Winter Olympics, and International Politics

John Hancock
Monday, February 12th

Hancock talks about the events of the Olympics over the weekend including the overtures the North made to the South, the Rob Porter situation and more.


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Yeah. This is John Hancock. Our Monday as we can. Feel tired of the great weather. Did try to get very used during the hero from World Series anyway. Well. It's still too early to tell but more controller weekend showers possible on Friday but then they're saying no morning clouds followed by afternoon sun low fifties on Saturday. And plenty of sun on Sunday. So maybe we finally get a decent weekend out of the deal LC du bras and utters the week goes on. They unveiled the the National Portrait Gallery today unveiled a portraits of DO former president Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to a very mixed reception. Her grow shocking about this. Had been made me wanna go of fundamental I don't want to look like weird. These are the ones that would go in the White House federal believe I believe this is a gallery of the Smithsonian house. Though the ones that would go in the White House I assume will be more traditional. These aren't necessarily traditional. But. Weird. Are hers is. You really have to look at it closely. To. See the likeness. In her face. And then once you do you can get to do it but it's. When you see it in color it's very understated it's almost. Grave it's they've been nothing there's no bright colors and and it doesn't opera doesn't. Russia had art teacher that took all that and he said it's flat. And it does it's it's just gonna I don't know which is kind of bizarre. And then Brock is a sitting in a chair. With his hands crossed. And all these flowers behind him. And that the the First Lady they call that painted in grey scale a charcoal color with taupe undertones. She's seeded hair falling over her shoulders boulder floor length dress. It was a good commentary for fashion show. Dian. Brock is. It was. Painted by a Hindi wiley. It's a seven foot portrait he's sitting in a field of flowers. And he's sitting in a chair at me in a field of flowers. Chrysanthemum zones which is the official flower Chicago. Jasmine which is a nod to his childhood in Hawaii. An African blue lilies to symbolize his late father who was from Kenya. And so both on their pennies were unveiled a dead gallery. So I'd I would assume do they not do a portrait for all the former president of first ladies and they all put in it did their bit hangs in the White House. And then those would be the more traditional. Portrait. Once that nobody gets done anymore except. Really rich people in your grandparents. Why have my grandmother had. I had a very unique. Oil of her big gold. I don't want colored body has a much kinder say that it wasn't attractive but it was so it was so old school big big. Gaudy. Torres Florida configure. Gold frame. With the with the light at the top that shines down on it and hung over the mammal that it was my grandmother when she was probably her thirties or something like Batman. My grandfather at some point had his. His portrait done. But that was more of a photograph and it wasn't anything else and I don't know whatever happened to one of my grandmother with the oil's I assume somebody in the family ended up within. It wasn't me but I did end up with my grandfather's portrait. While. What you do it and I can't you may get detail how much all of my grandfather but. What are you doing it not hanging in the living room. This is one Susan I go and taking we see stuff like we like this and some of the boots. We've tape do we do we call it Ridder family. If you got to know fairway hero you can buy these portraits I got in your house and claim that to another in your great old aunt Agnes. Would get a doctor pepper is opening his big you know just go forward. Anyway I have my grandfather's portrait it's not a huge it's like I said this is the foot this is the photograph. And it's him looking very dignified. Holding a book in all in one hand and his other hand. Draped across the other hand that's holding the book or vice Versa or something like that it's hanging in my closet. Because I couldn't just sort of under the garage. But on the other hand. It's it's a place that really Billy diluted receivers me. So they why the are they the official portrait throughout and you can go take a look at amend and see what you think they're. At a bizarre although Obama did have a sense of humor about any city asked the artist. Try to negotiate with the artist to give him smaller ears and not too much gray hair. But. He he got to giggle leaders and the great parents with a story that that's the way that goes. The wife of Donald Trump junior and two others taken to a hospital in New York City today she opened a letter with some suspicious white power order I don't know that there's any indication that the substances have been deemed. Harmful yet. But this that this letter was addressed to her husband and I she opened it in their New York City apartment and it's. A day two with three of them. Being evaluated and new York presbyterian no real Cornell medical center. So hopefully that'll remain not something it's good too big and interest in. Over the weekend. The Indianapolis Colts named frank Reich their new coach. And frank Reich was one of the first quarterbacks that we had to with the Panthers engineered an unbelievable I think to this day may be still the biggest comeback of all time. When he was with the Buffalo Bills but the thing I remember about frank Reich we used to have him on the show on a fairly regular basis when he retired from football. He is a very religious guy and neither started to seminary in town or he went and ran a seminary here in town. And we had him on more than just a couple of times. I'm talking theological this that the other and I'm under very interesting. Deep. I'm guy and then all the sudden one day I'll watch in a football game and the Indianapolis Colts this was his first coach Eugene coaching gig and and and there was on the sidelines and I thought well that's interesting he's. He's dropped the theology center. Which was overall Providence Schroeder and Kim Bora laws but. But anyway frank Reich got back and a football news the new offensive ordinaries via. He's the he was the offensive coordinator of the Eagles and he's now the new head coach of the Indianapolis calls. Back Corey started as a coaching career so congratulations to him. I don't know if you still got ties to Charlotte and all our. Owns real estate here or anything along those lines but today it was good to see a good guy get a good good gig. This is George WBT Olympics update. Conglomeration stuff there should be nothing in here there was surprise you this talks about American history made in Byung Chang early Monday but actually it was aired last night because they're fourteen hours ahead of us. So what I was watching last night it was early Monday and Nokia on Chang but it was on Euro to below last night. Brian Ogg and I admit Nagasu. First American woman to land a triple axle. In in Olympic competition. Ultimately led to the US to Leo bronze medal in no team figure skating so that's good Jamie Anderson has who was launched last night. Whether is played a big deal on these Olympics though the wins enough. Until the point that there. There was some discussion about whether or not they'd have to postpone some events and whether or not the Olympics and actually finish on time men. The director basically is saying you know we we and we went boom we put time in their tune to allow for. Cancellations and and delays and so on and so forth so hopefully you know the Olympics will go farther the world they are supposed to. And then the seventeen year old red Gerrard and two he won the the men's Avaya we knew this on Friday. Picked up a gold medal. In none of the men's snowboard slow style. And down. His family is who. Wears the he's a's and source or Colorado. Any took on the first gold medal for the United States at the 2018 Winter Olympics on a Saturday in the men's snowboard slow