Will Charlotte Snag Amazon HQ2?

John Hancock
Thursday, October 19th

Will Amazon choose Charlotte? Area leaders go a courtin'. I Read The News


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This is John Hancock. They're rather than Paris Thursday as we can be beautiful day outside. Have picked this weather I think we should hold on to this for a while. Not just a short little respite before winter although I was read mail weather forecast through the for the upcoming winter and what they've prediction it it doesn't look like we're really a lot of precipitation in fact they even saw the word drought is there so global locals to roll it goes. Hot stuff talk about today how we'll get to that in just a second wanna welcome Steve Clifford the coach of the Charlotte hornets and not to the our show this afternoon hello coach Clifford. I don't I'm good listen first of all thanks for coming out and no speak into our group the other night. That are went. I get together the other night you came out in no spoke and and in essence kind of talked about your five principles of leadership. And I thought you were magnificent and that's probably a speech that you've given before. But it is I sat there are no I watched you and analyze your thought to myself yeah no wonder this guys and ended in BA coach does that to that's that's a delicate mechanism to take Eagles like that and and also have the knowledge of the game and to try to make it all work so I I thoroughly enjoyed you talked the other night. Thank you very much I appreciate your. The have it go off to the start you audible I've met and I know you're looking for excuses but when you go in with two starters that aren't on the our roster that's that's a tough bill talked me a little bit about the game last night he would be happy when Dwight Howard. Thought toward played well I mean it's in the biggest point is is not that. Not that we all didn't have the talent to play well you know we just turn the ball over through march and there are certain things you have to do to. I walk consistently in particular on the road in last night. The turnovers four as you know by far the biggest factor in the game. You rob. Is kind of a casual observer of the NBA I would note dare to get into a conversation none x.s and o.s and stuff with you. But I it's always amazing to me when you get around to the NBA draft up how many kids are playing basketball across this country and how many kids or another in college show basketball. And how limited the draft is on what talent you can get but you guys picked up a guy Dwyane bacon fairly late in the second round and he started the game last night talk to me a little bit about that. And the art of finding somebody late in the second round that actually can have an impact on your team. What he's done he's got a really good job in the home. Yes size. Yes talk this to good competitor. Being in the war we found this he's a very good learner are picking things up quickly so. I think he's got all this year board's future arm is someone who can help our team this year. Do you I have anything you can tell us about Michael Kidd Gilchrist who was not with the team is off on a personal and and I doubt that you give me details Brent any idea on when you will see him back enough with a tame. Yet know all of you'll be here tomorrow either both were hoping. Good old he'll rejoin just this weekend and then doll. Nor may became a little bit just to obviously give conditioning back and everything like double what can afford to have him back. Your first season here you and throughout your career as an assistant with though lakers and magic in rockets and Nixon. You up set up a reputation as being a defensive specialist and they and your first few teams here are certainly showed that defensive edge. You lost a little bit of that last year is Michael Kidd Gilchrist a big part of your defensive effort. No question I think he's I think he has the potential to be in the lead when defender he has. Terrific Jeff criticism great defense have been stinks. He's very bright he's not only are good individual defender but he's very good with team concept also also. Heroic combines. I think a rare combination of all after what this is the main intelligence on the floor. You. Do you like what goes on in the NBA do you like the way that the NB operates today where you have some super teams and then you have the rest of the pack. And then what does it take to kind of get out of being in the middle and work your way up into the top. Well I mean it's. It's difficult I mean did you know really. Home. You know when you look at Golden State are saw the other day that I think Dorsey ESPN. Has them says the or or maybe isn't stages. As they've never had a team. Rated so highly in any professional sport that the odds of them winning units are better than ever whether any team ever. Soul but he did you know that part I saw me either one to watch obviously but they're very difficult to be. Indeed the only way that your going to get in the upper Echelon. All of the NBA is you know you have to find a way to get a superstar. And then once you superstar don't know what court happening Golden State you hope they attract other superstars. And you get a guy like a staff curry and obviously you know we've got a little bit of a local angle on a staff hurry here Asencio played around here know went to Davidson. But what we're would you what when staff curry came out a Davidson. You're an assistant at the time always what what was your analysis of him and and and how did you think he would fare in the NBA. I mean you know he had an amazing skill level David and I think sometimes at all. It's it's hard to teach do you have for the program. Along ball you don't want to think that he's done. Is you know like most great players in this police became until we can he was very good. He's gotten better and better every year and a lot of lot of his. Jeanne obviously is he had a great skill level which you may even better but in some restraint and is. You know it is strength of its knees and hips some he had major. Ankle injuries sure if you remember early in his career. He's worked so hard torme proved that mr. Chase's career. Has he changed the game with a three point shot or has there was the three point shot already becoming a bigger factor by the time he got into the live out. You know I think you'll want to I think the three point you don't become more more prevalent I think what he's done no. Is he one of the guys who made that three point shooting off the dribble. A bigger factor you know even two or three years ago. When you game planned the didn't have the biggest thing you look to take where we're in this spot up three a lot of guys could shoot the three. Off to catch. In that foul it's so more and more so. That you kick guys that shoot 53 off the dribble and I believe he was one of the first 'cause it became good at that. You guys play again on Friday your home opener against the Atlanta Hawks and the Denver comes to town known shortly thereafter and then a week for a month tomorrow night take Houston is in town which should should be a good game with a Chris Paul. Well with the Iraq it's now and all that last question how much you hate doing these interviews. I don't mind at all home I think it's. It's part of the job and to be honest I see you get these days where you're just sitting here dirt field work has emerged very true. When you talked a lot about Fillmore the other day and then I'll listen to your post game comments last night was Stephanie ready and know you basically said the same thing that we got to. We've got