World Series & the Baseball, Halloween Traditions and More

John Hancock
Tuesday, October 31st

Hancock talks about the baseball being used in the World Series, the president and the indictments, Halloween traditions and more.


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This is John Hancock. And there are other other Laura's Tuesday as we can be Halloween have you always. Visited and Bowen FitzGerald of stuff and they McEvoy and sand happy Halloween to everybody that's thought to myself. That really. The settlement really. Happy Halloween. New artist hello we are still folks. He just turned under in the news the number of people who have been no I hit by a cars this year up. Over the total from last year already. And our homicide rates up. Taking people down this year. Halloween night is so when I know many people are out about the trick or treating. You know and and and and adults have kind of taken over the holiday facility adult parties out there and and then we have a society that. Essentially is always on their phone so other distracted more easily. And I'm sure you put all that trick or treating in no parties and on the National Safety Council Lusa. Reminding everybody be careful no matter your plans 2016107. People died on the roads on the night of October the 31 in 121% of those killed were pedestrians. The National Safety Council says that was nationally by the way says that. That makes October the second deadliest month on the roads. So they offer a few tips so long haul trucker traders say safe tonight including avoiding wearing masks as you can't it and it. Urge your vision. Which can obstruct vision. No running across the street children should be accompanied by an adult and discouraged new inexperienced drivers from hitting the road tonight south. Anyway be careful out there are many hill is doing a haunted maze tonight from six to 9 PM and it's a benefit for kids first to the Carolinas but our our group for our Christmas. So if you're out in mint hill in the 101000. Block of Grand Junction road. Head on out to the mint hill on the house. And helps for kids first and carry arms of the that's pretty much our first fundraiser of the year. Taking place out there. And dagger through most of the and so there's a time goes on no superstitions that to refuse to die and can do surveys and whether or not you believe in ghosts and some of the haunted buildings and around Charlotte. The Carolina theater which is a new year process of being a revamped. Nona and whether or not to be a ghost will stay there once it's been remodeled and not turned in part of the new America foundation for the Carolinas under wants him to know so low what we're given to bat. Kevin Spacey is now was the these elaborate on the front page of the newspapers. It's his week apparently. He is offered us another. Lesson in how not to apologize. So while we'll do that and not just by the way yesterday they announced that. Netflix announced that they were canceling house of cards and today they announced that they've actually suspended production on season six. And whether or not that resumes or not we don't know but they said they need time to review the current situation and address any concerns. Of Viera Cast and crew. So low we'll talk about that a couple of seconds because he he really did demonstrate how not to apologize suffer or something like he thought he was to know well that. Too bad I like Kevin Spacey is an actor. Catches everybody has some of their closet. Everybody have a yeah I mean there's things that they get have you done some heavy handed guard gated repair a few bouncing back to the old those Sinatra song regrets I've had a few. Yeah I guess some stuff from my past I've done but I mean if the stuff that if it came out it would absolutely. Arnie issued for the rest of your life. Think so. Well there was. One. Now. Are the annual list of a top earning dead celebrities is out always. Always a real momentum. Enhancer. To know that you get up every day and take a shower and get a car and go to work and do your staying in. Go home and eat dinner and get up the next day and do it again and you do that her. What fifty years your life 4550 years your life maybe get to retire maybe you don't. Then you find out that people have been dead like Michael Jackson for all these years and he out earned June. To the tune of more than you'll ever make it your entire lifetime. He made mower and a dead year than you made it now here's one that I don't quite understand. The thirteen highest dead. Are earning dead celebrities. Michael Jackson. Is number 175 million bucks last year. That's pretty good for dirt guess. Arnold Palmer forty million. Charles Schulz Elvis Presley came in number 435 million. Bob Marley 43 million bucks. But number six on the list. Just died. Earlier this month. Is it not a little bit too early to be put Tom Petty on the dead celebrity list. Considering that he made it twenty million from his last tour and while living. I you would think that that we did that don't don't you have to. I would think that you'd in order to call cattle like are you going after him. A cut a record 25 years ago before your considered for the rock and roll hall of fame. I would think that you have to be dead at least a year to actually qualify for the dead celebrity list because Tom Petty made his money living. It just I don't know it just seems wrong that Tom pennies on the dead celebrity hurting list. On the other hand and it probably twenty million bucks on that tour last year. So. But anyway he's number six principal number seven Dr. Seuss John Lennon twelve million bucks Albert Einstein ten million bucks comes in at number ten. David Boyd nine and a half million Elizabeth Taylor. Eight million dollars. And under. Bettie Page. Seven and a half million dollars as that make you feel. You get a birdie go to a job that you marginal alike and you find out that Bettie Page made seven and half million dollars last year and you're trying to figure out how to pay your visa bill. Too early for a Tom. It'd be analyst I actually got to be gentle least a year before you are qualified to be on the dead celebrity list. How much you think you'll make gable make top ten next year. Well I don't know. And that's led edited do you think of a death that there's been recently been noted that had as big an impact as Tom Petty. Now maybe I'm wrong. 