still cup. Petition TJ said he saw a deal the said he woke up late couldn't find his code had to borrow his roommates code. So the Stoner. But that's probably not fair I mean you don't just dig into the Olympics by being a Stoner. But anyway. Very DJ Harrison got a hug and a on seventeen. And I'm getting ready to make my Olympic debut oh you're a story about me over sleeping you have to worry about me sleeping at all. But. Anyways among the youngest competitors at this year's games he one. With a winning run including a back side triple core 1440 degrees spin. And that you want if you don't know if Roger what do that is we have a TJ doing that on a flight of stairs up the vanguard originally agreed to dug up and down. And his brother. Reds brother Brendan Gerard of the family planned to celebrate the win said if we're not in jail. It's something didn't go right. I think they were like doing shots early in the morning where they're not. So. But that's that was sort of the that was pretty good so why Jamie Anderson one last night. The guy who's custom commentator as some bug or commentary. Offense. NBC. Joshua Cooper Lamo is no longer part of the Byung Chang coverage according to NBC he offend a lot of people in the host country in the opening no ceremony when he said Japan which colonized the Korean Peninsula between 19101945. Had been an example of Korea's transformation. I'm. Probably not the way you wanna phrase that Koreans were offended. Now organizers are talking about the rough weather conditions it was a communications director Mark Adams who says the games will not overrun the schedule in date he says say it's too early to comment on whether some events might have to be canceled. So why I and to me that breeds to me that they would cancel one event before they were run over them. None of the deadline. Canada won its first gold of the games in the Tim team figure skating competition on Monday. And the IOC president Thomas Bach. Says that it's now up to the political side. To use this momentum of the games brought on between north and South Korea and opening ceremonies and that was very interesting. Because you got the vice president sitting there next to the sister of Kim Jong noon. And the two countries seem to have come up with some neutral ground in and the South Korean president's been invited do. Young. Jiang and so on so forth. Mom and I kind of wonder if we'll talk about this when we come back. I think it I gotta wonder if all of this is not upstage of the United's little bit I think they're walking the US into a big corner. Anybody else watch all the opening ceremonies and all of. Kim Jong-Il and sisters sit there and my offensive manner and they invite the South Korean president moved Jay in. Two Pyongyang for new Greg Norton direct negotiations. And come by and did you kind of get the feeling that. Rocket man's play in. I in the United States a little bit. That there may get a pretty tough. And the South Korean president said over the weekend that good. He wouldn't opening any doors are doing better make him a little bit tough for the United States to make this hard core stand when all the sudden there seems to be this. New spirit of camaraderie. Although. You know North Korea hasn't said anything about a dismantling their nuclear ambitions or anything along those lines but I just kind of got the feeling that in the in the road. Public relations war. On North Carolina on delivered a pretty direct left hook. No over the weekend. He had North Korean leader Kim Jong-un invited the South Korean president to Pyongyang for bear Britain or direct negotiations. I don't know that that's been officially except to jet. That he's formally accepted that invited. He hadn't as of last night I'm ready thing today about them. Washington would probably rather he'd not do that. This would be the first meeting between Korean leaders in more than a decade. Pretty significant. The invitation to meet at an early date. Was personally extended by Kim's sister Kim young Zhong. Over lunch with moon who practically excepted and replied let's create conditions to make it happen. The South Korean officials are reported dead debts of what he had said. Kim Yu Zhong is in no South Korea or was in South Korea for the Winter Olympics and and left almost immediately after the opening game so I mean this to me just close the whole intent of for going was to do that. So you've got around. You got might pants and his wife sitting right in front of the North Korea and sisters. And did you get to Jordan's sister. And at one point when everybody was standing and applauding and knows so on and so forth the Korean entry. Pens got a sat there. And it was kind of like state State of the Union Address certain it was. It was Saturn or just general kind of weird vice president Mike camp downed. Or drowned out via images of the two Korea's marching in and competing as abundant. The boy who you know warming ties and good Korean Peninsula. Pence insists on Saturday there is no daylight. Among the United States in and allies says South Korea and Japan. In net intensifying pressure on the north over its nuclear missile programs. Armed and and now be tried. But. He was warning that the north was trying to hijack the message and imagery of the event with its propaganda and it's certainly appeared that way to me and and but the north was. Was welcomed with open arms though to what the South Korean president called Olympic Games of peace. So I just know looks like there the looks to me like North Korea you don't give budget Kim Jung and bunch credit. But he somehow or another has managed to and develop property lethal nuclear threat. Missile threat. And and he seems to have won the PO. Our war over the over the weekend. One moment. Oh. New York Times. Toda interactive map. Now look at just how many countries have the ability to hit any spot on the planet with a missile launch from land or submarine. And the countries actively working to expand their capabilities and for now there are just five who occupy the first category idea ability to hit any spot on the planet with a missile. Launch from land or submarine and that would be us the United States. Russia the UK China and France. But then the times reported that there are eight more countries that currently have a range of at least a 186 miles and have in the past forty years been working to strengthen that ranged. Or their missiles accuracy. And they listed those from the greatest current range to the smallest. And number one on that list is North Korea. Followed by Israel India Saudi Arabia India Pakistan's South Korea and Taiwan. And then of the aforementioned thirteen countries nine possess nuclear weapons per business insider. And these are listed from the most nukes to the least. And out of the nine North Korea was Knight. But nonetheless. In possession of a nuclear weapon. So. Obviously the threat is there and then to watch what happened at the opening ceremonies. Moon was all smiles the president of the South Korean president all smiles with a sister of the year North Korean no leader Kim Jong-un. And Kim Yong Nam. The country's nine year old nominal head of state they met for lunch at the Presidential Palace the residence. And on me a flight to Alaska on Saturday the vice president said that he left Asia quote encouraged. There we will continue to work very closely to continue and intensify the maximum pressure campaign close quarter against North Korea. He couldn't have been encouraged. I mean it could have liked everything that went on at that opening ceremony and an invitation from the north to the south. I had to come on over and have lunch or you know and let's talk he couldn't he could not have liked that. He said that war. Had forged the core of the bond between the United States and South Korea and that help. And that helps explain quote why there is no daylight and their will be no daylight. Close call between the two. So Ed White House officials stressed that depends. Had applauded only for the American team that Asian experts said that the vice president its refusal to stand. Could be seen as disrespectful to the hosts. So. I