Where is Hancock?

John Hancock
Wednesday, May 16th
It's a muggy, humid day in Charlotte but it isn't effecting us in any way! Stuart Watson is in for John Hanock today and we got conversation about the new Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper and the Teacher's March in Raleigh.

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Writing is coming now. Not enough to break the levees. Hancock's up about. My name is Stewart Watson. If you came to hear Hancock. Stick around. If you're a millennial. This is like a podcast with no data charges. Noble offering. And no F bombs. They don't have to worry about any of that. This is thing we called radio. The original the original sound of the human voice and I appreciate John Hancock his good guy let me end here today are big news day. We got thousands. Perhaps more than 101000 teachers in Raleigh many of them from Charlotte Mecklenburg schools we'll talk to one of them later. The headline on this the top line has been. There are marching for more pay. One teacher tweeting that's not yet. We're part we're marching to get back a lot of the money that we pay any way. It's not provided in school supplies. However if you listened to the news you hear that. Charlotte Mecklenburg schools have difficulty accounting for how some of that money is spent so before the lawmakers give more money to the schools. But probably wanna know that it's spent well. So we can talk about all this you can call in and talk about oldest. Be happy to take your calls at 70457. Or 1110 after we talk about the other major headline. There are two things. Trending in the Twitter sphere. In the Charlotte Mecklenburg area one is rated for Ed because those thousands of teachers surrounding the State Capitol hearing speeches all day long bus stand many teachers. It's not accurate to say walking off the job because they took a day of leave this is not a strike. And it is not really a walking out. It is however a massive protest. And much as the legislature would like to ignore it you're really can't they go back in town today. And teacher pay one major item. The teachers are asking for more of an increase. And also bill veteran teachers asking to be acknowledged for their ten year. Tom I want to declare a mighty. Own. Biases. Right at the get go right in the outset just sort of tell you why Yemen where I come from. I am not the product of public education I went to private schools even in college but all four of my kids. Graduated from Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. And so I am an avowed fan. Of public education. And all four of those kids also went to state university's. Three of them to Chapel Hill to a woman graduated. And one album will graduate in a couple of years and one of them went to UNC Asheville. So I am a taxpayer I'm a voter I have been in the state for more than twenty years. Working for years at W Oreo Raleigh and sixteen years your WC NC. I also have gray hair. So I value. So the experience that comes with a gray hair and then there's a couple of other things you should know about me just know where I come from and all of us. You know frequently wrong never in doubt. But where I come from who I am. And that is that after sixteen years double BC and C fired me walked me out of the building and I sued them. Among other things for age discrimination. And we settled that lawsuit. So you should note that as a person of with a few gray hairs. And his temples. Still got my hair. But some prayers at the temples I value veteran teachers and I value public education. Having said that if you spend money on ipads. And the state auditor comes calling. You need to be able to tell her where the iPad czar. And if they've walked out of the building. We need to look at that. But I have a lot of I have a lot of just natural sympathy for teachers. My wife's. People she has five siblings. Four of them are teachers. Taught special Ed taught trauma on taught. All kinds of things. So I've value educational value public education. Education. By the way the way a mr. David tepper. Became. One of the richest men in America. And purchased. A team you may know and love the Carolina Panthers. I hope to talk about this from any number of different directions one is there's some people who are just absolutely dyed in the wool. Carolina Panthers fans they are PSL holders from the beginning they are they're thickened then. They were there and that seize on that eyewitness to and pulled for the Panthers on. In which there was not a single win. You can watch them every week and the people who stuck with the Panthers about that have a little bit a chip on their shoulder about it. So they are Panthers fans through and through they will sit to the into the game and I have to say and declaring my own allegiances. That in the game where. Good Ol got Jake DelHomme threw five picks against Arizona. Five. Was apologizing in the huddle. My wife and I were sitting in the next to last row in the end zone. Until after midnight. It started to rain and it was cold. It was a miserable evening. Because we thought we were gonna win. So my wife and I are fans. I cannot cite the stats on every player I cannot tell you. You know who's riding the bench I cannot. I I'm not that kind of a fan but I am intensely loyal and I have never been loyal. To any other. Football team the way I have the Carolina Panthers I went to the unknown S cease could see school you don't pull for college football when you go to Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt teaches you how to lose. We make the top half of the SEC in football possible no baseball that's another story. But in football. You learn one less than at Vanderbilt University Nashville Tennessee. You learn how to lose. You can lose with dignity. We can you can lose without dignity that's not to say that James Franklin who's now Penn State. Didn't do a wonderful job of absolutely commanding. Everything he could out of the Vanderbilt commodores but I am not. But Crimson Tide fan. And despite being a Georgia native I am not a Bulldog fan. I'm a fan of my home school and so that means win or lose I'm a Carolina Panthers fan. Now my kids all went to Chapel Hill so on the basketball arena my allegiance. Is to the Tar Heels. But I am I have to say. That's. The name of the Tar Heels comes from oil whole war metaphor right that this was like them boy's head target on their heels they wouldn't. Even that despite the enemy advancing. But more talk about the Carolina Panthers. In light of this new owner. Find out what you think about the new owner because there are a variety of fans. There are of those PS cell holders there at the dyed in the wool fans like my wife and myself. Then there are also moved. People who happen to live in this town. What might pull for another team another team that David tepper of the new singular owner by the way. This billionaire. Is paying a reported 2.2 billion with a B dollars. In cash. They're not going to be any minority owners if you wanna meet the owner reduces capital TV. Capital low owner. This is not the majority. Owner this is the owner. This is the man. Let that sink in for a minute. Have 2.2. Billion. In cash. This is not on the MasterCard. He didn't have to go to Bank of America. He came up. Out of his accounts. With 2.2. Billion dollars probably. Got to cash discount. They did you discount you go out and that's the way it is a lots of places you buy a car and castigated discount. He bought an NFL franchise. Foray record. 