'cause they had a big impact on me so maybe I'm just assuming you had a but I you know I mean I'll listen to Tom Petty radio Rosen of the announcers on there. I I have friends I was in dog gotten emails from some you guys got tired subject if I get I get emails from some you all. Of giving me condolences on dog Eddie's death Alison I'm fine. But I mean you know I get a guy and I bet you it is weird to hear his songs and and then say. Not here anymore that's this is bizarre. Robin Williams was another one that I just hated but I also hated Allen because it was suicide. And I understand that there were extenuating circumstances and abandoned. But I you know I got a problem was suicide or theological problem was suicide that is still bothers me to this to the second. But. Can't think of a death that said as much in practice and and Willie won't have a big impact when that happens. He would have come down the road Adele I'm not even thinking about right now but everywhere you know you know in the likes. I'm a few months or some they're gonna prepare all my god. Has aids it's been awhile since we've had eight tragedy death. Like a Stevie Ray Vaughn plane crashed death that that. Great Altman was the kind of a surprise but. There have been been Gregg Allman Durbin. Given his lifestyle and his history or you know you're gonna picked up a paper any time in the last 45 years and sinker and all the so. I chiefs beat the Broncos last night Broncos. Tragic death. China or if you watched their offense last night but. I got kept on looking at a garden while in August Peyton Manning didn't have early record year with them the year they won the Super Bowl but. Marius Thomas has it been the same receiver sets than that doesn't want to do with the quarterback that even in the ball. And I'd Denver's offense just sucks. And a defense is still pretty. Pretty stout but. And you heard about the bears Zach Miller. Had surgery urgent surgery yesterday to save his leg after an injury on Sunday have you seen the injury. As of one of those injuries and if you see a launch you don't wanna see it twice. But he underwent surgery. On Sunday to save literally to save his left leg. F three torn artery wall dislocating his knee during a game against the saints. On a Sunday surgery was successful and it's unlikely that he will lose the leg since he received immediate treatment but it remains to be seen weathered out his football career is over or not he dislocated his neat. When he landed in the hands on while trying to catch 45 yard touchdown pass. I mean to you don't hear much about that anymore a you know these days that a bill player tidy and in this case. Gets injured on. Play on Sunday and and might actually lose a limb because of it. Although we've had some players you know paralysis. So that was that World Series resumes tonight with a loaded baseball and that's what we'll talk about next. I. Quick reminder. Jim Frye island have brings his place damned. To our Charlotte Catholic high school tomorrow night at 730 it's free Jim what's the former producer of the hello Henry program and in fact. Back in the day about Thompson was told about this back in the day. When Henry could not make it in. Jim would do the show. And both Thompson's been listened to this radio station long before ever got here to work it. Remembers listened to Jim and likened know what Jim did on the air along well Jim went off to. A career in Nashville. As an audio production guys seems to know everybody and their mother has written a book called home made famous friendships and infamous real and imagined and knows everybody in country music I think and then met a bunch of people working with Henry here at WBT. And along the lines he would. He would travel from miss a sound studio. Down the street to Catholic Church from time to time just to kind of clear his head and he read there's a homeless guy that Ares to hang out they're JJ. And and he got to know JJ and befriended him and and that. Panel led to editor JJ. Past and and and that. That led to Jim as a playwright anyway are writing this play called stand. And he's taken at its stated started in Nashville and they moved it around Tennessee and other taken at all over the place and it'll be in Charlotte tomorrow 730 add to Charlotte Catholic high school. It's free. And than they gonna do a performance the next day for the for 12100 students. But if you'd like to attend tomorrow night it's low 100% fund raiser for the urban ministries we have talked to dale mall and X the director of urban ministries all were Jim Ryland last week. And I'll remind you about that again tomorrow but I'm really hoping to packed the auditorium for Jim I want to remind you met his wife here is fitted a long time eerie yellow Charlotte and long been a big time way and so are. Really opened it to a bit that we pack LP Charlotte Catholic high school. For his place stand which well. Got out. Put the cross hairs on homelessness. And couple of veteran actors out of Nashville. Played two of the parts one of them roughly being Jim. And the other one being homeless guy JJ. And it's a pretty moving play and now with a message that admitted that he wants to get out. So. You people especially over there in south Charlotte. Over fresh market grab yourself a handful of our candy and no walk across the street Charlotte Catholic high schools 730 tomorrow night and now. And pick up a free performance. One and I think you'll remember for a good long while. I don't know what will happen in the World Series game tonight if Houston wins the World Series is over here for the Dodgers when there will be a game seven if there's a game seven there's probably a pretty good chance. Then Alex would will be starting Alex woods is a graduate from Margaret tell law high school. I'm he would likely pitch game seven if that happens he pitched game number four. Are for the Dodgers. Long before his World Series the oh lead dog Brickell to a 20094. A state championship. I'm North Carolina for a player of the year in 200910. Into his senior year point 087 ERA. That propelled him to Georgia worry starred before eventually being drafted by the Braves and twenty twellman was part of a trade to the Dodgers in 2015. And days kitchen in the World Series. Come. So when he comes home opt for the class reunion. He wins. Because if you if you somehow or other managed to and turn it into a national scale of digital World Series and win a World Series game that's that works out pretty well done. So way anyway I'd don't generally have a dog in the fight. Spam burger I know is so written for the Houston Astros in our program director is rooting for the Houston Astros. And considering that they Astros have never had a World Series win they've been to a World Series before is a National League team got swept by the White Sox. I guess I'm kind of rooting for the Astros. Just so they got out. And you consider what's happened in Houston this year with the Harvey and all that stuff what a great year that would be for them don't kind of like when Norah loans when the Super Bowl after Katrina. When we're agreed to shot in the arm that would be afraid of city. But I'm not enough liver die with the of the outcome either way or another but I would like to see a game number seven. Ever mainly because I think. I NFL game tomorrow that sucks term for his players. So there you go there are now one of their one of them. Problems that the World Series this year has been and it was exhibit in the last game when had intended thirteen to twelve and hammer home runs on an all over the place. And the World Series pitchers say something's up with the baseball's. In if you don't watch in the World Series between the Houston Astros and the LA LA Dodgers which is to