Why women, more than men?

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, March 10th

Why is it that women are often at a higher risk for various health concerns? Dr. Ernst discusses in this week's podcast episode. 


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The asked doctor and show his pre senate like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment -- qualified health care professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information. It's time to. Transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour learn from experts on how to revolutionized alpha knows you love most. Ask doctor. Here's your host. Doctor Eric Hertz. Good afternoon is happy Saturday to you this is yes doc turned shelf hey it's historic I understand diseases dead or you can be set free. Multi health problems when you activate your hidden health. I mean Rostock mariner said today we have an incredible topic we're gonna ask this I'll call it somewhat controversial question. I'm but I think it's really gonna drop and drive aid deep nail in the head of this issue that we see a lot of health care which is. Why is it that women often are at higher risk for various healthy she's been men. Why is it that we off since the women anymore diagnosis is being prescribed medications accepted that man and before you jumped to that. What some people think is the obvious conclusion which is well women pay more attention to their body gave him more to their symptoms. You know date they've more or pro active for health than men typically. And before you jump to the classic you know while that a year your average male is well annoying at worry anything until it falls off my body until it's gone nominee doesn't work anymore. That's actually been studied where they showed none and no it doesn't make you do it that. It has to do with a unique. Sort of nature of how to female body. Reacts. And it has to do with the nature of how a female body responds at a hormone level differently. Than males do. So here's kind of my thought for the day and I get asked this question kind of a lot. Listen the majority of my practice 6065. Maybe in 70% are females. And you know that's not just something out of coincidence women deal with a lot of health issues more so than men do. Not because we're ignorant to them but maybe because of the fact that it's an easier sell. For a pharmaceutical company to convince somebody that. You know this medication may help with the following symptoms in the way you Felix a trip. And again not trying to be biased I'm distressed him and the facts are in a tank. In the world of disease that we just one talk about chronic disease right now. Women are higher. Bit they're higher than men in their likelihood to die from heart disease one in four women die from heart disease. And the next thing is we see more osteoporosis and women and men. Before you again jump to this natural conclusion okay. We see more breast cancer in women and men and it's not just because men don't have dressed like women do look we have breast tissue. Different in its structure of course different in its purpose and nature. But for some reason women have a higher likelihood of breast cancer men can still get it. But it's more in women we see more autoimmune disease in women than men we see more thyroid disease. In women than men we see more depression. In women and men ended the list just goes on and on and on so my question. On the ass suckers that today is. Why is it that women get more diagnosis is are given more prescription. Have a higher likelihood of these chronic conditions than men. And what do we do to fix that because I don't think it's supposed to be that way. I think if we can sort of address female health from that natural perspectives instead of the medical approach which we'll talk about today. We can turn a vast majority of the issues women deal with with their health round. And you might be sane again Mike doctor Ernst who are you to talk about this Europe Europe male what you know about female health issues. Eleven years of working with sixty to 75% of my practice been women. You kind of learn a thing or two about female health. And how to turn that around. So we know right now today. That a good number one most prescribed medication in the United States. Is irate medication might theme for this month has been pirated Hughes two shows ago we talked about what is the thyroid problem and how do you know if you have hypo or hyper. And what are some things he needed to fix it. Last week we discussed that 90%. Of us who have been labeled high post Bayreuth actually have an autoimmune condition. And now today we're seen wait a second more women have not immune conditions. More women have issues with their health more women are prescribed thyroid medications so I had a couple patients in a few emails counters say hey doctor Ernst. Outcome a lot of these conditions affect women more than men so I'm gonna dig deep today. Listen if you're a female. And you're taking sent the right. You're taking leave at the rocks and you're on a medication for anything high blood pressure cholesterol blood sugars osteoporosis heart disease. Maybe you currently have breast cancer or you have a family history of breast cancer. May be even diagnosed autoimmune. Ever notice how the majority of the commercials that we see for the medications. Are mostly women talking about you know I can't sleep at night. I don't like the way my elbows the Quentin my carcass that have psoriasis you know I have depression it's they target women. Specifically. When I say they I mean if pharmaceutical industry I mean the marketing industries because they know inherently. Women pay more attention to their health. And their families health and they should just like men said we should pay attention