Winter Snow Storm Takes Over the Region; Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., Delivers Searing Condemnation of President Donald Trump

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, January 17th

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We surely comes to talk. News 1110993. WEG. Hey are you putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children to took dangers and it's got to stop boldly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation bomber. And it is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing we eat the people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. Sports service leaders who want to return power to the people into the communities. This isn't much you can this is my kids this is my grandkids and this is my country dammit my country. Ahmed fight score together. Yeah its weekly radio program. Jury are it's normally get in those seriously folks this is pretty amazing what is happening outside right now I don't know what you have on the ground but right now outside of our studios we have. Probably. What is in an inch or two of snow in some places two inches of snow and you know what there is more calming. So I wanna encourage you if you're within the sound of my voice please be careful if you can stay. Inside please do that don't go out on the roads it's really not worth it whatever it is you think it's important. It's not necessary to do that today thanks a lot and welcome. To the broadcast today as always if you like to join the conversation share your stories about what's happening weather wise. The Eagles advantage talk claim number 809 to 1110. Common sense retirement planning tech slide is 71 threes here are seven and read at the top here. We are joined by WB TV meteorologist Al Conklin who's gonna give us a brief you on what's going on out there welcomed the broadcasts are good to talk. You that's great to be on the program then send before we get so religious they welcome you know I this my first time with you here on WBZ I know you've been around for awhile medalist in the program. I really enjoy you do need great job a lot thank you very much and thanks for invited me on pay you're right about two which is here in Charlotte now officiate the airport they're saying an inch. All but not sound. Again road services so none graduate non road services grassy services we got anywhere from 23 inches from personal to corneas to concorde down here to Charlotte. You go north and west of here. Different story get up into the foothills of North Carolina they're talking about 42 already as much as five to six inches of snow you get into the state of South Carolina I'm seeing reports out of Greenville saluting Greer. Of about two to three approaching four. Are we still have snow that's falling at our mountain counties back to the west and all of that has to come east were before we shut things down. So I think we're gonna snow for awhile here we go through the mid day hours and even into the second before tapers down later on today. Let's kind of work this thing from south to north gives a picture of what's taking place and that what we can expect in terms of totals in here and the NM grand what we're expecting terms road conditions is everybody's very curious to know. What's gonna be like to try to get around here yeah I can tell you right now the road conditions particularly north and west of Charlotte or horrendous on seeing online. And on my Twitter feed that Al Al Conklin. That there accidents all over the foothills we've been reports are set for six inches in the thing that happened there was the snow came in earlier that started in the west for so. That line from in Anderson green pull up to Morgan to the lord started their first and the temperatures are much colder there. In the twenties as a result the snow sticking on the road services more so than and is in the media Charl order avenue near since about 3 o'clock this morning. 42 when I walked in the door it's now thirty once we have fallen while we're close to fifty yesterday so the roads are just kind of wet for the most part. Charlotte points southward but you go north you go west it's a different story and so. The accumulating snow will continue as they say I think for good chunk of the date it will end in the west first of your listing from the upstate of South Carolina. It's gonna end their probably midafternoon. If you hear in the Charlotte metro area and points eastward is gonna be much later in the day in effect east of Charlotte in May wind up being you know going into the seat thing. Then that's that's another. Problem force as the skies cleared tonight and temperatures fall. We're looking at a hard freeze and so anything on the roadways is definitely going to be ice covered job so untreated surfaces. Will be issued a vice tomorrow we'll talk more about this I see issue a little bit later I won a huge piece no issue because you're talking about several more hours yes of snow yes I think and I think you can see at least another one to two inches across the foothills. And the upstate of South Carolina and that will be that you can just take that eastward as well so. From Charlotte on southward I think there's at least that one to 3224 inch range that's not get on non road surfaces though. On the roads it may be a little bit less because we were so warm at the onset we actually had about three hours or Rainier before transition to snow. But in places farther to the west where there was a longer duration of snow. Colder air in place you're looking afford a six inches of snow back across North Carolina foothills the ups had a South Carolina is in that too before. Maybe five intrigued by the time it all winds well. That's pretty amazing attitude and that's a good snowstorm it's not storm of the century but it's more than just a dust think it's obviously shut down the schools and you know a lot of folks are working for a moment the working at all. And I think we may be dealing with a lot of that same thing. Tomorrow you're gonna have to anticipate that the kids' schools are going to be closed so that major probably is a domino effect you're probably not going to be going to work as you got to figure out what to do with the kids and again they'll be sunshine tomorrow. But the problem is going to be that the morning hours or so called everything will be issued device so we're talking about several hours tomorrow is rise I went to the forecast. We were looking at itself forties tomorrow so yes it's a little while to get there it's gonna take a long while to get there on forecasting lows in the teens here across all of our listening area. And if you happen to be venturing into the mountain North Carolina north to buy forty to be in the single digits so but Malik. Yeah that's cool stuff on you for most of those listening this morning the ups and a South Carolina into Charlotte metro area were looking at probably in 12:13 14 degrees tomorrow morning. On it will take a good chunk of the date to get above freezing eventually we will in the afternoon and there will be sunshine so especially on the pavement. That's those gonna melt