to go back between now in the game and Atlanta and we've got to look at the film. So film is a big guy and I thought to myself so how does he have time how does he have five or ten minutes from me tomorrow because ultimately he's going to be one do ought to be in their. Well analyzing the film how much time have you spent film studies since last night. Why I think you know it's it's the biggest part of true things is. Personable. You know to give up to date on your own team. There's no way to do except for watching the film and you know I think I'd do the same thing most coaches do which won the game man you make notes on. You're observations. Are what you think happened during the game. And they are torture for a long time this would be this is eighteen years for me in this in this league and 34 years overall. And then when you go back and look at what your observations were are you watch the film rarely. You give most of your right you of the film Tulsa also. Into you know the Fallon if you watch the phone calls please. There's no way that you can really. Separate course for the direction of your team the next day and the same is true obviously of getting ready for an opponent and I mean. You can look at numbers and and just scatter report put into do you watch a film there's no way you can really be up to date on your next opponent. When you spoke to all of us the other night and our our client meeting you mentioned it to you originally you know or a teacher at two woodland high school up in Maine which is so where you're originally from. Was this always the goal to become a professional coach or at that point were bush your rework where your sites gonna set on being a teacher. Feature on you Mike Edwards was a terrific high school coach in Vermont and my plan was to. You know via high school coach and pretzels specialist teacher and I never really the have a goal. To give into the NBA or anything like that I just find George coaching and I get an opportunity to chart Pollard like that and and then things just kind of move forward. I know then got knees are kind of mentors are viewers you you oppose you went up against one no last night stand with the Detroit. But who was the person that was kind of instrumental in getting you out of the high schools and in on your way to where you are today. Well actually brick thrown through the coach of the seven these pictures just dead walk around Coach Brown. Is a legendary coach in New England a course from high school for many years coaching the Boston University. And he hired me to be a volunteer system kind of third assistant and a division two school Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. And a great great quotes like I you know look at the legend up there. And someone rational thing called start where today. Listen up thanks for your time all of what you get back to your film. But I appreciate struggled to get a chance again and good luck this season and good luck against Atlanta on product. Thank you very mart. All right LT goes that Steve Clifford coaches dale hornets were back to you just feel. News 1110993. WVG John Hancock. Well the bid three and four Amazon's second headquarters. And obviously I'm not a fly on the wall and a Seattle. Amazon headquarters and they go a long list of cities to considering. At what point don't come holiday short and less or whatever the case may be I have no idea. We get some kind of indication. Spokeswoman for the group's repairing Charlotte's bed. Well we know Diane Shays Diane chases. Member of our newsroom for a good long while. So rush I knew she was had her own PR firm and stuff like that I had no idea that she was instrumental in none in the bid. So long. If I had I can say I don't I have no inside information on Amazon. I'm a bit all of these. Google Amazon even Microsoft kinda seemed to have their own. Atmosphere. They create their own environment. And they're kind of have a campus mentality. They're generally listed in their greatest places to work lists. On their made up of you don't people and understand the new technology. There Vera Mara America's. Hip technological. Pioneers. And they also seem to congregate in cities like Seattle. I'll share an article which the only again America after the at 330 news that was in the Seattle newspaper actually it was in Politico this morning but written by a guy from Seattle Paul Roberts. Says this is what happens when Amazon comes to your town. Now. Seattle already had Microsoft. When Amazon landed there. Seattle already had Boeing. Wind Seattle when when Amazon landed there so their work cut used to. City changing. But Amazon has a whole different animal. And everybody wants and if I were if I root India I think Austin, Texas. And that that's who's listed as the favorite right now. Com but I I thought Austin, Texas was the one that was the leader out of the chute. For a long long time not amend Austin awhile. But that cost let's keep Austin weird mentality. And the SXSW. Festival. And Lake Travis and Barton springs and Willie Nelson. And everything else that goes for the Austin, Texas seems custom made for the mentality that we're kinda led to believe that a company like Amazon is looking for plus. It's Texas. Think they might be able to come up with the eight bridge down there at Texas close to the airport that. Are there would do facilitate the campus they wanna build I think they're probably could so I'm I'm pick and Austin bubble up we'll talk about Charlotte's bid next. Germans visited this a political it's unknown what really happens when Amazon comes to your town but does hold into the cavity. Very very careful what you wish for you might just get it boom and I don't know of anybody that's not. Enthusiastic about the possibilities the but it would be transforming. City and community. Transforming. One thing I've learned since I got here 27 years ago lawyers that growth does not pay for itself. On the and so the not only the amount of money that it would cost to attract. Not Amazon. But the amount of money that it would didn't cost you. In infrastructure. And police and so on and so forth would be astronomical. There already some people that are in fact I think it was the observer. Editorial piece today by the editorial board said day you know other. They're already. Excited about the possibility of light rail to the river district. I thought that was one of the more interesting things that I and wonder if as somebody like Johnny Harris might not just fly out to Seattle another assay. Thank you got a minute. Because this river district that he's proposed through a 485 west boulevard area is gonna be huge it's gonna be Ballantine huge. But it hasn't really truly been defined yet I mean that they've they've defined it from view what they wanna do and mentor to rebut. Not to the point that it couldn't be adapted. To become Amazon city. All the sudden you would have. A district that would be really almost totally Amazon. Focused as opposed to. Just developer focused. So I you know I don't know if that's in the works or anything or not but it's been it was brought up in an article the other day in the observer and I just found that to be fascinating because not related does that meet one of their criteria open land. It also meets that criteria of close to the airport. That part of 485. Runs parallel to the runways at Charlotte Douglas international. It would be right at the airport. So love. And it would probably increase the value of my house on the other side of the river and I think that's important when rural considering the still. Does this affect John's real estate value. So are blowing