go under game a six tonight. You've you've seen a lot of home runs flying out of the into the stands. In fact so many that after game five this year's World Series has already broken the record for the most home runs ever 22 already. And you've got at least one more game to play and maybe even Terrell and others pitchers from both teams the suspect that they know the reason and they complain that the baseballs being used for the championship series. Feel slicker than normal. Particularly throwing off their. Pitching when they went a special when it comes to throwing sliders. Per job. Got rocked a little bit the other night but Verlander who pitches tonight. Sliders a big part of his repertoire. And he had trouble with that the first time around. Major League Baseball swears there is nothing different about the ball blew the they have a gold stamping on them instead of the usual blue but a lot of the players insist there's a difference in the ball. Now. And royal like you when. When equipment. Controversies. Seemed to designate possibly. Who's winning and losing the game. But we'll see what happens when all that with all that tonight. I'm. Week from today we go to the polls and elect a new mayor among other things. And the Kenny Smith race for mayor is. Is pretty close to buy a Lyles tomorrow night. There's another debate between bio Lyles and Kenny Smith will be here one Julian price place down the hall at WB TV. With brigade a Mac is the the moderator. And a Jamie bowl on Steve Crowe openness Steve Harrison and Katie Peralta all both from the air Charlotte Observer. I am televised on channel three tomorrow night so that'll be at 7 PM mud tomorrow choosing Charlotte's next mayor but in the fund raising department Kenny Smith is up beaten everybody and especially by. New report out yesterday shows that does Smith has raised a 188000. Dollars since the end of August. So that brings his total for the campaign to 5101000. Dollars. Now did I actually hear a vial Lyles commercial on the radio here today. Or did start off file Lyles and I know I think I did I think it was a vial Lyles commercial Oregon editor and Charles morning news would vote Thompson. I'm nor heard a lot of Kenny Smith and I know I've heard down a couple of commercials that aren't necessarily paid for by Kenny Smith voter very definitely anti bylaw else. Carlyle has raised about a 143000. Dollars since August and know her campaign comes senator about forty F 422000. Dollars. So that puts are about 85000 someplace in thereof behind Kenny Smith will 85000 bucks in this market will be a lot of by a lot of radio and TV time. And without money that he carried into the mayoral race Smith has spent about 538000. Dollars much of it on TV advertising. And Lyle hasn't run any ads on TV yet. Saw I don't know exactly what she's spending her money on. But maybe she save and had to. To do a big final push which if I was the candidate I think that's probably what I do. Smith's report shows that he is spent 347000. Dollars with victory enterprises which is a media and consulting firm based out Iowa. His top consultant is a guy by the name of Steve Michael. Who is failed vice president of a victory enterprises and marked not for is a Republican strategist also works for victory enterprises and heads an independent expenditure called forward Charlotte. And records show that this group forward Charlotte. Which is a group of unidentified concerned citizens love that phrase when they're unidentified. And they have spent more than 161000 dollars so far on radio and digital ads attacking Lyles. And and those groups are required to operate independently of a campaign so long. A Smith is also had help from the North Carolina values coalition. And would not be so that if a Republican. Got. Elected mayor of Charlotte again. It used to be I mean you know McCrory one how many times around seven. And then we kind of went on. On the democratic Rampage but it but even when no the last time around when that when peacock. The only one Lowe lost by what 3700 votes or something like that so it's never been. I'm an absolute trouncing because you don't get that big turnout. Week from today we'll decide who our new mayor arisen now. And I would assume a Democrat would have an unbelievable. Advantage. But the polls say. Kenny Smith dessert is right there with her. So also were all of that goes at. King hand. Normal hours from now that amid hill they're doing haunted me is. Six to 9 PM as a benefit of fund raiser for kids first yeah I saw my thanks to them for doing that I think it's the first fund raiser that's being held. For a kid's first this year. And it is that 10100115. Grand Junction road in mint hill have no idea where that is but six to 9 PM tonight is. Is where the middle hornet may as well take place. On non on not Halloween. We were to the store the other their nearest your. L one adult like you know. And down. I candy candy anymore. Which is OK but fun on the environment that. But how well we got home I said to Susan. Guys we should've bought a bag of something in case we get a charter trader this year we didn't get in the last year I think most of the kids that live around us. I go to and a Belmont middle schooler. Or or do something organized as opposed to run around mirroring and or bills and which I think is kind of what they've been Betty we should have something in the house. You get a Bobble heads. Saw him. Soy oil my way home must not a star byters tutor just got a bag just in case. And then when no no kids show up tonight then I'll bring the bag and tomorrow and throw back there in the kitchen and and Middleby happy Halloween day after refer BW BT staff. The ultimate Halloween candy power ranking what's number one. Reese's peanut butter cups. To number two. Reese is miniature peanut butter cups. Followed by 26. Kit Kat. Number five Snickers. Which guys to buy a bag of those in just thrown in the freezer. I'm sure that you ace in offended Valentine's ministry were not at all thrilled with the now what I was doing with their handiwork but Arab. Oh man there's another better than no crunch and frozen Snickers bar and the miniatures are just perfect. Number six Reese's pieces. I like Reese's but I good man it's far from my favorite anything. Milky Way seven. Reese is stuffed with pieces number eight I mean it's like they got in the top ten they just have them. Market cornered. And then finally peanut buttery Eminem's number nine but that's almost a cousin or Reese's peanut butter cups and had. What happened to Pete wanted to were worse peanut M and m.'s number eleven after butter finger. Miniature butter fingers worked just fine for me that was always my favorite candy bar when I was a kid. Three musketeers twelve star burst thirteen hundred grand bar for Jane just regular Eminem's fifteen. Crunch does anybody crunchy bars anymore. As just chocolate with like rice Christie's and right. Number sixteen roll those seventeen. Milky Way simply Kara Mel eighteen skills original nineteen crackled warning. Milky Way midnight is that dark chocolate. Sour