even if it's below freezing it will melt that's. Because of the effect of the the black top it absorbs heat quicker. But double all re freeze again tomorrow night and so we may have to do this again Friday morning wonderful but mince. There's a light at the end of the tunnel I love this like if you're not a fan of snow and cold. You might be playing golf this week. About a sixty on Saturday in ourselves on Sunday sell that's a typical southern winter right we get you know several its zone two days later it's in the sixties. Absolutely love that we've got about a minute or so left I've got to ask you because there when we lifted models earlier in the week. This was not in the picture was nowhere near this year's level and intensity went out I was right yep even jury. Even this time yesterday didn't. It looked like it was going to be in that one to three inch range we bought a little bit because. What we called QPF it's the amount of moisture that's available came up overnight the storm system a little stronger. And it makes a difference you know I tell you it's gonna rain today and it rains a third of an inch. But I you know we we thought there might be two inches or rain. And you can't really tell the difference grounds wet if we tell you there's going to be wanna just going to want to be in for everybody can see that's what's so much it's a much. It's an emotional forecast to everybody wants you know Christmas and seen a snowman and all that so I get it we totally get it so hopefully your joins snowed today. I just be safe on the rose as I say I'm really concerned about tonight. And tomorrow morning. Absolutely we absolutely appreciate your contribution here and we look forward to this weekend that's gonna be gossip it is trust me it's gonna be a huge difference maker here. I'm going from this cold and it's been awfully cold winter so far we're gonna warm up nicely this week a month sunshine to absolutely awesome. I'll compliment sought for dropping in mammoth video back to the news business are primer credit for a perfect and we'd love to hear your stories of what's going on in your neighborhood perhaps. You've got some things going on if you're driving around if you're outside whatever it is and let me emphasize whatever you do be safe. Don't do anything stupid just for story OK just to encourage you that 809 to eleven tennis or for a number. Text line 713. Juror seven were also covered the news of the day. Some new developments on the rush up probe. And here we are with another example of brinksmanship begin folks win these people are gonna get their act together. Issues over the budget immigration. And much more we'll talk about it right here. 14 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock the Vince Coakley ready or programs strongly encourage you. Do not go out there if you do not need to just conditions are. Getting pretty hazardous out there we've got a big big day window here I was just looking at a few minutes ago and watching some of the people. Driving in fish tailing I kill it's just. It's crazy watching. Some of the trafficking activity out here so I would strongly encourage you be safe to stay comfortable today. This role clear out the next year to win. Everything will be back to normal. Let's take your calls about the conditions of what you're seeing in the places where you are right now Gerald out of cal didn't so what's happened down there. They don't want to search fact they want it that the cold is no way to tell that you don't have to worry about stepping in all Colin Powell who is. Yet we're back trip don't. Except put it. I hear you ma'am may be safe down their Gerald always good to hear from you over. I'm away during the break. In this this is real somebody actually did this we had someone call us. Who's a pizza delivery person and she was appealing please do not call and order pizza because she doesn't wanna deliver it. I'm sick it's. I often wonder about what it's like on days like this for those people who are. Are having to make those deliveries crystal of people amidst the natural thing to wanna do sometimes hey lets just order pizza. And I'm sure they're all kinds of people have the same idea. I hate you that you go forge but B. Patient you're gonna need a lot of patience today because it's gonna take a lot longer than that I delivered to you just think about it. Another text are very good advice year please be driving. Turn on your headlights so whether skin CU it's you know that's really an important thing on a day like today especially. With the snow. Snowy conditions. Gates all the more important to be seen. Are dense in Spartanburg. Milliken campus. About three inches of snow on the ground one on this surrounding driveways. No protection saying hey do a great job search Alex. We're glad to hear that my husband is a trek trailer stuck on I 7750. Miles out of Charlotte. Three Jack knifed trucks under bridge she's going north so apparently I 77. Is eight parking lots. Also this. Three and a half inches of snow in confidence and it is still falling. Can I just. Remind you again and assuring text items this is not Vince Coakley saying this this is a texture. Beds could you please tell the rednecks out there. Four wheel drive spinning on black ice doesn't do any better than two wheels. OK I wanted to make sure you understood that's not Vince Coakley that is a texture or today. Another truck driver mile marker seven the I 77 north of states built three Jack knifed trucks this is probably the same thing that was referenced earlier. Not been able to move for about three hours. Three hours old my goodness that's not good. Also courier here just came up I 85 getting messy 385 in the downtown. Very bad getting worse that's in the Greenville area of course so what this is what I was talking about this is a something that is very widespread all the way from the upstate to areas north of Charlotte west of Charlotte it's everywhere. Dangerous another techsters saying Vince tell everyone to stay away from Pelham road. I was going to miles an hour around the curve. And slammed into the curb so be very careful. Are we able to take this feed and what's going on right now we have sub. The activity on the senate floor this was a speech it was kind of anticipated. And we this'll get some conversation going for sure if you're able to run. Too big to sub John. The other. I can't say this on the what's wrong with you people. The one takes to say your Vince rednecks know how to have fun your other texture is obviously a liberal project. Just getting men out there. John is we're gonna take. We're gonna come back to this weather stuffed ISIS' is vitally important. But I wanna listen in on a speech being delivered by senators Jeff flake. Who is very appropriately named fraud he is addressing an issue about. President Trump's attacks on the media and let's listen in. Telling the Soviet Communist Party that the phrase have been introduced by Stalin for the purpose of quote. Annihilating such individuals unquote who disagreed that the supreme leader. This alone should be the source of great change for us in this body and especially for those of us