Working From Home

John Hancock
Thursday, June 14th
Hancock reviews the latest Trump legal issues, the IG report on James Comey and working from home.

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This is John and god. Other worst Thursday's chicken beef. Toasty outside. Hit by something. You know it's it's one of those it's like you can't really see it for you did sit like pitching. No more right it just rhetoric gets. Tiger outside fighters. Or at the remnants of mind knowing that wouldn't be at. And I do. Busy day trump foundation. Says in a statement today a lawsuit filed against by a very against it by the New York attorney general's office politics in its very worst. Justice Department on the other side. Is to release all this officially later on today but there are. The Justice Department watchdog go faulting the former FBI director James call me for. Breaking with the established protocol and handling via Hillary Clinton email investigation. It found that his a decisions were not. Driven by political bias. But there's some other pretty interesting things in there are so that's at the top of the news house speaker Paul Ryan says he's not comfortable with the trump administration policy that separates children from their parents at that. Southern border I don't think any of mr. too crazy about them. The. These these speaker said today that Tim. Congress should just happened to fix the problem. Now won't be easy Republicans are under increasing pressure to have. Address the humanitarian. Issue of that you know the crisis part of that at the border. And at same time GOP leadership putting the final touches on immigration legislation so all of that is is essentially top of the news today will bring up to date on know what's going on with Pia. Clinton email thing enough the much anticipated report by the Justice Department's inspector general. Who were as we said does said that a James Tommy mishandled the Hillary Clinton email controversy in the waning days of the 2068 election but they didn't find it to be motivated by political bias. This story that says not necessarily at the top of the news that. To citizens in Jacksonville Florida with guns. Or you think I'm didn't do all right labs that allows a conclusion Darche already. In Florida guy by the name of Christopher Raymond hill Christopher Raymond hill he said. Last Friday. 36 year old. Tries to flee a Jacksonville Wal-Mart with a stolen cash register only to find that the suvs that he jumped into wouldn't start. So he sees another option. He allegedly used a knife and attempted carjacking. But the driver did one better. The driver pulled out a gun. Brandished it on him. Just happened to be an army veteran by the name of Michael Reardon. Who. Suffered cuts to his arms and legs are one of the TV stations down there. He was like don't shoot me I was like well then get out here. And so. So we did. The hill guy. So now he's. He's over to. The original get away car wouldn't start. The second one hijacking. The owner pulls a gun on him. Gun beats knife. And paper rock scissors took nearly you know. God M gun. And down. So he allegedly thought well try car carjacking again. Now already this is turned out to be more than what he bargained for he just wanted the cash register from the Wal-Mart. So we jumps into the passenger's seat of a car and a Starbucks drive through. In the driver jumps out. And grabs a gun from the trunk of the car. In points it'd kill. Until he runs away. With his bright orange apparel. I hardly discrete see this is the other thing I have never been I've been out career criminal but. If you're gonna do something dress in something. Earth colors you don't. Yeah I just something that's not really identifiable. By the you know I'd like a teacher with a giant pig on the front right and I would not be good. Just plain old. Great teacher would probably be your best shot there. Arab origins. Don't have orange here. You know and I don't have a tattoo on your forehead. Something you know to just be as. Blend in as best you give this guy was wearing a bright orange shirt. So he's got one get away car and it won't start the next two that he tries to every end our own young gun owners. And he was finally traced to a nearby super cuts. Last year he pleaded guilty to burglary after it was were found out what they had nights in a woman's car and nine now is charged with strong armed robbery carjacking with the deadly weapon aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. And no trespassing. Oh by the way the cash register was returned. Maybe this isn't this guy's a error they all maybe you should go to one of those vocation tests. Find out what he's really suited for. Speed bump possibly. Watch in the TVs in here one of homes on fox in non. Sara Sanders who's doing her press briefing. The Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her top deputy U Raj Shaw. According to a CBS news yesterday. Playing under their departures. But apparently according to. Sarah Huckabee Sanders that was news to her. They were reporting that she had told friends that she was planning to leave by the end of the year. And Raj Shah had not may have set a date yet but just Sanders declined to comment on the record but Tweeter does CBS news know something that I don't know about my plans and my future. They ran her story about me and my plans to leave the White House without even talking to me. I love my job a modern to work for the president of the United States. You know and all the departures from the White House that would just add to the turmoil stories. And maybe that's why they needed them yesterday I don't know. They've got does sum up pretty good info or some pretty good ammo today. From the news because the trump foundation. Had a suit filed against it. For illegally using. The trump foundation charity to pay illegal settlements are related to his golf clubs are. And where they were using money that in ways senator allegedly that they were supposed to be using it for for a foundation the foundation has defended his record enough. Well the president himself. Has sort of sender of the strong foundation has said in the statement that the lawsuit filed against it by the New York attorney general is politics at its very worst so we'll see what happens there. I think that's a jail time thing I think that's off find. Thing. But it's something else they can no roll around a depressed for a while longer and and know see where they go on that that much anticipated report from the Justice Department inspector general says that James Komi mishandled. The Hillary Clinton email controversy. In the waning days of a torn sixteen election I'm rich even Hillary would agree with that. But the report also by Michael Horowitz. Is probably not going to be necessarily celebrated by the other trump people are trump himself because a concludes that the former FBI chief wasn't motivated by political bias. Horwitz was given the report to IRA's giving the report to congress today. And noble the steps he with the fallout is I don't know that I see any huge fallout on it but there's some interesting elements to appear report has nothing to do with. Mueller's Russia investigation. But then drop has been using the economy Clinton allegations. And how he handled the investigation. Two in to her use and the private emails surface to originally discredit the FBI. On and accuse of anti trump biased and they certainly find out in the Peter stroke. Emails. To his lover at the time. More on that in just a second peer report focused in part on colonies announcement in July have 26 came. That. Clinton had acted improperly but did nothing illegal. Well they do think that entities got an errant probably got hold Avaya a top secret email and I'll give you more on that a couple of seconds as well. Said no while we did not find that these decisions were re assaults of political bias on call me as part we nevertheless concluded that by departing so clearly. And dramatically from FBI and department norms. The decisions negatively impacted the perception of the FBI and the department as fair administrators of