don't know why it is present stink I don't know all the ins and outs of the ramifications in the what fours in the. I mean the Japanese prime minister. Greeted Kim Jong and sister to. So it did just seemed like North Korea made some pretty good inroads. Into. Diplomacy your public relations or whatever and others an article today Associated Press article today. Talking about the South Korean president. And his lifelong dream. To somehow or another. Some kind of some sort of a solution to this this problem here is the son of North Korean refugees. And a leading advocate of the previous liberal. Government sunshine policy of engagement with the north. Moon the president South Korean has spent his career all lifetime really says the Associated Press. Waiting for this chance the question now is whether he can persuade the north Koreans his own people and Washington to back his play. And of the three. They say the north Koreans might be the easiest sell because moon has yet to formally accept the invite and Washington would probably rather that he not do that. And they figured there though they also point out that many South Koreans. Would be really wary of any deal that does not provide real security. But it's a lifetime dream of this South Korean. President just wanted to come up with a solution to this whole problem. They just seem to me like the the opening ceremonies. If you're keeping score. North Korea one. Everybody else nothing. There are a couple more Olympic possession fuel enough. He had democratic memo was Ari injected over the deal weekend. Seeking revisions so looked horrid actions begin we'll talk about the little bit to company builds infrastructure plan to do your heard about that on the news there's an experimental drug that promises to kill the flu virus. In a day. Being experimented with in other countries Japanese. Late status stage trial unknown Japanese. An American flu patients. But won't be available at the earliest until next year. But to Tamiflu or you got to take wants and then take it for one another five day is or what I don't know what it has undertaken to have a flow. But there's experimental drug promises to kill the flu one dose. One day. Think that guy might make somebody think that lab might make some money. It will tell you about that as well be over until noted Jeff on WBT hey Jeff. Say he would jump thanks particular culture. I enjoy your show let them. Listen to it but from the daily basis. Got a comment but the recent developments on north Koreans are clear what relation. And a guard stood the Olympics. It into the great public relations coup they had over the weekend. Well I I believe what they how dominant they get a shuttle there is that. Potential. Dialogue in the potential for them. To be a good neighbor and that is breaking away from the strategic to long term. Relations with the US. Well I did then then that that that hasn't been defined yet. They've they've by all assurances in Japan and South Korea are not to breaking from the US and they're still rose a nuclear threat there are so long. But it's I I think I think that what I saw over the weekend makes that a little bit harder for the United States do all played tough guy where another seems to be some. Well I an error of congeniality. Going on but they're still our nuclear weapons and involved in a dead still is something that this administration. Says is unacceptable in my area. I don't have any reasonable leave the Japan and no South Korea don't believe it's unacceptable as well. Well I believe that our and and none and delivering double yeah we don't need harmed he can look at the war or. All mcdonalds and that can't or won't let you do this strategic partners. And I believe they have they've been through the pressure from North Korea. After all they are closer to the dangerous and the US do then I'm gonna hit that country and there's a little bit more news or acclaim. Just because we want it to drive further pressure on the Korea. I believe a little a little policeman diplomacy is backfiring. And I believe. Since two countries but lately they welcomed the extra eight or sister. They decided they didn't. Well it could be but I don't think it's a sign of caving in from Japan and I'm pretty sure it's on assignment caving in Vermont. I'm the United States so our. I don't know the ins and outs and all the details of that but I don't I don't see how this administration nor or Japan basically say an all world. We tried to I have a field they're going to be just as adamant that they. That they could stop seeking their nuclear. Desires. And did did did just like they always have I just think it puts in the United States and kind of awkward position to lobby planned tough guy when everybody else is holding hands. Well it's hard to drive a wedge as they are in courts are so old well liked that was tried to do the couple which further to keep our outlays on site. But it's not working in this it will put the administration for strawberry didn't. Couldn't edit. Gain the confidence of salute salute to how late and eat a Dick just give that example would be. You're always one on one alleys and go in that region and they are starting to be in relation to try that they so that we can. Truly is fed them from trying to therefore. They're working with China is so all those silence all of the that was the ball. But that that adds is that that they have been that hasn't changed at all there in their their relationship with China as and it took us forever to get China to do anything or to sit down. Well any kind of disapproval of some of the things in North Korea was doing soil I don't know that that's changed. Well we need to develop more comfort thing and as truck worth relations with the country. I'm the administration's low beneath the. Yeah I died right now I'm not so sure I agree with that I think Wetzel we have the last administration when it. Football that we didn't we apologize creation we apologize for America over and over again and know that does things will work out just fine. Not so sure that that's what. I don't think that I'm not so sure that's what the American people wanted and quite frankly. I I think that's one of the reasons that that Donald Trump is president because I think people by and large basically did vote they were tired of apologizing for America that they wanted us to. They want is to retail eight re gain. I'm number one status again. And. We'll have a beer TVs. An era for the daily White House briefing. And apparently they're both talking about what was a big subject to the talk shows over the weekend and that's the reporters situation and the abuse allegations in the president's tweets and not. Now once again the president his timing sucks. Unless he really was referring just to rob Porter. And but it did to make paired if you take certain that tweet that he sent out. Just as they loan tweet. Just as a to some extent. A defense of everything that is going on right now from Harvey Weinstein all the way down the all the way down the line. Then between itself. All of Bear's discussion. But the timing. I love the exits of rob Porter and things that are going on at the White House makes it sound like he's standing up for a guy. Whose ex wife for ex girlfriend can't remember which one was. There's two making the accusations that one of Lomas accompanied by a picture winnable under a little black guy. We you can't. You can't send that tweet out win their seems to be proof. Other dios. And the meat to movement is alive and well and android should be. Things are changing. Not a boy's club anymore. And and then this is the year that it they're really changed. Hard to believe that Harvey Weinstein would be a catalyst for all that but that's exactly what happened he was the first domino and then everything started to follow behind him and Kevin Spacey and all these other people just cannot. Well fell in lockstep. So the White House chief of staff John Kelly apparently knew that president Donald Trump staff secretary had issues in the past that might prevent him from receiving a permanent security clearance. At least that was the word from Bloomberg News. And