over to Chris and I'll share some of what do we both found including what's in their Charlotte's bid or at least part of what's in Charlotte's bid though pressure on WBT I. Our bill assert that particular culture. So I hate to say that cryptic talk about Bob belliard but I think we were site. The people expected with this corporate welfare. Political Burks that's all companies have well Charlotte rather have a super brand out by actually. Benefit from them being here throughout their performs a bank come. Thought about them being air and you know you percent near you percent Barrett and taxes no big deal. But what we're gonna pray that I believe the numbers 680 million or so largest. Corporate. Sponsorship Auburn probably district or our state or Saudi paper so comment. And they're trying to go to what 4567. Billion. And those taxes is about I got a Coke and saw where it would let the community of sorts all the rest. But there's nobody dared you check our readers are gonna be there in Arctic could spell short while or not but anyway at a community absorb all that Ret command. Did the same amount and the people have like no money. Those first Erica look taxes you're back. And I I really don't understand where they ought to be like this level beacon ever done and I argued it up or your group that says what they bring the community and how they help all it's about well. Don't single single family single parent families are they even not even bother with that. Well they don't add to definitively I don't know that a dollar amount has been necessarily defined yet for our first for Charlotte's bid but. A new Jersey's already offered up seven billion dollars in package so voted incentives and so on and so forth so I mean that that that's kind of worked out. Now that that is kind of where the litmus test begins a supposed. The that did the Amazon themselves would be making about a five billion dollar investment. And they bring an awful lot of are like 50000 full time jobs that average compensation over a 100000 dollar sought. So that's good at the the piece by the Charlotte Observer board today concludes by saying. This is not to suggest they bring up a lot of points against. For an against noted pursuing this but this is this is not to suggest that Charlotte should reject economic growth due to the F. Attendant cost but it means the city and state should recognize the pressures. There would come from landing at. Even without Amazon are transit system is underfunded we face two billion dollars in stool school construction news and we wrestled provide affordable housing. We don't even a permanent city planning director. They say it's fine to dream big on Amazon we buy a lottery tickets occasionally to about remember while it's fun to imagine what to do what all those potential rot richest. Many lottery winners end up broke. Com that's kind of like hearsay and is. You know Ed Davey yeah okay so you got the big prize but didn't can you afford what the city really needs for the residents are already here. Exactly and I don't I would like to see these companies that are so it does all and so much. What got no liberal beacon of our social justice they should be saying hey weren't we wanna know their cup billion dollar gonna help paper each pool in your area. We're gonna comment Wednesday. What did with it hour or she were so to us all we don't you know we don't need your body we don't need that. At the yacht the paid and absorb the restaurants. We like your community saw were then. You're a token of judge you're no it just seems backwards to. Well yeah I except it's a you know in this Danish if we talk about this with the NFL and sports teams and no stadiums and I and all that stuff. You're almost it from a business standpoint you'd almost be ignorant not to. I'd take what you know is gonna be offered. Is it's kind of like almost guys sit there and somebody tries to head of a torn dollar bill and he says Ono on fine all all figure out general later Tom Brokaw. Burglary at his spirit exponentially spotting itself an appeal to you these are exact bank. You but you're also beholden to your stockholders. And I think that's what's changed about an awful lot of things these days is it used to be the guy with the corner office and you were trying to. You you you kinda had to report to him but now you don't report to began a corner office anymore you report to the stockholders of the company of those who did that own the company unit. That is in question enough stockholders. You know I mean everybody's got a 401K. His approach it shall stockholder and we all like to see our our stocks go up the note in an NCR 401 k's go up so I know we're all kind of complicit in. In profits and there's nothing wrong with profits but I understand what you are saying till and I and I think it's valid but there are politician. Bet there are and I wanna say I will benefit of Ramadan comes here and result there's local absolutely in my I'm not going to be you know cried myself to sleep but I think that. And don't let it go from conservative got a bigger just the way that the media and everything at portrait appeal like. You know orbit and the boat a little bigger some power on their community level and on the you know helping goes through this won't how it can help all the people with money and well. But it's not gonna help anybody who doesn't. I have. Not guys that I mean I agree too with yet although nothing is gonna be golden good deal for everybody. But I know I agree with you I I I think I think our priorities are way out of skew old when we basically are trying to come up with ways. To help with companies that already bend abundantly successful. Brought it out thank you sorter prime target sort of barter all right thank you Chris appreciate it we submitted our proposal. Charlotte did for the headquarters the five billion dollar campus and development bonanza that everybody wants. The I mean a month and a half ago we had politicians I was gonna name one but I can't remember if he's actually the one that senator not a conservative. County commissioner who said you know I'm not normally for these. Now but in this case in this one you know I would. And that's that's kind of the difference between Amazon and everything else that it comes along even the Boeing deal was. Not something that I think we'd tried to put up four point some on the state tried to put up to a huge incentive sore. And you know there's an awful lot of politicians that a million in those that aren't for corporal welfare but they would be for a this one. A maybe not to the extent that it actually is gonna cost but probably farther than what they've been willing to commit to before. Amazon hasn't officially said as written in the Charlotte Observer today. I hasn't officially said Dell winner how it will let cities know where they stand in the competitive process. But the observers said so that they'll probably Whittle down their options to over a hunt drove over a hundred North American at least. San Antonio not liable San Antonio is one of because cities has said no. Too expensive but I do now. They'll benefit anyway if Boston gets a Tom. Meaning Charlotte might know you know whether or not it makes the short list in a little over a month. We were talking and our weekly podcast which will be up relatively soon. How Smart garrison in a boat Thompson and I. You think we at least make the short list nobody is giving us a chance for the shortlist either. I wouldn't be surprised to see aside I don't know what the shortlist is that five of its five I don't think we make this short list if it's 1059. Maybe you do I don't