Will Cops Get a "Text-A-Lyzer"

John Hancock
Wednesday, May 17th

Chelsea Manning; Cops Getting Text-A-Lyzers; I Read The News


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This is John Hancock. There are other other Arizona Wednesday as we can be as well. Well the hornets get no help from the lottery as a surprise anybody I had not abandon the odds go to their own flavor last night anyway it was. We'll pick a number eleven. I guess what amazes me. The most about the NBA draft is that. After you get past. Picked 53. Maybe. Then edited restive as a crapshoot. No bill Leonard or somebody you know down the line or some Manila become a star but by and large. Which kind of strikes me is I guess that's a testament Al. Good you have to be to be in the NBA. Because of all the kids are playing out there all the kids are in college and all the kids there and high school and everybody display and basketball. And every year we've only got what. One art too legit draft picks. Now you got to you got the eleventh pick in the draft you got nothing. I'm sorry an alleged you're lucky. You got now you got a bench player. Very and it could be a good bit player. I and you need those guys but they're not because that are gonna get you off of vogue where the hornets have been so many other teams have been forever and that is. Hey we're. We're 500. Provisional sports team or. There aren't good luck to them on that can't get away from the NBA draft. Global tuned we'll get somebody from. Lou funds or something known. So to go there. Runoff election last night in South Carolina for nick mall ladies seat he of course so. Went off to be white house budget director. So you had a run off yesterday to us see who will go up against the Democrat are Archie Carnell on June the twentieth. And it's a two closed all. You have the former lawmaker Ralph Norman. And a state legislature Tommy Pope. And there was about 200 votes that separated last time I saw solo Woolsey were all of that goes. Pope is an attorney from new York. And a Norman is our real estate developer. Who I think ran an ad about. Small businessmen. But I don't know that you would go to bid and nor would fall into these small businessmen category. But unless susteren goes. I NCMS last night's over to the man Clark last night the student assignment program and I guess they made some adjustments that they didn't do much. And so. Their three hour special session last night and board members bush praise for the families that are working to make some changes and it. There was a wrenching interviews on last night and all the parents there from deal worth the no search field and that's really the most. That the one contentious battle that's going on that though we've been kind of exposed to over your one Julian price places. Because we've got parents from Sergio when we got parents are deal worth. And and in men in this case rom. Active parents. Promo on both sides here in this building sources kind of Bennett seemed to watch Belmont. I'll fight their battles for their kids. All the while passing each other in the halls and having discussions about the pros and cons of this on the other end and it's a shame because they've come to consensus here because they've had lovable level had conversations about it but. They add that such toppled and has done this earlier our greatest. But on news talk subject but does something you should probably you know about the run often South Carolina still got a ways to go and see MS pretty much stood by. But the assignment changes last night not all the board members are on no board but and everything's up. Let's say what else is in the news. I think that's about it. The thing seems to be are running pretty smoothly in Washington. Well we got a governor here in North Carolina he seems to be getting a lot accomplished. And should with the legislature that he's got to it should be just Tom Telus today. They thought it was not near death. Our turns out that he just probably got overheated. So he we were getting early reports were he would do he was an arm problems and run five K run somewhat better about two and a half miles and he. The elements got to him and and so there were reports that they were given him CPR and says the other and and and you know. 45 minutes later he tweets I'm kind. I think anyway below dual tuners are repaid upon that but apparently Thom Tillis is going to be fine and is so bad. Chelsea Manning is leaving prison after Tony go after seven years so it's about 28 years early. You'll recall that. Obama commuted. Most of her. Remaining time. On in one of his final acts before I left office in mid January now the first court. And I had. And as this may be a jerk. Has he she as she had. That surgery yet. And if so who paid for any of not. That was one of the things that when she went there were. One of her hunger strikes. They said yes well we'll pick up their gender reassignment. So here's. It here's a guy. Who basically puts Wikipedia on the map. With the information that. He decided to share with Wikipedia. And then he gets busted. Becomes a shady. Gets sentenced to 35 years in jail serves seven. Has gone through at least I guess the drug portion of the reassignment. I don't believe me I'm. I had nor do all this works. And now she. Is probably going to be moving back to Maryland but I don't believe. Don't think she's had the surgery yet. And I'm not so sure if they dishonorably discharge her. Which she's appealing her original sentence which keeps her active military. I don't know told confusing but it is best I can tell she has not had the actual surgery yet. And if she's dishonorably discharge from the service. Before they're so hard other forced to do that then she'd be on her own. So another year in jail probably would have. Don't know wonders. But today it is the other thing I didn't know do you know what gender reassignment surgery costs. But the courts I was seeing of the paper and they were like 50000 bucks. That you don't. Alexis. No I didn't say call her Alexis. There again. Don't color Bradley either a paralegal. Willow get to the trounced her there could be a bipartisan deal to fix obamacare we'll talk about that a little bit the cost of from many of you have just gone through that so it was a last week in the could become sort of most of the homes are within the graduation I guess was last week in high school prom through the weekend before that they're about. So and there's a new proposed law that would let police use a text all lies her. And accidents to see if the driver was texting. And there's some ramifications legally do that. But there's ways to get around that two and so willow will throw that out there we just kind of thrown good Chelsea Manning out there are to remain on active duty after. Are released today. 