Women Of Valor Part II

David Chadwick
Sunday, October 8th

Marilyn Chadwick joins David to continue their discussion about women of valor.


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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is news eleven TM WPT welcome to the show. In case you don't know this is a faith and values program that tries to intersected weakly. Different. Issues in the world through the lenses of faith and values it's always a pleasure doing the program thank you for joining me on a weekly basis many thanks to to my friends at. Nap on Providence and Ruth's Chris steaks and also Perry's fine jewelry who sponsor the show means so much to me that you give me this microphone. Each week for me to be able to address. Certain issues and our culture and in the world. Well what this is today in the first part of October and it's hard to believe were already. In October the air is I hope soon getting to be really crisp and clean and believe starting to change and we can escape the heat wave of the summer. Is an opportunity again to have my wife Marilyn on the show with me. To talk about her most recent book entitled a woman of valor this is part two we did par one last week. And Maryland again thank you for being on the show with me it's great to have you here right to be here with David alleys into these terms will we have an opportunity again to our pressure your book forward a woman of Ballard just in case anyone may not know what was your reason. For writing the book. When you know I like to get into the words of the Bible and it's so fun to study and find out what things really mean and I was looking at that. Time worn passage from proverbs 31. One day and we've always known her right is that virtuous woman. The excellent life that a lot of women read that and get absolutely exhausted we'd have a guess the next when he went verses are about all that she does now. And this a man she cleans this into cooks and he sells this and seek. You know races these kids and she's nice to this has enemy looks likes impossible. To do what she does and when I looked at in a Jewish translation actually an orthodox Jewish Bible. Instead of calling her the virtuous wife they call her the a woman of valor. And I liked the ring of that so I started doing a little more study on the hand found out that Jews and messianic Jews all over the world even today. Have woman about conferences the husband's scene or recite those verses which are actually appoint. To their wives every night Friday night before shabbat. And they do that not to give the woman a checklist of what she has to do but as a way of just saying we honor you for the place that you play in our. Families and in our communities and our culture and and our world and they celebrate the courage and the strength of the woman rather than. Necessarily letting her down with a lot of task which is sometimes what people look at the Bible and say boy it's just A women are less than. And we have an issue in our American culture today with really trying to define true woman oh my goodness have been doing this for years. You know and I came along in the seventies when that feminist. In that next wave feminism came along of course I was not a Christian at that time. And it wouldn't the sort of swept into a lot of agnostic atheistic thinking in. Kind of on the feminist bandwagon which was not such a bad thing I mean that's what a lot of opportunities for women came forth and I was really ambitious and the world of sports open up and that was pretty fun. But you know what the debates are still going on and all these years later the girls are entering college at a rate. That's about 60% it's higher than guys about half of all doctorates earn about women. You know the curious sort of still out because some hidden them at the markers are showing that the boys are trailing behind it you know it's kind of time to look at. What's going on in that world but you would think that forty years later with all these advances. Women would be happier. But if you look at there's some really important studies that are fun forty years long and huge samples. That say women today earn less they report being less happy. Then the women of forty years ago. They report. No feeling worse about aging than they did forty years ago and that and the funny thing David is that the men report being happier. And so nobody's really quite sure why not all this data is coming out. In and they really don't talk about it very much because nobody has the solution some people say we need more more more rights. And others say it's time to pack up and go humming to return to completely traditional world. I think God's word has a better too. It's because the two extremes. To and its seemingly have existed in the last 440 years that we've observed is you either. As a woman have to be a total nurture our previous claim a world that's right or be a total warrior and you know. Kicked butt in the world and have everybody has bowed down to you or desires to be at the best woman you ready. Near the best in show when you leave the family behind and how many families do we know where the families are just last left in the dust of of ambition had support from men nor women. So I just think we're built for larger lives and I can't your book a woman of valor relief is trying to honor both of clues to nurture and a strong warrior part of a woman. That we can talk about in the next segment in his right and I'm I'm just trying to be faithful to what the Bible says and it's so funny because here I am saying that the Bible's the most liberating. Piece of literature