in the president's party. Well they are shameful repulsive statements. And of course the president has that precisely backwards. Despotism as the enemy of the people. The free press is that desperate enemy. Which makes the free press the guardian of democracy. When a figure in power reflexively calls any press it doesn't suit him fake news. It is that person who should be the figure of suspicion not to press. I didn't dare say that anyone who has had the privilege an awesome responsibility to serve in this chamber. No set these reflexive slurs at a fake news are dubious at best. Those of us who travel overseas. Especially to war zones and other troubled areas. All around the globe and counter members of the US based media who risk their lives and sometimes lose their lives. Reporting on the truth. To dismiss their work as fake news is an affront to their commitment and their sacrifice. According to the International Federation of Journalists. Eighty journalists were killed and twenty to seventeen. A new report from the Committee to Protect Journalists documents at the number of journalists imprisoned around the world has reached 262. Which is a new record. This total includes 21 reporters. Were being held on false news charges. Mr. President so powerful is the presidency. But the damage done by the sustained attack on the tough attack on the truth will not be confined to this president's time in office. Here in America. We do not hailed bisons to the powerful. In fact we question the powerful most ardently. To do so is our birthright. And a requirement over citizenship. And so. We know well that no matter how powerful you know president who ever have to minions. Over objective reality. No politician will ever get us or tell us what the truth is and what it is not. And anyone who presumed to try to attack or manipulate the press for his own purposes. Should be made to realize. His mistake. And to be held to account. That is our job here. That is just as Madison Hamilton and Jay would have. Of course a major difference between politicians and free press is at the free press usually corrects itself when it's made a mistake. Politicians don't. No longer can we compounded tax the attacks on truth with our silent acquiescence. No longer can we turn a blind guy over a deaf ear to those assaults on our institutions. And Mr. President an American president who cannot take criticism. Who must constantly deflecting distort and distract. Who must find someone else to blame. Is charting a very dangerous path. And a congress that fails to act as a check on the president adds to that danger. Now we are told via Twitter that today the president intends to announce his choice for the quote. Most corrupt and dishonest media awards. It beggars belief that an American president would engage in such a spectacle. But here we are. And so Tony eighteen must be the year in which the truth takes a stand against power that would weaken it. In this effort that choice is quite simple. And in this effort that truth needs as many allies as possible. Together my colleagues. We are powerful. Together we have it within us to turn back these attacks. To write these wrong. This is senator Jeff Blake speaking right now live. In the Senate's chamber. I'm sure you'll have a lot to say about what he has communicated. Over the past few minutes and he's still going. And number 809 to 1110 or text line 71307. Of course we're following. The snow it's very dangerous out there be careful folks. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1036 events broke the radio program and I knew it's Jeff flake. Has triggered members of our audience. And the take slightest scrolling away from where in the midst of a winter storm is well very serious conditions out there in fact we have blood. On the line now where are you right now bud. Well right now up some over in so they lay and that's very outlook old lady the felt they'll. And it for parking lot. The traffic completely. No no place. Ago. Before I let out on the web road which format this there was there was a ball a lot of traffic. Bode well play right away but lately about self breast bound up about where the construction zone but you know. Where burger but order bill that there. We're talking have been growing county. Yes sir and I outlook so good morning man with very little traffic on 49 out of through labor in China drove it. Then I wrote up that bad number of about 35 miles well there's not bad. RA men will be careful out there hope you are making home safely this is very very dangerous. Situation right now and again remind you. You know several more inches of snow are possible this is gonna go on for a few more hours. So whatever however bad it is right now wherever you are within the sound of my voice. It is going to get worse and we're concerned about icing conditions tonight into tomorrow morning so you wanna stay tuned. To learn about those conditions. I'm a few minutes ago we took the speech. On the senate floor. From Jeff flake. And I'm gonna trigger some review even more. I can't disagree with a single thing that Jeff flake said. Not a single thing. And I expressed concern about this for quite some time because I believe as much as I support a number of things that this president has done. I also believe there's some very dangerous things pretty says and duchess the precedent that is sets. And I think this is what Jeff flake is talking about you can't just focus on a single presidency. Any single personality. Now the same time let me reiterate what I said before about the media hey I've worked did it. For many many years several decades. I know what idiots. And I know that it's filled with liberals I get it. And I know that especially as it relates to the national media there are a lot of liars out there I get it the same time. I do believe we have a president who does not like certain stories. That reflect poorly on him personally. And to label that fake news just because it's uncomfortable for him now something is journalistically wrong. Let's call it out I'm all for that. But if something simply hurts the president's feelings if this were gonna jump on that every time he says fake news there's something wrong with us. Now I also need to see some words about Jeff flake. There's probably not a person who has been more appropriately named on this planet. This is part of the problem in the in the day and age in which we live I told you folks. In a lot of cases there isn't a good side. There really isn't. What you have to do is take the good. In the individuals. And you've got to take it piecemeal. That's what you have to do you can't just say well this person's good I'm going to defend this person all the time. Doesn't work that way by the way I'm looking your conservative review in this liberties go oh my goodness. Jeff flake has a liberty score 57%. And yes a dirty trickster who said I'm glad he's leaving the senate I agree with you he needs to go. And I've heard stories about possibility he may run for president that's a joke it really is because you'll get beat like a drum. Many should be not presidential material so don't sit me attacks. You