers is an undisclosed fee. To donors and other funds are put together and how you know they're the company together with weather and garner Schwab Brian G whoever's with how they're actually setting that up to make money off of that. That's why when you sell direct you Fine Gael broke you find so many comfortable with you make your own decisions you do your research you figure out what's best for you. And you know ultimately you're the only one to blame minutes if that's something you're looking to do I mean a lot of people do and a lot healed and I get started. Well it's the biggest where the baby boom generation is run out of money and if you understood how to proffer regardless of direction that's the most important aspects. Of long term success and consistency with profit. Is being able to make money in any market condition up is good down is good and for most people's 401K down isn't good. And so the market correction falls then happy days all of a sudden grind grind to a halt and the market really corrects itself comes out it's fair value. You gonna get crushed in the position because you gonna give all those gains back and you can't afford that so this things that we can do what we self direct our money. Will we can make decisions where we can protect against that happening more Portland can profit from that happening. So for a lot of people it's not a complicated process we say self directing isn't difficult is different but what it means that you have to learn some of the skills of understanding your money better in other words this things that you can use in the markets like futures and currencies to give you bigger returns fullest apple investment. There's ways you can look at the market to determine where prices gonna go before ghost. There's so many systems out there and the key thing is is finding a good profitable process the you can follow consistently. And doing it over and over and over again what you we find is that the markets like any learned skill if you just put time in a messy because more clear what to do. And so I've seen people that are no smarter than it Elisa is out there probably a lot dumber than allow listeners out there that have had tremendous success in the markets because they just fought a plan in the system. And it would be first and foremost involved in making the decision that they need to learn how to self direct the money. Well that's the thing on civil wants to sell direct typically. Is either after a major correction in the market or maybe there added that a pedal point you know I meet people. The get to a certain birthday her fiftieth birthday as sixtieth birthday and I like where my Adam I am I am I and a number of my behind what can I do different to give me where I need to be. A lot of times if you don't wait for some this significant that happened in on the people that have had losses where they lost someone in their family that there's an eye opening experience when. Whatever it is that it registers to you that you are now where you need to be financially a lot of it comes back that you're not managing your money. And you gotta make that decision you know do I have the skill set and what I loved as a CU coach on my treat academy I work with people all over the world. And they spend maybe six to ten hours a month just making decisions in the market. And this many people listen to us right now we went to your house would find statements from your broker and opened in your 41 K statements unopened you know even watching your money. And your money is is key to long term success and it's not about just haven't pile money it's about understanding money. And creating a legacy and learn how to grow or regardless of direction and be a Smart responsible with a and so that's what we're talking about and the great thing is is that when you finally learn that it's not that complex. And other what I hear these people on TV and on the radio they sell annuities. Sometimes the new he's a good investment for some people sometimes is not. And you know what I love is that if you knew how to create that same return without pay and all those upfront costs and all those surrender charges that it knew what he has built in. You do get the same returns do yourself. An uphill those fees we've done research said over 25 years 41 K it will cost 255000. Dollars in fees. 125 years just in FISA is get paid that Wall Street institution regardless whether you're count goes up or down think of that think what that does he profitability. So self directing takes those fees on the equation either takes its usual costs but the minimal. And get better directional decision making and more importantly the market direction doesn't matter up as good down as good. And I've met so many people that didn't have high IQ's are these advanced degrees and a tremendous success and martz 'cause they took on the skill set. And learn how to self directives is becoming so important people because. You Myron out of money can you really afford to live out your life if you don't have any money. Exactly and a lot of people want to begin to sell direct a lot of people have questions about it. Lot of people don't even know how to start to self directed them before one Qaeda dispute their hands are tied. Online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand a lot of people have