justice close quote that's more or rich wrote. My in his conclusions in the report that will be released today to congress. And if you believe the hill. They say that the specific ways in which combing violated FBI procedural norms are yet clear. Though that will likely change in the coming days calm me did manage to infuriate Democrats and Republicans with his actions. That's not easy to do. Usually inferior one side to the other. The former by announcing in the final weeks of the campaign that the FBI was looking and a new information reignited -- related to the email server and the latter four subsequently concluding that she did break the law. So that was the highlight at the end of they are procedure of the end of the that a presidential. No season you get back to the FBI agent stroke. Who Texan a fellow bureau official in August of 2016. That quote unquote we all stopped. Donald Trump from becoming president. He's an FBI agent at the time Justice Department inspector general reportedly revealed it is. A report that on Hillary email case that that's what stroke adept at Texas will stop Donald Trump are becoming president. In the Washington Post. Reports that tell Horwitz is report includes an August 2016 text message exchange between straw. Look at the end then FBI lawyer Lisa page. About. Trump's chances of being elected to president. Page in Jackson to stroke trumps not ever going to be president right. Right. This broke broke back no we won't will stop that this or do. Not FBI. Personnel. The Horwitz review which will learn more of as the day goes on and and they had days two. The forthcoming. They revealed another anti trump text between two officials who were romantically involved. And our Republican lawmakers have pounced on that dude check this well at all share that with you and some comments from trade dowdy next. Officially released yet and it started the talk of the town but. It'll generate more conversation as we go on talking about. Much anticipated report by the Justice Department inspector general that says says James Toney mishandled the Clinton email controversy on. But not politically motivated mostly conclusion there. We talked a little bit about two of the agents the FBI agents speed or stroke stroke and and it in others. And they're back and forth. Trumps not ever going to become president right. Right that was the FBI lawyer Lisa page. Stroke riding back and FBI agent no he won't. Wheels stop it. So why. The Horwitz report the review revealed some other anti trump texts between now a couple of officials who were romantically involved in Republicans have jumped on that as well. Well and including a trade out media house oversight. And Government Reform Committee chairman from South Carolina who was not going to re run for office in non sorry for that. A Republican from South Carolina send a statement that the report shows an alarming and destructive level of animus displayed by top officials by the FBI. He said Peter strokes manifest bias trending towards animus. Casts a Pall on the investigation is bias impacted the decision making and he assigned to himself the role of stopping the trump campaign or ending the trump presidency this is not. The FBI that I know said Doug trigger Audi. Bloomberg reported today that to our Horwitz is report says that investigators did not find a document Jerry or testimonial evidence. Meaning in the Clinton case. That improper considerations. Including political bias directly affected the specific investigative actions that we reviewed. So I'll Horwitz has been on this now for more beer has been reviewing FBI and DOJ actions related to the investigation and do a Clinton's emails. This is not expected to addressed the Department of Justice of the FBI's actions in regard to the other trump Russia investigation. Will see this report later on today or at least congress well. The deputy attorney general rob Rosen style and arrived at the White House today to brief the president on its findings. The inspector general's review months ago. Uncovered a bunch of anti trump text from a stroke. Who famously called trump an idiot FBI agent. And know attacks in about an insurance policy against a trump presidency. And in fact according to the Associated Press the Justice Department to watchdog also faults for FBI director James colony. For breaking with the established protocol and his handling of the Clinton email investigation but it says his decisions from the nineteen Tories are rescued me from the Torre sixty elections. Not driven by political bias. So would that be just sheer incompetence. He also are criticize his call me for not keeping his superiors. At the Justice Department including the former attorney general Loretta lynch on meet you on the tarmac mr. Clinton lynch. Not properly informed about the handling of that investigation itself. Side story to all of this for an actor's obtained access to some of former. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton's emails including at least one email classified as secret. According to a new memo from my tune GOP led house committees and an internal FBI email. Well Fox News is reporting this got the memo prepared by the house justice and oversight committee which lays out some interim. Findings ahead of next week's hearing with Justice Department inspector general mud general Michael Horowitz. He'll released and this is a separate. But he'll release. This highly anticipated report we just got finished talking about on the Clinton and email later on today. But documents provided to the committee show for an actor's obtained access to some of miss to mrs. Clinton's emails including at least one email. Classified secret. And that memo says that the foreign actors also accessed the private accounts of us some of Clinton's staffers. So the memo doesn't say you know of with the foreign actors were. Or what materials obtained. But it does note that secret information is defined as information that if disclosed could quote reasonably be expected to cause serious damage. Two the national security. And nobody's really been held accountable. Either criminally or administratively. Before that. Clinton's use of our private email server was always controversy when she served at the nation's top. I diplomat. And they did a lengthy investigation and James told me. Announced in July 2016 that the agency would not recommend charges but he said that. Clinton had been extremely careless. In her handling of classified information. So that's the news it's kind of coming out of all of the stuff that will look amount to they are congress today for the a report by Michael Horowitz. And whereas it may not pack the punch that does the president pro. We had hoped it would. It doesn't put its NC because they're James Kobe James. Quick let me get this book on the market so I can sell as many copies of it'd be for both sides decide that I'm an incompetent fool Tony. I and any other part of that I guess. I. Call me and Miller. Our good buds. And Miller is the guy who's doing the Russian investigation. And I'm not insinuating anything but. Call me he's not coming out looking good in all of this at all not from a competent standpoint. If both sides of him but it armored guards say a news incompetent than. Then you virtually done your job or. Or your incompetent. So we'll see were all of that goes a producing stuff the United States Golf Association US open. And it's still too early to really give you rail leaderboard Els looking at a few moments ago and Dustin Johnson is like go through eight holes or something like that he was hanging out the top ten of them but. Willow we'll get our eyes glued on that on before the whole afternoon is over can keep you abreast as to what's going on there. On interest rates are going up again the Fed hiked interest rates yesterday. I don't exactly. Guy can't exactly define how this affects you credit card rates mortgage rates this that the other sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't sometimes it takes a period of time months days weeks whatever. I'm. From a standpoint of retiree is. Who are looking