28 years early 35 year sentence gets commuted by Obama. And associates out after seven. And that could affect her. Gender reassignment is that the proper phrase. Release from Fort Leavenworth today. Leaked classified documents. And a gutter sentence commuted by Obama expected to move back to a Maryland. She waged a hunger strike strike to get army to pay gender reassignment surgery. And when she was Bradley Manning and and Dave she gets dishonorably discharged before they do and that shall lose all over taxpayer funding for that to a treatment and that didn't change. Jim suicide a couple of times last year. Anyway there is one caveat she will be just charged with a dishonorable discharge as per the terms of her original conviction and while Obama has the power to commute. He doesn't have the power to discharge the army trader honorably. So that means now she is under appeal just oh by the way. And I think until that is the case. She. Remains on active duty. Which means I think she would be covered. So. If she gets dishonorably discharge dry and I don't know about the timing on that that means that not only will was she lose all taxpayer funded benefits further. Gender reassignment surgery. But once she. When she's clearly army she wouldn't be promoted even access services provided by the department of veteran affairs. So. I don't know what country. Serve in the military. Share information with WikiLeaks. Get convicted. If assert his five year sentence have the president commuted get out after seven years. But even at bat if we issued a state another a couple of years of the service were repaid for her gender reassignment is. That's great you you're you're a traitor to your own nation and they pick up the surgery cost. Manning had destitute for access to hormone treatment in the army agreed to provide a last year and the Pentagon or repealed its ban on allowing transgender troops to serve back in July. And at the same time also announced that it would begin medical treatment for transgendered troops. There are apparently between thirteen 120. And 6630s. In other words 1300. Into Lawny. And 6630. Transgender troops in the active duty force of one point three million. According to the Rand Corp. which showed conduct would be a steady for the Pentagon. And of those troops Rand estimates that there's probably thirty. Between thirty and a 140 that would like to have the hormone treatment 45 to 130 would seek surgery. And the estimated annual price tag 2.4 million to eight point four million per year. Treatment is estimated to cost as much as 50000 dollars for service member. But that sounds low to me. I would have thought it was bay David and I always thought if you let Dave you're trying to go from one sex to the other. It would have been higher than that. There's joy there's got to be all sorts of intricacies that I've not thinking number right now but. Would it be easier to go home female. Male to female than. As they've now got a quick thinking out loud. Brian you're on W BT de. Hey aren't you you aren't saying where that ranked. Well I don't know it I don't know that he she had permission do our share the information she did with WikiLeaks yeah I think if you're probably. Did making your own decisions in that regard and what's good what's not your probably online. If if you were in the military you observe something that happened was. Not just illegal but vote wrong an ever growing level would you have the courage to come forward and report. Well I don't know when now when everybody decides they're gonna be their own detective you kind of don't have what the military's based oven that's on and that's yes sir no sir no excuse or. So if if everybody becomes independent contractors you kind of compromise the whole deal don't your. You don't know what he released via you you think the document what in the document. With the idea that video what if an Apache attack helicopter. Murdering Yasser actual combat footage. Right exactly including children and he released this because the army said that all the people they killed were terrorists because if you army kills someone and obviously terrorist. So what he did which he challenged that merit. That not just because. Let me let military kills someone that they are by definition carry it also brought like the fact that we are giving up pilots and I didn't. He you know that are. I'm not pirate and I know I am I didn't know that Tommy Moore. What bits that really gotten the point I'm your hearing media directly you are actually am and he and you don't know. You're in your column that person that you deal with a bullet that you can create if you call collect the back and tell. Tell me exactly what they are tell me exactly Brian. Tell me it's great tip Bryan yeah tell me exactly where WikiLeaks is in the chain of command. It into what we're up that's exactly my point when everybody becomes a free agent you got not the curtain opened up about. Her aren't you aren't there. One more time I'm sorry I couldn't hear through your snippy attitude give me that one more time I think where we without wasting or keep it focused on the data. You're Arnold watching him grow and not modern no doubt might be a pretty good place to start they played pretty much any thing. Right but the likelihood that it would give. If I'm not that you've convinced me Brian I think everybody in the service should be independent contractors and we'll see how all that works that might draw an argument there are not here. I'm very proud I am I'm very proud and thank you. We lessening appreciated visit guys like you to keep me in business and. I. Other world according to Ryan it's always an adventure. In his own little world. Snippy bitch is this from time to diamond then goes back into his marijuana Layden oh hole in the wall oh lead to a strike again that. Some a future date. It's good to hear from Ryan. Stevens up I know what EBT hey Stephen. Maybe I just actually feel let intelligent by listening to that last caller. Aren't. Well I think he he helps all of us so with our own self esteem. Well you sent the record's great as somebody it was a former line all during the May Day. If you feel an order giving you its immoral or a late goal you have the right to relieve yourself from do. And there are no repercussions. On Matt you can just simply refused duty order they remain peep from the chain. In hand. What the chips fall where they may let this gentleman has. No idea New York covered by the whistle blower at certain those situational morality. You either follow on order order you a quantum dot edu and say I can't. Yeah you guys pay if you lose discipline in the military men then there's no reason for military. I mean that's that's what it's based on and your rights are outlets to that. But the other thing that Ryan should have known was that he originally offered the story to the Washington Post in the New York Times. All right in the Washington Post when an interest in the New York Times never called him back. So love and I. And it's it's funny everybody has been to this surge national morality and the thing that bothers me to implement talk about unnamed source does not mean. Everything that they recorded on the DNC nobody reputed that. And mountains like distorts what they're within our main source ticket of them are job. Now that's that that's my biggest pet peeve with the media these days above and beyond. Fake news or not take ms. or wherever the case may be. Oh we are no and stories now 90% album I'm I'm I'm Paula that figure out of nowhere but the great majority of stories today. Feature unnamed source sources that gives you the liberty to prayer early whatever you want. Exactly I agree with the under percent itself on its let the door that in as a former military guy. He has no clue what he's talking about and we don't join unless we're willing to do well. Put our lives on the line and give up certain liberties that we might and it does civilians. Yeah I'm Debbie in a traitor. Is there's to many avenues at your disposal without WikiLeaks I mean c'mon. We have the talent I was hired at this thanks Stephen appreciate all John your and alleviate he had. Pentagon appreciate your show thank you. Salamander stand the military is going to pay for the transcend leaders steps that transgender is that correct. Yeah well. Yes. Army and less I know I'm not exactly sure all this loophole works. And I'm not exactly sure arrested the timing she gets out today. But. Do the best of my understanding she is still active duty because. Her conviction is being appealed. So. She's active duty shall probably go back to all Merrill and I'll Obama commuted her sentence in January. The Pentagon. Were. She sued for access to hormone treatment the army agreed to provide