2.2 billion dollars. This phenomenal. His story is phenomenal wolf talk about a little bit about that it really is a classic American success story it is not a rags to riches success story. He came you know from Pittsburg his father was an accountant. Jewish family. No went to schools. Earned his way it worked in the library. Earning his way at Pitt. At the University of Pittsburgh. Mean got his graduate degree is MBA turnaround gave 55 million dollars to Carnegie Mellon regatta is NBA will go and immoral that. More for the fans and those who were fans of the Steelers and those who just live in Charlotte and want what's best for Charlotte. Don't early Q. Or about football. We'll go we'll go through all of that. And so we've got lots of things talk about between the teachers in the Panthers and David tepper and lots of other things to remember a lot of fun I hope to talk to you along the way. I hope you call and tell me what you think about all this. Our phone number 7045 so I don't know 1110704. You know 1110 you probably know the middle numbers 570. Curious to know what you think. And their seven year old owner of its official. Is the owner and as David tapper. Reportedly worth eleven billion dollars. Drew from Pittsburgh to a New Jersey when the taxes got tied to my New Jersey moved his entire company down to Tampa. Excuse me Miami South Florida. And that upset the good lawmakers up there are New Jersey. Eggs reexamining their tax policies up there. But chances are he will be coming to. The taxpayers right here in north Carolina at some point sooner or later. So. Even if you don't care about football. You more tax money from some source. Might be on the rental car you buy when you. Your card goes down it might be on hotels or motels when mom comes to town. Some sources. Might be straight up taxes from the state might be tax abatements. But expected there are two questions that even people who have the remotest interest. In this are concerned where. Question one among fans. Is this team going to move. What guarantees can you give us that we will not be Saint Louis or San Diego. That our beloved NFL franchise is guaranteed. And one little remark about this. And those playoff games the two that I attended. One against San Francisco several years back and won against. The Arizona Cardinals. Both of them losses. Bands bailed in droves. After the half. So low as one Panthers fan. To people who love Charlotte. Do not go to a man who is from Pittsburgh. Who was a part owner of the Steelers. And right out of your mouth. Ask him to do something you were unwilling to do. So you're asking him to absolutely commit. To Charlotte in this team. When you get up and leave it half. When you turn off the television is that fair. I just ask you to be as faithful to the Panthers as we are asking. This man who is coming to our town today. And that is to stick with him through thick and thin if they're your team your team. It's not oh well this year on from the for the Panthers. Next year. If the falcons are doing well. Maybe I picked a bad one but don't have a wrought Iraq. No. Come met. Doubled down. I'm doubled down on Charlotte, North Carolina you know I was basically in so many words said get out of town. Take your old show and hit the road I did not. I did not I pay taxes here I'd vote here I voted in the primary. I'm a Carolina Panthers fan in basketball. Apple for the Tar Heels if you're duke fan sorry. I apologize side I declare my allegiances. And I happen to think. That the University of North Carolina. Is a public. Resource. It's not about. Who wins in basketball. It is a resource for all of North Carolina. The med school the law school of public health. But research. You know it is a public resource and an economic engine. And economic engine in Charlotte. UNC Charlotte. And economic engine CP CC. So we'll talk about what this means for the public and we'll talk about. What it means for our tax dollars. And we could talk about what it means for civic pride whether it's a straight up. Investment in move recoup the benefits in revenue here for restaurants etc. Hotels. Before. Whether it's an investment in civic pride when David tepper new owner comes with a sand out. In the NFL comes when their hand out and say we want what we got in Atlanta. We want a shiny new stadium not none of the upgrades we don't want a fixer upper. We want a shiny new stadium. Will be talking about all this this afternoon on WB taste. Charles. Welcome back to double BBC I'm Stewart Watson sitting in for John Hancock. They're beloved. But love the love it how could I ever be. Have to go for like most boring the most hated I have to go you know something. Something I'd have to do something else because most beloved is already taken. Just to set myself apart. Panthers have a new owner trending this hour. On the interwebs. Hash tag Redd for Ed all those teachers thousands of more than 101000. In all in Raleigh this hour. Many of them from the Charlotte metro murder area. Taking the day off. To fight for education funding for their own pay for teachers who have been around awhile and also for pay for. Classroom supplies. And for facilities. They say it's for education others say they just want more money. So we'll talk to one of those teachers in the next segment red for Ed trending on Twitter also David tepper. The billionaire hedge fund manager who is your new owner of the Charlotte. Based Carolina Panthers and COT traffic so every one of the trending items covered right here let the record reflect. They're they're they're we you're on it. Of David tepper. Oh wonderful. Profile. In the New York magazine a bit dated from 2010. A fellow hedge fund manager quoted him as saying he was a boundary pusher loud and pro feign a know it all. Who claimed among other things to have popularized the phrase it is what it is. That was John Fox's phrase it is what it is just is what it is. Junior knew he knew royalties may be to David tepper I don't think David tepper needs royalties for that phrase. I'm gonna go on record as saying that David tepper is not the first person to say it is what idiots. Not even the concept. So he he said he popularized it is what it is so that is what it is. I really dislike that phrase by the way. So. But boundary pusher loud and profane he's a Yankee. You know. He's he's a Steelers and he went he grew up in Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I'm so the questions are are the ticket's gonna go up but the taxes gonna go up our day yum. Other Panthers Wynn's gonna go up and this time third time's the charm the pants who's gonna win a Super Bowl. Under David tepper. Something they did not do under jury rich so. I'm wondering if you think that ownership makes a difference. Then. Cannot owner make a difference. People have certainly laid down on Michael Jordan all these years can they owner make the difference and the owner do this the owner needs to do that I don't know. I don't know Jerry Richardson played the game. I'm I'm gonna caliber Hancock on this summer to be on the other side. Give the devil his due he played the game how quickly we turned on him. No they're again. I don't. I don't know Jerry Richardson I don't know any of the Richardson's. However. Two Super Bowls there are plenty of people in. Jacksonville Florida. Who would love to say that. I'm just say. It's wonderful. More about temper he graduated as we said from pet from the University of Pittsburgh got its MBA Carnegie Mellon. And has spent 55 million dollars of his own money. To give back to his school. At the insistence of his old professor. Corsica or done anything he was served a junk bond dealer on the desk at Goldman Sachs. In the go go eighties in the middle of the go go eighties. But he made some very risky investments and I love this quote from the New York magazine profiled 2010 most overall. He walked into a room a hedge fund managers in the middle of the 20092010. Depression. Where people were depressed. They didn't know how the market was coming out of this that was looked like. We were on the precipice. And he did what was the equivalent of one man set of swimming into a soon army. He put money in Bank of America and other places saying. The government will not allow these institutions to fail. And people didn't believe it and he made literally billions and he made billions for others and he told them. The point is quote the point he does markets adapt. People adapt. Don't listen to all the crap out there. I love that. Maybe I'm I'm becoming a reluctant capitalist. I love that I'm becoming a reluctant optimists. Almost sixty years old I'm becoming a reluctant optimists don't listen to all the crap out there. People adapt this market will rebound. Nobody was saying that back then. It was doom and gloom. I am I have vote at no extra charge I'm gonna give you a book which was recommended to me and it's not original. A man named Bill Gates and a man named Warren Buffett. Also recommended this book. My dentist recommended. The book is called enlightenment now. And it's not touchy Feely this is not a bunch of woo woo. This is by. A Harvard. I could emission rights. In delayed language. It's about. What was the titled another book the good news is the bad news is wrong. And David tepper said that during the down years and were talking more than a hundred million dollars down. He lost. More than a hundred million dollars for these investors. Penny tended to get down. Then he decided to. You know what. Rather than looking in year Henry you're out rather