patch kids number 22. Snickers crisper. Why ruin a Snickers by putting Christie's definite. It just makes them taste old. If you open if you take a wrapper off Avaya. Candy and it's kind of church started to turn gray you know it's chocolate Madrid so which means it's old. He's doing it cashed. It absolutely. Tom. Hershey's special dark. Ocean is becoming managers and that Bagger event saw a little bit that the ones with the peanut senator and a milk chocolate and and number 25 Junior Mints. Which used to be really popular and in just kind of lost. I don't see lick Kerr shot there Reynolds the. I don't seek candy corn on there. Somebody is a joke put out saw a picture this last night on the Internet. Dole's miniature bagged salads. And they're really tiny and stuff can you imagine a video embedded now palladium it. We'll forget elated that through the cookie in your bigger bag and you had deleted them through the apple and the broken cookies. What it what how much toilet papered as the house did you feel miniature salad yet. Mod date number July all the man afford gate. So Mueller probe us speculation. Hillary. Podesta. Huckabee Sanders. George pop it up all of us. Listen in to blow this morning George pop it up list that was the adopted father of Webster is that the he was playing the thing in this morning Deborah watched enough Webster to. To know that that's what it wasn't always told me. I questions in gas contacts for a modern man referred new. And kites and delegates and now full coverage of the whole thing the indictments the special counsel Robert Mueller the George pop it up almost pleading it was all over the TV last night. Nom following. The some of the statements that I saw from congress and information on. Amanda Fritz connection to prominent democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta. Along with questions and guess contacts and by above all blown. Paul Ryan said this is what Bob Mueller was tasked to do. I GOP senator Roy Blunt. If you have a limited time on London money in unlimited skull open your prosecutor your going to wind wind up. Indicting somebody personal thing and we'll just have to see where that leads to and that's exact close quote that's exactly right that's kind of where we are. Everybody else's just filling time that they have too much though because of the news channels. If you have to concise zero news to thirty minutes then you don't necessarily have to go hog wild on speculation and and fox on this morning. And they just keep going under these panels were laboring on three and four people the same time was generally ends up with three or four people talking over the top of each other and I just several short patience for the GOP senator John Goran said that really is an hour job I don't see how the indictment judge changed the president's ability to do his job. There is a process for this to go forward and I trust that that will happen. I GOP senator John Kennedy said trump administration to gender should go forward and we can multitask. Stating most Americans do and I don't see why we can't. Lindsey Graham. Who was actually scheduled to play golf with the president. Sunday or yesterday they got rained out. And grams can uninteresting because. He's not always on the president's side better apparel he plays golf with the president from time to time. Lindsay. Anyway he says there will be holy hell to pay if Mueller gets so fired. And the White House says said that's not even being talked about and a pardon for a man referred and gates and that's not even being talked about. And I mean that that's true it just does what everybody say and the pretty matter of fact about it. Democratic representative Adam Schiff part of the pattern of people affiliated with the trump campaign lying about their connections with the Russians. At some point you have to ask. Why all the deception. Now there's a guy who it's not looking at the entire picture because you have both sides. And only seem to look at the side of the story that bests. Suits their needs just like those of you who will only watch one network. Or find only web sites that support what you want to bully if you're not after information New York after her. Affirmation. Tony Podesta Mueller's investigation now above matter efforts if announces found out that. That one of several firms paid as part of a PR campaign that he organized on behalf of a nonprofit. Promoting Ukraine in the United States that also benefited Ukraine political party that he advised bush the Podesta group. So there you go mr. shelf democratic representative. That's over on your side of the court the content company is headed by the prominent democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta the brother of the former campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton John Podesta. The investor group claimed in April that it had believed its client was say a European think tank on connected to a political party. Tony Podesta said yesterday. He was stepping down to avoid further involving the firm in the controversy. One of the more interesting articles come down and I heard rush talking about this briefly today was the speculation on actually what's going on in the White House. And as they paint a picture of of the president at home with the TV on fuming. Over the Russia indictments. I'm but. And it's and it makes it they didn't seem to raid I don't know whether there's any truth to it or not I don't know. But it's it's like re no good novel. You can get a really interesting picture in your in your head woke up dawn dawn on Monday. To wait for the Russia bombshell he knew was coming. This is on MSN dot com. Trump clicked on the television spent the morning playing fuming media critic legal analyst and crisis communications strategist according to several people close to him. Some lobbyist talking to the press. President digested the news of the first indictment signed a special counsel Robert S Mueller's. Pro boot with exasperation and disgust. Called his lawyers repeatedly. Listened intently to cable news commentary. Rising irritation he watched live footage of one of his campaign advisors and confidant Paul man afford turn himself into the FBI. Story goes on to say he cheered that the charges against man referred and his deputy Rick gates were focused primarily on activities that began before his campaign. He tweeted it 10:28 AM there is no collusion. Celebration was short lived says this article which was written. Then. Looking for an author here. Must be a staff. Composite. Celebration was short lived few minutes later documents were unsealed showing George pop it up plus unpaid foreign policy advisor on Trump's campaign pleaded guilty to making a false statement to the FBI. About his efforts to broker relationship between trump. And Russian president Vladimir Putin the case proves. Our provides gives me the case provides the clearest evidence yet of links between Trump's campaign. And Russian officials wryly. I don't think that's been proven yet. It could be eight. There's also speculation that