it. And then the Pentagon repealed its ban on allowing transgendered troops to serve. So yes I believe that her last hunger strike is when she got assurances that the government would pay for and provide the surgery to her. I don't know where that stands now and if she's dishonorably discharged I don't think she gets the surgery. But I don't know how long that mechanism in the appeal would take so maybe she slips under the wire and still gets the surgery. Yeah okay edit edit and then not only hammer but. The rest of them use that how many thousands or are wanting to. Well according to rancor ports does says studies for the Pentagon. They think that there's probably about 300 or a 10240. That would seek hormone treatment. And probably 25 to 100 listened. Transgender right now and of which there's probably maybe as many as 6600. And that 25 to 130 of them would seek the surgery. Right well and air we have gotten veterans. That have sacrificed let them eat. And held in this country that to the day long not take care. But yet we're gonna take care of this procedure. You have attractive but that's just because you and I don't understand the whole Friendster transgender thing or just or just shallow minded and we just don't understand it. Well if you're right there but it's just I think this just does not strike it. That the right thing to be what we've got demand that it sacrificed and women who have sacrificed. The cannot get taken care of him that onside my only point. Yeah I'm I'm that I heard and I'm and I don't disagree with that either I mean it all sounds insane to me you argue you'd you'd take. Information. Because of your position. You. You take material. Including videos. From a Baghdad airstrike. And you take. Under the eye rack he wore a longest and you take the Afghan war diaries. And you make those available to someone else. On and you know if you want a debate on whether or Niger trade were not earlier you can have that debate but you then get convicted of that. You then are assigned eleven worth. Com for 35 years and in the meantime. Parliament the very entities that you betrayed. Some art other ends up paying for surgery that you may not have ever been able to qualify for and or afford. I don't know it just seems like. While if I'm a transgender. Let's see seven years and I get the surgery. All right and we can write a book about it when it's all said and done with. And they'll probably make a movie. Yeah I'm Dan. Well no I'm not in. That's I'm I'm even wanna gut I'd George your odd nut WBT hot. And make Agilent giant. How order to address play is simple that. He did every other option besides. Go into what you say shirt CNN or ABC or anybody else at play this simple. Law if you bring it duration income. And then if anybody can command shows now that's not important. And in Salem picture at all. But it doesn't respect them but you can't go on to inspector general. And the inspector general. Bottle. But you can't. How fast you investigate. Being allegations now they can come back for a guy punched. But that is usually course up not going to its ability administration. And violating. Do you see them hey you'd see them today. And this security protocol. So that the point being brought us a moment the last dollar had a net he had other options. Okay yeah I'm inspired campaign do you don't you stop the white people are low and complaint. I mean if they come backers say they're not the latter. The idea that you can go abroad and I had to hire just inspector general thought that's just got involved I mean if they. But the golf days and you can now. OK. You're security. It just doesn't happen that I like that maybe what the target large or it might have been where the target was it might have been. Well it makes Apache hop because no ideology that's why it's much fighting for mantra yeah. George appreciate clarification that you feel warm up he goes off we go. The graphics that are hundreds of Ford brings it to you know I 77 exit 23 and boomer mine Dan hello boomer hello John how are not may have are already busy today our air yes sir it's capacity it's not so much the humidity it's the heat is the best at this time it is for sure cap that's and we Phillip drew Melvin van at. Right president does spoke today. To the Coast Guard commencement speech no basically said the same thing you said a Liberty University the other day till graduation class so nonchalant the naysayers get in the way your dreams. I didn't really directly talk about what's going on since the allegations. Concerning the Russian probe and all that stuff but he basically. Made his feelings known about the press and stuff like that share that with you just few seconds back to the phones for a couple more Chelsea calls enough francs up at WB TJ frank. Josh Koppel are all there is opposite gender Bender identity itself from the military out what baucus on that. All TV shows up spell all booked into Europe show was called Omar plow you essentially. Agreed to host again assertion and ever been syndicated. He should of stayed and military remember mayberry you're gone through a lot of nonsense efforts this bill and into Taylor. Should should never have helped them. You know what torture corner but I would that we're anxious pol. Little plan. Plant Erie plant that seed and George recorder mine that normally would the a relative both general Lucius pollen but that was sneaky dirty rotten trick and that's what we'll do all the. I'm waiting for the punch line. I have a nice to. Tanya on WBT hi. Hey air and a card that lets Pollard should buck hill that's info wars frank I believe so we've had Ryan and frank. If I know I can retire its. You get. In question is not thought about this but I heard at the Pentagon was appealing a presidential art. How do you appeal a presidential pardon. You know I don't I don't know exactly how that works I don't. Yeah I don't know how that would work today yet a there is no appeal from. The president's decision if you were to deny. A clemency request I don't know if that works on the flip side or not. I'm Matt. That was just got that hit my mind. Yeah I I guy can't imagine I mean that's that was one of the powers of the president that's one of the things he did on there's no way out of office so I would assume at that point that it that that's the final word. It was somebody correct me. That's brought up well now and it has hinted at thanks stock much appreciated. I'm not exactly sure what he said but I don't what was terrible. I think it was dang it London. We're going one dang it. DA NG IT. I know. President trump targets media critics to task today did a commencement address at the US coast garner but it's been kind of wade knew I hear what term. And basically it's on the same thing and all the naysayers give away your your dreams is what he told the you United States Coast Guard Academy and number London Connecticut. Well this was his first appearance since all the Russian probe stuff as a surfaced he says. Quote over the course of your life you'll find things that are not always fair and that things happen do you that you do not deserve. And that are not always warranted but you have to put your head down and fight fight fight close quote. He went on to say that quote no Paula no politician in history has ever been treated worse or more unfairly. Oh by the media meaning himself. Tom and many said adversity makes you stronger don't give then don't back down. And never stop doing what you know is right. Nothing. Worth doing ever ever ever comes easy the more righteous shore fight. The more opposition that you'll face. He also at the Coast Guard died today mentioned. His first foreign trip which is coming up at the end of the week. Next week 24. Set Wednesday. He meets with the Pope. By that