to you know at a percentage point to their investments. Florida I would assume that. Interest rates going back up again would. Benefit those people who technically have been making nothing off their money. So Woolsey were all of that falls but they. Did of one quarter point increase in the benchmark interest free yesterday to a range of one point 75 to 2% and they're expected to do that two more times. For the year is over which is intended to protect the economy from inflation in the in the ninth year of an economic growth spurt. Now at the time that they're doing that speaking of money prosecutors in Germany have slept Volkswagen with a one point two billion dollar fine. For rigging its diesel engine vehicles. To falsely clean air you know very good to falsify clean air emission test. Well worldwide the company sold ten point seven million diesel vehicles with software that was designed to cheat the tests. So they are for paying a fine of one point two billion dollars. A that I think is on top of the fact that they had paid I'll get all those cars back and do all that stuff and their reputation. I owned a Volkswagen at the time had a Volkswagen facade but not a diesel. Mine was and these 6290. Horst. Our so much that I liked that car. But all the sudden driving a Volkswagen when I went to trade that thing and some perks that a lot down in South Carolina drug discount be heavily because it was a Volkswagen. Tom Sargent Adam not vindictive and I didn't name names. Thought and I finally traded the car and I don't know who got it but what they got was a car there have been well taken care of that had a great religion and quite frankly. That would be the world's perfect uber rover car because the vaccine and that things you can like stretch your legs out of that thing there was. But I liked my Volkswagen but it wasn't a diesel one point two billion dollar fines. I can't deal with numbers like one point two billion dollar fine says out of business to me it's. The brewers could probably have withstand a one point two billion dollars on. You don't have to Wear Panthers Rivera gonna say the new owner of the Panthers could probably get 51 point two billion dollars is still show up for dinner. Pick up she must must be nice it LA guy and kudos to him for footage of a dual position to. Like to get that much money yes sir. Never primaries this week the take away from all of that. And I don't know the results were. If nothing no at least somewhat couple colorful tennis hall office they are professional town proud of it. He won the Republican race for the Nevada assembly seat. Somehow or another seems. Fitting Mehmet. Words. Politicians. I don't know. You tell the difference. Color of tie. Tom. Archie Carnell a Democrat without past history of domestic abuse won his party's nomination for South Carolina seed in the House of Representatives. Again we've determined though most subsequent impeachment character doesn't count. Only party counts. Only. Jersey counts. Don't care much personal life. I just want you to vote the way I want you to vote. And listen if I have to build bin bin myself into a pretzel to. You know overcome some of my objections to Europe personal traits. That's my problem. You just get on in narron. Do what I wanted to. Can understand why the country's in the shape them to. Mean you're built solely on a weak foundation cholesterol I wanna. There's not much two up pattern here actually the consensus is that trump one big. Andrew Republican US representative Mark Sanford lost his primary to via a candidate because he didn't Joseph great loyalty to trump. His voting record is pretty good but to he didn't anyone on the tri band wagon and there was a big article in the air Charlotte Observer today. Which I probably am toed around with me someplace and I just can't just seemed a lay my hands on him. But essentially is that they'd be essence of the article was that if you're if you're not on board. Here you don't. It's trumps GOP now. And no voting anybody who may challenge of now it netted Tuesday because when he was in the primaries. That was the big argument is the fact that though that the GOP I mean they're never gonna Paul Ryan's never gonna have these guys there are never gonna McConnell all come on you'll never. And now they're all in lockstep with the guy. Which they should be here's the president the president vetoes represented the Republican Party whatever that is. So I get it. You don't necessarily have to like your boss two still try to do your job to do the best for your company. But. You know the thing I guess that struck me the most about not just is that message in the above the fold. Article in the Charlotte Observer today. Mark stands Sanford blew up his son marriage because he became a national laughingstock when he sneaked off of his job in South Carolina governor for a tryst with his Argentine lover that's the first paragraph. This is written by a mark Barack. From the Los Angeles Times. I read this today and I got 212. Three the fourth paragraph. And I thought to myself. This is biased riding. This is somebody who may not understand his own bias when he's writing it but this is bias writing everybody does it depending on which side you're on and what your own personal feelings are and so on and so forth. But the phraseology. The verbiage that is used. In this fourth paragraph especially. I mean that's pretty colorful opening. Mark Sanford blew up his marriage and became a national laughingstock when he sneaked off of his job as South Carolina governor for a tryst with his Argentinean lover. Well it doesn't end there that's false. But did you get to the fourth paragraph and assess with his bulldozing personality. Trump has transformed the GOP. In two way party of anti Communist cold warriors. 21 that coups over North Korea's Communist dictator from a champion of free trade to an inch to Gator of trade wars. And woe to those within the party who challenge his direction or judgment. The you don't see a bias in the way that they put those words together. And you don't see a conclusion that hasn't been reached yet to what is actually going on we talked about this briefly yesterday and in our podcast that we did today. Between now and November. We all better to be able to understand and define exactly what trumps. Hardcore stand. On Terex. And what actually has been accomplished with North Korea will have a better standard and standing of that when people walk into the voting Booth in November. And he has stood his ground. Unlike other presidents. He's taken a hard it. Approach. And he's not given an edge right now. And that's the negotiator in trauma I don't apple like him don't understand that he's a great negotiators. And so you asked for way more than what you're expecting. And hope did you wind up with a what you want. So the phrase theology that transformed it. Is that trump has transformed the GOP party from my anti Communist cold warriors to ones that coo over North Korea's people Communist dictator. Vancouver over and he's basically trying to make some progress with this guy and try to stop a nuclear threat. And then instead from a champion of free trade to an investigator afraid wars but I think he's trying to level the table a little bit. What I'd be successful in getting us. On better financial ground from a trade standpoint. And he stops the nuclear threat of North Korea. Then what is C. Saint or sinner. Talking about tariffs. Kind of a break generous today the Wall Street Journal you can expect to pay more for lawnmowers and flat panel televisions. And I got a flat panel television that they want right now. Let's think about that candidate. I had a big old Parker. Bill I'm fine thank you. Don't need another one don't need the need more bills don't need nor Wessels of until OK that's fine. One more. It's gonna effect the guys won't mile long. I say that from time to time and I get emails and people say to me you don't you know you have got to mow your lawn. And I say yes and then you it's almost like blasphemy or something it's like they're just so disappointed in me. Why work. So I can afford somebody at a mobile along. All got a heart condition you know and I don't need to be out there. 