but he got to watch out for fall into that trap. Often what happens is we've become over diagnosed. For things that don't exactly exist as a condition and it just part of life which we need to talk about. You know the old idea of you know do you ever find yourself you know tired and fatigued and irritable and you know have headaches. And your legs economic hastily you may have blob a blood disease. Well that's just again as part of life that happens to all of us throughout the day so we have to be careful about labeling ourselves with a condition. But more specifically for the females that listen to our show. Or their husbands or their spouses or their friends or whoever's listening. It's a real deal. And I wanna discussed today. What the underlying cause it's from in natural perspective why do women struggled more with health issues what are we do to fix those underlying causes. And again if you're somebody that's listening today if your spouse your girlfriend your loved one is dealing with the help issue. That ball into the realms of heart disease osteoporosis autoimmune disease. Thyroid condition which again is a big deal for a lot of women. Then why don't you do something nice for them or why don't you act and come to my event which is next Saturday exactly seven days from today. I'm hosting a thyroid events. And it's on the seventeenth it is next Saturday. 11 AM at the holiday and express here in Charlotte and the route they showed today I have exactly fifteen misses it and it sells out fifteen tickets. They're yours for free when we say sell out there are no more spaces left this zip. 704. 9062094. 7049062094. I'm looking for someone who's dealing with a thyroid issue on the eve Purcell and it was it was told. No you have to be on sent the right leave it to rocks and for the rest your life and even looking for someone who's been to a natural doctors taking natural supplements. Enemy even looking for somebody who is already had their armored removed and is wondering what do I do. Seven afford 906. User 94 gas darker snow will be right back. Welcome back happy Saturday in this need to be asked doctor show host doctor air and our stand. First the ball on to say thank you for join us today. Second of all if you haven't recognized this every single week when regular radio show I also signed will cast in video on FaceBook. Through our live stream. So if you would appear at your house or set anything that degree. You can get more engaged with dust by asking questions sharing content eccentric and of FaceBook is real simple it's FaceBook dot com slash ask doctor Ernst. And if you have a question a pop that during today's show intensity. Has delivered to my website asked doctor urged dot com. And edit a contact tab any health questions fair game you know I get hundreds of questions and emails from listeners of weekly basis. Everything from here I was just diagnosed with this what the natural method I mean taking this supplement there's of the better. Even down the line of you know have a for an right in on networked. Who has this condition and wondered if you can make recommendations for that friend. Forget that it's great to utilize the resources you have better free. Asked doctors that com and in FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Ernst. I you're just tuning in we are discussing the concept of a question. Why are women more likely to have various health issues than men. So we talk about things like heart disease osteoporosis. Breast cancer autoimmune disease depression. Irate issues and then there's a long laundry list of just chronic health issues. The stats say women are more likely to develop them have them deal with them then men. And so I'm gonna dig deep into this idea of what is a female's body dealing. At the level of help that is different than emails body that might make them more susceptible to these issues. And the other curious question why is it though that women deal with more health issues. According to statistics. That they still live longer than the average male. Because you would think if you have more health issues you might die earlier and so therefore women would be expiring passed an amendment to exit at the truth. Men die sooner at a younger age than women and women are diagnosed with more chronic health conditions. So in doing that I also recognize that yeah we may have somebody listening who's either just now tinian and kind of you know pay attention to that's you know topic that trip. But I this this show exists for reasons they want is to open your eyes to a natural health perspective looking at your health from an alternative angle from medicine. And in tune to sort of throw an option out there. If you're in that world of I'm looking for an answer for my health issue I know a lot of women are looking for ways to naturally he'll. They generally say to me stuff like that I know these medications aren't good I know that I need each of the different but it sort of stock. I'm my doctor just keep telling meet take estate is take this or. He is just part of life it's the stress is having managed with the and you can manage it by Hispanics who will be neutrinos selects a whenever. So I wanna help you if you're that kind of person and yes my event coming up is on thyroid but it sort of seemed slightly to this concept because. More women than India with thyroid issues. Thyroid medications and the number one most prescribed medication in the US as of right now so it's a big deal. And if you're a female for a male and you're struggling with your thyroid or your energy. Or your ability to lose weight or your blood pressure your cholesterol which are all connected to a thyroid hormones. There why don't you join me I have exactly eleven laps these are free tickets to an event that hosted on the seventeenth. I'm