Why Do You Need An Attorney At Closing

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Saturday, June 16th
Amber Holt from the Costner Law Firm joins Paul to discuss the importance of an attorney at closing and answer listener real estate questions.

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Advice provided on the. The following program is on an individual basis as they should not consider today's discussion as a recommendation for. Many investment NG carefully evaluate before investing. This is your real estate today. Who's talking 1110 WB TV. Hello and welcome to the show you real estate today is old Jamison your host. From the Jamison family of companies. Putt. Today it's all about your realistic and anything having to do that we're here to talk about it so. We want you to enjoy it I'm here are my good friend and colleague Amber Holt. With the cost her off firm welcome back hammer thank you Paul happy to be here yeah so glad to have you and very thankful. That we've got this time to share information together in probably answer some questions for folks if they're like sound like a plant Mariah. Your old hand at this now. The fifth but I have. Well we're glad that you where this regard Jesse on the board today he is here if you call it he will be here to take your phone calls and help you get to so that we can answer whatever questions you have so let me explain you what happens if your first time listener. OK so you call 7045701110. Here it is again 7045701110. If you have a question about realistic you've got a real estate legal question. If you've got something that you wanna talk about related to a rental property buying or selling a home renovations. Mortgage. And I am I can't quote this particular rates but I can at least steer you in the right direction when it comes to mortgage. If you have a question in regards to investment property. Land. HO ways neighbors whatever you wanna talk about. Having to do it your home that's why are here. So. That's why you should call 70457. Elevens and failing that pretty much as. Don't forget art so let me just begin the show little bit by the numbers. And see if any of this make you jump up and girls who hit okay. Affordability. Affordability meaning someone's ability to play pay forward to build it. We're seeing a real pitcher in this area Mo would heels. Who need it. Entry level pricing and I didn't meet the demand. Of upward pressure. On entry level homes. 20 inventory is pushing prices upward causing issues with the ability. For them. To be able to afford it and to compete. Let me give you an example. About. Two months ago Willis at a home. Over the concorde kidnapped or Syria. For a 139000. Dollars. Can. We got eleven offers. On their home within 24 hours we had 85 people that showed up at the open house. And they are first averaged. In the mid 150s. We turn. The other thing is that there has been there real. Just taste. By sellers. For buyers that come to the table when it FHA loan. I'm not going to go into the full extent of what an FHA loan is however. An FHA loan requires a minimum amount. Down. As does a VA which requires nothing down. But the inspection process. The appraisal process. Is. Cumbersome and fast. And hassle. And sellers in this market are saying you know what I got 10 other offers why am I gonna put myself through that. Example. Let's say. If they go under contract for that house at 139 that went up to 156 and praises at 145. Well there was somebody willing to pay 156. But according to the FHA guidelines. They. Are able to get their money back. If that home is not a praise. At the asking price. And on top of it that appraisal. If anyone else supplies with a FHA sticks to that house for the next I believe six months. So. And that's FHA not convention. You can. GA. Is also extremely difficult because I think it puts me appraisers and a difficult position where they have to not only be appraisers they have to be inspectors. And they put forth minimum guidelines. And knack I calm inspectors. And even with an FHA loan. For example if there is a rip on the carpet. Horror. And not the right kind of store wells or something is not to conclude that the appraiser notices. Then the burden is now on the cellar. That she has to make those necessary repairs and refer to close. And the burden on the buyer is they have to pay for that appraiser to go back out a second time. Can a person property. And make sure those changes have been made. Contact. So millennial as you gonna have a tough time. And I she got some dope. That's how that breaks down what a bouquet. Cash. Related to that. A lot of people think that they deserve a discount because they're bringing cash. Friends. Let me tell you the benefit of cash. Cash means less paperwork. Yes the men have McCain and Dodd-Frank be gone. Right to a so certain extent. It means no appraisal. But you know there are loans out there right now. As a matter of fact summit funding has one where there are appraisal waivers. You're not. The ruler of the transaction because you bring cash. Anymore. You're nice. We like you were simpler. But don't think because you bring cash and you deserve a discount and B. You deserve a disconnect. You're not going to jail. For her the okay. All right. These the last thing I wanna talk about related to that is. Where you were found. When you're advertising your property matters. Of course if you're targeting O'Neal's. The faster you can get on there digital device. Then easier it's going to be for them to find you. However. For a guy who spent the last 27 years owning and running not last 27 but prior to real