98 degrees. It's. And decides that. I like sit there and how also at the air conditioner on drinking coffee watch me got to move on. 55 bucks and that includes insecticide to keep the weeds out of the gardens. 55 bucks three quarters of an acre and find me a better deal Lynette. And the guys go ahead you know I've hit his Susan when George a lot more. You know I just thought of that because people BJ people do my accuses all the time it's like I've let down the I've lost my man card. Said women may find birth control appeals more expensive. And even in short supply. I advanced medical technology products may get costlier. A few examples according to Politico dot com one of the day of the impact to the new punitive tariffs on Chinese imports all worked. On a preliminary list of products released by the drug administration finalist to the products that will be a subject to an additional 45% tariff expected to be released I think tomorrow and so world. Souls who were all that goes. On the other hand are not. Are we not supposed to be having talks today or tomorrow with the Chinese. So sometimes you can get pretty close to losing to win. They're better negotiation where your job is on the line to new. We're either gonna have. Have to walk away from the job or you're gonna get what you wanted. I couldn't answer that question until about four years ago and and I was willing to lose the job. In man were a great feeling that is. When you could actually hold your own no line especially when you're not out of line. Pretty good stuff. We asked yesterday if you would find it. Objectionable if fury employee error. Was monitoring you'll get to that in just a second. You think they are you know they're not. In all sorts of employee monitoring technology and working from home stuff we'll get to that a couple seconds church or go over until detail on WB DH him. Reality show and so. You know everybody is talking about now trying to blow up on me. Kim Jong-Il movie. Saying he's a great person and her parents but it you're trying to broker a deal in business. And you know like the guy are you gonna walk out after it happened a great car wreck in progress and it. I think the birdie at the spot we don't really like. The equipment. Yeah about what can't wait to meet with him again contact Evan and invite the little dirt bag to the White House soon. Right now and it's the most. You couple. That they're talking bad about it don't look like congress is trying to goad him in the back and out by saying. Well you don't people don't sport joy in my mirror. I work with you'd throw a big issue through their. You know it's it's politics as normal I don't know that I you know when I watched Chuck Schumer yesterday I don't know but I expected to be different from drug Chuck Schumer because that chuck jurors on the by his lawyer is a long time congressman who's been part of nothing. And and here's a guy that does not even supposed to be part of the system that all the sudden may. Be at risk of getting some stuff accomplished. Oh my god. Yeah. Not you're you're exactly right you you don't get into a negotiation and basically a trash the guy in the press lawyer. Yeah I I talked to my ignorant boss yesterday and I think we're gonna make inroads on now beginning to raise and a look conform but I don't know he's those stupid how would you ever know. I'm not so sure that your best tennis. But now I don't think that works at all. If Kim John -- does come to the United States so weighted into the put him in a beast and taken to super cuts. We'll both oval mail. And actually. Kim Jung whose hair cut so high on the sides that's nothing that were really. Super cuts could do is there. Bull but you don't need super good threw bolt. Hey listen it's probably very fashionable over enough. Overnight part of the world. The un. HR metrics and analytics. Summit slash PR newswire. Had a poll. Of 250. Plus global. HR leaders. And employees are reveals. The following. Do you think you're being no monitoring your workplace. Do you think your. Parent company is ever. Taken a gander through your emails. If only works for one company that I thought was. And I only works for them for a very short period of time that I ever thought was capable of really being. Nefarious sleek. But then added a sense that this is there are cameras here in the halls of our studio that are made to look like smoke detectors yours. Some like bad. And they busted people doing stuff we've lost couple personnel DJ you know the names on picking up 20. The bad people that know one guy that was with us for a long long time. And and they they busted him for sabotaging the FM's automation system one night just for no reason at all just decided to go in there and screw it. Didn't actively doing stuff just deceiving you get away whether it. Sorry. That you lose. No parting prizes no nothing to see him get out. Mom. Bet on guy I worked here a long long time ago of me and he was stealing coffee. And the cameras Jordan steel and golf. Odds. The other guy that is so I mean Aruba we all know god c'mon. It's a it's first place is a television station in this building you think there might be a camera to I and the other thing is is that they yeah they got. They got cameras all over the place are under. And all you have to do is go out to the reception area look at that one TV's screen and you'll see that they've got cameras all over the place because there's all love monitors. They're on the wants current. But do you think that your employer goes through your email do you think that could you have a private conversation on your telephone and no 100%. That it was private. We often wondered if there were hidden mics in the studio. There's no revenues to say that there was I don't know that anybody's ever been busted for saying anything in this studio but. It could certainly be done. We'd never know. That there's a thousand things in this studio it Libya. While they got cameras and here they put these cameras in here they have about a long line yet but they've been in your now for nine months. They've got a screen in the executive offices that shows the AM studio right now. And I'm looking I'll wave and it Tina as we speak. So appalled 250 plus global. HR leaders. Any employee is reveals the following 72%. Say they find it unacceptable for employers to monitor private social media accounts. But I guess my question would be are you supposed to be on your private social media cal lawyer at work anyway. I mean technically are you supposed to be I know everybody does. And then and then and then then they probably should allow that. You go and in checking your FaceBook page a few times a day is no big deal. Everybody likes to be connected in this day and age kind of fuel. Just like the kids maybe not as extreme but. If you kind of feel. Detached from the world if you can't. Check your personal email or your FaceBook page from time to time just. Text messages. More than 50% said that tracking physical movements and personal interactions in the workplace was objectionable. Well I mean technically they can do that with the cameras in the halls Goodman. What were you doing in June as office for twelve minutes. Talking to Tina. 85% of employers said that they have us set privacy and security guidelines regarding what employees' information is collected. How distorted. And if it is used appropriately. 85%. Of employers say they have set privacy and security guidelines regarding what employee information is collected. How distorted if it is used appropriately do we know that. You're a guy to I don't know about policy here. That the fine print somewhere. It's 85% of employers say they have set privacy and security guidelines. That may be do they tell anybody what they are. Or is that just. Self discipline. 