Why am I tired all the time?

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, August 12th

Dr. Ernst discusses common energy drainers like adrenal gland and fatigue syndrome


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The asked doctor show his pre senate like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment she could qualified health care professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information. It's time to. Transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour you learned from experts on how to revolutionized that help the knows you love most. Ask doctor for. The future hosts doctor Barrett hurt its. Good afternoon Charlotte this guest turned failure here on news elevenths and 993 if we beat the best seller pounds instead diseases deadly to be set free market health problems. Thanks for joining us today I mean host doctor Aaron Ernst. Today we're gonna have a fun filled day on breaking free from energy related disorders. Why are you tired all the time what are some of the most common misdiagnosed disease for being tired you know sadly. It's heat it's something a lot of essar deal with at some point in life and often it's either missed or miss diagnosed by many doctors simply because. There's not really good test for energy in our league good of that lap panel or bullet work org urine it says here's why year. Having problems with your energy but yet. Some of a struggle at this. I wanted to break apart from the Mets behind where our energy comes from what happens Olmert losing her energy what we do to get their energy back. And down you know it's your health our for a reason we get asked a lot of questions all the time. Each week listeners my client patient etc. they flood us with questions and one of the most comic questions again it is them what can I do with the fact that you know in the mid afternoon I'm like beets that tired. I'm waking up I'm tired go to sleep I'm tired what's going on. Why am so tired so we're gonna spend some time today on some of these fatigue. Syndrome or adrenal fatigue chronic fatigue. I'll call it even thyroid tired as. Whatever is creating the inability you don't feel like you're gas tank is full bath and talk about. Your body is designed to basically run. Quite well quite efficiently you should have tons of energy waking up in the morning S and early but just feeling refreshed as if you. Have your batteries recharged you know at noon you should need a pick me up with a coffee or an energy drink thirdly by 4 or 5 o'clock eastern get slammed. But there's this coming condition called adrenal syndrome or adrenal fatigue some bugle call chronic fatigue. And ironically. What's unique about this is. This is the classic type of person that. Is tired during the day. And can't sleep at night often because either their mind is Racine. Or their bodies just pumped with energy in the evening instead of during the day and it's the classic person who's kind of you know a little bit off in the way they feel they'll say something like them. You know it does not just don't feel rights and often we find is now leads the classic signs to be in. Weak and tired. But specifically. Right when you wake up. Right in the afternoon and then by big day 5:6 o'clock it's like boom your energy comes back. 10:11 o'clock when it should be and go to sleep your filled with energy you can read in New York marathon almost like you're. Your energies inverted you're awake at nights in years sleep during the day that's adrenal fatigue syndrome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We're talking about people who are constantly getting thick and costly tired and tired of being six depressed immune system allergies. Depression skin issues. You know it it. It has to do with hormones because our adrenal glands are these two little tiny sort of wallet sized gland that on top of market means. And because those with hormones. Off double blind users hormonal imbalance regulated with them the inner drive them is dead heat things like increased mental issues for women. Meant a puzzle is it for women's sex drive its use. You know losing ever hair. Our skin started to you know. Wrinkle in do think that it should NASA do. But you know overall it's a condition that's omnibus deal with and it's been estimated this habits that up to 80%. Of us at some point in life. Are gonna deal with energy. I've been an issue we don't have enough that we wish we could at war and you'll hear oftentimes he'll face up like I just have the energy I had twenty years older. If I get some help bottle my four year old energy and salad I'd be a billionaire. You know the energy market is massive. There are thousands of energy products. You know this pill will boost energy and this drink we'll give you pick me up. You know coffee pot agree a lot of us were returned to its we're having two or three or four cups keep this going you got the energy slams and energy drinks and energy bars. I mean energy the big business we all. Once more energy and I'd like to show you today the very simple ways that you can keep your energy back. By finding out where it comes from in the first place. If find out what you're doing it robbing your energy and then you know let's talk about the fact that everybody wants to be healthier everybody wants to have more energy