Why are My Labs Always Elevated?

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, July 7th
Dr. Ernst discusses the reason 90% of lab results are elevated.

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And Jeff Boyd eleven incredible show topic for you today were discussing the question why. Are my blood work labs always elevated any time a good him a medical doctor. Why is it always high blood pressure high cholesterol high triglycerides high blood sugar elevated liver enzymes elevated whatever you want. Why is it that 90% of the time everything's always too high. There are some exceptions you can have Anemia which is too low of certain things like what a red blood cells iron. You get a low testosterone but I'm here to tell you that that's a rare maybe 10% of the time. Ninety plus percent of the time cholesterol too high blood pressure to hide trigger surge into high everything is high it's all open this guy. And medicine once he did think it's because your deficient in what you're not taking that they will happily give view. May be years shy on the senate grilling your blood so go take that maybe you don't have enough fellow Lipitor crest or whatever. If you take a medication. To manage your elevated lab despite your being sucked into this trap. Known as symptom management. Until I talked about today is the underlying reason everything is so elevated it's. And dam case journey to our show head over to FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Ernst. We have a live stream camera that's going it's very popular because a he you can share it's B you can like it's C can message me directly. So go check that out also our website asked doctor or suck com. Lots and lots and lots and then fell hill last week or radio listeners sent me a message and they said doctor aren't cellist and your show thank you the whole eighty. You know we we were looking for a natural way. And she said damn I went to your web sites and my costs like I can't believe you give all the stuff away for free. So some of the free things there is news information downloads protocols but I think the most voluble as the request to console. It's the way you can have a direct conversation with me at no cost. To a fifteen minute phone call we dig deep in your health so resource is our available ass Sox are suck com. FaceBook dot com slash SaaS stock turns tea iTunes stores most of my shows I think I holed about a year's worth. So head over there there is a small glitch we just found to date whoops the feed hasn't been updating so WBT of course in the house. They're represented in holding all of our shows there. Does go to WBT dot com type in ask doctor Ernst and a pop right up for you. Little disclaimer I'm in the middle of doing it does give me there it is at lymphatic detox. With heavy metals. And so part of that means I'm purging. I feel fantastic energetically and on a fever I'm not sick but yet every so often you're gonna hear this. And it's just that the metals in the death funk coming out of me. So I'm apologies in advance for that but hey it's real it's life and it happens a so I know cough button for me today can you guys are gonna see how the real world is. So I'm not why are all vital hounds elevated there is us trying to hide acquire all of my labs elevated its. Okay philosophically I'm gonna crack a not for you guys. There's two big reasons and write this down take some notes appear in the car costs pull over to that a once again they're back into an accident. Speak here on out my extreme you know maybe take some notes on Microsoft Word or share it he leave a comment with your notes. Here's the reason why two big reasons one philosophically. Medicine as a whole is made peanut labs. Harder for you to have a normal you know what I mean by that is they're changing the reference values making it smaller and smaller to being normal. To have to talk about what normal is why and number may come back abnormal which are actually normal. And here's a classic things been known for some time maybe this isn't new to you though. Go back to 1950. Before we excuse me made the recommendations of all this get rid of all the fat and start against Agnes. Normal cholesterol for the average American was between 250 into 85. So he had cholesterol that was to seven lead they would say your good your normal it wouldn't be high low today you go do that same lab. And he got to be under 199 why did the numbers change because we started to saturate the market with a number of drugs were prescribed to Waltz. We made it says that only certain numbers of people can have elevated cholesterol. They had to have really really high cholesterol in order to get the drug the drug companies of course don't like that big pharma says we're not making money. And they kind of combined with the American Medical Association the combined with the labs in the US they say can we lower the number could make it harder for people to achieve this and that's what happened. So went from 25 dated 220 to 200 now it's less than 199 geysers even research out. Say and they wanna make it 180 good luck with that the only way to have a cholesterol 180 is to be on a medication. And the goal. With big pharma the medical association's executives they want every human being on the planet take one drug her date. Meaning in America they want 350 million prescriptions. Written. So that every single day people are taking drugs right now they're about 50% to that half of Americans take one drug a day it's insane. Listen to this 25% of Americans take to drugs per day guys that is just absolutely insane. So today. And I show you the philosophical causes your being lied to normal is