Will Artificial Intelligence Become Your God?

Carolina Focus
Monday, October 9th

The Opioid Crisis in North Carolina: Dr. Susan Kansagra, NC Dept. of Health and Dr. Paul Sethi, Researcher on its impact on North Carolina, Women and what can be done to change the situation.  Dr. Austin Rammell, Lead Pastor at Venture in Dallas, NC discusses the efforts by a former Google and Uber engineer to create an Artificial Intelligence that would be god.


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I'm mark Thomas and this is Carolina focus on news 1110993. WVP. 1079 the link. 102 point 56 and the fans it's where we look at issues events and happenings that affect the Carolinas and the Charlotte region. Welcome. One of the things we've looked dead in the past and continues to be in issued this day. Is the Pope viewing crisis and it's not something that is only in North Carolina. Because in the in the on the Americans consume 80%. Of the OP your ads that are manufactured in the world. And in North Carolina. We have the dubious distinction of having four towns in the top twenty nationally for hope you're abuse. So with something that really hits home here in the Carolinas. And interestingly enough South Carolina does not have any any towns in this in the top 25. But don't Wilmington leads the way and Hickory is actually fifth and we also have Jacksonville. And Fayetteville rounding out those four in North Carolina. And joining us now from north Carolina department of health is doctor Susan can sobre. Good morning doctor can soccer. Mark. This is. It's some something of a dubious distinction for North Carolina is not. Well I North Carolina and seeing what we are looking nationally which is. An increase in if you read a prepared to do it addiction and really while we do you have fourteen pounds and that's study Christine that the crop the United States and particularly the south east. There hasn't been that for many years at increasing to pick prescribing which has gradually. Led to opiate addiction and now we're seeing that with an appealing interpreter that was and that transition it's. Other forms of drugs to elect Carolyn and fentanyl for example felt. I think north China certainly it. Dealing with the crisis but that with the rest of the nation. And well it's it is a nationwide. A problem. But I guess my question first question would be why the southeast what's what's unique in the southeast that makes it more particularly susceptible or four over prescribing. Yeah and you know when he went into this area and LT and if I can't tell why do you know they are them. Possible reasons I wanted to particularly notable areas and this could be tied the community. Seen additional determine the health and other. You know the economic and social conditions and rural areas that are also lead to an increase in Munich around calculates. We're seeing in an area particularly where there are more for example. Workers or more chronic pain issues certainly there is is increasing prescribing and the areas as well there while it's hard to. Pointless specific reason I think so many areas have been more heart than others and and and again. While we can see in the southeast we're seeing it everywhere there's really not each particular priest has not seen an increase in. Stipulate used to cover the last decade or we're seeing it probably cost you less. And recently there was a a survey done a study done about how this is impacting. Women in particular. A study recently done biopharmaceutical company. Showed that there analysis with 40% more women than men becoming persistent users following surgery. With middle age women ages forty to 59 being particularly at risk. Is this something that you have seen in North Carolina or to use do you have the ability to slice the numbers that finally. Well we are seeing an increase in it OK prescribing breaks across. Many counties in North Carolina when we look at too is. Suffering from okayed everything he had a little bit more predominantly male dominated game all but a across the board. Women have also hadn't increased. In net and drug overdose in. Prescribe a great football that we're looking across the board to help reduce its parent and again I think it's part of the trend that we're going across our populations that there is an increase. In opiate derivative related deaths in and you know it's a period of the last fifteen years. Because it's not just them in the prescription OP you it's our problem. But when people can't get their prescription then they turn to the black market. Right and now we've been they have the last few years it while you know initially the epidemic started we. Prescription calculates and you know doctors which speed and I think initially started off with. How they were trained and best intentions to control pain and a hat and that I'm taking control leading to more. Describing it as a collegiate gradually we are seeing now aid. Shift to use that heroin and other exit calculates that obviously illicit drugs that are. Cheap and easily accessible on our societies and and we are seeing increased. Unit number Erica that's news substances as well. Well I think it's it's. Somewhat troubling you know initially as I mentioned earlier that 80% of all will few words that are consumed on the planet are consumed in the good old USA. In in not including 1611. Point seven billion oak UA pills were prescribed. That works out to 36 pills per person for every man woman child in the United States. What is it about is there something about the United States. Why is it that we have this obsession with populates. If you reasons why in particular content picking years ago. You know debate doctors are trained and me a lot of our. Health care accreditation. And other policies really emphasize taking control. You know for example the unit serving patients on the airplane came in and bit weak position for outlets to control pain used to calculate that happy. Marketing at calculate toward conditions in the music. And a period for controlling pains like there were a lot of circumstances that led to. Or over reliance on them. And now we're seeing is that gradually you know. Re educating our provider community and her patience. That is appealing to her now we the first time that there are very effective method to control problem which includes things like aspirin and sets and talent all. Other things that we have available in addition to even non pharmaceutical that it controlling pain. I know there is that the education now happening with their providers and patients some. And we're talking with doctor Susan can sock grove who is with north Carolina department of health. And about the OP oil crisis in North Carolina in particular. Now several of one of the surveys again. This week reference reference thing women having a higher rate of OP would addiction long term. You talked about the the surgeries that were most common. 