know telling me that closet liberal that I'm for rhino is because this guy. Politically speaking he's a moron okay. Even more unsafe some things that are true. Can I remind you what happened on the house floor last week on the legislation and the and the attempt to rein in the so called. We straight did everybody loves to talk about. It was more in support of that last week it was Democrats. Does this mean I become a Democrat no. But on this one issue they were rights. And folks you've got to be nimble like that. You've got to be nimble to support people. Even bad people or stupid people or mostly wrong people when they get right. But we're gonna jump in this tribalism and we're gonna defend this person heard this party all the time. We're going to be poor fort I can guarantee that. We share a few text year before we talk a little bit more about weather conditions and take more of your calls. One person mentioned here. About the conditions out there in this texture says can you please tell the Yankees to go back home that's from Kenny. Lot of people sixty road conditions while driving on bad roads don't text and drive especially under these conditions don't do it. Our Jeff flake please Vince this man does not know what the heck he's talking about well I think he does. But doesn't play go ahead and take his sorry rear end home. Government run media as the enemy of the people that's true. This guy's full of BS. He's right toward a free press they should report. Leaving their opinion out. For instance Jeff flake have a mental disease would media says the sky is pink when it's blue. That's not an opinion that seriously Jews were yes. The truth Jeff flake is immediate. Hit. Isn't uninteresting that on this day. Where we have a winter storm we also have Jeff flake. Ernest. Good morning welcome the broadcast serve. Yeah are you doing well. Not only in a loop 3830 am how art or is only two I TP Trout they. The acceleration fighters include golf and there's peace could be very bad. Sure I'm 45 right now and how fast this is traffic growing. Good speed but 3030 so this is so don't try to pull out. What it drives me at the wall. And soon we drives me up to won't. Well I mentioned something about your boy is sure to read ahead step in there. I'm an independent always got a little detour Bluetooth strike called Brady I you know Alter or sub. Leahy told the Democrats also. Birth. I just don't see how you want to support this administration the code here that it says one thing that you bounded into the day's change your man. It just try to backed candidate member what the problems this double minded mayors are stable well his lawyers. Ernest you have said in mouthful. I I hear what you're saying artists. I appreciate your call they shall love for the traffic update as well. Man this is she she and I'm talking about folks and how. You gotta be nimble here nimble that's a key word here. You can't just buy everything he's made a great point here a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways. Don't you see the instability here it's clear. I think a lot of people don't want to see. Let's embrace the good parts. From the same time. Let's be honest about the rest. We are following the weather conditions out there under a winter storm warning this gonna go on for several hours. These safe don't go anywhere if you don't need you Ingles advantage talk whenever it is 800. Nine to each elevenths and the kind of since retirement planning text line 713 shoot seven you like to talk about the flakes. The one in Washington. With a runs on the roads right now gives a coma deer for me. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1049 Vince Coakley ran your program tribute confidence. Kind of obsolete text that are here. We begin here. The truth flake is immediate. Here's the snowflakes editor where were you would Obama was presidents. Prince were a flake. That is the problem snowflake boy does not understand this country's constitutional republic. Not a democracy presents only an arm of the liberal Democrat leftist party. What a crock of do do objective reality really what a self righteous hypocrite all of sudden this guy becomes subjective. Can't wait to watch the news tonight the fake news tonight. By the liquor stores open or they got snow delay. How long is this jerk been asleep as he submitted his request for. Refugee status in Iran. While. Vince didn't make fun of rednecks during the hurricane in Texas. Gerald news. Not pleased with the outcome and earlier guest. I guess this man has lost his mind reader he's being paid by the press is okay when Obama called fake news called fox fake news. We're treated them unfairly. The we will skip the rest of that message. It's kind of derogatory. Saving me time Jeff flake checked the power of the Obama presidency ever questioned Obama's frequent criticism of media. And eight I think it's very appropriate for me to call amount on that you're absolutely right. I don't know of him being outspoken on this issue. All of a sudden it's very convenient. And again I remind you Jeff flake. Has been let's just say very flaky when it comes to conservative ideas and values. Since Jeff flake says he wants for Americans to die were sent fake news I don't know just reporting news according to flake. There are over eighty. Let's see well I'm we can come back to more of these little bit later on but I'll tell you. Once again we have a war personalities is texture says flavors is trump all this does it make it more difficult getting things done biggie egos. Are going to wreck our country. I ain't gonna join any tribe you know what I'd love your text. That's the spirit don't join somebody's tried. To get on somebody's bandwagon. Now on this issue I agree this is probably the only issue I agree with with Jeff flake. I told you about his voting record it is abysmal. Ends the sooner he leaves Washington to better. That is certainly a good thing. At 51 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock time for look at the day in history and dived in an update is well on what's going on weather wise. South of the border in the F states in our upstate studio. Mr. Wright's old good morning man. Whatever. What ever is that ever play you give me. I gonna do with you man I hate snow with all of my being I moved down here to get away from this craft. Good luck good luck man who is like driving end. Not bad if you keep all the red neck Yahoo!'s from going Yahoo! and end up in the ditch yard. Why you're rare form today. Rare form of custody general. Already this little bit of a right ovary that's going on between them mr. rate soared and Gerald self. Just out of emotional about that. But let's take a look at the day in history this by the way is the seventeenth day of January 2018. Kansas. You would be great if I had the questions to ask you here he just lets you know limited time I know it's quite limited isn't it. I have an open now with screw to the first question. We get an 1806. This is the first person who was born in the White House James Madison Randolph. Whose grandson was that it's let's just say it was a former president who wasn't it's not as