derby. Interest. He. Called his first foreign trip they crucial journey. To strengthen relationships with with partners. With these safety and security of Americans is his first priority in many said quote I will strengthen all friendships with partners who will also help us not to take. And take and take but partners who will help for whatever we are doing and all the good we are doing for them close quote so that's what the president had to say. On the eve of everything also with the Kobe memo and trump asking him apparently to a drop for although is that what is that what he said as you know then you get into the mincing of words. And that's what politics does know Bill Clinton can say it depends on what is is. Then I is I hope you can let this go asking me. The FBI director to drop. Do we really wanna go and all the you know doing. Vladimir couldn't said that trump did not reveal classified information during his White House and he's thought the with the Russian foreign minister. Any offered a transcript up prefer if they want it. That this is potent basically kind of mocking me all. He said the political schizophrenia. Is gripping the United States. It is. It absolutely has. There's three investigations going on right now in it and then that is not right there's three investigations going on right now and none of them have anything yet. And and I don't bed remained at throw that yet again like I was trying to sail but they will. I'm Sanders for investigations going on right now on right now you don't have a leg to stand on. You got out. Serial Tweeter in the White House other than that you got. So I'm. Couldn't standing up Shrek bumped but you're not helping. Didn't reveal all unclassified information he says during as a White House meeting with the says quote if the United States administration finds it appropriate. We'll score and and many referred to the scandal as Olivia but political schizophrenia. And accused unnamed US politicians of being quote on quote stupor. Quote on quote dangerous. With anti Russian sentiment. And of quote causing the damage to their own country. Toys mock and I don't think I don't know there that cares what does that set now today. I actually started seeing. I can't believe this is actually an and I and in fact I've had a couple of people arrive I'd just gotten and it will broke my conversations with. Bringing up the I word. Impeachment. Really. You've got. Our Republican dominated congress and you think you're gonna impeach this guy. I Intel and this is what one of the writers that are read this morning. Dylan Matthews wrote this and box. The president say actually lies with the house leader Paul Ryan and the senate leader Mitch McConnell. And as long as they don't turn on trump he's safe. Now Ryan yesterday was part of this Republican. Army I guess it was today and and you all can help me on something here. I'm. The Republicans had a press conference today Paul Ryan a maze basically saying hey. We're gathering the facts the facts will take us Berwick what were you know where we need to go up. Armed. So the Republican I I'll watch in the Republican. Press conference this morning on fox. I then start messing around and sorrows or an and I hear that the Democrats have got their press conference. So then IA. Among I was on some other channel general goes on but anyway I decided to go to CNN. To see if they were covering. The Democrats. Well yes obviously. But you know who was at covering the Democrats. Fox. Fox ran the Republicans but apparently didn't run the Democrats. So I guess my question now is did CNN run the Republicans. But I wasn't watching CNN so I don't know. And I don't know that fox is under any obligation but I just means. If you're gonna cover one when you cover both. Is a bad news isn't that fact finding isn't that what's going on Isabella you're covering. I watch fox now more than I watch CNN or more than I watch MSNBC because I know Fox's slant. And I'm not quite sure what CNN's up to these days they seem to me to be well almost without guidance. And MSNBC I discovered don't have a watch enough of them in the last ten years good to have any idea what they're doing. I so discounted them. During the Olbermann years say I I just have never bothered to go back and I'm not going back for a morning Joseph. If you know. I don't wanna disturbed that a fair. Let's unfair Moritz a marriage you know. And just what I want my morning television. A married couple. Course that if I had to do better or are Kathy and secrets to whatever it is Kelly. Then I'd probably watch morning Joseph. So why the I word is starting to creep in to the into the mainstream I find that to be in incredible considering yet you know there's lots of smoke. But right now they haven't found a fire. In you is so I Amman. I can I can think I can see people thinking about impeachment as we've been throw one. Recently I mean blue within the confines of lifetimes. But now I see in the ice to the I were the impeachment word. And the chance of I had I mean come on a GOP controlled senate impeaching trump. What are what are the odds. About zero. He represented here but just an Amish. Became the first Republican in congress to publicly broached the idea of impeachment. According to the hill and asked if what Colby said was true what it merit impeachment and he simply responded simply yes. But I still go back to. Words. For AZ Knology. And whether or not the other eight actually asked calmly what the with the way that the press's stating it or not. The law professor by the name of Jonathan Turley and he'd. Is quoted as saying there are dozens of different variations of obstruction charges ranging from threatening witnesses to influencing jurors. None would fit this case close quote. And many goes on and talks about the broader charge of trump. Trying to interfere with the quote due administration of justice close quote. That would hinge on the Dicey prospect of proving that trump intended to influence. Quote unquote. Eruption late. You're do you you you you can you're not even close to that yet. So that's why the I word is win a three images are immature or a premature student amateur. Premature. Ernie know what that means. That's when you we've grown to be an adult and then you revert back to immaturity. That would be free immaturity. So John Kass who writes at Tribune the Chicago Tribune. Quote unquote. Take a few steps back America. I mean yeah everybody. Says I get yourself a pocket copy of the constitution. And hold Bonnie he says he sees one big issue with the economy story. We haven't actually seen the supposedly damning memo so and tell them. Or in joke homey testifies under oath. About his conversations with trump. We just don't know. Just because everybody says a certain car Sox doesn't mean that it has to be recalled. When UConn finally come up with concrete evidence that the car is dangerous. Then you recall the car. But right now. Other than the fact that he's exhausting. And sometimes immature. And has a huge ego. And needs to. Unplug his Twitter machine. You got nothing. They got the president's faith really lies on what it is exactly what does this Dylan Matthews said. As long as Paul Ryan and Mitch Mitchell aren't the return and on trump is fine. Now the New York Times there's they've actually have a conservative columnist by the name of our roster thought. I think that's where your pronounces listing doesn't he eat he says I don't think impeachment fits and instead he floats the idea of invoking the 25 amendment. And the 25 amendment allows the removal of a presidency for the majority of his cat if the majority of his cabinet tells congress. That he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office close quote. It would take a two thirds vote by congress