40 you are to be prescribed including hysterectomies. Sleeve Castro. It means which is I guess that's what you're you you put your band on your stomach that sort of thing hip and knee replacements. Is there preponderance. For these obviously hysterectomies is something that men are gonna have a but that RV of these other things something more common to women or men or is it pretty much. A 5050 split would you say. Aren't able fourteen in general. Surgical prescribing just like we've seen an over reliance and at Buick for many different types of conditions. Particularly at. After surgical conditions are also seeing that people have been prescribed more puppies and they typically eat pretty surgery there was another study that recently came out and Canada chant. You look at seven procedures about. 4870%. Of the titles that people are prescribed after the procedure went and you know I think it's not actually admitted that the dictator types sitting across the board. There has been over prescribing. That appealing to you receive data especially after surgical procedures as well. You know one of the things that will be going into effect in North Carolina is. Limiting the number. The Buick that can be prescribed pit surgically to about seven days efforts and pain and so that will be in an additional policy will go in effect which will help. Produce the number of unused but until circulation. And as far as you know we talk about OP Lloyds. Or what kind of names are we looking at I mean if you get a prescription. I got a prescription for oxy code own is that an open good. Yeah block because I am not content like it and as they're called it's it stipulates. That are you know can be prescribed for acute or chronic pain. And I've never had surgery. I've had some. I had a sore back and infected fingernail one time but you know other than that in the morning had the shingles. Neo puritan gonna help with that so they didn't prescribe it. But even something so I guess it was must've been when I have the the infected cubicle where I got to oxy code as a prescription. I can't take and I you know I looked in the effect it was still in the this was a couple of years ago I looked in the medicine cabinet the other day in their laws. That's a perfect example of I think what we're seeing the witches that. Mean it edition that again I think it started off at the best of intentions in the way that positions where trained. You know with that emphasis on can control and manipulate the kind of that natural travel that they went to now every educating around. Other options that could be given to patients and other things like Tylenol and as that are equally effective in controlling some type of pain. An encouraging these patients that are prescribed at periods. That you know encouraging and tipped. Keep them in particular patient. You know lots immense is that he campaigned it. We're doing around her talent and courage and raise awareness and make sure that you're destroying your medications curtailing ended an event appropriately when you don't need them as well. And I was gonna ask you about that the disposing of them appropriately. Flushing them down a toilet. Well yeah and you're makes a guy and around the one handed things that we have available particularly in our state is. He had drug disposal sites in all our counties and so you can take it back you can find applications online and you can take it back and you dislocations. And they will all in generations in this state that the drug emporium as many pharmacies are things that as well. Of course in in my particular case I'm not on a municipal water system. So if someone wanted that they would have to begin my septic tank. This is I think that would is not gonna hurt anybody but wherever is going on on in America. Fortunately but I do wanna ask you about something. Also on another serious note. We're seeing more and more studies and more and more information coming out. Of the effectiveness of medical marijuana in reducing the need for OP woods one in you mentioned that. Journal of the American Medical Association gamma. Had a report in 2014. That showed up like 33% reduction in the need for who feel it's. Other similar studies. 44% decrease in prescription. Of Opie was among pain patients. Who were able to get medical marijuana. Is that something that the state legislature really needs to take a hard look at it as as another war means to try to stem the tide in the old Buick. Epidemic. There's many opportunities for that delicate non LP late. Not repeat Abby are controlling pain but did not even medical brown there's other opportunities for people. Again going back and head count all the things are equally effective for many types of pain at home for many non pharmacological. Avenue to control pain that you think about things like physical therapy. Acupuncture chiropractic services there's other mechanisms also and then also BHD of educating patients themselves on what it means tapping in control and there's a lot of mr. Yeah conception around take control and European and often times we find is. There needs to be an education that you know in with some conditions we've living Braintree may not be an option but the ability to. Clear and to live a lifestyle. Even despite the pain in what we need to do to get. People at