throwing off right again because I realize they're gonna go by super fast. Normally 25 dollars. If you'd like to meet with me. Come to remind fans listen to mine natural approach to see exactly what we do to fix Natalie just Bayreuth but everything because when your body's healthy can heal. And pick up the phone call this number seven a 49062094. Against 7049062094. Now there's a study that was published in scientific American and which ask this question this is the article. Why women report being in worse health than men. And what's unique about it is it says. Women have a higher rate of underlying chronic health issues and men and that question that the researchers were wondering is why. Was it simply because women pay more attention to their health they're more cognizant of their symptoms. They tend to jump on them going this isn't normal and no this isn't right faster than males do is that the reason why. Or is it truly that for some reason women. Get diagnosed more chronic health issues. The lead researcher of the study said we wanted to test whether there's differences in self reported health median. Like off I'd like for example take two people and ask him are you healthy ones female one male. The likelihood that the female says no I'm unhealthy is really high. And the likelihood the mail says I'm real I'm good I'm fine is high. A case that they wanted to find out is self reported health. A factor in explaining why women have more health issues because if you feel like your unhealthy. You tend to go to a doctor he tend to have gamut of tests done. And air force their thought was well maybe that opens them up today and diagnosis. Because something might come back abnormal. And then because a lot of women are more apt and likely to do something about their health. Then what happened is they get a diagnosis. And then start to do whatever procedures necessary to correct the diagnosis or change their symptoms dust being labeled chronic health. And that's actually what the study found out to be the case. So think of it like this. If you think there's something wrong with you and you go to get investigation medically. We can do it based upon several methods as a doctor we can listen to your symptoms. And often times many times the diagnosis comes from what you tell us the problem blood and having chronic headaches. They happen more at night and you know I noticed that. I would eat specific food that and get better headaches or you know whatever and you might. Be sent to a neurologist who might run a gamut of tests that might stable this has battered this is off for the torment thereabouts and then you'd be given the third at their program. Or maybe you come in and you say look I'm tired of fatigue. I just like my energy is drop left and right on not losing weight like I used to but here's following now my nails the game brittle. And just right there the brain of your position is starting to think well you're a female. You have a higher likelihood of having thyroid. Let's try to test now to options gap in the test and come back normal. And they would say well especially irate that must be something else let's run more tests or could come back abnormal and they go hop. This is why you feel that we feel here's your medication to fix it now that the limiting factor in all of this happening is you going to them in the first place. The statistics say mostly. Men do not engage their primary physician as frequently is women when we do it's often because of an annual physical. Or requirement for our insurance to say you must go and again I'm not try to signaled an announcement states to the reality of what it is. Women that were interviewed overall. Almost 40% of them acquainted and assigned to be Americans that he said they rate themselves as having pour hell. 40%. So he could just lineup ten women four of them are gonna say no I am I have ill health and not healthy. Another 30% of those people said they had chronic. Health issues so they were there are taken medication on a regular basis and it there was no known cure for it again this is women compared to men. So we have these issues and I'm wondering if we get sorted dive down into the holistic potential cause fitness. From my perspective. There's two main theories behind it's the first to something known as the stress theory. And it's this idea. That women react to stress differently than men in Yemen trying to signal the sounds say one is better than the other. It would I say stress you have to understand I don't just mean like you know the ability to handle a large day of work they were talking chemicals dressers. Physical stress servers and emotional two sisters right. And you might you know again the watch out for your brain going all the emotional stress is why women are so sick and men have emotional issues sometimes worse than women do you. We just don't like to tell you that we have yet but at at. So what happens instead is chemical physical stress authors and they've actually tested this to find out for example. When a woman gets chemically. Sick OK and I say chemical has been like toxicity. Or an invading substance like a virus or bacteria. They've actually done studies on this and found out that a females immune system responds differently indeed begin team. That a nails immune system and I'm gonna try to keep it as simple as they can because I understand. How old woman deals with an infection to start is there more like combat fighters. One on one kind of like hand to hand. Meaning being gauged their immune cells white blood cells new details except the first. And those guys go around and they try to eat the bacteria one by one and there's a benefit to this because that's a natural process. But they've studied in men it's completely different. We tend to release chemical