and they would follow if the president Dick contest. And based on none on the daily comments about trump from his inner circle in the press. Do not think that's a possibility. Cannot match. But you've got a better chance if you would have a better chance with a 25 amendment which I think is another no chance than you are. Talking about impeachment right now. There was an article that I was over from last weekend. About a bill. Representative Jamie raskin Democrat Maryland has a bill called the oversight commission on presidential capacity act. It. You want that again oversight. Commission. On presidential capacity act and it would invoke. Never before used part of the 25 amendment to determine if the president is capable of doing his job. Not raskin just oh by the way as a constitutional law professor. And he said that the issue has become increasingly irrelevant is that kind stitch your is the constituents of his liberal of bit of his liberal Montgomery County district. The clamor for action in the trump administration's bumpy first months here's his quote. This is a president who has insisted that Ted Cruz's father was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. And that Barack Obama was born in Indonesia and he is utter utter. A hundred blatant lies and never retracted them. Is raskin speaking an interview on Friday and he concludes and that is the sign of a serious mental disturbance. Well good luck on this one. White House spokesman declined to comment on the bill saying. In an email that he was not going to dignify this with an official response. So bill was filed in early April. I in the GOP controlled house and senate the bill all have zero chance of passing. And probably zero there a chance of ever even being heard getting a hearing. Ebb ever raskin says that he filed the bill to put our framework in place just in case trumps party turns on him. Our representative Randy Harris is the only Republican represented a matter I wrote the only Republican representing a Maryland in a congress and he called the bill. A cheap shot. So op. They'll keep on tried out there it is steady a litany of negativity and it is exhausting and. Revenues available that's coming up right around the corner after the 430 news in no title fight city you know. For all hang out enough for bill on a Friday were looking forward to just we learn a lot about Matthews we worked our it took our hometown tour their last month. And up Friday it will all start early in the morning with WBT morning news and Bo Thompson. He broadcasting live from the spratt building on a main street in downtown Fort Mill and then no Scott FitzGerald do and is nine to noon show out there. I'll be out there are three to six and garrison will follow me with the Charlotte has six so we'll stop by join the conversation ball we're looking forward to what bowler a lot about four mil. We're in the process of kind of learning things about Fort Mill right now. On and and you'll learn something more about four mil we get down there on a Friday this Friday the nineteenth if you need more details just over upon over to WBT. Dot com Kevin we go on WBT hey Kevin. Hey John how do got a great are you. I'm great. I know you drew nor the I word out there but here's the thing that everyone has to realize. I don't care what media says but I don't better bode well let it. Trump is impeached. Then that means tent becomes pres and no one on the left inside wants spent so the pro. Almost an earlier anybody on the left hand side wants trumpets a split that. Well they've been good that you are having your. If you're right in the fact that you can you can replace image you're still gonna end up with a rightly named Republican. Which may be worse in trot. Well I I that jury's out on that just like the jury's out on anything else. You know very good through all due to some of the absurdity even in your own. Why in your own thoughts. Oh were hoping that this radical that's in their right now. Is the guy to go away and there are an institute change and change direction and anybody that was gonna end up doing that is a is going to be. I'm not only controversial but the way that politics is run now is gonna be a target I mean to some extent. The Republicans didn't know let Obama get anything done and they're not gonna let this guy get anything done either. I agree with that. So that's I mean that that's kind of where we are politically these days is. As I don't know I I just find at all that singer I did the impeachment word I guess that's. That word has been floating around for about ten days but it's got it's just absurdly and material you're premature and that you. You got three investigations going you don't really have anything yet. You know all sorts of press speculation and all sorts of this that the other but you really got nothing on emea. Awe and as long as you've got a Republican controlled senate and congress good luck on that impeachment thing. Oh yeah depth now so glad in Virginia have kept behind. Yeah nine and quite frankly there's probably a number Republicans that would welcome. In Augusta not all the Republicans are in lockstep with this president soleil I mean to some extent there's probably a few Republicans back there at the again. While an impeachment would duo would get his pants that would be a breath of fresh air. But when pinch speed what do you suppose pence would be. And they said Ian reports say that it would be mortar. Republican and an it would be worse for them. Now I ask let's say I'm not exactly sure. I don't think that tense game ends up being another. John McCain or another Bob Dole or another you that Buchanan milk toast Republican. Tom I think he'd be a little bit more farther right than that I think he'd take a little bit more on the agenda that the people voted on R&R runway that. But I don't I you know we don't really know within no pens was in Delhi was named a lecture from Indiana and less than Dolly was named a vice president. Greg Dobbs Ambien C Kevin appreciate all very much trouble do I read the news today oh boy a nudge just a couple of seconds and and in that sense they give Mitch McConnell had a surprising choice to head this BI did you hear that on. Derek Garland. That's does. The guy who was up for the Supreme Court that never got they don't vote but that's who Mitch McConnell said would be a good guide to head the FBI will. Talk about that no staff are too. Seventeenth day of may. Burlington derived toughest stuff happens 137 days into the year 228 days ago. 1985. Bobby Ewing died on the season finale of Dallas. And then he returned the next season. It was all a dream your member of that. He woke up on Suzanne we'll shed and found a way to read that was the other three dollars the Bob Newhart for. This is the Bobby Ewing during ESPN has announced they it's new TV show lineup and their. Kimberly Guilfoyle Fox News. Said that she's in talks to replace Sean Spicer is the white house Press Secretary. Really you announce that I had a time I don't know that that do does that not put you out of consideration. I would think. She's the the Brunette on fox. You know which one I'm talking about. AL widget which guy she kind of got hard features are imaging. We're pretty sure she's gonna whip house. What the good. I Spicer. They are mastermind of via global ransom attack is a thought to be or not North Korea just by the way. I that little North Korean to bid into all of the they ransom where start. The National Park Service says that it's overwhelmed with rocks that are consistently being sent back to their offices in Hawaii from superstitious tourist. Who stole the rocks and whose lives then took a turn for the worst have you heard about all this. I'll Hawaiian native say that there is no curse. If you go down to the