not what your labs say. Normal or not the numbers next to it that's medical normal thing to prescribe a drug that's just sick surrogate talk about what Israel normal seconds. Your body always compensates for a deficiency. By causing an elevation. The number one deficiency I see. That causes high blood pressure high cholesterol high triglycerides high blood sugar elevated liver enzymes is vitamin. So you have low vitamins low minerals low in nutrients. The compensation. Of your body is to elevate some symptom so I could have high blood pressure because of being deficient in certain nutrients. So that deficiency. Causes the elevation. And then you go to your doctor and they say all you need a drug and now we're gonna break that today. Dwyer might labs so high. What do I do about it how can I naturally take care of this and hit list and I have an opportunity there's only about seven seats left from my dinner next week July 10. 6:30 PM Bravo Italian. It's my way of showing you how to become your own doctor the three top things you must do if you wanna heal yourself you grab tickets at 704. 9062094. All cells. We're coming up in about two weeks. I still like joint first in my a sort of conquering hyperactivity disorders. Again conquering not conquer not elevated of everything in my energies to hi my Klestil Saddam have blood sugar shot all that to heist. Are being answered in a two hour live event with heat and you do they need to know if you wanna come to a it's on its way first at 11 AM at the holiday express seven afford 906209. Floor. Seven a boards knives your sticks user I sportscast our turn so will your exact. Haven't Saturday three regular its gas suckered so I'm doctor Eric Harris thank you so much for Syrian today. We've incredible show topic we're talking about the question of why our labs always elevated when they come back. From your medical tests or from anybody did you labs test with. Why is blood pressure always high cholesterol is high triglycerides high blood sugars title liver enzymes hi what ever you name it why are things always elevated. 90% of labs when Ryan will come back with something elevated. And often unfortunately it is because of two reasons OK number one because the organizations. That manage health in the United States. The AMA the misuse media had. Rescued me OK listen if your just brand new to show I'm in the middle of doing a lymphatic heavy metal detox so I do have a bit of a dry cough discuss stuffs coming out of me. But I say that to say this okay win the are organizing fact surgeons like. The FDA the AM made big farm the government eccentric come together as a body and they say Hillis and we need to make Americans healthier. What they do is they tightened the regulations. On how much normal. Kids in a given example of this secured a talk today about blood pressure cholesterol blood sugars. And liver enzymes are OK there's more that can be elevated but c'mon only have so much time. So when we talk about high blood pressure did you guys know that historically if you look at the trends of blood pressure. The whole 120 over eighty as being normal. Is that relatively new concept okay you go back in May be 20304050. Years ago. And they would allow something like 130 over ninety and still say hey you're in the normal range. The problem becomes though if we say 130 over nine. Then we have excluded a certain set of people that won't then be diagnosed high blood pressure or hypertension. So it became pretty common in the eighties and nineties say no we're gonna define specifically. Perfect textbook normal once when he over eighty. So if your anything above that within a certain range to the hobby sky ten point jumps us if you're one toy need to 130. Your pre hypertensive. So you need to really start taking care of it maybe take a low dose blood pressure pill you manager diet. If your 130 to 140. You're definitely hypertensive and if you're over 140 your certainly hypertensive. Well some new research is coming out saying that them of course. If this works we should see a drop in the number of people they have heart attacks or heart disease because of course were monitoring and regulating their play checkers. So again what's happening is heart disease getting worse blood pressure is getting worse and yet people are taking more medication so in an attempt to say cable this it's isn't working. What they're doing is instead of San maybe we should take a hold other approach now all is well let's lower the number again we can catch it earlier. So right now here we are in the 2015. Pluses diseases when this recommendation came out. That normal is now less than one tiny. And last an eighty's so you if you come into your medical doctor and AC 116 over 77 they'll say they always get it. But you pull once when he O'Grady they're gonna start saying you know what you might have hypertension you might need medication I need to control this. So the numbers change over time and who changes them the governing bodies that regulate health care in the United States okay. There's nothing necessarily wrong with this if you don't recognize it tapping teal. What are cholesterol in a back guy in the 191960s. To fifty would have been OKT seven. OK well. Yes and your cholesterol is a little high but hey your day your HDL your good cholesterol super high so that makes sense that's why it's hot today no all we care about a total cholesterol. If the numbers are off then Nam. Doesn't matter you know you can have a perfect ratio but if your cholesterol is 206. They're gonna just hammer you. As if there's something wrong with do you got to take this stat your kind of have a heart attack. Yet all of that research