Bo Thompson's Century Podcast

WBT turns 100 in April 2022. Between now and then, listen as Bo Thompson
interviews the icons who built these call letters and the newsmakers who
shaped the city of Charlotte during a century of broadcasting.
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EPISODE 9: Mick Mixon

Thursday, July 9th
Bo Thompson talks to the voice of the Carolina Panthers, Mick Mixon. Mick has called NFL games since 2005 and before that he was a fixture for 16 years...

EPISODE 7: Gerry V

Friday, April 24th
Bo Thompson talks to Gerry Vaillancourt, better known as “Gerry V.” The V-Man arrived at WBT like a bolt of lightning in 1996, hosting a sports show for six...

EPISODE 6: John Stokes & Jim Barroll

Thursday, April 9th
Bo Thompson talks to longtime newsmen John Stokes and Jim Barroll, who each spent over three decades working in the WBT newsroom. Starting in the late 80's,...

EPISODE 4: Al Gardner

Friday, October 4th
Bo Thompson talks to Al Gardner, who hosted “Charlotte’s Morning News” for nearly 15 years, from 1997-2011. During his time on air, Gardner broadcast major...