for women that there is this am and if you can find that delicate beautiful balance between. Nurture her but also women more than you're used by god to change the world famous and powerful significant waste. I think you really do have happiness factor returned to women as I signed sweet little Archer's life exactly the way we're designed to did. My wife Maryland is with me in studio today we are talking about her most recent book called a woman of the hour it's available on Amazon anywhere and I know now that sewers it's all around. In its purpose today is to help all of us go greater in depth into what god thinks true womanhood. Relief is. I'm David chat with this is news eleven T in WBT will be right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is used 1110 WP team welcome back to show. My wife Maryland my guest today. Mostly because. I think she's great yes but also because she wrote a book recently entitled a woman of valor. Maryland Chadwick available Barnes & Noble. All the different bookstores and online you winning however you wanna get a you can get it. And please do purchases because interestingly all the donations are not going to UND we are trying to use. All all our books has a way to help other people. About the advances went to this awesome scholarship program that we have. That was coming along expired church that helps kids who are at risk and be with big dreams but no resource is get to college. And then all the approach the profits from their Ford especially the ones being sold through our church right now. Good and harking Harvey saw that and nations have gone to help hurricane army pick them. Do you remember after we were freshly married and went on our honeymoon we came back to. Atlanta where I was in seminary and we packed up. All blue that SA RA car it'll Carly is a name our cars were so bad we had given name added get a there was big blue all blue in the long. Yellow sedan at the big yellow banana yellow banana that's what's really can't be packed up everything and we drove to Houston Texans are we heard earlier in her parents. Eighteen months of our marriage together and develops and deep rich friendships there that still exists today and hurricane army blew through weekend on our friends. Out there immediately and we wanted this money from your book especially to go to those victims who are going to be. Carlyle and rebuilding first of accounts so in the book is again entitled a woman of Valerie that's probably have a love he has to try to show the balance between the woman who is both nurture. In warrior and what happens in our culture is. Women tend to think they've got to be one or the other and as a result they lose a big part of who their lives can be. Yes they do and you know I want to reiterate the fact that this is really not just for married women. It's not just for women of any certain age even a young girl can be a woman of valor receipt litany of examples of that. In specialty papers in the Bible you know Esther and others. But it's it's it's a beautiful call. For a woman of any age or stage of life and then Morgan and piggyback on that talk about the men a little bit too because we're all called to have valor. But is that for a woman and that's what we're talking about finance to be that biblical model on the way god created just to be partner trucker. But also part warrior and as we delve into the war we don't talk about that word that captivated me toward valor it is a military term. So why I find our well now are now he knows dictionary definition of valor simply would be courage in the face of danger. But when you look at the Hebrew and of course old testament was written in Hebrew with the Hebrew word for valor is high heels CH a YIL. And it can mean everything from warrior. To Angel arming these two troops to kind conquer our it was a very raucous as strong military term. And the most. I guess that the definition and we like the best is that word valor but it's it's strong courage. So isn't it interesting when you get to that proverbs 31 woman and it always starts out saying. As we know it in our English translations of a virtuous woman you can find in the next 21 vs a really written by. The queen mother was the speed and we don't really know who that man was that she was writing about some say king Solomon. Some say others but anyway they were the instructions to the king. On what kind of woman defines. And those 21 verses impact opponents don't they day they do indeed they talk talk about everything from family lives to trade and commerce to. To helping the poor but why would it the Bible have. As (%expletive) which means woman and high heel and ship hi all military term to describe. What's kind of an ordinary woman I mean she was extraordinary what she was able to accomplish but we don't even know her name and. He of one of the television programs that you and I have enjoyed watching. It's called the crash now yes it's one of the best things we think Netflix has ever done I mean it's been a million dollars per episode yet and it really shouldn't get absolutely magnificent I think. In the most recent Emmy Awards that job with ago actually won the Emmy for the best supporting actors he for her original church Arlington in the Syria but there's a fascinating scene in in the series. That you and Alec each of the went oh my goodness that's a woman of hours example cheerfully as we don't know at this historically accurate mr. may forget TV. And it was Queen Elizabeth and she was young and soon after she came into the her crown and she's a mother and anarchy yeah herself she definitely in their view of