that level is a very important conversations there's a lot of shifting and framing kind of how we talk about pain as a society at all and I think as needed. And I think you you know you bring up chiropractic and acupuncture. No these are two areas where in the past. The American Medical Association. News has changed their change their views. Over the past twenty or thirty years it used to be that was almost considered. I don't wanna say witch doctor Pitt that's the phrase that comes to mind you know in in treating people with chiropractic and acupuncture. Is this getting to be more and more recognized as a viable alternative to. Quote unquote traditional medicine. Can't appreciated more in our studies that look at the he. On effectiveness of these the types of services on Cain brilliant physical therapy isn't it and staple and the terms that many. Different conditions follow up and being able to preteen strength and used the typical pair beat. And that perspective there's many petty coming out now on acupuncture right now might be more effective and well I think as he studies and especially after realize that we need to think through alternatively you could calculate their art is more and more gate and literature coming out on kind of where. But you can take and it. Alternative might be missed effectively used. And Dr. Seuss intense are grow with north Carolina department of health. We appreciate you being here on Carolina focus any final thoughts about. Stemming the tide in this particular area be Arnold we've discussed. Well it's gonna take. We're nation across many different sectors of our society from health systems. To that the treatment community. To our law enforcement community. You know and really the people of helping to or not only prevent and command appropriate prescribing of at least really ensuring that is that do you have addiction. I'm more suffering from populated. Related conditions are also. Having access to treatment so I think it gonna take a dual pronged approach and in all our. Sectors are coming together and make it to different from the epidemic. But brings up one more question that I wanna ask you and so essentially what you're saying is more treatment as opposed to prosecution. In the criminal justice system may be appropriate. Definitely and I feel like more moral law enforcement agencies are engaging with healthy and and that Wayne thinking about opportunities to. Pre direct to that that needs treatment to this resource is not dependent incarcerating them. Doctor Susan can sovereign with the north Carolina department of health we appreciate you being here in Carolina focus. Thank you got a patent. You are listening to Carolina focus on news 1110993. W beat him. 1079 blink 102 point 56 and the fans also available to podcasted WBT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas and as we continue this morning looking at the issue of the old Buick crisis not only not only in the United States but also. In North Carolina. And the idea that OP Lloyds an opiate addiction is something new in it may seem that way to speakers and a lot of times we think history begins that they were born. But as far back as 1782. There were some writings about women on the island of Nantucket. Who and I quote a dose of opium every morning is what they would take. And in during the Victorian era especially among upper class women. There was a tremendous amount of opiate use in fact some surveys in the late eighteen hundreds showed as much as 80%. Of the people that are Dick were addicted to opium for example an Albany, New York were women. So. Women and opiates. I guess historically they're not strangers. And a recent study. As we mentioned before. By the series drugs I believe was I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly. Showed that women are being more affected by today's opiate crisis. Then our men. And joining us now is doctor Paul set the good morning doctor said the good morning thank you are. This is this study. That was done now. The most of the prescriptions that were done you know in the during the Victorian era. If you look at the things it to women were given opiates for. It it really comes across as rather sexist and away. And dizziness. And so forth. Spots before your eyes weakness in the legs etc. Plus the traditional quote unquote female problems. What are we seeing today as far as opiates and women are concerned. An epic because it's a step that back just weren't warns not for a moment and then come back to pressure answer her question. It oh opiates in the OP crisis in our country. Is does not spare. Gender or race source socioeconomic status so we're currently. In this state of epidemic and many of the opiate dependency that we're seeing that state. Gamble or originated with prescription medication. These prescription medications are typically diverted and it's sort of an interesting and important work I could. It's sort of get a new car is good to learn the medication divergence of evoke that surgery your doctor give you a certain number so that that territory. And they don't want it and they are going to be a lower stock Saturday nightly don't have access to medication and be a lot of it is it's. You blitzer traders outrage if you know your child to a trying to conduct pill. Socially engaged through the weekend. Well we tend to Aramis it didn't too many post because we don't get what they did an emergency room and you're thoughtful bridges the patient. This number of pills to leftovers from that too close to three. Billion. And those three billion pill or major source of medications can get diverted misuse or abuse in our country. So I think opt for the huge Internet to get it on the body as he did about women specifically. Does show that we have in our one of the groups that are at highest risk for developing independent. We don't really know why the women wore. In the early two would get a by the young women were much higher risk for developing in here cushion ligament he sale pairs. An important. First step in identifying what is the major group. Let us to do the research that. Give some