and more zest. Alice hormones lose weight everything else. So as I do eat every week I'm hosting a seminar and I have this one coming up on the 26 which is Saturday about two weeks. And during the show today I would be giving tickets away. Were already at half capacity through a 50% bills and another 50% of the tickets left and I'm curious I brought 25 today. If you'd be willing to just take alt when he five away from me for free no cost at all normally point nine dollars per person fits and if my seminars. Is what's coming up on Saturday that point six. 11 AM at the Hilton garden and were calling it sort of up busting free from energy fixing our problems dollars in apartment because we learned today as if thyroid. Your adrenal glands. And your bowels are intimately connected with where your energies coming from. And why you don't have so much energy sell this gas doctorate celebrated today is help you break free from energy. Don't forget you can also watch us on line today. Not just here is through the air about where online streaming live from the studio FaceBook dot com spots asked doctor earns the greatly Peta. Message yes paying us and also listen Sarah as. Because I guarantee you someone you know is struggling with an energy issue. Maybe it's a family member may be the friend I get on kind of comments. Usually every single week. Great show great content I applied some of the protocols I'm feeling good I've lost weight except for the wanna be a resource for those who were close to you. And then the message and then the link FaceBook dot com's class asked doctor Ernst you know also visit us at the asked doctor its website which is ask dot turn dot com. And the top ranked recorded as a contact button again think of as York no co pay way of acting as though every would like for your health. We have an entire team including myself a dedicated to answer your questions. And also coming up with great show comments. It's so this week or tournament energy because the animals fourteen question what can do about my energy so here we go the asked doctor and sell. On energy now first step but what's he recognizes. This is eight tidbit dug deep. Up in the neighborhood of about 45. Minutes or an hour or even through three or forty over this though I want to take action. Write down these states come to the events as you're gonna get everything on the diet exercise the foods you need to do the testing yet. And you're gonna be a cocker your energy your thyroid and your weights. You get these 152030. Even forty pounds and have your energy back I needed that 704. 9062094. At seven afford 9062094. That's my call line guys. Open it up 25 tickets completely free but you've got a call this number seven afford 9062094. Yasser turns to will your pack. Friday is the aspect aren't so you're here on news 11109 three to BBC. I mean as doctor Aaron Aaron thank you so much for joining us this amazing day. We're talking about your health we're talking about your energy. And back how most people have no or low energy and they want it back. You know we're buying energy drinks and energy shots an energy pills and energy bars because often what happens is we wake up tired. We go to work tired which struggled through the day we get home and and boom there energy comes off 6 o'clock in the afternoon and then we can't fall asleep. In the cycle repeats. That's an early morning time it's on the college regional fatigue or chronic fatigue which if left unchecked. Can become a big issue for help in the long run. There's a book that was written it's incredible book called Katrina fatigue the point for centuries stress syndrome. By James Wilson and what's unique about this that he said 80% of people in the world. Are going to deal with some sort of an adrenal fatigue issue at some point in life. And the problem with this it's. You're journals if they get burned out to view over use your adrenal gland you can take sometimes up to a year or more for YouTube rebuild them. What do you need to be your dream program like a battery that you have exhausted that battery aides said zero point 0%. Life. It's not just stayed plug a charger and wait for four hours and an impact a 100% it can take months to years for the battery to recharge cell. A wanna go over some of the Kotnik that. Common things that we deal with when it comes to energy how we can Gator haters you back. And more importantly giving guys an opportunity to join us for an energy weight loss thyroid adrenal seminar you might go. What is weight loss and energy an irate and with Madrid and how to deal with. My health but those are the four main areas for why we are tanked with energy something's wrong were either not easily properly burning fat for fuel which gives us time and energy. I irate either deficient we don't have a proper amount of our equipment coming out or we're not converting those mormons properly. In the body in the active forms that were tired the Tea Party gained weight. Eritrean clans are fried. So our stress responsibility for as the regulator hormones and make adrenaline make energy think about it the adrenal glands accretive version of that Randall Lynn. And if you're tired nine Jack did you with the journal and who you'd be. New counselor place though. If you want your energy back he needs your adrenal glance work and that of