rob Porter handed in his resignation. And so that's all that that was what was going on last week after reports that two ex wives and accused amounts of physical abuse. He'd been on the job for about a year he attended meetings were top secret matters were discussed. Did not have security clearance had been denied aid denied the allegations. But there's a picture of one of his ex wife and black iron amend that soon you know about all of allowed the system decide you know what happened there but you can't appear to be in. Support of something that looks like it has a supporting evidence next to. Now the other part of this is that rob Porter apparently is a dating the communications. Director hope picks who's just a knock out. On and was a friend of big bonkers. And got a gig. With the drug administration and. So the wife of the former White House staff secretary Rob Meier reporter has fired back at trump. And the White House after trump praised Porter following domestic abuse allegations although I'm not. He basically said that. You Christian the best and all of suture endeavors. In got to watch and to some extent the way that things are phrased enough. Jeanine will be Ted especially ticked off at trumps tweet on Saturday and again between then itself. Where he said that lives are being ruined by mere allegation. And questioned whether or not there is such a thing any longer is due process. That's a legitimate question given everything that's going on right now but it's not a legitimate question when you're in the middle of the deal with rob Porter. And so she takes offense to that because she thinks to that is directly calling her a liar. So there's an op Ed piece for time magazine that she went on to us say if the most powerful people in the nation do not believe my story of abuse in the face of overwhelming evidence than. What hopes do others have of being hurt. So timing is. That the the White House have been are reeling from this all weekend long. With the departure of the staff secretary rob Porter. And on Saturday trump tweets that. Lives are being shattered in destroyed by a mere allegations some are true some are false. Closed week. And it bent the day before he pointed reporters assertions of innocence and wished him a great future. So. They did the timing sucks. Trump Saturday. And I'm garrido way that this this it was our ruin what do that the way this was traced to like crossed it out because. I I think it leads you in a false direction. But again it's it's a matter of it's a matter of what what you tweet and win. Said trump then hit an eight tweet that appeared to take aim at the meat to movement. I don't think that takes aim at the meet Joseph movement. In the and echoed his own denials of sexual impropriety in the face of accusations. From more than a dozen women. I didn't see that in there either. People's lives are being shattered and destroyed by mere allegation he wrote some are true summer faults some are old some are new. There are there are that there is no recovery for someone falsely accused life and career are gone. Is there are no such thing any longer is due process. Now. The fact that this is all coming to the forefront is good. Nobody should have to. Be subjected. To what I guess women have had to live with for a long long time. Men not a beast did admit ought to start acting the way that their mothers tried to raise the but if you EEO we we also have to quit putting thoughts and words into people's quotes. I say his timing sucks. But. You don't think in this whole meet two of movement that there may be some false accusations that are gonna bring down some innocent people. Just on mirror spite. Did the timing is right. If you're accused of some. Crimes against children against winning as whatever. Even if your Tennessee you'll never outlive them. Once they're in the press once they're on the Internet. They're permanent. So. I'm not specifically pointing to any thing in bed or any one that I think is true or false or whatever I'm just saying. There should be some due process. The accusations against rob Porter. I and the photos of one of his ex wife with a black guy being published. Probably not a great time for that particular tweet because it makes it look like he's standing up for a particular individual I don't know if that was his intent or not. Then on Friday a second White House staffer at the speech writer David Sorenson he resigns over abuse allegations. I don't know much of the details on that on either. But again the president just has a way of they're putting out the wrong tweet at the wrong time and throwing fuel under wolf fire. And being his own worst enemy. But his actual tweet what he tweeted on Saturday. Had to be done three weeks from now or three weeks ago. Good merited some discussion. But today you can't merited discussion because everybody's going to put meaning and thoughts into. The tweets intent whether or not that was there are. Or not. So there you go. Obvious and it will begin opening a debate for the immigration policy in the fated dreamers they were to do that today and this'll go on for weeks. To go through proposals that could be submitted by lawmakers. A compromise has so far been pretty difficult to find I'm. There's a group a Republican senators have said bill. I introduce a Trump's plan. Which he outlined during the State of the Union Address it offers a path to citizenship for drummer dreamers in exchange for a more bar border security. Including a Walt. Well as well as changes to legal immigration that would significantly reduce it. I'd Democrats are believed to be willing to give on the wall bid but there's no chance they'll agree to with the illegal immigration overhaul that took trump wants. So I and the other big news was Saturday morning or at least I had heard about it until Saturday morning and that was. The president. Rejected. And it won't release the democratic memo as it is denied the request to release the democratic memo and the answer to the newness Republican memo. Seeking revisions so after the hour pres. Last week block them block the memo. From the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee that they are. Our road to counter that classified memo from the Republicans on the committee that alleged wrongdoing and how the surveillance order for the trump presidential campaign aide Derrick Carter page was obtained. In the initial stages of the of concern. As disclosing classified information. And so what Lucy were all of that goes announced were all your two big political stories sort of deal Sunday morning shows. Yesterday. And guided Billy VGA dot com. Trump is just about at the capital letters top of the latter. It will crash soon and burn bad news is John you will fall to. There was like just supporting trump. Do you love understanding what they English language student. Was I not just saying was I not just not supporting trump was that I just saying his timing sucks. You don't know when I was being supportive and rooting non supportive you can't keep track of me. Because in some cases I oppose him and in some cases eyes supportive. But you all hear what you wanna hear George resist talking about some of the phone calls have come through in the last three or four minutes. Go global. Believe everything you see on the channels you choose to watch don't ship. You're have to think that maybe you or the problem. Maybe your why were on the condition of the country that were in these days. They might appreciate your email sterling. I understood your email. You go back elicited the tape see if you can understand the conversation. I believe wolf I'll winter games winning athletes are given awards it have you seen a podium thing yet. Where they play the National Anthem and they and then there were other holding a little would think. And they're not given out the medals in the Winter Olympics they do this differently in the Summer Olympics the the victors get their medals immediately after the events conclude that the sobre Olympics. Are much larger than they Winter Olympics. And a nightly summer medal ceremony would be truly. You would it would still be going on. That