reasons why young women to catalyst has more easily and strategies to prevent that. Similarly in this study we've got. We've got this identification set but we don't have the why. Now over the compel the figure out why he got which were sensitive. Or treating women make short night giving that we could anecdotally. Well there are a lot confident and especially the post surgical that. And that's one of the things that in in going through the historical literature it was assumed that women were not as strong as men therefore they needed. More opiates which was comment you know is a common thing to and in not even prescribe because at that point in time. It was strictly over the counter where there was lot no more what happened. Right I don't I don't think might be thinking suggest that would mean there are confident that it but let the dog I would kindly remind you that there there are holed a topic that. Well it I you know I I know labor pains was one of the things that they've talked about. And I don't you know I know now you know opiates are not used during childbirth generally don't think. As they were in the past. But. To use my wife is an example she had both our children and strictly using Lamar Smith. So there are ways to get around certain pains at certain times but with OP Lloyds and opiates. That doesn't those sorts of strategies. Either aren't or can't be employed. At that correct and furthermore. It would shorten it but in other alarming and our economic certificate. Between six and 10% of the people who undergo surgical procedures this is looking at you know a large so a lot of people and no one's specific procedure. But between six and 10%. Are in this. Still be an opiate in a prolonged period of current collective we can. Consider some of these similar complications related to certain that they inspection yet or structured group it's. A point 01%. I was talking about a hundred fold it thousand fold higher risk. For complications and we as doctors start except opiate dependence as a complication. Apple really. Oh really ought to put more resources towards coming up with non LP strategies which exist and it just need to be better and more uniformly import. Well I think you'd you mention surgeries. Hoping Lloyds are given for nonsurgical. A pain as well I've I've never and I haven't had surgery in quite old quite a long time since after our second child was born we will go down that road completely. But tough it when I'm saying. That recently in the past couple years I had to go to war walking clinic because they had some shoulder pain. And I also have an an infected cubicle. And I ended up getting oxy code. As a result now I didn't and a Internet I just saw this the other day when our week or two ago when I was going through the medicine cabinet. There it's it's and it's virtually full. But. You know we're it seems like were very quick to give these things out. So you bring up two important points in the air at Purdue that the first. Is that but doctors. Especially our little bit of a bind if you walked in the doctor into the have a whole lot of pain in the it's Q okay well. More you green your ball how to make it even you know more are hard hitting. Tokyo and failure to appear in Italy since we've been in and he called the doctor if you tissues and Eisenhower and you'll be back I mean the truth as. That is some and some of the top club that we need to start doing. And not just give your kid how to make it feel better. We're trained as doctors to recognize pain. As an important part of life is over called it vital and and we'll train that we be remiss not treating pain. So you're right historically I think doctors have been more liberal fittingly his medications because we did so we'll leave the patient days. And an eye toward common it was apparently took its okay. But now I just political clout but I think we understand a little more we understand the real dangers of that pain medication that we should not be. Fittingly indications in fact. In in my practice so much that certainly it's going to be a rare exceptions you know. Stepped up very broken bone to get anything stronger than regular over the communications. The second part that you put up is that coming back to revisit this diverted medications. We don't do a good enough job between the page is what they should do with exit medications. Those medications and it has to mean that it could be potentially nick Hughes if someone. Somebody comes by and pick them up under it yet. To make each community as a different set of rules regulations weather shall local police department and local pharmacies. Got to get all of those except those out of circulation other potential diversion and. You and we're talking with doctor Paul said the about the or Buick crisis and how it in in this particular study that he's familiar with. Women seem to be more far more at risk of developing. OP you independence. Long term. And you know as far as a avoiding pain I know when you talk about in a pain being the fifth. Factor that that is taken into consideration. I note in in my life you know the rules they won't askew in the doctor's office in oh well on a scale from one to 541 to ten what do you think it is. And before I had shingles I have a different standard. And it's you know it's a matter that you know hey it doesn't hurt as bad as back. And you go through certain things to do is it is it a matter that maybe. Patients go into a doctor's office thinking they should never have any pain whatsoever in any level is totally unacceptable. And maybe we ought to kind of rethink how we assess our own discomfort. Well I did you bring up a very important port and in pain is pain is very subjective so. That score that visual analog squirrel away independently opinions. Look six Yuma ideas to the somewhere else so it becomes challenging cap objectives by could have a very even other. The second part is yet. Patients. Q that paid and they don't want pain and then furthermore. He'd be saying he provoking the worried that something more nefarious something more sinister is wrong. Can can make that pain even