her children and a surprise to love her husband that's right. But she has a warrior streak in her and she would and she better because you know. She's the monarch of of this nation and you have to fill in the blanks tax your brother at a minor stroke that's right and in incapacitated. Him from his prime ministers do that right. The constitution. Of England says. That if the prime minister is in the past for any reason would agree any reason he must by law let the queen note because she is. Really the one who oversees government even though there's some question about. How much officially but she still does and sushi has one of her aides comes to her who found out that Churchill had had a stroke and he was high oil firmer yes right and he said to her. You need to call Churchill in hand calling down. Because he and Danny said to her he he said Elizabeth you know constitutional law better than anybody. And causes a young girl she does that which it memorized yes yet the study. And so he says this is an upper class englishman and he's used to being dressed down. By a nanny so you needed dressed him down likening any end in here she's this young girl having to dress down you know call. Calling out one of the most powerful man in the world. And what a scene what a scene it was so powerful with Politico playing church you know with his Cain in funny and he hit the stand embassy staff and need it queens and structurally was not. Greatly in hill and he was leaning on his cane in his head was ballot and here's the queen of England. Forty years his junior that's just dressing him dead now and Connolly. In with such precision and accuracy. She recites the constitution. And really. You know he knew that he and announced he was busted so he looked like this global impact and Matt ready to crack. But it was such a great example and she was right to conduct. And it was so powerful in the way she did not not even what. I think that there there are some gifts as women that we have. It might even be more powerful because we are women and not Lance and we just try to become mini man. Or you know duplicates of men and we leave some of that work she put so much more powerful with him as a woman. Of now I think that's what she once so use all the balance right now that's nurture gurgling mom really loved her kid loving woman husband is right. But warn arms the warrior with one of the most powerful man who's ever lived Winston Churchill as one of my. He rose I think one of the greatest leaders of western civilization history and if we as women buy into alive and we need abandon. The femininity in the woman who nurturing parts of ourselves I think we. Really lose something that god put in their for a purpose. And of course we've seen now with strong women off their lives in fact most of us can point team. Strong women who shaped. Do we art and I think it. You know believe that the examples of scripture and said this proper 31 woman. Had a lot of these characteristics in her because of what we read about that are. But she extends her hands to the needy she reaches her hands after the war he says at teaching of kindness and wisdom on her tongue. And so I think you know if we knew this one we would probably say she was very loyal and her demeanor very powerful and yet very loving and kind of nurturing and again if we have the warrior without the nurture her. It kind of stripped a woman ever strength. If we have the nurture without the warrior we've stripped her in the communities around her that's something very important and I don't know why. And while we have such a hard time finding that balance but but we do and I think it's conference to call out and say women in and we about it and we. See in our history locally and globally a number of women in history who have been able to do both. Who literally changed the world and it is not impossible for a woman to do that now a question that some might ask is but if you look at the proverbs 31 woman. Surely she didn't new scheming. All of that L at a time and you know I think here's where the line Thames and because if we pretend like it takes you know only. Part time energy to carve out its next generation where fool fool ourselves I mean I think. Marriage and family take a lot more energy than people realize sometimes when they. Make it sound like you can just kind of do that with. You know kind of a backhanded clients I think that's when we lose our homes and our families so this woman in proverbs I don't think she did it all at once I don't think she did. Equal intensity it. With everything the same time probably when their children were tiny she poured lots of extra energy and Dan the secret I have. Come businesses and end dates and trade and commerce but I have like to think that that was over a lifetime and again we can't win I'm not really here to. Exactly prescribed for women what that balance needs to look like. But as a friend of mine who's a really good. If counselor here in town effect in charge of a lot of people who were working under she said my goal is that my three girls and my little son. Don't even know how hard at work and she carves out the most amazing work schedule. A look at what she does and I think you know you're there would make it home from school. And you're there when they need you and say it's a beautiful ballots everybody's created differently in so it looks different for different on the subliminal wanna be fully at home. And investment allow what I did to earn one of those years. And Al though you're spending your time is that you can trying to reach out and hear what others. It's been the last years