is the Winter Olympics tradition is the actual medals for the day's winners are distributed any single nightly celebration. So when somebody wins an event they don't get the medal right then don't get that later at this. Big to do because there's not as many winners in the winter games is there are in the summer games. So the winning athletes are being given rewards that they'd worked their whole lives to earn and one of them is a black and white stuffed tiger in a tiny hat. And it ended so if you're wondering are you watch and about that I think they get some kind of thing that's got a little older adults and federal law would Ding to. Com did. I don't know when I hear designates the forests of I don't. But anyway no today that they will get their actual medals the post event plush doll Layden venues ceremonies are just pray alludes to the real thing. And the actual medals for the day's winner will be distributed at a single nightly celebrations or if you see the winner urged the gears of Letterman. He he he he earned a gold medal Lebanese elbow would deal on a stuffed animal. He'll get his gold medal but that'll be done avail later time if you've been watching the curling. What is it about curling that does suck you right on him. Because it's easy to watch you can duel with a one. I open on the couch. Have you caught the US curler by the name of Matt Hamilton. Men Hamilton is a guy's got a mustache. He wears that read happy. It's got a little circle thing at the top of it he wears a red shirt that says USA audit. And there are many people online Twitter especially. I think there's something familiar about the US curler Matt Hamilton the red shirt the Red Hat the circular logo in the middle the mustache. And then they finally figured out wait a minute he looks suspiciously. Like. Video game character Mario. And there's a picture I found on Twitter that has him and one bros and Mario and the same clothes and it's been. It's pretty funny the Winter Olympics in pretty good stuff. All right jays in February 12. Day after what would have been my dad's going to fit perfect. Thank you for hearing. 43 days into the year 322 days to go 1892. Abraham Lincoln's birthday was declared a national holiday on the unit in the United States. When he thirteen North Korea confirmed it has successfully tested a nuclear device that could be weaponized. Torn thirteenth what could possibly go wrong I'm sure that's over by now. And NBA hall of Famer Bill Russell has 84 years old today number for the day a hundred. 100. In this case 100 years. The life expectancy of a toilet. 100 years in fact. The study conducted by the national association of homebuilders determined that toilets can actually last indefinitely note the components. Inside that tank. Do need to be periodically replaced and have a much shorter life expectancy. Maybe about five years but developed itself. Hundred years. I know what you're asking yourself right now. I can't say it but you can think it. Elementary public school in that Tokyo as introducing a new uniform designed by our money that will set parents back over seven. Hundred dollars. A man in Maine I read the news today oh boy single handedly fought off of bear after it attacked his upping. Think he might be popular this Valentine's Day. LL being famous though for accepting returns would no questions asked. That policy is gone by the wayside because the company announced that so many people cheat lie that it has no choice but to stiffen the rules a little bit still pretty liberal group. That's the world you live when men the third highest ranking official at the Justice Department has resigned. Daily job at Wal-Mart. You're expecting to scandal. I Olympics tonight NBC at 8 o'clock primetime coverage includes the downhill phase of the super combined Alpine skiing the men's and women's half pipe. And let me see Shaun White for the first time tonight yes. And other women's 15100 meter speed skating. It's up against fox sports 1:8 o'clock the 142. Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Also wildly popular. Total of 2882. Dogs from fifty states and Washington DC competing this year there are no new breeds. Being introduced during the 28 teams show I tonight will be the founder. Toe play that. Non sporting and hurting braves know. I read the news is available in NASA they say may turn the space station over private sector now. Space industry is a buzzing with rumors of the White House plans to phase out funding for the International Space Station in the Washington Post and space news and got me up. Got to look at NASA doubt document that. Fills in some of the details of the US would fund it. The International Space Station through 2244. Know that it wouldn't necessarily result in the station going dark the following year instead the White House thinks that the International Space Station could then be taken over by the private sector. And a man pled guilty to trying to throw his coworker and you'll wood chipper. That's golden boy. He steals and a moment did feel worst way again. Gathered in every fire would be terrible. Bond. Drowning would be terrible world. Yeah I guess really do you think about it the whole dying thing is definitely. You went home mom. Comedian and. That's hard and and it's. Read me a hamster going down the toilet story on Friday because of that he does deluded visions good shipper built so low on the. This guy this good drive guy tried to push his co worker renewal wood chipper headfirst. I guess if you're gonna go that would be a way to go. Not yeah that's what I mean. Did. Mascot Iverson rested attempted murder attempted assault charges back on May first Torre seventy and worked for a tree service. Austin Crawford told police they were working on a property when Iverson put him in a chokehold and tried to push him into the wood chipper. Another employee intervened and stopped and Iverson Crawford said he remembers thinking and. I don't wanna die that way. Sure. I get off that story. I had a good thing about that Hampshire do it so that bothers several people called me in the Alaska public this today. Valentine's Day barbershop quartet guys. About twelve minutes away. Am a mobile 5 o'clock hour forest but this is where you consider barbershop quartet for yourself we. We've had wild success with this over the years they've had it's a fund raiser for a love but they do deliveries throughout the Charlotte Mecklenburg metropolitan area and Nolan dual next Wednesday a Valentine's Day. Prices started 59 dollars. Offer a delivery within NATO a four hour window and all specify with them but four guys in taxes. All part of the golden does standard Corus Group so you've got one of the one of the quartets as a bunch of them. And they show up at the workplace or the homer wherever you've instructed them to go. And they show open the roads are noticing a couple of songs and they make Euro Valentine feel look pretty special it's very cool deal that they do. And like I say prices start to 59 dollars and begin dual four hour window if you need a low so narrow window than that prices go up accordingly. And this year they're doing phone delivery I don't think they've ever done that before 25 bucks. So well we'll get to specifics on that in just a second but coming out of the 5 o'clock news you will hear. What he figured TJ let me call you sweetheart. It at that. And we'll talk to the Barr or chuck. Or ten guys but this is they are of if you've never done this before. This is we'll see you still buy flowers you still buy candy here you can still do what you want but this is a really neat addition know where they show up at the workplace and if you do this for your lady. Than every other related you know office which is somebody had done that for them. Annual radio wishes you hadn't because they get all barest but it's one of those kind of good embarrassment I've things like everybody singer every birthday to area. It embarrasses you bring your. You're pretty glad it all happened. So what anyway via a gold standard chorus guys solo BM here in just say a few minutes. Earlier this so last week I guess it was European Parliament voted 3840153. To