that's come out now saying they're not connected to hike tell heart disease your total cholesterol as a meaningless number. What's more important the ratios and how much could cholesterol do you have compared to your bad cholesterol. But today unfortunately. A lot of medical doctors still say now that you have to ten unions that you're gonna die. But the problem is this guy's 1950 to ten that would have been fine. Not no recommendations no prescriptions so the numbers are changing here's what's gonna scare you. Right now 2018. They're suggesting. Days' peace it be switched to 180. And again why why would they lower the requirements more. Hi labs more prescriptive drugs more money for big pharma and and everybody else right. So it sounds sick and twisted but as is the reality. If you Google search news do a little history here what was normal cholesterol medically on a lab in 1958. And it wasn't 200. Very similar thing in regards to liver enzymes blood sugars all the sort so what I wanna teach you to date is a concept that the reason all of your labs are high. Is primarily. So that you could take the medication. And if you guys don't believe me on this them you know how many patients I work with across the United States to say doctors by doctor trying to cram a drug dumb throw because it's numbers to elevate it. And then I look at it and I say no the numbers fine. And so we have to do is describe why is this happening. And what are the normal ranges for certain things you would be OK with. And this is where he gets tricky because it by start miscues. If I start at high blood pressure what you're gonna see is this you can. Have blood pressure is highest 130. And have a systolic diastolic difference 130 over 9135. Or 95 to still be okay. Because you have to remember that is based upon a graphics and is of rolling average so of an average person's normal blood pressures once when he radio. Then again who knows where that number came from it was a prescriptive number anything above this we know right drink anything below that we don't know what to do with just tell their okay. It means there's people that have higher and then that and their normal together still works. Can go over to FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Ernst Imus show you visual here on this side of your screen we have the people with low blood pressure but normal. And on this side of the screen we if people with high blood pressure but normal so what you see is a statistical trend to where they meet in the middle. The majority of people have blood pressure around once when he or Brady. But these people might have won 3140. And they're actually normal go get day a figure that out right. And these people over here have really low pressure but there are normal. So how do you know who you are we have to look at historical trends yet to be okay with the fact that there's a statistical spread. So you might be always elevated on your high blood pressure and they're always try to dumb pills down her throat but it could be normal for you. It's an assist them changing laps. The second reason everything is always elevated high blood pressure high cholesterol high sugars. Is the fact that you are deficient. In something you're missing something that you need. In order for regular healthy present it's called home Leo stay says it's the idea ready for this. That your body naturally knows how to regulate itself let me give an example of coming to states this. And why it's still important to you pay attention to the words I'm about to speak to you this is the answer. It gives high blood pressure cholesterol triglyceride sugars except try you fix this deficiency. And your body able turned back by itself. It's why I'm taking you out to eat next week if you're coming okay on the tenth of July. 6:30 PM at the boiling pots. There are right now only four seats left guys those for end of dinner is maxed out nobody can come until next month which is like five weeks away don't do that. If you wanna come to the dinner and learn how to comply. And put to T to use twenty CC de do the 7049062094. Pay food is included the conversation is free. They information those gonna change your life I'm gonna give you the number one deficiency today but geoghan had to see how you fix it. If you can't just swallow this thing I wish she could. Vitamin. Has been linked to big underlying cause of high blood pressure high cholesterol high trip I'd triglycerides high blood sugars. One vitamin causes all positions if you're deficient the problem is most of you go oh he gawker somebody gonna get up I vitamin. And I'm going to swallow it and now have better blood pressure. Or you'll say a party done that it didn't work its because most over the counter vitamin d.s or synthetic or man in May. And unfortunately now that we're starting to get into the philosophy of this do you think that the governing bodies know that they don't want real vitamin. You better believe it. Real vitamin. You can't buy this your body has to make yet. As to what I need to do is teach you why you're not currently making it because you should be making vitamin. That is blocking the issue so. Real quick. Vitamin. Most of hunter it's funny they don't test vitamin CBC he's due to. You ask for it now starts corpsman in their seats. The dead dead now you don't want that tested. And it's partly because they do have prescription for vitamin. But they kind of inherently don't want you to know that if he had super high vitamin. So watch out don't just run off to the various vitamins stores or health stores and by the vitamin. That's why the dinner is so important does that show you how to fix. You're healthy absorb things naturally then you heal by yourself. Looking right now guys is only three left 7049062094. My dinner seminar next week access to think Doubleday is on the tenth. 