of your life your listening to our world and the and thank goodness our NASA's almost completely empty hit FF I got one more kid we had to get there late that's right we hope we have a little energy left. After the nest is empty but now I think. Again the challenge is to find the balance. What the book is entitled a woman of power by Maryland Chadwick my wife she's my guest today. And the purpose of the book is to help women beat bowers women any women of courage and to. Not get caught in just totally the nurtures role which can lead to depression yeah times with women and only stay home is right or vote total give my life away you know to try to change the world yet at the heck with my family and our family. Suffers because. Oral or if a woman is simple and you know single women. Am divorced women widows independent can be a woman of valor. But she's gonna make sure she nurtures whatever is home for her we'll talk a little bit about that later Oliver households. Can look different but there's going to be a private. You know a private home life that she takes care of two well she's an exhaust and we herself down we see a lot of exhausted women. Well in the next segment let's give some examples regarding women who have really warned the balance and done well. And as we present those as examples perhaps they'll challenge not only women but man let's talk about them to the calls. Having me and in today's culture becomes so game oriented. That they've lost their focus on being courageous to help change the world. For a better place in which to lift. I'm David Chadwick this is news 1110 WBT. My wife Marilyn as my guest hang with us will be. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news 1110 at 99 point three W VT welcome it's great to have you back I'm glad you're here with us on Maryland. My wife is in studio with me we're talking about her most recent book woman of the hour. You can find it on line Amazon Barnes & Noble all the bookstores. It's a great book it's. Proceeds all go to help hurricane Harvey victims and we are very pleased to say that because that we're not profiting from the book itself. And we're grateful to be able to use it to help people who are really. Party hit right now Maryland before we took a break on we were talking about examples. Of whim. Of our addiction no law a talk about that for a point David you know I think now look back in my life and I there are so many women of valor that if been in the pages of my and background which you and I love the local example. There's a young woman in our church that. She's a pretty impressive banker you know in her day job but sees helped get this past scholarship programs started that we talk about a lot sees the Pope scholars helping kids with. Big dreams MP resource is get to college. And she's found a way to love on these kids to have kids ever learn. Mentors them. In my queen Elizabeth the talked about in the last segment she calls a map when it's necessary. In one of these young men said to me today you know she has told me the hard things that I needed to hear when nobody else would. Is she kind of mentors him to be. You know all that he can be professionally and he and and said that she gets him into his own model S and so I thought to myself you know she is a woman of valor and I think that's what's so important. About these versions of proverbs 31 is at their challenge to all women to use whatever gifts. God has given them and we're all different women are not all of Mike. You know so use the gifts that god has given us and I was reminded of one to really start Jewish blogger. I happen if she's worked in Manhattan. And she said you know I used to have some not saying they saying about my household every Friday night my mom. And she's at a sort of felt let down now that I am. You know working in an coming in don't have kids but she volunteers at the homeless shelter every morning. And she sits settling 1 morning as I was walking into the homeless shelter and looking around the people that have grown to love. I realize that I was a woman of valor and at this was my household. And it was sort of an epiphany for her it's not the challenge. Is for women to kind of take a look at their life here and my him has god made me to be as a woman. Regardless of men age or stage in minute where's my household he was he was he called me a laugh. And to give my life away to and then go for it by our our new tagline for our life David is we approached the stage of life is just note. You know there's always somebody you can keep your life to enact truly believe that the Bible is right we basically. Has missed it in our culture but we find our life as we scramble around to get more be more. Haven't or have more. But to give her life the way we find their lives as we give it away. And so I think this proverbs 31 woman and others are just again the biblical examples of why that's so important and then again we see him in art and life. Well I love the whole idea in proverbs 31 that as this woman lives out the nurture and warrior. Her children rise up and hand compliment her they praise her. They really do exalt her yeah so for women to be loved secured four and exalted by their families comes in finding this beautiful balance that you wrote about in your book a woman that. Yes I was in trade as I read through my opposite between one verses and there's adverse toward the end where it says her children rise. And call her blessed and I thought that's an interesting term rise up to certain means more than just standing to their feet. And so again I love define at what words mean in that word in Hebrew