course one of the biggest. Rex or suckers of energy in her body is it digested this and it's not fully working to its capacity. And not just talking in the back if you're either going or not tighten up the cellular functions you absorbing your nutrients you have any leaks are there. Irritations to the new coastal Walden membranes. Are you to digest at least wrong mr. micro bio and snack so we have those four areas and if any of those four outs or there's something wrong with them. You're gonna be tired unity its heat you're gonna be at birth and he goes. My body aches I have a hard time concentrating. I can't seem to calm my mind dine night guys that's a huge. If your adrenal the start of south on you when you try to go to sleep it's like a billion ideas come in your mind. Partly because you're in your highest in genetics states if you have adrenal fatigue between about 7 at 10 o'clock at night. Where you want it to be seventh in the morning in your body says no I'm gonna be awake at night and it when you wake up you feeling tired and overwhelmed and you know we have typical imbalances. We start to get hormones off we start sweating like crazy. We can sweated nightly sleep you know we start getting anxious that we trim your tremble and state. And other classic sign of savagery issue. Is that you tend to crave foods that are either sweet or sweet and salty and it's talking about like a sweet tooth. I've thought about the idea that when you are tired. You want to eat something sweet baby that little boost of energy. Or you want something salty because those of the classic to deficiencies that are created what we imagery if you. We've run low on sugar we run Lowenthal says the body looks for the more now can you see how they're interconnected with. Our weights because I'm constantly eating sweet foods that are salty. I'm going to be pushing myself into higher sugar state and the more sugar have that it'll burn them or extort for facts. And if you're not in fat burning state of course just piles up. And so these are the classic symptoms that we often see with somebody. And many times and fortunately. Doctors will overlook that as just again. Well it's just part of life you know you're getting older and he got more kids and had to Florida what are your overwhelmed he can't sleep and you know everybody deals with this idea that how to like common mind at night it's just normal and in fact it's not it's that subtle sign. That you may be in the onset of adrenal fatigue or with known as adrenal insufficiency were your adrenal glands not working to their full capacity. You may I know I'm not served you may be somebody who's like I didn't even know how to adrenal gland to mean. What what's the deal what what are the things that case though alleged picture. Something about the sizable walnut little tiny guy you know if you look at maybe about an into crossbow about a half points. In height that they are fatty tissue that sits on top of your kidney and went in adrenal gland dies. If it's a creeps over about fifteen different hormones that are. Responsible for almost every avenue of your body function. From how you feel how he responds to stress how your immune system has boosted how you regulate. Things like sugar and salt reproductive hormones your sex drive hormones. It's even intimately connected. With York hype a polemic to Terry accessed with your eight. Basically. Your brain talks with your thyroid. And it talks with your adrenal glands. Through the hype with Alan is that through the pituitary gland and it also talks to the adrenal glands that your brain says. Hey thyroid we wanna burn fat. Pushed out that Paris hormone help us to burn back if it's working properly you'll do that patriot a glance where word we're experiencing a little bit stressed. Anything hormones are helped calm me down or I'm a little tired. Tiny little pick me up that's scored out some adrenaline. And so what happens is off the net access that communication between Hutus blocks. Either because of inflammation. Or stress. Or toxicity. Or neurological damage where the nerve system can't communicate properly so we feed the fact that Israel plans play a huge role. In your body's function that just imagine it. No wonder we ate we can't concentrate our mind is racing like crazy were always tired were booed in irritable crave sweet salty food. It because all of the hormones interfered with as surgery grants that go south on. Another thing that's really really important understand if you're somebody who deals with day. High blood pressure high cholesterol. A written me is muscle spasms. Pain those sorts of things cramps right tonight cramps in Charley horses or even just where you're sitting and all of a sudden a muscle locks up you know this. Twitching in these that effects Wear off and Steve did that has to do a lot with your treatment as well because he had the central parts of the journal and regulates. A type of response that you've probably heard of before called fight or flight. Think of it as just your stress response of your constantly stressed. The what you get is a rush of blood to your brain which can cause headaches. You get usually a rush of blood and nerve stimulation to the heart and muscles the year Europe resting heart rate goes op. Your blood pressure goes up your muscles contracting