road to Honda. You've ever been on Maui. In you get down and talk on the there's that one beach it's all covered in little small black pebbles. Which is volcanic rock. And no I had brought back one of those who proxies to carry around. Good luck charm in my pocket but now hires or some sort of curse on the par in my life's gone really well since I got to Iraq. So there you go all and pirates of the Internet have thus seized a controlled the latest pirates of the Caribbean movie and they are holding it for ransom say they'll love release it. Unless they receive money. For the area. That's the world we live in right now. Think computers remember here to make our lives easier are and you could just ask will provide candid about that because that's exactly what doing his job is all about easy I think. I live or work computers. And then knowing boomer I would have to be up on the plane. For a chopper or flipping burgers perfect fit well that's not gonna help them on draft pick up. A thank goodness for computers reserve with a crash and came back and do you make a good burger. So now yeah me and I just Jekyll got to have a backup parachute in you know and I'm not sure who senate but somebody once told me not anybody can make a talk show she does try to note the same applied to burgers and I think that at. Half half half I think she got to go over the burgers ready they go all right. Roseanne is officially coming back. Because the TV networks can't come up with any new ideas so as to be MCI as cern has to be ivory you know they're all. They just can't come over the next man X. Roseanne is coming back. Big sitcom in the ninety's. You know back in the day early ninety's we used to umpire Roseanne Barr it took ABC ought to do. Free comedy at concerts that we throw around 75 bucks a night. She's doing a little bit verbal I don't know she's you may be back to make it about seven to five bugs and right now. But this year and at one point she was as influential on television as anybody. So they're all coming back I guess or Roseanne Barr John Goodman Sara Gilbert. Laurie Metcalf who played Jackie. Michael fisherman was DJ. Leasing Goran Sen who was Becky. Sarah chulk. Who all played dumb Becky in the later seasons show appearance and out of a different role. The rumors have been confirmed. And they'll have eight new episodes to look forward to all of Roseanne. In 48 G. So amid the Republicans furnished him. Dismantle large parts of the Affordable Care Act and the Democrats a desire to try and stop and there could it's being reported potentially be a bipartisan deal to fix. Politico. Reports that bipartisan talks among senate. Moderator is no but a senate moderates. Are getting. On the issue were gaining some attraction. And it's all been organized by a Republican senators Susan Collins one of a mile from Maine bill Cassidy down Louisiana's the other one and what's the guy's name from West Virginia. Mentioned Joseph mansion. Said of the a meeting I said quote I said I don't think there's a Democrat that would vote for any type of repeal but I think there would be 48 Democrats who were willing to work on some repairing or fixing close quote. So. Bipartisan. Does that even happen anymore. A getting a bipartisan agreement on fixing obamacare. Could take away support from Mitch McConnell. Who's the majority leader. Because he has a plan to repeal much of the health care law. It would take away from mud Chuck Schumer minority leader and his assurance voted democratic unity on no opposition to a total India to a and political in their report today said the death senators from both parties assay that their leaders knew about the meeting didn't try to stop us so we'll see what happens on that. We talked about an awful lot of college graduation strip places last weekend commencement addresses and sort and so forth UN CC and and all over the country. And then over the weekend before that I think was when I was down in lake wiley at the public's and they had a stations set up. Four problem. And you can walk up there and get you know of course Raj and I today a lot of stuff going on. We were talking last week briefly about problems and whether or not she went two years and. And one son that went to not only be two problems he was eligible to go to but it came back the next year with the Dayton went to it again. As a freshman in college he liked buck is a standing joke in our family we see a problem now we called math and that there's a wrong going on it. That's thirty. So out but going to prom. Isn't she never has been but good lord parrots are shelling out now hundreds of dollars for dresses and suits and shoes and accessories and hair and makeup and tickets and photos and transportation is always a big cost and and on top of all of that. You have the our cost of increasingly elaborate. Prom proposals. You guys are being expected to pull off there's a refinery 29 writer this suggests it may be all too much I think there's a lot all too much. Everything is pageant now everything has is a drama now everything has a there was a survey from visa a couple years ago that found out that the average cost of a problem and aid prom proposal. You've been in schools since I have Scott did you ever heard of a prom proposal. Well if we're just now hearing about it it's gonna get more expensive. The survey from visa a couple of years ago found that the average cost of trauma and April proposal is 919. Dollars. But the cost retouched these days. Couple hundred bucks. And I don't know ironical. They also found interestingly enough that families making less than 25000 dollars a year spent a total of about thirteen 193 dollars for the prom. Which is a lot more than the average 799. Dollars for families. Well that make over 50000 bucks. And I don't know really the reason for that and I'm not a psychiatrist went would assume that that's people trying to make sure that there are kids. And at least feel like they got the same benefits as everybody else in the same so parents would. Would go an extra mile. Some people can write a check for thirteen 114100 bucks not really think twice about it some people can write a check for 14100 bucks. And they had to think twice about it but they can certainly afford it and some people 14100 bucks is. I'm not a lot of money. So it's it's kind of sad when the pressure of all of was when the pressure of money. Thank you do things that are financially right for any and continue to put you in the hole that keep you and that dilemma of the big in the first place. There there's a sixth grader who used a Teddy bear to hacked cyber security. And many wowed them all I'll tell I'll share that story with you. With the additions to everything else that we now have to worry about. Now you have to worry about vacation shaming. And here she really you know. And lucky charms is giving away 101000. Marshmallow only boxes. And I won't want. All and for those of you are trying to figure out how to make a dollar stretch a little longer all give you all tell you about a story called the dog its final five. Kennedy. So an eleven year old kid stuns the audience of security experts say yesterday hacks then to their Bluetooth devices. To manipulate a Teddy bear and show how interconnected Smart toys can be. And that they could be. The kid's name is Reuben Paul that is as they notify you got a computer problem call eleven year old. Eleven year old Reuben Paul. Sixth grade. Austin, Texas. He in his Teddy bear Bob wow ordered hundreds of these people with this time please cyber security conference in the Netherlands. Well I and he showed them through Bluetooth now Tories like that can be used for. It's unbelievable and it. Unbelievable where good technology is moving so fast and and then we don't know how to necessarily