review whether daylight saving time is actually worth that when does this come up march 11. Think that's one week. So less than a month. Can't wait so we can all drive home alive again although it's gotten pretty light the last three weeks or so. The resolution. It voted was non binding the majority reflected a growing dissatisfaction. Now with they system has been used in the United States and Canada and most of Europe and regions of Asia and Africa and South America for decades the resolution asked the European Commission to review the costs. And the benefits. Of daylight saving time. And if the European Union were to abolish daylight saving time it would need approval of the majority of the EU member states and EU parliament members. Last week's vote to reconsider seasonal time change was proposed after 70000. Finnish citizen signed a petition. And it daylight saving time well. A little bit closer to home. It looks like the sunshine state Florida. Is considering doing away with the whole spring ahead fall back method of time there are two bills. Called the sunshine protection act. There have been proposed that would allow Florida to keep daylight savings time. Year round. So another word than that that's what I think I would before. Is it you go on it may march the eleventh. And then just stay there. The original reasoning on all of this they were anywhere would mean was an extra hour of sunshine and an extra hour of possible revenue for business owners. Along the beaches in the state that's why Florida's thinking about it. They say it would also unified Florida in the eastern time zone because there are some of the panhandle. Area that is in central time. But I quite frankly I'd. I'm not so sure there's just not time good to ended two and it may be all states should do is to keep daylight saving time money you're around and an extra hour sunshine. I don't know if it helps your business or not but to help your business. It would does help us get home of the white. It's all about a student. Think. I read the news available way of British funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen. Is he funny. Where is he just kind of appalling. Finally appalling. He bit displayed did have paid dead disgraced football great OJ Simpson more than 20000 dollars to play a role in his next movie. I Cohen is best known for a fooling around suspected. When you called dukes. With characters. OJ Bratton. Dons a wig and a black thick rimmed glasses and anyway in this when he meets up with Simpson inside a loss Vegas hotel room the source didn't make clear what role Simpson would play but it brief comments with the British paper. Simpson called Cohen a nice. Guy. But declined to elaborate. But he'll take that twenty ground. And I don't know what OJ is doing for money he's a still Vegas area as far as I know we never did go to Florida which was kind of suspected when he got out. I'm so as far as I know is still hang around Las Vegas I'm sure he can in a block here get a bus fare. It by make a ton as a valid. Especially if you had a white bronco. Well he can did that's say ought to do he ought to become an Bloomberg driver and all white bronco. It made double bugs you think. I never thought of that today OJ called me I got an idea. In Vegas. OJ driving a white bronco in Vegas and new driver. When you were pregnant not to say did you or did you. But ladies when you were pregnant or rear pregnancy cravings. Joanna games. Fixer upper. She's pregnant. Siegler Reno all that crap stuff that's all over the Internet about how she and chipper. Breaking up. Joy games expecting her fifth child posted images of herself on it mr. Graham and no shared her 2:30 AM pregnancy cravings which include. Fruity Pebbles. Welcome meadow cheese sandwich. And double legs but I can't do gamble words. But felt pretty pebbles and and permit or cheese sandwich I think you've got. Can't enlarge it. We would do a little place in downtown Belmont I figured does and is good job of anybody in town collude all break. It's. Turk tutoring. And a digital much stuff but one of the things I did was Sacramento cheese on toast points in their tourist boards are unbelievable. Remember she's a bad either with a glass along and watch the world go by downtown on main street then Belmont. I don't think that's pregnancy is learn he. OUs. We. Maybe you. I. Oh okay. Who's the man. And you love. I. Turn. Room needs. It's. Love I love. I. Who I mean. And me. As I. We. I. But. I. My and meet alone. He turns away and. A rule. Just studio audience. That's a sound familiar ought to view because how many years now Wally we've had John Heard warnings open you know Tony some odd years these guys it is a fund raiser for the a gold standard course. But every Valentine's days they go out how many did you where did that mean there's all sorts of quartets of how many people do you think you hit in any given year. Well this year we got three quartets we've done in past years we've done as many as a 130 overrode over a two day weekend down in him. Not a usually will do fifty or sixty on loads of those blue Valentine's animal week like it is now so you'll start that today's Monday when you start doing these tomorrow. On no no sauce on Wednesday that everything is on Nobel 'cause they this year well. It did via oil prices player reasonable if you got a team to a four hour window in other words you're gonna do this from his wife enough for your wife and she's at work and you got a four hour window than 59 bucks fully reasonable. You all shall open taxes you are you preserve Perot is true you got four guys that are veteran. They look great in talks is just imagine just like we do good here at the Pentagon doesn't save us news I'm surprised you more than taxes and here today. MM hum. But we give a long stemmed rose we use we have a Valentine and we give off both photo of some come by now you know are you severe Polaroid back from a very amounts are no additional. Digital phone shot but to move to songs too songs and yeah. And the if you gave you got to do a shorter winter than that 79 bucks it's 59 bucks for a four hour window it's 79 dollars for a two hour window. It's 99 bucks for a one hour window meeting the it's they say they're gonna be there between 12 and 1 o'clock they'll be there into into all in 1 o'clock I just don't know what I'm rose. Really tight schedules and you have to eat if you have to hit a certain timeframe and cost a little bit more for to get there. And then your George phone delivery and you. Said you've done this last year but I guess I don't remember about two that this is this is a genius hacker wouldn't think of this before well. We were in that's is one of the things we've grown wrapped up to over the years it used to be we have the old brick phones back in the day now. Now you can you can talk owners but are your iPhone to your below and you were on the world almost nine you do that from I'm just curious from logistic standpoint do you do that from a set plays Sergio literally while you're going from one no event to another event kick out a couple of phone greetings and make some money alloy wheel that's a good idea that's a good idea to cut you know can we can do it that way are we. We usually give him our Valentine's studio and actually do with them and I don't want that so that's probably reduces. What do with the hearts and the Cubans behind us I'm gonna oh it does to guys to leaguers say yours have a newbie right well. Send it always surprises me that's always a generally a younger guy which are we talked about that a couple of weeks ago but that's a good thing because you want to saarc third to have to maintain so I think definitely December dim all the rest of us right and so as well if you've been doing this here for twenty years you do the math desperate at that. At a bustling abate this. But of faith is based on my dismay then ball and you say these are new guy he's and he's a really good face on the shoulder and. They can step up there why barbershop quartet when did you get engines to protest event no local senator about three years now and actually Alameda dot com didn't have enough to do on a weekly