Morton guy provoked so. We we as doctors and providers have to deal with it a little more time. Really help you patient understand what's happening and really explain used things like what we don't lie and sympathetic and understands hurt. I'm not conceded opiate for these exact reasons for the worried that this can be addictive life changing event. And we we talk about kind of the distinction between over the counter medications whether it's Tylenol I would assume Ibuprofen. Would be another one aspirin. Verses opiates. Is is there is there anything in between. You know we look you know or are we just stuck with easier over the counter or OP it's. There and there's a lot more in between there's there's physical therapy way to cap soft tissue manipulation that real good about Google actually I. Amazingly he take Ibuprofen or how little in the correct though. It's an extremely effective pain reliever and our other in between now and OP alternative medications that we can use. But not just one or the other but I think it's. It's also changing actually to our mindset that I would rather have a little pain and take this big Christmas. And I think that there are a lot of people I know. And in my own family I know the relatives that I have that you know they can pop a pill that's the weight ago. Meet nothing personal dock that. I try not to go to the doctor and despite absolutely have to do good I don't you know I know that's the sick people hang out I don't wanna be there. I but I think they feel like you say there's you know those scale in a mindset is that maybe ought to ought to be addressed. And perhaps this is reflective of our. Microwave society you know union you need to have an instant answer you need heaven is to me we need to get rid of the pain now immediately. I'm not gonna put up with missing for more than a minute or two is that Mike they are because America. Because America consumes 80% of the opiates on the and it. So I mean obviously. Would know what we're doing something different than other people. Yeah I think his doctors we can do a better job teaching our patients about you know how dangerous this this. And it is dangerous and of course that's why we're we wanna address that and make people more aware of the fact that when they go to the doctor. Maybe they shouldn't be quite as demanding. And maybe be a little bit more understanding and seek alternatives to pharmacological solutions. I agree cutting programs like yours now are gonna help empower patients patients today at that demand for a nominal military as an. The I could have that. Major. And overriding thought it is period you'll build on this and become empowered to not want these medications. Doctor Paul Stephanie. We appreciate you being here on Carolina focus and hopefully we've. Alerted some people may be awake and defuse. Through the dangers that they face if they're not careful when it comes to medications and so that. If you. And I'm a bit brighter note we wanna make you aware of the tenth annual bikers with Fox's events this is coming up on October 21 from 9:30 AM to 3 PM. It's that the Billy Graham Library it's where bikers can bring shoe boxes for operation Christmas child. Fund fellowship music. Food and it's I guess if all the benefit operation Christmas child. They're looking to reach their biggest school yet 6500. Q boxes. In the gates of an open at 930 if Billy Graham library and complimentary lunch is going to be served from 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM. And you'll also get to hear from someone who actually received an operation Christmas child you box. As a child. And you can learn just how much that shoe box changed their life again that's the tenth annual bikers with boxes at the Billy Graham Library. On October 21. Thanks for listening to Carolina focused on news 1110993. WPP. 1079 going. One of 2.5 six and the fan. It's also available to podcast WB OT dot com. I'm mark Thomas your host and until next time. Be well. You are listening to Carolina focus on news 1110993. WBT. 1079 the only one of 2.5 six and the fans. Also available podcast at WVT dot com I'm mark Thomas your post so glad you could join us here once again this morning. And we always come across a lot of different things when we're wrong we're looking for ideas. And things to talk about your Carolina focus. And because something that impacts a lot of people and I'm sure everybody's heard of artificial intelligence. I'm pretty sure everybody's heard god. Whoa ha what we mix the two together. What you think about that idea. If you think this little crazy. You you may be right but. It is a legitimate. Source of bought for Anthony Levin douse ski. A name you may or may not be familiar with he was with Google he was with Hoover. And out he started a nonprofit. You about that point four months ago called way of the future. And according to its mission statement. The goal is quote to develop and promote the realization of what god head based on artificial intelligence and through understanding and worship. Of the god head. Contribute to the betterment of society. In a sense this is really a new idea. You know if it goes back a long ways actually. John Burroughs an American essayist wrote man is always. And has always has been a maker of God's. And others have stated that man has created god in his own image. So you know this whole idea that man can create god. Has been around for awhile. And joining us now is the lead pastor for venture in Dallas over gasping count out doctor Austin ramble good morning. Are you doing thank yet. And Alex and I just Covile com coming may want they'll do just that ultimately predict. Now this this piece actually saw this in the guardian British newspaper. That. This whole idea that somehow. Manny is going to create artificial intelligence. And worship it. As a pastor who worships. God you're initial gut reaction to something like this. My gut reaction this is the same old story no matter where you go in history. Mankind has been creating. God which is fundamentally flawed the very definition of god. Is that he's not created. That the whole