is whom. And it's a very strong word it means to strengthen. Or established. Or to succeed. And it made me think that these kids were inspired later in life that they stood up. You know because they had a successful life themselves they probably had reached a lot of their and dreams. Somewhat because of that. Given the coaching in the nurture and those are official and a Senator Obama have a sacrificial nature you know it's that is the Olympic athlete of the pro athlete that. That now as the words I love you mom in another prisoner on death broke. Or so or better yet maybe the Olympic gold medalist in the most recent Olympics who after getting his gold. Walked up into the stands and could ads around his mother and saying to her I could not have done this if you hadn't gotten up early in the morning he's trying for an 5 o'clock to drive me to practice and learn and over again gallon and rising. That's right we know that trail but the thing is I think it's interesting. That that the fact that they rose up in years. You realizing in those terms they republic pretty successful themselves. They rise up that's when they call her blessed and so that rise apt term has intrigued as has an and we realize it's in several places and scripture. In other ladies to look at in the scripture regarding the woman of hours Deborah I'm talk about her from the book of judges which really is a story. Other continual cycle of exultation through strong leadership and in deceleration. Through bad. The behavior by the people of Israel and whenever they would reach the bottom god would raise up another judge to free the Helm from. Those who had oppressed them and taken over even though the authority of the nation itself. It's an exhausting cycle you know I was pre reading and you're right that they would rise up and they forget god and they would fall into usually captivity by some conquering army which is what happened. Right before Debra and then that Israelites would cry out for help and then got to raise appetite this is what happened with Debra. She was a judge in Israel and sees the first that we see in the hole but the judges. And neither one of only two to become both a judge in a profit in her role as a profit was really important to talk to the sisters about what a profit as a. Profit was one who would hear from god and speak the truth of god to the nation. And then Debra along with Samuel is the only one who's a profit and a judge and she didn't actually had a tree that was named for her where she would sit under that tree and judge different cases and in the Israel like nation in order for justice to occur. That's right and she would also prophesied God's words and so Israel was in pretty rough shape than being conquered having been conquered by McCain nights. And so she. Basically summons the the head of the army there was a pretty pitiful army at that point that she summons this guy named Barack. And she says to him has not the lord the god of Israel commanded you go in gather your man at mount tabor and take 101000 the people. And basically go to war and you know what his words were and we think he probably was younger than she was probably inexperienced maybe. He was a little fear companies is okay I'll go. But only if you go with but only if you go with me. And you know I think that that was necessarily. You know what it was he was just a Wendy I don't think so I think he. Recognized her authority as a profit energized and he sang I sense and you that you were close to god and you have his presence with you and I know. If you go with me in due to battle that we will win and she has a tank but don't tell me. It was a part two of the she was so respected and admired in people instinctively wanted to follow early version of that when she said I'll go with youth. Barack can do everybody else would instinctive than sorrow. And when it was time to go he still was a little bit Rutland reluctant. So he she says to him rising up. And it's that same term that was used to describe her children they rise up and so we're thinking. She was calling him analyst and she she was calling him to courage she was calling forth his gifts and you know it reminds me target friend it's no longer with this. Reverend Barbara Britain Cameron David you know we saw her column men and women out. And that urban community it was so poor and try to rise up edges yeah mark fields along commuting here to Charlotte in 1990s from. A very crime really had drug infested place. To do it daily actually help. She would say to her people you know it's time to rise up and she was a mom with three babies her husband had been killed by drive by shooting. So she's been left in a really tough situation but after kind of get her kids to where they were ready to leave the nest she felt god calling her a back in that community. And calling net community to rise up. So she was you know she was fulfilling her role is and nurture she took care like she's got coming back to take care those babies. Says she took care of the children and then she called the men and women to rise up and retake that community back. Well you have seen in your book on the biblical positions. On womanhood. And it's just interesting as you look at the people that we looked at last week and Ruth and and then you look at the proverbs 31 woman yes and and you look at is Esther Esther and there's also just a number in the new testament as well there are some who think. In the acquittal and Priscilla. Payer that helped Paul do so much of his ministry that most every time Purcell as mentioned before quell the woman. Probably symbolizing that she wise. The