David Chadwick

David has been the pastor of Forest Hill Church since 1980 where worship has
grown from 180 to more than 6,000 with campuses located in Ballantyne, Fort
Mill, South Park and Waxhaw. In addition, he hosts The David Chadwick Show,
a local weekly radio program on WBT 1110AM -- intersecting contemporary
issues from a faith and values perspective and Moments of Hope with David

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Scott Fowler

Sunday, March 17th
Scott Fowler joins David to discuss the ACC Tournament.

Three Word Pra

Sunday, March 3rd
Casey Shannon of "Moments of Hope joins David to discuss The Three Word Prayer.

Luke Kuechly

Sunday, February 24th
Luke Kuechly, LB for the Panthers joins David to discuss his faith and football.

Lt. General Tom Waskow

Sunday, February 10th
Lt. General Tom Waskow, joins David to discuss his relationship with the late President George HW Bush.

JJ Jensen

Sunday, February 3rd
JJ Jensen from the Carolina Panthers joins David to discuss the big game.