warfare we tend to be more explosive we tended drop. Chemical bombs our body tends to make more sign a kinds. Into bodies in sort of chemical reactions to go after and neutralize the bacteria not one by one. But overall they give it as if you had like a hornet's nest. And you're trying to get rid of all the hornets using the analogy of a few on the system they would try to flick one hoarded away at a time. And that's what happens and it's good it's effective but men just Kent as a as a relation as an analogy they tend ago. I don't have time to flick one to one our body lets just fogged the whole thing and call it over you know like immediately. Which is why men tend to sort of get over an issue a little faster than women paid there's nothing I'm not trying to be. And an analogous and this Spain again one is better than the other but here's the reason why researchers think. Women live longer than men it's more efficient and less stressful on the human body. Two go hand to hand combat when physical or chemicals dressers come into the body. Whereas men's reactions have sort of drop this grenade a look at the clean up next time tropic innate look at the clip has a bigger detrimental effect to us. So we do we physically reacted with their immune systems. It's a because of that it's possible that over time it gets more difficult and complicated for the hand to hand sort of immune combat. To keep up the pace. With the onslaught of physical and chemical dressers Wyeth heart disease a bigger deal wise osteoporosis a big deal breast cancer ex catcher. It has a lot to do now with the second category which is hormones yes we recognize that hormone believe there's a difference. Estrogen progesterone. Testosterone in men but we all have them pay women to have a little more estrogen in men. Men have a little more testosterone than women but something unique about Athens and especially if you're a female listening to me. You must recognize that there are four types of estrogen. And the most common thing I see functionally which explains because of almost all these diseases is a drop in the healthy estrogen. And a rise in the toxic estrogen overtime and the challenge becomes you'll be labeled as being estrogen deficient. And you'll start to be given hormones to fix the low estrogen but actually just pours gasoline on the fires that we have now this emotional issue that we need to address. And I'm not stand it's booty hormone level and stated the actual underlying hormone reactions. Estrogen does something unique. The protester does not testosterone does have the unique that estrogen does not and having larger amounts of estrogen can be a big player. As to why women suffer from more chronic health issues. There were discussed the hormone effects when we come back from an expert shall break and right now I'm offering the chance for you to join me at three no cost. To my thyroid event coming up next Saturday 11 AM the Holiday Inn express and sweet. The call lines are open right now for these free tickets. I'm looking for someone that has a pirate issue. That it needs to lose weight. That wants to feel great at a time and energy. And just really claim their life back again. Using natural steps that tanked 7049062094. If you're ready to break free from the medication merry go round seven a four. 9062094. Yes doctorate so we'll be right back. Welcome back it was in gas stocks turned so I'm host doctor Aaron Ernst. Hey thanks so much for tea was incredible Saturday afternoon if yours stick around you know what our next show topic is about were discussing. Hormones and how they affect our health. More specifically why women's hormones tend to push them towards one side of their health in my men's hormones and pushed to another side health. And raskin sort of this deep deep question of why is it statistically. That women have more chronic health issues been meant. Again this is just based on stats wire women more affected by things like heart disease osteoporosis breast cancer autoimmune disease depression pirate issues. And then there's got to be some soda underlying trigger and or cause for this. And the research is saying that it partly has to do with the fact that again women are more likely to act on their health sooner. They're more likely to run to a doctor and have tests done. And the more tests you have done the more likely are to come back with a diagnosis of something off balance. Thus making you more likely to begin medical treatment. Thus making you more likely to have chronic symptoms and side effects of the medications and or be on a lifetime's worth of supplementation. Using medication because of that way you're labs came back. Men typically only go to the doctor when someone is drag him into the office like their wife. Like their you're you know their loved one or insurance companies and you must have been done minority coverage or benefits that think that. I'm not saying is that for all men there are a lot of men that do pay attention to their health than they did this on a regular basis that tank but I used to be one of those. Classic males who thoughtfully on the went to Dr. Phil is broken. I you know the old analogy if it's not if it ain't broke Dell are working on it. But when it comes to our health that this is a big big issue we can't tell when help is broken based on how we feel. We can't even tell based upon what our labs say because many time. Your blood work could be perfectly normal. Yet you still the health issue. And so what do we do then in in relation to our health and one thing I teach stated he has ever come to an event or listen to my shows are Watson might podcast and videocast. Is the your health is based upon a core foundation of three areas. Your neurological strain. How you brain communicates all parts of your body. If you