David Chadwick

David has been the pastor of Forest Hill Church since 1980 where worship has grown from 180 to more than 6,000 with campuses located in Ballantyne, Fort Mill, South Park and Waxhaw. In addition, he hosts The David Chadwick Show, a local weekly radio program on WBT 1110AM -- intersecting contemporary issues from a faith and values perspective and Moments of Hope with David Chadwick.

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News & Politics

Todd Tibbits

Sunday, July 15th
Todd Tibbits, CEO of Charlottes YMCA, joins David to give an overview, history of the organization and how his faith shapes his leadership!

Lauren Perdue

Sunday, July 8th
Lauren Perdue – an American competitive swimmer who specializes in freestyle events, joins David. She was a member of the 2012 United States Olympic team, and...

Warren Smith

Saturday, June 23rd
Warren Smith, Author of The One Minute Apologists joins David to talk about faith and witnessing.

Fathers Day

Sunday, June 17th
Pastor Mark Harris (and congressional candidate) joins David to discuss Father's Day.