one who led the team more than her husband it was probably one of Paul real pillars in helping to establish churches throughout the Mediterranean area. Says she probably was uniquely gifted and again I'll women aren't the same and we're not saying anything that takes away from what I feel it is a really important spiritual leadership. That husbands have been home and we will want him in get into that debate right now because he hammy on a champion of the home. But I think it's been sad that sometimes the people that cherished home the most forgotten that this part of the woman's. You know built and you know equipment like that includes being the warrior. Well we need to take another break it's amazing how quickly the French keep coming up we're in the middle of a conversation. On but really we wanna challenge. Women and men to being courageous people valor there is a real need in our culture like never before. For there to be courage. So many people are like Gideon who was called a man of the hour in the Bible. Hiding in the wine press a total shock of the meetings right until got called him out and said on each war. And while the police say that it's a war unless it was difficult to walk this life of faith it is toward the bottle tells us and got called Gideon a man of power he said oh hail mighty warrior. Did not look at him hiding he would do what he could be com which I think is what god does with all of us. He doesn't want us hiding anymore he sees the courage that's within us that intensity we would just give our lives away we could really make. A difference in this world when we come back let's talk about giving our lives away. That great call of god upon us all I'm David Chadwick this is news 111099. Point three WBT will be. Right back. 43 WP welcome back. The show. And he'd like to hear this program which my wife Maryland Horner her book a woman of the hour. Please go to WBT dot com scroll down to the weekend shows you'll seeded David Chadwick show right here and you can download the program from the beginning. To the aunt and also any show the we've done in 2017. Is available to any of you might wanna go back and look at the archives. I'd love for you to be able to learn from anything that I've been able to do especially these wonderful guests who all are with me on a weekly basis. One Maryland thanks again for your time today on your book a woman of valor of a Maryland Chadwick on Amazon Barnes & Noble bookstores easily available to people all the proceeds again go to hurricane Harvey. We're trying to help people who have gone through that devastation in Houston. To rebuild its going take months maybe even years for them to totally rebuild billions of dollars of damage lives lost. Also the Irma problem is there as well so folks in any way you can give your life away to help other people. If were true life is found in fact Maryland let's talk about that during this last segment that's something you and I both believe in. That true life is found as you give your life away Jesus said it this way you'll find your life as you lose your life for something greater than your life. And messy you know what if you wanna be counter culture that's a way to be counter culture and I think that. If you look at the underlying theme for example of this book but it's also the theme of the Bible is again you know you don't gain your life having more. Doing more being more you find your life as you lose it on behalf of somebody outs especially in a Ephron a mind. His given her life for Wayne summing different ways says that this way. You know if you wanna get free of all the things that bother you like fear and worry and anxiety which she had been troubled with and depression. She sits step is somebody else's battle. And I love that turned into David Derrick is somebody that's the national example and she said you know for her. It it started out very simply with going on a mission strip because again she was just plagued by. Depression anxiety in years that are yeah I tried medications and different things and that didn't work in. Did two things she got a Christian mentor. How older woman that started pouring life and her and then she started digging into the scriptures to find out what God's word said about. Had to be free from fear and anxiety. Whether we're lots of places where the Bible talked to her about how to have peace in about trusting in the lord and on match but then she got of the verses that talked about going. You know and pouring your life than to others insist she took those first to seriously. Started going on short term missions trips which had terrified her before but she went she took her feet. Where her fate you know was afraid again at that point better feat when and says she followed her feet Nash again is every year. She had two children a brand she's married but then as god kept. You know opening new doors for her turns out she and her husband got the call to Foster children so they ended up fostering a sibling group of three now they've adopted them. So they have their family of seven and she just keeps talking about the freedom that comes as she steps out into somebody else's back panel. And I think it's just a great phrase to remind ourselves of when when we're like Gideon. Afraid in hiding. So terrified of what we see around us instead of shrinking back in our homes. That's probably if we take our faith seriously that's a are cute to step out. Miss out you know as the Marines say run toward the danger in you'll probably find the courage in the strength it's got the got to sort of putting new. And you'll be amazed at your anxieties