95%. Of employees say that they are most concerned. Oh with knowing that their data is secure against hacking and theft and desiring that their employer be transparent on what data is being collected. But that would come from stuff like HR and I that would come from. Your health records and you're. How much you get deducted from your paycheck can oh what do you what did I mean all your personal stuff like that yeah I would hope that that's not hackable. More than 50% say they would object of their employer asked them to you to use a wearable device to track their physical movements in the workplace. Here company issued ankle bracelet. But how do you know the. Your little name tagging thing here that we have to Wear everywhere. Basically opens the door out there because there's a chipped in the right. Until you flash that reader out there and did tell allows you access to not only the parking lots but the doors and stuff like that. How do you know that started tracking device. Spend a lot of time in the back from these days are we John. And 48% of employees say they do not trust their company to protect their data. Employees find workplace monitoring objectionable. But is it not there right. You're the employee either they employ error. They are representatives of the owner of said business you are. Greg who's 7010 years old today. You tick tick tick tick tick tick tick it's. Paul Schaeffer it's. Donald Trump 72 years old today. 165 days into the year 200 days to go is June the fourteenth and on this day 1954. US president Dwight. Could United States pledge of allegiance. Japan plans to lower the legal age of adulthood from twenty to eighteen. Later this year pearl earrings belonging to the French queen Maria Antoinette will go on the auction block. Still attached to the ears and the. And the head. I and a new Hampshire distillery has a new burba and that's flavored with these secretions from a beaver. And you can do is write your own punchline there my would only lose our license. I'm waiting for the general manager for an alcohol shaiken said no every. Pink noise may be the seeker do improving your sleep and your memory deep sleep crowd critical to about maintaining a robust memory both. Decline with age they say there's a new study out. From the Cleveland clinic Sleep Disorders Center. This suggests that one easy way for older adults to get a deeper sleep is to listen to a certain soothing sound called aimed. Noise. Pink noises they mix of high and low frequencies. That sounds more balanced and natural that it's better known cousin or white noise. Previous studies have found that up playing so called pink noise can. During sleep improves the member. He ever use one of those let I think induced through Alexa to. Atmospheric noise. Type stuff funeral running water herb. Marine now. Read the news to real bush folks how much would you pay. To have more time in your life. I. And I'll get to that affect the average American commute. Pins when he sixteen was the longest ever so if you since you could shorten that premiere what did you take a pay cut. Damn that you're not you. I here's the deal. Average American commute into any sixteen the longest ever just over 26 minutes. And about what it takes you get to work. World a shorter 'cause we checked baggage come in the back way now I'm song coming down Wilkinson boulevard rather than I used to go to park road all the time. It was like fourteen miles to the old house it's like fourteen miles to the new house. That's one of the reasons that Belmont Mount Holly in that area through their becoming so a so popular as people or start to figure out oh it's it's not way out there it's actually closer and. We're closer to the airport than 80% of the city. Old video you return violent. What people in my house they can. Com. That committing time means you're spending nine full days a year traveling to and from work 42 hours more per year than the average American commuted 1980 and so a new survey says that 85% of US professionals. Would take a pay cut for shorter commute. I'd like she's proven that putting. Don't we just talked about AL poll about employees findings workplace monitoring objectionable and alone get to our. To our belief that tech makes your lives better but it makes society worse first let me go over your to a Jennifer we're just talking about taking a pay cut. To reduce your commute hey Jennifer aria. Donna how are you. I'm grants how did you take a pay cut to make a better commute. I look at 181000 dollar here take my hat I was driving an hour each way to work. And now I drive wanting and it. So you say you change jobs. Incompetent but I will not. And worth. Absolutely. Late is that is that your family's only income more as this is an addition to. Aaron well when I'm retired now I work to keep my insurance yeah. Yeah I'm gonna have a whites it's gonna be doing that was in the next she's still if you're in it and I can't. On yeah I know I can't wait. Guy can't wait my I fully expect to just get bored out of my mind and then I'll go find someone else to do but term. Let. Did delicacies Kurdish is like got three years younger than I am social stay on for awhile after I leave and I'm not sure exactly when I'm leaving but it will be in the next few years when. Yeah I understand that but it it made a huge difference in my life a lot less stress. Yeah well Cole I ended that same company so you get your time my serve and all of all the benefits that come with that. Why aren't here yet I am very good hey congratulations a nice run. Eight goal thank you I appreciate you listening. All right office Jennifer. Technology. Make your life better society worse. Poll of a thousand adults little over a thousand adults said 81% say the Internet Smartphones and other merges our emerging technologies have made their lives better would you agree with that. If you would. Phones. If you remember the days when you have to drive around town looking for damn pay phone. Or have irritated me a long distance phone call they'll pay phone and had very you know 87 cents in your clock errors instead. You're you're cut off because you know did you paid for two minutes and also you're out of money a military school that was you know pay phones there're enough. We talked to your girlfriend back in Estes Park in nearly had a like a dollar 25. 42% say they feel that consumer technologies and social media have made their relationships with family and friends more impact full. That I agree with that I think text messaging is pretty cute but I also think that text messages has led to chicken. Like it's an organic. Marie. Because if you do things now by tax that you wouldn't have done yeah that you would have had to have done by phone or in person before. So now when you don't wanna make a phone call or you don't want to breach the subject or something like that you send a text. Or an email me an email kind of started. Texas just two more convenient way of the page email. And believe what I just said. I'm 29% said it made them less impact full. And figure out what that even means 38% believe technology is making the gap between the rich in the poor wider. We have people that are. It is innovative enough to be that the cutting edge of technology you're probably making more money even. I 22%. 60% believe artificial intelligence developments will reduce job opportunities we talked about that yesterday city. The financial people or is suggesting that robots could take as many as what was the number TJ 2525000. Jobs by. 67%. Say they would not give technology companies highly personal information to reduce their daily commute. I don't even know how that would work. 65%. Say they would not give medical records or other personal information or technology to companies in order to improve their health care. You already kinda do don't share. I mean to some extent. Don't you think that your employer already knows bode is intended to the degree of what you've got you when you apply for insurance you've after. I declare some of your stuff. And then your medications your prescriptions. Would would tell. I don't know who all would see no way that information if your employer have edited as your health care plan have. It would may be privy to what medications you have always got Matt Foreman he's got diabetes. And the expectation of privacy we've talked about that a thousand times and a thousand different skill levels. The expectation to privacy these days is. Limited. 