concept of being god if you can created god in. It's illogical policy and that's in fact not a god you you are the god you had to go to create the god so. The Coca that the creator god our personal intelligent cart brought tree. Is is this fundamentally illogical at and it said that the rebate system that would probably want the Bible box the very idea that they're actually trying to. Lap. Does that open the Bob sarcastic look up. Scripture verse is related to Howell it speaks out all God's it's just the very definition. And that but the ball got. Because that's created by a man and that's impossible to be a god. All I guess my question first question would be what is the motivation. On it and good because people have had faith in urban questions. About the existence of god I mean atheism has been around for as long as urban people. But what is it. In the desire. In the core desire for someone to say. Obviously this this mr. Lu and koskie eleven Dow ski thinks there needs to be a god so he's gonna make one. What what what is it that drives humanity to seek out a god. Well coming. From from the perspective of christianity at a safe first and foremost christianity. Fundamentally does not define god. But it defined by god and that is that first of Christ to claim to be god. To the historical record is very clear a crisis proclamation that he is god and that can kill for the proclamation. And then rises from the great demonstrating that he has gotten dissension and so. Everything about the gospel in the new testament that covenant. Is not is not formed by a guy who decides to go to Iraq carpet into some kind of image to put on this. You know fireplace or developed a computer. That's gonna pop in that capacity. But but christianity is is that he is the culmination of god healing and sell in man Billy himself that history. And apart that revelation and man is is the desire for man to know his creator. Get Lewis spoke of it from the standpoint of the morality that pressed upon us we don't it doesn't crest outwardly so much pressure's on us. And get the testimony of that which would crest at us and and that's the testimony about creators so. So I think the very nature of man demonstrates. That there is a god because mankind is searching for us. The unfortunate part is. That the worship of the god the only god the only one that exists requires that we submitted him as that. I was on battling things I can't make a god I can't come up with that I'm not the bit on her true god to our should not. A creator at all. And and so I think that that's where the rub happens throughout human history. Religion is the invention of man. God is the invention of himself and and so mankind comes to religion tries to find ways to its workers themselves. As an alternate. To what god has presented himself. And and so it. I think it's just part of who we are people. Definitely would explain it to fall. Just fall mannkind mannkind has been. Has been lost and and and separated from god and airport longing to be back with god. Like unfortunately many analysts and in his own apple and order our debt. Well and and and to that point as far as creating. God's. You know it's it's been the sort of thing that. In agricultural deities were different from hunter gatherer spirits. And depending on one's lot in life where you lived and how you live that determine a lot of how people would view. God but. Creating your own god is in this is this is something that I'm you know you refer to. Creation. And a Genesis and going back into the old testament I mean there are any number of examples of in the in the Bible where people said mean we're not gonna go that route anymore we're gonna make him gold and Catherine I think everybody's jewelry. Yeah I wanted to make something out of it in the world all worship that so I mean mrs. I mean if it's something that. It has a long and rich history if you will. And it and it depended upon so mankind. Those who buy and two liberal philosophy. In sick that mankind is evolving to a a more moral state and you know more ethical state and you know unfortunately there's the Bangkok history. It's the way. That not that it it is all about observable then. Then liberal philosophy is that it has zero lag and I think most. Philosophers at this point have been leveled to go okay that that that the most absurd thing you'd history suggests bank all of our state. We might be barrel on it or not some higher morals say. So you've got some you've got a guy human beings. Who are fundamentally flawed. Aren't going to go out and create and referenced in this instance an artificial intelligence. Which logically is still limited by its creator so one would fundamentally flawed is gone and make something to be superior. That they're going to look at work and in the words of they were set in about them submit to what it tells us. We're gonna are glorified. We're live with Gloria this does not mean we got. To be god means you own it operated exist because if you. It created because of you that the very definition of the word got it what it means to be be here what year. A model or four or some other whatever you know it is the front and a message of god is man has not gods so. I go back it is the flawed concept that Maine and may god and did that make it even create pathway to go up. Managed fundamentally flawed so why is it that your opinion but somehow. Be better than mine were both law were. We're all separated from god and so. People go what about christianity a christianity assert that it's the way because. Man didn't come up with this christianity was given to us black crime was resurrected in testify. But the resurrection documented his resurrection and ascension network first century first generation witnesses to this and go daughter. They're great people are smarter god and articulate that better. So fundamentally christianity says. Along with want to. That you cannot create a god if there in the that you cannot create them you you can't discover him he's. Did it defies all definitions of god not reveal himself. In the show himself he must provide happily himself. It