estate. Running and owning an advertising agency. You've got to go. To the table in my grandmother's house if you go eat so you gotta go where the audience is if you wanna be safe. If you're targeting. The next phase out for millennia old baby boomers are seniors or. That trainer says they commerce and generation what does that generation Z you're in an actress I get them all mixed up the how okay well I know is I amended bill I'm moving towards the geriatric phase where connect. The silver generation won't usually onions out iron watch it there mr. red and her okay itself. You gotta go where there are so think about where they are gonna come from. Her home watching TV now. The thought a couple. Go to mailbox. Knocked on the door and do open houses yes. That's my last point. For those who did it say open houses don't work but Loney to you I say they do work we have sold a lot of homes. Aren't very quickly by the numbers apartment growth from 2016 to 2017 brought 9600. Units to our area. 2017 to 2018 brought 111674. Units to our area. What's on the card for Tony eighteen to 2019121674. Units. With a vacancy rate nationwide. Statistically not even in Charlotte of a difference of less than 400 units. Apartments. Are invoking and it's all because of that ams. I don't think there's many millennial solicit and my show there might be. Here's one right here well that's modern zoo did pay you right here I don't have a panic over a fast food for Philly and our rights have to cook do. 56 listeners are millennial offense still only 13 again on my wife's my wife's list and she's not a morning. She looks like one which you know contract. Are so I was reading some national trends that say where rents are going down how Charlotte's got a lot. Reynold potential is huge that is. Apartments are growing and coming in as you saw from the previous that stat 121674. Units but remember. Eventually. They all wanna be. And a home statistically. They show that two thirds of millennial eventually see themselves. In a home that would be two thirds self. If you're in that that's great if you're not do you do then. You know I would just figured out still showed your real estate today Paul Jamison. What to Jamison family of companies Jamison realty Jamison property investments and Jamison property management here we've never hoped would cost a law. Jesse on the board the show your real estate today here 1110993. WBT stay what to welcome back. Real estate country. Where. Pick an angry women. And Jews and then no illusion is what you'll find. There's no better. That's and then you can tell I'm sure. Paul answer your native and I never met a survey says this survey says no. Hey it's the show euros that today thanks for coming back with a simple Jamison your host. From Jamison family of companies. Jamison realty Jamison property investments Jamison property management here whatever hope from cost or law firm. We are here live from the WB two studios to answer any and all real estate questions you may have and if you don't call 'cause you. Don't wanna contribute. Then. That's fine but if you do wanna contributor you have a question 7045701110. Part amber and I are gonna. Take a subject head on. Mergers don't do. So stay with us here we've got a lot of things to talk about today and somewhere along in the show today we're gonna have some rapid fire questions for missing amber that she. His prepared for a and I'm gonna continue to talk a little bit about investment property and other discussion points around the stock market. Send how to fill out how it changes and in co habit takes with a real estate. 70457. Know 1110 if you wanna. Can involved or have questions and our conversation. Right. Amber. Should the past and number of pets. Beyond. But leaks so first had just won it my disclaimer here that I have three dogs mound I love pets. But if you're renting your property you should include. Both the number of pets in the type of pets. And potentially even gender whatever. So that way if they do have a different pet the spared you would have acclaim for breach of contract if another pet what that was unauthorized payment if it's not mentioned. Revenue can do about. It right so if they decide to do no longer caller pat scruffy and goes through a name change and becomes Buffy. Cut and another Xenia hotel and casino there and name a name or can I think just the type. I've been down there. We actually do have leases with some put names and and to put it's pretty fun. I guess we should do pictures like you know portfolio pictures you drive a driver's license apparent picture okay. Should add to that pet and number of pats me on the leash yes yes OK yes so. This happens all the time. All of a sudden. You go in and were doing an inspection. And lo and behold. They have decided. Is that a dog needs to be added to their family. And didn't have a dog. And we didn't know they had a dog and waiting to get the owners landlords permission for them to have a bill. Can we evict. If the contract said that our parents pets are not allowed. And the pet was an opera are authorized. Him but you might have a simpler solution I mean honestly it's probably sooner they can get worked out as long as if the contract order choir feet. It's probably some vacant at Google Saturday. Yeah. You know I think the biggest challenge that we have faced. Have been and we have a policy. Where of course the landlord can say no pets. And all of a sudden the family gets and then. There's an. Adult it becomes a part of their friendly. We find in an inspection and there's a clause in there that says you've they've got 24 hours to remedy this