basis that I get a shot and you said he sung church choirs or something like that and yet did all that backing you know younger days so I appreciate him saying that under the young would agree that's all relative of course musical theater. Your church choir America thing and there's something about harmonizing with other people who mean their son and a dimmer or get your adrenaline flown when your governor when you're on its innocent Lennon McCartney thing when you're on it's see it's it's it's pretty cool. Plus a kind of thing we've we rehearse every Monday night him in the chorus and when we come we forget about our problems that are at work or maybe you have some issue at home. And you come and sing and we both nobody the common thing we have together resort this are singing you know and we can spend our two on two and half hours on Monday night kind of forgetting about. Not anything else that may be. No volunteers that's why do you show yeah. I know exactly what I menu here there is no real world out there if so it's or is it okay we met Nathan give me they hear us and mark brought us things baritone with a mark's been around for awhile but I. So there's some pretty good quartets over there over the years and keep their tones the deep. Well we're told is kind of a garbage and nobody else wants us and it's above the base. But. Bob below the lead which OK you really want me is the starlet showed yeah. I and then. The markets Bloomberg it's only been singer for a long Thomas Schroeder however call this thing and how important is Steve cruel and he's he saw he sings the tenor and that's kind of the dog and cat part of you know that's so you're only dole suggested here this. And then names sounds some later I know you from anywhere Steve and images they did is it and maybe I just saw your name rated as corolla sounds so familiar to me one way or other. All right you guys figure out what song you're gonna do next we'll go take jail break for a traffic can come back him up. Get one more out of the gold standard tourist you can go to gold standard chorus dot org. Or you can call 704554. 130170455413. 01 or go to gold standard poor's dot org. If you got there would like to get these guys are booked for a Wednesday for your show we team Honda. Mind. I am. Reviews and. And I it would be an. Do you. Slow. News. Ma and don't mind. Okay my name. I love. Me. Here I love. A huge. Moon. I love. A one. Million. I didn't ruin. Okay. And. News and I. Through you guys. Okay. Okay lose. Moon. Saying you know the amount. You long. New moon. Moon moon. A blue. Room. I the only. It's. Excellent I think that's new for assets as a visit new deal repertoire if we have got hundreds for the yeah no very very close Seminole 455413. 01 or you can order online gold standard chorus dot Oregon all have TJ put all this Obama. Hancock page WBT dot com 704. 55413. 01 or. Gold standard. Chorus. Not aura Wally toys and treasures that are placed on it make you DeRogatis. Yeah I know well I mean when I got to get die because I know by the time Thursday and Friday no Saturday rolls along I'll get emails come back say thank you so much you still there the flowers you distilled it can be distilled the whole nine yards. But I guarantee this will be it's totally unexpected bio most valentines and you are you willing it will be a good weekend QB DMB of built their relentless drive and gold standard course dot org 70455413. 01. Can't her Broadway Allen Mickey Walsh. So most of their possessions. Bought a sailboat. Moved from Colorado to Florida. And their plan was to explore the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Longtime dream. A day after they set sail. Navigating through John's pass off Madeira beach last Wednesday. The 28 foot boat hit something probably a sandbar. Began filling with water couple underdogs swim to safety. Now they're dream has sunk. Uninsured vote. Little more than the clothes on their backs lefties that I sold everything I had to do this that I lost everything in the in a matter of forty minutes he's 26 years old. Everything I've worked for everything I've owned since I was a child just floating away. She is 24 years old. Trying to think how Susan we're reaction of Slater said. Here's the deal we're gonna saw everything we're only gonna in my house elbow organized. To make matter was worth the pair now who have about ninety dollars in cash to their name period that's it. Have to come up with the 6700. Dollars needed to remove their sunken boat from the gulf plus additional for storage. It's more than 5000 dollars that they has spent 20 by the 1969. Bowed and and they spent another 5000 dollars fixing it up laughter salient from Alabama to Panama City. That was their first sailing experience ever. Milan's salient Colorado well legs. Tom. Without broad will's father helping along. And you're going along for the ride to help them learn the ropes but I obviously they had no experience that's. As I got is that very brave to all of a sudden dig in and or is that very stupid to not have an experience and then you're gonna take off the Gulf of Mexico and that sums. Com. Anyway as you would suspect there's a go find me page has been set up that's raised about 111000 bucks for the couple as of this writing the bay hope the donations will allow them to continue their adventure. He says I'm not going to give up now I'm going to get another boat down the road. The boat sank put our dreams didn't sink with the vote. He's 26 she's 23 so when you say lifetime dream. Though it kind of takes a little bit of that you know I mean if you're 56 and she's 53 and you've been driven to this for forty years second. But. But that may be go work a little bit devoted to on the other hand if you're gonna beat you if you got to do so like this. And get set back her waist of time I guess you might as well do it in your twenties as opposed to any other time. That's what I always tell people get out of high school and so much of their pure sugar and I suppose. Is you know if you decide you wanna be a comedian or you're inside you wanna do this or do that you ought to apply the new York road moved to New York or remove the Los Angeles you. But they won't do it in your twenties. It's successful great if you're not used to go back in your thirties and and put your nose to the grindstone and you can still have yourself say a good career and plenty of time to fulfill your. And your life's ambitions. Visit tonight a primetime coverage ABC start about 8 o'clock we will make way at 6 o'clock for Notre Dame. After UNC pregame starts at just 6 o'clock on news eleven to indicted on three WBT. So what tar heel basketball game mode tonight. And then 8 o'clock tonight on NBC. And from. Eight till about 1130 A you'll have a curling. Will be the second of two mixed curling semi finals. You'll have men's Alpine skiing combined and downhill run you'll have women's snowboarding half five gold medal final. On MSNBC. Sports networks to Israel on NBC sports network ice hockey tonight from ten to 1130. To that that attempt. And then 1130 in the men's snowboarding. Half pipe are qualifying on tonight the finals for that I believer tomorrow night. So if you're hoping to see Shaun White but that's after your bed time you can probably catch the the video finals tomorrow. And I think mixed doubles curling bronze medal match is. Is on tonight is so well why that is so. Addictive. Maybe it's just because it's easy. The the kid who won the seventeen year old red get Gerald. Who world won the gold medal and men's snowboard slopes self first medal of the United States won on a Saturday night Sunday morning now for Korea time. Said that he saw his family told NBC after his win that he was a super groggy when he woke up and didn't wanna get out of bed. And CEO was asked how much fun none has sailor was having and he said at a press conference. I'm sure it's a tie and I'm pretty sure I saw video of them shot gunning Beers at 8:30 AM so I'm pretty sure they're doing just fine. Via a quote that after he won the gold they asked his brother Brendan. You know where they are celebrated and she said if we're not in jail and something