6:30 PM. You can also come to this massive event I'm doing on fixing hyper activity disorders. And yes that's part of eighty DNA ADHD to look. Hyper active blood pressure hyper active blood sugar hyper active class Charles. Things that are growing enlargements eccentric that's what we're conquering 121 same phone number 7049062094. Home just days this works like this can. When something goes missing in your body there's a compensation for that let me give you an analogy as if you were to go outside and it's freezing outside the case let's say it's like. Five degrees Fahrenheit you go outside. Your body's gonna be aware of the temperature it's got to recognize that if it doesn't do something to offset the coldness it's going to die. So you'll he yourself up noticed you elevate your temperatures. You elevate your movements your breeding increases. Your blood vessels titans they constrict if things become active. Your blood pressure goes up you actually cost drug goes up can you need to start making hormones to make your body work. And your temperature goes up it's like to get a small fever so do you become warm. And the governor Robert that. That's what's supposed to happen it's called hold me a static response something cold. You become hot on the cock you become cold your body always works in the antithesis now watch this high cholesterol what's the compensation why is the cholesterol going high. The number one deficiency in cholesterol elevation is vitamin. If your vitamin. You make cholesterol naturally your liver so what happens if you run outs of the ability to move it around sir rises co Q ten deficiency. It's the end designed it's required for the cholesterol enzymes to activate. So for you to convert your cholesterol into things he need co Q ten beat north cookie ten you can't convert because he regardless this. But a lot to teach you we have a commercial break coming up so here's our identities you guys I'm gonna give you the answer. To fix this stuff fast. Literally in just a couple weeks and I'm opening my call lines right now for the two events I'm posting this month cinema doctor are still like tenth. Our hyper active destroying seminar. 121 704. 90620947049062094. Gas are turned showed don't go anywhere will be right back. That's Saturday feels Joseph gas dug ourselves. It's shortstop said it sees dead beats everybody else rob Simon has sucked Karen Erickson what a great grace great show topic we have for today. Lots of conversation through FaceBook if you haven't gone over to our FaceBook live stream. The show is broadcasting via video seeking chicken on the studio you can see what we're doing you can comment you can Mikey can share its that's FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Ernst. That's where all our live streams are. We're also doing cutting in interesting today were talking about the idea of why are all of my labs always high. Why is it that my cholesterol time my sugars are hi my triglycerides or high in my white blood cells are hi all might enzymes are high. Why is it that 90% of the time things are elevated. And what do we do about this is are we okay every normal as a nothing wrong with the elevation to do we need to take a drug defects that could we do something more realistically. And I I've mentioned at the top of the hour. There's two reasons that there's elevations and it's sad because the first one is. The numbers are becoming harder to pull off normal because they're changing. They're being lowered slowly. Year after year after year year to year making it harder and harder feeder achieving normal blood work. And there's two reasons for that one America is so sick. That we're trying to make gates the weekend. Get people's numbers better source sand not an end it needs to be lower you need to have better health you need to be better which is true he should. But the problem is that it's also be lowered because if I get more high numbers on a lab then I can have justification to prescribe more. And thus we have more prescriptions and more people filling their monthly subscriptions. And I said subscription for a reason you do it month after month after month after month for the rest your life. We hit in America. Of the epidemic camera almost becomes that there are. We hit in America upwards into the neighborhood of 50%. Or more people. Taking a medication guys one drug half of Americans take one drug you might even be one of them. Almost no big deal doctor or I take this prescriptive thing because Michael my cholesterol high. Nine below shoot it's because something high right I'm taking these drugs could something high on my lap I got sucked into American medical model. Let's get it out of there it's K it's easy. Figure out what your deficiency is and find out if you actually have a normal lab that's been skewed because death. Powers to be watching it take their drugs. Again I gave some examples cholesterol used to be normally over 250 no problems at all today you gotta have less than a 199. If you have 200 they say it's high. And you'll be put on a drug to a six still high to ten and still high there's no room for error with. Medicine it's got to be 199 or less and in fact by 2019 I guarantee is going to be 180 year alas they're making the numbers lower. High blood pressure hate used to be okay if you're in the 130s no problem now duke not at all you gotta be under 120. So they've changed numbers. To enable you to beat prescribed medications and that's the tragedy of today so you might