situation who. But a lot of times. We also have breathed restrictions remain tight. Pit. German shepherd. Robbie. Doberman. Tanned and therefore not just for. Policy reasons but I insurance rates that your income. And I think. Me and the largest and most interesting challenge we faced and that is faced they say that the dog breeders say terrier. Because whenever they say it's a terrier. Almost 80% of the time you know what it is. Such a supporter no choice but but but but at the ticker at that a lot of them have so warlike. Can send us a picture. But I am hip pointer. And so can you refuse surrender. Perfect for pat there and it fits in your contract. I mean if it's in your contract and you don't want cuts you know it's gonna get a sense of that but service animal though some I throw her daughter nine has more legitimate service animal. Okay. So. If they've got a service animal and they say it is a sermons the service animal. What can you do. So there's two questions of the ABA lets you ask her kids is this a service are required because of a disability and what does that train to aid to mitigate that disability. You can't ask about the disability but you can ask those two questions. As an owner. Okay. So what if they say. That the it was a dog is there to make me happy. So the ABA covers that they say on their website that animals whose sole function is to provide emotional support comfort therapy companionship therapeutic benefits urge for that emotional wellbeing are not service. Annual didn't say when he and some states there they do broaden that a little bit in certain states but that is that is when it's from the website. Okay parent so. Just because it has the little. Very little. Jacket on that good so service animal doesn't especially mean it is one. Not necessarily. And there may be down so you ask me those two questions and protracted and at performance for farms are a function to mitigate the disability than okay. It's so if a dog can roll over and played there and it makes a lot of that is not considered. They. To risk don't connect all right. What about all the people that bring their pets Intel the department stores restaurants. I'm surprised if places where she. Them animals. Yeah I mean honestly right in even as I was telling you North Carolina has adopted the 88 definition that I was reading earlier. But it. It does say in the air for North Carolina that if there's an animal that's you know urinating somewhere in the property or they're misbehaving and her acting aggressively. That you could ask that dog to leave because there are certain. Parameters or requirements that. Are part of terrorist arms not to their certain expectations that the dog is not going to be disruptive to the other. Get a picture in my home Town Car. Jeff I agree that so they're the only and last thing I'll put forth. Is can they do little law does not just specified talks correct that's correct. So. Mean. Ponies. Don't perform a function. And lizards. Could perform a function and podcasts that perform a function to mitigated the belly button. Serviceman you know the interesting question that if someone had won those little ponies. We're being you what if what if what about a nature away in the and there are rules and who wins. Oh yeah when I get into that the remember that I would you entertain a method like complicating the issue though she's given me the really looked at it look right now. So leave them alone to protect this. We are concerned. Would prefer I. All right so. Disposition of the security deposit this is one of the most. Volatile. Areas of the investment property business and I just want to share with you won't. There are very specific rules and guidelines that go along with the disposition. Other security deposit first of all. If you move out of a piece of property the inspection is done not when you're there it's done when you're not there. So the review of the property we have what's called a movie in checklist when you move them. We give you three days to bring back the checklist marking any blemishes holes stains issues. Faults changes hot dogs pizza spaghetti whatever about the piece of property. If you don't return it that means the property is perfect if you return it and market is reviewed and silent we got to go to break. Okay. We got thirty seconds okay so. If that comes back and you move out and there is damage to the property. We're gonna talk about. It sounds like. But that's security deposit is not automatically. Fully refunded. With some exceptions and we're gonna tell you what those exceptions are when we come back. So we're gonna continue talking a little bit about. Security deposits and then we're gonna go to amber. And ask. The questions. Everybody wants to know from our real estate attorney stay where this will be right back to show your real estate today here on news 11101990. WB two. Welcome welcome back Jesse starts dancing you know get off the table c'mon deductibles or did you just say it could help us. Welcome back in the sugar is that today we're live from the WBD studios down here beautiful downtown Charlotte wherever your listing wherever you are thank you for being out there we're glad to have your ears today. This is the show your real estate today ample Jamison your post. Jamison realty Jamison property investments Jamison property management here with the one the only miss Amber Holt. With cholesterol firm I said that in one breath I did that legion post forgive him. Art show. How we are alive this is a show about real estate anything having to do with a talk about it B whether it know it get when it and change it. If