know. Don't talk a bit more about Charlotte's bid and the Charlotte Observer point of view. And what some of the other cities have put forth and then I do wanna get to this political article about. This is what happens when Amazon comes to your town. Yeah. The proposal to Amazon now was shipped to Seattle with a custom made box for the guys that we talked to that makes the wooden boxes. But your brand on the it did catch the guys that they got to do the business. Moose or Newser in company that's him right. He was featured in the Charlotte business journal and knowing we had him on Monday. And and that I threat no I said I was gonna buy a box I never did and I should have. Conservatives are pretty cool thing. I anyway that boxes part of that and every thing in the box was made by Charlotte company. Including bubble wrap up by sealed air. And photographed for the bio Kim Smith. And. Personal letters from a handful of influential leaders say including Michael Jordan. Not Boehner said he can do that. Hugh McCall. Bank of America former Bank of America's CEO Lending Tree CEO I dug bloodbath. So why that's that's among. What was proposed that's not certainly not all. Included in Charlotte Steve tales are proposal Laura deet tails of the more than twenty possible sites for the campus can be built. I'm and that would be all over this area including parts of South Carolina. Amazon said that they. It could have looked at the the duty to to eight million square feet of off the space click twice as much is so what's that Ballantine corporate park. To give viewers a sense of the scale on that says the observer. A Raleigh Durham the Triad hit Greer also submitting bids north Carolina Department of Commerce has said that it will equally support all the bids to land the project of that to a magnitude possible North Carolina could. I'm may have to expand its incentives program New Jersey confirmed this week it's willing to put seven billion dollars in tax incentives to land headquarters in new work. And I'm thinking it's thinking in my dad's. They might take a little bit more than seven billion have a must say today regarding the Newark. Princeton could be a part of New Jersey maybe even though would be because that's pretty country don't matter but. Features new works with version four Tom. 683. Million is what North Carolina and local officials had offered Boeing back into said two and a 24 change 683. Million beckon now 2014 to try to Lendale manufacturing plant with the Boeing. Which ironically enough. Is also located at Seattle's. On the governors go to Scott real quick on WB TJ Scott. They were rubbed aren't MM. I don't I didn't regular people call it and they're like what you know the world that we're a big company get a duke but all of these people or people. And M so there I give myself I was homeless and Charlotte. I don't war company's home improvement for an eye view marketing consulting. I mean I worked for beer and not known by anybody in this town 45 years ago soon. I know almost everybody in this town that is doing everything. And it's all because. You won't call. And a bunch of you know leaders in business and Pat McCrory. Also cited we will get a growth Charlotte. You know the best way that we could possibly made we're not a core rock the Atlantic air I mean and I think we're doing it a pretty good. Brought to see your point and I got to go but your point being a company like this has a large umbrella that would affect all sorts of a different parts of the the economy a new city. Accord that would forbid what a bare it all work. The bear and the middle class I got up. Scott appreciate golf. The third of the Amazon did. And some blood or another we'll get to the story that everybody seems to be talking about today and that's that they your consciousness. Briefly continues after you died. To the point that they're saying you might actually be able to ascertain day here is someone don't pronounce you dead. I would be disturbed well I don't know depends and if you're optimistic on warrior editor not. I mean there's some people that you just have no question about it and you're almost happy for them because. If that's where they're going. Voila a man. And then there's a funeral we've all been to before or you just pretty sure is. Now when not. And you just sit out there in the crowded and thank god I'm so glad I'm not doing this eulogy. It's great guys going to help that he's is a great guy is. That the and while we'll all due respect to the family had no mrs. Jones. Here's what Politico had to say about this is what really happens when Amazon comes to your town not this entire anybody. It's his trust me I saw my city transform a not always for the better assured by governor and you'll Paul Roberts. And it talks about everybody who's vying for the headquarters to any said all these cities are going all out to win no the Amazon affections. Any talks about ordinary Seattle heights. Today might take a lesson from the city who where where the same affections have doomed. Seattle to be sure the town's business community is mortified to be losing so much of Amazon's future growth to another city and has roundly blamed. Cities so left leaning anti business politics but many ordinary Seattle lights seemed relieved. Most would acknowledge the extraordinary prosperity that Amazon has brought to go to Seattle. But they also are keenly aware of the costs. Not least of the nation's fastest rising housing prices appalling traffic and painful erosion never been Hannity. Which were once a quirky and courtly mellow. Solidly middle class city now feels like a stressed out to tear town with a thin layer of wealth young techies wealthy young techies. Atop a base of anxious wage workers. So yes as anyone who has witnessed that Seattle also a transformation firsthand could tell you Amazon suitors may be laboring under some fairly unrealistic expectations. Yes certainly there are underestimating the impact that tens of thousands of young well paid quote on quote knowledge workers can have on local infrastructure housing prices and even politics. But the probably also overestimating the benefits of being in am on its second company town. They say it dead today it is a day Amazon isn't the only reason Seattle's been attracting. Attracting all these firms talent and and capital the area's other tech icon Microsoft headquartered here since 1986. He's still spinning out its own considerable a bomber powers it toggle a bit about Boeing in this piece as well. Then they go back and talk about perspective host cities will point to their own nation dead dead tech sectors prestigious universities and other local resources. Of attack talent. Amazon would hardly be starting from scratch but a closer look at Seattle makes clear that this city's powerful entrepreneurial ecology wasn't driven by its own tech sector. Tom and they talk about. In its epicenter for some of the biggest retail. Seattle is innovations in the modern era Starbucks Nordstrom REI Eddie Bauer. Other cities will have skillful work forces and universities as well that are applying and what are they can't duplicated Seattle's weird mix of history culture and business. Same culture that came up with a high Amazon also came up with grunge. Why I think Austin. Is going to be one of the leading cities because they just have this you can you can't. I said he can't fabricate. That. You really got it or you don't you can't go be Eugene Oregon. You rhyme or you may not want to be Eugene Oregon but you what I you know as Austin let's keep Austin weird. I'm Austin got its own flavor like no other city I've ever been to and