actually have a normal lap. There's nothing wrong with few but it's been skewed view taken medication or number two you might not have a normal lab and I actually really be truly elevated. And it's because of the deficiency not a prescriptive medications. But usually in court nutritional needs and then number wine. Most miss diagnosed cost. Of your elevation on your labs is low vitamin. And I'm gonna hammer this until it bleeds vitamin. And it regulates all the of the metabolic processes and your body. There is scientific research that shows low vitamin. Behind high cholesterol but high blood sugar behind elevated liver enzymes behind whatever you want that high. Yet. Most people who get their standard he had just left my doctor's office I had my physical nice here labs area where's your vitamin. How where's your vitamin. Here's the tragedy guys. When something's supposed to be high and your normal like high vitamin. So bear normal. Is thirty if you are above thirty dike you're good to go you have a car IU of vitamin 35 you're good to go here great you're white or much to be. And they want you there because that's really really really low this week to vote no they just did there. Lou vitamin DOK so you want your vitamin. To be be the to a hundred. And what's weird is goat they got a lab for your medical doctor you'll see this spread is 3200. Stuff like that's a lot of different guys. Thirty to sixty know sixty to a hundred yet yet they did three times sometimes two times sometimes to get to the normal. I promise you you get your vitamin. But it's still gonna be high accorded them as they want statin drug that's the tricky guys did he got to know the real numbers. Self. What do we do about this UK real cholesterol numbers in my world about 22225. Is okay as long as your relationship of your good cholesterol to bad cholesterol to drink with strides is in the normal range here's the other thing right high triglycerides is becoming this new issue most people have elevated cholesterol elevated triglycerides elevated sugars elevated blood pressures. That's called metabolic syndrome by the way to metabolism disorder. Why low vitamin. The that are causing elevations again I just went and pulled some basic research and read this to you if you don't have enough for the following the you'll have elevated labs. Oxygen I mean it makes sense doesn't it you gotta breathe in order to have good blood flow but we oxygen levels go down your blood pressure goes up to compensate. Have you been tested for oxygen do you know your percentage saturation do you know if you have. An issue where you're being. Do you smoke that's one big one. Do you have heavy metal toxicity Geoff high blood sugars blocking their ability for oxygen to land on the show on the up red blood cell. This is gonna shock Q. Mineral based salts that are deficient salt deficiency mineral salt not table salts can cause an elevation of blood pressure. Low vitamin. You might actually be normal. With the elevation remember when I'm cold when it's cold outside it's normal for my body search shivering. For me to start chattering my teeth of me to start to raise my temperature that's normal. To another Robert that. So maybe your blood pressure is normal. At high because you're deficient. In nutrients and this is the key though I'm trying to teach all of you guys there's always a deficiency. If something on your lab is high. So blood pressure oxygen salt the right kind assault mineral salt vitamin. Magnesium copper cookie tent because there's a massive list and I still have time that's I love I got to know Holman a segment. To go through water the deficiencies. Write this stuff down. Pay attention becoming a doctor you can do it. If your feeling overwhelmed I get it that's why host a dinner with white host a seminar right now guys there's only one left minutes could be gone the moment I say this phone number. 704906. 2094. That's admission to my dinner next Tuesday night the tenth at 6:30 PM. And I have my seminar where I'm renting out the hotel and invite you to come it's when he first 11 AM 0704906209. Port yes I turn choked. The best is yet to come don't go anywhere will write down. Well what a great Saturday and noses Yasser turn self cameos that's mariners it's sort pals are said diseases dead in his district health problems. Especially with our talking about today did you know you can conquer your own health if you have had elevated labs to give a high triglycerides high blood pressure. What else high liver enzymes high blood sugar high blood pressure orders for the one you name it irrigate its annual works he always going your doctor huge tester and they go well. I got the news for you of this is elevated that's elevated that's elevated that's elevated we have drugs for all of them you're gonna lead today with four for the once you take this for this and that that this that not this. And before you know it like doc hey is there another way I can do this well if you if you could change your diet you could lose weight you might be able to do it so. Go try that and let's see what happens ever notice how all the medication ads say when diet and exercise fails. Then you got our drug. No no it's Cuba at them let's just be truthful business staying real quick diet and exercise never fail. You've failed. And therefore you don't get the results and that's when they say when diet and exercise fail. I have never met someone who literally committed to a six month regiment of working out every single day that didn't get good results. I've never met someone who said I'm gonna stop eating crap. Carbonated beverages refined sugars artificial processed anything's. And processed