obvious you might think. So it's not James Madison. You're correct. Com I'm wiggle my standard here at all don't know Millwood threw noble idea you're gonna say that. But on. Did you run eventually get well this is actually Thomas Jefferson's grandson. A 1953. Into modern times. Chevrolet revealed a concept car do you know what was. I give you hints it's a sports car. We wasn't in 1953. Tamara all new coal man. Anybody here wanna guess which one was Corvette yeah it was the Corvette Jai and get them. The Corvette 1961. This president said farewell to the presidency in warned of the military industrial complex. Three out often quoted. Message in mourning their from this president who was it 1961. Well I won't be consistent miss everything we all know you better Nancy go a little more known not committed Johnson. You know not a bad. Try there. Actually be it is. Eisenhower president Eisenhower's the wanna warn about the military industry organization it's hard to concentrate while people were outside pretty in my window with the up up up up so that's what they're doing down there I need to make are called out there to Steven C. What's going down there with the inmates in the asylum in calls Steve not only easier. Today. Right Steve's now been called out anyway I'm going out the makes no angels when we're done talking yeah you do that you have a few minutes to do that 1977. This particular convicted killer Gary Gilmore. Said these final words let's do it how was he killed. Policy exe cute it's ten and in usual methods. Mom crucifix in and I don't know it's bigger something that happens in foreign countries ally and it and you and. But now I'm paying and a gun and mind your marriage why yes it was our school arrived. Yeah he said let's do it and John did Vince with a snowball he loves it they'll read it hey this is a conspiracy. People ought to be ashamed of yourselves mr. right so they could start began man be careful out there they YouTube. As we continue to Vince Coakley radio program wanna get your thoughts of what's going on your perspectives on the snow and again do it safely. 809 to 1110. 71 freezer seventh also an update what's going on negotiation the budget and immigration. Our number two straight ahead. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. You receive 1110993. SW AT and Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing real. Saturation there aren't too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. 1106 hour number two of the broadcast and like I expected. Jeff flake. Triggered. The orange Kool Aid drinkers. And just if you if you wanna know the definition of Orange Kool Aid drinker you're one of those people were drinking out of the vets. You're drinking out of the what we call those things cakes you've got a steak. Every single word Donald Trump says you belief. Donald Trump is the messiah. And it's everybody else is the enemy. That's how this works if that's who your you're gonna have prom with me like this text her. I text yesterday very disappointed with Vince that I kind of backed off the stance. Now after a few minutes of listening today I will never tune back in during the Vince Coakley time slot. I mean seriously. Cannes. I hit a lot of view Kool Aid drinkers have absolutely positively nothing on liberals you are triggered. And you're going into your safe space is just like the liberals do. Which you wouldn't call it that of course not that's just for liberals. Just putting an affair. Flake and ramming your right to stand for what they believe in my problem is where would they when Obama was tearing America apart policy wise. Yes rhetoric matters policy matters more I'm a registered Democrat it's voted conservative since 1992. I don't change my party affiliation and out of reverence to my elderly father. You're right nothing wrong with agreeing with people regardless of party when their rights. As for the snow. To four inches in taylors and Greer and it is still snowing that's from Billy thanks for your text. In I'm sure do you agree no honor to your elderly father keep it up. Also on the text line. Only Calvin survived here were some ignorant person used the term fake news again my head will explode Vince. Seven the pundits refer to as a dog whistle for trunk space. Also. This is saying here stop hitting African Americans they do not like trump. Call it like it is. Our rates. Brazen attack on freedom of the press only when a Republican does it well I'm. Hey that's not meet you can talk about other people. I can't speak to what other people have done. You'll hear consistency and these programs because one of the things I've said you know I was critical of Barack Obama back when he was doing when he was doing. I'm equally critical of this president. When he's doing what he's doing. Wrong is wrong period. You don't like what's being said. You know it's it's called taking responsibility. Is called you know you jump into the position. You. You have to expect unity criticism. And if you're a man. And if you're a man. You'll stand up and take it like command president whining cry. And blame everybody else for your problems. That's where was Jeff flake but Obama constantly criticized talk radio and Fox News any Bill Clinton did the same thing. Yeah I remember he blamed the OK city the Oklahoma City bombing on Rush Limbaugh yeah I remember that nonsense. It is pretty silly business. I think Vincent Chuck Todd would get along great truck maybe a bombastic foul mouthed pig to the media and the state are liars trump is correct. Vince is lost. Can you can you can and it. My goodness. As we continue to broadcast your 10 minutes after 11 o'clock CW in York. Welcome to the broadcast. I command that's under wanted to note he can give me the the book and divert it there gentlemen quoted the Bible on on main. I've not been I doubt he's arrived about I've never read it in there. Oh what is it you're talking about which which mercy talking about. Marbury out copper mountain armada military minded goal a double minded man is on the whole you know we can very easily guys get to answer that question. And moon. There'll be able to use this thing called Google to be able to pull this up this is James 18 double minded man is unstable in all he is ways. Near new international version says such a person is double minded unstable and all they do you get the idea here is Sarah hope that's helpful for you there's CW and appreciate your inquiry. So that we are all equally get a fried let's talk about what's going on at this. Possible shut down. There's a story. That Republicans are getting a little concerned about this by the way Jeter about the move that Wisconsin seat to they lost. This was kind of a reliably Republican seat. A special election last night and I'm sure the Democrats there rejoicing over the years. A Democrat won. There's a lot of nervousness about this and there should be another nervous about what could happen here if there's a government shut down. Now presidents trump is confident Democrats gonna take the blame the government shuts down this weekend. Or congress fails to find a fix to prevent doctor recipients from getting