you wanna casket. We're alive we're here. Otherwise we've got a lot to do and talk about 704570111070457. Or eleven to and you call just remember if you're thinking it. It probably helps somebody Bashir and 704571110. Don't be scared that's OK art so. Amber. There are some things I did some research over the weekend. And what I found is probably there's 500 shows worth of these questions so here you have job security tomorrow RA. Our round how. Real estate questions that people have always wanted to ask a real estate attorney. Some of these require I'm sure details above and beyond what we could ever ask. But there are some great questions here and crept the first. Party last day and a heart thank you pay that in at least I didn't do all over the microphone like gonna start. All right true isn't the seller. Liable. If issues arise with the home that was sold that they were not aware. So the short answer is no. Although let me tell you are having a little technical here for a second okay we're gonna technical propriety and see just sat in Thailand North Carolina here are so that NC gen stat 47. A seller transferring residential real say property shall disclose in writing to the buyer agents sub agent as applicable. All material defects of the property that are known at the time the property is offered for sale price that's known defects. Right so. Earlier today on the show not to share the specifics but to share DV fame. The question was about the seller but. It also includes a real estate agent let's say for example I am walking around my house and I see. Something that is classified as immaterial factor material fact means something that adversely affects the value of the property agree correct okay. Let's say for example I walk around the house and I see something. That adversely affects the value of the property. It is not just a seller's. Obligation to disclose it is also the realtors. As an agent for the sign that's correct you know that you tell. And there have been situations. Where I have noticed something and I've asked the seller. And the seller says I don't want you to tell about your under confidential agreement with me. And you have signed this listing agreement and in that is gonna hurt myself. And I said. I quit. Because I'm not going Iraq. If I see it I say sir and I'm not going to put that summer or myself. At risk primarily absolutely and it and it's a serious stuff folks. This is this question and the reason it's first it's because it's one of the most. It's difficult questions. That you can face in the transaction. Coming up and it's one you never wanna have come back just remember when you place your head on the pillow. Do you sleeper doing enough sleep it would make me. Crazy. Sir so I love this question and if you see it you say it and if it's a material fact now. If you see a sheet rock tape. That is offered cosmetic issue or a small terror in the carpet does that adversely affect the value of the property. Mature we know it does not. It's cosmetic. Not. Mature refractive does cover for truck. Next question. Do I have to pay unpaid property taxes owed by the seller. So loses some never really you should be testing as a closing attorney right and we would be catching us and then discovering that there is unpaid taxes. That's gonna go end to the settlement statement being paid by the seller for so we're gonna catch that before it gets to the closing. Okay. Unfortunately. Not everybody understands the reason why you would want to use a closing attorney that's one you know and blenders netting that a run and then. You know they need title insurance. Question. You know also kind of comes forward not just. An unpaid property tax liability but also potentially. A lean your coats surfaces are valid only I guess I should site. Sir yeah so. If they did not used an attorney and those property taxes were in arrears and they were not discovered or settled I would assume that those taxes travel with the property correct. They dish intern. She's. Use a closing attorney folks who could grow much. Why in the world merger would not do it and you know title insurance to. You know that's that is one of the biggest. Ones that I I Sheen happened it happened last month. You're. In the title search. The attorney not cost no law firm missed. I'm going to remember talking to Josh about this season and she can they they threaten foreclosure. On the guy's home. Brown's title insurance came forward and covered. While. So. Thankful to see that okay. What are my options on removing my name from a mortgage this happens typically in the domestic separation. Yes so I mean you can refinance and get your name taken off some more instruments so that basically didn't hit the news Rio refinance mortgages gonna have the other spouses that. Write your payments apparent separation. Yeah and a lot of times so if the other person cannot qualify on their own the banks not gonna refinement. And you're there. And as I've heard it happened multiple times when they believe there's a separation agreement and they divide the property. The bank is gonna keep your name they don't care whether you're together or not an anecdote. So domestically you are still there. Certain. Parts. Who can only get your name off the error. I had to celebrate her pay it off and turn us CNN later not to be cheeky that a scandal I pay off it is it is. And I remember from years and years ago having to close in more than happened so. What are the options. Considered. It's as your my finance and are both on the title of the home but I'm only the only one on the mortgage who has the move. So in both parties