puppet Koppel is may have worn a wire at the meetings. At stud that that's one of the stories that came out today. A new worry for trump team did advise or tape them. Well. What what do they what if they did it and there's nothing there are. Events that did did this this was the story that was. Other Randall this morning. George pop it up close is called a pro active coal operator. But though that meaning is unclear. Com. Campaign caught up the in the Robert I Miller investigation. Pop and topless admits lying to the FBI about his outreach strong Russian individuals in a bid to get dirt on Hillary Clinton several stories say that pop it up close wore a wire is part of his cooperation. In order to get a more lenient sentence. We know that no we don't. White House chief of staff John F killing Kelly. Along with lawyers Ty Cobb John Dowd G. I'm sure amber and butcher and his name. Advice from to be cautious where this public responses that. They are over. They are private sounding board for his career it's this this this is the account back to MSN about what went on in the White House anyway at eight Dave makes for interesting reading. And Nene and does it gives you visual you can see him up there are enough watching the TV watching all the cable channels and screaming at the commentators and well and no soul and so forth. But this is word to me is where the press is at its worse this is our reporting fact this is speculating on speculation. Because they have to because they got column inches to fill because they got Internet. To keep fresh because people don't keep on going into your Internet site if you just keep on post in the same thing. Asked the Charlotte Observer. Court documents highlighted by Brad Heath of USA today labeled opened up pop accomplices a proactive co operator. The documents don't spell out what pop it up bullets did to earn that title proactive cooperate or. But one possible implication. Is that mr. pop doubtless was has recently warning wiring conversations with other former campaign officials. That was written men. The New York Times. Who has had a steady litany of whatever they can find whether. Real or imagined along with the Washington Post and CNN against this president from day one. This will surely have members of Trump's inner circle agonizing. About the possibility or wondering who else might have been no similar a similarly cooperating. With the investigation. Or not. Because if they don't have anything to hide it. If this whole dossier is just day. Fabricated document that was led to deceive. If they've got Mueller on a wild goose chase. And maybe they don't maybe they don't. But at this point all of the stuff that's being written. It is or it is being used the stuff of a novel. It's not backed up with any. Solid fact. It's not backed up with. It's not even backed up with sources say. Much less an actual name. They say the plea agreement for pop it topless has three catch key sections. The first details the advisors communication with the professor claiming to have Clinton related emails. The second refers to an email forwarded by pop it up ballistic campaign staffers promising cooperation from the Russians in the third. Is a subsequent phone call between pop it up close and a campaign supervisor. So if there's a smoking gun lurking somewhere. It likely will emerge from those three exchanges with pop and topple us. But again. That's just speculation. There's no hard core fact we'll let effect. Tries Dick had a suss out how the important. Rolla pop and novelist played in the uniform policy advisor and they say one interesting point is. There is some evidence to support the argument that pop accomplice was freelancing. By pushing the Russian connection. But if you listen to the press conference yesterday. He was a minor bit player now maybe that's true maybe that's not. But anyway that's where we are right now I and you know that that's what this is gonna do and the fact of the matter is is that the pop it up listening. He's a thirty year old liar and where that leads we don't know yet. That is probably more damning or if there is something to hide that probably has longer tentacles on it in the Mueller thing. And number eight and have been in because in the gays thing. Because that primarily was. Aware what was done before the campaign there and some other leaks over into the other side. And and and that the man affording gates thing that's just walk into guys into a corner opened at they'll come out and say something. That will prove beneficial to get the president. But they don't have him today. Through eight games this year Benjamin has 32 receptions 475. Yards two touchdowns. Hi guys scored one of them against Tampa Bay last week. But according to. All sources at this point bench after I think go began it Kevin Kelvin Benjamin has been traded to the Buffalo Bills and in return we get a third. And a seventh round draft pick next year. So what trade deadline. Was at 4 o'clock this afternoon so anybody that was gonna reduce anything. Curator Rob Lowe went to the 49ers last night and the running back got out. I'll Miami. Josh beer whatever his name is went to and Philadelphia Eagles last night. And jury asked the defensive tackle ended up to in Jacksonville. I think out of buffalo solo some of the delayed but Kelvin Benjamin is now Buffalo Bill no we've got a third to seventh to add to next year's draft. 304. Days. He didn't hear twenty to seventeen there are 61. Days to go what is that 55 to Christians. I gave 26 magician Harry Houdini died of complications from a ruptured appendix. 199. Don't 600 dead fish on his opening act of Faith No More Garrard discourage future. During a Seattle concert and push for pigs and goaded her dressing room. The group retaliated by parading naked on stage during idols on gore. But the concert like event do. Dan rather's 86 years old today never for the day 241. Are you ready for this. 241. That's the number of gallons of flatulence. The average person releases during their lifetime inside their cars. Yeah. You wonder why people love those old Christmas tree big. Doesn't Veoh had diabetes type two you are real Christmas tree hanging from your home. Federal court order that stuff called Hillary surely I digress. Part of that in jest. It's something like that the World Series moves back till late at night in jail Astros and Dodgers game six Astros lead series 3 games to 8 o'clock tonight. On fox are read the news today oh boy US news and world report released its annual low list of good jobs for millennia else. Number one need is the field of artificial intelligence. We're salaries they say can range from 300 to 500000. Dollars. Although keep in mind that you technically are on the cutting edge of developing something that will eventually take your job. Former speaker of the house John Boehner gave up profanity laced interview in which he dropped F bombs on all of his GOP enemies. Apple fired an engineer after his daughter posted a sneak preview of the iPhone hacks. Could be a bleak Christmas their. International Olympic