than the peaks and the valleys the mountain tops and then load the bottom of the ocean. I'm gonna look at the overall trend. And that's what made him an optimist and that's really. Much of the message of Stephen paper's book which I commend to you. But if I had the bottom line his book it is. In the words of David tepper. Don't listen. To what all the crew rap out there. You know. What was once called the nattering nay bobs of negativism. Not to. Not to quote Spiro Agnew but you know. Don't listen all the down stuff it'll drag you down and so what he did was run counter to bet this boundary pusher this loud and profane Yankee. Who now owns our team. 141 fact which you probably read if you take a look at David tempers bio is. That on the desk at Goldman Sachs he sucked up to the wrong people you know the only time you waste time is when you suck up to the wrong people. Danny didn't suck up to a man named Jon Corzine who later became the governor of New Jersey. And Corzine passed him over for promotion twice and he quit then years later. He bought a mansion in the Hamptons. Belonging to Corzine's. Ex wife. And tore it down. And built won twice the size spent almost fifty million dollars on his mansion and Torre at Doral and laughed about it it was called in the New York tabloids. The revenge house. So he now has eight. 151000. Square foot house yeah I know some televangelists around here because of something to shoot four. 151000. Square foot house in the Hamptons where they tore down the original. While. Asked about the risks he took he said I was never afraid to go back to Pittsburgh and work in the steel mills. This. And welcome back it's Dario. I can talk. You just turn on the red light. Can point the finger and I know that. That's what it takes to be a professional broadcaster my kids say to have lower your voice. We're in public your him. Embarrassing us and I say. It's called broadcasting. It puts food on this table. So you just got to turn on the red light now and I start talking middle of the night doesn't matter there's just a normal line. Yes. Justin can you. Jeremy. I can. Now is it Harman turned. Well are you nailed it first struck law professional broadcasting at all pays off. For you do you still teach seventh grade. Yes sir no language arts. That's right today's call it. And you are in Raleigh right now. That's right. And you attended this march. Yet forever this morning I'm looking up at WB TV the governor spoke to this march so no question he's siding with teachers and his budget is. I'm my question to you is is this about teacher pay is this about getting reimbursed is this about. The schools that. There are crumbling what what if it's one thing what's the money for. Well I don't I don't think it's possible that if there's one thing at the audio or be teacher pay the part of the conversation raided their feet on all of our. They barely get they took inflation. But I think when we when we have on children that don't have access the site collar district school counselor because at that Gingrich wrote a book or. We have teachers better primary and apply it better to do about sex book the real thought to thought about. I'm having just basic resources in place throughout all goes well. And is the teacher pay about teacher retention is at about attracting better new teachers is it about both. Because there's that there was this there was a split correct me if I'm wrong between veteran teachers and new commerce. In the last administration. That's correct or better and teachers really have uncovered more. Then he went up the for years now that they say have been completely neglected and so what we're seeing you there is as a result is done. That are. Teaching courses are getting let my experience that those veteran teachers decide that they just don't wanna be treated that way anymore and and a retiring. Though it that the real problem for us in terms of putting qualified in in the highly experienced student thought it certain classroom. Now it it. Is there a union behind this march. I'm orbiter is very union. A union labor unions. That. When I'm. No unions are illegal in North Carolina. And so the teachers that you see there. Are they members of the state education association and our day is ever remember they are not members how is disorganized. So I think none of the company without organization remembered the Saudi output there. So look for that implemented outside of north sort of went on the computers are going to rally they're they're up there's a professional organizations are just. Educators that are ready for a change. Now lawmakers came back into session and they quickly gaveled it shut we're told that some teachers said no they wanted to you know see the lawmakers at least in action for a little bit. I'm sure you've got to show for a site see day aerial shots from Raleigh show a sea of red. People wearing the red teachers read for Ed but what I'm wondering is. Does this. So way lawmakers. Toward the kind of funding you want forward. Do you sense that they. Well I guess we're gonna have to wait and he would break your arm I certainly hope that they won't they do not to recognize that they have a responsibility to. The children of North Carolina where the Tarvaris state to provide them with a quality education and not that that's their responsibility of elected officials. That's their constitutional purity but certainly would hope that they don't. He again Carter. Turn into a battle with cancer. Are you able to speak one on one with your own lawmakers or is this is this kind of a mass action are you able to lobby individual lawmakers. Sure the other pair bonding. There are representatives would compete without. Did indeed do what kind of reception did you get did you talk to him what kind of reception did you get. So that it was a very very then they're. I spent two or putting them on it and where he legislative building Donna what unable to. Locate my own representatives but let it be equipped. Political or represented them and some of them are are the other very supportive of of increase in the book public education. Some thought equipment that would be where those. Hum to what extent does this partisan. People said. This governor is education governor in the last governor was not an education governor to what extent is this. D.s are for education and our resort's main does it does have boiled down is that come the subtext. First they're crossover. I'm not sure we can call Cooper the education governor right now because he's really spent on the Booker do and I. Come. Through no problem at all but I I look at that the nonpartisan you haven't hit that that we are in school system are. Come to us or whether both he got high quality public that doesn't compare our offbeat. That there is anything political about that. Right. How long have you been in the profession. Are computer. So you are a better. Read. Your picture on the blog looks remarkably young Justin you have you have an aged at all. Well girls got up on the news Edmonton. Then you'd catch up. Do you book come since you were a teacher through some of the years in which. You know this is really a lot of times I hear about respect. And there were sometimes I heard. On the record public comments. By lawmakers. Granted it was four years ago put that overt lead disrespecting. Teachers. Just dug in and overtly disrespect them to use. I don't know do you feel beloved. You indoor wavy dark field alone with an oral earlier this is so important they're. No. Do you feel like there's been an attitudinal change. RO feel the love from. Members of the public may be if they don't even have kids in the school it's it's easy first. For kids to say. We love you mr. brought minter we value our best. What's hard is the person who does not have a kid in the public school system. Yeah not if you're an article you're not we want toward the rally today pat. So many people who are not you know we're waiting for the bus to go to walk to work we're not where broke on the ball developed into can't. Just about every single person require that then you'll support you know we hope that. That we can do better for you off. And and go to hopping on and there were people didn't have to promote public school system we just I think as a community wants the are you better about our future. So I would say that you that we felt we both come from many sides today on out from every side new growth terms. So it's not look remember where but I think I'm a community at large we