they've held onto it now for decades. And you can't have you can't sit down City Council and county commission people and say hey that thing Austin Scott we want that. That that's like it and it's like. It's like Christian McCafferty. He has yet. You can't go get another great athlete and say hey. You need do develop yet. You either have it or you don't have it. But you can't adopt yet. I'm Michael Jordan had yet. The Beatles. Had it. How many bands. Hundreds of thousands. Have tried to duplicate. It sets. That doesn't work out or. Said dumb. After they may grunge thing. Go back here. I mean. How much of Amazon is actually the child of Nordstrom and Nirvana. And how much of that alchemy. As yen calls that will transfer to another town. Alchemy. And the yen guys that they referred to. They could have violated here. If you're not but he's one of the people that is that is that is mentioned in the same. Our prospective host cities will point to their own attack sisters text session America that. Still looking for Yan eh Indiana is the director of the city program at Simon Frasier university British accountant code Columbia. I'm a longtime observer of Seattle's economy so he's someone that's talking about the alchemy. So the underscores another important but hard to duplicate factor in Seattle's Amazon moment the city is bizarrely powerful people magnet the city itself as they bizarrely powerful people magnet. Is Charlotte. No. It is to sonics enemy were hit a lot of young people that are infiltrating to talent but. It doesn't have yet enough that they do you also have a geographic I think with Seattle. Mountains ocean. No we don't. We got three and a half hours from more two and a half hours from but we're not it's not right there you know look at out of the Bank of America building at the ocean. Case in point during the brutal Boeing bust of the early 1970s a national recession and the collapse of the aerospace sector cost Seattle more than a 100000 jobs gone double employment to 17%. The worst for any US urban areas since the Great Depression but. The city held on its most talented workers and even continue to bring in new winds. The city's attractions were such that workers came looking for jobs even during times of monumental unemployment rates. Seattle's high labor stickiness is a call economists call it hardly surprising beyond its gorgeous setting. Charming single family neighborhoods and hip culture Seattle's atmosphere of entrepreneurship. And ever a possibility of rags to stock options riches. Has been painfully attraction in its own right. When we also doubted talked to the podcast today. You can't say Charlotte's got no chance. Because Charlotte has proven the naysayers wrong too many times. I don't think that there are the leading contender. But watch improve your wrong. And then make a and then they've proven me wrong I'm a number of occasions so I don't wanna be the guy that says. Charlotte expected thinks they can get Amazon who's to say they can't. This has always been a can do city in some way shape or form they figured out how to do things. And maybe not at this level but. It's said winning HQ to headquarters could be a great way to get an anchor tenant around what you can build says that billion below loans now ski of the University of Washington his computer scientist. He said the notion that Amazon is going to be your ticket to a glorious future. Apps and all the other things like that a place like Seattle has to offer that's delusional put another way. He said it may be that Seattle. Was actually the best thing that happened to Amazon. As opposed to Amazon being the best thing that ever happened to Seattle. Now that's a different way to look at what they're trying to achieve here. It might be that Austin. As they built in. Mindset and culture to be an asset to Amazon not just Amazon being and maybe we don't know. But I don't know if we have it. Or not. And then the question is whether those benefits will outweigh the cost and those include billions of dollars in tax breaks and other explicit giveaways. And they also include the broader impacts the Seattle eyes have seen in the past few years is Amazon and its rivals of boomed. The influx of well paid techno were were tech workers has helped drive up the median house price by 69%. Since 2012. The average tech salary was 98000. Plus last year. While more than half of the city residents earn less than 50000 dollars and rich and poor alike must endure traffic congestion. That is now the fourth worst in the United States you think traffic's bad here now. You ain't seen nothing yet. So it's it's replacing it's a piece it's on Politico and it's and it's not all the negative but it's just saying I mean to some extent. You better be careful what you wish for you might just get it. Letter from Seattle this is what really happens when Amazon comes to your town Ohio but TJ put it up on the Hancock page to WB Tito come. Five billion dollars that's 50000 new jobs Goodwin. Averaging a 100000 a year. Analytics rank what it sees as the unlikeliest candidates. And number one because the top five in this order Austin. Atlanta. Can you imagine Atlanta traffic if they got Amazon. I can't imagine Atlanta traffic now without. But you know Atlanta will make a big bid for it and and they certainly have the the area and Landon. Philadelphia. Rochester. And Pittsburgh making up the top five. Pittsburgh probably the top five because you promoted Brothers that's what I'm thinking. AP got the scoop from the a fifty plus mayors about Watson era bit. And some of the sunshine seems to be a big deal and Denver Colorado has been touting this for ever. On the they have more sun shiny days than Miami more golf days in Denver than Miami does it's true story. Com so cities are proclaiming themselves say of foil to the re newness of us Seattle. We have 300 days of sunshine that was from the CEO of the metro Denver economic development corporation our skies are blue were and prettier. Then Austin's. City is also pushing for 300 sunny days Albuquerque, New Mexico went on record as having 300 intend. Days of sun. Said so now is going to be in numbers in order at three elevenths. They don't tell you bet on some of those sunny days it's 22 Koreas. For Columbus, Ohio it's lack of natural catastrophes is a big selling point. Albuquerque is boasting that it's not plagued by earthquakes or Erica hurricanes. Stone crest Georgia is asides about twenty miles east of Atlanta. And the Atlanta journal constitution reports the City Council voted in early October this is that we've talked about the city before two DNX 345. Acres of land and create the city. On Amazon. Which you gotta admit it's pretty a pretty. Yeah that somebody was thickened. Should they have the winning bid they would name it Amazon Georgia. New York City I. And Times Square in Amazon or arrange for about fifteen minutes on Wednesday night. And after those who sought probably thought it was hollowing display. But let it was actually. Pale wing to Seattle. The mayor of Kansas City decided to get Amazon's attention by buying a thousand products from the site and then reviewing them all. With each product review. The mayor James tells Kansas City story you like a stat fact Dora story about his city armed. Measurable talks about. You know who do they flagged his review for fiber one cereal. They're transitions into a mention of the city. Of Kansas City. Having more fiber per capita. In the Internet cents. Than anywhere else in the United States and by the way all the items that Kansas City bought all thousand of them. They're donating to charities. Little October the nineteenth. The deadline for Seattle. 