are on the title they have they both have a legal right to that so regardless of who's paying the mortgage if your both from the time you both have a legal right to that property. So. You might wanna get an agreement. Right outside of that it's gonna protect your rights in the event of a dissolution of that relationship so something that defiance what happens in the event. If the relationship it's because you both have rights. For the title you're both on title. So the object is. If you're not on the mortgage and make sure you get on the title. But I guts of OK you know this comes up a lot too so this is a question that's not on my questions. But. Talk this this we hear a lot of times on Lisa's son throwing you one that's not on their intent. On the leases sometimes we have roommates two or three that are on all of lease. And one decides to move out. And there's two left it sounds like a childhood story right include new moon roof then removed Lou include moved. Tomato dog around for us or go there. Had performed a function so a had a little pony so different. So anyway they move out. And then there we go they the two roommates move up the third person been gone for a long time. And all of a sudden there's damage to the house. We go to all already and elect a congress person says. I wasn't live in their armor doubt a year ago. Well guess hooked me on a contract and which means. You're still viable. Mean thank you very much. I mean that's the thing when you're in in we tell them all the time if somebody moves out. OK either we have to approve the change of police. And you can't just. There's like we talked about the dog earlier you can't replace Buffy for scruffy. You've got to if you if John and Tom and Steve are live in there and Steve moves out you can't bring in Alex. She has to be approved and the least test to be revised. Yes sure there have sort of just semantics everybody great they're kick everybody's brain clarity is power right courteous power. She's only on our couch for lack to 82 September it's two weeks in a day she has to be on the lease. It Ned it that that is another point by this it's funny I know you guys know that story word for word you have friends went through it yet two days two weeks. Is the maximum limitation. You know if you're married your mother and hall wants comes stay. You can at least teller to go home after two weeks otherwise she's gotta start head wrapped. Up epithet at. If you wanna comment on that. Call after the show's over. Please who just he'll take your call at seven or 4570. Haven't been and you can tell him all about it. Here's one for you out there armada you know oh by the way happy Father's Day to all you dads out there yeah absolutely yeah. So yeah and protect. All right here comes the big one. The Warren the only after the break we're going to talk about. Adverse possession this is not. You have thirty seconds to define it and when we come back what is it. A pair it now it's like at third round Tonys for now Ari. So we've got open victorious use hostile use exclusive use continuous use. For the statutory period. That's not bad and that's complex but the but the compassion. That's like schizophrenic position OK to show you real estate that there will be right back stand witness Amber Holt Paul Jamison. 11109 and three WET welcome back. It was Charlotte region to the show you real estate today told him listen your coach here with Amber Holt constant law firm. We are talking about real estate and we're going through a series of questions. And we do have. Never lay on the phone. We were thinking we'd probably get a question about the service animal playing 70457. Now in 1110. Beverly we're gonna just jump on your question really quickly thanking him for. I'm asking is if you have eight. The war at home agreement wet I ran and it says no pets I laugh out. And during that time of elite someone in the family began its disabled and is a need or want the service animal. Do you have to allow the service and more can you don't think I'm sorry that the agreement is no pets allowed. How does that how does that illegally war. So you're gonna wanna disclose that to New York who's renting CU but I mean if you have a service animal one that meets those two requirements that we talked about earlier. Then I mean you have a serves him right you remember what it was really sore. No I'm someone that would be Rampage. To you renting empty she's a landlord. Yes so they have a third of animal and I have to allow. So have you asked those two questions about is this the czarist are required because of disability and was it trained to do. To do to admitted mitigate that disability what was it trained to do have you asked those two questions. No it hasn't happened yet understanding what the law is how. It get a laugh out we have to allow somebody if they actually have a legal services and will come in to play after they rented from a thing killing animals a laugh. You apps are already has yeah I actually do so the American disabilities act he absolutely did because that there's a need their rights of if it's a service animals were right need to. To someone who has a disability you do and you can't ask about the admissibility it's only those two questions that that it legally you would be able to ask. I understand that then that they. Are allowed to have said German shepherd for the disability and maybe damage the place. I mean that unleashed takes over at black sure so you would then have other provisions in your in your lease agreement that would basically get to what happens if damages occurred. Okay thanks at this with Kerry effect