certainly still a lot of other. That the potential oral. Will understand that their constituents want them to do better double supported public educational. Just in torment her teacher. When shorten thank you for your service. It's huge protests in Raleigh had a brand new alert Panthers. No way to run. A few minutes. Personal friend of mine men I'm proud to call my friend decorated veteran. We're gonna talk about how we talked to one another's. Some see NI our friends. We have civil discourse. Civil disagreement we actually had breakfast the day after the November election. And in November 26 team and he voted one way and I voted another. And we had acquired conversation. I think I might have even paid for breakfast. Well we'll talk to Tommy and just one minute but this one caller who has been waiting and waiting and waiting. Netted Stephen who wants to talk about the timing of teacher march. And Steve and I appreciate your patience and waiting you're on WBT. Blog about all. Well all the credit in my family Boller. Your patients. Appreciate the MI and wisdom of the experiment for stated they. Courtney he bedlam they're wrong. The they were it was the union beat this dead period Obama will lawmaker was saying it fired bit. What are like union thugs what is it that they do that is sluggish. So many. And. What little. Its Dick in particular really aren't out with the burden. I would complete the whole year ended there. But it but this word dog. I mean I was in Toledo Ohio in the early 1980s. I can show you some union thugs. They belong to a union they threw rocks they set buyers there was violence. People were beaten that is a thug. Turn on your television. You see anyone in Raleigh being beaten today do you see any buyers what constitutes a thug. Most up mud about that never been a part of a union war. And for us out there I lay there and are active is that president. It may be oppressive as attacks but the word you used was the same as this lawmaker in that word is dog. Well that would bring out representing me you know and not pay. What what teachers union member. Have you seen. Behave. As a thug. I'm not showing up at the diet that is not thuggish red tape and all that may be disobedient. Or. Bug is a violent words. Well there's nothing nothing wrong with that is directed. It's inaccurate. Well read your opinion there are not mine let's get out a dictionary. There's such a thing as the common use of words. So let's take a look. I'll start we dictionary.com. I appreciate I don't you. They get their debilitating I know about you the real thick air. Okay. You get yours I'll get mine what. Drug runner up cruel or on the vicious rough for you and robber or murderer. First recorded an 1811810. Thug is from the Hindi word fag literally wrote sheet. Definitional one cruel vicious rough he and robber murderer. Another definition. A violent person especially a criminal. A rough you know hole again a vandal. A gangster a villain a criminal. I asked my question again. What teacher have you seen. Behavior in any of these matters. No they're bad edit it and what not. Good pitcher there was what they want but we're direct them. Great which are the ones directing them. Have you seen behave. In a violent manner. I consider them would be me. Concerned I am not asking about why do you consider I'm asking about behavior. I know all the longer they belittled by you by not belittling asking a question. Well I've been act considerate. Who did take that and earlier in my life and encore would never have all the. Back to thug. But to the dictionary. Back to the word. Okay out that what I violence were seen good word used by a bit all my current union chaotic it's a good word if it's accurate. Yeah. If it is inaccurate. It could even be when attached to an individual. Libelous. Well our bet that there has been. Got up there I don't brew it. The thing is when we come to laws. Definitions. And facts. You and I can disagree all day long. But this is the reason we have dictionaries and words is that they have currency they have meaning. And the meaning of the word thug is a violent individual a criminal one who breaks laws. I don't see any lawbreakers in Raleigh today. Should I ever heard those little girl here from. Maybe one or any new uttered that data today. Could become pull legally true could be completely accurate and is completely irrelevant. I doubt that there route one and a note on what it irrelevant to bug. When word itself can be violent. What. It's a bit there that what you are out there. Words matter. The words used matter they have meaning. They have impact and import will. If you want to say I disagree with them save that. If you want to say. Well I think it's a shame what they're doing say that. But to call someone a thug is like calling someone a killer it is a mob just not true were on your. I don't know about eight. Well I'm waiting to see the union members who behaved in a violent and criminal manner. There are there Heidi in the battle. Well I'd like to see the violence. They're our. Bay bay will. What that is not the word that was used to it. We grow up pat down there. And I operate failure I appreciate your patience I wonder what your heavenly father would say. They would not be approving a bear lake in that guy out. May be. He wouldn't recall on some drugs. That's all on site. That's on say if a union member. Throws a rock set something on fire. Beat someone. Then yes. That's behaving as a thug. It's illegal. And it's violent. But the word has some meaning. You can't just toss it out any more than you can call someone a killer. If you attach it to an individual. And you call someone a fraud. And they're not. Then that's libelous. Because these words mean something. And so what we do is we summoned words. And used them in ways. That. They didn't strips them of their meaning. But let's be precise. There are no thugs in Raleigh. No one's being beaten. There are people in this town who have been beaten in civil rights protests. You know in the sixties. There have been people who are better bear witness took took thuggish behavior. That is criminal and violent setting fires. And I'm not caring who gets hurt. Teachers. Are not among them. Lawmakers. Should know better. Maybe not Steve her Stephen. But lawmakers. Ought to know better. Words matter that's the core of the law. Representative from Monroe you're writing the laws if you expect them to mean something. Then means something with the words you use. Some on the correct word. You can't just slander teachers wholesale. You can't just sum on a word and throw it out there. I'm sorry. Is just awesome awesome of John Hancock to let me use his microphone was up there and so at least I can invite on a friend. A man I call a friend who he calls me a friend. His name is Tommy Raymond Tommy can you hear my voice. I had about an hour I am doing very well so let me ask if they armory here all thank you I appreciate that. I value your opinion. I don't always agree with the European but I value European you know the local content you'll be our governor radio worker okay I won't be effect I don't try not to be chula. I think if we were in person I'd be a little bit different I don't know what I'd be I'd be back him down a little bit more calm. Quick questions to introduce you use served in white unit. A perfect person worse long range reconnaissance surreal. And you served layer. Primarily in Iraq but for fifteen years not to permit. And usurped win. From 1999. At 2014. And you were wounded in action where. I'm south of Baghdad social norms majestic home but to go up into the shrapnel. And then Iraq. Did you think you're gonna survive. New. Report and what at what point you've got a boot this is looking good. You know. The minute it's a much deeper conversation but the concept is there's so much thinking there are a lot of reacting and then thinking after the fact. Right probably the oh crap put in the helicopter en route to their. So you're conscious. I was so we'll have those very lucky considering that. Look the wounds of war that we've seen. Over the past 1520 years it's I'm very lucky. And just to cut to the chase Tommy and I have mutual friends. And I use set me straight very quickly at one point I said but I met someone that. Was awarded. The silver star and you said. Now where men out there is no winner who are honored with a few other recipient of the silver star correct red carpet. And you wound. I heard this correct me if I'm wrong you sat with Laura Bush during the state of