deported. But Republicans on Capitol Hill they are not so sure many of them fewer voters would fault the GOP. After looking at Trump's decision to end the doctor program. Republican representative Charlie debts said when they are shut downs are side usually takes the hits. He'll be difficult for us to deflect the blame whether we deserve it or not. You know it and I think I think your body will agree with this no matter what happens the he reflexive reaction is going to be Republicans are to blame. If the Republicans controlled house and senate you have a Democrat president Republicans are the ones to blame. If you have a Republican. Who is the president. And the Democrats controlled house and the senate Republican is still to blame you know how this works no matter what the formula is from Republicans who gets the blame. And with her I. At least when he eighteen elections. Because they believe that the momentum is on their side and making news this issue and I think this is part of the strategy here. This is part of what's driving the brinksmanship because I think in many ways they don't have anything to lose. They if they get docked. And they get some concessions along those lines then there's the possibility of undermining trumps base because they may feel like they've been betrayed. Then the flip side of that argument you don't give them that you have a government shut down. And get those voters right in the middle. Drew might be afraid of the government shutdown ends. Really not appreciate this kind of brinksmanship. And questioned the leadership. Of Republicans I mean think about you have Republicans who were charged that house the senate and the White House why can't they get something done. Now on the surface that's a very reasonable question to ask. But you know as well as I do one of the problems here. Is your guts and the so called leadership of someone like Mitch McConnell. Who's not gonna hold the line in the sentence. He's not going to challenge efforts to filibuster. Saving you a filibuster. How bad it was more an issue watch. Now he's gonna say well we don't get those sixty votes and America to go ahead. This guy has no courage whatsoever. Which is why they keep rolling over. We've got a winter storm that's going on we'd love to find out what's going on in your neighborhoods and again I encourage you to do this safely and remind you. If you don't have to go anywhere don't do it don't do it coming up we're also gonna talk about two sides the immigration debate. And I'm gonna challenge you again to be nimble I'll tell you what that means coming up 809 to 1110 text line 71307. This is still Vince Coakley radio program and again. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock and instantly radio program and continuing our winter storm. And again we remind you how important is that you stay safe inside. If possible if you do have to go but be careful tuna speed. And just. Don't do stupid things we've observed some of that activity unfortunately right outside our window here. On the front side. My son just sent a short video. Latte having a blast outside view shows a video of the dog walking outside and she just goes out in the middle of the yard she just sits down. Probably feels like home for her she's a Siberian Husky just having a great time out there. Taking your calls right here on the program let's try to show in New York good morning. Oh thank you sir appreciate very much. Or talk about the taco law. It's I understand that the way it was written and this is these people could never become American tradition which. And they've replay one of those Democrats sponsor so the law by the way who hit it full and chain migration forever. And now what happened it's it's it's it was cheap they're about purple minded man. That's exactly what we're doing we're being led by our art. An art above all except that what what it's going to outlawed the needle by people everyone. So I don't see any agree why. All of a sudden we have this turmoil. That we want to rewrite the law and anyone who are already here. State it's it is that makes sense and. Joseph I wanna follow up on something you said here because this is really important feed understand I and I think you know this is the truth of the matter is we do not have a duck a law. This was basically policy written by the Obama administration that does not have the force of law it's not law it's basically an edict. That was put together by the Justice Department. And so now they're trying to put it into law. With this budget legislation so. That's that's another important aspect of this it is not a law right now. He writes quote and all the more reason. Not that is that because. So we're not at by congress. Yeah and there are precedent it eat it all I that the trick in order which under is unconstitutional. And create all currency chaos in a lot of areas I'm sorry about that but. You're absolutely right if I'm jealous yeah. I hear you Joseph and I do appreciate your call you've pointed out affected this. This is really a manifestation of the lawlessness of our own government that they can just rewrite things on the fly. I mean who does this this is the kind of thing happens in foreign countries. Well I don't like this let's change this. No act of congress necessary at all. Which is why. This should have been struck down a long time ago period fortunate I wanted to share a couple of stories with you and it kind of a contrast because. Again one of the things I I keep coming back to you in this concerns me. Because I think there are people who think you've got to be in one corner or another. I wanna give you an example. I want to first start off with the worst of illegal immigration the worst. You're not gonna get much lower than two weeks brought commodities. 37 year old guy. He went on trial in Sacramento for murdering two Sacramento area deputies in October 2014. He's admitted to this. Also shot a motorist in the head to steal his car. And wounded another deputy. So keep this in mind this is who this guy is and he's on trial. And this guy really let loose yesterday. Here is a piece of audio of what happened in court yesterday. Well he thought. You know who that you can download your. A step alcoholics. The we just. Oh yeah. Hope you'll want. We can't. Time. Do you believe this this guy is just go and on and on and on and on ranting raving. And then let me to even those of you can understand rescinding this kind of difficult here. And in my view relief that you didn't hear especially the and edited version this. Here's what he sets. You just grinning sitting there grinning. His only regret was. Eye blink in just killed two. I wish I killed more of those mother blink curse. The judge had to get the jury. I'm into the hallway and you know the riskier. Mistrial. I mean what do you do with this. It's kind of Richard Seymour who is it we're talking about earlier Gerry Gilmore. And the execution with a firing squad. Can somebody explain to me why we don't just do this. And I'm not talking about not having a trial. Make me make that very clear. This guy is about to hit perfect candidate if you're gonna get for firing