tighten. And that's good if you're being chased by a lion a tiger a bear some like that. But it's bad if you're sitting at your office reading email and getting stressed from that aspect. We've got your boss breathing down your neck on where the proposals and wired to doing your job or your kids are yelling and screaming. One's thrown up in the corner and others throwing food on the Florida pots over boiling you guys don't talk about in that moment of. In its aid is the ability YouTube calm yourself and appeared at the working you'll find it that's not a big deal. But if they're not ought to push you to build him back though there's some specific hormones. That we need balance in optimal we find is the reason we're so tired and fatigue an imbalance in our hearts racing pressures are high and we give headaches. It's simply because. Adrenal and ride we've used it we exhausted it though what we want to talk about is. How do we balance those hormones how to get them back under control. And what are the main things to do to fix this nor did I get to know what causes it. The thing like this if I wanna fix that issue with my health. You better know what's causing the issue because if I come medically it by ago. The growth of medications attic. All right take some hormones amounts bothering on you AT and am taking my testosterone and estrogen and trying to balance my hormones from the outside. Yet that might make you feel better yet have them make it work better when you often find happens is. The cause is still there it's a once you either cut back or slack off or forget. Taking nothing in the symptoms come back. And it's off it while out on the line and while it does work superficially. The best way to fix everything of course it let's get the cause the what causes are adrenal glands get fried. You know this is a tough one because it's mostly how you handle stress in your life. An episode of acute stress. Chronic prolonged stress or even just that shocks stress you know like you brought those moments where you're you're sort of them. Right mean and either you kind of like those off a little bit and it all with that it's like. Oh my gosh almost rated that person like ten or 152. Obama away in full. That's that like to burst stressed that many many many episodes of that. Or chronic stress all timer even just acute stress will eventually burn in now at the what if things to do this while. Often I find someone like console with state that like this you know my health took a massive hole ever since I lost. A loved one a family member or. And it was ever since I got a divorce it's like Mike just fell apart had surgery on this or that. And it's like man cholesterol through the roof can't seem to remember stuff tired at the time it's you know some sort of major life event boom. And it can actually be the catalyst that triggers the damage to the treatment because it sucks your stress response. You can be exposed to toxins in pollutants and bold and Lyons is the all these kind of things that can affect the body but often what I find is it's. I stressed financial hardships relations its environmental stress that works directors. The feelings of like helplessness or negative thoughts. Mostly black athlete in this dressers that are typical diet today. We eat so much sugar. It reads almost tables all the work low fat thinking or help the eating fruit and vegetables were going along the leading were doing the right thing but your body a high car. Hi I fruit low fat I thought I'd is very stressful. And according to Mayo Clinic. Adrenal symptoms can show up in as little as one to two years of the major events happening or of some sort of chronic like south stress. So what do you think for a moment have you sort of related health issue we've been trying to deal with new you know that started after. I had this big whoop or you know I lost my job right went bankrupt or you know my insurance that can't have a deal with this on known or. You know I lost a loved one had surgery some major major stress your life if you're going to. Wait a sec. That happened and all hell broke lose my health it's a sign your adrenal glands are more than likely be caught and though we get to teach you how to. Many of these and to manage your stress and listen it's not just. All go to take this pill in your stress goes away you're ready to coaching you need some guidance I'd love to do it for you amendment to help Hewitt coached people all the time. The question is. Viewing it's like if that's the case 7049694. 704906. User 94 during a commercial break my lines are wide open I'm looking for people who wanna lose weight get their health back. Get off medications. Have a time and energy sleep really well. Not be racing with your thoughts at 98 wake up earth rest. More productive I know that you because listen it's a multibillion dollar industry industry. Let's stop swallowing energy drinks energy bar and let your body to actually beat the not afford ninety earth 1694. Eighth night at 69 for the death accuracy will be right back. All right David guest appearance so your listening to news 11109 nicely to be beats the we're also stream it to live your FaceBook dot com at FaceBook that conflict asked doc turns. But not the fact you guys can CS in the studio you make comments deacons share today were discussing the fact of why must a tired all the time. I wake of the morning as divided in its lead to the ninth. And I struggled to get through my gate maybe a coffee pick me up. Maybe a little salted snack sweet snack pick me up and they need to buy about two or 3 or 4 o'clock starts to come back a little bit our energy rises usually when in beating work. And it sometimes that's the deal with it's your job satisfaction I think that it back but it your the point where by 5 o'clock you're like I'm ready to go. And that it's seven. 