and depression often drift is yours stepping down as somebody else. I have loved that example of King David who his man and his thirty closest companions who called men and whenever our mining and valor when David's fighting Goliath is huge. 89 foot giant now he has a slingshot Jai and Goliath has a huge swore. And what does he do he runs straight to war and a lot that he does not try to encircle him he doesn't try to surprise him he says you know with me and god. That's a majority majority and he runs straight toward. And I think that's why you know yes the book is about women it's called a woman of valor. But the message is for men and women in fact you know our mind you what my original title was going to be. Went up that together they Allen editor when we let our last vote together on marriage he said to me he says you know. The theme that I seek come in threes so strongly for use this whole idea of giving your life a way so why don't you write your next book on that and he's a college. You know how to keep your life away. Well up at the outline in that was pretty did and he loved it. But his boss looked at it and say you know and this gonna buy a book on how to keep your life away you know you have to sadly yes sadly that's battle you know that. The most exciting and I think for people in this in today's world I don't always think of that first. So what kind of Reeve worked it ends and down this concept that the woman of valor. And I realized that the messages the same for all of us it's uniquely presented to women through this concept of the woman of valor and I love that. But you Nike says Davis mighty men of our Gideon was called a man about the caller's threaded throughout the scriptures. And thank goodness because if God's path I was into the battle and I mean the battle. For our faith. And the battle for his broken world. If he's gonna throw us into the battle trying to rescue broken where I bet you discourage. Encourages and necessary in the world going get darker skin dark in his hurting in this broken it's not going out trying to smack. Evil around we're not trying to punish the wicket but going out trying to save the week in the broken. And when you give your life away especially to the pour in the media when your favorite verses is Isaiah fifty and hand. That's the way your own depression Olympia and I can't quote exactly but it's something about when you divide your bread with the hungry. And you spend yourself on the back half of the pork you know it's kind of given that he you are what you have. To somebody out cynicism in Europe light. Both spring forth and your healing will quickly Pierre make one quick comment on our friend who is really depressed and anxious. And she studied God's word but she did even more than that that I think we need to point out to folks she actually memorized it. She didn't in my head she doesn't ever fearful for Cain he would quote with the scriptures that's right she said people underestimate the value value this Bible an hour. She channeling memorize it she put sticky notes. I'll around her house and you she found 770. Verses in the Bible on dealing with fear and anxiety. So you know it's funny when you talk to or you don't realize that she's memorized on that. But when she starts sharing her story talking about getting free from fear it's funny how those pieces of those vs old port out she's put him in our heart. You know to my favorite words in the Bible are but god the and often times there have ours verses about fear and anxiety. And being overwhelmed and like water coming up to your neck and angry years and this is but got he goes back to your travel. That's right and that faith in god believing in him is the only answer no to fear fear knocks EC got going into the door god does and fears on. But when we fear the lord and then don't fear anything else where on good footing in I think you know as well as I did at that fear of the lord is of a positive kind of fear is such faith. It's a faith in anything if you look at the proverbs 31 woman at the very in Iran is vs tells you at the very end. You know when this is the spoiler alert that at the very and it says you know the hurt her it's her fear of the lord. You know the fear the lord is what gave her honest during a lot I just think we've lost that our cultural together the deep awesome respect and god and also the reality that will face a look and be held accountable in north let's remember our friend Barbara Cameron and she kept people. You know that we're live an awful lot of super claiming to be Christians. You know she would say they'd get the same she's excited. And when you really do get god in your heart deeply. It as a part of who you all are you can face anything and that again major book a woman woman valor that courage that's the air when we have god on our side that's right any final comments. I would just say again let's recapture that balance of women if you're out there listening. Think about two daughters think of a two granddaughters or nieces. Who challenged him to be both and nurture but also you yay cheer surprise that warrior part of them because Scott putted there. Maryland thinks. Great to have you again Amazon Barnes & Noble bookstores a woman of valor Maryland Chadwick and gals guys it helps all of us learned the most important thing in life and that is. When we love god with all our heart soul mind and my and we love our neighbors as ourselves and learn the beauty and value of giving our lives away. That's when we find what true life is all about I'm David Chadwick this is news 1110993. WBT. For talking with you all. Next week.