the union in 2007. Yes sir recognize. No one of the highlights in my life. That's wonderful. It is an honor to know you and thank you for your service and your sacrifice. And I gotta I gotta say something that. You know are at a separate report. I admire you as much for what you're doing now. As well and I admire what you did for your country because. Think not many people can say when most people say took a bullet. They they say he would end. That the babe really tightened its just words they just tossed them off that you literally took a bullet for one of your fellows. And but since then I wanna talk about what you're doing right now. You working they used to cause shall a bridge home but now there are expanding right they call it veterans bridge home. That's correct that's been around in 2012 won't help calm although some good family with transition. When you services that are needed we help connect them to the community. And is literally a hole right. Five and core that's how it's started it's started off with timing Norman's home. And now we're on east second street between 200 century and it's. It's not a story that we. So really just try to immerse ourselves in that movie. He connected to. Personal level. And you have introduced me to a number of veterans of the Iraqi conflict of the Iraqi war. And now that I appreciate that I've met some really interest in guys. And I I very much value which are doing. I'm in it in as much is that. You and I. Now I would you stop me whenever I got this wrong. You and I had it wrapped fullest and I did today after. The general election in November of 2016 right. I'm sure and we were at the park road show soda shop. In and I may have may not our may have not pay. And I think god probably did because that's the kind of guy I am. I grew up while all that great yet it's it's the least I can do but but but it's the least I can do Tommy you served fourteen to fifteen years. And I buy you breakfast you know I'd I don't want any credit for that Tommy I'm. I'm really kind of humble guy. Who cannot I don't I don't I don't warning thing choose. Can you stick around for five minutes and we talk about what we talked about because I think it's really important. Absolutely. You're a good man. My friend Tom agreement will be back after the hour right well let me just say this. We had a civil conversation. We had a civil conversation we were two. Americans. Who had differences religiously politically. For both white guys but after that we're two very different guys. And we're still friends and we had a civil conversation that today after. The November election in 26 thing and we had a lot of conversation since there. Stick around we'll talk more the WB team. And welcome back to WBT I'm Stewart Watson sitting in for John Hancock on the line my friend. Man I'm proud to call my friend. Tommy Raymond who Ronald won't wonderful work here in Charlotte now working with the Charlotte based veteran's bridge home. Formally known Charlotte bridge home woken welcoming veterans home but I wanna talk to Tommy about the fact that he and I are still speaking. So we had this conversation we were sitting at the park grid shopping center in the in the soda shop and in Leisle was taking great care of us as always. And and we realized. I think we probably knew instinctively. That we had voted for different people. I don't remember who makes big sticky. And how is it that you didn't. Like get up and walk out. I mean I I credit you. Like. I credit here on the boat works both ways I think. You know who for me Stuart there's a lot of respect there you're human being first and foremost and yet the dependent in Cairo that. I'm never over share but one that should definitely share I think. In my opinion my approach towards politics is you're allowed that you can speak that now listen to it. May not disagree with it but you're entitled to it I'm not gonna change that put. Yeah respecting your man is fathers shouldn't being. You know you've had quite that history and track record of being a great man so. No clearly there are some pants in the fall from methodology behind. You're voting right important Hugo Orrin. It's important for meeting here that I'm ignorant to a lot of things that you're not vice first set when it come through better this year adult school you'll when it comes got. It's about everything else you might. I don't know about that. And it and you'll still be seen in my clown car that's just amazing thing is you have to be comfortable in your arm and masculinity. The Tommy to be seen in my little clown car. And I regret your normal muscle car got the topic but I don't what I what I really liked and in increasingly dawned on me. How special that conversation wise because. It seem like much of America. Either engaged in an ongoing. Visceral food fight. A war retreated to their separate corners. Or hunkered down in the cellar. And like waited for it to blow over. And we've we've like retrenched. As opposed to what I remember you saying is. Use seem. Worried you seemed fearful. Why don't you tell me about that why is it that you are worried and you actually sat and listened. Which takes remarkable humility. Particularly for somebody like Q you know I mean you have always. Yet you could have. Played the card you know one of us was a drunken frat boy and one of us was an American hero and I done I know I'm not an American hero so I mean you easily could have done that you easily could've been. Kind of bellicose belligerent. You know capital. Core. Now it opens up a conversation soon sharing space. Yeah you know dirt when you share you know obviously you you very articulate and so I appreciate that good. You know when it comes to politics I think everybody can fear agree that. Everything that has been going on from the election that who who is fragmented that there are problems correction and that doesn't seem to be. Going in the direction that we all want regardless if you go to force so we can start from a a base said look there's clearly some change shouldn't be you have in order for all of this to come together at least get closer and to be able to create its base. You can voice your opinion and safety. Think without the several major behaviors coming through it just. The lack of understanding your empathy or compassion that he or somebody else come in Florida we lose that that's where I get frustrated that the fear. For me if you ask you grow up a certain way you're not gonna change you may refuse to listen what how's that work or life. It really doesn't. Pure being completely honest to yourself. I've been in another situation where I think. There have a committee is meeting with myself as you know your waiter not working as congress start lifting millions. Maybe a person different things so he know. When you started speaking clearly you know what you're talking about and she being able to open up my mind and ears and listen to what's it gonna hurt. So Tommy I see it in a certain way but I am frequently wrong and I'm willing for you to persuade made it tends to. I'm proud to call you my friend. Bugs. Veteran's bridge home. I'll just say I've given them money and when it comes to veterans charities is Charlotte based thing you can do a lot worse so. Then. And they have veterans regional thank you for your timing difference maker. It. Storm watch the men can work. Grace. Excellence in Mosul a bit in the velocity. I'm sorry to disappoint if you're looking for him I mean Hancock I don't know where yes I don't know I'm dead. Don't look at mace. Free think I have an investigative reporter something. So I don't know where the guy is they just try on the red light until we start talk at. See what's trending in Charlotte what are people talking about there. The hash tag red for red. The streets so vote Raleigh, North Carolina particularly around the capital fabled street mall if you know where that is crammed with thousands and thousands of people. Red T shirts. Teachers. Teachers playing hooky. Who. It is not accurate to say they walked off the job is not accurate to say is a strike is not even accurate to say it is a labor action. It is a protest. It is a rally. For education. And have to top the hour we're gonna talk to WBT's own Mark Garrison has been there all day and he's gonna be a live from Raleigh at 6 PM. You know it's controversial how many people show up these things. First you have to estimate game. Oh it's going to be 151000. Up to 151000. Well it looks like 25000. This is all an expectation game let