questions about this they understand. But you'll want to do this is just don't know how to do it. That's why they're a class specifically on self directed whether your brand new to the mark he'd been marked for years of Buena managing your money this is the class for you for one k.'s ire raised. If you're a situation where you have capital city around this now generating is not growing the way you want. You wanna learn how to self direct the 500 dollar values taught right at the campus every time we give it away your Bulls and Bears the phones light up. You don't want to miss out on this frantic caller fifteen to 25 pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade a date for 451. Trait for callers fifteen to 45 to get a 500 our class taught at the campus. A self directing your portfolio that's 844. 5187233. 8445187233. For collar fifteen at 45. The in this 500 dollar class specifically on self directed. Once again you do don't wanna miss out on this if you bring into the market or you've been in the market for years that someone else is managing your funds pick of the phone 844. 51 it trade is that a champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears adios data with Cisco after the last had a good time and she's dealing with the boys with the fellas always always a good time here Bulls and Bears. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook alike guess -- Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any time we've got a question for the coached 447 public coach hotline 877. 904 trade at 87790. Portrayed we get a good question coming up a little bit later excited about that and if your questions about their prize packet a B&B prize factory yet. Some lessons. This is little thumb drive you put any computer exact lessons and sway mega deals are there ST sure which year. They've become a collector's items and did what I cannot do with the new. We've updated below bowl logo once they're going to be comes it did so to update the you don't know that'll be worth an audience and out he just put them somewhere and -- give it a fireproof room I threw into what is thy god as the British are now we're on C and NBC did Foxit area they get everybody knows that's where household names then. You gonna want a bulls the bears shared dead unemployed Allenby under the rain yeah. Ought to be off the grid and all that sugar bits that you know we have a great phrases for radio we've heard as her other than anything Korea's. Jeff talk about variety of things whether things that we need to talk about is a lot of people utilize the market for retirement on view we utilize the market for. You know to park money buy and hold it just touch money away and do it knew it would do it they do it it. A lot of people that I know professional traders and investors a trip drink. They trade for lifestyle they trade for additional money. The sick of almost talk about that what does it look like if somebody. You know take investments that out of the 102030 years and a lot of people do but when somebody wanna make couple bucks of extra weaker than a couple of grand a month was that look like mountain in the hottest lay. His greatest thing is bitcoin and for a lot of people. The things just gone on the moon in price and people ask me all the time I was in church. Somebody asked you about bitcoin the other day they'd be here are some Bulls and Bears. And I said the same thing I would say to anybody has said you know I love the fact that prices going up Mayo nothing like him nothing like being bright when market goes higher and making money. Said but the problem is is first and foremost in the big cornering is that. There is no Fiat in other words the currency has no government debt backs its value. It doesn't have a commodity that backside it's a digital currency. And they could decided beat coins were zero that could happen I mean they've devalued the actual US dollar in the past. You got a digital currency that really it is not a Fiat what do Fiat means is that. Most major currencies that are trading in the financial markets the dollar the you know the Euro. In a commodities and gold silver. Most currencies most. Global market currencies are Fiat currency whose means that there's a government. That is backing up the value of that particular currency seat of a dollar bill is just a dollar bill. It's piece paper. And what makes him I able is that this has value because the US government backs the value of that dollar it's worth it has a dollar worth of value now prior to. It being a Fiat currency which means that it's backed up by the government that produces it. We had commodities and actually backed currencies mean the US dollar used to be on the gold standard. Which meant that if you do if they'd government devalued the dollar to zero you can go to fort not put that dollar they give you a dollar worth of gold. And you have something that had physical value. That's why a lot of people when we talk about a collapse of the market to collapse the economy go to physical commodities was probably going not a physical come out of the backs that. It doesn't have a fee better government that makes it valuable. So there's a lot of opportunity in that currency and that crypto currency and it's gone from Hamid 50161000. In the last ninety days which is worrisome. There's no tree grows this