squad in real years. So he goes on. I don't Boykin regret. Only VI blanket regret is that I ate Blakey in just killed two I wish I killed more of those lakers. I will break out soon and I will kill more. Whoever blanking gets in front of me just like that there's no need for a blink in trial. Well. This just blows my mind and urged judge had to warn him listen if you if you can't shut up. We're gonna have to take you out of the courtroom you'll be able to sit in your own trial. And this guy still sitting there smiling now they're making the appeal this guy has a mental disorder and and John now we're talking about this during the break. I'm of the belief that this guy is potentially demon possessed. I mean it's really debt messed up when you see this guy just sitting there smiling. Saying these things the guy is he's really screwed up. Royally screwed up. And this is really. Intimidate. For the worst of illegal immigration exit today. And you're really really drives me at the law about this this guy's been deported before. Been deported before. What are we doing and then you get these. Sanctuary Cities and now a sanctuary states. By the way. I think there was some discussion the other day. By the head of the Department of Homeland Security truce apparently rising star now. Suggesting the possibility of prosecuting. Some of these politicians. I would love to see it. Throw the governor in jail governor Jerry Brown wants to stand in the way of deporting illegal immigrant especially people who are criminals. But yes. Prosecute the man put him in prison. This guy. Is guilty of obstruction of justice. All the way down to the sheriff's department level. If these folks will not cooperate with the feds and bringing criminals to justice. They belong in jail themselves. They should be prosecuted. Absolutely drives me or the wrong. Coming up though there's the flip side in this issue of illegal immigration. A man who's been here thirty years thirty years no crimes. You would probably be in the category of being a dreamer seeing got a story problem is he's too old. He was deported to. We're gonna talk about this story. And much more as we continue to broadcast. The Eagles advantage startling numbers 809 to 1110. Thomas' retirement planning text line 71307. And we continue to follow the winter storm we don't hear about what's going on where you live callus Texas. He's safe out there. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1136 of its corporate radio program. Still dealing with the winter storm. Reminding you that. The snow it's expect to continue for several hours. So. If you can at all do it please just stay home if you're going to get out go out to be very very careful. Over on the text line in fact on Twitter we have this message that came in. Vince Obama giving a shout out to these two ladies for their wins instead of only mentioning the one who lost biased. Everybody's so freaked and touchy. Seriously. Anyway. The women in question. Part of south Carolina's house GOP caucus the representative elect Nancy mace district nanny nine Ashley. Trenton she is in district twenty eights and I extend my congratulations. That's great it's wonderful. And I just appeal to everybody. Can just hold back a little bit from the trigger. I'm being so fearful and reactionary to everything and everybody. It's it's almost like we're looking for enemies. And it's not. Not necessary. And if the goal in the purpose is to promotion of conservatism. Let's make sure that we are standing with each other. As opposed to firing at each other. Now when someone's doing something wrong let's call it out. No matter where it is. But there's no reason to be overly defensive. And I think that's very unhealthy thing if I might just suggest that. Also. We're still getting these text abouts in Jeff flake. He's nothing more than a former member of the Republican establishment with a crooked agenda I'm glad he's going to be gone. This remember when Jeff flake get this meltdown basically said they've been screwing us over for years. We used to Nike ad man about it. I suspect whose days are over. On the snow events I live and east main street extinction Spartanburg at con first snow coming down like gangbusters several inches in my yard. I can see east main. From my window. And see very few drivers then suddenly a guy came flying down the road pickup truck must be doing at least fifty. Fifty. And goodness that's crazy. Really pray it doesn't kill himself for someone else love your show I'm a writer listen every day while working we're searching please keep telling folks to drive safely always stay off their phone while driving. Texting specially. They're even talking it's a distraction. And I remind you he's absolutely right absolutely right. Prince this killer in court you mentioned was here out of love. Or you were racist geez. He's just misunderstood Vince. Where are you aligning with trump on unions. Also this extra pick no mistrial Vince he just testified verdict guilty sentence hanged by the next. Until dead in drag his carcass through the street and set it on fire while talking about hard core. That's hard core. Jerusalem the capital of Israel of course it should delve record highs and employment record lows black unemployment record lows fighting for the rights of vets. I see your point. Trump is double minded and unstable not. He he he he. Other tech slide as well. Most the drivers out of mores roll right now are high schoolers driving like idiots. Oh my goodness. That's our current. Please be careful out there folks. Please be careful question about it. Roberts. In Charlotte good morning welcome to the broadcast. Hey Vince follows sub list NT actually the whole year about. People B and so Lou rudin patchy and I'm a disconnect from the Internet years ago at their table. All I'm a college spread but I don't have a smock almanac at a chance bad back and have a look like the Big Brother. CNET score and I'll let me. Everyone has been to do an Internet is a. Date. Keep it the problem sir that's a crater observation. Eight bidders UK eight by men and women Bible formed freedom and there's no freedom. I want every mood you might. Being reported by alma all FaceBook or whatever and that it's like everybody's been present put a word got. Can't tell Amanda it's a great way you describe are you still kind of disconnected from social media. Total I'm never have been what social media. Am I I understand where you're coming from I suspect you probably have a lot more peace than a lot of people out there. I'm very. Good good thanks a lot for your call Robert I absolutely appreciate it. Over on the text line I knew this was coming Vincent journalist said Vince Coakley does not like Christians you cannot disagree with the because there are journalists. That's what you're saying. No that's not what I'm saying tonight just tell you something. Donald Trump lice. Okay he lies sometimes when he gets called out by the media. And when that happens I agree with the media. When they make up things about him I disagree when they go on and on and on about stupidity I disagree with him. But Donald Trump does not tell the truth 