292 days in the year 73 to go. 1985. That would be 132. Years ago. The first blockbuster video opened in Dallas Texas. Oh how fast they come and go. There's still one or two hanging around someplace. Peter Max our old buddy Peter Max is eighty years old today. According to wallet hugged the State's most riddled with identity fraud is California. And speaking of California those kill for you while flyers have completely destroyed 31 marijuana farms. I know there's a downwind the line in there somewhere but. Samoa Los Angeles residents are are really upset that the LAPD is about to launch a drone program. Village all 68 years old 35 year old wife and he's the expecting another kid. So he'll be 88. When the kids torn AC at odds always the math but I do on these. Well but the kid will probably be fairly secure and so there's that. Scientists say that don't we should Debbie worried about insects because they are mysteriously disappearing. I read the new studio voice scary news from the world of science scientists now claimed that two people know that they have just died because the brains consciousness continues to work briefly even though the body has stopped responding. Talk more about that few seconds. I it's fascinating. But on the other hand. Oh I don't. Instead they said that you may even hear the proclamation you know that they. We lost him all. Lost me. There's a bit I I mile stretch they've of the people who have had a near death experience and they see they say see the light may suited to this the other and well I mean the light could just be your brain going off couldn't. I Thursday night football Kansas City Chiefs take on the Oakland Raiders. Until about pets got. The tell the world phones Ritter big big Oakland raider fan. Big South Carolina Gamecocks fifth. We try to keep him off high bridges and things like that. We have New England Patriots may have left. Super Bowl 51 with the Lombardi trophy but does somebody's going to go home with. Presidential Sox. Former Republican president George H. W. Bush is giving a pair of socks that he wore to the Super Bowl to a Roman Catholic diocese pains so they can be auctioned off. He wore the red white and blue socks while performing these ceremonial coin toss with the wife Barbara at Super Bowl 51. In February he's donating the Sox and an autographed photo of from the coin flip to the Roman Catholic diocese of Portland. Open no Maine and the diocese says that the winning bidder will also get a personalized letter from the former president. Who is a along time summer resident of Kennebunkport. Main. Laura main. There's a mole audio trump. Body double. Or at least that's the conspiracy although I think I read today that the mole audio trump body double is in fact millennia. But you could still. I do you think the president ever criticizes about body double. Well that would be some good for inside edition dirt floor certainly we would get into that Michael Michael Michael ware and Michael Doyle does during the formal here mr. dole loyalists in the village VT newsroom was today's big story. Mac and a. Fat. Final five got a shot a thousand dollars an hour for a candidate contest. We'll follow that up with 505 petty. And then we'll talk a little bit about this a study of consciousness briefly continuing after your death. There's a survey that shows more people request to be cremated with their pets ashes and any other funeral right. And other popular requests that are made by people planning their a funeral include being buried with their savings. Being buried in their own garden. It may greasy old tough. And having a phone with them. Did they got a you know you wouldn't wanna be like start down there without Motorola flip. The battery out battery life on the new iPhone aids a lot better than they old. Who you gonna call. Ghostbusters. Now lies told about it return. No John it's not okay that. Go with me on this project it's it's important to the next story. Just because you don't have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on renting a private jet doesn't mean you can't. Make your social media or friends think that you do. For just a few hundred dollars. You can actually rent a luxurious gulfstream six G 650 aircraft for a couple hours. And have a team of professional photographers and make up artist create the illusion that you are actually living a life of a luxury. And you can then post those photos on mr. Graham and sit back as your friends and and fans are drool over them. People are reading and grounded in private jets. Is the emphasis of the story. A company in Russia. It's those Russians again. The same ones that infiltrated our Charlotte protests. Did you read that did you see that story we'll talk about that next half hour to. Yeah at a low uprising that we had in September apparently there was some Russian influence on them. It's my question. When Russia. List Charlotte. That they put the NC at the end of it. Or is it just known. In Russia. It Charlotte's in North Carolina. No explanation needed I'm company in Russia will rent a gulfstream. Two fake rich people. For between 250 and 500 dollars for a two hour session. Depending on you know what the client extra soft for you never actually leave the ground by your into Graham followers don't need to know that -- my question is. What would you need why would you org whoa whoa what takes two hours. You walking up the stairs. You sitting in a seat. You talking to the pilot. Next. You with humble audio trump body double. Okay. I can pick couple hours. Depending on whether you've been to the clinic or not. It. And oh life. I yankees down the Astros last night five to nothing so there up three games to two they now head to Houston for game six the home team has won every game in this series so far so does that mean no use to go back home and because it would be sick game six and seven would be used to run. And oh cavs play again tonight. Tony program rector over the fans. Big coach there and big big jumps in big cardinal fan. Some days it Tony kind of irritates me. So I anyway I walked past his office they gave the thumbs up to the cubs beat the Dodgers last night 320. And so that staved off elimination as they Erica the dodgers' lead three games to one. And game five will be played tonight in Chicago when he was a C was saying to me. Largest you know I think do not a win tonight. I just don't want to see the Dodgers. Celebrate. At Wrigley Field. This can't see the other team celebrating on our home field. And I said they're looking at him go and did not the cubs just celebrate and Busch Stadium. Was it not just the cubs that were celebrating on the cardinals' home field. And you're you're you're trying to get empathy from meat. It's all a love hate type thing you know. Anyway I am gonna root for the cubs I'm not supposed to do there's a cardinal fan but. Well but I I don't know I got talent you know I would have predicted this is the beginning of the season probably a little follow baseball that much but anymore. A New York Yankee Los Angeles dodger World Series would that be appealing to the masses with the rest of the country via and it didn't matter. Would that just be a big day in new York and Los Angeles. WBZ AM sharp it's 505. Eddie and. It's. That's a most ominous in the kind of an eerie tune in and there and move on. Time to get going. We know those is in town tonight neighborhood theater tonight 8 o'clock. I've been around for about four decades you probably don't Obama the old Ritchie Valens June but there's so much more than that. And that would be a good ticket Joseph they