guy and you get a fighters with his more sellers and buyers and president collapse ultimately we talk about that all the time Bulls and Bears. So the big issue is well it's a great sixty currency what else can I easily could trade for acts. You could trade the US Dolly could treat the year you could treat the yen this so many things you could trade for income. That had a backing in other words you're cow will Colby told that it's worth zero tomorrow because the currency isn't worth zero they devalued it. And so what's great about that is that this other things you can use like futures is so many things that we can use in the financial markets on a daily weekly basis to generate income better. Proven products and more importantly. Can't get taken zero immediately in other words for the dollar go to zero Lott has that happened. For error the big Cohen goes zero. Anything can happen it's a digital currency so be careful so why is wanna got to give up for warning of the listeners but there's great things out that they could trade Adam as you well know. That aren't bitcoin that I have that exchange backing and have a Fiat backing and more importantly we wanna make sure that they understand how to manage risk of you know manage risk. They have no risk to management's it would come to trading for income. Well you know what Dick Cohen is truly right now gambling and you know it's it's a while long last there's it's not regulated and anything can happen in the you know of your out there to Austria's gambling don't treat as anything else than. And don't budget as they did exactly exactly how not to either. That's ready to cure the failure with that but Jim. You know you talk about a variety of other things and absolutely there's tons of different things that people can trade in the financial markets online trading academy has a class specifically for trading for income because a lot of people don't realize. That there are opportunities where if you wanna wake monthly or weekly income from the marquis can do so. Online trading academy as a class is a 500 dollar value with a few seats to give away I'm gonna give its analysts are right now your brand new the marker you betraying your not generating. Weekly monthly income and that's the goal of the phone we're gonna take callers to end its won the popular vote or call 84451. Trade at 844. 51 trade for callers to and its when he beat a 500 dollar class. And trading for income from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 844518723384451878233. Per colors tend to twenty at 84451. That trade does that have a chance fumbles in bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears that goes out of its just gonna have a good timing with the fellas here is studio. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook like this and Bulls and Bears radio and of course you gotta question the coach call the coach hotline 87790. For trade and if year. Question ends up on air get a prize back in right now we're gonna take collar it's Brian from Tampa to let Brad. Adam got the question Gloria. Wonder and I just heard about sorting them are. Actually. Understood exactly. And it really. Wondering what happens if you do go and where is trying to sort they'd be like you'd big day at all. And it they're going to go up what happened at that point because now you. Are the beer. That you all. Wondering what happened. The Brian. Bill. That's a great question Brian and just catechism listeners up brands asking if we're doing a short position. How can we. Not lose money if it goes against what we're trying to do so. One of the things that's important realizes I wanna make sure the list is on us and shorting you short selling was showing you simply making money when price falls. So we talk a lot about up is good doubt is good here Bulls and Bears and I wanna give an example he's GE again and we use that obviously as a reference last time. We use the same stock common stock everybody knows who G is TE's trading right around eighteen dolls this year right now now we believe. They GE's goal from eighteen down to fifteen mister C we think is gonna fall three bucks an. For whatever reason we believe is gonna fall a could be overvalued it could be just something that we hear about the company could be. That we believe it's hitting an aerial it is more sellers and buyers which is really key element of six understand the markets is. Where the cell is gonna drive the price down. And so ultimately we make a decision that we want to profit from that moved down NGE from eighteen to fifteen and the way we do that is by shorting the stock was short selling now is a beautiful thing. Shorting is selling something we don't own. That's with a disconnect happens a lot of times people say. I don't quite understand shorter because how can we sell something if we don't own it well our broker owns it. They have an inventory of that stock and they want us to execute trades because they get paid a commission. When we execute an opportunity so they're transaction we biased they want us to hit the button. Where direction by sweeping price is gonna fall we want to profit from that move down in price. So we go to our brokerage account we can hit short sell the stock at eighteen now what happens is the moment we get that should sell button. The broker sells the stock at