891011. Your mind is racing and you can't sleep in your tired all the time in your joints ache you know and you're losing your mind to remember staff. More importantly it's a sense of life is just coming acts you like a thousand bricks dumped up attract little too hard to hold on too little too hard to handle. And will be often find is most of justice system that's part of life. Part of getting older part of managing the fact I have more things to do you know I think. That converts basis of our clients there always is like unify these go back to when it was. When I was you know when I was teenager and very little to deal with it and a lot of stress you know in my in my twenties and thirties it was just. Whatever it felt like now I feel like I've got this obligation that obligation. This bill is due in that that work in our kids are grown up in college and and so we don't often write off our fatigue as. Just part of life I'm here to tell you it's not supposed to be that way you should have this kidnapping go mentality pretty much all the time. Your body was designed to be a self regulating. Self repairing itself energizing system but if you are robbing it of the ability to do that and that's why you don't have your energy. You know classically. Alcoholic. The commerce market as a whole wants you to believe well it's normal. Just drink this drink or take these vitamins or have this pill and while that may work superficially. Devious small boost. You know you should be having this test of life from 5 in the morning till 10 o'clock at night but be able to make your head down. And within seconds to minutes fall asleep. And not enough people doing so I had this conversation with a client the other days he's going. I just need to help sleeping you know I'm not really necessarily have a problem when I sleep but I just can't seem to falsely on mine is going point 47. And you know I start digging into the questions what what's your energy like when you wake up. You know it's pretty good you know like I don't think I'm not a 100%. Okay so what's like you know 111212. Like all. That's where it's the hardest you know like if I didn't have my guess stimulation. Through either what I do lane or coffee or an energy drinks like that I don't think I can make it. Okay so what's like you know 4567. Mike why don't hurt a lot better and it's almost like 789 I'm I'm I'm ready to go with my day starts there. It that is the classic. Classic sign of an adrenal fatigue syndrome starting to take yen. When you have difficulty waking up to date the other person who alarm goes off and let's go if it if it requires fives news's Norah you know your did not a bad and it looks as if you're still zombie even the shower doesn't wake you up. Even your your morning breakfast conversation with your wife your kid doesn't wake you up your husband catcher. If that's human that's the it. If he got muscle aches more so in the morning Nicol way throughout the day. Your joints hurt more in the morning. Gets better throughout the day you have allergies. Irritability. You crave sweet and salty foods he cares ball and now you're gaining weight again not old age tight muscles not work out. If this potential sign your feet glands are taking the poll. And now that we know that are energy comes from this little tiny gland inside our body it's it's on top of our kidneys that's about the size of the walnut. And chances are yours is shriveled up and dried out fatigued. What do we do to replenish and buries in it that the comeback allfirst. Yet to recognize stress is a big player in my right that thing out the first place. And unfortunately stresses and something needed to swallow a pill force yet to learn how to sort of managers dressers. I am a huge fan. Of what would be known as sort of stressed meditation. Silence. You know like sitting in silence is sort of reflecting on yourself. I don't call it quiets and your mind. I'd have to meditative coaches that work with me and you know I always used to think that thought of medication was used both of them reached this Nirvana state where you just automatically you're not in it's like pierce silence. And I've learned that that doesn't actually happen what can happen instead is you get the ability to be able to sort of here are your thoughts see your thoughts and go you know what thanks for the information but you can leave now and you become more mindful that deals like York. You're outside of yourself and I'm not talking like some holistic experience like you know your bodies floating you can see yourself I'm talking just almost a sense of like. Utmost piecing com. Like when you get stressed you can actually see your Strasser as if it's something like an item and you're like well check that out that's unique. Abner Christina before bit let me check it