foods box who died in CR eight PGA Dick crap. If I stop eating crap and I eat real food and it worked out you have pretty much a 100% guarantee that things will get better. I promise you name it heal completely because there's a third step to total health transformation. Which is released senior toxicity and releasing your neurological interference is. But I promise you die next size never fail you fail. At committing to doing them long enough which need to have happen. I'm working with the current diabetic committee keep this compliant because you're not know who he is or where he's from or anything like that. In fact I say he and it could be she could be seen its heat. I'm working Wasilla has diabetes and it's funny because they started doing really well about two weeks they're sugars started going down their key to restarting going up kick started losing weight 1015 pounds. And then all of a sudden they hit this putt tell all their number started going back up and I told him I'm like you must have done something there's no way this ever happens. And they said well it was my anniversary. And I had dinner. For a special dinner and I ate Mac green cheese at two pieces CK compiled everything else and Mike did you not see that that was the cause so we did diet always works. You failed to stick with it because you let an excuse you and your brain like well it's my anniversary so I wanna eat the way I used to eat. Listen if you have a disease is trying to get rid of the year anniversary is meaningless to your health. I hope you guys are okay if I say that's. It's important as far as a milestone in your life but your health cares nothing. About your birthday or anniversary. Christmas New Year's fourth of July except trip just because you let a day. Makes you change your commitments that's called failure. If you stated Niemi go ninety days regardless of what it is and I'm not gonna quit that's commitment. Failure is well in 990 days it was my birthday so I gave up for three days then mark deli guys. That was totally off topic but felt like somebody need to hear that. That. OK so if you're just joining us I got ten minutes Ted release the hounds can show you how to fix this. If you're wondering why am I tough being like this. It's because I'm in the midst of doing a heavy metal clans. With a lymphatic detox at the same time and had some of my test comebacks in and you didn't do that has on heard Jeanne. Crap. From my body. I have always been healthy the whole life I wasn't so I was in my mid twenties they got exposed to functional medicine compared to care acupuncture meditation yoga Pilates all those fun things that I deal. So for Tony years ahead sickness developing incited me and I had to take the responsibility to go after it. And yeah I'm still dealing with twenty years' worth of crap being in my body so it still comes out. So pardon the occasional. As like Clement threw it to try and teach you how to do I'm now doing. Why airmen labs always high. Why is it that cholesterol is always change numbers and am always been told I need to take this drug. Why are my liver enzymes going up why is everything elevating mark my triglycerides high. There was no talk about triglycerides discriminate because did you know that the pharmaceutical companies are going we really needed drugs that brings down triglycerides. There hasn't really been one for years. We have high blood pressure high cholesterol high blood sugars. You name it we got a lot of let's bring these numbers down drug's. But high triglycerides are becoming a problem for a lot of people. Basically in translation if you have a high triglycerides. Yeah a lot of fat in your blood that's not a good thing we don't want a lot of fat their blood because he gets stuck inclined to turn areas so the real question becomes why would we have. Elevated triglycerides. So let me teach you something and number one they're gonna change in numbers they're gonna get harder for you to have normal triglycerides why. Look at this. They have a brand new drug can you see this summer screen a brand new drug just came out stand take this pharmaceutical. Grade fish oil. And we're gonna fix your triglycerides. So watch out triglyceride numbers are gonna start coming down sin only because this is just released in 2017. Here's the thing though and this is what's so crazy about this. They are telling you that a deficiency in Omega three. Fatty acids is what causes high triglycerides. So what they've done they've made a pharmaceutical grade. Hill that synthetic fish oil because they're saying we are not the eating writes so we're gonna make a pill that makes you have the correct oils and you'll see your triglycerides come down. It just goes show how sick this says they're starting to take vitamins and make him into prescriptions is starting to sable how we gonna get people to take this drug. Let's lower than normal triglycerides let's teach all the doctors. That this vast gap power Harry pronounce it this pure EPA synthetic fish oil pill can see it. This synthetic fish oil pills gonna solve everyone's problems so we're a change in numbers ramming or may have had trigger this right order prescribed to millions of this thing through to make a ton of money. I had just go get regular Omega fish oils I mean come on like how hard is that. Okay elevated triglycerides are almost always because you have attract fact. Of the elevated blood sugar blood pressure and cholesterol. Which is called metabolic syndrome what is the real deficiency inside of this you don't have enough oxygen your body. What causes lack of oxygen out calls smoking cigarettes except trek you know breathing in toxic fumes forward