must be on him that fundamentally your definition of god and fundamentally best definition that you humanity so. It is it really kind of chuckled when maybe things you know that gonna develop artificial intelligence. And then go okay now this is our god that. There's a difference between that go to target Iraq and sit in. Print and it doesn't matter that one might be smarter than another. And. Well we felt I tell my I'm in I'm a little at that once it for just the second we're talking a bit lead pastor Austin ramble from venture. Not sure sure gassing county in Dallas. Joining us here we're talking about this proposition by Anthony Levin taos ski who has been with that Hoover and Google. Whose whose goals you design artificial intelligence to be our god. One of the things and in recently. I have a rather lengthy discussion. With. A millennial. Writer here in Charlotte. And we were discussing the fact that you know surveys show that millennial in particular who are more technologically tuned in than any other generation are also. More. A religious if you will they don't really have a a faith as such. And the percentages there it was fairly high. And you know we were discussing is the wise and and why nots of that. But one of those things that was mentioned in this particular piece. By a pastor in Florida and he said the church does a terrible job of reaching out the silicone valley types. And because we think of I mean the guy that missed mr. Levin now's he's 37 years old now you know we look at we look at the younger generations coming up. And they are a religious and the churches haven't done a good job reaching out to them. And it seems like this might be something that is going to give them. Yes I mean is this a direction we're heading it seems like he has a has some fairly fertile ground to plow. If you will to cast the seeds. This particular idea. Because is even though the colonials are as I would term it a religious a lot of them would. They're still seeking. Yeah and this and that documents in humans. At the very core long for acceptance in values. Long for meeting long for substance. And Christ commanded. To level or two ago part love one another. The western church. Has. For too many generations now. Forgotten what it means the world people. I actually love people when Jesus said go make disciples. That fundamentally loving people. Building a genuine. Honest to god true real relationships with people. What well reaches people what connects with people that delivers the message. Of the gospel. Is relationships will win the church has been in the monastic life that created Christian cultures they all cited. Christian cultures and Christian walls. And only hang out with other Christians. That's what disconnected the gospel. From from the western world it picked people are people in the gospel the gospel human beings are no different than we were a hundred years ago. We still have this thing contained well the even that that adultery than adultery thing has been around longer than 500 others like them. And that aren't about to go back back murder. Cain and Abel you know. You know let's all our our laws have been here since they want and so. The fact that technology is. As a new man at that station that is now did you you know that we move beyond the technology of the Wii or the technology of irrigation you know also the tigris and Euphrates and now we're in the technology and there's still technology it's still mankind. It's no different when they're worshipping when they're attacked the agricultural simple and the more simple technology that. Try to develop god connect with that now he's got a might want to develop a god connects with a dot. I mean it. It's human nature but at the end of the day. For Christians to say. This you know this associations to suggest. That the way to link with Silicon Valley is it somehow. Scientists scientific message word they're gonna migrated this way you link with people as well that's arguing with people. MM when when people urging that we changed. By god our creator who fundamentally is and I love others. And it's incredible that that connection and I talked the last piece in their own on that bank. When your state and other artificial intelligence intelligent god for a carved out rocks were forced to. You're still speaking of what it public article sent it actually refer to god hasn't yet. Human beings don't long for it and and that's that's what's going law and in our culture we we were substituting people it. And we don't know why cultured it works out well. God may have to need him and others that the two great command. So the very ideas and got it I think is explosions. Where Coulter we're migrating to. Two things that are that we control. Netware and charge it goes right back to the to the satanic lie of the Bible says it has been selling mankind from day one. You're in charge your god you'd country. You create reality and that. Fundamentally. Wrong not not just morally. But what logically. We are not got. I think the millennial generation and they become forty year old I'm just. Just gonna be forty forces and it would freedom yet old enough to really start. Truly believe in for the first time in my life I'm really not god I really can not control anything. That would work well. You have children always happens sooner or. Children will be wiped out in your throat and it shut. Off this lot Austin yeah. Quite as like as a way of doing that. We're talking with lead pastor Austin ramble from venture. In Dallas North Carolina here on Carolina focus. And I guess one of the things that struck me a few weeks ago another article about the baseball. And their efforts at artificial intelligence and they shut the project down. And the reason they shut it down is because they set these these artificial intelligence is up to communicate with one another. And they did it based on the English language. To start. They however because they have the ability to learn. Found more efficient ways to communicate. Which they're human operators could not understand. So they shut everything down so I guess I look at