out it's rough around the edges doesn't smell very good like that get rid of that and you have the abilities that have managed it. Yes it requires coaching Yasser require some times but. There's a lot of information available out there on medication in emotional freedom techniques it's sort of relaxation techniques anything you can do you will be helpful. One thing I'd like his dishonestly. Taking five minutes. Gonna feel like an eternity the five minutes and literally silencing everything around you. No phones no computer. No radio no noise nothing verbally fit in the dark sometimes in my office I go into my supply closet and I just turn the lights off and in their for five minutes. When you come now it's almost as if you just had two coffees and an energy parts but why he just over perhaps. The because stresses a big one. We need to dive deep in distress and often what I find is a lot of us have some life Strasser event. Loss of a loved one death of a family member. He could've even been like a financial stress or crisis or some major player car accident surgery something that affect you may be fit for those five minutes. And being back. To the time left for you had your issue before you had your health problem and look for some sort of major stress event. And often sometimes just knowing that that's there can help you to recognize constant beat my journals of fried. And now we wanna do is start allowing them to rebuild and repair. First I would suggest we do something called a cellular healing or you can call it the energy diet. Basically. Diet is a big stressed that for the body outside of mental stress as some of the common things that stress your body out there are caffeinated products. Which is rough visit because most of us try to go after coffee to feel more energy. And it does interfere with your sleep cycles makes it harder for your adrenal gland respond. And if you're that person who has to have some sort of coffee or caffeinated beverage you know try to keep it where your only doing that the very first thing in the morning nothing in the afternoon. Nothing in the mid game or late date and of course you know we wanna make sure that we're. Make it through their sugars that are sweeteners and things are down. My goodness I can't believe guardian a commercial break so I'm gonna continue into the food that he'll dislike the most important parts of stick around. Nobody Mac call lines seven afford 9062094. As 9062094. Year college for free tickets. To my ass soccer energy Bayreuth adrenal weight loss seminar Saturday August 26 11 AM. Normally 25 dollars to ten I brought 25 here today we have ten left. Candies tend fly out of here seven a four. 9062094. Saturday August point 6:11 AM held garden and get their turn children back. A hello Charlotte this death occurred so your hear on news outlets and if we beat the latest short count instead these enemy be separate Molly health problems by activating your inner health. I mean with doctor earners and love the fact you guys are tuning in cutting back just join us we're discussing the concept of why am so tired all the time talk about wake up in the morning. And a popular with the miners that begins right I just can't seem falsely in my industry theme. I'm I'm active I'm energetic acted like a wanna you know paint the house but it's 11 o'clock at night where is that coming from and we discussed very briefly how. It has to do with they little tiny gland inside your body called your adrenal glands. A lot of us don't give enough love and attention to those two little guys. But what they do is they help the regular you're stressed. It's a creek and exorbitant amount of hormones that regulate everything from your heart rate or blood pressure to give us what you produce two that your and you produce. And how you can feel energized. There are several things we do that started destroy our energy. One of which he has the stress is we have a life and how we react to them distress is unique. One thing mistress is one person out but actually fuel and energize someone else to watch out for the classic 08 acts. That's why I'm stressed but really it's not saying it's the how you react to it and what's nice about that is you can train your reaction. You can sort of learn how to manage stress yours in a better way but it's tough it requires that coach gene. Counseling perhaps but it's easy it's simple to do one of the best ways has been answered courses. Learning how to not quite your mind control your mind. Learn how to keep things as they come in sort of put pause com puts him back there and to see your emotion as the communication of your. Stressed out you know it's kind of them while what are you feeling a feeling overwhelmed are you feeling anxious are you feeling exhausted. I've been a little deeper and try to discover what the feeling is not to tell you what's going on in your body. A lot of times our emotions are just simply await their bodies trying to communicate with that's the latest now hey listen. You needed to do something and most of the time it he'd pay attention to yourself for you need to clean your diet outdoor eating it's your pals nude scene. He need to sleep in need of rest relax have some time with your family instead of working overtime. We also discussed that our diet is a big Strasser all the salt all