66% say they would not wanna live of and a Smart city. We're like everything is you know technologically. But then then then you get into stuff like stuff there were already trying to kind of adapt to an Edison to. Honest cars and and then stuff like that I mean esta okay gated do you get used to the idea that I'm sure it will at some point as you go are you going to stuff like this and you think alike are very used to that than you do but. Jumping into a car thought about this when we're in New York. Jumping into a car without a driver. Use your view your call who were also enough. Toyota Corolla pulls up you get in and you what register exactly where your going. By keypad or something like that and also in the car to Asia there but no driver that'll take some good news to. And the other part of that is would you like to owner driver was car and my answer to that is no. In fact. I'm I'm kind of sorry that I don't have the money. Don't another car that would be a five speed on the floor. Because there's something about driving a car driving a car. Automatics are great. And they leave you hands free to do love their stuff for just to relax and enjoy the process but then on the other hand if you're going to late. Lure on one of those wind you roads. Or you're going up in the mountains people that really know how to drive a car down shift instead of break him. I mean that's got that's a great event that's an unbelievable experience when you can really drive a car. And then be autonomous car it would take all of that away from the backseat and we just taking place. You'd you'd lose all the scored. Americans believe tech makes lives better. But societies. Worse. So that goes along with our employees finding workplace monitoring questionable and we come back and a couple of seconds Rivet talk a little bit about working from home. Tale full of undisclosed number of US adults would jobs. Reveals the following about working from home. And then that it had great WBZ. I work from home. We could. Well I mean I don't know they were. You crazy about that or not but I mean technology today. You never know where Russia is or you know did Agassi do now for the most parties broadcaster from Florida but. Back in the day when he is to load be either new Yorker Florida Ursula unit have any idea. In essence broadcasting has. It has gotten to the point lie atlas and half the guys that are doing talk shows on serious satellite radio are doing it from the closets. The guys on the NFL network. They're not a studio together. Now for the most parts alone Barbara not for the most part they're. And ordered divulge any trade secrets and I'm not so sure that I think Packers work and out of his house. They got a cohost working out his house. So we you they've had some cases they'll put up a television monitors and you can see each other so that carried takes care of that part of it but I mean technically I've got an unfinished bonus room with a house that. In all I can finish that. Bare minimum. Climate control and stuff up there and the engineers can hook up a situation we could you know lined the walls would blankets or something like that to keep the reverb gone down and of engineering here could probably lineup us studio for me. For what five grand. But then I wouldn't be able to come in here harassed Georgian TJ. So I mean you know what we're beautiful on a map. Since then about crushing George soul and every day and lots and remote betting here it's you know I mean. I enjoy and things like that wells has sold connect Koresh nobody. It can't crucial listeners soul. We probably have a cup announcement. They deserved it. Most of them. Anyway employees working from home. There was a poll of undisclosed number of US adults would jobs that reveals 82% of workers say that the ability to work from anywhere at any time allows them to. Maintain a healthy work life balance. A hundred years ago. Or maybe seventeen. Sixteen. When Rick Jackson was here is our general manager Rory were still owned by Jefferson pilot. I was seriously considering buying the V and radio station that I started off that and Estes Park Colorado. Which would have been a 500 watt daytime. But the only signal you can get a Nesta sparked during the day other than satellite insults over test change. But he was for sale and we probably can pick it up for about 85000 bucks. And I what is asked for a one day I said I don't think I'm gonna do this is I think your would be suicide don't spend that kind of money and 85000 must be a ton of money to me. On radio station but. Would you have any objection to me being gone. 40% of the time. And he said no I think we could probably do that. Because you know this area and you know there and and he got the Internet so you've got access to the local newspaper and you can watch local TV do broadcasts and I'm so you could certainly stay up on what's going on in the area. And as long as you were here you know half the time on May never have the time and you could maintain your business there are and and and maintain your business here. The sound quality you wouldn't be able to tell her I was in Estes Park where there was general and Julian priceless. And so I we at least it had a conversation I don't know there was ever a serious conversation because thrown 85000 dollars down hole. Is not. But we considered there was some real. Thought appeal to owning the station that I started out and having a signal and know in my hometown. And is it turns out in the last 22530. Years Estes Park has had several floods but they've not a local radio station 1470 frequency. I don't know what it's doing now but it's not on the Gurney longer. And they need a radio station of terror. In which doesn't necessarily mean that everybody would listen do it on a daily basis. Because you've got to any other options now. But in emergencies like that anybody that went through Hugo here in Charlotte noticed that to have a conduit for information. To be able to turn this thing like a Russell and Floyd and those guys did in two. People calling and information and broadcasting information out almost Laura says a giant intercom. Which is instances were owned by Erica. 82% of workers say the ability to work from anywhere any time allows them to maintain her healthy work life balance work from home I got two more steps towards the sect's. On the other hand walking up the stairs in the bonus from those 245 every afternoon in a good gym shorts that I had T shirt and go whether. And with my dog. It would be pretty cool and then during news breaks and whales wandered under your own kitchen. Would do would be pretty cool. But double over a sea level and daughters go to Carol who do you work from your house Carol. I know I don't put that kind of funny story about it and attorneys legit. It would have a Good Friday and I had taken Good Friday off and she said that she was going to work from home. Okay. So I goal for our brio. At best some body work is sailor called and issue come out of bad about it works but thought. So no I didn't realize they air. Bank index over there. So you did so that this cigarette indoor and a place she wasn't supposed to be. Will be out here working from home here had a bad about it we're. Handing. You know bad foot quote unquote working from home yeah city. Well I know that's say yeah actually the working from home was turned out to be a lot more efficient and in fact I've read studies that says there's actually more pressure working from home than there is good everybody assumes you'll this sloth off and go do what you wanna do when you wanna do it but actually. Come from what I read sometimes the pressures are greater working at home because the expectations are it is that you produce. For now. I don't know if I agree with that. Now hey Carol appreciate golf they are. Power from on oil honor it's a lot of Marian WV GA very. Gave that right yeah it's great are you. I carry all little work but while what else well get out quite upon to do real well. I'll meet with people are really helpful