manager know once we got it. We we like what it can do we're not aware of everything it can do it's kind of scary. There's a lot of denied that three WBD series Olympus yeah. New York lawmakers are considering legislation that would let police. Use a text file lies her device. And an accident scenes to a immediately determine whether or not the drivers were texting. There's Aleman is name is a bit Lieberman. And his son's nineteen year old son died and a New York highway accident back in 2011. And so he has partnered up with the tech company com called sell all of bright or sell bright. And there are developing. Plug in device dubbed it the text allies are. Which would immediately see if somebody was happens swipe then clicking on their phone. He's doing this after it took go filing a lawsuit for him to be able to get the cell phone records of the driver of the car that his son and then then. And find out whether or not he'd been texting or not he he said he hopes that if the legislation passes. It will be had to terra and help law enforcement track how much of a problem texting while driving really just. You really have to do which is drive around. Anytime you get behind a car that's gone slower than you are I guarantee you when you pass him there on the phone. On if there are kind of going from one lane to another. Or they're doing 651. Minute and fifty the next they're on the phone everybody's on the phone. Now there's some constitutional and privacy advocates who are kind of opposed to this idea noting that the police need consent and a Warren. To get cell phone records and they're also kind of concerned that the technology could be used to access personal information from phones but cell Albright says that the text allies are. Is designed to only determine a phone usage. And wouldn't be able to access data. That measure. In New York. Is being considered would make it illegal if somebody were refused to have their phone Jack but did but but nobody could get a license suspended if they were to do that. So while we thank 70457. All of intent I'll give you some more on the ins and outs of have a name have fed Lieberman had a nineteen year old son that died and head on collision in New York he sued to get the phone records showing the driver of the car that his son resentment. And whether he'd been texting or not. So then he gets together with a company. Palm. And they come up. With this device that's plug in device called a tax still lies are still working on. And essentially. If there was an accident. Then make it happen did this thing and find out if you were tapping swiping her clicking on your phone. Right there at the same privacy advocates are are pretty quick to note that the police need an owner's consent and a warrant. To get cell phone records. Armed and so that's one of them that hang up says expressed by the new York civil liberties. Or union rep. There are 46 states that have laws barring texting while driving fourteen ban all held my hand held devices. But they be advocates say that those laws are needed force one and this would be one way well it also maybe an invasion of your privacy Janet's on WBT hey Janet. Yeah how are yet I'm glad. Opera I think it's a great ideas that they had this to write a book report date you roll out these nationwide hopefully one baby as XP is so rampant. I drive like a 10050 now that they fortified days a week and I see so many guys. I have an opportunity I will. I will pull out my cell phone and hop on board a yelled stop. My little small part to help out but it still is nothing compared to what the police can do I hope so I need anything to be comical if it anybody even further. Habit that Eli and text so their checkpoint out. That would be great. Now I had that they're gonna have to get past the the the consent no Laura laws so two of tiger or whether or not they can do this or not do you think this would be a deterrent and anyway. Absolutely. Absolutely actually believe that. If you pretty if you read it a war secular fertilizer has what's the difference I mean I'm being you know breaks go ahead. I'm not so sure it would be a deterrent. Because I think people. Are too much and they couldn't happen to me syndrome were. And besides that they've already been warned I don't know of anybody that doesn't know that the ramifications of texting can be a deadly. I'm not nasty or to somebody else is like drunk driving and that doesn't necessarily seemed that some people are oblivious to outcome. Oh exactly if you're so wrapped up their own little world that they don't understand. The other guys get married at some effect person but I think he'll be cool it. Without the text feature on the phone would be disabled it's you turn your car. That was people. Now like appreciate almost like the breathalyzer thing meant you are you have to. If you if you you blow into a two over some alike that is the detection of alcohol in your system and all you Karl Starr. Well there's 46 states that have laws banning texting while driving. And fourteen. Banned all hand held devices. And that's fine. But have you ever. Seen nor heard of it being enforced. If you ever had anybody say I'll act got stopped on the way to work today. I was texting. Never heard them. National Safety Council CEOs supports this legislation he knows that 40000 people die on the road. Our did dial on the roads and know 2016 which is a 14% jump from 2014. And the biggest two year jump in fifty years. A line and why would deal why would that be well because were. We win or go more things taken our attention away from what we're supposed to be doing so Albright said that it's so attack. Which they think is about nine months away from being. Revert from Bibby or they say they can sidestep privacy concerns because. It's designed only to determine usage at the time of the accident. The accident it would and accessed data. Investigators could use that to determine if they should get a war. Little bit of a loophole there. But probably a writer probably pretty valid one sidesteps privacy concerns because it's designed only to determine. But if the phone was in use at the time of the accident not. Not any other and no data access or anything like that. There is some similar legislation apparently that's being considered in Tennessee and New Jersey and Chicago. Lieberman says this that the father. Says quote the last thing I want to do. Is be responsible for legislation that is going to infringe on someone's privacy but I also don't want to bury another child. We go over here sale or Gary are known Billy BTA Garry. There I don't doubt I'm good. Is built on the might unnerve error also a bright IE is so micron you have to years they've already have the the process. Browns today on. Laptop. That what you're talking about what they're talking about. They have six months fell as probably the hardware they're gonna use the scale what they'll. Girl today. Who and you if you connect mobile device and indoor work we and our own and endorse. Two so it'll pull up under the data. From that device would be obviously the invasion of father. But really all you need IA goes out there there there are they address that by trying to come up with a way that that technically it would just tell you whether or not the phone was in use at the time of the accident or not bad and that's all would tell you. Right in net but it boils down period distracted by the year. I'm not sure that's gonna work on the our own. Especially the new iPhone because the data. Down in the applications. Is encrypted in years just like the San Bernardino. They'll. Secret fish net equipped device be able to fade out other. But then again Dayton get around mark the end court devices today I even got there law. Now but that did Betty even on the iPhone. It