Off The Beat with Brett Jensen

Off The Beat with Brett Jensen

Brett talks to interesting people with, well, interesting stories to tell.
It's kind of the story behind the story, if you will. Brett will also take
you behind the scenes of some national and local headline stories and how he
got the scoop. He'll also bring you insights and stories from prominent
guests, while also discussing the trials and tribulations of relationships. 



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Off The Beat with Brett Jensen

Ric Flair Talks Life After The Coma

Monday, November 12th
What happened on Election night? What were some of the key differences behind the scenes of each victory party? Then, Brett Jensen gets the chance to talk with...

Bob Lacey & The Fire Ants

Thursday, November 1st
This week Brett Jensen talks with Bob Lacey of the nationally Syndicated Bob & Sheri Show but it isn't the behind the scenes of a top-rated morning show he...