with the weird buried under work from home. Did did you sound better than the reality AME when you first started doing it did did their reality sound better than and are crazy you're pretty happy with the. Yet to be disciplined enough not actually took the French yeah I I think all of a incompatible bell like it leaves. All the neat new clients and stuff I'll do that and ever caught a lot further to leave but I do you think it's really how. I like it likely that the people in I think that's like bill we're you know that's where things. Being able being in the crowd and other people to really get I think you hated because I think you're kind of past. A social animal than you'd like to be around people I think she got that you get that energy from that and I don't think talent get that when you're just let out and you're talking about yourself. I think I'd like to have the option of there I think you would be need to be able to you also in wake up on a Tuesday and then in about 11 o'clock I'll let them know senator TJ I think to reducing the house today. We gonna make it every morning and really international leg but by the same token you don't use. You know there's a certain amount of putting on your. What nineteen face clincher that you really sort of loud groan with English law. And I actually what I did is that setup replace both the opera or not that's well growth today that it won't let the French Rivera cool. So I don't consider him a living are he's the same as just gotta claw formal I'm going to be working. We're going to be in that light and I don't have without distraction yet again my music gun battle I want to and wanting all along that line has come. They've got learning things around here we go downstairs and have your copy and since the break we need to regard. Didn't. Take your laptop and brought problems were outside and that's great but. I think it's added that you have to be disciplined enough to do that. I'm my question a lot lower level wasn't there quoting Kirk got about what we won't go anywhere and conscience you can Gracia condemned as potent. So bring a laptop with her cheek and do you work for her client. And at all or work on during the day that you listen very well and she doesn't looking sweet you do you take them out often goes on Florida quote won't think they've got our work done. I'm wrong as well Alston and both are quite. Do you find. Do you find it easier are harder to put on your game face when your naked. I think you think you're going to continue to get run of the night you know while they're dead. Aaron I figured it's a does say it's great to figure where you said that I really thought about being unemployed. And and I would derby surgeon from now also trying to you know and I'd be talking to be able on the phone right be corresponding on the back and forth three mil this that the other. Com but I found out that I did better if I actually and got up and took a shower and not put on a suit because I'm not a suit are guy but in other words. You better get got out of my gym shorts and T sure. And to some extent kinda dressed the part I was I was better on phone calls and so on and so forth. Then I was if I just lounge around the house is unknown and took advantage of my situation. Clean pet ever is made it your all understand that you've. Probably would not be well at home. But a look. Well maybe I although I that's assay I think it'd be neat to have the option and not to do all the time but done to be able to bigger and another call TJ tea figure reduce in the house today. Com and and maybe you know maybe someday I'll get Texas quite frankly it wouldn't be to be deceptive but you guys would never really know whether or not Amir or not. A with the way that does sound I've been doing all that stuff nobody really know thank you I appreciate each phone call were on your front view from. An hour from. From home. You did a poll on an undisclosed number of US adults with jobs. Revealed some of the following fact 66% of all workers say that they like the option of occasionally working from home or another location but. Aren't able to reduce those 36%. Report their workplaces support working from home any time. Why in anywhere they want. I do know people like filet. That we just talked to that have good jobs were they can essentially do that job wherever they happen to be at the time because a computers or laptops in this the other. And love so yeah if they were. As they do it in Colorado they can do it at the beach they can do it here they can do it wherever they happen to be at the time. Very good thirty I also know a couple of people that to have those 'cause jobs and feel more pressure than they were ordered there or commute in office. Because they are expected to. Maintain that workload and maybe even then some. 36% report that their workplaces support working from home anytime anywhere 35%. To their employers. Do not provide the necessary technical equipment to enable them to work from home. 30% say they regularly have online or virtual team meetings via phone conferencing. He goes I would think would be more effective in person by Arabia are wrong and I haven't done a lot of them myself so. And I say that were all owned by conglomerates now consolidation has been knows something that's been known true in the workplaces for a long long time. Our radio stations are no longer owned by the guy who's got his office in the corner office for the most part. Well we're all owned for you know previously you were owned by company now that solo that is home office in Philadelphia. A previously your home office did not. Boston. Even Jefferson pilot was Greensboro. Although they would drive down the street to. Not to meet with us. And we were kind of the star of that. WBT where's the when was the center of attention to that are broadcasting group. 60% say they prefer working at home from home 66 percents they prefer to occasionally work from home or another location. 80% in this pole sale like. They like hedge I'll work guard Devin defined in the study is the ability to work from anywhere any time. And if you're in sales or something along those lines would think that. You know you register your day's work by computer. 61%. Say they do not believe that this type of work interferes with their personal lives or their ability to disconnect from work. But as has been mentioned by a couple of people you have to have a certain amount of discipline. And I suppose just getting used to it. And maintaining a certain amount of discipline would probably be among the challenges of doing about like a like a said radio these days. You wouldn't know. Well you never know if rushes in New York purges in Florida and for the most parties in Florida these days I don't know if he maintains they are New York residents and longer but I mean there was a long long time when he was working here there and everywhere. You didn't know. There have been times so when. Well Jay Thomas do it is a serious radio show he'd come and in town I know use our facilities outside got to know. You would never know whether rescind an area conference room here. Our broadcasters come through here and use our studios to broadcast their shows back to the fox network for. Soon ESPN or something along those lines so we see those guys walk in the halls from much time to talk. And like you say as far as I know mark packer is doing his Sirius satellite show out of his house just. And his co host on whatever given day is probably either working from a studio or another or else the guys on the NFL network. Didn't trying to tell. But. They're always working from different houses. And then you've got a guest that comes through ought to just line that would be located from the home. Studios. So broadcasting your guide to the point that sound quality would no clue whether or not guys that is literal there's actually broadcasting from the studio. I. I totally agree bungled it was gone and I'll work from home just up on WBT hey Jeff. Yeah good good after you know several several years ago at arbor called me and offered me a job been involved. A laptop and a company