got album out called gates of gold's been out for a couple years. Our neighborhood theater tonight. Los Lobos 8 o'clock show I think because it took until such Rebecca about forty bucks situated told The Daily Show. But yeah Gilbert that all re going to be good stuff. Our quick reminder I'll tell you more about this tomorrow when we're do and a kick off the big weekend just about right now but Charlie Craig's crews in up their guest in county if you go up and out new hope road. And you see that one white building that looks like an old Sinclair station he's got signs and stop all over the place you've always wanted to yourself what is that. That's Charlie Craig's place and I think there is an actual working shop back in there but it's not as Sinclair station but it looks like one and for the ninth straight year Charlie's doing a cruise in on now Saturday all day long on Saturday 4320s south new hope road. And I are the pros benefit cancer services I went there last year a lot of people bring their classic cars there it's just a fun thing good Bob group we are good people. I'll probably the place will be packed you are more than welcome to come. In fact he'd love to have you they'll have that thing going on all day Long Will be there at some point or another and not exactly sure and diminish or thereabouts but I'm looking forward to it the ninth annual Charlie Craig crews and 4320s. South new hope road Saturday all day long. On idea. Okay below the neo Tokyo's canoe led to our. Oh yesterday we were talking about the belly self driving cars in the national highway transportation safety administration. Don't track how many road deaths are the result of a phone use while you're driving. Well ever since texting became a thing. People have you know found stuff to do besides keep their eyes on the road and it's illegal in most places at this point but. New study says that the worst driver distractions. Actually come from inside your car. It's not your cellphone. It's the stuff that in your car. They did a study commissioned by a triple A says the drivers take an average of forty seconds to fiddle around with their navigation which you've done while moving his forty seconds where you're distracted. In second place was texting. While things like making a hands free phone calls into. Earning the car radio were further down the list. Tentatively so my truck goes to me that I despondency and sometimes according to the Centers for Disease Control. Nine million people are killed and a thousand are injured by distracted drivers every day. Every now and then I'll be driving down the road and all the sudden the screen in the truck goes. To like a great background. And it's got a message on it. And the message is about Howell. Being distracted while driving. Can be so there are other above all love law. And then in order to get it off you have to push like a button or something like that lets us okay are subject. While you're driving this thing pops up. Somebody didn't think that through that tour. All right now we go over to. Well via news rumor Mike Doyle or Michael as we like to call him and we're being formal and they're whether it comes worked out there and don't give Parker. Credibility in my video going on the phone. All right. I you've heard about the popular Long Beach, California breakfast spot that found itself in the middle of a fried chicken controversy after a Yelp review were attacked a restaurant for using. Pop eyes chicken. And passing it off as their own. Turner's story restaurant was serving pop lies chicken. And saying it was their own check in charge thirteen bucks weren't. Sweet Dixie kitchen small restaurants specializing in comfort food with a southern influence. Called out by a Yelp user by the name of Tyler H who claimed in his review before my friends and I got seated at the restaurant. We saw them quickly bring in two large boxes of put it is still the kitchen. Once seated. Tyler H ordered fried chicken and waffle that he said tasted suspiciously like pop lives. This week Dixie kitchen owner is Kim San jazz. Saw the Yelp review and responded boldly defending the origins or reject and we proudly serve pop lies spicy tenders. The best fried chicken anywhere. And from New Orleans. Which you are delivered twice today we promote usually small batch local producers on our menu. The exception is pop eyes. We can't Fryer at this location and it is fried chicken I love so much and aided time of when it when I was in Atlanta so I servant. Is that even legal. She said I tried Costco chicken. This is a restaurant. Tried cost goat chicken I tried restaurant depot chicken and then I went to I'd generate pop lives and knew that this was the chicken that we had to use of the store. It's the best chicken. Other ago. Can you do that. Which seems like there would be some sort of well the transportation thing I mean their job and health inspector feel about. Although it doesn't affect delivered pizza. I don't know. Seems wrong somehow or another to an end a restaurant you kind of assuming that. Although what did waited you don't do you figure you've been in restaurants that are doing no but three made salads and stuff like that. So what would be the difference technically. Who presides beliefs. You know it armed. The end National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Prediction Center. Nowak it's. Meant to enter a word but it's not. As Euro winner outlook prediction. And they think that winner will be. Warm. And dry. Now isn't that the opposite of what the farmer's almanac said were we expecting things to be wet and cold from the farmer's almanac. I'm 55 to 65%. That La Nina. The cooling of the Pacific waters. Will develop for a second year in a row they say and if Le Nina continues to develop we predict it will be weak and potentially short lived. But it could still shape the character of our upcoming winner says Mike help Purdue is the deputy director. Of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Prediction Center. He says typical log me in Japan burdens but I during the winter include death above average precipitation. And colder than average temperatures along none of the northern tier of the United States and below normal precipitation and drier conditions. Across the south and in fact they think that drought could develop. In scattered areas of the south as well. So which the past two winners. Have brought above average temperatures to much of the nation including the Carolinas. The average temperature in Charlotte last January was seven and a half degrees warmer than normal. And the high reached eighty degrees back in February. This is all a conspiracy against me because I bought a four wheel drive truck so I can get out of the driveway of their guests in county after the snowplows and snow in front of and as soon as I did that. I haven't needed a four wheel drive truck. Now when I sell that truck. It will rain it'll snow 27 feet. That's just the first snowstorm. And by that time all you know on like a Miata or something like that we won't see the light of day for like months and. Write this story about your consciousness. Continuing after you die. Mimi read stories from people that have passed away and they see the light at the end of the tunnel version of the bright lighter though whatever they say there's a presence and they and in some cases they've even said. Yes I I like rose above myself I can actually see them doing the final work on Mir. I heard them proclaim me as pad as as having passed. What this study says. Studies suggest that consciousness. Briefly continues after you die meaning that people can be aware that