comes up how it illegally handled. You have Beverly absolutely Collison custom officer he had any any additional questions or comes up right thank you are literally take care good to hear from him. But that by now. Right that was a good question who is 70457. Know 1110. And the way Jesse's acting today. Who needs. Who needs and don't moan moan into the terms of smoker. We don't know their checking FaceBook. Generally. Where you are now do follow art borrower can hurt from Spokane from FaceBook actor who. Looked okay. All right. Adverse possession amber Kenya boil it down for me the second grader. RA so. These technical others and I gave you earlier it's. It's it's pretty suffix plans through it and want to run to folks are start graphic okay go ahead. It was it was a little bit quick but yes and open and notorious is obviously just means and it's visible. Right OK you're using it openly and notoriously. It's visible to anyone who are you would look but and go by so basically if the owner comes out there and does his annual newspaper check right stands in front of a newspaper with the the day is Dayton takes a pictures say that. He was there to make sure that twenty years doesn't occur in North Carolina. If that happens then essentially that's what. You you're trying to make sure the desire for the adverse possession is that I wasn't open into notorious and he can go and see that you were. Using that property the hot style used to I was telling you about earlier in the elements. I know it sounds like something crazy right like yeah it's and I went out a shot that's not it I'm like taken airline and the power on her husband. All it means is you don't have permission to be there right right so cost I'll just means that you don't have permission the owner did not give you permission to utilize that. Like example I used at the break with a guy moves in his benches and stuff onto the country club's property. OK it is kind of taken over. Right. And then exclusive use though not you Clinton people are using this property that you are using has property rights have not UN and basically ten other people are using it the same model and in the same way you vote continue to harm harming on AM yeah. And then not cuts in the coming up I'm just gonna keep out and I'm like you were on our Kara. We love pumping at. And then they continuous use a continuous for the statutory period so in the North Carolina that's twenty years okay. It varies by state so it's not the same in every state how can I hear and then there is one exception to that statutory period. That is color title in color tile just means that you had some type of documentation. That made you believe that you are entitled to the property but you didn't have good title so that we'll drop that twenty years down the seventh. That's weird your legal definition in a nutshell. So. Those all of those types basically means. That under adverse possession. What what all that really talks about is. Acquiring land that does not only award that wasn't yours that became yours on the back nine meeting on those elements okay. While Duncan that's. Does that happen often. I mean it happens I would say it happens often it happens it usually happens a little bit more rural areas right where someone's. Many farmed a little bit further and are taking care of some property that's. Wasn't theirs but their neighbor's name is right so it it happens. But you know and if your neighbor asked you to take care right that you might not have got hot you Matt might need to hostile. As governments Raza again that's got to be you can't have permission to be there it's going to be some Mayhew. Essentially started using the property and a good way to get around that is if you're like I said earlier your property owner in mr. property go out there with a newspaper in the date on the air take a picture of it. They've got to show that they've been there for twenty years and if you've been there and there was no. Fans there was no partition there was nothing showing that they are utilizing their properties and you've got proof of that twenty years couldn't be that so every year take the paper up there and thank you picture yourself. They can offer herself FaceBook a competitive. Okay. Deposit. No actually got like a minute story is to put earnest money ever refunded deposits and earns money ever refunded I don't know the answer and should you personally you. Cheers so if a party breaches the END goes to the non breaching three so you look to the contract to see what constitutes that breach or termination. And then at the sale goes through course that causes applied the purchase price so that they'll be reflected in that. Also the settlements ever. Okay. And what are the tenants rights on property being sold at a public sale. So if the property that you're renting was sold because of foreclosure you will likely have to live. But not necessarily right away right. If you have a least you can stay until at least stands if your month to month you know month to month you will receive that eviction notice and then you will have ninety days before you have to vacate. Right typically the judge declares how long that Burris will stay in place and we have had what we call hold overs but we've been able to take care of them. And now they leave nicely. All right so how they get in touch if you remember if they have a question for cautionary in law firm. They can give us a call 700 they're say it's he's made 7UP four at 900. 1130. All right and Jamison property management Jamison realty Jamison property investments 846 gone. 8463663. God bless happy Father's Day CMX.