have neurological deficits. You have a pensioner for a blocked sooner forget any sort of spinal cord compression you're gonna have a health this year it's guaranteed. Stacked against. Your overall toxicity. Than more toxic Q are the more likely you are to have health issues can't feel that either. And it thirdly because our immune system is designed to heal lives since it lives and our intestines. If we have a gut issue if we have here will bowel or leaky gut or inflammatory bowel or constipation or not eliminate toxins properly. It leads to ill health of those three act like gates foundation like a stool to support your health. So we talked about toxicity and what could potentially be creating. Women having more chronic health disease in men this is the big player this this is probably in my opinion the secret. It is known according to research and studies. That women have. Different detox method different detox pathway than men do. Most specifically in relation to their hormones and we know that women have estrogen more than men I mean that's that's pretty you know basic science. But we're starting to see something now called clinical estrogen dominance. And it's going to affect women more than men just simply because they already have higher levels of estrogen in men. If a male has estrogen dominance. He might come to the normal hormonal level of a females estrogen and while that has complications do you understand the analogy. If they've both the rise will women's hormones are becoming more out of balance than men's because of that estrogen dominance. As of their for this estrogen issue is in my opinion what does he. Primary reasons women have more chronic health that he's the man. Estrogen the big player partly because there's four different types I don't think a lot of women realize this age because like console with a lot of females or hormonal balance. Natural hormone balance and think this affect. But most of them just come to mean they say well doctor I've been diagnosed with low estrogen. As I taken estrogen hormone. Okay now I usable at school behind your hormones tax and nine at ten times most people go now I I just you know sort of expressed my symptoms. My gynecologist. Endocrinologist. MD says. You know it sounds like your estrogen or maybe they ran to the estrogen check in their blood that gosh estrogen is though. Okay take this but the problem is after he comes in four styles and thrown it is you won it the main form. It's the one it's produced during menopause. It is mostly produced by your liver and your fat cells so this is not something that comes from the ovaries Bethany comes in the adrenal glands. You're fat can actually produce estrogen so here's the issue when you have lots and lots and lots of fat. Sometimes it's to create hormones that are actually making you more and healthy which is why it's so important to pull toxicity. Due to back down. Because toxins in our environments. Known as NO estrogens exist. So things like plastics and heavy metals pollutants eccentric. Are often stored in our fat cells what happened the is BE one starts to. Climb. The more toxins we governor fat. The more we made this S drone. And therefore the more our Astros start to rise a case that is Astrid die wall. It's the hormone that plays a massive role in things like. How you feel energetically how you sleep how you enjoy your life you're sex drive your bones your skin your hair your nails. This is a big one because for most women this would start to drop over time. It's a very very strong growth simulator. And high levels of here's the problem for those women who are taking hormone replacements. You're given the precursor for estrogen. If your toxic your body pushes the majority of the castor junior taking. To the ET climbs watch this you start stimulating growth in your body that sounds like cancer doesn't it. Which is why they're such a high risk for breast uterine ovarian. Asked try all. Is ES TR I OL it's made in the liver and the breast tissues is primarily made. By the placenta during pregnancy. And it is suggested that this estrogen is the one that regulates. When cells are turned on or off. So if you have a highly pro live for tip them out of this estrogen again it's 88 can. Aggravates. Growth within the body it accelerates the enhancement normally. You wants you were asked prone. To be one of the lowest in your body 3% or less. You want Astrid diet all to be 7% or less and you want asked try all. Hormones to the question is if you're female you're dealing with health issues. Have you ever gone to someone who is looking at you from the correct hormonal pattern rather than just giving you estrogen is seen here figure symptoms. What if you have elevated levels of toxic hormones that is pushing you towards additional growth. Which is abnormal and that could be the cause of health issue again why it's so important to how somebody coach you through your health. And specifically why it's important to come to my event if you want to again I'm down to six my gosh we have six tickets remaining. Saturday next week the seventeenth. 