car and working from home. And at that time my teenage daughter was listening to rap and hip hop music. At a very have a volume I am not sure I'm not alone listening. At the medal and orange at a very volume. And they enjoyed arguing. With each other at a very app volley. And when he opera need to work at home upset. Did it help. And I may not be your prime candidate guns. Got to get away. If you had to do it all over again would you do we in other words kids grow up move out of the house then would that be. Bill appealing to you. Well I know Roy he'd accept the the problem didn't start right there where they were trying to outs I grew up at my game back. Now yeah I guess if it these are really that you'll still get rid of them sooner or later. And if they opportunity erode I would consider that there are a lot of them are usually at that camps. That's our mop up about all the noise and conflict and how about now I don't want state. Jeff I appreciate golf more trouble and it's worth the book so available from badger yeah you gotta do have to have the environment. If you got a dog it never stops barking probably. Might get to Daryn you'll working from the house if your balls to bones and all that comes up as well. Tired and water over the WBT news or Mark Garrison is pack and things of generator walked down the newly carpeted halls of intercom or Charlotte and tell us about pro we've already heard these actuality is today is is a sad story promote they had hoped foreign court today is not what they god and nine guys you just. Ache for this grieving mom of that. Who wants some resolve to worse his son's senseless. Violent death. But you know this is the crime made possible thanks to the Internet at apps because her son as Zach French was set up he thought to. He found a good deal for a cellphone on an app. Set up to meet these two guys in a park and it was an ambush and they killed him. And those two guys both teenagers in court today but also it is 605 will look at what has happened in the last year. Since says Charlotte cops have stepped up their pressure trying to get people don't don't meet puck. It didn't Clarkson and wooded areas and streets bid to use more public places and actually. Robberies like better down. And the role sad part about this to me is the there's a prize to dive for. But this is rendered do we know how much she was gonna pay for the phone. You know right off top my head I don't but it was supposedly a very good deal have sort talking about the boxes are hundreds at the most yet. Now and that's assess. Mineralized structure for the mom who Communist that this kid had the world ahead of him and no I was very young bright guy and and and must salute and and had things to get done him. So. Light rail and although school apartment and tell you even when you drive down to 77 I look at all the building that's gone on to both sides of that and having just got back from New York where you drive in note from a New York. And you end up on that one corridor covenant to the city and it's just departments on both sides Charlotte so we'll start to resemble New York years. Earlier this trouble is if you don't make much show money forget about it she can't afford them on new study out says people who make minimum wage. Are not much better than minimum wage would have to work a hundred hours a week. Just to afford an apartment in Charlotte tonight. I saw an instinct thing that originated at a USA today and I'm not gonna be factually correct on this but they were talking about cities. There are good or bad to a live in and one of the cities they listed was Charlotte. And it said 26000. Millennial moved to Charlotte last year and 21000. Left. That's interest and I had not heard that you don't hear that and I know that's still a net gain of about 5000 and that's probably just still good and end in the for the fact that 21000 left doesn't mean that it is not necessarily a negative that can be for a thousand different reams of home but that's the stat you never hear you hear about the ones that are coming and how the cities are growing which you don't necessarily see what the net gain now anti tank are usually is in the air chamber of commerce stuff and it's Thursday so it's got to be dirty restaurant Thursday. Roy then it's 635 while way to get jet wayward tell you how bad it is at the Cheesecake Factory itself part no kick ass. Wow Yani and a lot of problem you don't really expect the headliners to be on that list assets or what she did vote so they got a lot of work to do to clean up their act. I'll be darned all right Mark Garrison albeit here in just moments enough following a 6 o'clock news although you'll hear remote for a couple of seconds before it. But following mere six Gartman Charlotte have six. And he'll be with you right up until Dave Ramsey 2 7 o'clock. The doctor about Dell working from home. And the ifs ands or buts about that jacks up on no WBT Ajax. Yeah I know a guy that any many appears you go let's look at them as all their radio guy. In that town a little town like. Maybe salt burial and Charlie and do that during the traffic report took the count. That can be done I mean if you look at the equipment that that boomer com and Freddie news. Our port traffic here it consists of our cameras that are available through the Department of Transportation. I and police radios and all of that stuff so really you just have to be in a spot where you can now gather the information that's available through you to electronic media. Deadly love story on air personality at the same time we have Assad and it would. Tbilisi in the plane try to be on the air himself. Now well I know. I know a guy that lives and Aspen and works does the afternoon shift in Denver behind me now that he has abandoned to the home office and months. Now we have a friend lives that learn from this area camera strangely there's been kidnapped and hurt job that they gave birth to want lying. So cheap it's still do their work and where I have been able to go to new York and I can't Carolina governor you know this proposal. Well are you located that would matter a whole lot many cases. It doesn't as long as you've got to discipline a self disciplined too wide to do that and and I think more and more people do especially if that turns out to be one of the perks to their job. So pay Jack appreciate golf thank you very much David your on WBT hi. Hey John how are you doing great thank you. Hey there won't back great subject bomb away about fourteen years to go through various corporate. Takeovers and what help I was on my own. Or on the mustering the will not begun. Since 2004. And oh and Payer. If you only knew him sitting in your underwear it's very important. For this month. But there won't be the only noted that you have to occur. I wouldn't turn back I would never go back to remove corporate job or whatever it straight working from home. And not take a while to build a bit of what was going to go. Yeah I gave them the people that have called today it's at you know having the option of going in are staying out so there if you all the Senegal stir crazy you actually need the I personal. You know people in the workplace I've been dealing you are you going to get that but. I stills as I've said a couple of times and appreciate golf I still think it be neat to be able to call TJ on a Tuesday as they have decided to reduce your from the house today. And be able to do that and and I'm telling you right now rush used to doing all the time you didn't know whether it was in Florida and New York or California or and it can be done and and listen. Half the people they journalists and into on the air these days. They're either doing it from other places than those studio you think they're. Sitting in a war. They've reported the drops that are between the songs. Earlier today or yesterday are you really got some morning shows that are I'll not name any names. There are all worked enough maybe two maybe three days a week so when you're listen in that morning show is it live or. Is it memorex. I can guarantee you the next show is live. Is live this lie. You know.