me tell you there were thousands of people there. I'm which had a couple callers who had drop off blogs talk to my friend Tommy. Well I was hammering on and on and a couple of them said. Why oh why did they have to leave their posts these thousands or tens of thousands of teachers. And why now why not do it during the summer during their months off. And one. Answer might be. And I'm trying not take sides is that this is when the legislature's going into session and that and that teach bray is up. But for the legislation the governor's budget so. If there are rallying for education funding and bill legislation taking the budget that's why they're doing it now. The other reason is. Obvious. It calls a lot of attention if you shut down. A classroom looks schooler entire school system and those kids go home and told their parents. And if their parents helps school that'd kids in the schools that they have students in those schools but chances are. They're gonna want those teachers. Get what they need. Because in as much as the teachers. Have. Expenses which they buy supplies for the classroom the bulletin boards etc. A lot of that. Is. And I've done it four times over 32 years. We come back to the parents. And so the question is is this really a public education school or is a partial public. Impartial if you go to. Let's say hypothetically. The Audrey Carol. And north Mac or west Mac or west Charlotte. That you might get a different level of funding. Based upon. The district based upon who the parents our. And at a certain point. The question is do you get what you pay for. It I don't know that comparing. The states where 37. But we're whatever. And you know don't do a lot of good what does is if you say. Good teacher. Who was Bayer for twenty years is no longer there. Or that teacher. Has three other jobs. Is working at Lowe's or Home Depot. Not a hypothetical. And do. Building decks during the summer and painting houses and so what you know. Have him take off from their time doing work during the summer. Yet know to make the budget. And it's a numbers game if you say it's brought a number 50000 dollars a year. And you talk about people a lot of times with a masters. Say sixty. And you're saying well you get paid. But it isn't exactly like. Most teachers kickback for those three months. Now. I don't know who that there is. They do rat two dollar for dollar mark. But if you pay a teacher one dollar more. Your child will get one dollar more of education. I don't know that it's that Linear that one for one. But you know what. It ain't with the Panthers either that's the dirty little secret. That when the Panthers come with their handout. And their new owner. Mr. tapper. And David and company come calling with his buddies that he NFL and say. Atlanta has a new dome. The Mercedes-Benz. Whatever. You know. Whats up with this. Rat hole. In Charlotte. Remember the year with a rat ran across the field. That's how long I've been a Panthers fan I remember when the turf was torn up and the rat ran across the field. They they've literally got to rat hole down there but you know what they also have down here. It is literally do not rat holed that a year anyway there was a little roll brat. Running across the field but it is also literally a gold mine. Unnerved Panthers stadium. Literally a gold mine it is both. It is both. Big gold mine and I rat hole. Depending on who you are. If you're David tepper. What does this rat hole you've sold me. Taxpayers but I need a new I didn't hear a group. I need new spot. Where is the gold. I was told. Old there would be gold. I don't think David tempers any dog I've I tell you what I also saw big headline today. What the site said. Why if things David tepper can do to be successful. And chase up if you are worth eleven billion dollars. But I I think I cannot think you know she needs to continue to be successful. I gotta think if you already own a piece of the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you're the richest man in New Jersey. If your dog golden boy of hedge fund managers. Primers think you know. Pretty rich think you know buzz about he tells the headline writer know here's why you do to be successful. When you have a 151000 square foot mansion in the Hamptons and get back to me. In the meantime. I'm David tepper you're not but we'll be back. Many many thanks to John Hancock in the guys here it's been a lot of fun we got one more hour of fun here I'm Stewart Watson sitting in this afternoon. Who knew I could be back behind a microphone. Turning me literally tens of dollars ladies and gentlemen. What can I do for the rest of the week so amazing. Is marred garrison here. Mark Garrison is not here he is in Raleigh, North Carolina. The center of things but the path or are you they are reporting for WBT mark Harrison. The plant them can you hear me OK I can. How many millions of people there. Well at the crowd is starting to a filter Wayne. Estimates. Of about 191000. They had a big rally about an hour ago governor Cooper talked to the crowd. This has been kind of a day where the Democrats have a played to the two did to the protesters and the Republicans have tried to avoid them. Now and what I'm wondering is do you get the feeling in. You know seeing the lawmakers there. But this persuades does this move the needle at all I mean CEO that's that's pretty it's pretty sizable crowd. Yeah really as I mean it. I most of those teachers I talk to us and look you know the budget is set you're not going to get any more money. And other than what's already built in and they said yeah we know but it. That what they're hoping is that the show of numbers might began to me moves and move some people to a change in future budgets and of course the message that came for most album was hate. We plan to vote in November which they've it was Muslim was essentially a threat to vote democratic in November so. But I'm wondering how much that vote resonates. And given that the lawmakers have drawn their districts. And has great power in that. And at this time but they kind of know they know what they're getting it. Museums athletics hope you're exactly right so that's why a lot of the Republicans have put posters on mirrored doors and windows that said. We've given you the equivalent of a 19% raise suit over the last three years and then the doors were locked in the Republicans are nowhere to be found there were gonna talk to them. To what extent is this about education and to what extent is just about d.s and ours and just trying to move d.s and arson. When I'm when I'm asking is not whether there's some nefarious. You know to. Good violence beat you know union criminal union behind this which is. Found out I don't see a lot of did you see any bloodshed any fires out clear. No just a lot of really bright red T sure that all the teachers won't look at it but those kindergarten teachers you gotta be pretty much of thunder could teach they're in kindergarten nurtured. That's gotta be tough. Yeah I mean I think that was the civics lesson they get here today is there's a big difference between. Republicans and Democrats are mean and that's kind of the bottom line here. It made you know I I think a lot of people knew it was going to be a lot of sound and fury symbolizing. Nothing now the teachers are hoping that it. And that it resonates here but again. Went over to Republican majority which they would not depending upon the election. You know we saw that juror ousted in the but congressional race in the primary. We saw sheriff's fear at the county level ousted. And I'm. Right here in the getting Yahoo! in the may election yep stand up and yet we saw some old hands returned. To the Mecklenburg county commission and so are we seeing kind of a mixed bag in the city. His City Council races you've seen them O'Neal's make their impact they did not make the same impact to the county level. So I'm wondering if the blue legislators are quite can in the boot serve their like that. You know we're pretty site. You get the impression they think they're pretty safe I'm not I'm not sure I sensed any. Quaking in the boots particularly on the Republican side at all. And even the Democrats here couple and I talked to said yeah this is Jim that this was a great show and we're glad they're came but in terms of making a real impact at least today. No I don't think it dead. Well wonderful part garrison we look forward to hearing from you. Always. Always eloquent always on the job WBZ's mark Pearson you're going to be back