Committee is looking into possibly making video games an Olympic sport. I read the news available are United Airlines now flying the longest flight of any US carrier eighteen hours. Los Angeles to Singapore. Eighteen hours and play. Think we were nine Portugal. JFK don't torture. It long enough for me it's time I was a smoker it was way long enough for me. Surveys sent us. We like alike but. Ten years ago this week that light appeared on these social media service the but originally debuted on a platform called friend defeated. At the time it just looked like a blue wall hyper link go with the word lie Kazaa anchor text. FriendFeed. Which was acquired by FaceBook in 2009 and shut down in 2015. May have been the first to debut that feature but it was FaceBook pervaded popular. So on up. How much do online users meeting all of us like the like. Apparently a lot online poll shows 88% of regular social media blog and website visitors say the like button or something similar. Makes the online experience better. Push you don't have to answer everything you can just didn't know they got the deal now or you you can do their prior grab a laugher at the heart or the I read the news today oh boy. All right ain't that enough faced organize these dropping speaking of FaceBook which we were on your conversations FaceBook has developed a reputation for doing anything akin to gather your information. And so there's these conspiracy theories. Like the one that alleges that the site is a listening to your conversations via your Smartphone microphone. And they're pretty prevalent. But an executive recently came out on a Twitter and emphatically denied that our practice. The you know. RO read the other day was. Somebody said they were having a conversation on what they said they were having undergone they've got Alexa. It's a they were having a conversation about big screen TV is or something like that. And then all their Internet ads turned out to be big screen TV. Wondered if they were rose that there will listen noon on your house. In all the stuff with microphones and cameras in this said the other and know we talked last week about possibility of open it up your camera. All right if you've given access to a site to access your camera than you've given him access you need to go and errand and and deny the access back again. Hapless New York City officials are saying appears to VA activist. Terror. So at least six people killed fifteen more injured when a truck driver deliberately mowed down people in lower Manhattan this afternoon in what authorities are investigating as an act of terror. More than a dozen people were hit one Home Depot renal drugs zoomed at least ten blocks down they are popular bike path. Promo west Houston to chambers I think that's TriBeCa. Man also hit a school bus at some point during his alleged Rampage. He apparently yelled at all who lock bar. Said the sources say the driver hit a truck at chambers street then gets out of the vehicle with a gun. A witness said the man then fired that weapon. Which sources say may have been a BB gun he was then shot by police and is now in custody. US counterterrorism. Officials told the AB are skipping NBC news. That the intelligence committee is aware unaware of any claims of responsibility. In the attack at least when this was written. Sources initially said that they were responding to a report of at least five people shot. Near Weston chambers streets that is in TriBeCa. But officials say that there are investigation shows that the injuries may have come from the truck crash. There's a large number of police vehicles we see that too on our videos cruiser in the studio. And mrs. around the West Street and chambers street area. Which had TriBeCa is birdie and he got our community college down there and our high school down there. Street investment. High school. And it's just a few blocks north of the of the year national us September 11 memorial so it's down and that lower Manhattan area of where this took place this afternoon. The mayor of New York. De Blas CEO and the Governor Cuomo headed to the scene as we speak and apparently president trump. And no chief of staff John Kelly are monitoring the situation. Two to stay up to date on what's going on but. That is the big story so far this afternoon at least six people are killed fifteen injured when a truck driver. Deliberately. Terrorism related were pretty sure mowed down people in lower Manhattan in the TriBeCa area. I'm not far from Laura victory a tower as. Freedom Tower miscues made. And authorities are investigating that as an act of terror so we'll get more on that is the afternoon goes on and Nokia pries open for that as so well. Crazy world we live in. Absolutely crazy world. Com. Taylor Swift to be on a Saturday Night Live she's got a new album out called reputation. And social beyond staged November the eleventh and Tiffany vanished will be hosting that show. TJ. I know who Taylor Swift is. I got nothing on not Tiffany had edition I'm sure she's some television show or movie here are some bigger and I'd just have no idea about iMac and I'm not supposed to. I'm old if you re DO WBT dot com web sites has been. So there's no reason the pressure's off once you get has been status really evil but I had to know hardly anything anymore. Yesterday I was in an age gated white guy. According to one email or that he index less pressure off guard people better get ready apparently to put cameras in the studio again. Com which which means that you'll be able basically go online and but it. An educated white has been. Scratch. He knows do or you want to. Really have nothing to live up to him or his her. I don't have to know who tipped me having kids but for those of you are big fans. She's hosting Saturday Night Live on November 11 and Taylor Swift is performing. This just this and Jimmy crack corn and it's 505. Eddie. I. Nonetheless stories we're following this afternoon no one. No an act of terrorism it is assumed a New York City this afternoon six dead after a a man driving a truck plowed through rail bike path down there TriBeCa area. In an upturn act to vote terror. All right at least six people were killed fifteen more injured. Details on that are still coming in and the Panthers traded Kelvin Benjamin today to the Buffalo Bills. And get a third and a seventh round draft pick in return not for the next years. Next year's draft. The. The second trade that tell interim general manager Marty Ernie has made with the other bills. And our former defensive coordinator now the coach of the bills so Sean McDermott. And can be in our old. G GM system GM. Kaelin clay was a guy that we set up their and another bills waved him and now we got him back. But Kelvin Benjamin another article I'd try to find some place said no that's exactly what they did was there are trying to not create space for. I'm for more speed on the field. And and we'll see you don't see you how that goes Greg Olson's out. Carol and Benjamin is gone. Devin punch is is earlier there may and receiver now and and Woolsey let's see