something like this and I am you know I mean this. Can I get the movie rights to what this guy's about to do I mean this this has got all the you know all of the apocalyptic. Horror story. Components to it. From you know from a secular viewpoint you know putting putting out religion and faith aside for a minute I mean. This scary. What's scary when you sign Steven hawking. Agreeing with a evangelical conservative reformed theologian like myself. Yeah. And that it worked at weren't able to update. You know you might ought Paul. I think he used to I think talking used the term axis eventual threat to humanity. You know nothing nothing nothing like a warning I get this I mean that's yeah way to put it. I mean we're lucky this suggestion that you're creating software. Program. That you are then I'm going to submit your rights to as a human being it's. Idiotic. And hit it beyond idiotic down so the so many years was an innocent. Oh yeah we use to make yourself to god you can't see hear feel. I hear you're younger and you're you're on your knees to a to a to a skies here. Yeah yet here and got their public doubt responding they this is not yet is that he and he not got Perry's name is Jesus Christ did and we know Israel. That that's historical fact. Now there's much fate involved beyond that but buddy's got got and I did make. Note nobody was born of the virgin. And so we don't have a testimony of a guy too elaborate to Iraq. Operated in. You know. I'm on it but the cabbie shot that I may not even should say that by. Go I think he should be sent that the man who is being accused of stealing. Information. From Google. Now create a nonprofit. Organization about which we can develop artificial intelligence which everybody agrees. Maybe that it would be it but everybody agrees. Artificial intelligence is is the future of computing. Boy how awesome would it be it'd be able to develop all of that inning not opted not acceptable. Entity and then one day and roll that thing out into the profitable world. You sound but I don't want about west idol so you sound a little cynical. Pastor ramble or somewhat somewhat yet and of course Anthony reverend douse the is I mean he is going through some litigation based on some patent infringements and and idea stealing from Google to create some of the autonomous vehicles as their so called. But. It but I think it's I think it's noteworthy that you know he has this idea in the the basic premise. And the mission statement to develop and promote. Real realization of what god had based on artificial intelligence and through understanding and worship of god did contribute to the betterment of society. I think it's one of those things that you know we may think it's wacky we may think it's crazy we may think it's silly it you know how could it ever work. But this series apparently and he's got you know he's got these supposedly intelligence. And financial wherewithal to make that happen so I think it's something that we really cannot. You know at least take pause to to consider. Yeah I think it's it's worth considering because again exposes. Human nature and howl. All other relief agencies whether it's an artificial intelligence god. Whether it's Islam warm in his own. What whatever all that is as good as they may be at all was it may be whatever whatever there affect in culture. All other religious he's in comparison to christianity. Are based upon a human beings formation. Values. Truth and it and interpreting and applying. Christianity is fundamentally designed. By the one who claimed to be god himself. And demonstrated evidence of that. And and their word is truth in its opening that he has Lewis made famous in it if you if you're a person who reads the Bible. Your only let the three conclusions of the Jesus Christ it is is either a liar a lunatic forgot. There's only one victory. If you wanna run ball as the wire cycle that you need to thank that for all of its rival adequately protect okay cool would that. But if you god. And that set everything apart that you set everything up or the Christ gave us everything that. That thousand years of property that built this and got revealing himself Moses lies and maybe he'll. Alter all the time period. All this leads to. Does the it was set at one time on the prop no estimate the I may get the the actual detail wrong here but due to picture if you were to take. Silver dollars and stock and state taxes like five feet deep or sixty people ever was you know at a lot of quirks of a lot silver dollars. And it if he'll at all. And you mark one of the blindfold yourself jump out of an airplane landed in the odd that you're gonna pick one up. That was marked is the same odds of Chrysler filling all the prophecy. A real testament street at all the evidence to point to the deity of Christ distance of Christ. Who he is in the right direction or things. And then and then laying out for a bit Italian. You don't have got through was actually known about it you know doctorate submission. Because by definition he is god and so we're going to submit. To trust in his life for us we're gonna submit. The that it he had gotten we're not and therefore we're not development fighter and true rocket developed by God's gonna believe in the one god. And love and forgiveness of our failures. And it just we don't you Chrysler cross. And and we therefore are gonna call ourselves anything else so liberalize and glass in addition to what he taught us to do and how we ought to live. That is. Completely isolate it from every single other world religion at the fundamental. And fundamental. And with that calm awesome ramble with lead pastor adventure over in Dallas were gonna have to. We're gonna have to wrap it up with that I appreciate you being here on out Carolina focus and take a look at. A new trend perhaps that. I think everybody ought to. A little bit attention. The key to be expected to what. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus on news 1110993. WBP. 1079 the link. One of 2.5 six from the fan also available for podcast WGT dot com. I'm mark Thomas your host and until next time be wells.