eighteen on our behalf I was they loan us the shares essentially. They're letting us sell shares of their inventory into the marketing eighteen goals who share. With the goal being. There we're gonna buy back at fifteen because we believe it's going from eighteen to fifty. So we salad eighteen I broke allows us to sell their rejoice into the market and eighteen when price false the fifty we've buyback. When we buy back its only costing us fifteen dollar share buy back we took in eighteen dolls she always sold. Which means that our broker allows us to keep the three also share even know went down three bucks 'cause we were short the stock we made a three dollars a share on a hundred shares and made 300. On a thousand we made for 3000 on that same opportunity now here's the question that Brian had. He's whoever goes up because obviously we think it's gonna fall so we set our entry. At eighteen. We set fifteen as a target in other words we'd lead in its target we knew getting out of 52 we thought it was gonna go to fifteen in a lower. So we knew we getting out at fifteen so that three dollar profit. Was what our target was set to accomplish force now. The great thing is is that when I made that decision Brian Sell and an eighteen shorts get out at fifty to buyback for three dollar profit. I also put an ornery and at that same moment to buy back at nineteenth. In other words. I'm selling it at eighteen. And I meeting at a buyback at fifteen to make the three dollars a share on the move down in price war. I'm gonna buy back in nineteen I'm only gonna lose one dollar shear in other words. I've already lead into my opportunity weren't trying to make three bucks at a found dead wrong menacing goes off to the go to infinity right to go as high as it needs to. I want to make sure that have a good source of what against me and I'm a take a smaller loss. Then if I'm right in other words it goes down three bucks great but if it goes up a dollar against him to take a dollar loss so what I'm gonna do was on an iris could ala to make three. And a virus could automate three. And then I can consistently take smaller losses in the markets and ultimately if I'm able to do that over time. I'm able to have consistency because that'll take those big losses big losses what. Cripple your accounts so short selling is a great way to take it ridge of a doubt move in the market. But you have to heavy risk management position in place that says if I'm wrong I guess this price get me out at a small lost because my state too long at the party. Nothing good gonna happen I'm gonna continue to give back even more losses and that's the problem with most traders and investors just say you know Brad is that they don't understand how to manage risk properly. And so and a scenario gonna short GE 818 we're gonna award yet now for profit Ross of an organ out for a loss one why. It helps us to keep our risk lows that a four wrong doesn't cripple us it's a small loss it's water off a ducks back it rolls off us and the next time we meet three bucks. We took what we already be up for that 10 loss because we're now writes for right half the time we make three dollars and the other half the time. We are wrong we lose a dollar you do the math on that over time you'll grow your account and that's the key to success. In any direction trading but especially shorted because we don't wanna take that risk on the goes up against us because we were banging on a going down. And we profit when it goes down. And in this case we've got a wrist mention this in place. Take a small pre defined loss in advance so that we don't have to worry about risk. Who can take the opportunity and we could sleep well at night knowing that for right we're gonna profit for wrong with a small lost hope that helps Joseph Bryant shorting is a great would it take image of the market. Hopefully delicious and wholesome as well. Exactly you know what should be talking about two key things risk management knowing how to short the market and online trading academy. The school that teaches you a lot of trade in this that's exactly what they focus on have a two part class specifically on. Shorting the market and risk management has to park classes amazing every time we give it away here on Bulls and Bears the phones light up. It's a 500 dollar value if you're like Brian you have questions about shorting of questions on risk management this is the opportunity for you pick up the phone right now call for collars and it. That's 45844. 51 trade at 84451. Trade collar ten to 25 to get a 500 our class. I'm shorting the market and risk management that's 84451872338445187233. For callers to end at 45 to get this 500 art class from our sponsor. Online trading academy again a two part class on shorting and mismanagement. 84451. Trade at 844. 51. Trade is that a champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears and I was at the Cisco have a good time hang with the guys always. There's don't forget to head over at FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any time to 447. Got a question for senior coach tell the coach outlined 877. 