how they make those gives me for two inch to. All right well login to awesome Halloween stuff thinner superstitions or refused to dive on in places and around Charlotte amid hill May's house opens up and about 45 minutes or so. Up in no Amanda hill in the 101000 block of Grand Junction road in mint hill which is. That could be something that could help us or raise get a started ditto for their Christmas season which is right around the corner. All the phones or go for a couple know Wayne is on WBT had wind. I don't I do about it I'm good thanks. I had a vote that they would you would you gotta strike your comeback news you can I'll bet terrorist effort New York City amen candidate right for us. Earlier you had been thought in my truck driver. I am the truck driver. Next November I'll have forty years I Iran now have about three and a half million site drought and not accident I'll. And that kind of abated in man. Well first wizardry news copy of second place do you not think that people are able to determine the difference between a truck driver and a guy driving a trucked for an act of terror. Now around here but it would you play drug robber. All people like about a guy like me and a tractor driver now they're they're at Charlotte TV station not one you're building we have. But they are and how that love can get older black guy and it pick up truck had an accident. Or girl gravity and they and I make Utley column drugged out of the arms that might got like they. Look bad called Bob got people like about like drugs are you have people if you just play drug problem. They're gonna play all got out a they would. Then mail the tape we were like beat out here as an idiot and then really don't need it but you got it right this second pat you you did cite an editorial throat and operation yeah. I'm them and tell your all wrong material right now all night long because this is the way the copy comes down from the national from the Associated Press. Six dead fifteen injured when a truck driver deliberately and hype and quite frankly I think people can determine the difference between someone who drives a truck professionally. And and and that particular phraseology. But with all due respect I stand corrected and I understand your point I. Thank you up a little while now but it out people is if you do a great job. And I thank you I appreciate. Always nice. You are believe in ghosts and. I come from a place and one of the most famous. Haunted hotels. Ever Stanley Hotel opened Estes Park here is so we're Stephen King was. Inspired to write the shining he was seen in room 217 which is right on the front of the hotel second floor. One of those alone or there is a kind of protrude out from the stand was a beautiful hotel period a chance to I would have discussion water on the front porch overlooking the sun going down not as long speaker beckons in the distance it's worth your time. Com there's some hunted down buildings here in Charlotte apparently Carolina theater. The ghosts of Charlotte was a load of feature in the Charlotte Observer wrote Caroline living section this last Sunday Carolina theater long been. Are rumored to be one of the Arab. He most haunted and they're refurbishing and so whether or not to go stayed there or not we don't know. They had a boxing match between two come out of commission to morality county commissioners down there I don't know how long that's been 1015 years ago. And I can remember wander round and error in its ruins. The same way it looked in this picture that was taken. And wandered up all rolled back stairwell and some other still fall on. And Iran and a I've been in spirit square bomb it by myself. And wandered around backstage back there and four I asked my wife to marry me during the day because concert I was in seeing. But I've been the only one inside spirit squared any given time I think that was when we honored to Breyer hopper's and AJ Thompson and not. I Boyd and somehow or another I ended up better. With everybody else and nobody else was in the theater at the time so our water around their. And now. You hear noises in there that. You wonder what that. But I don't know if they were grocer and on. The old fire station. They old fire station number four on west Fifth Avenue. There was fail firemen. Built in 1925. Bend the building is still said to be. The home of fire fire Pruitt an all black. April 4 1934. Black was reportedly heading out of the station on a fire call and four or has that that folklore he said hasn't. That he was headed to the poll to slide down slipped and fell from the second floor died on impact. There is a there is AF funeral plot our way they are way. Plot. Darted to oh woods cemetery. That has Pruitt L black's name on it. And the historic. Dunhill hotels. You said to be haunted the rest of my honeymoon. Wolf honeymoon night. I tend story dunhill if you never stayed their beautiful hotel 1988 renovation crews stumbled on human remains in the basement. It was a man. Rumors have long slow med there was a ghost in the in the dunhill dates back to 1929. Wanted openers the Mayfair manner. Benetton that half of its 100 rooms were up permanent residences and the other ref for a hotel rooms. It's a beautiful place we ever. Just one of those still spend the night in uptown Charlotte dunhill would be worth your time. Pretty good restaurant next door as well superstitions or refused to die we'll talk about that next. Yeah. I. Talk tweet Stefan curry and and understand the kill and they demonstrated just yet figured ours killed in Belgium and traded today to the Buffalo Bills foray third and seventh round draft pick next year's draft. And I. Might be a few questions about. Evident just look at yet but apparently camp found out about it during the. During a press conference. And maybe I'm wrong and attitude a picture of him rolling his eyes maybe that was just a file footage of business class to a press conference. I am. Halloween superstitions or refused to die the new study by psych test. Indicates that many people still believe in paranormal phenomenon and they approach a chilly adverse effects of superstitions. Are you superstitious. He superstitious when you're watching a football game. If you have your foot up on the coffee table in your hand the back your head when they score a touchdown do you then have to have your foot on the coffee table in your hand behind your head for the rest of the game. If you're drinking Bud Light do you then have to drink Bud Light for the rest of the season. If they lose a game. You have to never Wear that T shirt again. You believe in karma. I don't know that I actually wanna say I believe in karma. But apparently I probably do a 73% are women and 51% of men believe that what goes around comes around. Linda handyman up in Belmont that we found out fell through the bill mall website. And and he came in and gave us an estimate many came back and the day that we thought it was gonna do the work he said he'd show up at nine or shortly thereafter he showed up about eleven Tim. He confirmed what he was gonna do it hang this that the other all sounded good. Then he said I'll see you guys tomorrow at 9 o'clock we thought he was doing the work that day. 1030 year old around the next day one area I called him on the phone toll began his. Start today. Over there and get the damn work done he had texted my wife bags and your husband just cursed at me. The Saturday that he was there we gave him forty dollars to pay for some of the hardware that he would need to do what he'd done on about forty bucks. I'm not gonna say his name on here because I don't. You know quite frankly. Lesson learned we should never given him forty bucks. But those of you in Belmont wanna know is name call me. Or email me and I'll try to save euphoria not he may do arrive at the work he does maybe break. But here's the bottom line up he screwed me out of forty bucks. And I believe Carnell probably get its forty bucks back worth out of him. So buddy when your life goes south. He remembers screwing me. And maybe that's the reason why. Oh you believe in ghosts. 