didn't go right. At. Silver thorn Colorado they got to go to partners have their show on why eight who will be on late tonight and than a finals I guess tomorrow. Love of music well documented snowboarding icon. Who is going for his third gold medal at this year's Winter Olympics. Founded and has played guitar in the band. Band to bad things. He's been that groups is like 2012. So it should probably come as no surprise that music is a big part of his training but the songs that he likes to train to cage the elephant ain't no rest for the wicked. Finalised his boys are back in town that's old school. And Roxy Music love is the drug that's really old school. So what are they what are Olympics and the naked marathon of South Korea have been common well they're both taking place in bone chilling temperatures. They've both involve metals. And there were hundreds who took to the streets of young Jiang on Saturday and Sunday for what organizers called a naked marathon not a it's a little misleading because I've been I've completely naked. Color sought on NBC news last night with Lester holt. It just goes Mike to Rico can get away with saying a dirty word or two under and over doesn't mean they're short of budget near naked people out there the temperature was sold balmy 22 degrees. That gloves and hats were allowed church were a big no no this is the 26 annual bit and just so happened to coincide with the Winter Olympics so it's not a a truly naked marathon because pants or shorts are allowed. And probably even suggest. And when we do our naked marathons around here they always think it's worth it. The camps are so dead wrong. And unaccounted. There is only one continent on the planet that has never hosted an Olympic Games and that is. Africa. Finally that could be about to change there'll all of BAS stepped it take before that happens hosting mean much smaller youth Olympic Games in 20/20 20. But the International Olympic Committee president says say many Olympic event will be held on the continent though these specific country has not been selected the move could signal a possibility of eventually. Have in the Olympics in Africa. Would be interest to. I've been on the continent of Africa but it was Morocco. And jeers. Well bore you all appeal story again it was on a Crusoe non engineers was and it wouldn't go back now for all the money in the world is all scary but in Dallas. Eighteen years ago fifteen years ago. So we were vivid debate just being able to say that I have stepped under the U continent of Africa. Although we've got to an old former intern and she goes over and does a missionary work over there all the time. So maybe that's what all do it my retirement. My knees still work in five years. Got bad new bossier and so he's new to Charlotte and I saw an article today under Charlotte have 527. Signs or neuter Cheryl little share some of those reviewed the second. Some of the you know there was some stuff in there I didn't know. Notre Dame and does the Tar Heels tonight pregame starts in me now about six and a half minutes. Game of course will be here it's good news eleven to indicted on three WBT. Some tickets Charlotte five did this sought also near Charlotte Observer. Copied it off. To give Dora new boss who are just moved here 47 signs are new to Charlotte. Sarah looking through it and I thought though I don't need that. I have been there but then I got to look at a little bit closer. You'll know why we're called the queen city I think. Name of a king George's. The third wife queen Charles boulevard. You know who super super Hugo lug nut Chevy are. You know who via Lyles news. You know what CMS stands for you know what the booty loop is. It's not dirty. You know panther stadium has always been goal has not always been called Bank of America Stadium. What was first. Ericsson stadium. You're new to Charlotte if you're still taking soltys at the Beck or firebird. Which we got from Atlanta did we not. But that originally in Atlanta. You neuter Charlotte if you never heard who frank Sebelius. Moderate konduz cantina 1511 these guys who originated batted an eye on it now objects owns itself. But big daddy's burger bar maid would smoke house. Now through part goes Taka and all that stuff. Stability. You don't feel a pang of nostalgia when you I hear the term common markets out there and still miss it being there. These are signs that your new to Charlotte. I you don't feel a pang in nostalgia. If you hear the terms double door in Amos south Denver Fremont music hall. You know understand the epic quality of the thirsty beaver solar and with that whole development now built around it it's the funniest thing ever may be the best barge Charlotte. We talked to those guys one night when it was their orders controversial or they'd chain link that thing off. I you don't realize there's a hornet's nest old logo on C impeding cars. So we know all of that the overall that we're not new to Charlotte but it though you if you don't all of those. But did you know this that. You think you can keep feeding the meter on an uptown street. No signs along the parallel parking meters indicate a two hour limit for a reason I've seen plenty of friends try to feed the meter after two hours to get tickets. What they do chalk your tire. You look around for happy hour deals. If you nearest Charlie you're not gonna find happy hour deals not on alcohol because that would be against Leo law North Carolina. The North Carolina ABC permitted establishments are allowed to provide happy hour food specials. And since the brunch bill passed into any seventeen with Mecklenburg County commissioners voted unanimously to allow alcohol sales before noon on Sunday and incorporated parts of the county. We get to enjoy somebody you know bloody marys and bubbles and stuff like that on where weekend brunch. But happy hour deals no can't get no can't do. It is called up John not downtown you know that. You could be new to Charlotte if you assume the first place you must go out. Is uptown particularly the epicenter. There's uptown has its perks at the neighborhood pockets surrounding uptown as were the magic is spend the day and Elizabeth. For a day and plaza mid would. Or day and deal worth that's exactly right that's where you'll find the real. Essence of Charlotte. You don't get things they shut down for us no predictions. Atonement Weydert prove that your not from Charlotte start complaining about the of the characters we do an all time but. You know. Schools being closed. It's not that they schools schools that did that then they keep them closed for three for again day is that's the part that I don't. You seek tanker warrants for the first time in your life you're shocked when you don't have a to a pay for parking and a deck clutch free decks around here. You see banding on trees for the first time in your life queen's road and all that stuff wonder what all that stuff is I never knew until I moved here. You walk up on the light rail and expected to take you everywhere. Which is fine if you're going from the south and do up down too soon. UNC Charlotte. But don't Joba light rail expert to go. Door itself. Or want to be east west. You think I'm Cortes they're convenient. Two up down as a destination no seventy miles. And then the real way to show that you're not from here is to say Concord. Because you've spent too much time in Massachusetts. It's Concord rhymes with court Grimes with whole word. I'm gored. You'd understand why everybody is so bad at parallel parking. Did you know that it's not part of the North Carolina driver's license test. I never knew that. But I do know you suck at parallel parking. Yeah it's. The backup cameras if you know how exactly how those things go I mean I'm back that truck up and and good. The damn this places but that back up camera I know exactly what the limit is on balance if you had a kind of figure out what's special camera allows. You're amazed that you can't break a so you can break a sweat was your windows down and April you are concerned about the prospect of tolled roads. Are you make plans for dinner at the epicenter seriously just stuff. Anyway signs that.