904. Trade at 877904. Trade. We a lot of interest in questions of that ship its always fun to hear what comes in over the week it is and you know one blog times stuff that can really help a lot of the of the listeners are similar problems with. 41 K questions or. You know auto I'd do my money sitting in stock questions so there's a lot of great things we can now be out with and hopefully when you call unless you question our loosen him as a gift baggage we play on the air but. I'm sure he'll help a lot of listeners as well people in my at the same scenario that you're in exactly talking about a variety of things here bulls the bears. Always understanding that you know what ultimately the underlining messages self direct manager of money understand the market works both up and down. But you know what champ. A lot of you don't really ever take the markets here is some meat too many people when it comes to trading investing that is value now I got a hobby year I'd dabble. And the reality is the market is a business you know no different than opening up a restaurant or store front. When you put money into an investment account you should operate that as a business you should have a plan in place. And a lot of people don't get it let's talk about that what the degree. Who hobby that does momentum getting business results from the markets not seen people literally transform their lives of the financial markets of the because they learn the skills of trading and investing one how to self direct so his lawyer realize this is America the land of opportunities throughout the land of the secure jobless benefits. And a lot of people don't understand that the markets are simply an opportunity and just like starting. Franchise somewhere. Stunning of the business of building their contract in business I mean being somebody who came up the trades. I've been self employed for a lot of years in my life. And traditionally when you start a small business you on the business in the business owns you and the reason is because of the costs in the overhead in the liability in the inventoried at the leases space in. Workers' comp in this so many barrels a minute play things that take money off the bottom line things that can take you out literally derail your business. Imagine if you could find a business where startup cost was relatively low you never had lead house though customers immediately when you open up your picture computer in the morning to millions of people want to buy so whatever you're trying to buy sell and more poorly didn't have liability insurers and have any employees no inventory no workers' comp. You do from your house near the same upside opportunity the same potential to build wealth as any other business in America we should take advantage of that. I'm not talking about starting network business we have to recruit people to sell products or or you know bring people in your home and do presentations no. I'm talking about. Getting to the financial markets. Having a little more knowledge in the masses which is that hard to accomplish because they really don't have a lot of skill when it comes to make him or protect and grow money and having a skill set where you can literally consistently make money. In your own home without having any of the headaches of those traditional business think about this some guide right now are some woman right now driving down the road you got latter's let's obvious truck. In your self employed your business owner. In what you do would you start that business you buy yourself a job your small business owner and you grind in and I know because I've been that person. And then I begin to understand the financial markets with the same opportunity. To build wealth long term by just having a good system and a good approach to take advantage of a marketplace. And it was a no brainer. And for a lot of people if they begin to realize what the market could turn into from a business perspective. It be a no brainer and that's why we tell you hear of Bulls and Bears this is a great business opportunity which have to understand it she like a business more importantly. You your results of the business. Well a lot of people want the business idea a lot of entrepreneurs out there are a lot of people that. Our look into you know set something up where they can generating come on the side maybe eventually replace hearing coming into retirement with confidence. All of these things are key when someone takes the mindset and they start to realize that the market is a business your money is a business it's a game changer and online trading academy they seen many people over 41 years learn how to trade is a business and that's and have a class specifically out of this class is a 500 dollar value every time we give it away here. At Bulls and Bears the phones light up we're gonna take callers Tenet Toni don't want to miss out on this right now there's a 500 dollar value pick up the phone right I'll call 84451. Trade that they 4451. Trade for callers ten to twenty. To get a 500 dollar class specifically on. Trading as a business again once you separate business as a hobby to a business they'll reward you as a business that's why online trading academy teaches a class on it. 8445187823384451878233. For callers ten to twenty to get this 500 dollar class specifically on trading as a business that's 844. Five up one to trade champ always a good week here rebels of bears appreciate take its time. Always having fun with the guys here don't forget 84451. That trade is that a champ fumbles in bears.