of the sugar. All of the lack of facts and the cause major stress to your body if you wanna. Rebounds and rebuild your adrenal glands and other Tutsis like your thyroid and your hearts and everything else. Well the most important thing is to avoid foods that creates stress. And one of the biggest dressers. To a body that is fatigue is caffeine. It's partly because it acts of the drug. 88 wrecks are sleep cycle caffeine sort of gives you this rush that makes you feel as if you were energetic which is why we like it but at the same token makes it hard for your adrenal glands to recover. The more caffeine you'd drink the more likely you are to have adrenal fatigue because. If you use outside sources of quick fix energy you're never letting your judo glanced through it for you. Another thing that's big against stress in the bodies coarse sugar and not just sugar but even the sugar substitutes in the artificial sweeteners. Fructose and specifically reduce corn syrup has been sent physically damaged. The adrenal glands and deliver making it very difficult feat processed sugars and fats in nutrients and minerals. To avoid things that are sweetened with fructose that is going to be your classic like cereals and candy and sweetened beverages and things like that. But watch out because a lot of foods today and hidden sources of fairy staggers as the oil wanted to do was tried the crease or sugar as much as possible. And there's many benefits of cutting figure from your diet not just for your dream glanced. But for weight loss and for energy for blood pressure cholesterol diabetes heart disease cancer sugars one of those ones where it's like. You know you can't go wrong by decreasing need the sugar in your diet. And as we decrease sugar what we need you to feel full and happy energy if he'd back. And at the big issue because right now some of us eat oils that are very dangerous and damaging to our. Clinch their tissues like Eritrean gland thyroid. And fortunately vegetable oils like soybean canola corn they're extremely. Inflammatory they can damage membranes. They can damage receptive ears and a lot of times if up that is considered a big goes to the tissues in your body that are fatty. And I'm not talking about fact your body internal organs you have that are primarily not organs. And there's rarely if you do so we have our pancreas. We ever adrenal glands Weaver thyroid we have our brain we have Imus. So might eat a high diet of healthy vegetable oils. They're actually very dangerous for your tissues so they can damage your thyroid and your brain and your dream glance Imus. So we get sick we get tired we get you know energy. And it these oils that often people think are healthy. So canola is something you wanna get rid of it you're struggling with the energy Hugh. Corn and soybean vegetable oils. They often lead to again inflammation in those fatty tissues that I would suggest you do is you replace those. With non vegetable based oils and use of this more of a natural plants oil coconuts olive on the Condo him. Even things like organic indoor grass beds butter or do you which is the clarified butter you'll often find when you start adding those bats back. And you decrease your sugars. And you start to remove caffeine just within a day or two or three boom energy starts to come back. Don't forget we can also eat foods that are more. Packed with nutrients that help with the men it's stress thirds helpless to rebuild going to go to Hughes and you know some of my top most favorite to things like coconuts. On the cot as. Fatty fish that are wild caught. You know the pretty much anything it's a wild caught it's going to be. Filled with healthier versions of the proteins that that's salmon is classically one of those ones has been researched and studied for eon. As long as it's wild caught pieces and not specifically walnuts. As a unique reason why certain not help with certain avenues that body off it whatever than not looks like is what we can define the effect of it. Helping inside the bodies you know walnut when he cracked it open looks like a microscopic brain inside its now. So we've been learning that wall let's help with the brain. All means for example they help with a lot of hormonal gland of the Tutsis they look like reproductive glands that the body. Even things like Brazil nuts that have sort of a her vote Linear shape it's almost like it slightly curved to sort of rounded at the same time you'll find their high and selenium but they also help with the adrenal glands and the thyroid. So many of the nuts and seeds pumpkin Kiev black's ex extra. Very very good because not only that but with thirteen but they helped Clinton issued by decreasing inflammation. But here's something that's key that I find a lot of people have energy issues. They eat too much salt. That's in the commercial versions of salt like table salt. And what we do is when we put that sodium chloride or chemical salt inside the body it creates irritation and inflammation and actually sort of wrecks. He sees again. Now there are more natural base all we talked a lot about healthy you know insults. Like the Celtics all the Himalayan insults. But what's unique about them as. They tend to be out colonizing they tend to have mineral components and woods might have a collar either grave or red or pink