at six right reporting from raw correct. Excellent mark thank you for making time I know your busy turf fight every program had to do it should be there year. Don't be too Smart garrisons life in Raleigh. Where. They say estimated 191000 so more than the fifteen playing the numbers game more than the fifteen that was rejected. And yet. It's not one applies both tell you what it's worth. Welcome back on school lunch and sitting in the. Who writes. John Hancock. And have the big story in just a minute. Really three stories today. More on all of them. This hour anyway but I read for head to the big teacher rally also brand new. Owner the owner of the one and only owner for the Carolina Panthers. There's a hedge fund manager named David tepper that your gonna hear if you haven't already heard a lot of betcha gonna hear a lot more. The eleven billion dollar man who paid for or is paying for the Carolina Panthers. With a with a check I guess are also it'll be transferred. Probably not a debit card. He when he will be. He hit he helped not a pony briefcases. You know I went in the bank the other day and I said. I wanted to take a thousand dollars and then take it across the street and deposited and I didn't have a way of transferred right away and so I said can I get a thousand dollar bill and the teller said this there's not a thousand Arbil the a hundred dollars. Is as much as you can go so how many briefcases. How many duffel bags. Somebody should know his 2.2 billion dollars. Holy cow. That's teacher pay money right there. For John Hancock. More than 101000 educators from North Carolina rallying on the capitals. Steps. You'll State Capitol in Raleigh this afternoon and Mike has something to say about that the educational lottery because Mike has been patiently waiting. Patience is rewarded might welcome the WB 28. Thank you sir. As mr. college you know good at first indignant when I got to call for last Thursday saying that. School will be closely at because you have. Children in school and the little people that early jobs and they don't you know get paid if they really don't have Charl certain rare to stay home kit so it was a mission in big and about all. The rest are looking here and got really concern. One component it is that sixty plus Russia. Open revenues coming in from education lottery. Accord to load instructional staff. And school system. 64% of they used to provide. Teacher salary. Funding through death. They kept it. So if you take between sixteen annual report which Israel the civilian could have written in such six or go to four million dollar. Then what we're talking about it some more and more of 380 million dollar that's gonna treat non instructional staff. Let me let me ask couple quick questions one is. What's the source for the 60% I'm not. Argue with the ride just to know where you got numbers from. I just circle on the Internet I don't remember that specifics Porsche. And I think that are harder to restore this group. I the other questions when you say day. They are spending that money who who is the day. Well I'm not sure route that they are assuming its street legislature. Right. I'm. Earmark problem with that is is that we're not paying teachers what that morning. And we've got if you look at strong sixteen members 60% of you're looking at 380 million. It is in that market and with that has taken a look at school suspension OK you got custodians. Humorous and non instructional staff they're. Brown got taken during earning a million dollars. Brian we're talking about is very lower school system. But the one you have a certain level of responsibility and in the first and control of that organization. Commander certain salary in the lower. I I have no doubt that a 100% of the money from the education lottery does not go to education. And the people who did that. Are the state lawmakers. This baited rich was the state lawmakers. And so if you're an educator nobody would have more at stake and that money going into the classroom and the teachers themselves now to the first thing you said. If I'm an hourly employee and I'm a full time employee. And I decide that on. Then. The sixteenth of may. Tony eighteen. I am an appointment that's really important to me and I wanna go downtown. Raleigh. And Kerry a poster. Then I call my boss and say I'd like to use. My day off on that Wednesday. Moderate our whip Roy you have there. Not every hourly employee does but most people who have master's degrees. Have the cup pass or leader in order stir all. Right. You're talking about teachers that are no well also referred to memo to try to keep. The parent should. No I'm saying most professionals. Who have a professional status and he full time jobless benefits. Can go to a boss. Certain days ahead of time and say. I'm. Heads up I'm using my day off my paid time off on Wednesday may sixth inning. Certainly then and so you know if they wanna use their paid time off. You know. We're gonna referring to you through the teacher should or professional people. Right. I was referring to parents. The navy working two or three hourly jobs and have no benefits. Right and so all the sudden they're stuck with Carol for concludes that the media hadn't play and don't look less than a week's note which. Yeah I get should I get you the question is whether the teachers really linen over its people its EU. Well you know clear what what they're hurt their cause. Well know who in my opinion uses I was with first indignant workers should have been an asterisk billionaires have been taken. Maybe we need to take a harder look what we're paying him administrator. And they can we need to breaker perched on the news or school systems. Salute to the people in church or community news carousel reason that we can divert that money back in the future credit. I got you like Charlotte Mecklenburg. An enormous services and you got your overweight carry. Yeah and that's that's an interest seeing this then bounced around. We can talk about that Mike thank you for calling him I really appreciated on WBZ. We'll be back. And welcome back I'm sure lots of sitting in for John Hancock. What I am 37 year old earth. His name is David tepper B eleven billion dollar man and hedge fund manager. A native of Pittsburgh. Described himself as. Just it's another upper middle class. Sit here's the direct quote I'm just a regular upper middle class guy who happens to be a billionaire. And you know he kind of grew intuit. There for. Jeers he drove the same rusted out van to the office were all the portions were parked outside but there anyway are a bit of this spending spree. You bought it bought the mansion in the Hamptons. Owned by the boss. Who passed him up for promotion. Torre it to the ground. And built a 151000. Square foot all. But home worthy of a televangelist. All from being. Justin humble image fund manager. Amazing. Gave back. Has a has his own charity. Worth a 190 million dollars in about seventeen million dollars last year gave 55 million dollars to the place he got his MBA. Carnegie Mellon. A giver a community member let us hope that he. Becomes a member. Well the Charlotte community. And just as much giving notice hope he brings that philanthropy here. Because he will probably bring the philanthropy and also. Along with his buddies the owners in the NFL. Some requests. Of people who not all of whom are football fans. To construct a new ballpark. They're doing upgrades. Those amount to. I think the latest one was less than a hundred million dollars. However. Look for the request. Just like that mansion in the Hamptons. For retired now. Atlanta got one they got a new stadium. Look for it. What you probably will not see. Given all those cranes around Charlotte. Given all the commitment to the Panthers here. You will not see. Even the opening week mention. Of moving this team. This is not San Diego this is not Saint Louis. This media market has been growing. Population has been growing the fans are strong. That does not mean that he will give a guarantee. It'll never never ever ever never never happen. But. One owner one person. To molecule going to a committee this is one guy paying catch. 2.2 billion dollars. 