100%. Of the time. That's what I'm talking about. But what trump does is he tells the truth sometimes tells lies other times. As many tries to broad brush and say the media always lies about it. And hides behind the fact because he knows pitch you're going to defend him. And you're going to agree this fake news thing. It's a great way to hide. Great we hide a whole lot of insecurities. And it's great way to hide who knows what else that's all I'm saying. This the best thing can happen a government shut down that way nothing gets done by a bunch of leftist Democrat bureaucrats. Here's another text I have to turn you off you attacked our president daily you just told us even at the press constantly lies. And makes up that. It's which they've done for over a year trump should just take it I never sit anybody in this news now you hear what you freak NYT here. You know what I'm saying. That is not what I said. If something is wrong you correct the record. But you know as well as I do this man lies and he's done repeatedly there are publications that have printed his lies I've read look. I've documented that some of them myself. He told lies back during the campaign is he ever apologize to those people this is one of things ticks me off this man has lied and slandered people all of his life. But all of a sudden. When people say lies about him. Then it's supposed to be a public issue. You've got to be consistent if you're gonna go out in your gonna slander other people. You gotta be prepared for that stuff to come right back at you. And I don't advocate this and I wanna be very clear I do not believe and I for not but I'll tell you what. He really takes a whole lot of nerve to complain about this after you've done the same freaking thing yourself for years. That's all I'm saying. He turns me off the wall. Really ducks. All right folks. Again I remind you be careful out there we still have winter storm conditions expect to continue for several hours be safe. Collin loves to hear what's going out of the weather where you are Ingles advantage startling number 80921110. Common sense retirement planning takes line. 71307. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock the Vince Coakley ready for Wright told you I would tell you two stories you heard one. That's. Really screwed up guy. Who killed. Killed. And it's actually wants to kill even more. Murdered two Sacramento area deputies. So he's gonna break out and kill more people. I mean there are idiots. Especially out in California. Who if we were continued their policies. That might very well happen. But there's another story. This story you've probably seen in the news media loves this kind of story. As reported here by the Detroit Free Press. This guy's name is Jorge Garcia. Showing pictures of gear his wife is there embracing driven that audio Vista I want to listen to this audio for a moment. And I want to listen to this and we keep this going. And I wanna tell you what's going on here. It's a man. Being hugged by his wife and two teenage children. They're saying goodbye. Because Jorge Garcia is. Going back to his home country. To Mexico. This guy lived in this country for thirty years thirty years. He's being deported. Deported to. Now detractors are saying this is an example guy who's being unfairly targeted under the trump administration. Now. Here is and this is kind of thing when I talk about tribalism. This is the thing that concerns me that we're not able to use our minds. And Mary suggest also our hearts the same time. Now just as strongly as I believe. That that other guy. That frog. But I would not even mention his name again. Needs to be tried quickly in convicted and Haines or. Put to death by firing squad. With the same passion I would tell you. There's absolutely no reason in the world that Jorge Garcia should have been deported. He should've happened. You are. You remember me saying in this program I'm not a big fan of zero tolerance. Policies. Generally what they do in an especially when you have schools you know and you have a situation where kid accidentally takes a gun to school it's it's in his. You know we went hunting with his dad and the rifle is in the in his trunk of his car. And the kids gets kicked out of school because he forgot to take it out of his car. Now the principal who might very well know that students in no the circumstance and say oh there's no problem here he he accidentally put that in this card left it in his car. I'm not going to suspend this kid the principle can use discretion. See I think that's what needs to happen in that kind of situation. Zero tolerance says no. He should've taken it doubts. And therefore for everybody. The thugs the idiots who took the gun to school because he's a game Gregor is in the same category. This kid who just forgot the shotgun and left it in his car. That's stupidity. I see the same thing on this immigration issue. We've got people unfortunately in camps. You've got people who are. Let's get rid of all the illegal immigrants. Especially the criminals. And you've got others. Frankly don't want to deport anybody. Nobody. And they love the sub stories and that's all they won't show the sub stories. Can we do something here. Can we agree that we need to put a priority on getting the criminals outs and keeping them outs. And we the same time say. Circumstances like this guy Jorge Garcia. To use your brain. I think I saw a story this. This family has spent over a 100000 dollars by the way. Everybody else the family's legal. Thing's been over a 100000 dollars to get this immigration issue resolved. And here is this guy going out of the country its guys work like a dog he has a landscaping. Business. Spanish just. Worked in. Law abiding citizen. And he's deported. Can we do these things the same time. I think we can't. But it all too often. We've got perspectives like this when this offered by Laura Ingram now I used to listen Laura Ingram for years. Unfortunately recent years she's become. Much more of a cult follower. Not a conservative. Here's what she posted listening to CNN empathize for nearly ten minutes with wife of deported. Illegal immigrants have they ever done the same for victims ever illegal immigrant crime displaced American workers. Guess I'd give it. The same time Laura Ingram how many stories have you done like this on Jorge Garcia. Do you shooter Amy about camps how we've locked ourselves in the camps. And we think you've got to pick one or the other no we can be nimble. We should embrace the best of humanity. He had the same time. That we vehemently. Vehemently. To everything we can. To deal with illegality in criminality. Those are not competing values folks. But we've got to keep our hearts and our heads in gauged. Texture since I agree use common sense happened to a Spanish friend of mine led his green card laps and had to go. And re apply. Not a criminal. C'mon folks. Let's use our hearts and our heads and keep them engaged. And you certainly want to do that out of the roads be careful folks we're willing we're back with you tomorrow have a great day god bless you. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.