still would just determine whether or not the phone was in use are not right what and he did no data. It didn't even have to tell you whether there was a phone or attacks Toro are whatever I don't know obviously there's a month. How do you feel of it in general. Text allies are. New York lawmakers considering legislation that would let police use a text analyzer device an accident scenes to a legally determine if drivers were texting or not. There are some unconstitutional and privacy issues here and some advocates that are opposed. Not a noting that police need consent and no warrant to get to a cellphone records and they're also concerned about the technology you know being used to access personal information from phones. Hancock at WBT dot com. Former police officer here driving is a privilege not a right the person texting is so placing new and imminent danger. Probably true. About a device. Comes from Bob how about a device to block your cellphone once you shift out of park. Tag I would never republic that. I've been on the phone in the car. I'll bet you. Not more than five times in the last three years. And got a billion BT dot com 46 states what exactly is wrong with the other four states. Well the technology is still gonna have studio developed. Celebrate said. That that the sidestepping privacy concerns because it's designed only do I determine usage at the time of the accident not accessed data. And that investigators could use that to determine if they are should get a warrant and an out would go it's our of course that. For my legal understanding. And there's legislation being proposed not just a New York for Tennessee New Jersey and know Chicago is well taken phone calls on now when Jim's off on WBT had jumped. Hey John I don't do it. This so I have the most important that I haven't heard any mention of this site. You know my car you know all I have to do is go to but not mine. Steering wheel and I can speak the tax the middle then there's you know through my phone without you because my phone. Can the device tell the difference between you know actually typing and speaking your back. Yeah I don't know I had ever because the details that they've given me on non text to lyzard don't really go and all that is vanishing point. Tom. Because so much of the stuff his hands free as somebody on the slogan for the when I got less problem with the phones than I do my navigation system. Exactly. That are so much in front of yours is in your screen on your or well navigation and then I mean in my eight. Did that the truck I bought is what they call an apple players some don't like that's all I can name. Suck up stuff off my phone or I can go to serious or I can go 2 AM more can go to F him. But it's the F Tim's not set on assay FAZ if I got it on 993 WBT and wanna go to one on 2.5 then I've got a manually do that's up there's all sorts of things in your car that can keep you from paying attention. Carl what think you guys don't you know 1079 HD two right now you know and I have to put. Press three or four months to get paired yeah yeah. Yeah no the more options they give you the more diversion they get you from paying additional lawyers close to be doing. Exactly. It was a coronary apartment I appreciate it thanks I appreciate you. And I turned down to that 705. My I think there on the road after tonight it's auto racing night out there are with Charlotte motor speedway or race tickets that you can win enough stuff like that. So anyway I nights at Durham led to a dvd ballpark in that game starts by the hour and ten minutes away from right now we're talking about down out of a dad's grief. On New York is mulling a text allies or bill. Other states considering it as well. Now somebody points out that a new jury that. If Texas is one of the Euro states that dove bars. Texting while driving. They also have drive and look restorers. But I think that idea is I've always sometimes kind of absurd to myself well what's the difference between. Drive and a daughter of parking your car. Going to get yourself a bottle of Scotch going back at your car driving away as opposed to. Do drive through window they hedge a bottle of Scotch. Still what do you. In some way or another. James is up on WBT hey James. Team hey John. I grabbed me on my question no I guess one of the questions I have for the is. As far end of the quarter. Other cars pointed out as far as holding Lebanon or law. How do you say whether you work or whether the driver was on the or whether the passenger was on the banner. Or even area if you get access that data that was being used by how do you go whether it was. As and his for GPS that's a great question. Why it's a great question because that message you could say yes that's my phone but it was my wife that was using it or was my friend that was using Euro area you can been denied to you were the one they're using it and I don't know how they were determined. All the other night you were told the truth or not. Well I side Matt did Ed. Defend him like it might not be able to hold out and are easier to get out. Yeah no I I that's that's a great question did you did you talk to somebody else in the car and say eight yards say he has been told you were using missed. Yeah yeah it'd be a good indicator that we have how to how to get the ball rolled an art direction basically dual war. That's a shame that it takes legislation to get people do understand that if your move and tons of steel down the highway had done 40506070. Miles an hour maybe ought to be at least somewhat paying attention to what you're doing. Are your hair out and I say that. So argued in nearly treasure. It. John is upn WBT hey John. I don't I don't regret. A parking lot Arctic. Why you're not talking to me anymore you is Missouri problem that we have right our problem would help or sometimes and distribute the operate caught off his shirt. All this huge. All who were texting and having things extremely banker like and there are more bankers and drinking and probably even though I don't like he's you're. The ribbon menu there at least drums working right at all instead it was brought the artwork so. I guess that's right to me and to some extent. Did that do. It's concentration not be great but automated usually your you your kind of payment did you what did you do and now if you're drunk and on the phone that's probably a real big problem. Never let the suburban problem. They have so do we end up what they museum honors against. Cell phone driving. And mocked. Then Gortat and gory work as well. Hey I let me bring after a couple things I promise you about 2100 adults surveyed 49% of Americans who have taken a vacation in the past year felt vacation shamed by their coworkers or worse their employers. One in five of those adults had taken they are shorter vacation as a result. The result of the reason for the shame vacationers. To feel that they're being ashamed is because they think their co workers are unhappy about. Taking on extra work and because thorough work clothes are already so big. So astonishing 36% of people have admitted to vacation shaming others. I got two of Korea he chain mail dialogue going on vacation. Lucky charms is giving away 101000 marshmallow only boxes Charles is the reader or viewer on this one. The only way to get them mister Wyndham specially marked rainbow boxes will be on store shelves soon I love the whole marshmallows and publisher edited like enjoy an entire bowl of them. And finally a man and Italy is scamming restaurants with a dodgy dine and dash. At least three occasions the man takes his dogs into restaurants with him he's nearly finished with this meal when suddenly the dog runs off. The man tells the restaurant he's got to go catches dog be right back. You never return it's.