they're dead. That's our comforting thought it and well he wouldn't be unmoved comforting if you're fairly sure that you're gonna past your final exam. You're supposed to be off to a pretty marvelous place. I've told people that after my dad passed. Are people that knew me you know my dad because otherwise we're just sound weird and still sounds word we're I'm about to say it but I I would stay you know I would tell some people. You know I don't tell us are here Brescia while thank you. But. I'm happy for him. Sad for me. I'm happy for him if you believe in what he believed in. Then. He went to a great place he went to a place that he worked for. Pretty much all of his life. Took him awhile to get on track. Takes all of us a little while ago on track. So what doctor Sam party out of New York look good on me as school of medicine in New York I'm sure I missed pronounced lagoon. Well look on Orlando on. Or the school of medicine in new York and his team looked at people who suffered cardiac arrest. Technically they died. But were later revived and some of them said that they had awareness of full conversations and see things that we're going on around them. Even after they were pronounced dead and what they describe was then verified by medical staff. Death is defined as the point at which the heart no longer beads and blood flow to the brain is cut off. But apparently there's evidence to suggest that there's a brief for burst of brain energy. As someone dies. So people are aware that there are dead. Because they're consciousness continues to work after the body has stopped showing signs of life which means theoretically. Someone may even hear their own death being announced by the medics. No great guy I as I guess my question would be will you be here you don't really be aware of but yeah Paul the second that you win your first inclination to beat Paula well well well well. But we'll hold on here I got gift I give move my toes right nobody. You do we talked. Already the traffic jittery go very much alive but it very small room you know let him until after he's done with all of his duties or boomer Montana. Oh low low low. I will be if you can hold up now wait wait wait wait I got tickets for the game at that clip that come over to us clear the other tickets for it to pick up. Rumor brought me an article of earlier today about that Jane Fonda's turning eighty years old and you're invited you're Atlanta birthday party. Kinda got to thinking about all the fans that they're Jane Fonda has in talk radio and and now it's gonna be on December the ninth until what is now known as the Ritz Carlton at black kid but. They're re branding that hotel also by the time the party starts it'll be called the Whitley. And but now apparently everybody is invited to and then. And then Bob boomer handed me the comment section to the newspaper. After that and it's just about what you would imagine it would be. Tell me when they're standing here in front of a firing squad and all be sure and be there isn't that do what they do with traders. Hopefully someone will make sure whether it's the. The I can't say that word that starts with a B in. And it into ditches. And yet it's just everybody just seems to really be really excited about the fact that. Jane Fonda is having an area Purdue prevail you're all invited so loved. We all have good time on busy that we and but. The kids first off the otherwise I'd certainly do that already they are WBT news or Ringo were Mike Doyle has today. Big story you mean Cam Newton doesn't play in the NBA now and it's a tough fights it's the National Hockey League that we think is really have so the mark Kamen in yeah I decided that twice yes. And I guess in my haste are dreading that hearted story and then the part of answers and it and I got by me twice shame on me once. Punch me in the face twice. Now if I didn't wanna finish talking on the air literally witnessing in the first up it was a Freudian slip from I actually wrote it read it now I did it again and market mark came in and had this look on his face you know what this grin on his face and -- oh what did I do I can attest to you I've known Mike for a long time he knows that Cam Newton plays in the NFL he knows the difference between the two leagues. New survey out says millennial Olson and and members of the younger generation Z communicate with each other more digitally. And most of that via text. Than they do in person. And then. Don't you ought. Yeah people in this building. That you walked by and say hello to young people and they're stuck for an answer. I think if I texted Norman said hello than they would be able to a serious thing or you know or and I've always kind of wondered. Whatever needs to come to town every now and then and I think in order to not have to talk he she is berries or face in her phone. But maybe that's what she does I don't know. Business solutions a provider live person polled more than 4000 people between the ages of eighteen and 34 in a six western nations so it's not just doesn't. US was one of them. The other 65%. Globally said they talked to each other more frequently via text or cell phone. With an even higher at 74%. In the United States sort of fell on commercial where the dad asked the two daughters wait. You're texting each other and they look at me like yeah. Instead of rewrite the same room with a they say additionally most of that digital communication is done via text at 73% of the US and 69%. Globally. In some of the other results the survey also found that 70% say they sleep within arm's length of their phone. Nearly 66%. Bring their phone into the bathroom with them 42% believe it's okay to use the phone at the dining table. And forty paper says that it's OK to use the phone in the AM middle of a conversation. And it to them that's why I did just like it's we're the ones who would find because it goes against what we. But that's the wave of the future because it's not gonna get better it's gonna get worse. I'm I'm told I'm not so sure that in some ways and I'm sure this is just a lament of an older generation guy but to. The technology is not be the death of this computers. And no phones for data for assassinating is that is that. I mean you got an information source in the palm of your hand if you if you go ahead if they if they don't do introduced anything enclosed in this in the seventies way to stay out there Willard Mel also gap opened to say and argue. Kidding me. And now we're all pretty much dependent on it and complaining about how slow it is. So there you go there. Florida sheriff. Said addressing is a clown could get you in trouble this Halloween. You might wanna think your decision if that's what you planning on Halloween statement from the volusia county sheriff's office and war in Florida warns. To evil clowns and anyone considering creepy clown activity our officers will not be there to save view of your intended target defends himself. Or herself. And you may face other penalties as well I guess they're taken the red balloons on the edge in the creepy clowns. And a sheriff's cadet is gonna use his dad's patrol car already tried to you do this to our poll over his acts. It would be tempting I suppose if you had a 22 year old son of a Florida sheriff's lieutenant. Big trouble took his father's unmarked car and used it to pull over his ex girlfriend and her new boy for an. Frivolity and suit. Christopher Holmes cadet at the Palm Beach, Florida county sheriff's office where his dad works using lights and siren pulled the couple over on Saturday night. He now faces multiple charges and no has been fired. So there you go.