11 AM the Holiday Inn express it is pyrite themed it's also for women seven afford 9062094. Hits 9062194. Gas doctorates it would be rat pack. Welcome back elicited ask doctor itself I mean host doctor Aaron parents love the factor here on this beautiful Saturday day. Hate to say our county seat seed. And we're pounds or said diseases dead agreed to be set free market health problems. Wow what an awesome day you know and I think it's I'm a kind of a little high I was talking to couple people over the last break the Kolb and today. Costs you know like I've been doing with hormone issues for years and nobody ever put two and two together forming. If you're wondering Robert talking about. We're discussing at this deep deep question relation to why is it that according to statistics women have more health issues than men. Why do women have more heart disease deaths in men why is osteoporosis higher in women than men. Breast cancer autoimmune disease depression again if you're just union before he starts it will dock turns. The breast issue we note Alan breast cancer as women have breast in men do not know look we do their to slightly different in their form and structure and nature but. We as men can still get breast cancer so wide women get more breast cancer than men. Weakened have osteoporosis. How come women get it more than men. We can have autoimmune disease thyroid disease heart disease why does it affect women more. And we mention that according to what scientists dangerous because of two primary things little summary view and pay attention if you're just mean and I'm diplomacy to paper grab your pen and pencil hop on over to FaceBook dot com from I live stream. I got a couple people commenting on that. And make sure you don't pay attention. The reason that more women get diagnosed with conditions the men an eight. Is because they have studied this and found out women pay more attention to their health and man. And you might say what does that have to do with diagnosis is having chronic disease that cable if you go to a doctor more frequently. And you ask for things to be investigated. MRI CT ultrasound blood work doctors' visits symptom its policy diagnosis is it that threat. You have this very high likelihood of leaving with a diagnosis. And then what happens is we start to act on. Now when a man sometimes leaves doctor with a diagnosis went two things can happen he can either say all right or logo on looking for a second opinion I don't believe that I want something else. Most of the time the statistics say. When a female is given a diagnosis she acts on it and follows the recommendations of the doctor that was making this advice which is good I like this but. It could lead to the fact of being over medicated. Being now what I'll call overprescribed. And under diagnosed too where there might not actually be a true functional health issue but your labs they point you need to go do something or. Unfortunately today a lot of times when a lab doesn't come back with something positive but you still feel like there's a health issue. You kind of get used left off into well. Maybe it's drafts may be the inability to to manager at night here's a anti depressant which again women take more antidepressant and men. Secondly we talked about is the idea that inherently women have made different hormonal balance that man. And because estrogen dominance is such a big player in our health. When a females estrogens starts decline opt in affect them after that went estrogens are the rise in the mail because we're generally lower estrogen. Those of you who are emails that have been dealing with health issues we throughout a call to action scene make sure you'd get your hormones tested. To find out exactly it's going on thyroid hormones estrogen hormones that stature and you can't just do it for the sake of taking any medication. If I was to point out one of my biggest struggles with the American approach to health care. Especially in medicine is if the hormone comes back low. The fixes bullets to give you the court a case though if a female comes back estrogen deficient. And should be given estrogen if she comes back progesterone deficiency to begin the protester if you come back. Thyroid hormone deficient you'll be given pirate hormones it's sort of the it's our solution to fix it. But we need to ask two questions one why is that first hormone glow in the first place and two if I give myself the hormone. Is there some downstream effect it could actually become augmented that would make my life worse. Specifically for females is a big player in the world estrogen. There are four types of estrogen. And often the one that starts decree is uses when we have an elevation of the toxic. Estrogens. Which is. OK we do not want answered did that cause additional growth or elevated levels of risks for disease. Yet most women are low in Astrid and but our high end Astrid I all or asks for all and those are the toxic versions when there out of ballots can look at the same thing as cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is not the enemy if the enemy when it out of balance your HDL and all the rest. I'm not saying that. But when year EQ and but they often don't see the rise in the toxic ones as that this is the issue with most women their hormones are significantly out of balance. And they're chasing their sent an apology trying to fix it with them over the counter solution. So what causes this why why do we have such a spike in these toxic gas first of ball it's partly because. These these hormones for both men and women are made in liver and breast tissues. So will we find is that delivers highly toxic or your breast tissue has that it's toxic and it's a creeps higher levels of the hormone in the first place. We note that there's something called estrogen dominance. We know there's even foods that mimic estrogen and there's products that you might be using that mimic estrogen. Chemically the cubs and no estrogen in the food world they're called fight tell estrogens or plants based. Sort of likes the way you like. Plants like. Products that look a lot like estrogen in your body. So those of you on FaceBook will currency the analogy those are you listening we need to follow along if my estrogen is low but might eat theory. If I were to push more estrogen into the system your body's gonna say convert. Convert that you actually increased the toxicity. One of the biggest known foods that contributes to this is solely. And look I hate to say it but so is