head posture. Where instead of having your knack for sale like gathering this. Like this where your ears over your shoulder you talk instead like this through your heads in front he city it changes my voice I'm talking like this and now all of this and I talk like that. And that is not meet changing anything other than the fact that my neck is being strained my voice box is changing because actually hear it. While. It changes the tone and it shortens the amount of oxygen you get in by 30%. For every one inch forward you are so. Low vitamin. And I have someone messes me on FaceBook doctors this incredible I actually have three of these elevated thank you so much for telling me this this the vitamins I need to take a flute and watch out. Most people who have these elevated numbers. Have an underlying issue with their digested system where you can absorb the nutrients which is why you're deficient in the first place. Okay I'm gonna take a real deep breath and pray to god you guys understand this. You shouldn't. Be deficient. In any nutrients. Because your body has the ability to absorb them naturally or create them by itself. So of your calcium is low. It's not that you need to take a calcium pill. Because you're currently deficient in the first place because you can't absorb it from your foods. So abuse swallow vitamins are calcium supplement can you absorb it. No. So you're basically gonna pass them straight through the toilets a waste of money and you go like this. Our president is not the doctor on WBT instead I was deficient all these vitamins that's why my pressure's off. I took everything he's steady nothing changed skied a quack. I'm gonna give them a negative reviewed. Don't don't no no no don't do that. You're not listening to me. You have the deficiency currently. Because of an underlying health issue. And taking the vitamin. Do guys get it. You have the deficiency. Currently that's not letting you may or absorb them from your foods I guarantee your eating foods that have these vitamins in them. Or possibly you're not looking good kind of person who wakes up and says hey bodes angles is on the way on stopping for breakfast and then on so rushed him to go to McDonald's for lunch. And I don't have any food at home so messed up I can't see yet your vitamin deficient I will agree that may be taken some vitamins help you. But that type of diet has destroyed your digestive system which is Jorge your ability to absorb these nutrients which is just the underlying cause. The deficiency. Is president. Because of the inefficiency. Of your body to take care of itself then a sense you guys. In my world you shouldn't have to take copper magnesium co Q ten is you would have enough a bit. Either by self creation or because your diet is so phenomenal. You absorb it naturally. But you have to have a good working digestive system yet to have a clean lymphatic system why oh why am I doodle emphatic detox. Because my lymph system is clogged and congested because it just does that. Cape you don't clean out the filters in your air conditioning or the filter in your car it gets clogged and congested. That leads to more viruses hanging around in my body that weakens my immune system that makes me get more viruses get more sickness no aside burned through my vitamins to try to heal myself thus I become vitamin deficient. While us fast doesn't it. Steve got to know why. You are the way you are if you don't. They'll tell you know just take this do we find this to lower your club triglycerides right crest toward lower your cholesterol the senate drilled lowers your blood pressure. But no that's not for yet it's the central for blood pressure he seems like they have so many drugs for so many things because they don't want you know you could truly fix yourself look a camera try to land this beast sixteen plane hit. And I said that because vitamin B has sixteen different kind of vitamins and different. If you took. OK ready here ago. High blood pressure high cholesterol. High triglycerides high liver enzymes high blood sugar are because of two things one you are deficient in something. Do you need to get the right kind of test yes stopped getting steed BC's complete blood counts they're basically meaningless. You need to have functional labs run. By a functional practitioner who knows the real normal sister but I do for a living if you're listening to mean you're like had I I'd like to do that. Asked doc turned dot com click on the request to consult. You and I'll have a free fifteen minute phone call just so we can find out how long is this thing going on what's going on how do you been tested for this not show you how to do it. As I can save you a ton a time and money on labs because I have discounts on being able to run the right laps to. Come to my dinner seminar actually nope sorry that's sold out come to my. Conquering hyperactivity disorders. It's not just for eighty 88 steal our stuff it's for high activity right high cholesterol high triglycerides high this hide that. That's that seven afford 9062094704. Nines or sixties are tied for eighth in two weeks the 21 11 AM. At the Holiday Inn express here in Charlotte. And I see the phones are ringing now so that's great you guys are Robin missed we want low blood pressure and low triglycerides low cholesterol. He can be normal without having to have collapsed to to a high. As I wrap of this segment I have some sweet things for you guys in the four minutes of fun with gas dock turns so it's got a head over to FaceBook dot com right now slash asp dot turned to see guys there LC next week as we continue to journey for you become urine doctor thanks so much to see you next week.