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FREED!!! 30 Years on Death Row

Wednesday, March 25th
Kevin Duffy, founder Bearing Asset Management on the effect of the virus shutdown on the economy. John Whitehead, founder Rutherford Institute, www.rutherford...

Will a Plastics Ban Help or Hurt?

Friday, February 21st
Greg Kozera with Shale Crescent USA on how banning plastic would impact our lives. Dr. Gregory Gray on the Corona Virus and how it gets from animals to humans...

Jury Selection Racial Bias in NC

Tuesday, February 11th
Elizabeth Hambourger from the Center for Death Penalty Litigation on enforcing laws against racial bias in jury selection. Erica Madden, Founder, LaunchLKN on...

Human Trafficking in NC

Wednesday, January 29th
Pam Cashwell with the NC Department of Public Safety and Christine Long with the NC Human Trafficking Commission talk about efforts to end human trafficking in...