72%. Are women 52% of men believe that death is not the end of existence. It goes against my theology but. Fate and soul mates do you believe in soul mates. 70% of women 45% of men believe that if I two people are meant to be together no force on earth or beyond can keep them apart you do gonna have to wonder. 300 and some odd million people technically in this country are on this continent. And you find new you find. Tying into all of this is the belief that people do not simply show up in our lives at random 77% of women 51% of men believe that we are destined to cross paths with certain people. Whether it's through a law of attraction or fate. Prophecies and premonition 64% of women 45% of men believe. That future events can be predicted in advance. Horse pokey. Keep your blog keep your money in your pocket the next time you run into a psychic in less it's for entertainment purposes only. Telepathy and mind reading. 51% of women 38% of men believe that our thoughts are not private. What they're not unscrew. And that some people are born with the ability to send and receive messages. Telepathically. Wrap up our superstitions or refused and I would just. The W. 49% of women 33% of men still believe that real witches with the actual powers. They exist. So how many people actually do believe in ghosts are dead spirits Weldon goes beyond dead the supernatural spirits are they real or they screw PR they haunting a house down the street tough post your gov poll. Thousand people. Suggests about 45%. Of you believe that stuff. People say they believe that ghosts or spirits of the dead can come back to a certain places and certain situations only 32%. Said that ghosts or spirits can hurt living people while 43%. Said ghosts. Are harmless. I don't think I believe in ghosts but on the other hand I've stayed in the Stanley Hotel few times and I always sleep with a wide open. Because details. You know I mean it's it's so renowned for being and there's pictures all over the Internet. There will show these white silhouettes at the bottom of the grand staircase as you walk into the Stanley and Estes Park and around. And like I say even the dunhill always stated the dunhill under the stories about that as well and I. I don't know. Over the recent survey by Suggests about 30% are open to a living and haunted house. 42% said they would never considerate if you if you felt the perfect house that perfect price. And just about the time you were getting ready to close one of the neighbors say a deal you know places haunted dodger. And you say no hard drugs you know believe in that gap. Old man literally. Dad dad dad dad died in the backyard. Back in nineteen now 47. He's been knocked by the house or sense. To go to closing. Didn't get a good brightest. There is AS survey by Pew Research Center in that 2009 suggested a smaller number of people believe in goes 29% of Americans told you ended 2009 that they have both felt in touch with the dead person. 18%. Specifically saying that they've been in the presence of a ghost. And significant considering in 1996 only 9%. Reported interacting with a ghost. Mind over matter it's aides say you couldn't you can talk yourself and are. EB GB's I think. 65%. Of Americans told you that they do believe in the supernatural. Reincarnation. Spiritual energy. Yoga as spiritual practice the evil hi astrology. All of that crap in the newspaper normally magic. I read mine every day Toobin is more for. And if you really analyze of their written to the point that they are. Open for best interpretation. People believe what connecting with the dead. Consulting a psychic or experiencing a ghostly encounter or 49%. Said that they had they are religious or mystical experience. Significantly more people reported don't believing in god 65%. Than ghosts that's encouraging what is to me. And interest thing you gov. You okay did a survey. And they report the exact opposite that the British people are more likely to believe in ghosts. Then a creator. Which is fine with me it just means that there won't be a bunch of people with British accents up there and heaven when I get up. That is where I'm going to an investor or and in our your blood and an on. Here's a new blood and on have under you know. You booked up you booked a room. You need a room. In disposed to be like San Diego in the weather supposed to be perfect always. The blown past. Hey I'll be careful that I Halloween has say a night when many people around about another trick or treating and heading to an adult party owe a lot of people be doing that National Safety Council out there reminding everybody be careful. Now we've had a record number of pedestrian deaths distant Minnesota general area this year I think we've already surpassed. This year what we did all of last year. People are. In not paying attention or on the cell phones that are on this that the other in a lot of diversions even all the stuff they put in your cars these days Trevor diversion I told the story. The other day about. Every now and then on my his ball screen. Elected TVs schools TV's scream video screen and its general my radio on all that stuff. Your drive and and a message comes up. And it says something along the lines of com. Not paying attention to the road in a bubble blog edited could be hazardous to your Friday and you have to push okay. To get rid of that why they're driving it gives you a message while you're driving. So I think it's trying to kill me filling at the truck wreck I've got what I wanna do events are good result the truck. There might be careful out there tonight and up in mint hill should be opening just about right now a Mitt hill haunted amaze. In the 101000 block of Grand Junction road. And this is hosted by an apparently is a benefit for the kids first to the Carolinas which. Christmas through so luggage so fun out there and help support us early the Christmas season approaches. Mark Garrison Charlotte sixers coming up next and I'll see you again tomorrow at 3 o'clock John Hancock Charles move forward we are. Out here.