20% of his network. That that is significant. First off it's record breaking just in terms of the raw dollars almost a billion more than was paid for the Buffalo Bills. And it's one guy. He didn't go to the bank he didn't go to a bunch of his buddies. He goes to. I'm only aware. Do you keep I don't think it's under the mattress. That's what I mean the fact that you can scrape that up we talked you know they were initially talking two point six billion. Let's have 400 million dollar cash discount. Please. To pay with cash. I reckon. Carolina Panthers seven you won't hurt his name is David tapper. And yes and spending a lot of time in Miami now but he is in the partial owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and made his money. Right there on Wall Street. For hedge fund manager. Made a lot of it the man with the golden touch. Her arm described himself as Jewish kid from Pittsburgh grew up there the middle of three kids his father was an account at middle class guy. Raised three kids of his own. A stone house in new Jordan Jersey drove for years are rusted out. Any variant to the office filled with Portia is said I'm just a regular upper middle class guy who happens to be a billionaire. Amazing went to Pitt went to the University of Pittsburgh got his MBA from Carnegie Mellon. And then returned there to give them 55 million dollars to form a day beat David A tepper business school. It's leapt into junk bond trading. At the desk at Goldman Sachs and the go go eighties in the middle of the eighties. And the one colleague described him as a boundary pusher loud and profane. I know it all. Who claimed among other things to have popularized the phrase. It is what it is. I always knew that is what John Fox that. Her former coach of the Panthers it is what it is. I'd I don't think use royalties to I don't think David tepper needs those royalties. And I'm not sure he could claim those royalties. He did not suck up to one Jon Corzine has boss. There at Goldman Sachs and Corzine passed him over a promotion. Twice. So then tepper quit. But not to be forgotten. He later bought. The mansion in the Hamptons. Priced at fifty million dollars order for bargain basement 43 million of the ex wife hope Corzine. Tore it down to the ground and built a 151000 square foot home. Dubbed by the tabloids in New York the revenge house. Stewart Watson in for John Hancock this afternoon we got a couple of callers who wanted to talk about. Did you pray and how to plundered including backe who is patiently waiting Becky welcome to WB today. Sank let me Ontario. I am well I hope you are. I can't. Good Q thank bill lottery. You know without touted his education lottery a lot lot of people don't understand is that. It was not incremental money that went to cool it was replacement fund. So we have a lottery making money. But we're not into school more money where it's replacing where bear funds came from previously. Yeah old bait and switch. Out the old and put the kids out there. Yeah which gets really irritate me and then when they tried it and of course they have to put a gambling hotline and for those people can't handle it. Don't let spend more of our. State money. I'm. That kind of thing but and then my comment was. You remember what doctor peacefully with heparin and then I do indeed I was here. That I remember all the past peak but. Well their Ben not just him their been buses and buses. Well you know how he found that flash and by the buck and don't remember a slush fund but now. Pat and I don't know when it when the school purchase supplies. They have to pay the sales tax on that why. But then they got a form for a sales tax reimbursement. Because they're out. Benefit no tax reimbursement doesn't get to the goal that purchased the supply. They can't back skill but what fun. So instead of the school getting. All the money they expect to be getting. They dealt. So that money is kept behind our administrators is the way they want here. And people don't find out about it. And see here's the problem. When you go to voters. For money in one name. And then you use it for another. When you go back to those voters they don't trust you to use that money so it could be a completely different issues for instance. They're pennies for progress in the upstate of South Carolina they went to the voters and said if you will vote yourself attacks we will build this road. We guarantee. It's locked in. So this is the same as Social Security or anything else. When you go to someone and you do the bait and switch you. Undermine your ability to raise capital for other projects because grappled do not trust you. So it's not just about education. What your pointing out undermines. The faith we have to have in the whole system. That there were paying taxes for the purposes we're told that's. And and and what lawmakers' pay forty isn't then then when you want money for your road and people will not give it to you this is why. Go back to your vote go back to am not putting an end everyone made fun of Al Gore for the law box for the way he talked. But Locke box we know why. He was talking about this precise thing if I put money in Social Security keep that in my Social Security. You and I have a social contract that's what she told me you would do if you say and you continue to pimp this. Lottery. As an education lottery. Then by god it ought to be used for education. You know I'm with you mean otherwise it's it's exactly that it's a bait and switch the money's not going and it undermines the faith. So you can't go to people and raise money what you raise it with the lottery what he raised with a tax or would you raise it with the feet. You know it has to go where you said it was gonna be there has to be some kind of discipline. Bennett an attorney get your retainer. Right at that attorney you can bet on anything else but. Your particular. I don't bury your particular case then he's. Begin again and throw what a lot. Right. And now and for for property purchases as well. And it should be Nat router and I can't figure out it's time for a little. It's not just get in trouble it's criminal you can go to jail if you swap those monies around as a real estate. I turn right. Well and I and I am I'm yeah the other part of all that the that I 85 get the free red but I 77 looked based purveyors. Right. And that again. Are your leader. Matt cannot what Pia. And the and the thing about that is we haven't even touched on it here is that. It has to be said and can't be said enough. The reason Pat McCrory is not governor is because of by 77 toll it's. Yeah it's not because of H beat to it granted but those people are fixed to voters. Look at the boxes. The voting boxes. In Cornelius but hunter's bill. David son. Those are red boxes they are reliably red look at who the legislators are there. Now go back to the hill the last gubernatorial election. Roy Cooper. That's who took those boxes and so what lawmakers do have to realize. He says you think there's not a political price to be paid in the polls for doing this kind of switching around to funding. And there if it's because people remember. They remember these these these are the fundamental roles of government. To educate the kids. To build the roads. To provide a strong military to provide for our veterans in if you raise money and that name. My god you better spend it that way otherwise. People remember. They don't remember and people like cubic you're watching. You know these people are not passive people are plugged DN they notice. And they follow. An end and they're not fooled either they know exactly who's trying to manipulate four wide at set rates that are. And yeah. They know exactly Smart voters but yeah I appreciate your help. Thanks for Colin AM we have one more minute. Can we squeeze it M. Okay very quickly. Lewis you got about a minute on WB take. Our power ice stirred not my click on where you are a comparing. Apples not apple apple. All summer they. All we got a big stake with a lot better for trial of a live and more on county they're. Yeah wait grow all our edit site features and then circled part of the study are out. You're not getting a lot still live call. All that Blackberry a lot more in county to they're also. Nobody's going to talk about the great great charm that the state has. Health insurance co op. There's ability to her car in thirty years. I've been working 36 year or and you know that you're not gonna you're not gonna retire in thirty years I sector job in most case. I get in your not gonna opt out of health insurer. I get it some people argued that there is an understanding. Of social contract that. We will be underpaid if we get these things but did you start taking away the veteran play. Start undermining the teaching profession. It's been a pleasure this afternoon skies thank you so much I hope we can do this again some time.