everywhere and in everything. And still is a big deal because it is where we chemically extract. The what I'll call sort of about the hormones that we use for hormone replacement often in the first place. Like a bio identical hormone more than likely came from a sewing extract. So the more we eat soy in the morsel is in our food products the more we run the risk of mimicking estrogen and pushing the body towards that toxic style. We also know for example that stress. Inherently can throw offer cortisol relationships. Which inherently can aggravate. Your estrogen levels and unique thing is even in your body. So we have these sub categories. So even if the state for example. But eats here at three is high your body will still be treating itself as if it estrogen dominant. And just to shift gears for 12. As being a female if you are dealing with what I would call. Thyroid issue we now know that estrogen actually makes your thyroid shut itself off when your estrogen dominant. Many many many women today have estrogen dominance. It is again it's a condition where the sub categories of estrogen rise in relation to your progesterone. Which is sort of the balance the right progesterone or acts. Estrogen stimulates. The role of estrogen in hypo Bayreuth by the way if the Europe the now taking thyroid medications. It is possible that the underlying cause is eight toxic answered him. Estrogen is known to directly. Affect the thyroid by shutting off its ability to produce thyroid hormone. So again maybe this opens the door for you going well I've been on since the right up there on the approximate taking all these. You know hormones because my levels are low but noted that might answer I wonder if my cast our ballots that you can't be of this there requires testing. And sadly you know if you walk into most medical clinics he say hey can you run the full gamut of estrogen. They go or your had your estrogen checked it was on your blood test its normal be careful estrogen. Is it just means category. What you should do is you know analysts like fight a little bit please disable doc that's great. But was that. Because I now know. That if mine hormone levels balance that could be an underlying cause and yes my pastor Jim blood tests is geared but what about the rest of them. Now you're gonna hear that they like we need to go see a specialist in this great. OC one or looking to somebody who knows about functional and a chronology or somebody could help lead a balanced hormones. You know in my office most of the peace patience that I work with that's the females. It's either hormones balanced themselves out naturally. By themselves while we go and address the underlying cause what are the causes excessive estrogen first of all. It's the dominance in our diet eating too many foods they go after the match sector still is one of them. I asked the sizes and plastics and things that have these is an estrogen compounds and that's another thing. We also note that within your body if you're stressed out physically cortisol can elevate which can affect your estrogen levels. And we know that most women as they go through there. Aides. Start to see shifts where estrogen drops a protester climbs. Just to give you an idea if your female listening or York. A husband oh you know or like a loved one who's got a female in your life. Any of these conditions there will be office he would answer it starts to climb. A endometriosis. Which is very uncomfortable nature of having portions of the uterine lining. Yet outside of the uterus and either attach itself. To the external nature of the environment into the abdominal cavity except for a endometriosis is almost directly connected to estrogen dominance. PMS are sort of like heavy endure painful cycles for a female irregular cycles fibroid. Rest months. Thyroid issues in fertility. Goes even down the lines of headaches and weight gain depression. Even to the nature of having like. Hot flashes infertility. And a lot of aches and pains across their joints so we know estrogen is a big deal. We know there's multiple types we now know there's a direct connection to how it regulates your weight how it can affect your thyroid. And again. To answer the question at arsenal topic today why women have more sickness wide women have more chronic disease why do women of these issues. Is often because. It affects their estrogen. Because women have more answers and and and inherently they get a bigger faster response to it so. I'm curious if in listening this show we've sort of engaged this thought process oh my gosh I wonder if my health condition and dealing with. Has an underlying cause. By the way they all do. In number two. Could it be possibly that is that the nature of I I'm someone curious from Al I'd like to investigate health and got lots not to test done I'm taking things an amendment to fill a need that's highly possible as well. Most the time when I do help the valuation with a patient ever going through there. There are medications it's kind of like when you know this this could go away if we fix that now would go away if you fix that same thing now would go if you fix that the same thing. You could potentially reduce 357101520%. Of your men. If you fix the underlying caught. We also see that it's often. Because it does not in the right testing ban so with the fact that my gosh our heads a slipped by I'm throwing a last chance to offer I have two tickets left. To my thyroid health event which is next Saturday the seventeenth. 11 AM at the holiday and express and sweet. Do you wanna join me if you do and you wanna learn how to get helping get well fast 7049062094. That's seven afford 9062094. And they hop on FaceBook dot com slash asked doctors I got four minutes of fun for our lives viewers. Affords you need guys next week the event.