or something of that effect. But they also have a unique ability to sort of assist the adrenal gland. Because your general Glenn is something that does needs salt in order for it to produce a lot of mormons. But it doesn't need table salt wrong sodium chloride has been chemically cleats and changed and extracted from usually colts are some other source. It needs like a living cell and earth itself. In what we often find is when you add more heavily and altered diet or Celtics altered diet battle lode is a great pick via you know if you're looking for some sort of energy drink it could really knock your socks off and give you great energy when I usually suggested that he take at least one or two lemons. And you'd used on the cues from them if you haven't used to that lets you grind it ore extracted through like when this press has recently that. Gasquet and few because olive authority because lemon oil. Which is not as it is extremely. Great detox the fire it helps to boost the adrenal grant them an avid optimistic nature but if you need it lemons. With filtered water and about it he's or less maybe a quarter teaspoon Baptiste and of either Celtic Himalayan salt. Make a salted lemonade and I promise you one or two or three of those kids youth sort of the same boost its you're spending on the eighth for five dollar. Drinks that are often loaded with sugars and artificial sweeteners and things that it back. And I think that's helpful is to recognize that you always need certain nutrients for tissues in your body to work. And so if you're deficient in certain key building blocks of hormones. And on the other things then your glands might be okay in my not beat the heat they're stressed out. But I want to think of it is fifth. It aid doesn't have the building blocks you know so if I hire some workers to kind of my house to replace the roof but I forget that. Ordered the tiles to put on the roof there it's gonna sit pairing go that we can't do anything. They work but there's no supplies so what is this adrenal glands specifically need while they need healthy fats. He needs cholesterol. It's odd is that it's. You need cholesterol to make hormones yet all most of our medical profession is trying to push our cholesterol down but slower that's called the heart disease and everything else as you do that. You more tired you more fatiguing it's thicker so. We won a booster cholesterol naturally. Eggs fantastic source of both good and healthy and anti inflammatory. The cholesterol bases and so are things like grass fed beef. Wild caught is free range chicken make that threat the fish oils are typically loaded with certain that the help to not only balance booster cholesterol. But they see it in called inflammatory organs. So I'll give you a small list of what I'll call my adrenal rebuilding nutrients. Ash were gone and a whole league diesel magnesium. A classic round of B vitamins everything from B one to beat twelve. Vitamins the Dane and vitamin. They're deficient in that they don't have. There right B vitamins there vitamin C is either nonexistent or it's near zero vitamin. What you needed C and B vitamins are used for all energy pathways in your body. When you'd take a carbohydrates. And you turn into cellular energy you can't do it unless you have the vitamins. When you take back and you convert that back in the heat for energy your body can't do it without vitamins. I often seen that many times people are co Q ten deficient which happens from taking cholesterol drugs which is a side effect of you having supposedly high cholesterol and going to the doctor. So if you're following standard medical advice. Usually fatigue comes in play because medications very toxic so we will do is help you buy an eight team to sleep as much as possible. Be helping you to avoid. The opposite late at night time of year a weight after 10 o'clock. Your adrenal glands again Frye we want you to start reducing your stress having more fun laughing more going out with friends and family think that it back. Working with some sort of mental coach for a wellness visits that can help you deal with your stress there's if there was like at a recent surgery or. A death of a family member a loved one or a financial crisis or something hits you just knowing that and knowing that there are people that recognize. That that depart for your health. Is that excellent way to start its energy back. You know and we won it again clean our diet work on our negative self talk and more than likely that you need some professional help with it if you're somebody who's going. Listen I am tired all the time I take medications that I am sick of downing energy drinks and I want possessed of my life back. That's why we have this you know that's why am hosting seminars that I do each and every month in all I'd like to know is would you like you energy back which you like the other medication. Would you like to lose 2030 pounds. Would you like to feel younger again and you're shaking your head yes seven afford 9062094. Seven afford 9062094. I have five left and I know they're going to be gone. Seven afford 9062094. Guys it's Saturday August 26 my adrenal energy thyroid summit. 11 AM at Hilton garden and thanks rats to join us today at a port city guide each and every week on the gas sectors though. The next week the event.